Jules Says We Are On Planet Bethenny This Week

RHONY Jules pensive

I am amused by Jules Bravo blog this week.  I actually said about this week’s episode, “What planet does Bethenny live on?”  I just don’t understand how she justifies being so cruel to Jules who has done nothing but try to ingratiate herself to her all season.  Let’s take a look at her thoughts on this episode.

Since coming into this group, I’ve often asked myself, “Why is there always yelling and screaming? Why is someone always storming out of the room in tears? Why is someone always being mocked, insulted, judged or left out? WHAT PLANET ARE WE ON?!” And then it hit me like a meteor: We are on planet Bethenny. Unlike on planet Earth where friendships are formed and shaped through mutual support and encouragement, on planet Bethenny (which is circled 24/7 by a moon named Carole) it is acceptable for friends to disparage one another behind their backs, to judge, berate and abandon one another on an almost constant basis.

I have to say, whoever is writing these did a great job this week. I love the whole description of Carole being the moon that circles Planet Bethenny. So apt. I can’t believe that Carole sat right there and said that friends trash talk friends behind their back. That should open the eyes of any friends she has.

RHONY Carole

Unfamiliar with the customs and rituals on planet Bethenny, I lost my temper “out of nowhere” during a recent visit. Back on planet Earth, my outburst might have been precipitated by months of dismissive, snide, insensitive comments and scrutiny of everything from a flick of my hair to the the food on my plate and the homes in which I live (how quickly we forget the just plain nasty Hamptons “visit”! On planet Bethenny, that never happened, I suppose) and months of watching women around me get verbally assaulted. Another thing I quickly discovered during my recent trip to Bethenny was that there is no empathy on this planet, and the popular phrase “zero f—s” literally means “to have zero self-awareness.”

She really should have brought up the Hamptons trip. Hopefully that gets covered on the reunion. Bethenny and Carole both sit around perplexed that Jules is upset with them. They don’t seem to realize how they behave whenever they are around her. And when Jules had the balls to set them straight, their reaction was shock, and victimhood, just like with Luann when she told Bethenny about herself, Bethanny claimed that Luann would not let her speak. As if there has ever been anyone able to shut her up.

Dinner at Joanne’s was so painful for me; the complete lack of empathy from Bethenny and Carole really struck a nerve. If someone bore their soul to me like I did, I would have leapt across the table and given them a big hug. Recovery from any illness is hard, and it’s rarely a linear path. I thought I was ok. I wasn’t ok and I admitted it, was dealing with it and moving forward again — that’s what people do. What people don’t do is sit around judging and shaming a person in recovery and projecting their own issues onto them. After admitting my recent setbacks, the all-knowing and morally-superior Carole responds with a sneer of disgust (“Oh Jesus!”) and accuses me of being in denial.

If anyone is in denial it is Carole and Bethenny. Jules is very open about her situation and it’s not surprising that as she if discovering Michael’s cheating, the bulimia would resurface. She’s not denying anything.

Bethenny once again makes the entire issue about herself and her own childhood. On planet Earth, gravity is defined as “a natural phenomenon by which all things with energy are brought toward one another.” Not so on planet Bethenny, where all things always revolve around and are drawn back to one person. Heaven forbid anyone attempts to pull the attention away from Bethenny.

That pretty much sums it up.

RHONY Bethenny

On the bus to Mohegan Sun, I learned that the laws of sound and speed on planet Earth also do not exist on planet Bethenny, and people sometimes cannot hear conversations from one foot away in an enclosed space. Imagine my confusion/delusion.

Just like she did with Luann. Same arsenal, same tactics.

I also learned that on planet Bethenny, anything can be reversed at any given moment – pure hatred and animosity like what Bethenny displayed towards Sonja just a few weeks prior can be turned into feelings of affection and admiration on a dime. Nothing actually changed between the time that Bethenny unleashed her fury on Sonja and the Mohegan Sun bus ride — Sonja didn’t change her course of action or behaviors — yet for some reason Bethenny went from, “I don’t accept your apology and I never want to see your face again” to “I really miss you” in an instant. Could it be to make sure I was as uncomfortable and alienated on that bus and trip as possible? Common sense or paranoia? I guess that depends on what planet you live on.

I too thought Bethenny’s random proclamation of love towards Sonja was odd. I believe they are still on the outs. Why this truce? Jules has a very good theory here. Her plan was to isolate Jules from the group. It’s actually an identifier we used to teach kids about bullies.

