Big Brother Live Eviction Discussion

BB18 Cast nude
The above photo was taken by CBS and on the official big Brother site. Apparently they all actually agreed to get naked. No idea why.

I do not want to miss a minute of this episode of Big Brother by doing an in depth recap. This eviction is going to be awesome. Everyone in the non-existent 8 pack agreed that it was Tiffany’s week to go home. But they had a last minute change of heart and decided to blindside Frank and send home Bronte. That is what I want to happen, mostly because I am for anything that Frank would not like.

Also, tonight is a memory challenge. The hamsters were shown photographs that they had to memorize for the challenge. Tiffany claims to have a photographic memory. The house wants Frank out next, Tiffany wants Frank out. Why send her home when she has a good shot at HOH? Problem solved.

BB18 cast nude 3
However, over the last 24 hours they have flip flopped and flop flipped many times. Especially Nicole. She has lead the charge in both directions multiple times. She’s playing a really sloppy game.  Up until the feeds were cut today, there was no solid decision made. Then there was this Surivioresque plan to split the votes to confuse Frank. Nobody really knows who they are supposed to vote for to have Bronte leave with four votes, Tiffany get three and Paul get two. Last I saw it was all a clusterfuck.

Another reason I want Bronte to go home is I want Bridgette to be a sobbing mess.

Crap. Tiffany looks like she thinks she is going home.

HOLY SHIT! Tiffany just gave THE BEST SPEECH EVER.  And ended with “I’m not targeting anyone but the dictator and his little Cabbage Patch Kid.  I LOVE HER! SHE MUST STAY!  This is going to work! All the mutineers are hiding their grins.

Bronte was told 20 minutes before. I think Frank knew too. I’m not sure if his little Cabbage Patch Kid, Bridgette got a heads up.

Time for the HOH

As soon as the eviction was announced, Tiffany said, “Time for war!” I REALLY want her or Day to win. Tiffany has the best chance.


Paulie won HOH. That means Frank is safe for another freaking week. Paulie can’t put him up. What will he do? This sucks.

But that was a FANTASTIC episode.  I’m going to try to recap Flipping Out. But I may be on the live feeds instead. This is going to be an interesting night.  I hope he puts up Bridgette and Natalie and then backdoors Frank, but tells Frank he is going to backdoor Day.


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  1. lori

    Oh pretty please with sugar on top update with anything juicy. I’m not paying for feeds this year so I won’t get to see what’s going on until 1:00am.

  2. Theresa

    I’m tempted to sign up for the feeds based on the fallout from this alone. I may need to opt for sleep tho. If I had feeds I would be awake all night watching

  3. lori

    I don’t see why Paulie wouldn’t put up Frank and Bridgette as they were all talking about. They won’t have the numbers to stop one of them from going home. And there’s always roadkill (as long as Alison doesn’t throw it to Frank again).

    • Jujue

      He can’t, as they are on the same team. Lots of fighting going on between frank Tiffany & day..

      • lori

        Oh shit! I forgot they’re on the same damn team. Isn’t wait until the teams are over with! Oh God…

      • lori

        Thanks for the fight info. Just got to watch it on youtube. I guess I’m going to end up searching and re-searching YouTube until 1:00am.

        Tiffany and her photographic memory seriously dropped the ball tonight.

  4. Rex Yachty

    Great recap as usual TT!! OMGGG THIS EPISODE WAS AMAZING!!! I love that Day helped lead the charge against Frank. I wanted Tiff or Day to win HOH!! I’m on the fence with Paulie, he seems like a good guy but he seems like Frank so that makes me question him. I wouldn’t be sad if the Cabbage Patch kid went home before Frank she’s just as bad if not worse. Who says “thank you you’re so smart” when someone tells you they out you up for eviction?? She’s got issues

  5. Rose

    Tiffany had the best speech ever! Nicole was really about to go to the dark side. Paulie knows what’s up.

    • lori

      As good as the speech was, I would have preferred no speech. I mean after that, Frank had to have seen the forest through the trees. I was salivating for absolute shock.

  6. lori

    I also foresee Nicole having a serious breakdown tonight. Lol

  7. Ms.Minnie

    Tiffany came to slay bitch 👑

  8. GirlMe

    So sad if Day goes home. I’m rooting for her. But never have I wanted something on Big Brother has it come true. Therefore Day is going home:( i know fallacy

  9. lori

    On the bright side, this is the last week for battle back eligibility. If/when Frank gets voted out it will be for good. The “good” side actually needs someone from their side to go home this week and then win the battle back. If not, having the numbers is gonna get hard.

