Real Housewives of New York: All Bets Are Off

RHONY  Luann Dorinda


It’s time for another episode of RHONY and I’m in no mood for all the shouting. I already whined about my Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day,  so I will try to keep my whining to a minimum. In case you missed it, Luann’s fiancé, Tom spoke out on his relationship with Sonja and Ramona. I don’t know why y’all are so confused. Sonja lies and exaggerates everything she says. Maybe I will point this out to you in this recap. We begin where we left off where Bethenny brings up that Tom has dated Sonja and Ramona and Sonja just wants us to know that she has slept with him. Because this is what grown women do at dinner. Particularly if Dorinda is the hostess. It’s pure mayhem. Look how red Luann’s chest is as she stops to tell Dorinda and Jules she is leaving. (Photo above) I literally thought she had a red blouse on for a moment.

Everyone begins to talk about Luann and Bethenny talks about the Countess Luann who was rich and thought she was better than everyone. You know when she acted like Bethenny acts now. Ramona has a sudden glimpse of conscience and texts Luann that she is sorry. Because Ramona is constantly apologizing for her behavior. Bethenny practically screams at her that she is not paying attention to her soliloquy about how Luann behaved eight years ago which has zero relevance to how this group of bitches is all behaving in the present. Now that’s entitlement!  AND THEN!!!!  We cut to a confessional of Bethenny’s where she say Ramona has diarrhea of the mouth.  I can’t with Bethenny this season.

More lies from Sonja. Because she realizes no one knew anything about this relationship she claims with Tom, she starts letting us know that she kept it a secret. Sonja was on Cocktails with Khloe going through her list of sexual conquests talking about how she screwed some guy on the lawn while occupants of the building all watched. That’s Sonja being discreet. She lied about everything else on that show, so who knows what is ever true with her. But she is certainly not discreet. Remember her drunken meltdown on the streets of NYC?


Jules tries to squash the Luann bashing by saying she’s our friend and we shouldn’t be talking about her behind her back like this. Carole comes for her saying “this is what friends do.”  Jules and I both think, “Wow, really?” And mentally check her off our friend list. Because, no. That is not what friends do.  Bethenny says that the last time she talked to Luann she was bleeding from every orifice and Luann never asked about her. Um, you announced it and kept bringing it up when all Lu wanted to do was get the stupid invite to Mexico so she could go on about her actual life.  Jules points out that Bethenny has never inquired about the condition of her pistachio, or for that matter anything else about her. Bethenny doesn’t even know what she is talking about. There is a dreaded “let me pull out my phone and read texts” moment by Bethenny that I believe the rulebooks states is only to be done at the reunion. Jules points out that this is stupid. Bethenny shoots back with “Stupid is as stupid does.”

And now Jules has had it. She is sick and tired of Bethenny portraying her as stupid. She is starting to choke up. But she lets Bethenny have it. She tells Bethenny that her sense of humor is about making fun of other people. Bethenny does not digest any of this and in her confessional she says that Jules is a self-deprecator, so she opens the door to her attacks. Plus Jules said she was old. This is how Bethenny thinks. Making self-deprecating jokes is an invitation to mock the person.

I am not even going to recap the eating disorder conversation where two people with full blown eating disorders that they are in denial about, accuse Jules of being in denial. Bethenny blames her traumatic childhood with her mother with the eating disorder for being a bitch to Jules. Jules says she is still struggling and has slip ups and purged three days ago. Dorinda tells the bitches that they are insensitive about Jules bulimia. She says Bethenny is very reactionary and Carole is just flat out mean.  We end the scene with Bethenny being offended. Because it is all about Bethenny. How does one become so arrogant?

RHONY Luann Ramona
Luann and Ramona get together the next day to attempt to reconcile. Ramona lies about talking shit about Luann. The she starts her incoherent rambling, the theme of which is apparently that Luann is not in love with Tom because you have to know someone for a full year to fall in love. Ramona is annoying as fuck. I don’t know why Luann even talks to her.  I can’t take this constant bickering. Are there no calm moments on this episode?

Carole has Dorinda and Bethenny over to….. talk about Bethenny’s vagina and talk about Jules behind her back some more. Bethenny and Carole want nothing to do with Jules. Because they are bitches with black hearts. Adam should have made the heart shaped crap he made black.

Sonja is having a dinner party and has borrowed her brother in law’s butler or some such nonsense for the event. If I understand correctly he is her ex-husband’s brother’s butler. That’s interesting. I think that Dorinda and John would have preferred that one of the idiot interns had answered the door for them in a timely fashion.  Bethenny will not be attending because stress is bad for her vagina.  Oh, and she hates Sonja.  Michael comes to dinner with Jules. Bethenny likes Michael and is on his side during the divorce. Sonja’s blind date for the event is Rocco.

