Real Housewives of Orange County Recap: Lies In The Air, Sand In My Hair

RHOOC Cast Season 11


I’m late for this RHOOC recap because I just did a rather personal blog  where I relived a bad experience. I realized I had never told anyone that story before. I feel like I am writing my fucking memoirs here lately. WTF with all my oversharing? Am I dying?

Anyway, let’s check in with the ladies who live glamorous lives in Orange County an try to feel bad about their made up hangnail of the week. I can tell you know I am not in the mood.  Is it okay if I just make it more of a discussion thread? KTHX.


I admire Tamra for her commitment to health. However, she is not doing this for herself. She is doing it to have some sort of control over her surroundings.


Heather wants you to know she is very rich. I do not care. She’s  shallow and boring. No amount of money can buy you into being a good person.  I get this is her storyline bullshit, but I doubt it is far from the truth of who she is.

Photo: @GoRyanGo on Twitter

Photo: @GoRyanGo on Twitter


Before I even watch this I have too say I remain #TeamVicki all the way and I cannot stand her daughter. So while I have your attention, I am biasED not “bias” when you send me nasty shit about my opinion. I bias is a line you cut fabric on. My comments are biased.  Because, blogger.

That said, Vicki is being a retard about making  the kids do the whole Goodnight Moon thing to each room. And how did I miss ANOTHER FUCKING ILLNESS STORYLINE ABOUT BRIANA? She is moving home not to be on TV but because of some medial issue? FML.  I can’t stand Ryan.

I was reading an article on Conde Nast Traveler recently where the person said that she wished that all young people could be thrust in another culture they were not prepared for when they were young. Both Vicki and her daughter could have benefitted from this.  They can’t even tolerate the smells of a different lifestyle while blasting through bitching about Oklahoma on the way to Orange County. I really feel sorry for them.  Where are the shopping malls?  Wow.  It’s not that they are stupid people. They are just so focused on the microcosm of Orange County, and so globally unaware, (and shallow) that they have no idea there is a huge and fascinating world out there. It’s sad and depressing and part of what is wrong with the world right now.

Blah, blah, blah, Briana’s leg is infected. I have no idea what her surgery was for.


I am hoping to dislike Meghan less this season. I mean she was right about Brooks.


I can’t believe I ever liked her.  Why does she let that one daughter wear horrific makeup on camera?  What happened to parents who screamed at you to wash that shit off? And that was not on TV!


Kelly is a fucking mess. And I love her. Because aren’t we all? She offers to throw a beach party.  Kelly gets Vicki’s issues. I like that too. But at the anti Vicki lunch, the other bitches are not feeling her.

But they all show up to her party.

In the lead up to the party Vicki says of Kelly, “I think she would have brought me a casserole.”  It makes me wonder if Vicki has some southern roots somewhere. Because, while the casserole thing is a metaphor, it’s also not for those living in proximity to do so.

I loved Vicki’s comment about Kelly’s brother. I love LOVE  LOVE  Kelly’s house.  I cannot imagine being that fortunate.

The Brooks shit starts up again. I won’t recap that. Vicki says she didn’t lie about cancer.

Tamra is in a blue dress in her talking heads. It is important to notice this, because of editing.

Vicki says she did not lie about Brooks.

Vicki begs for forgiveness  (for what?) Tamra forgives her because she need camera time.

Next week: More Brianna ambiguous health scare. I just can’t.


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155 responses to “Real Housewives of Orange County Recap: Lies In The Air, Sand In My Hair

  1. MARC

    I love the oversharing ! I would rather hear about that than these clowns !

  2. Elizabeth

    Spot on with a…… I just can’t with Tamara and the trainer talking God….. Ugh
    All set with Heather, if I had all that $ wouldn’t be spending on a house… Especially if I had kiddos…
    Brianna overall doesnt look healthy to me….her husband is wacked

    • Meri

      Brianna, a trained nurse who just had surgery and is experiencing complications decides to DRIVE for 21 hours? IS Vicki out of money to afford a mover and a plane ticket? This defies belief and really exposes the obvious need for storylines and fake plots. I can’t stand Briana and actually feel sorry for Vicki for feeling the need to enable and continually finance this selfish brat of a daughter and her spoiled children.
      Heather is beyond annoying and shallow…she is a huge nothing. Money can’t buy you a personality or decency and Heather is lacking in both.
      Shannon…a bitch. She is just nasty and if I were David, I’d grab their kids and run. She is toxic in too many ways to list.
      Kelly, fake and annoying and Meghan will never be likable because she is immature and annoying.
      The show has turned into a terribly written soap opera with unlikable characters.
      Tamra…….praying because it makes her look good (to herself)? Really? Her trainer/spiritual guide was a huckster who talked so fast that I got a headache.
      Fake…it’s all just too much. Your blog, as always, was far better than the show.

      • Elizabeth

        Meri could not agree more!!!!! The Tamara trainer thing is just beyond ugh!!!!

      • PaganChick

        According to Vicki, Brianna gets car sick unless she is the one driving. I think that Brianna and her husband should have been the ones to pay for movers and the like. They didn’t count on Vicki to finance their move to OK, they shouldn’t have to rely on her to finance their move back. I totally agree with you that Brianna is a brat. I also think that Brianna’s husband is rage filled fucknut.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        I don’t dislike Brianna because I think she’s had some really good points about Vicki’s mothering. No, I don’t sign off on the way she gossips about her mother with Tamra and stuff like that…but, the poor girl had Vicki for a mother.

        I do think that her criticism of Vicki’s relationship was misplaced anger at her own situation with Ryan.

      • Sabrina

        Does anyone understand why Brianna left before her husband? Without the house sold? But she left her job and is not going back? What????
        There is too much missing on this story-she is or isn’t sick, if she needed surgery why not go to these guys she is now moving to trust? I don’t get any of it except I think really no one will talk to Vicki and she needed Brianna to move into the house because she was alone and had no storyline.

        My guess is that Tamara was right a year ago,. Bravo forced Vicki to have Brooks on last year, if she was going to be on the show, he was recovering from some bout of cancer at some time, and they used this storyline because they had nothing else. So Bravo agreed to bring her back this year since they played a role in her BS story, but Vicki felt forced by Bravo, the girls know it and she wanted them to play along. Once her mom died she felt so lost , is unwilling to apologize for anything, and thinks it’ s everyone else’s fault, as usual.

        Bravo probably did treat her badly, did put her in a bad place, but she had chances to rise above it and make it work- and did n;t do that- why not? Why could she not see through Brooks?

      • I wasn’t going to reply but you think like me and brought up a valid point. Your right about Bravo having Vicki play along with the Brooks storyline. It makes too much sense!!! Why else would Vicki buck back so hard against the ladies if they knew something also. There’s fish here everywhere! I love this blog. My first time and I’m going to stick with it. Thanx!!

      • Kimoe

        Typically when you’re discharged from the military the government pays for you to move back to where you came from or whatever place you want to be discharged. All military moves are paid by government but they wouldn’t have paid for Briana’s car to be shipped that’s why they drove. But Vicki could’ve flown them home and paid someone to drive car back to the OC.