  10. Onelove

    Sounds like Paulie will put up Tiff & Nat. Gunning for Tiff. Great speech by Tiff. Frank’s face was priceless. Wiped the smirk right off his face. Too bad he’s safe, I love to see him squirm this week. At least he knows the house is onto him. Nicely done Tiff.

  11. LA_in_KY

    It is finally getting good! I was dying during that speech, it was so uncomfortable and so great at the same time.

  12. Deb in SF

    One of the all-time best speeches in BB history! I can’t make up my mind if Paulie is siding with Frank or against Frank. What do y’all think?

  13. tamaratattles

    Paulie is against Frank. And I like Tiff even though she really sucks balls as a player so far. I am kind of good with her going out this week that means that she battles the survivor of the Battle of the Block. And If Grodner wants to save her she can make it a mental challenge against whoever is the champion. I am also THRILLED that next Friday we will get a battle of the block show.

    Also I think it was Frank,but might have been one of the other vets whowhen someone said, we never really see Julie, it’s just like watching her on TV and asked if she was friendly at the reunion and they could walk up and talk to her said NO. She’s super stuck up and doesn’t interact at all as soon as the cameras are off.

    • I doubt it will be a mental comp because the ones who have already been evicted have no knowledge of what went on in the house.

      Plus, it’s an hour long show they have to fill. But then again, I believe it’s supposed to play out like Top Chef’s cut throat kitchen.

      So, there would be 10 minutes of commercials, 10 minutes of Julie explaining things, so that leaves 40 minutes to do 4 competitions which makes each competition about 10 minutes each.

      That makes me think that its a physical comp that they filmed earlier and edit it down to fit the show. And I wouldn’t be surprised if they did the last one live and leave us hanging for the outcome.

      But maybe not. Would they film the last one also, so they can show the returnees entering live?

      Or will the whole thing be live and let the hg’s watch the whole comp play out and have them freaking out?

      Anyone have any ideas on this?

  14. Pallid Polly

    Things blew up over night. I think it started at about 2:30am. It was epic!

    • tamaratattles

      Can y’all let me know the time zone when you give a time? THanks so much for all the info. I need to flash back as soon as I can get some posts up for the day.

      • lori

        I want to hear about where Natalie gets mad at James? Someone wrote a comment on youtube asking someone if they can post the video. That’s the only info I have on it. I haven’t gotten to watch BBAD from last night or tonight yet, so I don’t know if it’s on their either yet (or if it’s even true for that matter). I just watched a bunch of videos on youtube though, so I think I’m caught up on the major stuff anyway. It’s so crazy how you can go from rooting for one side, and then change your mind completely the next day. I always tend to like the underdog. I can’t wait to see Nicole get voted out now. I used to live her so much on her previous season. She’s quite the liar. I wouldn’t last a week in a house like this. Lol

  15. timtoodles

    I loved the show. I am not a big fan of Tiffany but I agree I wanted to see Frank knocked down a peg or two (then out). Additionally Bronte was just annoying so she had to go.

    Thank you for explaining that they chose to split the votes. It’s makes sense but I was totally confused when I was watching the show.

    So the house blew up at around 2:30? I can’t stay awake for that!! I did tape BBAD so I will check it out. I have the live feeds this year but I don’t seem to have the time to watch.

  16. I fell asleep after the show and missed all the live feed action.

    But I did wake up around 5 and turned on the feeds.

    Tiffany was having a meltdown. Natalie was trying to console her and telling her she’s in the same boat as her about having no one. She lost Bronte and knows James was in on the plan of getting rid of her. Tiff wasn’t listening to that. She’s to focused on being ostracized by the in group. She was thinking of self evicting.

    Theno Frank got a hold of Tiff alone and Tiff spilled the beans about everything to him. She doesn’t care and she’s a free agent. She said they were all in on the plan, including Day, Nicole, Paulie and Corey. That Paulie is the ring leader. She told him that Michelle and James not so much as the others. They are on the outer rings of that group. That it doesn’t matter who voted for who because they were all in on it.

    She also said that her sister told her to align with Frank when she got there that she could trust him.