Sonja thinks the hostess should always make an entrance to the party. No. Actually, the hostess should open the damn door and greet her guests when they arrive and not have everyone shoved in a room with no one to introduce the guests to one another.  I did love the story about the table linens. It was a very lovely dinner. For a change.

It’s time for the party bus to Mohegan Sun. Carole and Bethenny are already bitching because Jules is there. What the hell has Jules ever done to them exactly? Oh wait, she is skinnier than they are. That’s all it is. Sonja had a post put in for an implant and is high off the meds they gave her. Luann has announced her engagement to the press. Bethenny is pissed that Luann didn’t tell her first. WHAT? All Bethenny does is demean her. What planet is Bethenny living on?  Bethenny then starts talking about how Jules hurt HER feelings to Dorinda and Carole. They are in a tiny van.  What the hell is wrong with Bethenny.

Bethenny gets drunk and tries to make up to Sonja. I actually think Bethenny was right with how she handled Sonja. Well not the refusing to film with her part, but the stern conversation.  In her confessional, she belittles Sonja. That was also unnecessary.

Much like this entire episode.

Now if you will excuse me, I have a date with my GBF, Jeff Lewis. I’ll recap it for you.


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110 responses to “Real Housewives of New York: All Bets Are Off

  1. Agnes Moore

    Thank you for a beautiful summary. Many of my friends are so damned tired of Carole and Bethenny, they refuse to watch any more. I’m almost there, myself. Drama is one thing. Bullying is another.

    • Anna

      I’m out. Whining, boring, lying women. Yawn, BF was once a breath of fresh air, and now she is crass and annoying,

      • Meri

        This and the OC were my last attempts at watching the HW shows. I can now scratch another one off of my list. NY is annoying, awful and not at all entertaining. NO ONE is likable and other than TT’s blogs…I get nothing out of watching. I am watching Bravo die a slow death when it comes to the HW shows and it’s time for them to be put out of their misery. What was once a good thing is now an annoyance. I have lived for 74 years and I have never met women who act like these women act. Thank God I have friends who don’t believe that true friendship equals backstabbing and character bashing. Andy has no idea how women who value friendship act so he encourages this horrible behavior and thrives on it. He is a sick puppy and the women should be embarrassed and ashamed. I guess some people will do anything for a paycheck and what they consider “fame”. I pity all of them.

    • Susie

      They remind me of two high school girls who are snobs due to their ties to the Kennedy and Hilton families. They are rich, skinny twins.

      • Onawin

        If Carole is so rich why won’t she get
        Braces I’m tired of looking at her and her teeth so messed up. I just watch because of Ramona and Sonja.The show is so boring lets get rid of everyone accept the dorinda,Ramona, and Sonja👍

    • BlaseBlase

      I always fast forward through the scenes with Carole in them. (mean & boring and why is she on the show?????). Not so easy to do with Bethenny since it seems like they’ve centered the show around her (somewhat). I can’t stand that condescending and weird looks she has on her face when someone else is talking. Just a couple of really nasty mean women. Ramona’s all over the darn place…and her crazy eyes, stink eyes, deer in the headlight eyes, etc…yeesh! I am so glad Jules blasted Bethenny though. On the bus, she sits there and talks about Jules. (whom she’s had a beef with) and then is all over Sonja (whom she’s also a big beef with).

      • Sweet T

        I think bethanny made up with Sonja because she likes to fight with one person at a time. Now that she made up with Sonja, Sonja can be on bethanny’s team against Jules. I don’t believe bethanny really cares about Sonja

      • I agree with you. I believe she invited Sonja to the dinner in the previous episode because she wanted Sonja to bring up the fact that shes been sleeping with Tom for the past 10 years.

        Bethenny wanted to stick it to Luann.

  2. I love Jeff Lewis I’m glad it’s back on

  3. Lynn

    I’m so tired of Bethenny being bashed for just being herself. If you don’t like her fine…. but to tear apart every part of her is just insane. Everyone is going in are her because of Jules…well I think Jules is full of it.
    No one seems to remember the first time Jules and Bethenny sat down together one on one. Jules told Bethenny that she had a eating disorder and wanted all her friends to know it up front so her friends wouldn’t let her get a way with any BS.

    That is a conversation that seems to have been lost or forgotten. Now she is whining about every little thing. Poor baby. You can’t have it both ways toots!

    • Minky

      Jules is new. She just started and she doesn’t know the rules of the game. And she made the mistake of talking about something very personal on camera. Now they won’t let her forget about it. Not fair.

      And I don’t believe we’re bashing Bethenny. But we are criticizing her. And yeah, we’re criticizing her for “just being herself”.

      A lot of not so great people have been criticized for just being themselves. A bunch of weird, abusive types who hurt a lot of people and had no regard for the well being, safety or comfort of others. A lot of megalomaniacs and narcissists. They were all just being themselves. It’s fair to say that it would have been better if those people had NOT just been themselves. It would have spared a lot of people a lot of grief and misery.

