Flipping Out Season Premiere Recap: What The Flip?

Flipping Out Cast
MEGHAN WEAVER HAS A BIG BEAVER!  It’s time for the premiere of Flipping Out and when I went to pull tags for the post I saw Meghan’s name and immediately giggled remembering Andrew’s inappropriate comment to her last summer.  I’m ready to giggle so let’s get this party started. I need to get this up so I can eat something!

God I love this show already. I so needed this tonight.

Valley Vista

My giggles end when I am reminded that they sold Gramercy AGAIN. That was the house, dammit. Why couldn’t they just live there? But know, they are flipping another house in Sherman Oaks and they are living in it during the construction.  They live on one half of the house while the other house is under major renovations  and then will move to the finished side to do the other. It’s ridiculous. There is no kitchen on the side of the house they are currently living on. I wonder if this is storyline. Because there can’t be a certificate of occupancy on this house. I think they just “live there” as in it’s their office where they spend all their time.

Remember when Jeff was fired from Living Spaces? I think it was because of this episode. It’s been six months and thirteen days since he was fired. He is still bitter about it. Apparently, Living Spaces didn’t pay everything they owed to Jeff. Jeff contemplates suing the company. I think instead he will go with just trash talking them on the show. Yep, Jeff said he can’t afford to sue them financially or emotionally.

Jeff dumps a client named Carol in a huge argument over the phone.

This was Jeff's Holiday Card last year. I want to be on his list.

This was Jeff’s Holiday Card last year. I want to be on his list.


Jeff’s embryos are not as viable as Gage’s. Jeff’s best one is a girl and they are going to try for her first. I can’t wait to follow this storyline.

Hollywood Boulevard

Vanina is back on the team and everyone gathers to meet with the architect. It’s going to be a super modern home. Meghan is still there, Matt who is Gage’s assistant and personality twin is still there, and Ashlyn is a new addition. Which means she will be hazed to death.

The team and the architect have a disagreement over the placement of a window. But then there is a time out where the architect announces he is looking for a husband.  I don’t see anything wrong with putting that out there. But the team sees him as needing a lot of hand holding.


This is a lower end remodel. It’s a full gut job.

Huntington Beach

Also a remodel.

Flipping Out Jeff


This project is actually a pool remodel. Jeff really was financially fucked by Living Spaces and is now taking on pretty much any project that pays well.

Newport Beach

Wow he is going all the way to Orange County for a remodel. I thought for a minute he was going to Shannon’s new house because she said in this ridiculous Facebook video this week that we might see her on this season of Flipping Out. Way to run a whole nuther franchise, Shannon.  By the way, why can’t we just agree that ‘nuther’ is a word and put it in the damn dictionary? They put so many stupid words in, why is ‘nuther’ marginalized?

Mary and Marty are the homeowners and this is his third time trying to get the job. They didn’t like him at first because he is so pushy.  Jenni and Jeff return to the OC for a fourth meeting with Marty and Mary at a restaurant. This house will be another ultra modern house. Obviously, they got the job.

Chaz Dean Studios

Can someone remind me why I don’t like Chaz Dean? My initial reaction to seeing him was “UGH, Really? Again?” but I have nothing in my memory bank to support this feeling.  Maybe I just don’t like him around my man, Jeff. Perhaps it’s a jealous issue. I’m VERY territorial about my gays. Like if you annoy one of my gay friends in any way, I will cut a bitch. It’s not really healthy.

I love the “transformation of Matthew” storyline. We are already calling him Matt.

My favorite scenes are when Jeff and Jenni are in the car driving somewhere. Over the season you will see an entire range of emotions happening there.

This show makes me happy.


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35 responses to “Flipping Out Season Premiere Recap: What The Flip?

  1. Are you catching the twitter war started by Heather Dubrow after Jeff went off on her on WWHL? I think there may have to be a duel at dawn with these two.

  2. Minky

    Oh I used to love this show. I don’t know why I stopped watching it. I guess I just got fed up with Bravo altogether, so I threw out the baby with the bath water.

