Carole Radizwill Comes For Dorinda In Her Bravo Blog

RHOA carole
At this point, I can barely remember the time I used to like Carole. I tried to cut her some slack for a long time. Lord knows the bitch is hungry. Who knows how her personality would change if she actually left food in her body long enough to nourish her and her brain. She would probably be able to focus on her writing and finish her book if her publisher has not just written her off already.

It’s amusing that Bethenny says that eating disorders are about constant lying. She should know. I’ve never seen Jules posting Instagram photos proudly proclaiming she wears the same sized pajamas as her four year old. Perhaps it has nothing to do with Bethenny’s mother and Really, the fact of the matter is that Jules openness about her eating disorder makes Bethenny and Carole’s lies more obvious.  At any rate, Carole is all kinds of butt hurt this week. Let’s watch her be a mean girl while playing the victim at the same time.

Here’s her Bravo Blog she ironically entitled “If You Can’t Stand the Heat, Get Out Of The Kitchen”

As Nietzsche once wrote… “She who stirs the sh–, should lick the spoon.”

I think a real Nietzsche quote (and not an Internet meme)  is more in order for Jules.  How about, “The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself.”  Jules owned herself and finally stood up for herself against Bethenny.  The discussion was between Bethenny and Jules about how Bethenny makes Jules feel. You are not Bethenny. Living up her anus doesn’t make you a part of her. It just makes you a shitty person. This did not involve you.

RHONY Carole Rad

Someone is talking behind everyone’s back and her name doesn’t start with a, B, C, or…wait a minute, it does start with a D! Who knew! The mother of all things nice is telling BS tales taller than a Dr. Seuss top hat. So apparently all it takes for Jules to scream like a toddler is a little second hand “she said/she said” gossip. Boo-hoo.

Newsflash: Those people in the room with you holding giant cameras and sound booms are recording your behavior. We see you and your BFF talking about Jules constantly. We have seen your talking heads bout Jules being “smaller than you.”  We have seen you deride her for saying she still has periods. You knew exactly what that meant and then said you were shocked she even brought that up. It’s clearly something you are familiar with. We saw your reaction of disgust when she shared she had recently relapsed due to the stress of the show, her failing marriage, raising her kids with no help, etc. There is no need for Dorinda to make anything up, or for us to question her. She just reports back that you and Bethenny are trash talking her friends to her friends. That is how friendship works by the way. It’s not as you believe mocking your friends behind their back.

Over the past four years my integrity and character have been tested and questioned. I’ve let dozens of passive aggressive insults roll off my back. (Most recently, the mocking of my age and my earlier profession as a journalist by the two above.) I’ve been called a disgusting, pathetic, middle-aged horny woman by a woman I thought was my friend.

Oh you poor thing. How could anyone ever have a bad word to speak about you? You are such a kind and generous soul!

I’ve been called a pedophile. I’ve endured insults hurled at people I love. I’ve listened to outright lies told by the Housewives about my business (remember the ghostwriter story! Whoo hoo!) and about me and my boyfriend (I broke up his relationship! Boo hoo!). And now…drum roll. Dorinda calls me “mean.”

Luann was dead wrong for calling you a pedophile. She has apologized more times than I can count. You have accepted the apology a least three times. And yet, you just keep bringing it up at irrelevant times like this to make yourself look like the victim. Again, the dinner conversation was not about you.  Because you are just a parrot for Bethenny. Anything you say is actually coming from Bethenny. No one believes you are capable of forming a thought of your own. No  one.  You don’t exhibit any feelings at all, unless horny is a feeling.

Uh, yeah, I’m good.

I hope this means that poor pitiful Carole can’t stand the heat so she is getting out of the kitchen. Because really, you are just taking up space.

Wait until you see next week’s show…it’s amaaaaazing.

I am so sad to hear that. Because Bethenny thinks that belittling the other women is amazing and thus so do you. I’m not sure I can watch much more of what you consider amazing and friendship.


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114 responses to “Carole Radizwill Comes For Dorinda In Her Bravo Blog

  1. Rolly

    I don’t like Bethanny. I really don’t like Carole.

  2. Madashell

    Wow!!! She is a bitter, nasty woman. That blog says it all. Can’t stand her now.

  3. Minky

    Holy ho cake! What the dilly was that? Was it written by a self-absorbed, inexperienced, naive, vindictive 20-year-old with and attitude problem and more money and vanity than common sense? No it was written by a 50+ year-old who apparently thinks she could pass for Miley Cyrus.

    And why is she mentioning Nietzsche? I just mentioned him the other day in regard to T D. This is getting a bit weird. No, I don’t think Carole read my shit. I’m just saying my week has been weird and Carole’s blog is making me feel like I’m in the Twilight Zone.