      • SLM

        YAS, Minky! I TOTALLY AGREE! 👏

      • Matzah60

        Go girl! I’m with you all the way! The last time Carole was on WWHL, like last week, she and Andy discussed how she ended up on the show. They met at Kelly Ripa’s dinner party and Andy found out she was a princess…, Andy was all gaga about the idea of putting a princess who was once married to the first cousin of JohnJohn Kennedy would be the bomb.

        I don’t like Bethenny and never have. I don’t believe that people really change the core of who they are, but that our perceptions of them may change due to life events. Bethenny was always about Bethenny. She was always professionally driven, but she also always hated her mother and father and always bashed them in her psychiatric visits. Talk about oversharing. Bethenny is the queen of oversharing. She feels she has a corner on pain, misery, depression, food disorders, bad parents, bad childhoods, and being abandoned. She is incapable of looking past her nose to empathize with the many other people on this universe who go through similar suffering and find a way of coping with it without bulldozing every person she comes in contact with and that is the reason she has no friends.

        The old “I have no parents, no family” cry she made to her ‘friend’ in her car driven by her driver is self-pity. Family doesn’t have to be our parents. It can be a best friend(s), co-workers, anyone, but Bethenny has pissed off everyone in her life walk. She has no humility, is not capable of being empathic or sympathetic, and has used money and success to define her and elevate her, but she is still a lonely, single woman with a mother she still persecutes for the root of her hateful behavior.

        By the way, if Bethenny is the ‘side’ of Jule’s husband in the divorce, she should have no problem understanding why so many are on the side of her ex, Jason Hoppy!. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

        Actually, I hate the whole cast except for Jules. She is a friend, loyal, and kind. Dorinda tries to hard to be everyone’s friend and is really not being a friend to anyone. She clearly thinks and said last night that Carole is mean. Why would you have dinner with a mean bitch???

      • Sali

        Amen, Matzah!

      • Minky, where have you been all my life???? It would be nice if these very points could be explained to the Bullying Bopsey Twins, but it’s likely no one would ever get a word in edgewise with the tag teaming act they have going on this season.

    • blaine

      So… Jules confesses she suffers with an eating disorder and SHE’S the asshole because Bethenny and Carole keep trying to trigger her?!?!?! WTF, Lynn?

      • Betty

        Right? Carole has the biggest eating disorder and more some. She has to date a guy 21 years younger in order to feel superior. All the guys her age have her figured out. He’ll dump her, marry someone 10 years younger than him and …. HAVE KIDS. HA!

      • I wondered what rationale people would use to defend Bethenny whose behavior is so indefensible, and that’s it? You blame Jules for having an eating disorder and telling Bethenny about it? The audacity of Jules! SMH.

      • Minky

        I mean really! So, if Jules had been a victim of some kind of serious abuse, or had a substance abuse issue that she’s worked/working hard to overcome, that would make her fair game too? Oh, the faulty logic here is astounding!

      • Sali

        According to Bethenny’s sick rationale, yes. Bethenny leads with her trauma. It’s front and center all of the time and she expects everyone else to bend and flex out of respect for her trauma. She does nothing of the sort for others, however. She’s a hateful narcissist. Insensitive, demeaning, hateful asshole. She seems to enjoy pulverizing others when she sees wrong, but expects the exact opposite because of her upbringing. I’m sick of the “I am who I am” bullshit from her. If that’s the case, she’s an unevolving, miserable person.

    • margroc

      LOL – that’s because “herself” is an egotistical bitch with no self awareness of how she hurts others. I’ve seen this in her season 2. In my world, if I tell someone I know, something person, that is not a license for them to talk negatively behind my back.
      Derp, Carol needs new friends if she thinks that friends dissing their friends is common. It’s not, only happens with bitches.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      Lynn, I do think you have a point. Didn’t Jules make it a storyline? And what was with all that crap she shoved in her calzone? That was straight up WEIRD. Are people not supposed to comment, and connect that with an eating disorder (of which the symptoms, such as destroying/ruining food, Bethenny is quite familiar with). I totally, totally get why people can’t stand Bethenny this season. I’m tired of listening to her yap myself. But I don’t think she’s wrong about everything, and I’m not buying what Jules or Luann are selling either.

  4. SLM

    I can’t with Bethenny anymore. I. CAN’T. EVERYTHING is about her. Everything. I’ve known people like her. I’ve worked with people like her. Hell, I’m related to people like her. I hate them. They are a vortex of self-serving doom.

    • Minky

      Honey, most of us know or are related to a Bethenny-type. That’s why we react so strongly. If you don’t know any Bethenny-types in your circle of friends, co-workers, or your family, then it’s you. You’re the Bethenny.

