RHONY Reunion Filming Today!

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I don’t know if it is just in my neck of the woods, but today has been extremely difficult. But before I whine about that, I wanted to let you know the RHONY reunion began early this morning and it seems that everyone is dreading it.  You can tell in the photo above that Ramona posted, she has her runway crazy eyes before she even gets there.

Bethenny tweeted “It’s every man for himself.”  Luann asks for our best wishes before she entered the lions den.  This reunion is going to be a shit storm because Bethenny hates pretty much everyone except for Carole. And Carole either hates or feels superior to everyone that is not Bethenny. I’m telling you this is not going to be pretty.

RHONY Reunion Seating Chart

This is the seating chart floating around on Twitter. It looks a bit odd to me with the random photos of various sizes stuck on.  And I don’t believe for a second that Bethenny will not insist that Carole sits next to her.  I do LOVE that Luann is first chair of the left couch.  If this is the final seating chart, it gives us some useful information.

I am curious if anyone else is having the day from hell. I left the house with plenty of time to get my stuff done. Step One go to Publix and buy an orchid for my banker who helped me incorporate. Ghetto Publix has gorgeous orchid for $15 bucks. #AffordableLuxury. It was the middle of the day on a Wednesday, yet it was a zoo. only two lines open six people deep. Each had some sort of cash register issue happening. I finally give up my place to try customer service and finally escape.

Into traffic.

At a dead standstill.

One of the main through streets was blocked by construction. I am boxed in and can’t get out if I wanted to. Cue claustrophic anxiety. I am headed to the FedEx to pick up a small print job I need for the first bank. There is ZERO forward progess. This is the street FedEx is on there is no alternate route. It’s hot as fuck. I am worried the orchid is going to die. It is now almost  3 pm and the bank closes at four. The idiots at FedEx were unable to open a PDF file. It took. I ask her to just forward the file to my banker. For the first time in my life I have road rage. The banker has no problem printing out the files when I get there just before four. I use the files to open my business account. The account lady was very nice. Very nice. like perky. Like would not stop talking. I have been in a full blown panic attack since the construction delay.  I’m sweating like a pig, panting and pressing my hand on my heart to hold it into my chest. It’s not pretty. The bank closes and still… the perkiness.

I’m thanking the president of the entire bank for all of his help looking like the insane fat woman I am. I’m trying not to cry.  I’m trying to make the appropriate face. I do not know what the appropriate face is.  The nice woman was so nice because I was escorted by the president of the bank to her office. Then I have actual bank transactions I need to do on my personal account. Then the president introduces me to the bank manager as if I am Rockefeller.  I’m out by 4:30.  Then I have to race to my other bank to be there before they close at five.  Trust and believe this is all way worse than it sounds.

So I’m taking a survey. How was your day? Is it just me or is there some cosmic force working against us? Will we have our first reunion homicide today?  Talk to me people.


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87 responses to “RHONY Reunion Filming Today!

  1. MARC

    Off all day & also feeling pretty bad ; spitting headache for the past few days unsure if it’s the heat , dehydration or stress aside from that not bad…


      Marc you going to see the Dr. About that sound serious to me don’t play with your health if you feel like that you should definitely get a work up done tell them you can’t see or something so they get you in rather quickly

  2. Jen

    Yes. It’s that bad. I feel you. I had a similarly bad day. I took a bubble bath n then smudged. I decided to make a makeshift lil bed and get a cold beverage and will lay here, by the A/C until I feel better. WTF was it like a reverse time day? I had mean people….bitchy, too? Too hot, too? Idk. I’m glad it’s over. Get a cool shower n relax. Its over. Yay! Xoxox

  3. bella

    I’m loving it that Lu is seating next to Andy!! I actually had a very fun day today; I spent the afternoon hunting for Pokemon. I’ve been playing every day since last Friday, and I’m walking everywhere, and I don’t even care about the heat.