    “She who stirs the shit, should lick the spoon.” Really?!!! How grotesque. That’s a terrible thing to say to someone who hasn’t really done anything to you. So, she’s really visualized Jules and/or Dorinda eating shit. THAT makes her happy? Ewwwwwww!!!

    Has this Carole person lost her mother fucking marbles?!!! And that little attempt at a Nietzsche parody is pathetic and sad. She doesn’t sound like she’s trying to conjure Nietsche’s language, but more like Confucius’. She’s failed spectacularly either way. Ignorant twat.

    And that photo of her is disgusting. It looks like the marbles she’s lost have been wedged in her mouth. Those busted looking daisy dukes and the hick pigtails are a nice touch, though. It visually reiterates the fact that she’s white trash. Is she trying to look sexy or is she trying to scare people on Halloween?

    • Katherine 2.0

      You did mention Nietzsche! And I saw someone post that shit stirring meme on Carole’s twitter. It’s official. Carole is a bot.

    • ITA. Carole has short memory of when Dorinda accompanied her to London to pick up Anthony’s ashes. Dorinda was very kind and it must of been hard on Dorinda too since she traveled there frequently with her late husband not that many years ago.

      Carole seems lost to me. Why she is wasting time with Adam instead of finding a mature/older man is odd. Plus putting her book on hold to write a cookbook that are a dime a dozen. That pizza looked like cardboard.

    • Miguel

      Oh Minky, you slay me – I vote for the Halloween costume…. LMFAO&O&O!!! Thanks so much for the laughter, especially now!

    • T D

      Carole is a real culture philistine.

    • Dexter

      She quotes Nietsche purely to show how smart she is that she can quote Nietsche. Once someone tried to show how dumb I was by quoting Nietsche and asking if I knew what it meant. I responded by asking if she knew her Nietsche in german and said something in German. She asked what it meant and I said it means go &@$ yourself.

      • tamaratattles

        Who was it saying that I didn’t need to point out that the quote wasn’t Nietzsche because no one believed it to be? I said it in the post, I said it in the comments, we talked about it at length, and still…

  4. Nila

    She is such an asshole.

    • Librarygirl

      Yes, an immature asshole with low hanging pimples. Pardon me, but I thought that you once had a career and moved in polite society. I know that there was no love lost between Carole and some of her inlaws, but one would at least think that Carole would know how to be gracious. At best she looks like an ingrate from upstate NY. Just like Ramona and Sonja.

      • Jane Grey

        Ingrate from upstate😂

      • Dexter

        It’s funny. Ramona Sonja and Carole truly have no class at all. If they have been “ladies” for so long and are still such rubes imagine how low class they were twenty years ago.

  5. Sali

    I can’t remember if I’ve ever liked Carole, either. I have always found her attempt at seeming effortlessly cool to be pretty contrived. She’s just as hateful as Bethenny. I think Jules is genuinely a kind person. I can’t imagine what would cause the reactions from C & B other than jealousy. Cliche? Perhaps. But what else would cause two successful, wealthy women to feel this way?

  6. Question…What exactly does Carol do for a living? I know she wrote one book years ago and was in the process of writing another one but is her only paycheck at this time Bravo? Just curious. She seems like a very mixed up sad woman that is not growing old gracefully.
    Bethanny really needs to stop blaming everything she does wrong on her childhood, she says she had the worst childhood ever well I challenge her to read some of the Children of the Holocaust memoirs than dare her to compare them with her awful childhood. She has become very toxic.

    • lavidaLinda

      Carol played the marrying lottery. She married a Prince and Kennedy relative (hos mother is Jackie O’s sister) – one that she admitted just a couple of episodes ago she married because he was dying….she framed it as “this is how afraid of commitment I am” but face it, she married him for the money, and, of course the Princess label

      • I actually don’t believe that at all having read her memoir, but it doesn’t change the fact that I believe she has wholly and entirely evolved into an arsehole within the space of a year thanks in part to the influence of her new “little sister”. I don’t think we’ve ever seen a pair with as much of a wrecking ball effect as these two when they enter a room. As a unit they’re just a whirlwind of pestilence, spreading itself through the air to latch onto the weakest possible victim and finish ’em off a quickly and cruelly as possible. This show was my favorite franchise until this nonsense set in. I almost want to see Jill Z or Kelly B given a shot as FOHs for a minute just for the sake of shaking up this s***ty cast dynamic.