    • Sally

      I agree. How does anyone like Brianna? Spoilt and entitled,,,and complaining about it? Huh ALWAYS complaining. Her life is so hard, her mom bought/ didn’t buy her house and car for her. waah waah waah . She has Vicki wrapped around her finger and yet she mistreats her. Brianna needs to STFU. Heather: Yep, spot on! She is rich and you’re not. Envy me! You ALL want to be me, don’t you? Please everyone,,,let that green eyed monster in all of you show! She’s frivolous and she knows it. She’s got to be the ‘classy’ one. She knows the right wine and the right thread count and that is what’s important. That and her constant PRANCING! Heather prances. Heather scolds. She knows how to behave like a lady…Full of it! Shannon…Hmmm…I used to like her. Now I think she’s the bully that she knows. She loves to put down the others. Another product of “Daddy bought me a pony and tennis lessons” culture. Am I the only one who picked up on her mean girls comment to Kelly: . “I never said I’M college educated…that’s an interesting thing to say!”..what ARE you trying to say Shannon? That going to USC (or any college) is so banal and mundane and anyone and everyone does it, so why make it a point? How insulting to everyone Shannon!…and her non invitation to Vickie where she announces she’s not a mean girl which is why she’ll invite Vickie to her party.
      I Like Kelly: she defends herself and she’s fearless. I like the C word. It was apt.
      Meghan: insipid, boring, spoilt
      Tamra: I used to hate her. Not so much now. She was so low brow, tacky…She STILL is, yet she takes no prisoners and I like that. She really cuts to the chase.
      Vickie: a survivor. Don’t hate on her.
      I AM DONE!!!! Watch Amy Phillips mimic Heather.
      Now…LEAVE!!!! “what are you, the BOSS?” LOVE IT!!!!!!!
      Thanks everyone for the rant! I loved getting that off my chest!

  3. McNasty

    I really can’t stand any of these women besides Vicki and the newbie, Kelly. Shannon is like on her last leg, she looks awful and is just not fun to watch anymore. Heather is just awful. Cannot stand her! Who likes her? Tamara is same old same old and Megan is boring AF!

    • Microop

      I like Heather! A lot. I think she is shallow but in Real Housewife world that’s not a major crime.

      • Pufflet

        Me too! I like Heather quite a lot and I respectfully submit that I can’t stand Vickie, she can really dish it up but can’t take it.

      • Twilly

        She is shallow and that’s ok on these shows. But my issue with her is that she believes she is above everyone else and so evolved when she really is just a desert puddle. She should own her shallowness instead of thinking she’s more then one-dimensional.

      • Lola

        I think Heather is only friends with Tamra because she would rather keep her enemies close…Tamra is vicious. Heather is shallow but I like her too. I HATE SHANNON. She’s extremely annoying and whiny. She reminds me of eeyore from Winnie the Pooh (I have a 3 year old).

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        @Twilly, I think she’s only “friends” with Tamra because she looks rich and classy in comparison. Yeah, she’s one of those type of women for sure.

      • Kimoe

        I like Heather too. The HW is about living life large. I think she brings that well. She is acting and doing a good job. So yeah let’s talk about hexagons ice cubes…..isn’t that what they do in the OC?

    • Purple Lover

      I totally agree that Vicki and Kelly are the only ones worth watching any more. Tamara cannot just let it go. Be a real Christian and forgive and forget. What does she expect from Vicki? I do believe that Vicki was so brain washed by Brooks that she believed him. Vicki has apologized, but I guess it was not up to Tamara’s standards. Tamara just keeps going at her, and at her, and no matter what Vicki says, it is not good enough.

      Heather is so fake and superficial. I can’t take another season of watching her flaunt her wealth with purchases for this monstrosity of a house. I usually check the other channels when she comes on. She is so boring and has no real story.

      Meghan is a spoiled brat and so immature. She really does not fit into the cast other than just being a mean girl who is not really too bright. I’m with Vicky, she is Jim’s trophy wife for the time being and I don’t see her being off the show because Jim is one of Andy’s idols.

      Shannon is the meanest girl of all. I can understand why David had an affair. I would be looking for some warmth and kindness from some other place if I had to live with her. I cannot imagine there is much happiness in that home with the coldness she exhibits. She cannot get past herself, and definitely cannot forgive anything. She acts like she has no heart and is just hateful.

      Now let’s get to Kelly. She is a wild child, but I like her and she speaks her mind. The others will not like her because she says it like it is and does not kiss their butts. She is calling them out on their attitudes about Vicki and they are not liking it one bit. It should be an interesting season with her.

      • Lou

        Well I don’t excuse anybody for having an affair…. if you’re having issues …fix your issues or get divorced ….that being said was hysterical the way he kiss Kelly …accidental or not .,,you know that Shannon is going to have a fit when she sees it. Expect Shannon and Kelly to have issues very soon

      • dayle ann

        I think Kelly came on to strong too soon. Not a goof way to start in a new group.

  4. Aunt Sis

    Am I the only one who thinks Vicki should have stayed home with her daughter instead of going to that beach party. Clearly Brianna needed her mother’s help. Brianna was not well enough to chase after those two boys. She needed rest. She told her mother she needed to lay down. I felt so bad for Brianna. Maybe things wouldn’t have gone from bad to worse if Vicki would have stayed home and helped Brianna.

    • Lisa j

      No you’re not, I thought the same thing! You’re daughter is hurting with 2 toddlers and she’s off to work. Now her legitimately not knowing Brooks was a big fat lying liar makes a lot more sense to me.

      • Vicki is too self-absorbed to know what is going on around her. When they got to OC Vicki kept complaining about how SHE was cramped up and how much pain SHE was in. I don’t think I would have even noticed my own pain if my daughter was there in that much pain.

    • swizzle

      She should have note gone to work, she should have not gone to the beach party. Yes! Brianna says I feel like I’m going to pass out, Vicki grabs her keys and runs off to work leaving her alone with two young children. WTF?

    • I respectfully disagree. Vicki needs to work: it is her lifeline. I would have hired a nanny/nurse though. Brianna certainly should not be left alone with pain and two toddlers.

      But why does the daughter bitch about her mom so much. I just don’t get the dynamic.

      • I think Brianna doesn’t get what she needs from Vicki. Vicki is so focused on providing financially that she has a hard time being compassionate. I had a mother who was like that too and it can be difficult.

      • quincygirl

        When Vicki’s son, Michael is the VP I am sure he could have watched the company for a day or so while his sister needed some TLC. I am not a Vicki fan by all means, but this episode did not do her any favors at all. I am wondering if this is how Bravo is gonna treat Vicki all season in a manner of editing? They knew how that was gonna make her look last night, if they just would have taped where Brianna said she gets car sick unless she drives, it would have saved a lot. ha Heather said she was gonna cut back on the money talk – but now they just put it in the subtitles. Geesh! Special shaped ice cubes? ridiculous!

      • Gabriella

        To me, Brianna has never seemed happy, she always seems grouchy, even in the good times. Definitely a different type of personality to her mum.

    • Lou

      No you are not the only one …but it was noted that it was 4 o’clock. Vicki said and her blog she only went to work to grab papers and come back. She already hired her around-the-clock nurse. She was with Briana all day

    • I agree wholeheartedly. Vicki ran off to working then to the beach party and she already knew full well how sick Briana was. Briana was truly in no shape to tend to the children. I hope she isn’t to bad off because of it. Briana should have known better, she is a nurse. We’ll see!

    • Jingy

      Vicky should not be leaving Brianna home with those boys when shes ill. I don’t care what she’s done for her I bought for her. Vicky is fake and full of s. Shannon is right to not forgive Vicky after she and her sister-in-law threw her husband’s infidelity in her face. Vicky is not ashamed of what she did with Brooks She’s just too ashamed to stay with him

    • dayle ann

      What I don’t get is that Andy is having Vicki back on the show. Kelly and her husband are both sleeze bags for there behavior at Shannon’s party.

  5. kate62

    @TT, on the oversharing… You’re not dying, just unpacking some very heavy baggage… Over share away, it’s good for the soul! xoxoxo

  6. Microop

    Aww, I think Tamra is trying to be better. I give her credit for that. Change is not easy.