Getting self-absorbed sometimes is human — we are all guilty of it from time to time. Going through life with such extreme selfishness and self-centeredness that you cannot distinguish other people’s problems from your own, empathize with anyone, be proud or happy for anyone, that’s just plain narcissism. I’m no rocket scientist (duh) but in my opinion, whatever signs of life exist on planet Bethenny today are doomed to self-destruct.

 Bravo, Jules. I hope this blog and the WWHL poll  will ensure you return for another season


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90 responses to “Jules Says We Are On Planet Bethenny This Week

  1. Wow, Bravo to whoever wrote this for her, sorry but there is no way in hell she did it herself.

    Maybe it was Carole? lmao.

    • J Stone

      I read her blog today and was so impressed with Jules. I hope this is an indication of how she behaved in the reunion.

      • Dee

        I think Jules is right, Bethenny is close to destruction. She reminds me of Kelly Ripa. I wonder if that’s the look she’s going for? She looked so much better before she started the plastic surgery and weight loss.

    • SaraSally

      My initial thought was Carole’s ghost writer. I past read in the past it was a sis in law of some sort.

    • Dexter

      Actually she used Carole’s ghostwriter.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      I agree, Jules’ ghostwriter is a better writer than Carole.

    • Dino

      Jules is not stupid–perhaps she had some help but i believe she wrote it. Carole is hack–without an original or thoughtful bone in her body. No wonder she cannot finish this novel–she cannot write to save her life.

    • SashaV

      I respectfully disagree with you about Jules writing this. Her talking heads on the show are intelligent and insightful. She has issues for sure but who doesn’t! I am cutting her a lot of slack knowing that her marriage was disintegrating while this was taping. She is my favorite this year.

      • Briannatozer16

        Um .. No they aren’t lol. I’m not even saying it from an “intellectual” standpoint but form a “reading” stand point .. This doesn’t read like her tone at all. This blog reads very metaphor-y and whimsical. Her talking heads are very straight forward and factual but she struggles trying to express her feelings. … I’m sure she told someone how they felt and they pitched in to help her explain it.

      • tamaratattles

        You can disagree til the cows come home, but I’ve taught writing from first grade through college and this blog follows all the writing techniques of someone who has been taught to write professionally. It is her thoughts and feelings expressed by someone who knows how to write.

        And I know a thing or two about ghost writing.

      • SashaV

        You guys must be right. I don’t know the first thing about ghost writers but I am sure glad Jules found a good one. TT, I wonder if you ghost write for any of these ladies but I know you will never tell!!

      • tamaratattles

        I don’t have time for that anymore. And um, if I did, it’s like good plastic surgery, you are not supposed to be able to tell. 😉

  2. Onawin

    Jules I’m so sorry they treated you so bad. You got them told and told them good I’m very proud of you❤️ Keep up the good work.

  3. cjbomb

    I don’t care who wrote it- this is spot on.

  4. Sparkles

    I love this!!! I am really curious about how Andy and the producers perceive this season AFTER the reunion. They can’t possible side with Bethenny, who has shown herself to be nothing but a cruel bully hiding behind the mask of her perceived victimhood.(I probably read this description in a comment, but I can’y remember who said it. I’m sorry for not mentioning you, whoever you are)
    I used to really identify with Bethenney, although her childhood seems far more difficult than mine. I identified with someone who seemed damaged in a lot of ways, but seemed (at least then – to me) to want to change for the better. I really emphasized with her seeing her sometimes screw up and other times really shine… or just act semi-normal. But now it just seems that Bethenny was a completely different from the one we’ve seen this season. I really hope that someone makes her accountable for her behavior this season cause it was awful. whatever therpist shes seeing clearly isnt working out for her. Perhaps she can get the number of Jules’ therapist as she seems to be working wonders.

    • Minky

      Um, judging by the decisions that have been made by Bravo and Andy in the past…Bethenny’s a shoe-in for next season. If they keep bringing back Porsha, who’s had physical fights and assaulted people before Bravo camera’s not once, not twice, but three times, well then they really don’t give a shit, do they?