      • Dexter

        Do not fool yourself. The publishers were wet with excitement at the thought of a fairy tale Kennedy Princess’ sad love story! The truth will not stand in the way of a fairytale bestseller. So they got her “an editor” not a “ghostwriter” to write the made up poignant story based on the outline of her life. Aviva and Luanne saying she had a ghostwriter hit way too close to home this hack. ‘

      • Thank you lavidalinda I completely forgot she was married before, yes I’m sure she hit the money jackpot there.

  7. Twilly

    Her face really is unfortunate.

  8. Kika

    I sure hope Carol reads this blog!!!!! And I will bet that she does, LOL!

  9. McNasty

    misery loves company and Carole & B are a match made in heaven!

  10. KatCall

    Tamara, you are simply THE BEST! No smoke. I look forward to reading your recaps each and every day. And this one, like so many others, is masterful. Spot on. Bethenny has devoured this show. Carole has sold her soul to the devil himself. They are both dispicable human beings. toxic is as toxic does is Bethennys brand. I won’t be watching this franchise any longer because of Bethenny and Carole but will continue to look forward to your recaps.

    • Sarcasm

      I’m with you on that. Will finish the season in support of Jules, Sonja, Dorinda and Lu. But after that I’m done.

  11. SB

    Carole has changed so much from her first season. And what’s wrong with her lips? She needs to lay off the injections, it looks like slugs live on her face.

  12. Happygal

    I think I am about the about the same age as Carole. I’m 53. In no way do I consider myself middle aged. I don’t expect to make it to 100 plus.

    Carole needs to recognize that she, like myself, has qualified for the AARP discount and that the Middle aged years are in fact in her rear view mirror.

    I think she is so jealous of Jules being younger she cannot stand it . That ridiculous picture of Carole posing in teenage attire with pigtails no less and trying to be suggestive w fruit shows a pathetic aging woman trying desperately to told on to her lost youth . Adam is also another example of this as is the decor in her apartment.

    I would suggest that Carole Look to Louanne to see how someone can be vibrant and full of life and yet classy and age appropriate in how they dress and act.

  13. MARC

    Ms Radziwill it’s official ; your 15 minutes are up. Is she going to twerk behind Alan Thicke next ? Repugnant.

    • Minky

      I can’t help but be reminded of the lyrics to Faith No More’s “Midlife Crisis” in regard to Carole and Bethenny:

      You’re perfect, yes, it’s true
      But without me you’re only you
      Your menstruating heart
      It ain’t bleedin’ enough for two

      Very apropos, especially considering the storyline revolving around the creepy, self-lauding, parasitic symbiosis between Carole and Bethenny, and the obsessions with bleeding vajeens this season.

    • Matzah60

      Really, you said it all and so succinctly! It is utterly repugnant!

  14. Lisa j

    Ugh just ugh.

  15. Ay chi wawa my eyes! Why is Carole posing topless with fruit and pigtails! Where are all her cool friends? She’s a Princess isn’t she? She needs to get a storyline besides fighting with Luanne and palling around with Bethenny. Or at least have some FUN with Bethenny! And Dorinda called it-Carole’s behavior towards Jules and Luanne has been rude and mean, and they haven’t been especially nice to Carole either. I can’t believe that comes as a surprise to her though, so I wonder why she seems so upset about it?

  16. lo

    That top picture. STOP!

  17. GirlMe

    I think Carole and Bethenny are pissed at Jules for blowing up their next book idea. They both are clearly familiar with eating disorders, but Jules has been more honest than either of them.

    Why did Bethenny have to suck so bad. I used to love her but now I dont (via Lauren Hill). Never liked Carole especially after her arkaard date Season 1. She was so uncomfortable I knew that “I’m downtown hip act” was FAKE.

    Now when I see SkinnyGirl in stores it makes me so upset, I have to look away to change my mood.

  18. Briannatozer16

    This pot stirring shit is ridiculous. Jules over shares to Bethenny and Dorinda .. Bethenny gets weirded out and swaps stories with Dorinda and Dorinda confirms bc Dorinda is Jules’ friend. That’s not stirring anything that’s being a friend. If you think that’s stirring the pot then you and Carole are on the same page with “it’s ok to talk shit about your friends behind their back bc that’s what friends do”. Jules gets upset bc to her she is sharing her true feelings but to B and C she’s getting too personal with people she doesn’t even know. That’s exactly what Dorinda told Jules but Jules didn’t listen.

    Carole knows she was mean to Jules because she even said “idk why all her anger was directed At Bethenny; Jules should’ve been more upset with me”. Bethenny .. Wasn’t even really that mean to Jules she was just a bit standoffish but Carole was the one interjecting her 2c at the pizza party.