    Hmmm, interesting that they knew Frank was going to be in there.

    Anyway, later, Day tried to talk to Tiff alone and do damage control but then Z came in. Damn! Then Nicole came in, then Paulie came in and then left and went to the hoh room to blab and mock Tiffany. He came back to listen and then Frank came in and refused to leave. The girls tried to get him to leave saying they were talking real life now, not game. (Because Tiff was upset about personal things/attacks being said about her in the house)

    Frank still wouldn’t leave at first. But when he finally did, he did so with a giant fart in their direction. Asshole. Then he kept walking by the room making sure that they knew he was lurking. Just to intimidate.

    He wants control of Tiffany and he is not going to leave her alone at all.

    Then I had to leave the feeds.

    • timtoodles

      Ugh…. loved Tiffany’s speech. Thought I might start to like her a little better. Guess I gave her too much credit.

  17. lori

    Thank you everybody for all of the overnight dirt. The thing that drives me crazy is when they all complained about Tiffany annoying them with her paranoia all last week, when in reality they WERE all planning on getting rid of her. It seems to happen every season, where certain people are allowed to talk as much shit as they want about others, but God forbid those people say anything to anyone, it’s like they committed a crime. I’m team Tiffany at this point. I’m glad she spilled the beans. It’s about time.

  18. Angel

    So happy I’m not the only Team Tiffany person. Last night was juicy.

  19. tamaratattles

    I have always rooted for Nicole but she is such a bitch this season. Zak is too. She is BFFs with Paul like second after Paulie and she is bitching about him with NicHOLE?

    Paul and Tiffany were my preshow picks. After seeing them in the house I would normally hate them but compared to everyone else I am rooting for them. Paul is an asshole, but he is one of the smartest people in the house.

    Corey is dumber than a box of hair and Paulie isn’t much brighter. I am never happy when they are returning players but I think James and Day need to get control of this mess.

    • lori

      I agree with almost all that you said, but I’m a bit irked by the way Day and Z were laughing when Tiffany was crying. I thought that was really mean.

      • tamaratattles

        I think Z is the biggest bitch. Day has moments of compassion with Tiff.

      • sandra

        Tiffany told Frank the way she carries on and cries is 80% strategy.. She has destroyed Da’s game. I don’t think Da deserves all the blame Tiff is calling her out on. Zak and Nicole have been big bitches to Tiff. Paulie and Zak think they are the king and queen. James and Natalie are adorable. Just some random thoughts. Does anyone think Tiffany is right about Da?

      • I think where Day screwed herself good to possibly to the point of no return was last night.

        She ran into the room where Tiff and James were talking. She asked what the plan was and they said they didn’t know. Day basically ran out of the room after that. Tiff asked James, is that how you treat a final 2?

        Day should have kept up her damage control with Tiff and sat and talked to them a few minutes.

        I think that sealed the deal with Tiff and wants nothing to do with Day and will never trust her. Esp. Since Frank is in her ear and doesn’t leave her alone.

      • tamaratattles

        Every season, all of my Big Brother friends get all excited for the new season. By the second week they are complaining that they hate everyone. The summer is ruined. These people all suck.

        Every season I think the people who say that are being dramatic and over reacting. It’s the same people every season who hate everything and are never satisfied.

        But THIS SEASON, I’m having issues myself and I never do. I can’t really root for anyone. I think Tiff will probably leave this week. I don’t know why I keep hoping she doesn’t. I did not like Vanessa. I have no reason to like Tiffany. She’s not particularly fun to watch, she is not playing well. I just can’t find anyone to root for. Maybe Mama Day, but while she is good at understanding the lay of the land most of the time, she doesn’t use that information well. WHY THE HOLY HELL COULD THE WOMEN JUST ONCE KEEP GETTING OUT THE GUYS?

        What happened to the new players banding together to get the vets out? Why do these idiots just go along with whatever idiot with a penis stands up and says I’m the boss, applesauce!? Paulie and Frank are just two more Joseas and Victors!

        Nicole is a huge bitch this season and I loved her on her first season. And I really hate ZAK, all she does is fondle the alpha male and primp knowing she is safe by doing absolutely nothing. She is the WORST at comps and dumb as a box of hair. Yet she flits around trash talking the other girls with some sense of entitlement. She annoys me to death.

