It’s A Big Brother Miracle! Frank Got the Douchebag Edit He Deserves!

BB18 Frank



It’s well known that Frank is, for reasons that defy logic. Grondner’s favorite. So I never in a million years thought we would get a montage of his douchebag behavior and how uncomfortable he makes the girls. Of course it was the tamest version possible; still,  we were shown him being way too rough with Nicole in the pool, poking Natalie in the stomach and calling her fat while she ate, the infamous “slut” comment to Day because she called him “such a douche” and it seemed to hurt his big fat feelings. We saw him peering in the shower and telling Day her “titties” sittin’ right. We also saw his comments to Zak about her athletic bra and calling her a hussy. This is a mere fraction of the misogynistic sexual harassment carries out to every woman in the house.

Michelle who clearly has an eating disorder, he loves to pick on and he refers to her as “big Mich.” She has taken to pre-eating in the storage room before eating dinner with the crew where she shovels food into her mouth so fast she has no time at all to chew it.

OMG! They are editing this to make it seem like Day is crying because Frank told her to “Shut her damn mouth, woman.” They did not show the slap heard around the world. They didn’t include any of the multiple times a day that Frank slapped the girls asses.

Oh wait. They showed the ass slap after her crying about it. Of course he did it in a place where no cameras are. He knows excactly what he is doing. So they are going to show this and STILL not remove Frank from the house?  And where are they getting these pictures of Frank sitting in the HOH in quiet contemplation? He bragged about it all over the house!  We also saw her DR where she went in there TO GET AWAY FROM HIM not to rat him out to production as some have claimed. She knows production has a hard on for Frank and they see all the shit he does and they love it.

BB18 James and Nat
Ugh. I cringed at Frank going in for the hug after apologizing to someone who just smiled and nodded until he shut the fuck up.  This idiot cannot read people at all.

Speaking of reading people, it seems to me that Natalie really likes James. But I saw a conversation between Nicole and Corey where Corey, who hates Natalie told Nicole that Nat told him she didn’t really like James. I never saw any conversation like that. And I do know they are both trying to pretend they are not a real showmance just like Nicole and Corey. I think Corey is just pissed because James blew him out of the water in the showmance department.

It’s time for BB Roadkill aka Grodner’s way to make sure Frank gets a nomination every week. Remember the game Simon from the 1980s? It was basically four lights that were different colors and made different sounds and you had to memorize the order. That is what they played. Frank “won” giving him two of the three road kill winds and he was probably HOH on the one he didn’t win.

It occurs to me that she will still keep him forever. Keeping his ass in the house as a villain will ensure he goes all the way this time.




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66 responses to “It’s A Big Brother Miracle! Frank Got the Douchebag Edit He Deserves!

  1. Sharazoid

    It is very disappointing that production is not addressing his behavior. It’s sexual harassment. And is mostly toward Day. He wants her to snap.

  2. Angel

    TT, I know you are East Cosst but go back to around 10:30 pm BBT Sunday night for funniest feeds of the season. They got drunk from outback reward & are having dance off & rap offs. Lololol! (Totally agree about Frank, who skipped this party to trash talk everyone upstairs in HOH w Bridget)

    • tamaratattles

      I watched some of it on BBAD but I was grossed out/mesmerized by Bridgette the “I can’t sleep in a bed with a man” laid up in bed with frank ratting out the Spy Girls. He actually told her that he was the RK winner who put her up and who put Bronte up and she was the drunkest lunatic who snuggled and spooned with him and THANKED HIM for putting her and Bronte up. They are currently sleeping together in HOH and the damn Skippy will not give us a camera.