    Bethenny was upfront with Jules during the first “I have an eating disorder thing” scene. B told J.. Hey my mom had this so it brings back a lot of bad memories. — to me this season is more about being butt hurt and sensitive by deep personal problems (all around; Bethenny and her childhood, Carole and her “man”, Jules and her disorders, Dorinda and her “man”, Luann and her cougar ways.. Etc) then people actually stirring the pot.

  19. mary

    That photo screams desperation and so does her relationship with adam.
    Bethany & Carole straight up ugly & mean.
    Luann has had her ups & downs on the show through the years. To me Luann has revealed herself to be the most authentic. Yes, she has been a real snob but also is the wealthy interesting woman that RH is supposed to be portraying. Yes, she goes out & has her fun when single but appears to choose age appropriate men in long term relationships.
    I don’t think that Carole & Bethany are so much jealous but envious of Luann. When Luann talks about her life in Europe & the social circles she was in its the real deal & long term. When Luann mentioned living in the penthouse, that’s not so much bragging but talking about the great life she is living with the new guy.
    Jules also comes from wealth. And she is honest about her eating disorder which neither Carole or Bethany can admit they have one. Jules approaches with openess & C & B approach with calculation, judgement, ridicule & denial.
    I stopped watching RHOA because of too much meaness….NY is on its way out for me.

  20. BeetsWhy

    at her age (I mean my age) I would hold those watermelon slices up a bit higher and photoshop any sneakage from below 😜

  21. Diane

    I used to like Carole.
    Not now. She is so far up Bethenny’s ass that she hands Bethenny the Charmin’.
    They are both mean bitches.
    I was so happy that Bethenny came back. ..until this season. I am so sick of her ongoing divorce …. I cannot imagine living with her. I am so tired of her poor pitiful childhood. Bloody hell we all have dysfunction. She wants the pain. She will never let it go. Its her storyline. It allows her to be a bitch ans cunt to everyone because poor pitiful me my Mom is awful. My life was awful and so yes I can be a bitch. So sick of it.

    I watch Bethenny and I see Jill. Bethenny has forgotten how Jill treated her. She is Jill. She bitches about Luann but Luann has said she was a snob
    .she has aplogized. All that Bethenny rants on about Luann in the past? She does now. And Carole is right there wiping her drool. Her ass.

    Poor Jules. Someone said Jules shared her anorexia so that others could make her take ownership … monitor. But she shared that so that her friends would support her but not accuse her. Carole is relentless in jer attack of Jules. The very first episode Bethenny bobblehead said Jules reminds me of my Mom. She has an eating disorder. Seriously? From the first dinner? And Carole went along. They both have eating issues. When a persons head is wider than their shoulders thats a eating issue. Bleeding from fibroids doesnt make you a stick. I know. Been there. Bethenny used to be heavier. She has slowly become a stick. Skinny Girl my ass…. upchucking girl is the truth but doesnt sell so…. Carole also has issues. Watch her. She doesnt eat.

    Carole is mean and ugly person. She looks more like Skeletor every season. Bethenny is almost cartoonish these days.

    I am on the fence and close to being done with this series. It promotes hate and bullying. This group has been one hate filled bullyiing episode weekly. Its agony and painful to watch. These ppl are miserable. Its not fun.

    Eat the watermelon Carole….you dont have tits anyway …. that takes some fat.


    • shewhomust

      Thank you Diane for saying exactly what I was thinking. Remember the lyrics from an old Gordon Lightfoot song, “If time could heal the wounds I would tear the threads away that I might bleed some more”? That describes what Bethenny does with her childhood trauma. She needs to get professional help. The therapist she’s been seeing for years has clearly not helped her in the least. A difficult childhood does not excuse cruelty in the present.

  22. Miguel

    Loving the purple pen – Preach, TT!!!

    • Margarett

      I’m right there with you, Miguel. I know that I say the same thing every time, but I truly do love Tamara’s purple pen. Her wit and intelligence shine brightest then. I wonder if these dumb butts know that they are straight men for her.

  23. John Farmer

    I’m willing to bet my left taste that Carole’s understanding of Nietzsche and his existentialism are about as deep as a puddle. Carole’s whole schtick is to present herself as the intellectual, serious writer whose above the unsophisticated likes of Jules or Luann. She is the exact kind of writer who would throw in a Nietzsche quote to give the impression of deep learning. Remember the whole Aviva ghostwriter drama? Carole went to lengths to present herself as having a long career as a writer, even though almost all of her career was as a television news producer.

    I have not read either of her two books completely, though I have read long sections of each. The difference in style and quality from the first to the second is striking enough to lead me to conclude that Carole either (1) did in fact use a ghostwriter for the former but not the latter, (2) suffered a significant degradation in writing ability between the first or second book, or (3) devoted minimal effort to the second book.