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        Recall how Andy was salivating prior to the Bethenny/Luann showdown airing, proclaiming it to be “epic”. I think most people didn’t enjoy that, but in Andy’s world, that’s great TV.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      I think I was one of the last holdouts for Bethenny around these parts, but I’m officially off the Bethenny train. Jules was 100% right in everything she said to Bethenny at that dinner. I’m no fan of Jules, her contrived storyline attempts have been really obvious, uninteresting and annoying. But Bethenny really needs to reel herself back. I swear, she USED to have some self-awareness, she used to see when she was wrong or too harsh and apologize. That’s what I always liked about her. I don’t even know what she was going on about, it was all deflect deflect deflect.

      • I agree and the worst part is that months later and watching their actions on TV, they are still unapologetic.

      • Minky

        If I ever saw myself on film acting like Bethenny or Carole it would be a rude awakening for me. I would be mortified.

  5. Elizabeth

    Bethenny’s jacket? At dinner was her first problem this episode….

  6. mary

    *mic drop*
    That was spot on.

  7. FDG

    I happen to really like Jules and she is quite clearly a very good person who means well. I hope that she is given a renewal for next season.

    Having said that, I don’t really think that Bethany and Carole were mean to Jules at all. Well, outside of the rude behavior during the Hamptons trip. That was uncalled for and deserves a huge apology.

    But, in general, they haven’t been mean. Dorinda, whom I love, has been a bit of a pot stirrer.

    I also disagree that Carole’s “Oh, Jesus!” comment was one of disgust. I immediately heard it and thought it was out of shock and compassion for Jules. I didn’t find anything that Carole said to be remotely rude or offensive.

    It’s also odd that Jules is getting on Bethany for bringing up her childhood when she basically asked why Bethany was behaving the way that she was. Uhm, if you’re going to explode on someone that person should at least have a chance to explain and react.

    My own take is that Jules is going through a very hard time and she is super sensitive which is totally OK. I’m curious to see how this plays out at the reunion.

    • oh stop..dorinda hasn’t stirred the pot at all. Jules confided in her repeatedly and was clearly upset..so Dorinda said get some balls and stick up for yourself. I think Jules is sensitive, stressed and maybe overreacted.

      I’m team Dorinda all day. It’s annoying when people purposely put you in the middle of something by whining and complaining but don’t ever change it. So Dorinda said change it..bc I don’t want to hear it, Bethenny is my friend too.

      • FDG

        My opinion is that she’s stirred the pot in general. I wasn’t speaking solely about the Jules/Bethany/Carole situation.

        Dorinda using the Carole and Adam relationship as a dig/ammo for Jules is all I need to reference to prove my point.

        This does not mean I dislike Dorinda. I find her hysterical, cool as ice and just all around fun. She’s great TV and she seems like the kind of person than can hang with anyone.

        That does not mean she’s perfect. No one is. This season she seems to be adding fuel to certain fires.

      • Briannatozer16

        I think shit stirrer is a strong description. I don’t even think Dorinda and Carole are enemies .. More like frenemies. If you recall last season when heather and Dorinda got into Carole was obviously side On Heathers side but said really nasty things about Dorinda in her talking heads. Same with this season (not as nasty though more catty).

        Point in case; Dorinda inviting Luann .. Carole asked her not to let her come .. Dorinda said (to her face) eff you its my house and she’s coming. Now, if the ammo from Dorinda was to come at Bethenny (that would be classic Tamra judge move) then yes Id agree that would be shit stirring, but the dynamic between Carole and Dorinda isn’t strong enough to “stir shit”.

      • Minky

        I’ve liked Dorinda in general since she came on the show. But a lot of her behavior this season has been that of someone who’s pretty obviously afraid of making the wrong person angry. I don’t think I need to say any more.

        As for Bethenny bringing up her childhood, no. No! I don’t agree with that logic. If someone slapped or hit me, and I could control my temper well enough to stop and ask them “Hey, why did you do that?” and that person’s answer was: “Well, because I had a really difficult childhood. My mother was an alcoholic with an eating disorder who didn’t love me. And my dad wasn’t around. And I’ve got a lot of unresolved issues that have to do with abuse from my childhood that are very difficult for me to address.” I would still either slap that person right back or call the police and have them arrested for assault.

        As for Carole’s “Oh Jesus!” comment being one of concern and not of disdain or boredom. Again, no. I don’t buy that she cares at all about Jules.

      • Matzah60

        Minky, you are spot on about Dorinda. She tries too hard to be everyone’s buddy. She is no longer friends with Carole as you will note when reading Carole’s blog this week. Carole was super pissed off at being called mean by Dorinda in Dorinda’s talking head.

