Below Deck Mediterranean: They Hate Us Cuz They Ain’t Us!

Below Deck Med Jump
This show is doing fairly well in the ratings and I am hopeful there is a season two. I’d like to see all of the deck crew recast and all of the interior stay. It was a pleasant change to see the interior crew learn to be supportive of each other for a change.  That said, despite the high ratings there is very little interest here. And Bravo doesn’t make it easy to find photos. Someone was kind enough to send me a couple of Twitter last week so I would not have to forage and Tiffany came in claiming one of them as hers making me realize (a) she doesn’t know how Twitter works or (2) understand that I am advertising the show she is on in an effort to get her a second season. So tonight, I’ll just use stick figures.

Already they are teasing us that Danny might get fired. I don’t fall for this routine anymore. The asshole guests are still on board. They have requested to “see less of Hannah.”  In better news, we are finally in Mykonos.

I’ve never understood the point of cleaning the waterline of the boat while it’s in the water. Meanwhile one of the women left a use tampon on the floor for Tiffany to pick up. So disgusting.

Below Deck 3


I was just mesmerized by these douche charter guests for several minutes and forgot I was recapping. Julia and Ben are working their asses off while Danny stands around staring at the girls in bikinis posting for photos. This remind him he wants his phone back. The captain says Danny can have his phone back as long as it doesn’t leave his room. Let’s see how long that lasts.

We saw zero shots of Mykonos.  The guests want to jet ski, but apparently they left the jet skis in Naxos, five hours away. Why would they do that? Aren’t they stowed on the yacht? This seems like a weird fake storyline to me.

Ben and Julia get into a random argument because the guests requested croissants. She sent a tinder to get some and in the meantime they asked for breakfast burritos in the interim. Ben makes Julia cry, but really I think she has just had enough of the rude guests.

Oh! I misunderstood. It’s ATVs not jetskis that they wanted. That makes a lot more sense.

Ben talks to Julia again and manages to make the situation worse. He lets us know he is indeed from a rich family and played sports with Prince William and Prince Harry. Seriously? He is offended that Julia said he had a snobbish demeanor and is classist. Truth hurts I guess. He is condescending more often than not. Ben still feels hurt and upset the next day. Ben is teary-eyed because being born rich is very hard and has such a stigma. This is why he left England and set out on his own. He really is crying.

The charter guests had this weird turn around in attitude after the ATV trip. Suddenly they love Hannah. Clearly we missed a lot.

I like this show but I can see why most places don’t recap it. There isn’t a whole lot to discuss.

Next week it’s on to Santorini! Ben and Tiffany have a makeout sesh and might hook up. Bobby and Julia fight.


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  1. Cgal38

    poor Jules – I felt like she had a bad case of hormones coupled with cabin fever and terrible guests mixed in. I felt for Ben too – the emotions are more real on this show since they legit are trapped on a boat. I liked Danny a lot at first but now he just seems like a big pussy – I don’t buy his family story for s second. He just wanted to be famous and make a mark – I don’t blame him but he’s way too obvious and immature.

  2. Happygal

    I really used to Iike Danny but this show finally has me can’t standing him. From him doing nothing to acting like a jerk for not having his phone when it was a punishment for the way he acted when he did have it – well I just can’t stand him.

    For that matter any of the deck crew.

    I had no idea Ben grew up in such a wrealthy family. I think he was upset because he in his mind disliked being associated w that as he said he is something like a self made man.

  3. Theresa

    My 11 year old daughter said, “how stupid do you have to be to have your phone taken away in a professional job? We even know better and we are kids!” Truth teller she is
    I’m glad to see others calling Danny out on his lack of effort (i.e., laundry room). Maybe it will click sometime. I doubt it tho

    • Suzanne D

      Sounds like you raised one smart girl! I officially lost all respect for Capt Mark for not being consistent with Danny. Well…scratch that. He’s been consistently wrong in allowing Danny to get away with everything.

  4. Joanplus2dogs

    Danny is that one guy that just keeps on pestering a group of girls & cannot take the hint that no one is interested. Cannot believe captain gave phone back. At this point he is only encouraging Danny bad behavior. No one cares Ben parents are wealthy, it is his asshole attitude they dislike.

  5. Aerin

    Ben’s history was surprising to me. It explains his odd voice affect and demeanor. I was also surprised he was actually crying, it seems like te charter season has worn them all down. Nice to see the women working together well though.