  3. I might be in the minority but I think frank makes a great villain. And he seems to be running the house and playing a great game. theres been much worse crimes committed in the bb house than a slap on the butt. I mean, really? This brings back memories of Cappy accusing Michael of sexual harassment for flirting with the girls in season 6. Ahhh good times. I love that Davonne is making a huge issue out of it. She keeps the drama going and that’s great for us. And James’ white knight routine I find hilarious. He’s going to save the girls from the butt slapper. Lolol. This is why I love this show. The different personality mixes and what happens when you trap people in a house to compete for a half mill. In this game, any kind of psychological manipulation is fair game. I guess it isn’t for the faint of heart. You just can’t take it too seriously and enjoy it. At least that’s how I approach it. Good stuff! Keep it up guys! *ducks for cover*

    • RealE

      A man hitting a woman is not “good times” as you call it. I don’t necessarily think Frank is being malicious when he does this, however his intent does not matter. He is hitting and he is sexually harassing these women. They feel that way.
      Again last I checked, that does not make for “good times” for them or for viewers.

    • tamaratattles

      I could have sworn I deleted this shit once. I am not going to read about how the women should have stopped it or how they asked for it or how this is just all fun and games. Shut the fuck up. Please find another place to discuss this show.

      • Cat

        Frank is damned lucky.

        If I was on that show, and he did that to me, I would have grabbed his junk, twisted, and pulled….HARD. Like pulling taffy.

      • No you didn’t delete it before. I rarely post but thought I’d join the big brother discussion going on here but since it seems that only comments that adhere to the frank is evil and must die groupthink are kosher around here, I’ll see myself out. Have fun getting your panties in a wad. I’ll be lurking and giggling.

        PS posts like this are a good example of why big brother fans have a reputation of being somewhat unhinged.

      • tamaratattles

        SatinBliss, I like you just fine. But if you watch the live feeds you will see how pretty much every thing Frank says and does is demeaning toward women. I find that revolting. As for being unhinged, I’ll cop to that. I’m in a very dark place at the moment. The events occurring in this country make me feel unsafe and heartbroken and afraid. Big Brother is supposed to be a fun distraction. It has not been that. There are fun villians on Big Brother like Will was. Dastardly villians playing the game brutally to win. Then there are creepy men like Frank who enjoy degrading women consistently and constantly all day long. I’m sorry that you can’t see the difference but I can’t take your comments about him right now. Sorry.

      • I’m sorry you’re having such a tough time TT. I actually agree that Frank is a douche but if they all behaved perfectly, why would we watch? There will never be another Dr. Will sadly, but even he drove a woman to have a full blown mental breakdown on the feeds during his first season, which was extremely frightening to watch.

        There has been all manner of horrific behavior over the years on the feeds, bullying, sexual harassment, exploitation, emotional manipulation, racism, bigotry, slut shaming, you name it. But the whole point is that it’s a social experiment and there should be no interference unless someone’s safety is in jeopardy, which has happened a few times as well. In fact, after the debacle of S15, BB has played it MUCH safer with their casting choices and the show has suffered as a result.

        Big brother is a unique program in that we have full access to every moment of these people’s lives. We get to know them on such a deep level it may feel like we know them better than our own family members. It’s easy to get over invested. it’s not always going to be fun on the feeds. It can get very dark indeed. But it’s real people, warts and all and that’s what makes it so fascinating. These people signed up for this, they’re getting paid, they’re getting their Twitter followers or whatever it is they wanted to get out of the experience. Big brother gives them full access to therapists both during and after the game. They’re gonna be okay. I’m sure some contestants have suffered some emotional scarring from their BB experience over the years, but I imagine that happens in life too for most people. But the point is, it IS supposed to be fun and interesting and hopefully a little trainwrecky. I just hate to see people get their pitchforks out for these people because they’re putting themselves out there for our entertainment. The one exception I may make in this would be the brother who shan’t be named.

        Thats just my perspective. I’m not defending frank, I just don’t see it as such a big deal possibly because compared to the earlier seasons, he’s pretty tame. And the show has become so dull lately I find myself craving ANY kind of excitement. I’m not here to watch them get along and play potball all summer. I want some drama dammit and Frank and Day seem to be all we’ve got to work with here.

        I would like to stay and discuss big brother here, but if the gods deem my crimes severe enough to warrant time in the WLS, I shall serve it graciously.

      • tamaratattles

        If you were going to WLS you would already be there. The fact that you have been here this long and still feel the way you do…. makes me envious of your … not naiveté… but innocence to things you very fortunately know nothing about.