    • swizzle

      Agreed. I really saw a difference during her sit down with Vicki. She didn’t explode like she used to. She took a breath and asked Vicki to explain what she meant. It’s quite rare to see personal growth in these HWs, so I applaud Tamra.

      • Kimoe

        Agreed. Tamara also said she ‘got’ who Vicki is and forgave her because she’s not going to change her ways but accepted her apology. Props for Tamara because I find Vicki sad, very sad being as old as she is and so clueless in her personal life. Tamara said Vicki has trouble keeping friends which isn’t surprising.

  7. Nope, can’t bring myself to watch it and I feel guilty that I am enjoying reading your recap, TT. Because, that means you had to watch it. I am sorry.

    • Babs0909

      Me too! Thank you TT for the recap, because I can’t watch these foul women anymore. I erased all episodes, Unwatched. I can’t bear the thought of looking at their overly plumped up lips & listening to the stupidly. And the creepy Ryan that Brianna married! I despised him after he yelled at Tinkerbell’s mother (Lydia?). He was so disrespectful and ugly, then Brianna refused to acknowledge it because he was in Iraq. I see his true self has reared it’s ugly head. Again, thanks for the honest recap.

  8. HazelHickory

    I have not watched the show, because I am finding it more and more difficult watch these shows, and, as an East Coaster, I get very queezy watching life in a place that looks out West over the ocean and not East. It scares me and I feel a cultural disconnect. So I rely on TT’s great recaps. That said, I am Team Vicki too because she is so warm, gutsy, and generous, while I find Heather to be such a cardboard person, and mean, that I could not bring myself to watch WWHL tonight bc they said Heather D would be on. I like Kelly because she likes Vicki, and is willing to stand up to a pack of mean girls. Megan.. She just seems so judgmental and that scares me almost as much as the West Coast. As for Shannon, I feel so duped that I felt sorry for her because I thought she was being bullied in her first season and did not deserve it – but maybe she did, deserve it. And I almost never say that because, always for the underdog. I am offically jealous of Tamra – if I could only muster that kind of grit, determination and energy – to body transformation. She is a kind of wonder-woman, seriously. As for Brianna- spoiled and bratty and selfish, and I would guess not much has changed.


      Heather confuses me. She complains about Terry working all the time yet they are building this huge multimillion dollar mega mansion. Is she really that self unaware?
      Or acting for the camera.

  9. I feel sorry for Brianna having Vicki the Narcissist as a mother. Brianna health problems have always been real. Vicki could of at least set up a babysitting service if she had to go to work. Describing Vicki as a warm person is a real stretch IMO

    • Minky

      Yeah, I just can’t see Vicki in the soft, warm light. There’s a reason she’s the only OG RH left. And it’s not because she’s a saint or mother of the year. Tamra wishes she could be as wily as Vicki. Yeah, Brianna can be a bit too much, but with a mother like Vicki, who can blame her?

    • penny

      I was thinking, Briana, call Jeana, she’ll help you!

      • Minky

        Oh I wish. Jeanna’s my favorite RHOC ever. One of my favorite RH’s ever, actually. But Vicki already “corrected” Jeanna.

        I would love for Jeanna to come back to the show, but I’m afraid Vicki (and Tamra) would do to her what Kim and Kingsley did to that stylist. Kim=Vicki and Kingsley=Tamra.

        Brianna needs to learn how to do battle with Vicki without anybody’s help. Especially not people like Tamra! Every time she accepts gifts of money (bribes) or whatever else from Vicki, she’s giving her power away.

        She should have stayed in Oklahoma. Far the fuck away from OC and Vicki’s influence. She’s got enough on her plate with that good-for-nothing husband and two small children and her health to worry about.

    • Absolutely agree with you! Vicki is self centered and delusional, she has yet to take responsible for blowing up at all of them, and then the comment about them all ganging up on brooks! That’s a bit munchie!

    • PaganChick

      Vicki DID hire a round the clock aid for Brianna and she only left for a iittle while to grab some papers and came right back home.

      • tamaratattles

        Aw, I was enjoying watching everyone’s head explode. Why would anyone think she would drive back across the country with he sick child that she moved back into her home and just leave her there to go sell insurance. It was crazy talk! Vicki probably wipes Briana’s ass every time she poops.

  10. Tammy James

    Whatever vicarious, voyeuristic thrill we got marveling at Heather’s wealth initially has become insulting now. She’s a shallow snob. Tamra is just pathetic. I see her twenty years from now with a “filled”, frozen face in leopard leggings trying to get Eddie to repeat the hottub scene. So gross. Shannon and her husband are scary, super creepy. No fun to watch at all. I fast forward if Vicki or Kelly aren’t in the scene. Oh, and there are no words for Meghan. Please make her go away.


    It’s important to remember that Vicki was basically brainwashed by Brooks.

    Doesn’t anybody remember the season finale “either you’re in or you’re out” ?.
    Vicki was willing to give up her kids for that guy.
    They figured out Brooks viewed all the OC seasons to learn how to manipulate Vicki.
    That’s a mind f@##k I doubt any of us could get over easily

    • Last season was the THIRD time Brooks used the cancer card. I don’t buy it.

    • Matzah60

      I don’t believe for a minute that Vicki was brainwashed. “Vicky was willing to give up her kids for that guy.” That is pathetic and incredibly selfish. The woman can’t live without a man. When Brianna and her family left for Oklahoma, Vicki cried for herself, not because they had to move across the country away from everything familiar to them. Everything is always about Vicki.

      For myself, Vicki doesn’t have anything new to share. Time for the OG to move on and off the show

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      I think Brooks is a con man and a woman like Vicki is susceptible to con men. I don’t believe she didn’t have suspicions at some point, but I think she was in too deep by then. I think she has a hard time admitting to HERSELF that she was duped, let alone to anyone else. She’s too fragile emotionally to acknowledge that he completely used her and probably never loved her. She’d rather believe his hallmark sentiments were real.

      • Happygal

        Yes ! I think this is exactly it. To admit otherwise would be to admit that he never really loved her and she just cannot allow herself to go there.

        Despite the fact that she is very successful business woman Vickie is a very insecure person when it comes to relationships and men in particular men.

        Hell when Slade made fun of her looks, man she lothed, rather than chalk it up to the ramblings of jack ass she got plastic surgery.

        To want to have the love of a man so badly, some man, any man, to fill some void in your life is hard to understand if you have never experienced it yourself. When you think so little of yourself despite being outwardly successful professionally it is hard for others to grasp

      • spunky2015

        Yes, duped for the third time is pretty embarrassing. Why tamra and Briana are so disgusted. I think it’s more of a case to have a partner to film with.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        @spunky it IS embarrassing, which I think is why she can’t admit it happened. Her “love tank” was being filled and that’s all she really cared about. She ignored all the red flags. She’s incredibly insecure. Yes, she absolutely should have known better, but I see how she ended up where she is now.

      • IMO she working that victim card really well, I’m amazed at all the compassion and excuses I’m seeing. She’d just as savy as always except it didn’t play out the way she wanted, she lied lied lied and covered up!