    I think to better understand the current dynamics of the cast, you have to keep one major point in mind. Neither Carole nor Bethenny are financially dependent on RHONY, but Sonja and Luann are. During Carole’s first reunion, she actually claimed that she was motivated to join the cast by her prospective “as a journalist.” Luann and Sonja both seem totally comfortable with the fact that they are reality TV clowns (and I love them both for it), but Carole and Bethenny are both driven by some very deep sense that they are really above it all. But obviously they are both motivated, to a large degree, by simple attention-seeking fame whoring since neither is actually dependent on their Bravo paychecks to maintain their lifestyles.

    • Minky

      Yes John. Just, YES! Andy Warhol would have field day with Bethenny. And probably Carole too.

      But how do we know that Bethenny and Carole don’t really need the money? I thought for the longest time that LVP was just as wealthy as she’s presenting herself on TV. TT has shed a lot of light on that. Who knew it was a front?

      And if SkinnyGirl is doing so well, then why is every scene an SG product placement nightmare?

      • Flo

        Carole does need the money – she said in season 1 that everyone thinks she’s rich because she’s a princess but she needs to earn a living. Her family in-law don’t help her financially.

      • Diane

        Good question Minky!!

        I find the constant product displays to be annoying amd distracting. Does Bravo own shares? They have never promoted the goods of the others pandering.

        I mean is Skinny Girl a new housewife? It needs a tag line and an apple🍎

      • Sarcasm

        If Bravo has shares in the product, I’ll bite myself. And if Beam Suntory wanted to they could finance legit commercials for SG. Wondering what the real story is with that.
        The franchise has been irreparably ruined by these 2 mean girls.
        In light of all recent world and US events, you’d think Bravo would make more of effort against bullying and intolerance. But then that is not ” good tv” in their opinion apparently.
        TT very good blog.
        #boycottskinnygirl #fireBethennyandCarole

    • Katherine 2.0

      In my own experience, starting a piece of writing with a quote is an amateur move. For someone who makes a living writing articles for magazines, she should know better. I think she’s phoning it in.
      Her first book was so incredibly lyrical and moving. Now that we are glimpsing Carole’s dark side, that reading experience is forever tainted for me.

      • Pitypat

        I also thought her first book was very moving. A few years ago, I went through the same five years of hell with my husband dying of cancer. She was his primary caregiver going to all the appointments and surgeries. So what happened to her? I liked her so much the first season and when she was dating the musician. She seemed happy.
        Now she is just a mess and the grunge outfits. I also unreasonably hate the constant wool hats indoors that Adam wears.

    • Auntie Velvet

      Great point about pretending to be above it all. Bethenny talks about “coming back” after several years away from RHONY. But did she ever actually allow herself to not be on a TV show? There were, I think, three seasons of “Bethenny Ever After” on Bravo, and then came her talk show, and then right after that failed she re-joined RHONY.

  24. ChrisT

    Truly excellent recap – thank you!

  25. John Farmer

    Take a peak at Carole’s recent Twitter feed. Her entire defense against people who think she’s a mean girl (including the 56% who responded to the WWHL poll) is that they are uneducated 8th graders. Carole is basically a standard Manhattanite limousine liberal. She presents herself as some kind of open-minded liberal on the side of the little guy, but in reality she holds most people not in her social status with utter contempt and derision. Personally, I think her relationship with Adam is a big part of the mix. Back when wealthy, high status men took much younger female partners, the poor women were almost universally trashed as gold-diggers, and the men were criticized as insecure little boys refusing to grow up. Now that it’s become fashionable for older high-status women to do the exact same thing, they’re celebrated as “cougars” and the motives of their male partners is rarely, if ever questioned.

    Isn’t it entirely possible that Adam is as attracted to Carole’s wealth and status as Erika Gerardi was attracted to the same exact same thing in her much older, wealthier husband when she was basically a cocktail waitress. Sonja was a hostess at a restaurant when she met her much older husband, and Carole trashed her for it during one of the reunions.

    • Minky

      Right again John. Carole’s disdain for Luanne’s snobbery was just a projection. The 8th grader thing is a projection too. If she doesn’t give a shit, why bother with those kinds of comments? If her participation in RH is a really just her doing some investigative journalism (PUHLEEEZE!!!) then why get so caught up in it. Why not just observe and be detached?

      • Gloria Benson

        It seems that Carole is envious of Luanne’s royal title as “Countess” because the de Lesseps are from real royal wealth, whereas the “Radziwills” were de-throned (so to speak) and had no money when they left Poland. So in truth, Carole’s “Prince-Ass” title stems from a pauper and has no real value (financially or otherwise) in the Royal sense. Her late husband, as nephew of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, is what she attempts to hang her hat on, however, her former MIL has and wants nothing to do with her as she has been an embarrassment to the Kennedy name.