  5. Minky

    Speaking of Jeff Lewis… Can you imagine him at one of these soirees? That would be magical. Like Endora from Bewitched magical. I would watch that. I doubt Jeff would be able to keep a straight face the whole time. Jenny would be very polite to everybody and humor everything they say with encouraging, nice words. And then Jeff would say: “Don’t be nice to her. Can’t you see she’s a bitch?”

  6. Minky

    Road apples? Hahahahahahahahaha!!! 😂 That was laugh out loud funny.

    • I’m with you Minky, TD makes me lol a lot. Have to admit it sometimes takes me awhile to get what he’s saying but I enjoy trying to figure it out.😍

  7. SLM

    Bwahahaha, TD! I also think Sonja IS delusional and as TT pointed out, who can believe what Sonja says about anyone or anything!

  8. SLM

    And might I say, I actually cheered when Jules called BS on Bethenny…does Bethenny not see the crazy role reversal here?? SHE was once the one calling BS on the insane….now she’s the one being called out

  9. This reunion will be epic.

  10. TJH

    What did I miss? Why was Luann not on the bus to Mohegan Sun, was she not invited?

  11. Margarett

    Good recap, Tamara.

    This was just the same old same old. I am way tired of Bethenny . Carol just needs to get a personality. It’s no big surprise that Luann and Dorinda seem to actually like each other. I like them, too. Jules just makes me feel sad.

  12. Tabs

    Tell it Minky!

  13. Will

    Jules’ blog this week is a piece of art. “Planet Bethenny” is really a terrible place. Jules was definitely the MVP this episode, and even in her semi-confusing rant, most empathetic viewers could hear the truth. So nice to see Bethenny getting SURPRISED for once in a season she’s clearly had too heavy of a hand in producing.

    Also…. is Mohegan Sun gonna count as the trip this year? If so, that is so depressing.

    • Auntie Velvet

      I don’t think Mohegan Sun is the big trip. I believe they did manage to get to Florida.

    • Wow! I just read her blog. Good for her for letting Bethenny have it. Wonder if this was written before or after the reunion taping. She went all out.

      Of course, Bethenny and Carole wait for other people to post their blogs finstead so they can attack them afterwards in their own blogs.

      Too funny that she called Bethany a narcissist. I need to go back and reread one of Carole’s earlyier blogs about the narcissistic housewife for a good laugh and see how it applies to her and Bethenny.

  14. TBD

    Wish the NY cast would be on Bethenny how sick they are of being held hostage by her mommy issues. I am. How dare Luann be her dysfunctional self. Only, and only Bethenny gets to do that!

    TT- love the blog! And it has defiantly been a trying and hard day. It’s been like having a foot on accelerator and brakes and the same time.

  15. ZenJen55

    Bethany took credit on WWHL with getting Jules on RHNY, saying she met her and Michael at a party/function and suggested to Andy that she would be good for the show. Seems Carole might of been jealous that Jules and Bethany might be friendly and put the kibosh on any budding friendship. #MEANGIRL

    • That’s what I don’t get. If you can’t be around Jules because of her eating disorder and how obvious it is, and your own mommy issues, why give approval for Jules to be on the show?

      When I read about Bethenny saying that she had a say in getting Jules on the show, I was thinking, B.S.. You just couldn’t stand the thought of Dorinda getting credit for finding her and you had to one up her. Because, Bethenny.

  16. winniebaygo

    What’s up With The Slash/Slit marks on Carole’s couch??? I had to pause and rewind. WTF?? Get one on Craigslist for Christs sake. Find a fucking seamstress or DIY and get a goddam needle and thread and fix it. Is it a hipster thing? Did no one notice that?? Totally threw me off.

    • LoriNYC

      I believe she mentioned once that this couch was her mother-in-law’s couch that she loved and had forever. She didn’t upgrade the couch when she renovated her apartment……must be sentimental. I agree though…….have the bloody thing repaired.

      • Yeah, it’s a couch from Lee Radziwill. I actually have a coffee table book somewhere by her that I bought maybe 15 years ago- with photos of her homes and decorating style, I should check and see if she has any pics of that sofa to get a feel for the original decorating context in which it was used. I love old statement pieces of furniture, but by gawd, I do agree that Carole should at least consider getting it repaired. I mean, what better way to pay respect to something so cherished than by preserving the integrity of the piece?

    • JoJoFLL

      It is a very famous custom couch worth a lot of money. Repairing it would destroy the value.

  17. Ok Shiri Appleby needs to start directing this show STAT! I may have misspelled Shiris

  18. Auntie Velvet

    I wish Bethenny realized that knowing one person with an eating disorder doesn’t mean that you know them all. Jules isn’t Bethenny’s mother.