  4. BamaBelle

    It wasn’t just you. I ran out during lunch to grab some Rolaids (because work had already been stressful enough to send me into a GERD attack). On the way back, I hit a curb to avoid getting into hit by someone that ran a red light. In doing so I bent a rim, and blew a tire. My car, by design, doesn’t have a spare (it’s an electric so I appreciate the extra battery Nissan puts in place of a spare) so it had to be towed. The lady that ran the light didn’t stop, and I didn’t get a tag number. My $2 Rolaids have ended up costing me $525 so far, and I still haven’t even gotten the repair bill from the tire and alignment shop yet.

    • HazelHickory

      So very sorry, BamaBelle! I have had a Shatzki’s Ring of the esophagus in the past along with GERD from stress – so I totally relate. I am thinking of trying Yoga and daily Meditation. I never “got” the Yoga girls for years – but they seem happy with their Yoga mats – and seem to be able to manage stress far better than I do – so going to try it! I hope that you feel better soon.

      • Minky

        Very sorry to hear that BamaBelle. I had a flat tire too. What is it with today and tire issues. It’s a conspiracy I tell ya!

        As for the GERD, try Keto or Paleo or at lest gluten free for just two weeks, if you haven’t already. My stomach used to be like a war zone after a plate of pasta. I’ve already mentioned it below. Give it a try.

    • Sliceo'pie

      Ah! Years ago I ran out on a Saturday to buy, “People Magazine” of all things (this was pre-internet-1994ish). I got into an accident that ended up costing me $500-in those days I was newly sober and earned around $300 a week-I beat myself up for months. Damn People Magazine.

  5. Lynn

    TT so sorry for your crappy day. I so understand…………….which is why I don’t leave my house by myself. I just can’t anymore. Sure I could dose up on Xanax but those are for emergencies. Even with a friend going out and about it’s hard…………….seems we only do a few errands but are
    exhausted beyond belief. Then again I am in AZ and it’s freaking HOT!!
    Hang in there….
    As for the reunion I’m so glad Beth will be there to ask the tough questions and keep people on topic unlike Andy.

  6. tamaratattles


    There was just so much badness I could not hold it all in my stupid anxious brain. :(

    • Sara

      I swear the heat makes the world go crazy. Not that the world needs anymore help being crazy. Hopefully you’ll be able to shake the anxiety of everything today and tomorrow will be less chaotic. As for the Pokemon Go craze, I can’t believe the stupidity of people. A 22 year old man crashed his car into a tree in my town playing Pokemon Go. I can’t believe he was brave enough to admit that to the paramedics. Idiot. I can’t with this Pokemon Go. People are trespassing on cemeteries and even the Holocaust museum trying to catch these digital nothings. The world is nuts and it’s enough to make anyone feel anxious.

  7. Diane

    Not a good day for me either!

    Blood sucking Hyundai Finance says I owe them a car payment. Really? I turned that lease in on April 28. I have a paper that says all payments were made on the lease. Its from them? She says theh don’t have that in their system. Took 5 calls to have them say oops. Wtf?

    Then some ‘Lady’ was full on attack regarding our Kathryn from SC. Won’t go there but she is no lady.

    And its 98 with a heat index of 105 in NY. Crazy. I have forgotten what that heat feela like since I moved up here. WOW. I just want to find a hose and stand under it for an hour.

    So no. Foul mood.

    Moving on ~ Luann next to Andy. Nice. Its going to be a wild reunion.

  8. Kimoe

    It’s not just you TT. I’ve had a shitty three years not just today. Today is one of many. Most of the time fighting those symptoms you had in the bank. Sucks when your daughter is ill and you can’t fix it. But tomorrow is a new day…………

  9. Jen

    OY Vey at Ramona Singers crazy eyes. Either she’s not all there….or she’s on Coke or something? I hope that LuAnn holds her Grace, but still let’s them have it. Bethenny shut your mean girl piehole for once!