  6. BKSweetheart

    I am still watching! I love this show!! I haven’t commented in a while because I was out of the country for a couple and couldn’t watch online..

    Danny is such an annoying little shit. And Bryan is an egotistical entitled prick. Hannah has somewhat grown on me. It was nice seeing her comforting both Ben and Julia.

    I think the Ben breaking down thing was OTT but I’m guessing it was because he works really hard and enjoys what he does and doesn’t want to be labeled as if he doesn’t earn his living. Or something. I think Julia was probably just hormonal (I’m a woman, I can say that) and homesick and missing her BF.

    Can’t wait for next weeks episode. Looks crazy!!

    • Sunny

      BKSweetheart, you were spot on with your cast depictions; especially in your perfect description of that “annoying little shit”, Danny. I know, right?? He continues to seem genuinely baffled as to why it is considered unprofessional to position his lazy, smarmy ass smack dab in the middle of the guests; and constantly questions why his superiors are not wise enough to take advantage of his “natural talents” and leverage the “people skills” he feels like all quests love. Dude. Seriously? What part of the definition of “service” did you not understand in your job description??

      Lol…the casting pros obviously succeeded, though, didn’t they? We continue to tune in to feed this love-hate relationship we’ve developed. Oh, BTW, Hannah has grown on me, as well. I am starting to really like her.

      Looking forward to seeing 1) How far Danny will go next episode and 2) How Julia will respond when Bobby finally takes a stand and questions why she continues to lead him on with her teasing and flirting. :-)

      • tamaratattles

        I FINALLY get the love to hate thing. I don’t hate Danny, but I do find him ridonkulous and tune in each week hoping he finally gets fired.

    • tamaratattles

      I was put off by Hannah at first because of her treatment of Tiff. I was afraid we were going to get another resting bitch face Kate. But I really LIKE Hannah now. She worked things out with her crew and they stuck together. That is one of my favorite parts of this show.

      I do wish we had more on location shots.

      • Stonefish

        I’m finally starting to like Hannah too. I think that she might have a lot of insecurities that make her so prickly and fragile at the same time.

  7. Danielle

    Is it me or does Danny look like Richie kathys son from New Jersey???? My hubby can not get over the striking resemblance! 😂😂

  8. Auntie Velvet

    It’s so odd what will break a person down. His co-workers call Ben a hot-tempered twat all day long and he only seems to take chef-y pride in it. But call him classist and he breaks down. As Hannah said, it hit a nerve.

  9. orlando

    I guess I didn’t grow up rich enough to know that it’s fine to leave your used tampons on the floor for someone else to collect.

    • tamaratattles

      Now, Orlando. It’s not her fault. I’m sure she has been ridden hard in her quest to live the yacht life. I’m sure she will get vagina rejuvenation after this national tragedy. #ThrowingASausageTamponDownAHallway

      • Amanda

        **TT drops the mic**
        Love the #!

      • kendrawm

        The stories I can tell. I once worked on a boat as fill in crew for the weekend for a very successful person in the entertainment field, he had a guest, he had a type, he liked them tall, blond, and big boobs. I was summoned by the guest and was told I have my period Jon still wanted sex, there is a bloody mess back there, go clean it up. Yeah there are some real winners. But then there are the ones who treat you better than family!

      • TIna

        But remember… We all hate them cause we ain’t them….

  10. Sharon

    OMG these people were horrid.
    Wondering what the crew is doing and why its taking so long!!!!!
    First off, that’s not a restaurant kitchen.. Its one man, the chef doing ALL the work solo. He doesn’t have 6 other line chef to help him. No back up at all. Not even that dumb shit du-anny.
    They have one person making all the drinks. The rest of the salon crew is making these people beds, cleaning up their rooms, doing their laundry, ironing their clothing, cleaning up all the shit and puke from these pigs. Then, every time Julia delivers what they have just asked for, they ask for something else. One thing at a time. Its intentional of course.
    The really crazy thing, is that these pigs are still at breeding age.
    So they will just keep reproducing more spoiled little kids, that have no idea how to treat people.
    Whether or not someone works I n the service industry ( so hard) or what ever Industry, one should always treat people with respect.
    These are the kind of rich people that give being wealthy a bad name.
    You KNOW when these a holes get home, they will be bragging to all their I’ll mannered friends about how RUDE they were to the staff, and think they should get a medal for it.
    Maybe, when they see themselves on TV they might feel a bit of shame. But I highly doubt it.