    My favorite parts of Flipping Out were always lunch times, when Jeff and his crew would sit around the table and eat their salads and make fun of each other.

    Or the time when Jeff had Zoila’s portrait done and it was not a good rendering of her likeness. And Zoila was unhappy about it. And then Jeff says: “If you don’t want it, I can put it in the back yard at night to scare the coyotes.” Good times!

  3. More Tea Please!

    Yay Jeff Lewis is back ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️!

  4. Sam

    I happened to see this pop up on my TV tonight and I got so excited. This is one of the only Bravo shows left I actually watch, versus reading TT recaps. It makes me happy too. Chaz… Hmm…. I seem to remember lawsuits over his haircare line allegedly making people’s hair fall out or something. Could that be what you’re thinking of?

    • I remember Chaz Dean as always seeming a bit of a snob and looking like he was smelling something bad that was sitting on his top lip. Maybe that’s what Tamara didn’t like.

    • DejaBlue53

      My daughter and I both used his product and it did make our hair start falling out. I asked my stylist about it and he said that the ingredients are so natural that some people are allergic to it. I don’t know if that is true but we stopped using it. No more hair loss. Also our scalps itched like crazy.

      • Matzah60

        I saw that Chaz Dean’s products were on a list of class action lawsuits about hair loss. I got to know Chaz after becoming a QVC TV watcher. Long story short, during my divorce, I really went into a total meltdown and was unable to watch a normal TV show; just couldn’t concentrate. I left on QVC for mindless chatter and background noise. Chaz Dean came on as some well-known salon owner and started selling his all-natural/no sulfate product on QVC and became a huge and popular seller and became a very rich man. The product is very expensive and I finally stopped using it and watching QVC.

        I remember that when doing one of the first projects for Chaz, he had promised Jeff that if the project went well, he would give him a much bigger gut/remodel job of a new store he was opening. Chaz and his assistant/project manager were highly critical about every cent Jeff spent and for some reason, the job took much longer than Jeff promised. Chaz was a total dick about it and during his opening party of the new salon, Chaz didn’t thank or give any credit to Jeff even though Jeff had no control over the project taking longer than originally promised.

    • swizzle

      I’ve actually used Wen exclusively for several years and love it. Doesn’t fade out my color as fast and controls the frizzies. Must just be a reaction some people have to the product.

  5. ZenJen55

    My favorite Bravo show! This will have to be the best season yet with baby on the way. Vanina looks so much better, I’ve always liked her.

  6. Have loved this show since Day 1. “Deb” always makes me laugh.

  7. LA_in_KY

    Jeff has always been my favorite person on bravo. I am really happy for him and Gage to be dads. It is going to give me sick pleasure to see them, as two men, stay up and care for a newborn. They will do great but it is hard as hell the first month. Every two hours you have to feed a baby. Good luck guys.

    • LA_in_KY

      I say this because my son had the colic. When he was three months old was the first time he slept for six hours straight. Can you imagine going at least three months of your life waking up every 30 minutes. I can’t imagine what they will go through. That is just my experience. I think it will much harder for them but it is different for everyone. Best of luck to them, they will give such an amazing life to a child.

      • Minky

        You just know that Jeff is gonna be the most neurotic, helicopter parent ever. But in a good way. Underneath all of that tough, no-nonsense exterior, he’s probably a real softie.

    • Love Jeff and Gage – so happy they’re having their little girl and really hope Fredrick and his husband manage to have one soon also. I was listening to Jeff on WWHL and I though he said Zoila would still be the housekeeper and someone else would be watching over the baby. I very much doubt they’ll miss a lot of sleep unless they’re so psyched up about being dads that they want to look at the little one all the time. I can remember going into the nursery at night with my husband and just standing there staring at him. Of course, I can also remember being so tired that I was actually feeding the baby (who woke up every 2-1/2 hours) and practically hallucinating from fatigue. My husband worked for the phone company and repaired a phone at the house of the lady whose triplets were on the old show “My Three Sons”. She was organized (and didn’t look like she had just been dragged through a hedge backwards – which is a kind way of saying how awful I looked) and he asked her how she did it. She told him to call me right up, tell me to make a bigger hole in the nipple of the bottle, and mix some rice cereal in with the formula. Worked like a charm. The baby took a 5-hour nap and never looked back. They don’t feed babies cereal as early these days, so I don’t know what young mothers do now. Anyway, really happy for the dads-to-be. Wishing them nothing but health and happiness in the future.