  12. My2cents

    Vicki claims those grandkids are her life but she couldn’t get to the office fast enough when they needed to be taken care of. Briana had to drive the 20 hours with 8/10 pain and active infection and then returned from the hospital with a PIC line for IV drugs, which is a BIG deal….Vickie leaves her with two BUSY preschoolers…I hope this was edited and she wasn’t really that callous. Sorry had to vent;(

  13. What in the hell is wrong with Vicki?!! To take a 21-hour trip with a daughter who was in obvious pain, and to let her drive?!! To start with, driving that far, with very few breaks, is a recipe for deep vein thrombosis, which Brianna was at higher risk for having just had leg surgery. Plus Vicki said she had been running a 103-104 degree fever! You mean Vicki couldn’t have paid for them to fly back and have everything else shipped? Then to leave Brianna to take care of kids while she goes to work? Brianna is standing there in genuine distress, and wants nothing more than to go to bed. What does Vicki do? “Are you OK if I leave you?” Jesus Christ, woman! Your daughter is crying and really sick – of course she can’t take care of those two active little boys. Hope Brianna is OK, despite having such a lame excuse for a mother. Not quite sure what her medical issues are, but I have no doubt they’re genuine, unlike someone else we could mention who Vicki seemed a lot more concerned with! For a supposedly intelligent businesswoman, Vicki comes off as extremely stupid at times. BTW, what happened to David? He looks like a shriveled, pale old lizard, like he’s had all the juices sucked out of his body by a deadly spider. Visuals, anyone? Heather is as superficial and annoying as usual. God forbid real life ever looms up and hits her in the face. I don’t care how much money her husband makes – there’s no reason on Go’s earth to live like she does.

      • Onawin

        Thanks TT for the great recap it was better than the show. People lets not forget the move was not Heather idea it was Terry who told her she could do what ever she wanted in the building of the new and final home. However I would love to see Heather do a cooking class, and teach her daughters. And more of Terry interacting with the kids especially CoCo.

    • Lynn

      If you had watched Andy’s show you know that Vickie tweeted that Brianna gets motion sickness on long trips unless she is driving and that they did take turns.

      • Minky

        @EnglishRose: EVERYTHING you just said. All of it! If Briana is getting enough painkillers then she should be able to be stoned enough to relax during the trip. Or they could’ve just taken a plane or train. Vicki is, as Homer Simpson would say, stupid like a fox.

        David looks like Michael Jackson after his transformation into a ghoul in the “Thriller” video.

        Heather should be forced to live in Section 8 housing with no washer dryer, heat or A/C, and no WiFi. And eat ramen noodles and government cheese sandwiches everyday that she bought with food stamps. And shop nowhere but the 99 cents store, thrift stores and Numero Uno. A lot of really good people do, through no fault of their own. There, but for the grace of God…

      • SLM

        Minky, I thought the EXACT same thing about David!!! That image of Michael Jackson in the ghouls make-up for Thriller was all I could think about….maybe he’s committing slow suicide by refusing to eat?!?!?

  14. Nila

    I felt like this episode was really short for some reason?

    I’m assuming they drove for a good reason, whatever that was.. On WWHL Vicki had tweeted that Briana gets motion sickness if she doesn’t drive. That whole trip didn’t make much sense to me but again, I’m sure there was some reason for it. I also think that there was a nanny of some sort on hand. I can’t imagine Vicki just leaving her and if she did, well that’s part of being a mom! I have a hard time feeling sorry for Briana, your mother just drove across country with you and bought you a house, stfu!

    I am wondering g if there was a cheating rumor about Eddie. Did anyone notice that when Tamara was talking to Vicki, she cut her off when Vicki said I’m sure Shannon defended David and you defended Eddie and Tamara cut her off and said don’t bring up other people. I felt like there was a rumor or something about Eddie and Tamara did not want to discuss it on camera.

    I sure hope thy pizza oven can read bedtime stories and play ball with those kids because their father won’t be around to do it! Heather’s comments are ridiculous and so is her house.

    Megan still irritates me. I agree, she does not fit in this show or with the ladies.

  15. Meredo

    So Vicki wants a casserole brought to her under the guise of Brooks having cancer, yet her own daughter is in obvious pain and should probably have been in a hospital, and what does Vicki do? She leaves her to go to work? WTF? No casseroles for Brianna from Vocki, she can’t even be bothered to take time off from work when her daughter obviously needed her help. I don’t blame the other women for how they’re treating Vicki ( and I was Team Vicki until the lies just became so transparent) I don’t think I could forgive her either unless she admits she knew Brooks did not have cancer!

    • Minky

      She’s never gonna admit it, Meredo. Even if she was given the choice between that and a firing squad. Admitting it would also be an admission of a whole bunch of other stuff, like why she treats her family like doo-doo. She’s gonna keep blaming it on Stockholm syndrome. Totally ridiculous.

      • Meredo

        As always, you are spot on Minky. It’s just so frustrating, yet I tune in every week! I’m just a glutton for punishment I guess.😀

  16. Lu

    Thanks for the recap TT. I am with you girl, that’s with Vicki. I feel for her and will always root for her even though there are times that she infuriates me. The other women, nah, I cannot stand them. Thinking back on how bad Heather treated Shannon and now they are besties, How Tamra made out that Shannon has lost her marbles and now they are inseparable. I also rooted for Shannon but cannot fathom looking at her this season. Megan will forever irritate the shit out of me, so in my mind she does not exist. Looking at Tamra talking about christianity absolutely revolts me. She has no idea what it entails being a good christian. Forgiveness, is paramount. She has not gotten it yet. On a lighter note, I like Kelly. Lets see what she comes up with!

  17. Miguel

    Your assessment of each cast member is spot on, TT!!! This is exactly how I felt all of last season; and, the saga – or lack thereof, continues…

  18. This whole thing with Brianna is really scary – if the infection is that bad, it COULD lead to sepsis – which can be life threatening. PIC lines are IVs that are surgically implanted in you to deliver meds into your main system a lot quicker and for longer periods of time.

    Vicki had no business going back to work and leaving Brianna to take care of the kids. If you are bad off enough to require a PIC line, you are in bad shape. I’m sure the only reason she was able to go home was because of her nursing credentials.

    She clearly knew of Brianna’s health problems and knew she was coming back to the OC, so she could’ve gotten a nanny lined up to help Brianna out. At a minimum, she should’ve taken her grandkids to work and had her secretary or Michael watch them while she was in a meeting or whatever was so urgent. That was so cold to leave Brianna there in tears and dealing with kids when she clearly needed to be in a hospital.

    Now on to more “important things” (on the OC’s scale of importance) Is Heather wearing a padded bra? Or did she get a boob job? I didn’t think she went in for that kind of thing. But seriously, I think that Heather is scared…she’s dealing with something going on with Terry and is burying herself in this project for him.

    David went in for the double cheek kiss and Kelly turned her head at the last minute to get the kiss planted on her lips – then she makes a big deal out of it for her husband and Shannon to hear.
    Kelly’s trying to start up trouble for Shannon and David. I kinda liked her until she did that! Troublemaker for sure!!!

    • I don’t think Heathers scared of anything. Lol!

      • Megan

        I had a PIC line for an infection. You do not feel sick or tired like Brianna said. In fact, as soon as you start getting the infusions you feel better. But you cannot lift anything with that arm, so caring for toddlers would be impossible. Thankfully my kids were a little older than her’s when I had one. You also can’t really leave home a lot because a nurse has to come to your house to give you the infusions at the same times each day. It was a really hard experience for me emotionally. I could have really used my Mom being around those few weeks.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      I have weird vibes coming from Kelly. The way she went on and on about her husband being a narcissist…project much? I didn’t care for how the two of them spoke in front of their daughter, and found it really weird Kelly wouldn’t let the girl stay home when she was clearly sick. I think something is very up with her.

    • Megan, we’ll agree to disagree on this point.

      When I had my PIC line, the high-level antibiotics they were giving me knocked me on my butt…no way could I have taken care of anyone else.

      Also, that red spot on her arm right above the PIC line doesn’t look good either.