  26. Flo

    I really hope Carole absorbs the general vibe of disgust and truly looks inward. The problem is, she won’t. If they shot the reunion a couple days ago, I bet we’ll still see the same indignant, stuck up for no reason ‘princess’ that she’s revealed herself to be. She has no humility and I think she’ll probably never develop any. It makes her hard to watch, easy to despise and impossible to like. She’s not necessary but I doubt Andy will have the cojones to can her because she is a ‘princess’ after all. Bethenny is a bitch, but she redeems herself here and there – Carole is so far up B’s behind that she falls victim to the slow-breaking process and for her there is no redemption, she can’t keep up.

    I her first season (when I thought she was cool) she said something like how everyone thinks she’s rich because she’s a princess etc. but she needs a paycheque, like any other downtown girl (eww, you are not a girl love). Now we see she’s bought into her own hyperbole (or always did and hid it) and the flimsy disguise is falling off the hungry tiger.

    Carole, I’m a random internet person, clearly with not enough of a real life to have time to offer you advise, but please love, take a look at yourself. You are on a platform that can be used for good. You are using it for high school shit.

  27. Dukie

    Ding Ding Ding TT … We have a winner! Not shocking you hit nail on head… I find it funny that a girl who made a forturne off a brand promoting skinny is calling Jules out … B thrives on skinny so think it’s closer to home vs her mom..
    I respect Jules honesty !

  28. bria

    TT, thanks for the recap. Carole is an ugly, vicious woman. She & her BFF have completely turn me off this franchise. Am only clinging in anticipation for RHOA & RHOB. Maybe is about time to fade out all housewives franchise because these women are becoming very malicious.

  29. Amy V

    TT, I fell in love with Carol her first two season. She was the wittiest and smartest housewife ever. Now she’s a dark soul. I wonder what Heather’s perception is of her now

    • Toni

      I think Carole is one of those people who latches on to a person and adopts their traits – when she was hanging with Heather, Carole was fun and funny, didn’t take herself too seriously. a little single white female if you will (minus the murder).

      • Toni

        I mean Carole is a little single white female in relation to her friendships — adopting their personality traits and quickly becoming their bestie.

      • Minky

        Are we forgetting how the Bethenny/Carole friendship got started? It was last season when Carole told Bethenny that she had a sex dream about her. The look on Bethenny’s face after that was just weird. Their friendship reminds me of the Ingmar Bergman movie “Persona”. Where does one begin and the other end?

  30. Candymule

    It’s “my boyfriend and me”, not “me and my boyfriend, as any fifth grader can tell you. Her speech and blog missives are littered with grammatical errors that a decent writer would know better than to use.

  31. Auntie Velvet

    You can always tell when someone secretly loves it when they get insulted in a clearly over-the-line manner. Carole knows that no one thinks she is an actual child molester, and that it was mean and petty of Luann to say it. So therefore, Carole wins.

    Except that she will not let the comment — which, again, could not possibly damage her reputation — go. If Luanne has anyone to apologize to, it’s for actual abuse survivors for making light of pedophilia. But even then, it’s a minor lapse.

    All Carole’s fixation in this blog post tells us is that she does feel insecure about being in a “May-December” relationship, and that she does know that Adam’s relationship with Luanne’s niece was not as cleanly “over” as she would have liked.

  32. Remember how I defined a shit person in my “housewives I hate” list? I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately. Once you are an adult, you have formed your “morality lines”. As a teen and young adult, we adjust our lines. As children, we generally adopt our parent’. We adjust our tolerance for ourselves and others — what makes for good/bad, acceptable/unacceptable. My personal lines in the sand might be very close to where the waves break. But they are extremely deep and do not get crossed. As I explained before, you become a shit person, not when your lines differ from mine. You become shit when you think it’s ok for you to cross lines, but you are critical of others who cross it. So, Carole is a big hypocrite. I can talk behind your back, but you can’t talk behind mine. I can call names but you can’t. I particularly like people who are ok with behaviors as long as they do t get bested. That is aligned with “truth hurts”. So, her talking shit about Luann and Luann talking shit about Carole is ok until the pedophile crack hurts so very. Hmmmmm. Makes you think.

    By the way, I’m quite sure I should not get political here — but the reason I e been thinking so mush about lines in the sand late,y stems from the BLM organization. If they really felt that way, they would really be addressing all of the children being slaughtered by each other.

    • Minky

      Amen and hallelujah to all of that! It makes a lot of sense.