    I think working in the resteraunt industry should be a required course in school. A real resteraunt. Maybe customers wouldn’t be so bitchy if they understood just how busy you get and all you have to get done.
    Maybe people would stop and reflect.
    K got all that out of my system.
    I love the show and love the quirky crew and salt of the sea captn’

    • Cgal38

      I’ve always been a big believer in the mandatory 6 month restaurant work requirement of life!

      • I have spent most of my life since the age of 15 working in the restaurant industry, at least part time, while working another full time job. I have often been told that I am a whiz at multi-tasking. Work in a restaurant kitchen for 6 months and you too can be a whiz at multi-tasking!

    • Carolyn

      You are absolutely right. These “guests” are painfully unfamiliar with basic manners and decorum. How you treat others, especially those serving you, is a direct reflection on your true character. Money does not necessarily equate to class. Im so sorry the crew had to put up with these unfortunates.

    • Matzah60

      I love and agree with all that you said, Sharon! This kitchen seems smaller than the Eros that Ben just worked on on the sister Below Deck show. It is hot as hell in there, no window in sight, and as you said, zero line help. It’s a very demanding job and you have to be on hand 24/7 to create whatever the guests desire. I am so annoyed with Danny, but I love to hate him. He is part of the crew that makes this show such good TV.

      I love the mix of Americans, transplanted Americans, and European crew. It makes for a very balanced mix of characters with different views about appropriate protocol on the yacht. Like others, I initially disliked Hannah. I thought she had a stick up her ass, but she is good at what she does and though uncomfortable to watch at first, Hannah did train Tiffany on what was expected and it is so nice to see that they have all become friendly coworkers.

      I love this show and as I said before, I actually like it more than the original Below Deck (which I believe is on it’s way to a new season in the upcoming weeks). After years of the housewives shows, it is nice to see some variety and more ‘reality’ in a reality show that still has producers, but seemingly less staged scenarios.

      I do think that even on a scripted series, it is highly unusual to see more than a 7 or 10 year run of high ratings. Of course, there are exceptions, but at some point, a group of housewives from another state, fighting, getting shit-faced drunk, going on a group trip resulting in similar outcomes just gets stale. The ‘formula’ for the housewives shows is so over in my mind. That said, I think RHOC is going to tank this year. It has nowhere left to go and I don’t think the viewing audience is interested in seeing anymore entitled bitches yell and scream each week. It’s time to change the game and Below Deck Mediterranean has done just that.

    • dave

      no wounder the world hates americans

  11. Skeeter

    I watch this and read here about it every week! I like pretty much the entire interior crew. Danny doesn’t bother me too too much, it’s Bryan that I think is the biggest douchebag in the world with Bobby running a close second. IMO I think Bobby is jealous of Danny ever since the “charter king” episode. Maybe even before that but the charter king comment went right up Bobby’s ass.

    • queenmarie

      Plus, don’t forget that the girl kissed Danny and wouldn’t give Bobby the time of day—I think that pissed him off too. LOL

  12. Just Saying

    I have not commented in awhile but after last nights episode I have to say Bryan needs to pull the stick out of his ass, he sends Danny to do jobs with bobby(who is also a douche IMO) just to try to get him in trouble. I also don’t care for his treatment of jenn, he’s a poor manager and has a superior attitude. Ben is still my favorite, I don’t find him condescending just busy and no time to tolerate fools which Julia was being. Julia needs to drop the working class hero nonsense and appreciate Ben for who he is. As for the guests no comments are necessary since they are showing who they are all by themselves

  13. pokerplayer

    I’m thinking what Danny does is scripted.

  14. CanCan

    I think they gave Danny his phone back so there could be more drama with it. He’s useless. Bobby & Bryan are the biggest dickheads. They remind of 2 gossiping school girls. The tampon on the floor….totally disgusting. I hope those women (and men) will be mortified when they watch the show.

  15. Ellen

    I see where Julia is coming from (she was stressed out, tired, and upset – ben WAS being a bit rude towards her, and as convoluted as it was, i think she was ‘right’ about the croissant issue), but I also see where Ben is coming from (he was stressed out, tired, and having your character called into question – rather than your behavior – is really tough). What I DON’T like is that Ben couldn’t apologize. I hope these two make up, but Ben was retweeting slightly rude comments about Julia on twitter last night which bummed me out.
    Julia should say: “you were being rude to me and it upset me. However, I shouldn’t have gone so far as to make broader generalizations about your upbringing”
    Ben should say: “I apologize for being rude but I do think you need a tougher skin in the kitchen. Know that I can get a bit shore when I’m stressed but I respect & appreciate everything you do”

    ta-da! I should consult reality show members before reunions :)

    Danny is the actual worst. So cheesy and juvenile and rude and lazy.
    Brian is a douchebag and actually the worst manager I’ve ever witnessed.
    Hannah is great – she managed to support both Ben AND Julia without ever coming off two-faced. Ditto Tiffany.
    Bobby has always amused me, but is seeming douchier and douchier and previews for next week are NO GOOD.