        Bridgette is probably going to lose her boyfriend if she really has one. That drunken snuggling with Frank would do it for me. She’s annoying and kind of creepy.

        I think if I could get past Michelle’s eating disorder and her internet fat shaming before coming on the show, and her stupid extensions, I could TRY to like her. I think she was super nervous the first few weeks and is starting to feel more like herself.

        I think Paul could win this whole thing. He is playing Andy’s game. He just goes from group to group and tells them he is spying on the other guys. He give real and sometimes fabricated information to stir the pot. No one sees him as a threat.

        I don’t find myself excited to watch the feeds at all lately.

      • lori

        Yes to everything you said. Zak spends more time looking at herself in the mirror than anyone I’ve ever seen in my life. I don’t know how much more of her constant mirror checking and scalp scratching I can take. Paulie makes me sick to my stomach, him and that constant throat clearing thing he does. I think he thinks it makes him sound smart or sexy or something. He is just sooooo full of himself. I felt bad for Tiff because she’s NOT her sister, but was instantly disliked by association (including myself). The more I’ve watched her the more I’ve come to like her (at least compared to most of the others) but I’m still confused/intrigued by who she is. I was finally able to separate her from Vanessa, but then felt so bad for her with how she was being treated by the rest of the assholes. I want her to stay or come back so maybe I can figure out who she is. For some reason, I do like to watch her more than most. I think so far this season comes down to “who do I hate the least” as far as who I’d like to see to win.

        That being said, I still have BBAD from last night to watch and I haven’t been able to get myself to do it yet. I finally made myself at least come here to see if there was anything interesting going on. That it feels like a chore at this point says a lot.

      • tamaratattles

        Sandra, I have missed a lot and had no idea that Tiff was specifically trying to blow up Day’s game. I think Tiff just went batshit and blew up everyone’s the other night. I don’t think Tiff’s emotional problems are fake or part of her strategy at all. I think she is freaking out because she is not allied with anyone, no one likes her and she is not going to go as far as her sister. I think Day is the only one who showed Tiffany any genuine compassion during her breakdowns, Zak and Nicole and Paul all stood around laughing at her when Day was trying to comfort her. While it is true that Day was trying to keep Tiff from blowing up her game to Frank, she seemed very motherly when they were one on one.

        What did Tiffany say about Day? I’d have to know that before I can chime in on that. I totally agree with you about Paulie, Zak, and Nicole.

      • I like Day, but there is one problem when she was comforting Tiff and her haters jumped on this.

        When she was in the safari room with Tiff and Z, Tiff had her blindfold over her eyes, crying and venting. Z started rolling her eyes and laughing.

        Day was rocking Tiff, but when Z was smirking, Day followed. I don’t know if she was agreeing with Z, but I choose to believe she was doing it out of nervousness and to appease Z and keep her from opening her mouth and saying something nasty.

      • lori

        I have always loved Day UNTIL that. That really bothered me. I don’t know how people behave this way and still feel good about themselves. Game or no game, Tiff was being genuine and it was hard to watch. I hope you’re right, but it didn’t look that way to me.

      • I’m watching the show right now. I forgot that first laugh of Days when they were alone.

        But the TV show left out the part of Z laughing at Tiff first when she was in there with them. I guess bb is trying to keep Z looking good for now.

    • sandra

      Tiffany has it bad for Da and she wants her gone. Tiff told Frank that Da has fucked her from day one with all her lies. Tiff did blow-up all of the alliances, but she puts most blame on Da. Tiffany told Frank that Da said she (Tiff) is Frank’s target. Tiff then said Da told Frank that he is Tiff’s target. Tiffany recently told Frank about Fatal Five all girls alliance, again blame goes to Da. Tiff also tells Frank Da made a final two with her. Tiffany and Frank agreed to campaign against Da (Tiff plans to replace Corey with Da). Tiffany tells Corey same info, except she lies to Corey and tells him Da and Paulie want to backdoor him. Tiff has a lot to say about Da lying and playing both sides. Da was the only one to show compassion to Tiffany. I had hoped Da and Tiffany would work together, but with all the hate Tiff has for Da that’s not going to happen. Frank tells everything to HOH group, after he leaves them they are eager to start a fight with Tiffany and Frank. Paulie, Paul,Da and Zac want to play dirty are eager to play dirty. Too many disgusting people in the house. I think Tiffany’s anger at Da is misplaced and they would have been a good pair together.