        Few of us had a stellar childhood. In most cases, it wasn’t because our parents didn’t love and support us, but because our own parents are victims of their own parents upbringing and seem to repeat the pattern. While well-intentioned, sometimes our upbringing and our parents themselves fall short. That doesn’t give us the right as adults to lash out at others, degrade them, ignore them, or hurt them emotionally or physically.

        I am so on the Minky train about this. You can’t lash out at others because of your childhood and you can’t continue to be a professional victim.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        I find it odd that Jules reported that Dorinda said Bethenny had been talking about her marriage. Bethenny asked Dorinda if it was true and Dorinda denied it. So either Dorinda DID tell Jules Bethenny was talking about her marriage, which is stirring the pot, or Jules imagined it? Luann has also said that Dorinda is a bit of a pot-stirrer.

    • Dexter

      Carole is unbelievably rude all the time to Jules. Every time she talks to or about Jules she is being rude. Bethenny is rude. Period. You do not excuse asshole behavior with the witty retort “hey I’m an asshole. That’s my shtick”.

      • I had to laugh at Carole’s blog where she wrote that Jules yelled like a toddler.

        If that’s true, then what do you call Bethenny’s screamming at Luanne for hours about being a whore?

  8. Realityjunkie

    Really great blog by Jules. I hate watching someone being picked apart , so I stopped watching. I didnt wish to watch”The Bethenny Show”. But thanks TT for the recaps.

  9. Meredith

    I really lie jules. She seems to hit the nail on the head in all of her posts and confessionals. She pretty much says what i think most people would. I have just been offended by bethenny most of the season where before she was just high strung.

  10. Char

    Who the fuck does Carole think she is? Why is she so obsessed with Jules’ weight and eating disorder? You put those two side by side and they are practically identical in size. I think that Carole is obsessed with Jules’ eating disorder and picks her apart because of insecurities with HER own disorder. She’s nothing more than a mean girl using Jules as a distraction to deflect her own issues. Carole herself is nothing but a bag of bones and big teeth. She just needs to grow the fuck up and start acting like the 52 year old woman that she is.

    • Jules is a younger, less stuck up Carole. All hopes and dreams with a ton of disappointment.

    • Matzah60

      @Char, yes to all you said above!!!!

    • Perfect comment, Char! Agree 100%. Carole picking on Jules is like watching her dip into a huge bowl of denial soup. How does Carole think she looks?

    • Candymule

      Agreed! Carol obviously has serious disorder. She has the body of a 12-year-old boy. No one in her early 50s who weighs that little does not have an eating disorder.
      I’ll never forget her talking cat but she said she “red “Adderall can cause weight loss.

      I would love to peek into HER medicine cabinet!

      Her veneers are dreadful. Her whole face is a mess. Sad, because she was attractive when she was a younger woman… Before she started messing with herself.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        “No one in her early 50s who weighs that little does not have an eating disorder.”

        This is absolutely untrue. I have no idea if Carole has an eating disorder or not, but there are some people who are just naturally thin, and some who can’t put on weight for medical reasons other than an eating disorder.

  11. MaryAnn

    Great blog Jules! And I do think she wrote it herself. Not everyone expresses hem self well verbally, but Jules was certainly able to express her feelings well on paper. That was a perfect description of life on Planet Bethany. I find Bethany to be an obnoxious, mean boor.

    • Margarett

      This! I think she may have had an editor, but not necessarily a ghost writer. And, the feelings were certainly hers.

      • Minky

        Bear in mind a lot of what we think we know about Jules is what we’ve had filtered for us by Bethenny and Carole. They’ve both spoken of her like she’s an absolute imbecile. So that’s maybe why we expected poor writing skills or a ditzy blog entry.

        If she had an editor, no problem. We all make grammatical errors or spelling mistakes now and again. But this was a really very well though out presentation of how it felt to be treated like road kill on Planet B. Good for Jules for finding her voice and using it.

        Lets face it, a lot of the Wives have ghost writers for their blogs. We’ve seen how it looks when the language used in somebody’s blog entry doesn’t even remotely resemble the way that person really talks. The only one who wrote all of her own stuff was Carole.

      • Dexter

        Carol had a ghostwriter for her book.

      • Candymule

        Totally! Her grammer is abhorrent and her vocabulary is not impressive. No WAY she wrote it herself; unless she was meticulously edited by someone

      • Babs0909

        Let’s not forget the way Carole pronounces “kitten”. “Ki ‘ en”, yet she’s supposedly so educated & well versed.
        I like Jules, she seems genuinely sweet.