  16. FarFromPerfekt

    Who the fuck leaves a used tampon on the floor for someone else to pick up??? Fucking Barbarians, that’s who!

  17. Happygal

    So I have been wondering is these douch bag charter guests are going to actually leave a good tip.

    On the one hand they have constantly complained about service but on the other they have liked the food, and liked it enough to extend their stay and even complimented Hanna turning around her attitude

    I also wonder what their home town has said to them after their appalling behavior on the boat.

    • More Tea Please!

      Did anybody catch who these disgusting guests were?

      • Barbara

        I googled them. One is founder of LinkedIn. Another is a mortgage broker. I forget the third one, maybe real estate, idk? I’m guessing they know each other from same frat house. Gross aren’t they?

      • Methinks

        They are disgusting.

    • Theresa

      They are from sarasota and I can’t find much response about them. I’ve looked.

      • lol as someone from Sarasota all I can say is im sorry and most of us are more like barely middle class normal, liberal, kinda hippyish ppl w/ a good amount of home training but when I saw the SRQ shirt on one of them I was like “oh no, they would be from damn sarasota.” If I ever see these guys around (we have like 300,000+ ppl so it could happen but not likely) I will smack the shit out of them for the sake of everyone lmao

  18. JoJoFLL

    In the UK, Public School is private, independent, fee paying school. Private school is run by the gov’t and free. Prince William went to public school.

    If Ben went to private school, he went to the equilavent of PS 105.

    I don’t mean to nitpick but this bugs me.

    • Ellen

      Yes this drove me crazy. Do you think the producers asked her to switch up the phrasing for American audiences?

    • Jim

      Not quite. Both Public and Private schools cost money to attend. Public schools are the oldest, most prestigious schools and are very selective. Private schools are newer, less selective schools but they are also fee-paying schools.

      State schools are the equivalent to tax-funded American Public schools.

  19. Buttercream

    The current Charter “guests” exhibit appalling behavior in both the way they conduct themselves toward the crew and their surroundings. Gives being an American a black eye .. embarrassed watching them these past two shows. Curious to see how much of a tip they actually leave the crew.
    Ah . the crew! Danny and his cell phone issue – Fire him already! Lazy creepy lizard..
    Hannah and her girls are doing great considering. Ben – there’s no crying in Yachting!
    Brian – worst mgr ever filmed on these shows …

  20. The water lines have to be cleaned or they grow barnacles. Happened to my husband last week & one of the engines overheated

  21. I think what we are seeing regarding Danny grooving (can I still use that word?) with the guests is the guests are all drunk they would rather be with a staff member like Danny that’s out there without drinking to Professionals that’s just doing their job. You know that saying what’s bad is a sober person having to put up with a drunk but what’s worse is a drunk person being in a party mood having to put up with sober people. Haha I give it to Danny he can party with guests without drinking with them (at least their not showing that) but he constantly over steps the boundaries and continues to step on the toes of his superiors and co-workers, there is no professionalism about him. If the guests had to put up with the whole staff acting like him I’m sure they would start to complain and get uncomfortable with that Guest/staff line being crossed but luckily for Danny the rest of the staff are staying professional so he continues to get away with his shananagins (sp?).

  22. spunky2015

    If Teresa Guidice had a son it would look like Danny. Hairline and all.

  23. Babs0909

    I know everyone hates on Bryan but look who he has to deal with: Know-it-all, bad knot tying Jenn (?) and girl-body Danny, the other Know-it-all. He looked like a small girl in the water cleaning the boat. Bryan and Bobby are hard working, strong, and competent. Bryan is a horrible drinker, yes, but how does one manage incompetent, lazy, entitled, know-it-alls? I’d be an asshat too.

    Has anyone else noticed the one male guests douchy laugh? Heh heh heh…Last episode it was more noticable, like his man boobs. Awful!

    What a bunch of low class, bad mannered customers. If they have the slightest bit of self awareness, they’ll know themselves to be a huge pain and leave a fat tip. We shall see.