  8. Sherry

    Yay!!! So happy Flipping Out is back on! I really love Jeff and I am so excited they are having a baby!! Sorry for all the exclamation points….I just so darn happy!!

    I so do not like Living Spaces…not that it matters because I don’t shop there because I don’t even know where it is. I do hope that Jeff gets his sweet revenge by them dropping him. Losers!!!!

  9. Jim

    Don’t forget that this is a two night premiere and there’s another episode Thursday night!

    I’m very surprised that he got fired by LivingSpaces. Even more surprising, he doesn’t have a ton of other endorsement deals and corporate design gigs. It looks like Jenni has a toilet endorsement deal, lol. Whatever happened to Jeff’s paint line that he and Gage were working on a season or two ago?

    • Matzah60

      I remember when he got fired from Living Spaces, but he said it had a domino effect in that other corporations lost or didn’t have trust in Jeff when Living Spaces gave him the boot. It must have been a huge part of his business for Jeff to have moved out of his Hollywood Home (which they just moved in to at the end of last season) and then move into this house being remodeled for a flip.

      Tamara, on WWHL, Andy asked Jeff who his favorite and least favorite housewife was and Jeff said Shannon Beador is his fav and Heather Dubrow is his least favorite. Honestly, the question seemed like a set up wherein Andy knew the answer Jeff was going to give. That’s more of a Plead the Fifth question. He also took a good swipe at Heather saying that she is always complaining about how little time her husband spends at home with the kids, but meanwhile, Terry is working his ass off to build Shannon a 40,000 square foot home. Wow, is it really that big???? Then Jeff says that while Heather claims that Terry wants this ginormous house, Jeff believes it is really Heather’s desire. Jeff has said on prior WWHL that he is a good friend of Shannon and so the fact Shannon will be on the show is no big surprise, but I don’t get the friendship.

    • swizzle

      Jeff did an endorsement deal with a furniture retailer in Chicago. Wonder if it will be featured at all on his show. I also wonder if it was successful. In the video they used on the commercial, Jeff and Jenny were acting like themselves…a bit snarky…and people who have never watched the show thought it was odd and that Jeff was an ass.

  10. Brittany

    I love this show. Jeff makes me laugh by just his facial expressions. I love him. It would be great to be his friend. This is one of the very few Bravo shows that actually make me laugh out loud.

  11. Margarett

    I love this show so much that I watched it again today!

    They’re all great and they feel real to me. Matt is so cute and competent this season.

    I don’t have any bad feelings about Chaz/s, but he always looks as if he could use a good scrub. He certainly seems to have a good heart.

  12. Julie Goebel

    You don’t like Chaz because his hair products don’t work, are overpriced and you are roped in for years.

  13. Aerin

    Yay for Jeff Lewis to be back. I wish he was on all year long, I even want that renovation therapy show he did for a hot minute back.

  14. I am so happy Flipping Out is back. I love all these people. Dysfunctional FTW!

  15. Jen

    Flipping Out is one of the few Bravo shows I will still watch. Totally get what you are saying about Chaz, he just seems kind of scuzzy, like he would look down his nose at you for not paying $500 for a haircut while also happily taking your $10 a month easy pay for his junky shampoo. He seems like he would be a nightmare to work for.

    • tamaratattles

      Wait WHAT? He has a payment plan for his janky products? Is this the only reason he is rich? Because I am starting to understand why people hate rich people.

  16. jen

    This show is funny..I didn’t realize it was back on again! Yay.

  17. Lori Flack

    I don’t care for Chaz either, even tho he was nice to the homeless woman named Sprit living on his property.

  18. Danielle

    Chaz’so assistant is
    Mean. I guess Chaz likes that about her. I think that is why we hate chaz.

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