  10. lavidaLinda

    I feel your pain TT. I get panic attacks in traffic jams as well (had a brain injury from an accident and now I get panic attacks, yay me!)…..I have found that listening to PODCASTS, of all things, helps. They keep my mind moving when I’m sitting doing nothing. I have a couple of recommendations if you would like them inbox me. I know you’re wicked busy, but I’d totally subscribe to a podcast from you! It might help to speak rather than type (panic tangents are more fun when you’re speaking them), you can record it whenever you want to, and it would be a blast to have listeners phone in! Think about it!!! Could be fun……:) Keep cool and have a great day.

    • Minky

      Best idea ever! I would love it if TT did a podcast or a youtube channel. Especially youtube. You would be great too TT. Nobody has the juicy dirt like like TT’s.

  11. Unfortunately Colorado is on fire…again. At least this time it isn’t near my home. Regardless, I feel horrible for those who have had to evacuate their homes. God help the first responders.

  12. Tara

    I am convinced I am going through the change! I have random hot flashes – well hotter flashes because it is always hot to me. My gyno informed me that I have the hormone levels of a female in her mid to late 20’s.WTF! I am 42 years old! I have to deal with this shit for how long? My Mama who is fucking Super Woman, goes to work everyday at 5 a.m.(microbiologist) takes care of my dad, who is very ill and ALWAYS has a great attitude. Her response is, “It could be worse”.
    I use my bonus every year to do something for my assistant. She, like myself, is a single mom. She does not have a family that is able to support her like I do though. I got her and her son season passes for a amusement and water park that they enjoy. Her son wrote me the sweetest thank you note and it makes everything ok in the world.
    I hope people will realize one day that most white wine is only 110 calories a glass and stop padding Bethannys pockets. I don’t really care either way. I have fucking PMS, maybe some wine will help:)
    I love y’all!
    I am going to TN this weekend so I am excited about getting away from my house!

    • Matzah60

      Tara, that is really wonderful that you use your bonus to “pay it forward.” Your mom is right, it could be worse. My mom always used to quote Helen Keller, “I cried because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet.”

      I too live with anxiety on a daily basis. Sometimes it comes out of fear and sometimes from depression. My mom suffered from the same depression, but it was situational. Regrettably, it was the loss of my father, but she didn’t have the support she needed. Back then, people went into the back door of a psychiatrist’s office and left the same way. It was an embarrassment and the psychotropic drugs out at the time had side effects that made one feel flat, almost devoid of happiness or sadness.

      I find that watching mindless TV relaxes me along with riding my bike or taking a long walk. I often have trouble getting to a calmer place, but I deal with it better now than a decade ago. Take solace, Tamara that you are not alone. Describing how you felt claustrophobic in a traffic jam is just the way I react. I seem to sweat like crazy when I feel panicked and it could be 30 degrees outside. I hate shopping more than a half hour because I can’t stand all the congestion of people in a store. Still, I try to do something each week that is out of my comfort zone. It still is, but alas, I did it and I am still here to tell you all about it.

      Life is very complicated and we all have different thresholds and coping mechanisms. At 63, I know I can probably safely count on another two decades here on earth and I want to make the most of it. It’s an old cliche, but tomorrow is promised to no one, so I try not to sweat the small stuff anymore and just enjoy my time with my kids (all grown up and out of the house and one married) and my siblings. The three of us have had many disagreements ending up in months and sometimes years of not talking, but with our parents, grandparents, and aunts and uncles gone, we hold on to each other and make a point to see each other as often as possible.

      Hang in there, Tamara. You are tougher than you think! Look at all you’ve accomplished with this blog; incorporated and seeing the fruits of your labor. To you, I say, Bravo!!

  13. HazelHickory

    Bad day, people acting poorly, fighting for the wrong reasons, a sweet and lovely lady fainted because of the horrible air quality. I passed out at 5 PM, which I never do. That said – it is interesting that Luann is in the Queen’s seat! And, is it my blurred eyes, or does Ramona look terrific in that photo? I really did not know who the person was in the photo, until I zoomed in. Did she have a lot of work done on her face and neck, and some lipo? She looks 15 years younger and much much slimmer!