  24. This show has grown on me, although I will always be team Captain Lee. However, if there is one thing I have learned from both of these shows, I would NEVER be able to work on a boat./yacht. The close quarters would drive me insane. And the tedious, detail oriented jobs, while smiling? Not happening. I give all of them a lot of credit for having a smile on their faces EVER! LOL P.S. side note SO excited flipping out starts tonight!!!!!!

    • pokerplayer

      Oh I so agree with you…if I worked on a yacht and had to deal with guest like these people they would be (wearing) the food I’d bring them!

    • The most wondrous time in my life was living 3-1/2 years on a 35′ sailboat (much closer quarters than on a power boat of the same length) as my late husband & I sailed from Newport Beach CA to Oriental NC. We took the 2 oldest grandchildren for a month with us to transit the Panama Canal & then cruise the San Blas Islands to interface with the Indians residing there. Close quarters are a challenge in some ways, yet we fell asleep every night with the entire sky above us. I actually suffered claustrophobia when we moved back on land. It seemed like the ceilings were closing down on me.

  25. I was on Santorini in April–lovely but VERY expensive.

  26. Randi

    Does Jen ever do anything except sit in the kitchen and galley and eat? Her facial expressions are hilarious. I love Hannah, Tiffany and Julia. I am so glad that interior is getting along. It is so nice to watch.

  27. T D

    Below deck Lake Okeehobee would have featured a swamp ape. Where’s the Greece? Saw more of grease in beefcheeks galley. Message in a bottle to Captain Lee, spinoff ship breached.Best fetch Ben for the others may be lost at sea.

    • MySharona

      I LOVE Below Deck Lake Okeechobee! That’s where these guests should be. On a pontoon boat with a grill and Chef Bubba on the back! Seriously, this crew is a hot mess train wreck. I love it.

      • Margarett

        Great comment, MySharona! These folks are insufferable. They really do belong on a pontoon boat with a Bubba!

        I keep telling myself that Tamara is probably correct about the difficulty of hiring a replacement for Danny since they’re in the Mediterranean. Honestly though I doubt that anyone would miss him. I haven’t seen him doing much work. It will certainly raise my moral if the Captain gives him his ticket home!

  28. Jen

    Did anyone notice that Danny had his phone on the golf cart, when he was asking the guest to “enter her info”? You can see him holding it as he gets out of the cart. Seems outrageous for him to violate his second chance from the captain at acting semi-prof’essional.

  29. I love below deck in all its forms. I lived a great and prospers life. But Id Never treat a crew who is catering to my needs this way. I worked as a waitress for years. I know my service. Hannah was a bit out of line. If you are obstructing my way to do my job….then u get what you give. I have issues with the whole staff. I do like Hannah. Daniel annoys me if he tried that shit on a yacht that I chartered. I would have told him I am not here to entertain you and you were not here to entertain me or yourself. Go deckhand yourself. The rest I can’t get into I’m exhausted by the bunch

    • By the by thanks for your posts I started reading you awhile ago and could tell that tou think LVP doesn’t sh/t gold. But she likes to pretend she does. You were the first I’ve ever seen to actually reveal her just another con artist. She plays the game well. Just waiting for someone to call her bluff. I stoped watching house wives after awhile so I appreciate your blog

  30. RosesandGin

    I am really excited to see all the comments on this post. I love Below Deck, and Im happy to see others enjoying it. Please keep the visits coming so TT will keep re-capping this show! Since I’ve been commenting Ive discovered I like to go from person to person since I feel like I cover my bases. Ill keep it short as I can.

    I can’t say the last time I have seen a genuine reaction, that wasn’t even at least semi forced, especially from a man, on a reality show. Perfectly put, Julia hit a nerve, he acknowledged it, and it is what sets this show apart- something seems more genuine. I really feel like Julia was emotionally and physically drained, she couldn’t take it out on the guests (and they were the horrible ones that deserved it). I felt for her too.

    Hannah has grown on me, and she is better at pulling her team together than I initially thought. Tiffany is just harmless. Danny needs to grow up. Bryan is terrible (bet he and Frank from Big Brother would get along quite well). Jen to me is basically invisible. And Bobby, I find him adorable, and it rose colors my opinion of him, I fully admit it. I am actually happy he says something to Julia in the next episode. i like her, but she was flirting a lot and I can see where in his mind it was mixed signals. (Like I said, he’s cute, Im biased).