    And whether or not Carol and Bethenny have their own food issues or not, it’s clear that there is a bit of a generational divide here about how one talks about recovery. They don’t get that someone can be open about “slipping” without feeling ashamed. Or that talking about still dealing with it, but believing herself to be basically OK, doesn’t mean she is “in denial.”

    • Katherine 2.0

      Agreed, Auntie Velvet. I thought Bethenny’s mother was an abusive alcoholic – or was that her stepdad or her dad? This is the first I have heard that she had an eating disorder. Her mom is still alive, so she must have recovered.

      An eating disorder is no joke. People die.

      I have a feeling that no matter what traumatizing condition/disease/addiction/behavior anyone else might have, presently or in the past, Bethenny will always find a way to top them or take ownership of their very personal issue. She’s like a pain vampire.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        Bethenny has mentioned her mother’s and her own eating disorders for years.

  19. 8Serena8K

    Bethenney is so full of shit.

    Before the bus trip,she makes a big dismissive pronouncement about how the situation with Jules is “just NOTHING”. “Nothing” she tells us. That she doesn’t want to talk about it or have Jules come up about it “to talk”. That Jules is just the ficus plant in the corner of the bus.

    She then proceeds to go into depth about what happened and how it affected HER two feet from Jules. I thought it was “nothing”, Bethenney. Yeah, right . . . And what’s with the passive-aggressive tactic of talking about people within direct earshot of them as if they can’t hear. So bitchy, so cowardly.

    And I agree that it’s wrong that she has insulted Jules’ intelligence to her face. Whatever you think about Jules’ level of intelligence, to me that’s crueller than talking about her eating disorder.

  20. Finally someone calling out Bethenny! At dinner Jules is telling her how it REALLY is…Jules is the only one with guts to do it! Bethenny’s sense of humor IS at everyone else’s expense, because Bethenny doesN’T CARE about anyone else’s feelings.

    Total role-reversal, then when Jules tells Bethenny to calm down, that just makes Bethenny seethe and say, “I’m not gonna calm down because this is a lot for me to be around someone who is like this.” Someone with an eating disorder – really? Wow!

    To me, every time Carole and/or Bethenny talk about how “skinny” Jules is – it’s the equivalent to calling someone with an overeating disorder “fat.” No difference…it is just as insensitive and not nice. Just sayin’…

    But now to the bus ride where Bethenny is cornering Dorinda, and fortunately Dorinda’s not buying it…

    Bethenny’s saying:

    “I’m actually hurt that she has been, like hurt, by my humor.” “And she said out loud ‘you say things to hurt people.’ Like, that was kind of, like–that was, like a callout. But I’m really. Actually a little, like, definitely standoffish. I definitely got a little stung. Like that doesn’t usually happen to me.” No kidding! YOU are the one who is doing the calling out…can dish it but can’t take it!

    Bethenny continues, “This was just, like, to me, out of left field. I had no idea, and I was like at a group at a table – it was like I got a right hook. You don’t understand, I have said zero and I was wondering maybe she was paranoid because of all that she told me.” Talk about delusional!

    Bethenny is acting like a valley girl Queen Bee which, like, totally trumps anything the Countess, like, did or said.

    • Oh, and btw, Bethenny said that Luann could’ve at least told them that she was engaged…

      She tried to tell them several times that they were going to get married, but everyone (except Dorinda and Jules) gave Luann hell. Who would’ve thought they cared?

      • Katherine 2.0

        Exactly. Notice how Bethenny made a point of telling everyone that Lu sent in the story. So what? She’s the biggest media whore of all.

      • Nila

        Bethenny was probably mad that she wasn’t told that Luann was going to announce it! She probably expected to be the one to announce someone else’s engagement!!!!!

        It reminded me of when Jill read about Bethenny’s engagement in the paper…only she WAS like family to Bethenny ..until Bethenny no longer needed Jill.

    • Jaded

      I can’t even listen to her talk. My father used to always say God makes the stupidest people rich so he doesn’t have to bother with them anymore. I think of it every time I see Beth.

      • Margarett

        And now I will, too! Your father’s very wise, Jaded. I’ m sure you learned a lot from him that has served you well.

    • Shae

      Actually, the sick part of an eating disorder is when someone says you’re too skinny, you like it. It’s not the same as calling a compulsive overeater fat, because they do not want to be fat- it is a side effect of their compulsion and they are usually ashamed of it. You won’t find too many anorexics/bulimics who will be offended by being called very thin.

      I’m not saying it’s right for them to say it, but she did ask them for their input and to “check” her if she seems out of hand. They could’ve said it nicely, privately, but even then- not too many eating disordered people are sensitive about being thin, it’s the opposite.