      • Margarett

        Oh I hate that! I don’t know why a speech impediment (?) became so popular…ki en, bu en.

  12. They are like ex drinkers who can’t stop commenting and judging people who drink, same with smokers, etc. They both have their issues (Carol and Bethany I mean). Dorinda was so right when she said Carol is just mean. She is just mean. They are mean and delusional. And does Bethany mean to say that from now on every divorced woman and man she encounters will bring up memories of Jason and therefore she must not be around them. Well, better watch it sister because your new boyfriend is about to be one of them. I cannot stand them at all. They are so nasty. This was a great blog by Jules or whoever I don’t care it was spot on.

    • Minky

      The dumb ass shit that comes out of Bethenny’s mouth makes me seriously wonder about her intelligence. Did she build her own chemically over processed, almost totally taste free, diet alcoholic beverage empire by being the kind of genius she’s being on this show?

      She seriously said that she can’t be around divorced people because it basically causes her to have flashbacks of Jason? She makes her marriage sound like she went to Nam. Did Jason throw napalm at her? LOLOLOL!!! 😂

      I just can’t even with her anymore. She’s too much.

      • Dee

        Great point Minky, I imagine anyone who works with.her professionally thinks much less of her after watching this shit show.

  13. Sali

    I loved her blog. She called Bethenny out so accurately.

  14. lo

    Well, whoever wrote it, doesn’t like Bethany much!

    • Kika

      Bethenny is evil! I just watched the last episode and I could hardly sit thru it. It is taking too much energy. Bethenny is all “I, I, I, I” ad nauseum.

  15. Sequia

    Oh Yeah, another Bethenny bashing thread. What’s this, three of four this week?….

    • tamaratattles

      Not enough. There will be more.

    • Sierra

      Agreed! I don’t mind Bethanny but the only thing is that Jules seems to fire the help quite often she had been through many nannies in less than a year… I think she hides her bitch side for the cameras. I’ve been a nanny and she seems very controlling just like Bethanny. They butt heads like Beth and heather… Very strong controlling women.

      • tamaratattles

        Um Jules didn’t fire any nanny. The long term nanny quit. She did some fake interviews for Bravo. That’s all there was with the nanny situation.

  16. DJFL

    “If someone BORE their soul to me”??? Are we sure that Jules didn’t write this herself?

    • Minky

      Okay. I’m not 100% sure, but I think “bore” is totally fine in that sentence. I’m no linguist, but it sounds okay.

    • Miele

      Is that a joke on the word in light of Jules’ alleged “boringness”, or do you have some other past tense for the verb “to bear”?

      • Miele

        *Jesus voice-to text. .

        *Or are you mocking her for using the past tense of the “to bear” instead of “to bare”?

      • Minky

        Yeah, I was wondering about that too. “Bore” sounds totally right to me, but you can always think you’re right but still be wrong about that kind of grammar stuff. So I looked it up and yep, it’s right.

        I gotta try this voice-to-text thing. It sounds fun. I know I’ll end up cussing out my phone, but still.

      • Miele

        Damn voice-to-text will fill your profanity up with asterisks!!! I use it when I want to say something but my hands are acting up. Mine clearly hates me, lol.

  17. Beckster

    I have to give major props to Jules.. It is hard to bare yourself and your flaws to people who are closest to you, let alone on national television. I get that when you sign up to do reality television that this is what is expected, but rarely does it truly happen. It takes a lot of guts and trying to be “real” to admit to the true issues issues in your life, which is what makes you relatable to the audience. No one out there is perfect and it is nice to see someone who isn’t pretending to be.

  18. I’m really bad at remembering people’s comments verbatim, but did anyone else catch it last night when Dorinda made the sidebar comment about Bethenny being medically unbalanced, or words to that effect? Bethenny is like a huge wound, oozing pus, that never heals. She takes mean girl to a whole new level, and the way she spins from victim to victim makes me dizzy – the terrible thing about her is that she’s unwavering in her belief that she’s always right and can see character defects in people that others can’t see. Her lack of recognizing boundaries and sense of entitlement is massive – witness the scene where she shoved the bloody pillow at her driver. Who does that kind of thing?!! The way she treats Jules is cruel – as though it’s a personal affront to her that Jules has an eating disorder which could set Bethenny off into a deadly downwards spiral just by being near her or listening to her speak. WTF? I don’t think Dorinda is a shit stirrer at all – she just speaks her mind and says it how she sees it. I love her personality – I don’t think she has a spiteful bone in her body, but she has zero tolerance for bullshit, which I love, having been raised to be polite at all times (just now getting over that). Dorinda was a great addition to the show – hope she’s around for a long time. I keep thinking that I’d like to see Bethenny and Ramona leave the show, but where else would Bravo find their special sense of crazy? Love LuAnn this year – she manages to keep her calm in the worst situations – a sign of her background. Carole should definitely go – she has zero storyline, other than being Bethenny’s loyal subject. Sonja is harmless as ever – as out there as they come – a true free spirit.