  31. GreekIslander

    The ATVs only in Naxos story made absolutely no sense. There are ATVs for rent on literally every Greek island, especially Mykonos which has some great spots for ATV-ing by the beach or on mountaintops with amazing views. I’m wondering if it was to make the guests look even worse (as if they needed the help) by forcing the yacht to bounce back and forth between islands or if it was a filming permission issue (again, doubtful).

    I wonder if anyone else from the crew noticed that Danny had his phone out and what they have to say about him, inappropriately, asking a charter guest to put her info in his phone? That was way too much, and I would feel so uncomfortable as that guest! As much as he deserves to be fired, I have to admit I don’t want him to go because I want to see what stupid asshattery he does next! The only thing Bryan said that I agreed with was about Danny losing phone privileges–that shit doesn’t happen outside after middle school! Otherwise, Bryan has some real issues with women.

    Keep recapping, TT! I’m loving this show and so hope it comes back for a second season!!!

  32. Shelly

    The intolerable guests that were incredibly obnoxious were the butt of public ridicle before. They had there engagement announcement mentioned by Jay Leno as the “Biter Annis” engagement. Get it?
    Bite her anus? Lol

  33. Stephanie

    Previews show that next week someone gets a ticket home. I hope that it’s Danny! It’s be high time.

  34. Stephanie

    Also, Ben is my favorite. I loved him on the regular Below Deck.

  35. Henry Beckner

    What was the TIP from the “They hate us cuz” charter ? Are they really not going to tell us that?

  36. run_dmc

    These past two episodes seem all about generalizations to me. Yes, the charter guests were obnoxious and disgusting but for Hannah to say that somehow it was because they were American is offensive. Do not try to tell me that there aren’t obnoxious and disgusting Brits and Aussies who vacation all over the world because I’ve seen them. Doesn’t make them indicative of the rest of their country people. Then, Julia has a HUGE chip on her shoulder about being from the North and working class and seemingly insecure about her intelligence. Ben can be an arrogant ass, but he is to everyone. His attitude certainly doesn’t seem to have anything to do with where a person went to school or how they grew up. Julia realizing about all “southern poshers” was also offensive. (Plus, these days, she has to know that calling a Brit classist is akin to calling someone racist here in the US).

    And, is Hannah really trying to persuade us that in all her years and years of stew service, she’s never encountered other rich obnoxious, disgusting a–holes? Uh huh. Most people in that circumstance are going to be civil and appreciative, but if she has never met another group that’s that awful then she is lying about how long she’s been in service.

    Finally, I could do the same thing they do and say that “Danny is a perfect example of why people don’t want to work with entitled, obnoxious Millenials,” but I would never generalize like that.

    • tamaratattles

      American travelers are the second most embarrassingly horrific next to Germans who are just cunts. Hannah is totally correct with her assessment of Americans. Most of the behaviors we have seen out of this bunch of dickwads I have seen in my travels all over Europe. I’ve been told numerous times that I am not like most American tourists in Europe. They behave like these fools, and the housewives.

  37. Garkenrat

    Bryan is disgusting. He’s aggressive and all he does in his confessionals is whine like a bitch about the shortcomings of this person or that person. Or we have to hear about how his Daddy handled his employees and how He’s going to do it just like his Daddy did. He’s the weakest most inept manager I’ve ever seen. I can’t even love to hate him I actually hate to hate him. It’s makes it unenjoyable. I wanna punch him in his weak little chin. He needs a new role model to ape besides “Daddy”. He must have a very small penis indeed.

  38. Suse

    Ben topped it off by correcting Jule’s GRAMMAR. She took it until while discussing the guests’ pictures, she said, “THEM TWO?” This is where Ben said, “What? What do you mean, what does that mean . . . You mean THOSE TWO?” Am I the only one that caught this? THAT is what started the elitist discussion about his humble upbringing playing with William and Harry (wait, vomiting a little in my mouth). Ben also is the one that told Danny to decline the tip when he was sick and then told the crew that Danny is willing to give up his tip! Ben doesn’t fool me — private school or not, he has it right when he said,”I am a cook on a boat . . .”

  39. Suse

    Oh, how can we forget watching Ben STRUGGLE through an ATTEMPT at making S’mores. Everyone knows you give the a stick and marshmallow, graham cracker, Hersey Bar . . . That skillet of Peeps made me feel for that crew Those women were so nice-anyone else would have called William and Harry’s playmate on that.

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