    • Shae

      I agree. I know Vicki is very involved and does a lot for Briana, but in that moment, it was not a wise move to leave her alone, at home, in that state with two small kids. She could hurt herself or god forbid, hurt them, if she passed out or something. Or fell. She could’ve taken the kids to work, stayed home, or called a babysitter or friend to come stay with Briana.

      No way would my mother at any stage of my life, leave me that way- especially if two grandbabies were around.

  19. Cgal38

    Tt I love your over shares so I will do one too – my parents were a middle class version/non fame whore version of Shannon and david – my father cheated, they separated, they wound up getting back together and just celebrated their 46 year anniversary. I was in Jr. High – high school during those years so I know first hand how confusing and difficult it can be for girls that age. Fuck Shannon with the biggest chainsaw for putting the poor kids on tv like this – they don’t need the money – just live your life and keep the kids out of it! I just don’t buy her shit for a second and interestingly my parents, too, sold the house we grew up in for a new start when all of the dust settled – but I think Shannon researched what couples do and it’s just her plan to be famous – the scorned wife who forgave. Fuck. You.

    As for Brianna – her and Vicki are wwaasyyyyyyyyy to dependent on each other, but I cannot throw Vicki under the bus for leaving to work – she works! And Brianna is a mother, she should have made arrangements for her kids do she could recover – and I’m sure she did, she was probably being dramatic. But Vicki – who I don’t like – did take time off to drive her, bought her a home, set up the kids in cute bunk beds – she’s allowed to go live her life. I wouldn’t be surprised if they had a stipulation – if Brianna moves home than Vicki can still love her life and shouldn’t be the built in babysitter. I know she was in pain and hurting but she seemed like sssuuccchhhhh a spoiled brat. Why didn’t Ryan take time off to drive with them or fly there to help? Why the fuck should Vicki have to do it??

    • Bridgett

      Agreed! Brianna supposedly makes 6 figures as a nurse, so she can easily spring for a part time nanny. She is from the OC, so she should know a reliable person to come help her. Vicki took the time off work to go to OK and then drive to OC with her. Not a fan of either lady.

      • Something Clever

        Six figures is nothing remarkable in OC. She doesn’t have gobs of disposable income, and Ryan’s Marine Corps salary is no big deal there, either. They are pretty middle class. I think that factored into their move to OKC in the first place.

    • swizzle

      I’m pretty sure that Vicki bought the house for Brianna and moved her when she did was all part of some deal for Brianna and the boys to film with her. Why else would she hit the road right after surgery while fighting an infection in her leg? I also think Ryan has significant back issues, so a 21-hour road trip would not be pleasant for him. Vicki should have just left Brianna in OKC. They do have doctors there, and it’s not a third world country like Vicki makes it sound.

    • TBD

      Brianna has never really been emotionally autonomous from Vicki. Brianna has never separated because Vicki won’t allow for it. And now Bravo is (in affect) is being used as tool keep things status quo.

      Michael seems a little more autonomous as he wouldn’t enmesh himself into the Vicki bs. Although I must admit he too is employed by Vicki.

      Not a good situation when jobs, opportunities and wages are being driven downward.

      Love your shares TT.

    • Kimoe

      Cgal38, I thought Shannon moved because neighbors revolted regarding filming and the HOA banned filming.

      I’m not a Ryan fan but if Briana decided to leave before his discharge then that’s on them. Ryan has to do what the military tells him and unlike a regular job you can’t take off for stuff like driving your wife and kids across country. GI means government issue…’re government property literally. They can court martial you for damaging government property if you attempt suicide……probably don’t now days, but that’s how invested soldiers are when they sign up.

      • Cgal38

        I thought that’s why they really moved too, so when she said it was for a fresh start, I called bullshit. I think she knows it’s what people do so she said that for storyline.

    • Something Clever

      I think Brianna said that Ryan is still in the Marine Corps. I assumed that he needed to be at the house for the packers and movers. The hose still had personal items visible, so the packing needed to be supervised by an owner.

      I also wouldn’t be surprised if Vicky made the down payment, maybe 20 percent or something, on their house. Homes on OC are *very* expensive. Vicky is the same person who surprised Briana with a car several years ago, only to leave her with monthly payments, so I wouldn’t put anything past that woman.

      • Minky

        Oh my goodness! She had Brianna pay for her own gift? That takes obnoxiousness to a whole ‘nuther level. Some gift!

        And you’re right about OC home prices. But Brianna could always live in Anaheim or Tustin with regular folks. No? LOL!

      • Shae

        I heard Briana and Vicki say a few episodes ago that Vicki “paid” for the house upfront and Briana and Ryan would pay her back once their OKC home sold. She basically fronted the money so they could leave sooner rather than later, before the house was actually sold.

        I don’t think Vicki “bought” her one in the sense she is gifting it to her.

  20. beauxblue

    casseroles are a mid-western thing, Vicki is from Chicago. I don’t have experience with southern California living, but I don’t it is a thing there.

    • I was born in the OC and spent my youth being bounced between there and Minot, North Dakota. HUGE culture shock! The casseroles were plentiful in Minot but I never even saw one in Cali.

    • PaganChick

      In the South, you bring a person a casserole if they are sick or have lost a loved one. Vicki’s thing about the casserole to me was about how everyone glossed over the fact that her mother had died in order to keep pushing the Brooks thing. A Southerner would have paid their condolences by bringing her a casserole or something else that would freeze well and she could just reheat for later or put out for company coming by to pay their respects.

      For some reason the basic decency of offering her their condolences was glossed over so that they could keep the Brooks thing front and center. Which is funny because they kept after Vicki but never confronted Brooks head on. Oh wait, they couldn’t do that because they barely knew him and it was none of their business.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        I got the impression she wanted the casserole not only for her mother dying, but also for Brooks being “ill”. Which everyone knew was BS, and I think Vicki knew it too at that point. So I get why it’s a bit much for the other ladies to be told they should have brought a casserole. Yeah sure, at first, but it became obvious quickly that Brooks was faking.

      • PaganChick

        @TheArtist, I believe first time that Vicki mentioned a casserole was when she sat down with Shannon for the first time after her mother died. And in that conversation, Vicki was expecting to talk about how she was doing after her loss, and Shannon immediately started talking about Brooks and everyone’s suspicions. In that situation, I would be all “bitch I am mourning, where is my mac and cheese?” Notice that none of the women came to Vicki to discuss the death of her mother. They all wanted their chance to talk about Brooks. Even when Vicki told them to take their questions directly to him, they kept coming at her about him.

      • Margarett

        “Bitch I’m mourning where’s my mac & cheese?” Priceless!

        Brianna is so entitled. Vicki will be paying forever since Brianna was right about Brooks. Vicki went to her office and Brianna had help there I think. I heard Vicki ask Brianna more than once if she wanted to stop. Brianna said in no uncertain terms that she just wanted “to get home”. Would that be the home Vicki just bought for her? (Insert sarcastically raised eyebrows here.)

        I like Kelly. Like her I hate to see all of them gang up on Vicki.

      • Minky

        Yeah. I think PaganChick is right here. Whether or not she was in on it with Brooks, the rest of the cast behaved pretty deplorably in the way they approached her with their suspicions, and considering her mother had just passed. Last season was brutal in so many ways for so many reasons. They hit all kinds of new lows.

  21. PaganChick

    Am I missing something? Brianna is an adult with a husband and a career. Do you mean to tell me that she should also STILL be completely dependent on her mother to take care of her? With Brianna’s well paying career, she couldn’t hire a nanny or a nurse for the day to help out? Her mother has to work, how else is she going to pay for Brianna’s new house? For as much as everyone wants to complain about how needy and narcissistic Vicki is, why does no one ever point out at Brianna is the exact same way?