    • Kika

      That is why Carole is kissing Bethenny’s ass. She thinks it will keep her on the show.

    • Miguel

      What a pity Dorinda’s “zero tolerance for bullshit” doesn’t extend to her boyfriend – peeeewww!!!

    • JustJenn

      Yes! Dorinda, Jules, Luanne, and Sonja should have went on the Tequila tasting trip and left the other bitches at home. What a fun season it could be with those four.

  19. Madashell

    BRAVO Jules!!! It is only Bethanny &Carol,the 2 skinny girls, who talk about (in front of and behind her back and talking heads)about Jules disorder. All the regular weight women (Dorinda,Luanne,Ramona &Sonja) haven’t said a word. That’s classic eating disorder issues….they can’t handle a skinnier person than them, because of their same disorder. That’s why they hate Jules so much. So irrational to normal folks, but normal behavior for eating disorder people.

    • Shae

      I have suffered from eating disorders my whole life, and other than being skinny, I don’t see anything on carole’s part that indicates she has one. She eats regularly on camera, eats a variety of foods, doesn’t have a preoccupation with food, etc. I really doubt she has one, honestly. The chances of Bethenny having food issues are much higher because she was raised by a mother with an eating disorder and that shit rubs off on you. The food messages you get and body messages. You do see her eat, she is very healthy/particular about her food, she is thin (has always been), I don’t think she is anorexic or bulimic but I definitely see a relationship with food that might be a little off. I think she might struggle with it more than a normal person would, and that’s partially why she is so health and body conscious. I don’t think her eating is disordered though, I don’t think she starves herself or purges. Again, just my .02 from first hand experience and what i see.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        Bethenny has talked about her own eating disorder in the past. I’m sick of people claiming Bethenny and Jules have an eating disorder because they’re thin. I’m glad you spoke up from the perspective of someone who’s lived through it, because I haven’t. It’s something I find women do that I absolutely HATE – claim that other thin women must have an eating disorder because I guess it makes them feel better that they aren’t that thin? You can be thin and perfectly healthy. Not everybody can be that thin and still be healthy, and it’s unfair, but it’s genetics. It doesn’t mean every thin woman you see is starving herself and making herself ill to be that way.

      • BKSweetheart

        Not saying I flat out disagree – but Beth and Carole aren’t two 20 somethings. Not saying they 100% must have eating disorders but for women their age (especially Carole) it becomes much harder to maintain that body type without at least being very conscious about how you eat and/or working out a shitload. In Beth’s case, clearly she works out a lot. She even mentioned it before she was thinking of getting surgery how it would be hard for her not to want to still work out. They may not have full blown EDs, but I just don’t believe either one of them are naturally that slim without putting a lot of effort into it. That’s why it almost comes off that they are jealous of Jules in some sick way because she’s ‘mastered’ not eating to a point where she almost has to be forced to eat. They’re jealous of her ‘discipline’. I could be wrong but that’s the sense I get.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        *I meant Bethenny and Carole

      • Minky

        I agree. Just because somebody is thin, even rail thin, doesn’t mean that they’re starving. Some people truly are that thin naturally. But usually when a person is naturally skinny they don’t have sunken-in eyes and hollow cheeks. Their faces look normal and their mouths don’t always look like they’re sucking on something.

        And you can be bulimic and FAT at the same time. Bulimia isn’t all about being thin. It’s about control issues and hurting yourself too. Also, disordered eating behavior can’t always be neatly classified as bulimia or anorexia. Excessive calorie counting is also part of it. It becomes an obsession. So does over-exercising. The outside world thinks your the picture of health if you can control your portions and food choices strictly and if you’re a dyed in the wool gym rat. What they don’t know is that’s basically ALL you do, all day.

