Million Dollar Listing New York Finale: The Journeys Continue


The Million Dollar Listing New York Finale is apparently going to be a sad one. I was planning on recapping it this weeken but I am functioning about  20% right now and just haven’t had the time to watch it. I wasn’t really worried about being spoiled because really, what can someone say to spoil a finale on a real estate show? They lost a listing? They got a big commission?  Ryan wore another stupid costume? And yet somehow it happened. So I’m probably not going to do a full recap on this.  I’m just going to watch it and give you a place to talk about how it all ends. If you have not been spoiled already, I suggest you watch the episode before reading this recap. Or not. But at least you have the choice I was not afforded. It’s one of  the hazards of blogging I don’t enjoy.


I’m not sure how I feel about Ryan. I am the youngest in my family but if I had an annoying, obnoxious younger brother I would probably have felt something similar to the way I feel about Ryan. He is definitely my least favorite of the realtors on this show. And yet, I can’t really dislike him. Oh snap, I just realized I’m the Ryan of my family.  On the bright side, it looks like Ryan is the only one for a potential of a feel good storyline for this show.

“I’m emotionally unprepared for this moment…” say Ryan when Luis is kind to him about his Open House.  It seems Luis, too, is unable to stay mad at Ryan.  When he invites Luis to his wedding, it’s a sweet moment. Ryan buys his dream car and wears the wood sunglasses I fell in love with watching Tour Group.  I’m still bitter that we will never get another Tour Group.

Wow I didn’t see that coming. Ryan gets a wedding spin off this fall? It actually looks really good!

MDLNY Fredrik and Derek


I’m just going to sit here and sob through this scene with Fredrik and Derrick. I can’t see to type. Talk amongst yourselves.

Fredrik and Ryan haven’t spoken in a year! And yet he shows up at Fredrik’s very important open house. Ryan took a major listing from Fredrik and then trashed him about it on social media. Fredrik admits to retaliating and he accuses Ryan of buying Instagram followers and likes. Something a lot of housewives do. Especially that one idiot that took me to court. She has 2K in like within minutes of posting. Then flatline. Funny how that happens. Unlike the housewives, this very calm but brutal back and forth seems very real to me. And yet they manage to open up and explain their insecurities and pain and hug it out.

I love the mansion in Connecticut. Fredrik agrees to keep trying for a child. He’s dying for a little girl.

mdlny luis


If Luis really wants to marry a woman, he has his best option right there in front of him with his assistant. She is smart, beautiful, she knows the business inside and out and she has a clear affection for him. What is stopping this from happening? (this is a rhetorical question. Don’t answer that.)

Luis meets with Ronita to tell her something big. I am trying so very hard not to get my hopes up.  But it’s not working.  Oh Roni, I sense your pain. The big news is he doesn’t want to do real estate anymore? So you are not finally going to have a relationship, you are essentially losing your job?  I agree, Ronita. This is bullshit. Your boss is breaking up with you. Maybe he will take her with him? Maybe they will ride off into the sunset.  Shut up. I want this to happen, dammit. I always want impossible things. Roni basically tells him he is bipolar. That cracked me up for some reason. Then Luis asks her if he has ever let her down.  She says no, while she is crying as he lets her down. He will come through!  I am still hoping for the ring. I said shut up! I really want this. I understand the obstacle.  Let us not discuss it!

Fuck. So he gives Ronita the Toll Brothers deal. Which is great. Gay men can be very generous. Dammit. Dammit all to hell. Sorry, Ronita.  But I hope this means you replace Luis on MDLNY. You deserve it.

Luis is so very happy. And that is what matters.


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31 responses to “Million Dollar Listing New York Finale: The Journeys Continue

  1. Dee

    Tamara, that was so funny! You are the youngest. I so needed a laugh!

  2. Realityjunkie

    I have to say that Ryan is my absolute favorite. He doesn’t seem to take himself too seriously and I find him funny. I like his relationship with his now wife and while there is obvious competition between the three, I often support Ryan’s version. I don’t know…maybe it’s the asshole in me.

    • Ryan has become my favorite too. I think Amelia has brought out the softer, more like able side of Ryan. Can’t wait for his wedding special, the pictures I’ve seen online look amazing!

  3. Karen

    Still don’t think Luis is gay by the way as he reminds me of my ex husband in many, many ways.

    Is it just me or is Luis about to get a spin off?

    • Matzah60

      Whoa, that’s a good read. I never gave that a thought, but that would be amazing.

      Whether we see him again or not, Luis is the only person that I believe has come away unscathed from reality TV. He possesses drive, passion, and compassion, a trifecta that I wish I had found in the man I married (now divorced), or any other man I met before and after my ex. He is my hero. Luis doesn’t compromise his values has this positive force and drive that is infectious.

      I was so convinced that he was about to propose to Ronita. He said before she came to the restaurant that he was quite nervous. It had all the promise of a proposal. I was shocked that he actually decided to leave real estate. I thought he would have a change of heart, but alas, he is off to conquer something new.

      I love Frederick and Derrick. Frederick was a developed taste for me. He seemed so awful for so long, selfish and too entrenched in his work, but with Derrick as his husband, he has softened. Love has changed him for the better. My heart broke when he cried after the first miscarriage and then again after the second miscarriage. I have hope that they will have a child together.

      Ryan came on the show a loner. I remember when he said that when Sandy hit NY, he had nowhere to go, no friends to call. He had no one. He had to call his parents and go back home until electricity was restored. I love his girlfriend and I think they are a good fit. I am looking forward to the wedding spin off.