      • I agree with everything you wrote. Esp. the part that Tiff and Day would have made a great pair. If only Day had stayed in the room longer the other night I posted about just to reassure Tiff. They would have been OK with each other.

        To add to what you posted about disgusting people, Frank is now gas lighting everybody. He’s saying he never called Day a slut. That she made it up. Z didn’t back Day up and said she never heard him call her that and Day says Z was with her when he did it.

        Then I read somewhere that he was talking to the guys about how he had gaslighted Janelle in an earlier season.

        I just want Frank gone and I don’t understand why anybody talks to him.

      • sandra

        I believe Tiffany’s emotional problems are real, too. I felt really bad for her when they all shunned her. Nicole, Zac and Michelle are the worst, but Paulie has developed a real hatred and cruelty towards Tiffany. On Saturday around 11:00am to 11:30am BBT, Tiffany told Frank: “I pull at their heart strings, 80% is strategy and crying is part of it.” Most of the houseguest have treated her very poorly. James and Natalie are not a part of this. I like James and Natalie. I know Nat is not a gamer, but I feel she is genuinely a sweet girl. I haven’t seen Nat rub Paulie’s leg or tell Corey he is sooo sexy or any of the other nasty comments that have been said about her. Has anyone seen Natalie show this type of behavior? I really want to know because, nasty liars. I think she does like James.

      • I agree about Natalie also. Besides Nicole being jealous of Natalie, I think it was last night that Michelle (I believe it was Michelle. My limes been kicking in) told James that Natalie was talking to Paulie for a long time and that she was rubbing his leg the whole time. James tried not to act upset, but he was hurt.

        I seriously doubt it was true. She doesnt seem the type, esp since Z is coupled with Paulie and she has James.

        These are such mean girls.

      • lori

        I really don’t know why a week or two ago, some HG’s were saying that Nat was playing James. That she was supposedly basically telling them that. I’ve never seen any of that at all ever. Has anyone else? I think it’s obvious that he’s her favorite person in the house (aside from Bronte).

      • sandra

        Limebrain, Yes! I think had Da stayed with Tiffany as you said, it would’ve made a huge difference in how Tiff reacted. We would probably be seeing a different game. Nicole, Zac and Michelle are such mean girls. I’d like to smack them. Nicole is jealous of Natalie, which is so stupid. A friend told me Nicole and Corey had some action going on in bed this morning around 8:30-9:30am BBT. I have not had time to check it out yet. I’m sure her mom is so proud. Oh, it was some hand action and moans from Nicole. I don’t want to give the wrong info. Yep!

    • Jill

      I felt like when I was watching Sunday night’s show that as soon as Tiff was staying Da’, Paulie, Nicole, Zak, James and Company should’ve have “woke up” and tried to “endear” themselves to Tiff, gave her some reality and pull her back into the fold. They really could’ve made some headway there, it’s been done in other seasons, but alas, an opportunity squandered. As soon as she was going around the house crying and complaining about being “alone” and everyone leaving the room as soon as she would enter, they should’ve wised the HELL up and realized the opportunity there. But no, she turned into a woman scorned and turned to her old enemy who is now her friend. I felt the majority of the house was sitting there complaining about Tiff was just caught up in their annoyed feelings about her instead of letting her in on the reality of “HEY, we just saved you so hey, can you help us out??” But instead, she’s blown them up because they were not thinking ahead. I felt like, DANG, am I the only one who didn’t recall other seasons doing this kind of thing and WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY THINKING??? And when Da’ was rocking her in the Safari room, I really thought, geez, maybe she’ll take this time to have real talk with her now…but no. Anyway, you get it. Love you TT! First time public comment, won’t be the last I’m sure!

  20. I pretty much dislike everyone on this show. I turn on the feeds and then turn them back off because one set of cameras is on Paulie in his hoh bed going on about how wonderful he is and the second set of cameras is on Frank whom I can’t stand. Even worse is when he is with that cabbage patch head. Whose dick did she suck to get on this show? I get the urge to kick her when she does that head shrug giggling whenever anybody speaks to her. Grow up!

    I’m afraid that every season now, they will have old HGS on the show, like the bachelor and bachelorette, as a way to show the newbies the ropes and keep explaining things to them like wearing the mics, stop them from talking about certain things, help them with filming comps, etc. Just as a way to save time and money for CBS.