  21. Candymule

    I find it out rages that Bethany and Carol continue to bully Jules about her weight! They both suffer from eating disorders themselves. Seeing Carol in tight pants on the episode where Carol went ice-skating what shocking. She had the body of a 12-year-old. And one doesn’t get that kind of body in her 40s without starving. Or, binging and purging.

    And, she “read” about Adderall? I’d like to see what’s in her medicine cabinet.

    Bethany and Carol always make a point to be eating whenever food is around, so that the audience will think that they are just “naturally thin”. I wonder if they leave right after these scenes are shot and purge. I think this every time I see them eating.

    I wonder why no one has called them out on this?

    • Susie

      Maybe she had a nervous breakdown because she behaves like someone who is out of touch with reality in terms of how she communicates with others. That screaming fit proves she is nuts. I feel sorry for her kid. Imagine having an uptight, angry mom who seldom smiles or laughs? She acts more like a princess than any of the other women. 👸

      • The guy she is dating now, wasn’t she dating him at the time this was filming? I think so because it was mentioned that she was upset because Leanne beat her to the punch about getting engaged.

        You would think she would be happier. Plus, if she was at the time considering getting engaged at this point, it certainly points out all the bull shit that she had no one in her life when she had to have surgery.

        Her inconsistancies makes her appear to be such a little liar.

      • Nila

        I’m not sure that any of that was ever confirmed. If she was dating him then, she lied about a whole lot of crap. Her first WWHL for this season she said her well was very dry, I assumed she started dating this new guy after that but who knows! I don’t think she was ever getting engaged, I think she wore that ring to steal Luann’s thunder and to get people talking about her.

      • Susie

        Agree. 🍭🍭🍭She is playing us for suckers. Crying in her limo about how alone she is but in reality she has a boyfriend who also happens to still be married. None of it adds up, just like her being a rich homeless person! She was forced to live in luxury hotels while her new appartment was remodeled. Why? Because she did not want to settle with her ex-husband who contributed to her financial success. She is full of contradictions.

  22. Susie

    Does Carole Radziwill know she looks like Kenny Rogers? Did she use the same plastic surgeon? Her eyes look so small that she freaks me out! It is creepy to look at her. Is anyone else distracted by how different she looks? Instead of appearing more youthful, she reminds me of Kenny Rogers and Burt Reynolds.

    • Candymule

      Those goofy chompers! Whoever did her veneers should have their dental license revoked

      • Susie

        Those chompers have been bugging me too but did she get them fixed? I am so distracted by her botched eye re-do that I don’t see anything but how much she reminds me of what happened to Kenny Rogers!

      • SLM

        I haven’t paid much direct attention to Carole’s face in ages because I try not acknowledge it exists…I thought she was just an annoying squinter or needed reading glasses. But you are right, it’s bad eye redo!

      • Candymule

        There so enormous, that she can barely close her mouth. She even speaks with a lisp. It must be hard trying to get her tongue to properly navigate those things when she’s talking.

    • BKSweetheart

      All I see is Steven Tyler from Aerosmith.

      • Minkq

        @BKSweetheart HAAAAAAAAAAhahahahahahahahahahaha! I know it’s been observed before that Carole looks like him. But it kills me all over again every single time when someone says it

        @Matzah Lordy! You certainly hit the round nail square over the head with that one. I never thought of Carole’s kitchen-ectomy that way. But it makes a BUNCH of sense! She basically cut the stomach out of her apartment.

      • Minky

        Sorry about that Tamara. I typed a “q” instead of a “y”. Because I’m a stupid. 😩

    • Matzah60

      I don’t care what people look like as long as they’re clean, shower, don’t smell, and dress appropriately. What bothers me about Carole is that she clearly looks sickly to me. Jules is a natural beauty and while she is very thin, she has an ass and doesn’t look like a ghoul in her clothes. Even if she did, I wouldn’t care. I just find it so peculiar that Carole is so self-unaware that she feels if she doesn’t throw up or pass out that she doesn’t have an eating disorder. Clearly, Carole avoids food. You never see her eating except when her BF makes something for her. I myself am not a big cook now that my kids are out of the house, but I didn’t convert my kitchen into an office without pots and pans or a sitting area. I think that whole conversion of the kitchen speaks volumes about Carole’s complete disinterest in food and her eating disorder.

      • Susie

        Hello? You don’t seem to understand what I was getting at. She changed her appearance by having a procedure done that made her eyes smaller similar to the botched job done to poor Kenny Rogers. If she was tryng to look more youthful next to her boyfriend, she failed.

    • Miguel

      This season, she’s a cross between Steven Tyler & Skeletor, Susie!

