Tom D’Agostino Sets the Record Straight on His Relationship With Sonja and Ramona

Photo from Andy's Instagram

Photo from Andy’s Instagram

Luann and her fiancé, Tom  were in NYC last night for the season two premiere of Difficult People. Luann has as cameo appearance in the Hulu series and Tom was there supporting his future bride. Sonja Morgan also has a cameo in the show and was also in attendance. I gonna guess these three didn’t sit together.

People magazine was on hand for the event and they interviewed Tom about his prior relationships with Ramona and Sonja. It’s a pretty juicy interview!

Here is what Tom had to say about Ramona, “I don’t watch the show, but I get different pieces here and there, and a lot of the stuff I have heard? It’s so outlandish to me. In terms of Ramona, we never dated. We went out a couple of times – maybe two or three times to dinner with some friends. There was never any chemistry. No interest at all.”

This is pretty much the same story that Ramona has been telling the tabloids the past few weeks. Practically word for word in fact. Interesting.

RHONY Sonja and Luann

As for Sonja, Tom seems to be a little bit irritated with her. He told People“Sonja, I’ve known for years. The funny part is, although I’ve known her for years, we got together once, but she’s on this kick that it was more than that.”

Indeed she is Tom. I wonder why that is?

“I saw her at a party two or three weeks ago, and I said to her, ‘Sonja, this is me, what are you talking about?’ and she says, ‘Oh, I’ll have to get my diary, I’ll tell you when.'”

That sounds so like Sonja. It’s only a matter of time before some intern gets ahold of that diary and makes copies before replacing it. I can only imagine how juicy that will be!

Sonja continues to maintain her version of events. “We were fun buddies – adults that had a nice understanding, and I just wanted to get that out on the table right away because I knew the girls were gonna tell [LuAnn], it was gonna come out.”

See she was just telling Luann to be a good friend!

As Luann’s good friend she is also going to call Tom a liar in the press. Sonja said, “He’s going to minimize it as much as possible, as all men do. They never tell the truth, guys, they never do.”

Luann and Tom made a bit of a stir with the quick engagement leaving some housewives to doubt the authenticity of the relationship. However, they are taking their time on actually tying the knot. They plan to ring in 2017 with a New Year’s Eve ceremony  in Palm Beach, Florida. That’s almost a year from when they announced their engagement.  Is that the date set for filming purposes.

Luann is working on a new romantic ballad in the style of Marilyn Monroe (???) to sing at the wedding.


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40 responses to “Tom D’Agostino Sets the Record Straight on His Relationship With Sonja and Ramona

  1. MARC

    Wedding special I hope ! I am loving Luann more than ever!

    • maryam

      i like luann also marc… of my favorites on rhony and i LOVE her style. she has the best style of all of those ladies. she may be a bit self centered at times, but better to be THAT than how some of the other ladies conduct themselves, especially this season.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      Ugh I never watch the wedding specials. Bethenny’s was the only one. Knowing Luann is angling for a special makes it even less interesting to me :(

  2. T D

    Real Stepford Housewives programmed by Andy Synchronized sycophants the lot of them.

  3. Minky

    Okay, I’m a bit slow with stuff like this, so somebody’s gonna hafta help me out. If Tom’s telling the truth, then why is Sonja lying about the alleged friends-with-benefits situation? Has production told her to say that? I’m kind of lost.

    • Minky

      Oh, and so much for the “girl code”. Huh, Ramona?

      • Minky

        Dammit! I also forgot: If by “diary” Sonja means her appointment book…? Oh God no!!! I won’t even let my mind go there. The implications of that statement are staggering. Sonja really needs to shut up.

    • T D

      They just drink the kool-aid and do as they’re told.

    • Sonja is truly delusional and, even though she’s not drinking right now, her take on exactly went down will always be suspect to me. I mean, did she do Tom on a yacht with P Diddy or was it after a splendid evening with Madonna and John John?

  4. Diane

    Get it Luann! Happy for her!

    A friend would not keep yapping about the past ~ it is so not cool!