    CBS is putting minimal effort into BB and it is showing.

    • sandra

      Well, I’m glad I’m not the only one that can’t stand Bridgette the cabbage patch. I thought maybe I just have an irrational, intense dislike for her. I’d like to give her a kick, too. LOL!

  21. tamaratattles

    I give a lot of leeway to Paul. He is only just barely 24 I think. I give him the same pass I give Kathryn from Southern Charm. I think as we get older we tend to remember our youth as if we were just as smart then as we are now, which of course is not true. But it is an easy mistake to make.

    I’ve been a reading specialist for a couple decades. I’ve taught reading from the first grade through college. Especially at the upper levels people in general including other faculty would be super judgey about people struggling with comprehension skills. People forget that comprehension and vocabulary expand over a lifetime. I use this weird example to show that Paul has poorly developed social skills, he poor with interpersonal relations, and he is out of his element here in a group of people who don’t acknowledge his intellect and business skills which are his primary strengths. He is play a game where his deficiencies are crucial to his success. This makes him interesting to me. Not likeable. But super interesting. Plus I love that he cried because he missed his mommy.

    • Rosesandgin

      That’s an interesting take on Paul. And for that I will study him more carefully. Doesn’t change that I don’t like him, but does offer another perspective with which to view him.

      I’m going to go against the grain here and say I do NOT like Tiffany one single bit. I pray she is out this week. And does not win the battle back.

      Her incessant crying and whining about not having that “one ally,” absolutely grates on my nerves. Instead of sitting there feeling sorry for herself she should go out gather all the info she can on everyone and use it to her advantage.

      She reminds me exactly of her sister in an even worse way. She’s not crying for gameplay. She’s crying Bc she’s a sore loser. I specifically remember Vanessa last year fake crying, lifting her head up, smiling at the camera and then putting her head back down all in an effort to get what she wanted- sympathy. And I found it to be pathetic. Paulie is right to compare her to her sister, and insist on getting her out. Good riddance Tiffany!!!

    • I flip flop back and forth about Paul. I like him, he’s not a bad person. He is intelligent and social and playing the game the best he can in his situation. He’s also respectful towards women, as far as I’ve seen.

      The main thing holding me back for rooting for him is that he is so itching to be part of the all bro alliance crap.

      He started off with Jozea and Victor. Bros to the end. When that failed, he was open to being in an alliance that was mixed. But now, with Bridgette gone, he is so trying to worm his way into the Paulie, Corey alliance. Bros to the end.

      It’s so frustrating that every season ends up with a tight core male alliance at the end.

      Equally frustrating that the females allow it by thinking being in a showman center will protect them. But then again, BB is the one that casts these people, and they picked some pretty weak females. (I’m looking at you, Nicole, Natalie, Bridgette, Z and Bronte).

      This morning, I was watching Nicole and Corey on the outside couch. She was stirring the pot again about Natalie having a crush on Corey. Thankfully, he wasn’t taking the bait. She even said that she purposely baited Natalie, trying to get her to say something about Coreyes, but Natalie didn’t say anything.

      Anyway, I digress. To get back on topic, at least Paul is interesting to watch. And he’s always cheerful.

      • lori

        I just wish that Paul would hold his cards closer to his chest with Paulie and them.

        In my dream world right now, I would have loved it if Paul, Tiffany, Day Frank (I know!) and Bridgette, would work together just for a couple of weeks (maybe James and Nat would join in too) to get some of the cocky crew out of the house. Then go for Frank and Bridgette after that. I just really want Paulie, Corey, Nic, Zak, and Michelle gone so so bad. I would rather see Frank and Bridgette there than them at this point. None of that is ever going to happen, but it’s a nice little day dream.

        I just can’t wait to see who comes back on Friday! I think maybe Bronte would be the best bet to get a different little group going. Since they played Michelle’s goodbye message (which was the most telling of any that they showed for any evictee), I would guess that Bronte would want her gone. Bronte has a good chance of becoming allies with James since she and Nat are so close, and James and Day were always pretty tight too. Then maybe we could start to see some good changes happen. IDK

        Does anyone remember in past seasons when someone was brought back in, do they get safety for the next immediate eviction? I don’t know why I think I remember something like that.

      • A.C.K.! ( my tablet keeps changing the word if I just try to spell it normally)

        I would much rather have Paulie around than Frank any day of the week.