    • HazelHickory

      Hahaha! Just saw your Pokemon-Go post TT. My “altercation” was with a family member who I tried to dissuade from all of her “Pokemon-Going”. As a result – I am “blocked” – from her Facebook and phone. Go figure! It is a craze – and they are crazed! (In my opinion).

  14. Madashell

    Had a bad day w/ vaginal issues. How appropriate to listen to the vagina sagas on RHNY tonight. Plus super hot and lots of traffic too.(los angeles)

    • Minky

      Guuuuuuuurl! Both the 110 and the 405, and the 10 can kiss my big, fat, white, sweaty ass! I drive the 110 everyday. And the 405 occasionally, but twice this week. The 10 used to be an everyday route too. Grrrrr! And fuck Crenshaw Blvd. And Figueroa! And Grand! AND PCH! There. I’m done. For now.

      • MALISSA

        Minky you are truly woman after my heart I absolutely love you woman. We should schedule a play date for us girls to discuss traffic woes

  15. Natalie

    Have my first job interview for my first job in 13 years tomorrow and honestly I was feeling pretty good until I read this post and comments. Now a little stressed……cause who knows what my tomorrow will bring……

  16. Karina

    There is definitely a cosmic force! I woke up on the wrong side of the bed! Called my friend and she said she was in an awful mood…

  17. Minky

    It’s okay TT. We all have days like that. What matters is that you got through it and you got all the shit you had to do done. Mission Accomplished! Yay!!!

    I didn’t have such a bad day, like a day from hell. But I definitely had a day from heck.

    Flat tire that I had to get fixed before work, and my job is about an hour drive away from my home because of L.A. traffic. I’ve already mentioned my freeway coping mechanisms. Grrrrrr

    I have to be at work by 9. The idiots at the tire place don’t open before 8. No exceptions! Grrrrrrrr!

    As if that weren’t enough, when I got home today I got both an email and a phone call from my credit card company. I had a “fraudulent activity alert”. Long story short, they had to shut down my account and issue me a new one, and the new card will arrive by FedEx on Friday. Grrrrrrrr!

    Frustrated by the madness, I allowed myself a cheat day off of my diet. I had ramen noodle soup with a lot of Sriracha sauce in it for lunch. And then, with some leftover roast chicken breast, I made the best chicken salad you ever had in your life. It was a copy cat frecipe rom the Starbucks chicken salad sandwich. The ones they sell in those bougie little boxes.

    Roasted chicken breast, chopped up sun dried tomatoes, chopped scallions, bacon bits, lemon juice, mayonnaise, salt and pepper. Divine! Unfortunately my gut has become so used to NOT eating carbs that I’m having stomach upset and bloating from the bread and noodles I ate. Grrrrrrrr!

    I’m convinced that carbs, especially wheat based carbs, are no good for me. My skin, which I’ve mentioned here before, used to look almost as if I had the bubonic plague from the neck down. Since I’ve converted to a mostly ketogenic eating plan I’m happy to report my skin has never looked better. Now I just need to get through the night with this bloated tummy.

    So yeah. It’s been one of those days. Is Mercury in retrograde or something?

  18. Elizabeth

    I’m on Tamoxifen! So freakin hot all the time!!!!!🌞 and I’m only 40!

  19. T D

    Blame it on cornaceous air.

  20. Margarett

    Been a crap day here, too. It’s blazing hot here, too. We expect it, but it’s even hot for here in Houston. The “Saharan Dust Plume” is killing my allergies. Everyone was driving even worse than usual,so I’m thinking it’s going around. Even my little dog is being a bratski. He grabs stuff which I must buy with beggin strips because old and can’t catch the little toot!

    Now I have a big glass of iced tea and Bravo on the tv. I’ve vented and think everything is going to be okay.