      Thanks for the wonderful recap, Tamara. I can only imagine that it was quite sad for you to watch. I was sobbing because there were so many poignant moments in this finale and because the departure of Luis is hard to imagine on MDLNY.

    • BaybeK8s

      I thought I was the only one who thinks/hopes Luis will be getting a spin off. Btw, I don’t think Luis is gay either.

    • SashaV

      I think he is definitely having a career crisis but will be back. The finale did not really seem like the end of reality tv for him. A spin off makes perfect sense @Karen. If not that he will be back on the show in some role.

  4. beth

    Toll Brothers deal? I haven’t watched all season, I hope that is why I haven’t a clue what that means …

  5. Latina2014

    I feel exactly how Ryan felt when Luis said he was leaving… “Emotionally unprepared!” I sobbed! Him n Ronita have amazing business chemistry. She isn’t afraid to call him out and he knows whatever she says comes from a place of Affection.

    I enjoyed the show bcs Fredrik and Ryan had a great heart to heart as well as Luis being so happy for Ryan.

    Gosh this show will never be the same…. Danget Luis :(

  6. Denise Thompson

    I like all three of them, although each took some time for me to “find the love”. But, I was a little disappointed with Fredrick in this episode. I thought he was behaving selfishly,,,he was too self-involved/centered…when he basically ignored Derek’s parents and Derek’s son. I know he was sad, but a child does not understand the reasoning behind someone’s refusal to acknowledge him. Fredrick just walked out of the room. I think he could have pushed his sadness aside, and made an attempt to seem happy to see the child. If he doesn’t understand that now, it makes me wonder if he is emotionally mature enough to have a child. I know Fredrick eventually did change his behavior, but it was not until Derek called him out on it. As I said, a little disappointing,

    • Cgal38

      I actually think that was more him playing to the cameras and storyline. He’s such a nice guy and he loves kids, I can’t imagine him genuinely behaving that way. I think he and the kid were both acting during those scenes.

  7. Sali

    For a minute, I thought Luis was going to say he was gay. I love him and agree his drive and positive outlook is beautiful!

  8. maryam

    do we really think luis is gone from mdl-la? somehow i have my doubts.

  9. Love Fredrik. Ryan definitely grew on me, I think Emilia helped. I really didn’t like Luis until this season, he was ok last season. I like how the season ended. I’m actually looking forward to Ryan’s spinoff. I hope Luis finds himself and can find true happiness.

  10. Lisa j

    So happy to have the recap!!!!! Adore them all and wish nothing but a ton of Mazel🎉

  11. Demeter

    I have not watched Million Dollar Listing for two years because I cannot stand Ryan. I think he is smarmy and repulsive and so ugly inside.
    I missed watching the others.
    If Luis is leaving real estate I hope he will be on tv in some other capacity. I love Fredrik’s energy and lively intelligence.

  12. Cgal38

    My business is similar to real estate, I’ve been doing this for 16 years and I completely understand Luis – it’s a tough realization when you start to wonder if this really is the rest of your life – I own my practice and getting out is complicated so cheers to Luis for making that call. I do wonder if his end game was to get into production and he saw this unique real estate opportunity as a way to do that, through a reality show and all of the connections you can make. I give him a ton of credit, he’s smart, motivated, and genuine – he reminds me of my grandparents, coming over here with nothing and starting a life. It’s much different than a josh Flagg (who I actually adore because of his relationship with Edith) – Luis had nothing handed to him and I hope we see more of him. He’s a hustler and an amazing people person, am sure he’s been networking away for the next stage of his life.

  13. Great recap. Thank you, TT.
    I love Luis and I was hoping for a profession of love from him for the adorable Ronita, too!

  14. Shae

    I adore this show. I didn’t really find Ryan likable until he met Emilia and she softened him as a person, I think. Fredrik and Derrick are the most adorable, loving couple. I was so happy to see their new home and to hear they’re going to keep trying for a baby- I hope they get one, a kid would be so lucky to have them as family. They seem to genuinely adore one another.

    Luis, oh luis. My favorite. I, too, was hoping he was about to tell Ronita he had feelings for her but instead, he’s moving on. I would be pissed as hell, too. She’s worked so hard helping him build his business. If he will truly be unhappy staying in real estate, though, he has to move on. I will miss his adorable self lol

    Can’t wait for the Emilia/Ryan spinoff, that looked great, too!

  15. BKSweetheart

    Ronita has a boyfriend everyone lol. A few weeks back, I was curious if her and Luis had finally gotten together since they seemed so close, so I checked out her Instagram. She definitely has a very serious BF.

    Oh, and I also had assumed she was Latina.. she’s Indian.

  16. G.

    I’m so glad you recapped the finale and I so, so, so hole Ronita replaces Luis on MDL!! (But I know, probably not.)

  17. kms

    I know you don’t want to hear this, and I know you already know (lol) but ronita is married!!!

  18. Lanina07

    I immediately followed Luis on snapchat after the episode and he was going to Europe he looks and sounds so happy and excited for the future ! Makes me happy for him but it’s bittersweet I’ll miss him if he doesn’t return.

  19. Kimoe

    Love love Luis. He reminds me of Desi Arnez with his accent. Wish him the best. Thought he was too sensitive to do NYC real estate.

  20. Amy V

    I don’t believe for a moment that Luis is leaving MDLNY. He is too in love with the cameras and he is beautiful with it. I expected him to say that he is leaving to be a director…his passion. But he didn’t.

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