    • Renee

      Well said!!!! Brianna is never satisfied…She complains all the time…She complains that Vicki want let her grow up, now she complaining about Vicki not staying home with her..Pick a complaint and stick with it…As ole folk say PISS OR GET OFF THE POT!!!!

    • Wow, has no one ever felt so sick that they just can’t pull it together? It’s clear that is where Brianna was after a 21-hour drive.

      I still say Vicki could’ve taken the grandsons to work with her to give Brianna the break she needed so badly. What would Vicki have done if Brianna had not been able to get released from the hospital??? Just dump the kids up there with her in her hospital room?

      • PaganChick

        They hired a round the clock aid for Brianna and Vicki was only gone for a little while to get some papers. It’s not like she left Brianna alone to take care of herself and two toddlers for hours on end.

    • Shae

      She’s not paying for the house long term. Briana and Ryan are, they are giving the funds to Vicki after they sell their OKC home. It’s a temporary arrangement, Vicki fronted the cash for the new house so they could leave ASAP, instead of waiting for theirs to sell then buying a new one.

  22. Microop

    While I don’t agree with Shannon’s behavior at all regarding Vicki, her husband, and especially her children, I am going to attempt for a moment to sympathize with her position. Shannon’s husband cheated on her and then her best friend lied to her about cancer. She grew up wealthy and probably has been used by a few people before and is in a place where trusting is especially difficult. She needs to leave David. I think if she does that will be a first big step in healing.

  23. spunky2015

    Shannon was in a tough spot. David started affair when she first started filming. She should of quit after her first season for her girl’s sake. I think they are sticking it out till the youngest is 18.

    Heather and Terry are building this house to flip. Made big bucks on last one. Who knew on different shaped ice cubes!

  24. Dandy Lion

    TT, thank you for being vulnerable with us. By unloading you are getting rid of stuff you’ve processed and now it can’t control you anymore. You are so awesome for having the balls to do that.
    Regarding OC, meh…

  25. Megsca67

    When Tamra and Meghan are the least offensive people on an episode, you know we are in trouble.

    Vicki and Shannon should be best friends because they are both hypocrites. Vicki…stop acting like you’ve never seen farmland before, you are from ILLINOIS. And Shannon…you judging Kelly on the exact same thing you did (working through a difficult marriage) is divisional.

    I can’t find a single redeeming quality about Heather or Terry anymore.

    Is his show awful or do I just have PMS???

  26. Bridgett

    When Shannon clutched her pearls over Kelly having a shot of tequila while dealing with a cold…puh-leeze, shut the hell up and give yourself an enema. Shannon was annoying in a quirky more likable way her first season, then turned into a true hag.

    • Kimoe

      Yep. I thought ‘pot, meet kettle’ cause Shannon drinks like a fish. Kelley does too……a bar on every floor of her house? Wow.

    • Katherine 2.0

      I suppose that having a husband start an affair soon after you go on national television might change a person.

  27. Happygal

    I think Vicki is a very loving mom and does the best she can. She bought Brianna a new house in Orange County so they could be close to her and she needed to go to work for a few hours.

    I’m sure that was not ideal but maybe she had to go in.

    From what I have seen if Brianna had wanted to fly I’m sure Vicki gladly would have paid. She is not a cheap person when it comes to her kids.

    My opinion of Heather is that she is exactly like Tamra only with money and a bit of refinement however she is every bit as nasty on the inside and that is why they get along so well and why Heather said on her podcast they really are friends in real life not just show buddies

    • Shae

      Vicki said she didn’t buy it “for” Briana, she paid for it upfront and will be paid back in full when Briana’s home in Oklahoma is sold. She basically loaned them the money so they would not have to wait until their home sold to move.

  28. SLM

    I have long tried to like Brianna’s husband, Ryan, because I like to see people happy, but I just can’t seem to get there. He skeeves me out. I also keep remembering the way he yelled at Lydia’s mom during that party at Vicki’s house and thought he could get away with it because he forgot they were mic’d. I know Brianna said he couldn’t come with them to the OC because he has to “wrap-up” his military work and pack the house…but why do I get the impression he isn’t the type of guy to pack ANYTHING or do a lick of housework because he thinks it’s “women’s work?” He’s just always struck me as kind of misogynistic and domineering (just my opinion) and I can’t even point to lots of evidence for this, it’s just a feeling I get. Am I imagining it?

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      I think he’s an abuser for sure. The way he talked to Lydia’s mom sealed it for me.

      • Nila

        Yes! This ^! I was in shock when he yelled at her like that, especially his whole “this is my house” crap.

      • SLM

        Yes, Nila! Like he was getting a jolly out of playing the “big man of the house” with this tipsy older lady who wouldn’t really be a threat to him if he got aggressive with her. It was really jerky.

      • SLM

        Yeah, I just can’t get over that…I mean what man goes off on a woman who has to be his own mom’s age like that? Or any woman, for that matter…I mean, if he REALLY thought she might be damaging the couch, why not just let Vicki know, since it was her house…who starts swearing at the guest of his MIL in his MIL’s house?? For all he knew, Lydia’s mom could have been a relative he hadn’t met yet or a dear friend of Vicki’s, since he hadn’t even been around her much at that point or lived in the OC. He just seems….kind of scary. Like secretly scary, you know, the kind of guy who would get off on yelling at a waitress even when nothing was wrong because he thought he could get away with it? That kind of personality really freaks me out…

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        Yes SLM, you nailed it. He’s self-aware enough to know that he needs to hide this kind of behavior (so he KNOWS it’s wrong and abusive), and self-centered enough to pull it out for power trips and to get his jollies. What a creep.

    • Weirdiskate

      My husband is in the military and we just moved, even when you’re getting out they pack you up and move your stuff so you’re right about him not having to do anything. I also found it weird because when your on terminal, which is what Ryan is on, they would have allowed him leave to move his family and then pay to fly him back so it made even less sense that he didn’t go and help out with his children while his wife is recovering from surgery, he gives me such heeby jeebies

    • WilliesWife

      He was retiring from the Marine Corps so he didn’t have to pack a thing. The military pays for movers and at most he would have had to be there while the movers packed the house up. So long as his home of record was in Orange County, they moved on the military’s dime.

    • TBD

      I’ve always wondered if he has PTSD? I don’t think he’s a bad person. But maybe he is though. Bravo sure has made acting out a distinct financial opportunity.

      • Shae

        I would bet the farm on it, 3 tours’ll do it. that’s why I have more compassion for him than worry over him being “abusive”. If he’s struggling with ptsd, that’s not his fault and I hope he’s treating it so his family doesn’t suffer.

        If he has no PTSD and he just has a temper, there’s no excuse or compassion for that on my end.

  29. At the risk of being sent to the window-licking section, I am going to stand up for Brianna. She actually went through thyroid cancer back in 2012 (and it was on the show.) She had her thyroid removed then and has had a myriad of health problems since. Not an easy circumstance, and one made more unbearable by her mother’s unhealthy obsession with Brooks to the detriment of her family.

    • Nila

      White I feel bad for Brianna’s health issues, Vicki is entitled to her own life. Brianna ran off and got married without her mother, clearly she can provide for herself. Brianna went on and on about how her mother moved Brooks into her “family home” and yada yada. She is a grown woman and unless she is paying her mother’s mortgage, she should have zero say on who lives in that house. Vicki is very generous towards her children and grandchildren, she doesn’t have to be, she wants to. She flew out there and drove back because that’s what Brianna wanted.

      • swizzle

        I think she flew out there and drove back to give herself a story line. I doubt Brianna would have chosen on her own to hit the road days after surgery and with a raging infection in her leg.