    Luann is cool
    Sonja and Ramona are being uncool
    Girl code.
    They are in their 40-50s and behaving like 16 yr olds . Bloody hell

    • Margarett

      Yes to this! I loved when she said, “…Don’t be all uncool”,

    • Sliceo'pie

      Sonia keeps mentioning that she and Tom are, “Single/Divorced Grown-up’s” and what they did was private and very common among their set in the Upper East Side of NY. The fact that she has brought up her past with Tom on several occasions has been a real turn off (to me)-she only needed to bring it up once-to LuAnn. Ok, It’s a TV Show-so maybe once on TV-but no more and she didn’t need to go into details and state the length of time etc..

    • BeetsWhy

      Diane, the “past” seems to be just weeks before for Sonja at least. Ramona may have been in the more “past” by several weeks. either way Tom is super douchy and LuAnn just wants a storyline (and his money if she pulls it off?).

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        I’m not fully buying it. I feel like people have forgotten who Luann is, because Bethenny was so harsh to her.

  5. Lisa j

    Luanne has lived the life of Riley! Loved her Bravo special and she had the best line with “Don’t be all uncool”! Love LU!

  6. T D

    Will Luanne be sown into her dress as well? Will Sonja attend in a pill box hat and gloves clutching a double strand of pearls? Insert pearl necklass joke here.

  7. Friends with Benefits #1 Rule is keep your trap shut, unless you fall for them and then it is a romcom or reject situation. Good Lord, talking about it ruins the whole thing and makes you into the loser.

  8. Allison

    I like Lu. I do. I live in the town she’s from. Her family business is still here. When I watched the special and they showed her coming back home, I recognized the streets she was driving down-so I have a “thing” for Lu. That said, I dont know about this Tom, and I have a sad feeling that a wedding wont happen.

  9. mary

    I really enjoyed watching the episode about Luann’s life. It was interesting and genuine. Her marriage to the Count was for real. I think Carole is threatened by Luann (remember Carole 1st season & her intense dislike of lu) because Luann has had a fascinating life within the high society of Europe. And I think the other housewives are too. So if Luann has found love again they are so jealous especially Sonya. Luann came out financially well off from her divorce & now this is the 2nd serious relationship she has maintained too. Sonya is lonely, stuck in the past & can’t establish a serious long term relationship.

  10. DrumNRoll

    I know I’m missing the point of this article but I started to like Luann recently. Good for her, seriously. and then I read this shit about *her* writing a *ballad*?! has she heard herself sing! is all of it a show – even the wedding? is she REALLY THAT TONEDEAF? I am so annoyed now!

    • Sliceo'pie

      She loves to sing-she’s gone much further than she ever dreamed-why not write a ballad? Who’s it hurting? I know she’s not the best singer -we can turn the dial on the radio ( should it ever make the radio) if it sucks. Good for her for following her dreams – especially at 51! I’m 52 and frankly I admire it.


    Girl Code would be hey girl this guy and I fooled around before anything got serious. I’d like to know if women in my circle had dated and or slept with the man I intend to Marry. Then again passing the penis like a hot potato seems to be a trend amongst a few in this cast. So if Tom ate Sonja when he kisses Lu does that mean Lu has also eaten From Sonja’s Rejuvenated Bush? Hope I Didn’t break any rules with the last serious question. It just seems like a cesspool of bodily fluids.

  12. Rach

    I love Luann at the moment. The other ladies are so jealous because she’s crazy in love which is a lovely thing to see in my opinion. I hope her and Tom have a lovely wedding. If we had to endure Bethenneys wedding special and subsequent series then I wouldn’t mind seeing Luanns wedding at all.

  13. Shae

    To be honest, I don’t know who to believe- Tom has every reason to downplay whatever involvement he had with Sonja and Sonja, is well, Sonja. So who knows.

    I do agree with her telling Luann, though. If I had a friends with benefits situation with a guy my friend intended to marry I would be very afraid that information would get to her via third party and it would look suspicious on my part. As shitty as it would be, I would have to tell her myself before that happened. So if it did happen, I don’t blame Sonja for telling Luann. I would definitely want to know if I was Luann and I would definitely want to be the one to tell her, if I was Sonja.

  14. Jen

    I’m happy for Luann I hope they do Marry. ‘re: Sonya lying. I don’t think she is….but it is in bad taste to spew that in front of others. Why do that to another person? The answer: Sonya is bitter that 10 years of snogging Tom, got her zilch. The rest cannot be happy for others because their bitter, angry hellcats. Let Luann Sing n dance…she’s not hurting anyone and she looks good in love!!!

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