  21. Karebear

    I appreciate all you do and yes today was very crazy. Thank you for some Publix love I work there and trust me I honestly try my hardest to help everyone who enters my department out swiftly lol . Omg with the pokemon go it’s insane right now

  22. T D

    Shade is so comforting when you get a little hot under the collar. Fried an egg on the sidewalk for breakfast, bacon on top of my head at lunch and percolated coffee with the afternoon street heat. Thankful not to be a black dog on Georgia asphalt.

  23. AuntieAura

    The past month or so has been crazy. I was rear ended by someone not paying attention.. My neck and shoulders are messed up. The next day I got news I have been trying to avoid for the past 15 years.. I need a kidney transplant. I’ve been in a panic not sleeping the works ever since.. Still go to work everyday like nothing is wrong. When clients ask how am I doing I answer doing well.. I’d really love to say I need a new kidney but I know they really don’t want to know about my problems.. However I feel better TT thanks for letting me vent.

    • Matzah60

      Have they found a match for you? I am sure this must weigh heavy on your mind, but I applaud you for getting up for work everyday and making the very best out of a very difficult time.

    • hannahkingrose

      AuntieAura, you are in my thoughts and prayers. Your clients may not want to know about your problems but I care. What a hard thing to be going through. I hope you have a support system who will be there for you. My uncle was on dialysis for 20 years believe it or not and traveled from Texas to North Carolina at least twice a year to visit us. I really hope that you will be matched very soon. Hugs.

  24. Buttercream

    TT – I can relate to your “ugh of a day” ,, this one for me wasn’t one of them ..why is that you ask? Cause the Big Bad Bitch at work has turned her target eyes to someone else for a change and given me a much needed break ..
    Hope tomorrow brings each and everyone on this blog a much better day :-)

  25. Katherine 2.0

    Something wicked this way comes…
    So much despair and dysfunction lately. Three public suicides, and one attempted, here in the past month.

  26. JustJenn

    Same here, TT. I was ready to say “fuck it” and quit my job this morning, but luckily it got better as the day went on. I am very quiet and easy going IRL and can take a lot of shit from people without letting it affect me, but I completely lost it on some asshole and at work and he actually apologized to me afterwards. Crazy. But damn..I’m so glad the week is almost over.

  27. It’s not just you. Everyone is crazy. My mother who is deep in the throws of dimentia at 69 years old has been crying all day. It seems my father who died in 2001 & she divorced in 1987 visited her overnight & she was very upset about the life they gave us kids. So that’s been emotional.

    • Dracla Dunning

      I send you peace of heart, Katghank, as I have been where you are and know your sadness and heartache. You are in my prayers tonight. Stay strong for yourself. Talk to your angels.
      My mother visited my deceased father frequently and I would hear about their problem when I arrived to care for her. No matter what she said, I listened, supported and took her side because the visits with him were very upsetting to her. Generally she did not recall that I was her daughter so she felt good about her “nurse” supporting her bitching.
      Once I joked to my brothers that, although our father had passed, the “war raged on”. Even in death that poor man never found peace.

  28. Billie_bee

    Shit day. We are on family member #3 with this gastro thing going around. This time it’s my just-turned-3-year-old. 103 fever, throwing up everywhere. I have done so much laundry today. Good news we just made the 3 hour mark of no vomit, so I”m hoping she will at least get some sleep tonight.

  29. Spaghetti Kitten

    I was almost agoraphobic for several years of my 20’s…til I realized i didn’t even feel “safe” there, lol. An ancient paperback even back then changed my panic…bought it on Amazon recently used for like $2 – Hope and Help For Your Nerves Dr Claire Weekes. Very dated but literally changed my life/panic. Im 55 and keep Xanax around but rarely take and only to relax, not panic.
    Had the usual shit day at work…lowlight mediating one tattletale worker and the other who now only oinks at the snitch instead of speaking. Hours of my life that will never return.


  30. Spaghetti Kitten

    PS: Get -Em Lu!!!!!