  20. Shae

    Good lord, there is zero chance Jules wrote that. She is a sweet woman, but she does not have any type of way with words. I felt bad for her trying to stammer out her response to Bethenny. The reaction was genuine, and her point valid, but she just can’t seem to get much across. It comes out all helter skelter. I got the gist, but, it’s hard to listen to her.

    I thought Ramona was the one who said “oh, jesus”, and i took it as an exclamation of shock, not ridicule, about Jules having admitted she recently threw up her food. I could be wrong, but I didn’t hear it as a malicious, smug remark, just a surprised one. I give Jules props for openly speaking about her disorder, I have struggled with the same issues my entire life, but I will not speak of them in detail but to a select few who I know understand and aren’t harmful to me. You can’t bare your soul to just anyone. That doesn’t make the treatment she received right, but when you have such delicate issues that can be dangerous, you can’t let just any person in on them. It’s not safe for your recovery.

    I do think Jules is a good hearted person, yet she shouldn’t be surprised that drama and histrionics is the name of the game on the real housewives. We all know this. The show might be too much for her, and I don’t mean that as any type of insult.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      Jules did a great job of making herself look stupid her first few episodes. It wasn’t just Bethenny and Carole doing it to her. And I do think Bethenny and Carole have been genuinely concerned for Jules with her eating, though I don’t entirely agree with their methods. But who made this a storyline?

      I also agree that “oh jesus” was said in shock/concern rather than disgust. Carole is mean, but she’s not THAT mean.

      • Shae

        Yeah, she did look rather silly at the beginning, but I would chalk that up to adjusting to being on reality tv. I think she’s improved, but she might be a little too kind/sensitive for this show lol

      • jennifer watkins harding

        I guess my head is up my keester. How is Carole mean? You never see her screaming at people or putting them down. The “oh Jesus!” did seem like it was out of shock, not mean-spirited. Jules just seems like she is attacking for no apparent reason. What, exactly, did they do to her that has her so pissed?

    • Dino

      Wait, there are people who write better than they speak. Jules sounded pretty articulate when she let Bethmonster have it at Joanne’s restaurant. I think she did write it but perhaps had it tweaked and edited by a professional writer. I know Carole is really jealous of it as she cattily snarked that she believed it was ghostwritten.

  21. I’m all for Jules returning next season and let us never forget this terrible behaviour of Bethanny as I doubt she’ll ever change her ways. All that money and connections (and denial!) will release her from accountability every single time.

  22. CupcakeScholar

    Jules’ blog was dead on! I love her! It is too bad everyone is too busy kissing Bethenny’s butt to actually interact in a genuine way, thus, making a fun show that RHNY used to be. Last season was laugh-out-loud funny. This season makes me want to pop a Xanax.

  23. AshK

    If bethenny has such a freaking problem with jules eating disorder then WTF did she get her added to the show?? God I’m watching this now and soooo aggravated!!

    • Onawin

      They need to show reruns of her reality show with Jason. What will her daughter thinks when she see her on this show later. Will she say the same things about her mother That Bethenny says about her mother because Karma is a B.

  24. I really hope Jules did write this blog- maybe she is better at communicating through writing instead of talking. Everything written here is just perfect.

    I wish Andy had never brought Bethanny back. She is the most unlikeable person I have ever seen- on any of the franchises or in real life. She’s such a terrible person, that I wasn’t even shocked when she told Jules that she couldn’t deal with her because knowing she (Jules) had an eating disorder reminded Bethanny too much of her monster mother- who also had an eating disorder. In other words, Bethanny judges people for being sick and having a disease that they wish they didn’t have- all because Bethanny’s mom had that disease too.

    It was also annoying that Bethanny kept telling Jules to stop screaming at her. Maybe “screaming” means something different in New York (or on Planet Bethanny) than it does in the rest of the world, but Jules was barely raising her voice- much less screaming.

    Bethanny is just a terrible person and she does everything she can to vilify everyone she feels threatened by, dislikes, or is just in the mood to vilify that day. She lacks the ability to empathize or have any kind of emotional human connection with anyone. That’s why her talkshow didn’t work out. She’s such a cold-hearted, disconnected person, that no one wanted to watch that frigid witch talk over her guests every day.

    Ugh- she’s awful. And now Carole’s had the Kool-aid and that’s what makes me most upset because she used to be my favorite. Actually… the thing that makes me MOST upset is that Andy loves them both so much that he will never let them leave the show.

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