      • Amy Lou

        Brianna wanted to do the drive because she wanted her car in OC because Vicki doesn’t have a “grandma car” aka something to haul the kids around in – this was discussed in episode 1 of this season. I don’t understand the timing of the surgery or why she couldn’t just rent something to drive for a couple of weeks in CA and have her car transported – people do it all the time – but driving was most definitely Brianna’s choice.

    • PaganChick

      Brianna had a large number of tumors on her thyroid and had to have it removed. She did not have cancer though. She was very clear about the fact that they didn’t find cancer in any of the tumors.

    • I agree with you, and why all the hate for Brianna’s husband and love for Vicki? I fell like I’m watching a different show! So I guess I’ll join u in the window licking section? What the hell is that anyway!

  30. Kiyoshigirl

    I live north of Chicago (40 miles away, but close enough to know there’s some crooked shit going on with the homicide levels), anyway we still give and get casseroles from our friends and neighbors during times of need. Undoubtedly Vicki gets that from her Midwestern roots.

  31. Wow lots of comments! I dislike Vicki tremendously! The way she treated her daughter mad me so sad for briana, I don’t know why she didn’t fly them! As for Tamara, who I have never liked, I really thought she had her shit together, no alcohol! Keeps her sane and I hate to admit but more likable. Her son,however, gives me the creeps! What a self absorbed loser!

  32. SLM

    I think (just my opinion) that Vicki and Brianna are more alike than they would ever admit. Look how they both have crazy, aggressive “ride or die” attitudes towards their “man.” We all recall Vicki’s crazy, shrill ape shit reactions whenever anyone said boo about Brooks, and it’s very much like any time anyone on the show has questioned Brianna about Ryan. Remember on that reunion where Lydia meekly said to Brianna perhaps her mom was owed an apology after Ryan’s behavior, and Brianna’s reaction was basically a ‘shut up and up yours, Lydia, that’s my husband and father of my children, so I don’t give a crap about your mom!’ NOT a direct quote, just a paraphrase. Plus, when Vicki brought up to Brianna that she wasnt liking Ryan’s agressive behavior at her house, Brianna gave her mom the same FU attitude. And both Vicki and Brianna seem WAY over involved in each others lives – like they each think they have the right to dictate what the other is doing and how they are doing it, which isn’t a healthy way for a parent and GROWN child to be with one another. Also, maybe I’m looking for things that aren’t there, but I find this lingering hazy back injury of Ryan’s that prevents him from working or serving to be suspect. I mean, he seems to walk, talk, play with the boys, etc, just fine….but he can’t work? My husband has worked sick, injured, in mourning and never taken a day off of work – except the times I’VE needed him, then he drops everything. But Ryan’s cool with sending his sick wife and two little kids driving cross country?? I’m rambling, forgive me.

    • spunky2015

      Briana said Ryan has done 3 tours in Afganistan. Yes he was wrong with Miss Tinkerbell but we should thank him for his service. He has a back injury and unfortunately can’t retire until he has 20 years in (now 13). So a shame and might qualify for a disability (not same money as 20 years). People seem to equate him to the other prissy house husbands but he is a fucking Marine! An all together different breed from ordinary people and other military services. Marines never leave a man behind even at the risk of their own.

      • SLM

        I get what you are saying spunky2015, and I respect your opinion, and I even agree with you about being VERY appreciative to those who serve in the Armed Forces. It is a great sarcifice for those who serve and their families. I also have relatives who are career military. BUT I don’t think anyone gets a pass on questionable behavior just by virtue of who they are or what they do. If you took that argument to an absurd point, that would mean civility, manners, moral code and even LAWS would not have to apply to vets or active service members just because they serve. We as viewers all knew Lydia’s mom to be a bit flaky and strange, but Ryan didn’t know her from anyone when he started screaming and cursing at her. Heck, SHE didn’t know who HE was because she’d never met him, and he just walked I the room and started yelling at her. For all she knew, he could have been just another guest just like her suddenly going off on her. I would have been scared as hell in that situation, if I were her! It wasn’t very honorable or gentlemanly behavior on his part, and he compound it by being even more of a dick and refusing to even apologize. And, yes, Marines don’t leave a man behind, but apparently THIS Marine thought it was OK to send his just-post-surgery wife with an infection driving cross country IN PAIN with two small kids and her mom…

      • TAT

        Thanking him for his service and ignoring that he is a raging asshole are two different things. He isn’t incapacitated – he has a bad back. You live in DC and you see them walking around missing limbs. I help them get jobs so don’t talk to me about this lunacy and bullshit he spews like it’s acceptable and normal. It isn’t. Brianna is as subservient to him as Vicki was to Brooks. Because she fears his temper if all the flags their interactions raise are correct. No. Ryan isn’t above decent behavior. Sorry. The service members I know would be ashamed to call him one of them. There are proportionally just as many assholes wearing uniforms as their are civilians.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        What SLM said. And TAT.

  33. T D

    How apropos’ for Vicki to wear Pepto Pink. She’s nauseating.

  34. PaganChick

    I don’t get the idea that Vicki should have flown Brianna and the kids back to California and be responsible for their care while leaving her own obligations undone. Brianna and her husband have put themselves out there as two capable adults, parenting 2kids, and willing to dictate who Vicki should be dating.

    Why couldn’t they make the calls and do the research to make sure they had plane tickets, movers, and health/child care in place for this move?

    Ryan and Brianna need to get their shit together. There is no reason Ryan couldn’t arrange for movers, a babysitter, or even a flight fo his wife and kids. there is no reason Brianna couldn’t have planned out the move and what it would entail with Ryan.

    • Shae

      Willing to dictate who her mother is dating? Let me tell you, I don’t believe I have any authority to dictate anything to my mother, but if she brought home a dangerous, smarmy, lying scumbag like that, you better believe I would throw my whole self into protecting my mother and trying to stop it. He was an abusive, pathological liar and conman, Briana and others saw it from day one, so I don’t fault her one bit for interfering in her mother’s affairs in that way. I would never let a con man manipulate my mother, not without a fight.

      • Minky

        I totally get what you’re saying Shae. And I understand Brianna’s concern for her mother. But trying to protect her on camera was not a good idea. Do you see how, no matter what Brianna said or did, she was gonna get portrayed as the killjoy daughter who’s just harshing Vicki’s love tank? And then she teamed up with Tamra! Big mistake.

  35. Diane

    Fyi ~ the makeup on Shannons daughter was from a rehearsal for a play at school. I really didn’t think Shannon would allow her girls to wear that much make up if any.

    I like Heather. Ok so she is mega rich. This show and all shows is pretty much about rich women. Why is this a relevation ? Do you expect her to pretend she isn’t loaded? That would be fake. So what if they have too much? If I had that money I would spend it as I wanted to do. Yay for ice cube sizes. It is their dream house. If anything Heather as remained the same. She gives no excuses for her money. She doesn’t try to hide it or act like she has money. Its reality. The Dubrows are rich rich rich. Good for them. She has never bashed any of the others homes or lifestyles. None of them have that kind of money. The Beadors are close. I admire that Heather is just matter of fact. Hey she is from NY and Jewish. This is normal. Its not done with a ‘I am better than you’ attitude. I live in NY. Its how it is. If she belittled others about a lack of money it would be different. But she doesn’t.