  31. TBD

    There’s a huge theme people are expressing and somone asked about Mercury retrograde. I observe astrology. Saturn and Mars and bumping into each other. That’s is explosive energy combined with a strict constricting energy bumping into each other. There is also a couple of other big things happening. Any and all of which are stressful aspects that makes things either snap (or feel like they will) unexpectedly.

    I’m just try to remember to breath. Jeff Lewis makes me laugh. Commenters here entertain me. TT is sardonic and it’s funny. All helpful.

    • Minky

      I knew it was something like that. Somebody on the radio was also talking about something called a “grand cross”. I love astrology, but I know very little about technical things and calculations. It sounds right, though.

  32. Just hearing what you went through today is making me feel anxious! I’m proud of you that you still did all your errands. I don’t think I could’ve finished if I’d been in the same situation as you. You did great, give yourself a pat on the back! ❤️

  33. hannahkingrose

    My bad day started 2 days ago. My adult son who has been living with us for the past 8 years and lost his leg to amputation in December, 2014 decided that he needed to do drugs again. The ones that make him crazy and act out. Didn’t matter that 6 weeks ago I broke another vertebrae or that my husband had triple bypass surgery 2 1/2 weeks ago. He decided to go back to the drugs that had plagued him and us for the past 8 years. We have tried to help him but he continues to relapse. The straw that broke the camel’s back was when he fell on me and almost broke my hand. We told him he had to leave. So he grabbed a couple of bags, stole some money and left.

    He also left his very sick 11 year old Rottweiler who needed to be put down because he was suffering. When he left the poor dog was shitting blood and my heart was breaking. I finally got in touch with him to have him go with his dog to the vet. A friend took the dog, picked up my son and took them to the vet to end his misery. My son was in denial about the dog and blaming me.The dog is finally at peace at least.

    I know I sound like the worst mother in the world for making my disabled son leave my home but I was enabling him by doing everything for him. Like my own mother I tried to be there whenever my child needs me. He had gotten to the point since the amputation that he expected us to take of everything for him. When he lost his leg he was put on pain meds of course but his doctor has allowed him to continue for a year and a half. Now that she has almost cut him off he has returned to addict behavior of getting it wherever he can. I can’t do this again to myself or my husband but the guilt is still there. I haven’t slept or eaten. Now he is saying how sorry he is, how much he loves us and that he is willing to do whatever to make it right. I’ve heard this so many times I can’t count.

    Here it is 5:50 a.m. and I’m still awake worrying about this even after I have told him that he has to make the decisions to make his own life better. Why do I feel so bad? I can only hope tomorrow will be better. Sorry for my horribly long post.

    • Tara

      HKR, I can’t imagine. What I do know is that my x husband pulled similar things with my x mother in law. She enabled him and it was scary.
      No matter what, your son is an adult, he is not mentally ill. He has to want to beat the addiction. Please don’t beat yourself up.
      Aren’t you close by? I can come and get you. We can grab coffee or a drink and talk everything TT:)

      • hannahkingrose

        Tara I am about 20 minutes east of Raleigh, NC so I’m not sure how close by we are but what a sweet and kind invitation. I am normally a very strong person by natural and the kind of person who always tries to handle any hard situation by sheer determination and positive attitude that I can make things better for those who need me. This has really taken me to my knees. The only thing I can think to do while I am down here is to pray for guidance because for once I can’t fix it. I know God doesn’t put more on you than you can handle. I just wished He didn’t think I was this strong.

      • Tara

        I live in Knightdale :) I think you are close by. Your hubby is a police officer ? God bless all of y’all. Please thank him for protecting us. Especially in the area we are in. It could easily switch over to be ugly, but the community and the officers seem to be working well together.

    • Sammie

      Hannah, my heart breaks hearing your struggles. I know the pain and angst of loving a person who is addicted. Please be kind to yourself, remember you have to put on your oxygen mask before you can help others. I always read your comments and you express so much love for your family, and if I’m thinking straight today, your dogs (the ones who pose on the beach?) and you have dealt with a lot of trauma in the last couple of years that you handled with a strength and grace that I’ve admired greatly.
      I hope you can find some peace in your heart and know that lots of good thoughts, Internet hugs and prayers are being sent your way.


