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Fourth of July this year.

First of all, I can’t believe that Andy shot the reunion for 12 hours and is doing a live episode of WWHL at the regular time slot. Perhaps he has gotten the message that the show needs to be live at 11 whenever it is on and not prerecorded and tacked on to random other shows.

I am glad that Andy is bringing up Jeff’s lips. I could not stop staring at his top lip for the entire first episode of Flipping Out. He had sort of the sausage lip only kind of deflated. I can’t remember if I got that into my recap last night but I am hoping it will be addressed now.

Andy I hoarse, I hope that means he did some yelling.  He brings up the Bravo Award which will be next Wednesday. I went to the site the other day and it requires a lot of clicking around, the categories are stupid even for Bravo, and the “nominees” are all the people I hate on Bravo with very few exceptions. I think I voted for Jeff Lewis for something.  Seriously the category would be some really stupid thing that was supposed to be positive and the choices would be like, Stassi, Patti, Satan or Meghan.  I was disturbed by the whole thing. It was literally lots of choices between people who should all be fired.

Flipping out Jeff

Andy plays the clip of Jules taking Bethenny down a few pegs. He plays Jules side of the discussion and plays opera music instead of Bethenny’s rant. What’s he trying to say there?

Jules is in the audience after filming the reunion. She seems to be all in one piece and said she had fun. Andy seems surprised by that. Dorinda tweeted last night that Jules was fierce on her first reunion. I really hope Jules gets to come back.

Andy asks Jeff (and Busy Phillips) a bunch of questions on RHOOC and RHONY. Regarding Vicki and Shannon he surprises me by saying that it’s going to take time for that relationship to repair. I figured he would say the ship has sailed.

Interior Therapy With Jeff Lewis Features Guy Suing Taylor Armstrong

The we get to Heather Dubrow, who Jeff doesn’t seem to like very much.  He says that Heather complains about Terry never being around but he is out working to pay for the $30 million dollar house they are building. He says she claims it is Terry that wants it but he thinks it is really her.  I think they will probably never live in it and it will be an investment for them to sell.

Jeff says that Zoila will continue to be in her current role when the baby comes, as house manager. They will hire a full time nanny because he thinks it would be too much for Zoila.

Jeff says Shannon is his favorite housewife and least favorite is Heather Dubrow. Last night there was a Twitter war where people were telling Heather that Jeff said Heather was rude to the wait staff at Shannon’s birthday party. I swear I really tried to pay attention and I didn’t hear him say anything about that. He did make it clear he didn’t like her though. And I’ve seen Heather order from wait staff on the show and you can tell she is one of “those people.”

The Poll question was “Are Bethenny and Carole being mean to Jules?”  Yes, but only 54%.  Apparently 46% percent of the population polled are psychotic, or once again the poll was rigged to enable Bethenny’s lack of self awareness. If the world is made of 10% sociopaths, it should have been 90%. Maybe there is an unusually high number of sociopaths who watch the housewives?


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25 responses to “WWHL With Jeff Lewis

  1. Lizzie

    I mean, Trump won the poll several nights prior so I’m beginning to distrust the validity of people who vote in those polls

  2. Sherry

    I did not hear Jeff say that either about Heather and the wait staff. Perhaps it was on the after show. I guess I missed something….Jeff likes Shannon best? Did you say something about him doing her house? UGH UGH!

    I like Jules a lot and do hope she returns also.

  3. I am so so so happy Jeff was on and the gang is back. I can watch a HW show and then Jeff and the gang. They make me laugh even when it is not all funny. Jeff has exquisite taste, even in the HW he dislikes LOL.

    I do hope Jules comes back too. She’s a nut but she doesn’t try to pretend she’s not….like the two psychos on the other side of the room.

    Hope you are well TT.

  4. Matzah60

    The choices would be “like Stassi, Patti, Satan, and Meghan.” LOLOL….Hysterical!!! Made my day, Tamara!!