    Briana ~ I am a nurse. She is a whiney gal. If she was that under the weather she had no business driving 21 hours. But hey she needs a storyline. This is it. And Vicki is posting non stop on media sites pictures of hospital rooms…ED rooms. Oy vay. Just what I want another season of death and NOT DYING. Ugh yawns…gosh I need a mani..oh back to this…😉

    Tamra ~ the religion is being shoved down our throats. I just have trouble with someone crying ans spouting verses in the same breath calling someone a bitch and a liar and the F bomb. Is it just me? But I do have a soft spot for her. Simon was and is a prick so she has some leeway with me to be off her rocker at times LOL

    Meghan ~ I have never liked her. But watching her give herself that injection and that teary reaction got me…. plus she was spot on about Brooks. So.. warming here.

    Vickie ~ until she admits she knew Brooks lied and was lying I just cannot take her at all. She is a self serving narcissistic person. Is it any wonder that Briana is becoming a Vickie? Just saying.

    Kelly ~ I want to like her. Trying. She needs to stop telling these ladies how it is with Vickie. She wasn’t there. So zip it sister. Form your own relationship with Vickie versus trying to break it down psychologically. She seems to be obsessed with mental health…. first her hubs and now she thinks the ladies are projecting? Little know it all for someone who just entered the realm. She is also a witch to her hubs. That whole thing is wackadoodle. Methinks she needs a evaluation 😃😂

    Ok enough.

    Back to another place I pissed off Patricia big time. Bless her heart 😨😮☺🙄❤😉

    • SLM

      Why does Vicki so desperately want the role of St. Handholder of the Sick? I believe Brianna really does have serious health problems, but Vicki seems to relish the attention of being mom of a sick daughter…just like how she ignored serious red flags about Brooks’ cancer story (in my opinion) because she REALLY dug the role of brave girlfriend of an ill man (who actually wasn’t). And why is she posting empty exam room pics on IG to highlight Brianna’s ongoing health issues? Yeesh, call me cynical, but that could be the inside of a flu shot clinic for all I know!!

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      I don’t think Heather is as rich as she’d like you to think. And she HAS tried to knock others homes, as she did with Shannon’s her first season. For someone who supposedly has so much, Heather seems very insecure.

  36. RosesandGin

    I liked Kelly because she stuck up for Vicki. Viciki bases her worth on the love and attention of a man. Note that she said she hasnt been happy basically since she broke up with Brooks. She was smitten, she completely ignored the red flags, but couldnt help herself. That is a very real feeling for her, and I appreciate Kelly for seeing that, and more importantly understanding it and sticking up for her in the process. Clearly, I am team Vicki, I really feel for her.

    And since we are going into each woman. I can not stand Shannon. She may be one of my least favorite HWs of all time. I completely understand why her husband cheated. She’s smothering, she doesn’t have a fun bone in her body. She’s just miserable. And she needs to back off about not being friends with Vicki. I wish Vicki would pull OG rank and get her out.

    Tamra I always flip flop on, I mostly like her, sometimes I think she’s a little much. Im into her storyline about improving her body and competing. It hasnt been done before as a storyline, and health and fitness is an interesting thing to watch. At least to me. And its positive, not all these catty, self serving, or sick story lines that have been permeating the HWs.

    People seem to have strong opinions about Heather. I just feel like she fits the theme. Rich women, obnoxiously showing off their wealth. Im good with it, thats what I come to see.

    Megan. Blah. Don’t care. She’s disposable, just like Jules from NY.

  37. Wow! I’ve seen it several times, by several people. Shannon DESERVES to be cheated on?

    No one ever deserves to be deceived by anyone. Human decency calls for someone to get a divorce first, and then go play the field.

    I truly don’t think you all really mean it when you say that…at least I hope not.

    • Rosesandgin

      Just to clarify, I never said she DESERVED it. I just said I could understand it. She’s a miserable person. And misery breeds misery. Her kids were even asking her what’s wrong. But I am in complete agreement with you, he should have just left. And divorced her. There’s is no excuse for stringing someone along like that.

  38. Something Clever

    Great recap, as usual. I always liked Briana, though, and found her to be a refreshing voice of reason to counter Vicky’s bullshit. For the same reason (being sick of Vicky’s narcissism), I was disgusted with her making herself out as a victim in the beach scene with Tamra. Even after she acknowledged that he lied to her, Vicky still chose to get mad at the friends who saw through him, because that was an act of disloyalty. Ewwwwww.

    I confess that I only started watching OC in season 4 or 5, so I never saw Vicky’s heyday as a sweet woman who became a favorite. I’ve only seen her as an obnoxious, self-absorbed narcissist who is sometimes entertaining. Overall, I just don’t get it.

    • Minky

      Vicki was never a sweet person, IMO. She was always a screeching, spastic colon of a shrew who was always one beat away from launching into histrionics in response to the slightest little thing.

      Last season she was trying to do a 180 with her reputation, and she almost made it before rumblings of suspicion began concerning the veracity of Brooks’ cancer claims.

      If she tries to play the role of Christian martyr again, I’m gonna hurl. As far as I’m concerned she gives Bethenny a run for her money in the cunt department.

      • Shae

        I always found Vicki to be very sad, it was disturbing how much she needed a man always, but she never really disgusted me or irritated me to a serious level until last season. She totally knew Brooks was full of shit, she went along with it because she can’t bear to be alone or lose another man, and she deliberately railed at the ladies for questioning her- when she knew damn well they had reason to.

        Granted not all of them did so in a kind or appropriate manner, but she knew they weren’t crazy and yet she painted them to be outrageous for merely suggesting what she knew to be true- Brooks was a fucking con artist.

        Now she’s a victim? Because they aren’t running back to her as besties after she bullshitted them and lied? Please. She hasn’t even acknowledged what she did and she’s irritated they aren’t “done” with it yet. You cannot expect friends to fully forgive you and move on if you don’t cop to what you did. That’s just not cool.

        She is not the victim here. I do have sympathy for her being fooled and manipulated by Brooks, but at a certain point, as a grown ass woman, you need to stand up for yourself and put an end to the behaviors that lead you into these shitty situations with men.

      • SLM

        I agree with you, Shae. Maybe not initially, but eventually Vicki certainly knew all of Brooks’ stories weren’t adding up. I mean, she has a career in insurance, so she HAS SKILLS for questioning, evaluating and deducing things…she HAD to have realized A LOT was fishy. Also, she admits now all those times she told the ladies she WENT IN to see the doctor with him were outright lies and she NEVER spoke to a doctor he claimed was his or physically SAW him receive a treatment. So, if she was making stuff up out of whole cloth, then she knew there was reason she had to start weaving lies. Let’s face it, Vicki liked the corny greeting card fake love and sexual attention she got from Brooks , and I wouldn’t fault her for it if she’d been honest and the one in charge of the relationship. But, clearly Brooks was completely manipulating and using her, so the dynamic was cringe worthy and unhealthy. I think she also very much instantly liked the role SHE THOUGHT she had as brave girlfriend of a cancer patient. She thought she instantly had higher priority emotional relevance with her friends and family and everyone would lavish attention on her and embrace Brooks…and bring tasty casseroles (I’m with her on the casseroles!) When everyone else saw through his ruse, including Vicki, she didn’t want to give the whole delusion up, so she just perpetuated it. I have no doubt, since Brooks is clearly an experienced con artist, that he knew exactly what fables to weave for Vicki that would push all her emotional buttons. I sincerely think she should now just give ONE honest group apology where she blames only herself for being a fool for love (we’ve all been there) and be done with it. Then she could at least say she’s regained her personal dignity. At this point, those who don’t want to forgive her aren’t going to do it anyway.

      • Shae

        SLM, exactly! And I don’t blame her about the casseroles either, I love me a good casserole lol

  39. Most boring episode to date. Vick looked great on the beach…fur and all.

  40. dayle ann

    Omg. Why did Tamera go to Kelly and Vicki and tell them that one of the girls was talking about her (Kelly)?

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