      Because you are his Mum and you love him, you must not enable him though because then you’ll be adding to the problem and not the solution. I’ve been through this with a Brother and his Meth addiction he did everything to bl a me everyone except his on actions.
      You shouldn’t feel bad more like putting your foot down. My brother has six years clean we sat him down and told him look you are killing yourself and us with this drug, he had to stop feeling sorry for himself and want to change on his own. Until he got right he wasn’t welcome in our homes. He didn’t just stop using it took a year for him to want the change we spoke of. He’d broke into my home and my dog bit him from that moment on he knew he had to do his best to get better.
      You hold your head up get yourhealth in order, be there for your husband recovery and put your foot down until you get the respect and real son you raised back. Drugs mask the problems they don’t rid them.

    • Mittenteacher

      I am a recovering addict, and I used to be an irresponsible, soul-sucking loser who harmed any and everyone I came into contact with during my active addiction. I put my mother through hell. It wasn’t until she told me to get the HELL out of her house and started to detach from me that I started to reach my “bottom” and get better. This is probably one of the hardest things you will ever have to do in your life, but you are saving his life by giving him boundaries and making him be accountable for his actions. I thank GOD every day that my mom loved me enough to to give me a hard line. Thanks to her I have been clean for almost 8 years. I hardly ever post, but I felt drawn to your post. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Please be kind to yourself
      Thanks, TT for such a great place and all of your hard work!

    • hannahkingrose

      I want to thank all of you that commented to me such positive and comforting words. You don’t know how much they mean to me. My son was thrown out of where he was staying and was going to sleep in my yard so I have let him come home because my husband is a Police Officer and it would cause problems for him. He is finally sober again as he has no money to buy drugs.His biological father is coming tomorrow from another part of the state for a final discussion of where he is going to go. His Dad is willing to make arrangements for our son to live somewhere else finally so I don’t have to do it again as long as he will go on Suboxone and go to his counseling and NA. I hope my son is being honest about what he is willing to do to get himself on the right path. I have told him today if this doesn’t work, I will no longer take his calls, texts or messages. He says he knows if he doesn’t that he has lost everything and everyone in his life that matters. I hope he means it.

      • Tara

        Suboxone is a miracle rx! So much better than the alternatives. I know this first hand. I got hooked on pain pills because I was weak. I didn’t need the pain pills, I just abused the system. The soccer mom and pain pills- that was me. Suboxone was a life saver because it treats the mental part without getting you hooked on something else.
        I am praying for you neighbor!
        Thank you TT for bringing all of us together. We all adore you more than you know.

  34. HKR, you sound like an amazing mother who unfortunately has the misfortune of dealing with a disease (your sons addiction) so profound, that sometimes the only thing left to do in order to deal with it is to do exactly what you did. I know it’s beyond painful but you’d only end up killing yourself and your husband if you hadn’t made your son leave. You have to know whatever the outcome, it’s your sons doing and not yours. My heart breaks for you, I remember when you wrote about your sons terrible accident with his leg and how understandably upset you were. I also remember marveling at your courage and thinking how lucky your son was for having such a loving mother. I sincerely feel for you and your entire family right now and pray with all my might that your son finds his way back home clean and sober. Sending you hugs, Meredo xoxo

  35. Shae

    Good lord, your day sounds awful. Hope you had a better evening :( I had a crazy day at work myself, but not nearly as bad as all that running around sounds. Hang in there!

  36. Maybe not bad like yours was bad TT but my cows go out yesterday. We have had a lot of storms here lately and apparently a large limb came down and took out part of the electric fence. These guys are pretty gentle but they’ve never been out of the pasture before and the yard looked mighty inviting to them. It took me 3 hours and 5 buckets of feed to get them all back in place and get a temporary fix on the fence. I will spend my lunch break today getting the stuff I need to get the electric back on the fence. I am old, chasing cows around is exhausting and I was sound asleep by 10 p.m. I missed Jeff and Jenny and I was really looking forward to that. At least none of the cows got into the garden. That would have really pissed me off.