    • Renee

      It seems RACISM has reared its ugly head yet again….Now you’re telling us what issues WE need to be addressing…

      • Minky

        How is expressing a wish for young black people to be safe and away from harm, whether from the police or each other, racism?

      • Tjh

        She wasn’t wishing anyone to be safe; she was criticizing an organization without bothering to understand what they stand for. Perhaps both of you should try to walk in others shoes prior to casting judgement and pointing fingers. Show compassion as opposed to judging and shaming when you see an entire community crying out for justice. Or go back to enjoying your privilege without any concern for the pain and suffering of your fellow Americans.

    • Tjh

      You must not truly understand the black lives matter movement if you are comparing it to some silly housewives show. Maybe try to have some compassion for the innocent lives lost that people are protesting against!! Or is that line in the sand one that keeps you from feeling compassion for “they”/ anyone who isn’t white??

      • Minky

        Anybody with a soul knows that the lives lost recently are a great tragedy. Please don’t go there. Falsely accusing someone of racism isn’t gonna bring those people back.

      • TJH

        I never accused anyone of racism, I merely brought up the fact that neither you or the original poster knew enough to speak on BLM. You also both seem to lack compassion or understanding. Brush up on your reading comprehensive skills.

        I don’t come here to have discussions about race or politics, this website is my escape from reality and the real racism I face on a daily basis.

        I will pray for you to gain understanding, have a nice day!

      • Minky

        You don’t come here to have discussions about race or politics? Then why is that exactly what you just did? Why is that the only discussion you seem to have ever had here?

        What compassion am I lacking? Feeling that the recent deaths are a huge tragedy and isn’t enough compassion for you?

        You never accused anyone of racism because you didn’t have to. It’s all implied in your comment.

        Neither of us knows enough to speak about BLM? We’re criticizing an organization without knowing what they stand for? How much do you know? Do you know what anything stands for? Or do you just rely on the crap you watch on TV?

        Maybe you should brush up on your reading comprehension? And your U.S. History and political science and your understanding of the idea of compassion while your at it.

        I’ve never seen your screen name in all the time I’ve been visiting TT. But the second TeeCee mentions a hot button issue like BLM, here you come! Where have you been all the rest of the time?

    • Oh good. How original. Hearing something you don’t want to hear and screaming RACIST. Because that has worked so well in the past decade or so. Enjoy yourself and your high line.

      Can’t wait till president trump takes office and straightens it all out.

      • Briannatozer16

        Oh no.. Using a gossip blog to push a political agenda is a new kind of low…Even for you teecee #rockbottom

      • Renee

        WOW!!!!!! I guess Trump is not the only person trying desperately to style his hair to hide the fact that he has no BRAIN!!!!!

      • Margarett

        Okay, that’s pretty crappy! Both TeeCee and Minky are intelligent and empathetic commentors. Do I always agree with them? No. Do I always respect them? Yes!?

      • tamaratattles

        President Trump is going to send you back to Mexico.

      • Minky

        Oh my goodness! Is TeeCee Mexican? Olé!

        Seriously. If you thought that the W. presidency was bad… The fact that Donald Duck Trump is even a presidential candidate means that we’ve hit an all time low. Isn’t it obvious that the whole thing is all a goddamn farce? I trust no one.

      • Yes. Personal insults are a great way to tout your intelligence. You’re all going far in life!

      • Renee

        WOW!!!!!!! that’s all you got!!!!….Next time think long and hard…..By the way, your doorbell is ringing they’re returning your brain it’s as useless to them as it is to you…

      • Are you pregnant? You seem to be missing periods.

  33. ccw203

    I’m still can’t figure out Steven Tyler’s purpose on the show other than stay up Bethany’s ass and follow her every lead.

  34. HazelHickory

    At first, I thought that Carole was just so sad and almost shattered at the passing of her handsome husband, Anthony Radziwell, and that she had not really recovered, and I felt very sorry for her. Now, I am thinking that she was also an middle class upstate NY girl who was thrust into a stratospheric social group that was, tragically, wiped out, and that upside down turn of the Wheel of Fortune left her no longer knowing who she was or how to replace it. It looks as if Bethenny and Adam both came in to fill the void, but maybe (as a follow up on her terrible spoon reference) the void fillers need to be voided, because they have turned Carole mean (assuming she did not have backbiting and cutting proclivities to begin with – because she seems too good at it). Perhaps Carole should go back to being a journalist. That is who she was.