  23. SLM

    There was really severe weather in my area overnight, so I was up almost until dawn monitoring the warnings. I ended up seeing this episode several times in replays…I STILL cannot get over the scene in the bus where A) Bethenny is talking about Jules while 3 feet away from her, just like she did with Luann at Dorinda’s, and B) That she was actually saying how HURT SHE was at being called out by Jules on her crap….😲…So, Bethenny is hurt someone would point out the truth about herself, but was totally OK and felt self-righteously justified in screaming shit to Luann like that in the Berkshires….DOES BETHENNY HAVE NOT AN OUNCE OF SELF-AWARENESS ANYMORE!?!?! Not even a half ounce? Does she watch herself played back and see something different than the rest of us see??????

  24. Nila

    Carole’s face when Jules entered the bus..what an asshole. I don’t know how anyone can defend anything Bethenny says or does at this point. I loved her so much back in the day and now, I cannot stand her. Jules standing up to her should be one of the TOP moments not Bethenny going after Luann. I loved how Bethenny was so blindsided and had the nerve to say “don’t yell at me” after all the yelling and screaming she has done at people for little or no reason.

    • SLM

      I know, Nila! When Bethenny said that about the yelling, all I could think was HOW MUCH YELLING AT OTHER PEOPLE Bethenny has done last season and this season!! Then she’s offended when somebody else finally gets pissed off and let’s her have it?!?!?! I’m NOT condoning violence, but I would have had to use every ounce of my will power as a lady to NOT go all Porsha on her at that moment if I were Jules!

    • BlaseBlase

      Yes! You said it, Nila!

    • Miguel

      Completely agree, Nila! Bethenny was one of my favourite HWs; and now, one of my least. I kept hoping it was a bad edit; but, as the season progressed, she got worse. What happened to Bethenny???

  25. Susie

    Nice job breaking down this episode. Thank you! It has also crossed my mind that the two skinny mean girls are mad at Jules for being skinnier than them both, which makes her a threat of some sort. The way they walked off from Jules’ vacation home without saying “thank you for inviting me”, “lovely to see you again”, or even “good bye” showed me what rich NY white trash acts like. Their bad behavior is their resume, not their careers.

    • So true. Even at Dorinda’s house at Xmas, standing in the driveway Carole had to say to Bethenny shouldn’t we go in and say goodbye? Bethenny totally ruined that get together. Even to this day, Bethenny is still calling LuAnn a whore. Hope Bethenny is toast after this season.

      • Minky

        So, basically Bethenny is treating Luanne the way Phaedra has treated Kenya? Hmmmm?

      • Susie

        I hope she is fired. She won’t be missed. Andy was hoping she would improve ratings but she is a bore. Screaming at people isn’t interesting.

  26. JentheAUBURNfan

    What I noticed most about Bethany was how she was so nice to Adam when she got to carols. She immediately went to the kitchen to kiss him hello, I think that was the nicest she has been all season.

  27. RHofND

    Is it just me or did Sonja give off signals that she had already boinked her blind date Rocco??

  28. Lindsay

    I am unable to watch this shit show anymore but still feel the need to know what is going on so, as usual, thank you for your thorough recaps!

  29. Bridgett

    It took me awhile to warm up to Jules, but now I love her. I, too, have suffered from ED and it is not something that goes away…you battle it everyday. Bethenney needs to allow others the space to have feelings without viewing it as a personal attack on her…ugh.

    I would love to see the cast next season to be LuAnn (the queen of this season), Dorinda, Jules, Ramona, and delusional Sonja. Carole and Bethenney are too toxic

  30. SG

    Loved, loved, loved the look on Bethany’s face when Jules shut her down. She is so used to verbally beating everyone into submission with her vomit/diarrhea of the mouth that she was completely astonished and had nothing as a comeback. Except, now she doesn’t want anything to do with Jules. So how many does she not want anything to do with? LuAnn, Sonja, Jules. Pretty soon she will only be filming with herself. And the bus ride…talking about someone three feet (or less) away is so passive aggressive. People like Bethany count on her verbal victim being so shocked at the balls to behave that way that they just sit in shock, just as Jules did. I have been on both sides of this. Dorinda could have said, Uh you are just a few feet away. She can hear you, dumbass. OR Jules could have said, I can hear you, bitch! Would have loved to have seen Bethany’s face if that had happened. WHY won’t anyone consistently call her out when she acts like this…every time. Shut it down!

  31. Elizabeth

    LOVE Jules blog this week on Bravo wesite…….I do think Bethenny is funny at times..but lately NO

  32. Sue

    Bethany is only doing what she was hired to do- speak her truths & do it loudly. She was brought back on the show when it needed a ‘pick me up’ & she was it. Is she being insensitive and
    meangirlish? Yes! But that’s why she’s there.

    Jules is cute like a koala or bunny but any time she speaks I cringe. She needs to drop the ‘I’m a dumb flake’ persona and then maybe when she talks people might listen. Until then anything she says is going to be picked apart like a roast chicken. Finally, she’s grown woman- its called a vagina. and there’s no need to squirm or be embarrassed by the word (or the body part).