  37. JoJoFLL

    My heart goes out to all of you going through this tough stuff. Makes my problems trivial.

  38. Cat

    I have been in hiding for the last week, or so. Then, the last couple of days, I’ve had panic attacks while in my own apartment. I keep having trouble breathing, and, of course, this means I am dying (even though I’m not).

    I cannot cry. If I do, I lose the ability to breathe, and I gasp for air. This, of course, compounds the panic.

    I have concluded that I am having some kind of post chemo asthma, or something. My doctors ignore me, so I stopped going to them. I’m not going to pay $145 to see a doctor for all of 30 seconds, and not have them listen to me or help me.

    Instead, I am going to use the gift card my sister sent for my birthday, and buy one of those nifty air cleaners. Although I have dusted and cleaned, and had the air filter changed, the cats and I still itch and sneeze when the a/c comes on. The vents are too high for me to clean, and I don’t want to risk getting up on a chair. The last thing I need is to lose my balance and crack my head wide open.

    I do not want to become cat food.

    Other than that, things are pretty good here. I finally cleared things with the collection agency, and when I tried to pay the hospital directly for my other medical bills, they told me they wrote off my entire debt. My balance is now zero.

    As usual, I am avoiding the news. And people in general. But, that’s normal, for me.

    • Margarett

      A bit of good news never hurts. Medical bills are insane!

      Take care of yourself and those kitties! Knowing that Little Boy Dog needs me gets me through a lot of days!


    Had the Day off so a friend of mine who takes pride in making sure celebs get to where we need them to be had a collapsed lung. Besides myself and his ex and daughter he received no casserole. I’m going to Los Angeles to clean house no cigars, no cigarettes, or those we figs which I think caused this problem.
    I decide to take the scenic route as Delta SMF seem to have charged me for a ticket but have no record of my confirmation number. So over to Amtrak I refuse to pay $400 to whip 45 minutes in the air. Get to Amtrak Sac, they’re in the middle of construction freaking dust, dirt, asbestos, all over me and my fresh clip ins. Wtf panic mode in full effect plus Ocd Im seriously in full on cleaning mode double time action. Thus Xanax to the rescue chewed it like candy. I’m a little calm but I still can’t touch myself cause Ocd and asbestos don’t mix. Maybe that $400was worth it on the train in someplace called Buttonwillow, CA. I’ve never heard of this place but as far as the eye can see grapes grapes and more grapes….what I wouldn’t give for a glad of wine all of a sudden total power loss no A.C. and the smell of burning rubber. Conductor says “Be cool everyone we don’t have power, but hey we have each other.” I look around to see one guy I could spare and two healthy people who could make food for months with. Plus grapes, Ive gone in to full on evacuation mode. Emergency exits, elders, children, disabled, women, men line up in buddy system. Just as I’m in full heroine (Wonder Woman) mode the power comes back on. Damn I so wanted to pop the emergency exits well maybe some other time. AGAIN that $400 for sure was worth it. We finally get to our destination 3hours late mind you and its full on traffic L.A. traffic is the absolute worst 2 hours of one person running out of gas in the fast lane because everyone moving has to look and see if it’s a celebrity.
    I missed my friend Dr. Appointment where the Dr. Has me as a teammate soon as I see him he has a big I took it broke it throw them out the window he is really mad but I love this man so I chose his life over his happiness any day. Finally a bath tub but first a shower cause I don’t want to soak in a asbestos cesspool. We share stories, eat, then pass out on the couch.
    Tod a y is so much better Dr. Appointment Doc and I have each other on speed dial.

  40. Terrible day indeed. My hubby is cheating on me. Hope y’all don’t see me on world news.

    • misery chick

      LisaPat, that FUCKING SUCKS 😠 I’m so sorry this is happening. Try to hang in there and take one MINUTE. At. A.Time.💖

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