  35. tamaratattles

    I can’t believe I have to keep point this out, but the opening quote by Carole is not by Nietzsche. I went back and bolded the part where I point out it is an Internet meme before I used an actual Nietzsche quote. Carole is also well aware it is not a Nietzsche. This is Carole trying to be funny. On the Internet, people are always saying that Mark Twain, or Abraham Lincoln or Einstein said something they did not say. Most of the population online has no idea what any of those people actually said about anything, so her opening comment was a joke about the intellect of the masses. I don’t think she expected anyone to actually THINK it was a Nietzsche quote.

    • Minky

      LOL!!! Tamara, you’re the greatest. Best blogger in the history of the internet. 👏

      • Katherine 2.0

        Pfft. My comment was more about her starting her blog with a quote. I seriously doubt anyone believes that Nietzsche talked about stirring shit.

      • tamaratattles

        Oh but they do, Katherine. I know it is hard to believe but they do. :) It had nothing to do with your comment.

      • Katherine 2.0

        Well then, TT, your job is even harder than I thought it was. Carry on!

  36. T D

    A durian melon better suits Carole.

  37. Matzah60

    Tamara, I know someone else said it above, but what you wrote was a masterpiece! I know people like Bethenny and Carole. Nothing you say or di is ever satisfactory to them. They victimize everyone in their path, yet see themselves as the victims. As Minky stated above, the quote Carole used by Nietzsche was grotesque. The level of hate in this blog is incomprehensible to me and the picture is just beyond!!

    Thank you for dissecting this blog, Tamara! Your post was outstanding!!

  38. Carole, Carole, Carole. You could have used two halves of a kiwi fruit to cover those miniscule titties, and how do such little boobies end up almost down to your waist? Still, you seems pretty comfortable in your own skin, and I have to admire you for that. You need to get far, far away from Bethenny before her oozing venom infiltrates your tiny body. She’s doing you no good whatsoever. If you’re smart, you’ll distance yourself from her and try to get back some of the respect we used to have for you. You were a well-known journalist, for God’s sake – get it together! I wish you happiness with Adam – no one can tell you who to love, and you seem cognizant of the fact that you probably won’t have a lifetime commitment with each other. Still, you’ve already had a huge loss which showed you that nothing in life is certain, so enjoy each day while you can.

    • Betty

      She is not a week known journalist. She is simply well known for writing a book about her dead husband who was well known. What other books has she written that anyone else knows? Nine

      • Feel free to check her journalistic background in Wikipedia. While working for ABC-TV, she was well known for reporting from battle sites, such as the Gulf War and Afghanistan, and won 3 Emmys and a Peabody. She also wrote articles for Glamour Magazine, and two books, “What Remains: A Memoir of Fate, Friendship and Love” (2005), and “The Widow’s Guide to Sex & Dating” (2014). She has far too distinguished a journalistic record to be wasting her talent the way she is now.

      • She wrote “The Widows Guide to Dating” or some name like that.

        Last season wasn’t that book being turned into a TV show or movie or something?

        I wonder what happened to that project.

  39. Naike

    *THIS POST* All Day Long!
    Thank you, TT.

  40. JustJenn

    Carole is such a supercilious cunt..I hope she reads your blog, TT.

  41. Betty

    Carole is a bitch. No wonder she is either alone or dates idiots like Adam. It has nothing to do w her dead husband. Many people move on. Men just recognize she’s not hip and cool as she thinks, just a self obsessed buck toothed failed writer.

  42. WestCoastFeed

    Standing O!! And prepare yourselves for her reunion costume. Meet Wallis Simpson.

  43. I just thought of something. Everyone keeps saying that Carole is up Bethannys ass. What if its actually the other way around?

    If you think about it, Bethenny is busy running her empire. She doesn’t have time to interact with these people. She just has to show up for filming when its required.

    She needs somebody to keep her informed on what’s going on when she comes to film. And that person is Carole.

    Bethenny is happily taking her cues from Carole because she’s a bitch also. Remember when Carole arrived at the Berkshires? Bethenny informed her that Carole didn’t have to do anything. Bethenny already took care of Luanne.

  44. Nina

    They first time I saw Carole was on Oprah Winfrey when she was promoting her first book. She had a shorter bob haircut and appeared to be an attractive, sensitive woman.

    Seeing the picture of her with the watermelons is at best crass and disgusting. It’s heavily photoshopped and shows a woman who will do anything for attention. She needs to take a long hard look and ask herself if she is proud of her actions. I think that she is the poster child for a mid life crisis.

  45. majorly disappointed in Carole. Not surprised by Bethanney. Sad to say. Those two need to take a quick check on what it means to be compassionate and not narcissistic … and to stop the ‘high school mean girls” shit the portray on the show

  46. lori

    Thank you Tamara!!!!! I really hope she reads what you wrote.

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