        Frank gives me the HeebieJeebies when ever he starts talking in his used car salesman southern drawl. It makes me want to run for the hills.

        I just don’t get why the HGS don’t notyice how his voice changes whenever he is up to something. Which is pretty much most of the time.

        Paulie drives me crazy, also, with his pontificating, but at least that helps me fall asleep at night.

        BTW, is it just me, or does Paulie take on a southern accent at times, derpending on who he is taking to?

        And since this is turning into s mini rant. I wish someone would tell Paulie to close his legs when he’s sitting down. Its annoying.

      • lori

        Lol limebrain! I’m about 2 hours into last night’s BBAD. What a night. Crazy. Lots of dirty laundry getting aired, that’s for sure. I was so confused for the first hour, but it’s finally making sense to me now. Too many thoughts to even write, but I thought it was funny that Nicole brought up Michelle reminding her of Christine. Viewers have been saying that for a while now. I guess Tiff is still going home, but the fact that it could almost be Day… What a difference a “Day” makes.

      • lori

        I wonder how things are going to work this week. So eviction is tonight, but battle back isn’t until tomorrow night? Is HOH tonight? Does that mean that battle back winner has no chance at hoh? Or are they doing it all tonight (endurance) but not airing it until tomorrow night? I know feeds ate going to be down until after tomorrow’s battle back show. I almost think I remember last time they did battle back, the winner wasn’t allowed to be voted out the first week? Does anyone else have any memory if that’s right or not?

      • *showmance, not showman center.

  22. Something I’m wondering here. Paulie is friends with Derrick and was coached by him before coming in. James has said he is friends with Derrick also and was coached by him. He’s even said that he visited Derrick’s father’s house.

    We never see James and Paulie really ever interacting. I wonder if they have a pre game final two deal and know not to make any mention of it on camera. Paulie never mentions James when he talks about people to evict.

  23. I’m commenting here since there isn’t a post up yet for last night’s show. (No rush, TT! I just am bursting to comment)

    The old saying ‘Don’t hate the player, hate the game’ or something to that effect applies here IMO.

    CBS has ruined this show. From casting choices, to stealing competition & twist ideas from Survivor (which I had to stop watching for production reasons years ago & I used to love that show, too) CBS IS LAZY & NEEDS NEW BLOOD IN PRODUCTION!

    The Roadkill is OBVIOUSLY rigged! I’m behind on feeds & BBAD simply because it bores me these days & I fall asleep every time I try to watch.

    While I do have opinions about certain players this year, they are moot. Can’t blame them for coming on the show. CAN blame CBS for casting clones of old players & not mixing up the demographics, but most of all for the production intereference that isn’t shown even on the feeds. I am really disappointed in the fact that this show has jumped the shark in a big way & it was not necessary to have done so with such a big fan base. 😕

    Rant over.

    • I.Just.Can’t, in regards about production, about 15 minutes ago, Frank was talking to Michelle in the safari room. They were talking about how being in lock down seems to be longer this year.

      Frank says in his season, the people putting the comps together worked day and night. This year they are only working days so it’s taking twice as long.

      Michelle said they must be following union rules and then it went to fish.

      • Limebrain,
        Hmmmm. Interesting… Thanks for sharing info. I appreciate coming here to read any highlights because I just can’t commit to all the feeds & BBAD anymore as I stated above. I still feel like CBS is just “phoning it in” as they say…. Just burn & churn another season & prop julie in front of the camera live once a week & call it a show.

        Was excited about new twists this year until I realized ‘battle back’ is exact same as ‘redemption island’ on Survivor. Hell, they’ve been casting family members on Survivor before they did it on BB. They even cast the same people from show to show on occasion. Same disparity in ages/demographics, too. Both shows had potential to contine to evolve into enjoyable social experiments, but instead I still feel the show going down the tubes by way of production. I heard Da sharing on feeds that she was told something in diary room before it went to fish.

        It ceases to be a social experiment when production is manipulating the players. Much like storylines in the Hwives shows…. Not much is authentic anymore. I’m saddened because BB was one of the last shows I could watch with my kids as a family & even my kids have caught on to the production interference. Not one of us has a fave to root for. Feeling bummed like it’s the end of an era.

  24. Cat

    I forgot to watch on Sunday. Sounds like I didn’t miss anything.

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