    Dorinda annoys me like no one else- does anyone else notice that she stabs everyone in the back? Share your opinion with Dorinda about someone & she is running off to tell that person all the gritty details. And none of them notice this but it happens to all of them. How does she keep a friend this way? And what dirt does John have on her that causes her to stay w him? I don’t get it at all (although she is kinda frumpy for a NY housewife IMO).

    Sonya looks like she’s gained quite a bit of weight since giving up drinking but its really nice to see her clear headed. Her drinking was getting so bad I was wondering about the ethics of making money off of her problem. I almost stopped watching the show bc I didnt want to take pleasure in her real problems. It felt like watching a person OD or something awful for fun and curiosity. I mean lets be honest, that’s what reality tv is at its core- schadenfreude. Anyway, its great to see her bright eyed & bushy tailed.

    And I don’t think she & Ramona are trying to rain on Luann’s love parade. I think they are genuinely concerned that she’s planning to marry a guy she just met 4 months ago & that they BOTH had been sleeping with up until 4 months ago. I don’t think Sonya’s lying about Tom- I think she’s just prettying up the details so she doesnt sound like a ho. If my friend was jumping around like Tom Cruise on a sofa and I had been sleeping with the guy up until a hot mom’ ago- I would want her to know about it. And the fact that Lu wont listen to them & gets frantic & defensive when they bring it up leads me to believe she isn’t facing facts. I would bring it up a few times too it that friend was important to me & I felt they were wearing blinders & making life decisions. No one wants to see her get hurt.

  33. Auntie Velvet

    Talking about people who are three feet away is kind of an RH staple, but Bethenny seems to be its most enthusiastic practitioner.

    Didn’t she do it to Luanne during the disaster at Dorinda’s house (before she went on full-on nuclear)? And in previous seasons I recall her doing the same thing in the front rows of more than one fashion show.

  34. Bethenny has crossed so many lines her scenes might as well be carpeted in plaid, but this one blowing up at Jules is, for me, the most egregious. Not too long ago Bethenny made a big, tears-in-eyes deal over Jules giving her the straight truth about her eating disorder. Bethenny breathlessly bloviated about her respect for that honesty, and how she would not share it with other people because it wasn’t her secret to tell. Fast forward to last night, and Bethenny barks things like “I don’t want to be around it; I don’t want to have anything to do with it.” IT. Jules ceases to be a person when the subject of her ED comes up. She’s reduced to being an IT. And why is Bethenny so self-righteously disgusted? By her own account, because she had to deal with this all her life. Sooo, did I miss the part when Bethenny’s mother came clean and decided to be open with her and proactive about recovering from her ED? Because I don’t get the sense that ever happened. Seems like Jules is the diametric opposite of Bethenny’s mother in this regard. Presumably recovering alcoholics should not make themselves known to Bethenny either, or survivors of domestic violence, because she’s been there done that too. Some potent mixture of power, money, fame, and a slow-burning anger have transformed Bethenny from her old Dorothy Parker-meets-Roseanne witty gritty lady persona to this Leona-Helmsley-meets-Mariah-Carey diva who’s all voice and no heart. Boo.

    • Susie

      Brilliant observations, all around. Bethenny could benefit from one day’s worth of TT. I wonder what Jill Zarin would say.

  35. MARC

    Bethanny is unbearable.

  36. RHofND

    Tamara….can you confirm that Bethenny wanted to announce her engagement at the end of RHNY and Luann beat her to it?

  37. lo

    I don’t get the feeling Adam is too into Carole so maybe Carole will get knocked down a few pegs if he dumps her. The relationship feels maternal to me. He gets the perk of her helping him write a book which will make him “famous” and then there will be a falling out.

    I know this will sound weird but I do truly believe Bethany and Carole are all over Jules because she is thinner than they are. They can’t stand not being the skinniest in the room. People with eating disorders want to be the skinniest and both Bethany and Carole behave like bitches because they’re not!

    Bethany is just awful this season. She never has and ounce of compassion for anyone but herself. She was mad at Jules and cannot speak to her further because Jules pointed out how rude Bethany is. Too bad Bethany!

  38. Nila

    This show should be called “Bethenny, never happy after”. Carole would be cast as the bff, Ramona the great aunt who shows up as the only relative, Dorinda is her wacky neighbor, Luann is her high school nemesis, Jules is the new member of the PTO, Sonja doesn’t even need a role, she just flutters all about!

  39. Lena

    Here’s the thing….Jules is in complete denial. Carol was spot on. You can not say you are in recovery when you purposely threw up your food 3 days ago. I bet she is falling off because of the issues in her marriage. She is starting to feel that this is the only thing she can control.

    If I spent any time around her I would call her out as well. She is sick, and she needs help regardless of how much she/we like Bethanny or Carol.

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