    • Minky

      OMG! Can you imagine putting the worst of the worst from every RH show on an island together? Teresa, Jacqueline, Bethenny, Carole, Ramona, Phaedra, Porsha, Nene, Tamra, Meghan, Shannon, Brandi, Kim, Yolanda… Am I forgetting anybody?

      Combine them all with alcohol, adderall, xanax, and only SkinnyGirl products to eat for about 2-3 weeks. How do you think that would turn out? LOLOLOL!!!

      • SC Gal

        And crazy ass Leeanne from Dallas.

      • Toni

        Make them do challenges like the mtv real world/road rules ones lol. Great idea

      • Matzah60

        LOL! Your comments are on fire, Minky!! You’re very insightful with a good dose of laugh my ass off humor. Oy, can’t even imagine an island full of these bitches. I’d have a huge anxiety attack being stuck with these bitches!

      • SashaV

        OMG that would be a dream show!! Lol

    • I would have to choose Satan.

      • Minky

        Oh! Lisamia you’re the best. It makes sense though. At least with Satan you know where you stand. In every story I’ve ever read about the devil he gives you fair warning before he brings the pain.

      • And Satan is the least annoying. :)

      • tamaratattles

        And I don’t think Satan shrieks at everyone, or is particularly vain, and you would never see satan throwing a white trash party with a gross of flamingo beer cozies and calling himself the consummate party planner.

        I too, will vote Satan.

        Good talk.

      • Matzah60

        LOL, lisamia!!! The best choice out of all four!!!

  5. fatboystruggle

    the comment Jeff made about Heather was on the after show. he says that he sat across the table from her at a birthday dinner for Shannon and that she was extremely rude to the waitstaff. he said “it was really obnoxious. like, it was really bad.”

    • If anyone would know from obnoxious, it’s Jeff Lewis, the walking embodiment of polite graciousness. //eyeroll//

      Hopefully, for the server’s sake, there were NO ONIONS NO ONIONS on his plate.

      • Matzah60

        I’m with you on this, ericzku. I like Jeff for entertainment purposes, but he is a mean motherfucker. He can chew you up and spit you out if he doesn’t like you and I think the don’t like list is pretty long for Jeff.

        Heather is haughty, but I think it was out of line for Andy to ask a question like that on live TV and was Jeff should have kept his mouth shut. He should have chosen to not answer the question so he didn’t hurt anyone’s feelings.

        Heather might me condescending, but she and Jeff are neck in neck in a tie on this little personality disorder.

      • Swizzle

        Agreed. I don’t think Jeff knows how to be polite so I wouldn’t use him as the barometer of politeness. He probably confused proper with rude.

    • Love Jeff so much and dislike Heather as much as I love Jeff. I believe it because when she was on WWHL she was so haughty.

  6. TBD

    Just my two cents… the opera over-dub is a comedic way of equalizing the players. They’re both engaging the other. It’s like the are both willing to get in the mud with the other pig metaphor. It’s a bit misplaced here because Bethenny pushed into an abusive arena. But its meant to be satirical. I think Jeff is trying not to take sides, which I think is self preservation. Jeff must see, as it’s hard not to see, Andy always puts Bethenny on a pedestal.

  7. JustJenn

    Does Jeff only watch RHOOC? Or is he only picking people that he’s had actual interactions with? I wonder if he ever made up with Brandi? Lol

  8. mary

    Omg…heather lost her shit on social media about Jeff’s comments about her. She called him a loser & asshole & threatened to reveal some of his shady behavior.
    Jeff’s tweeted in response to Heather….Classy
    I died that was the best! I believe Jeff about Heather. He calls it like he sees it.

  9. Sequia

    Maybe the 46% just don’t have a bug up their ass about Bethenny.

    • tamaratattles

      Nope. Just sociopaths. If I’m sure Carole is living with the bug up Bethenny’s ass. She is probably coparenting it with The Fat Jewish.

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