      • Travis

        Tamara..I glad you put me in moderation..if these ladies are being harassed..I watch the feeds too..then isn’t production liable for a lawsuit? These people are under contracts so I would think attorneys monitor this stuff..I am with you btw..just asking you why they haven’t kicked this guy off

    • Twilly

      Slapping someone on the ass is unwanted sexual groping. He’s physically assaulting these women!

      • BeetsWhy

        Cat, you forgot to add the laughter and the just kidding comments after you twist his junk into a knot–that’s the part that makes it okay, right? 😉

      • Cat

        I wasn’t kidding. I’ve used the taffy pull move before. It works.

      • Lou

        And the fact that she feels too afraid because it’s going to cost to the game, says it all that’s completely fucked up. And she wasn’t wrong… A few hours later Frank said I have the votes to get rid of Da ass I want. Little does the prick know

  4. Deb in SF

    Frank is despicable in so many ways. That video shows what a bully he is. I cannot stand to look at or listen to him. He needs to go, bit l bet you’re right, TT, that Grodner has him pegged to win. UGH!

  5. Oh, good lord!

    Nicole is in the hammock by herself talking out loud.

    She’s asking herself why should she get rid of Frank? He’s not running her name around the house. Is she actually thinking of keeping him because it will be good for her game?

    Of course they switch cameras so no one can listen to this.

    She’s such an idiot.

    • tamaratattles

      She ACTUALLY SAID, OUT LOUD… “I think the best thing for my game would be to make Frank my #1” Dear god what are these women smoking?

      • Shes with Corey now. She asked him if he ever heard Frank through her name out. He said no. But then he said , but he speaks so much shit I can’t keep track of what he says. He might have.

        And she told him that she doesn’t want Day to win hoh. She will cause to much shit. She just wants her team to win so she is safe.

        Its hard to follow becasuse bb keeps going to fish.

        She also thinks Day or Michelle did the odd vote. They might be Americas player. Though she doesn’t believe it and don’t tell anyone.

        Now she is blabbering on about the other women and showmances. I’m so over her now.

        Now she is talking about getting rid of Day earlier.
        She wants final 4 to be her/Corey and Paulie/Z.

        Arg! She is stupid!

      • tamaratattles

        I am pretty sure I loved her on her season. Why is she following the reality TV second season cunt format? What the hell was that with her and Day just now?

      • She said r social game better this year. Last time she hung out only with Christine at first . Corey said she hung out with Hayden alot. She denied it because he hung out with the boys.
        BTW, Corey, have you noticed all the boys are being voted out? Maybe you should start voting out girls.

        WTF? Get rid of her now! She is an insecure bitch who is relying on her “cuteness” to win.

        She is so stupid!

      • tamaratattles

        Day has to have production behind her now. Maybe they have dumped Frank for her and told her that Nicole is against her. I hope so. I’d love a Day win.

      • I’m for a Day win also!

      • I gotta go and start my day. Just when Nicole is talking about keeping Tiffany. She is all over the place. And then Tiffany walks out.

        Maybe production is sending these people out to her. Lol!

      • tamaratattles

        And the fish are because Nicole keeps talking about Hayden with her new showmance. Hayden didn’t sign a release.

      • Day just went outside and hugged Nicole and said she was so happy she found a friend in her and left.

        Now, Nicole feels bad, but not that bad.

      • Lou

        Unfortunately many people like to bring the villian to the end . They think they can secure the votes if enough jurors hate villain…,,.how did that work out for evil dick season …stupid.

  6. tamaratattles

    This is why female alliances never work. Bitches be stupid.

  7. Michelle

    Frank was a d-bag on his first season and he continues the trend. Day not saying anything until the final straw was fear . Now all Frank can talk about is getting Day out and that is what she was afraid of .
    If these women could get it together and put stupidity aside they would be sitting pretty .

  8. Portlandia

    Unwanted touching, random references to sexual behavior and commentary on physical attributes are offensive (and in traditional workplaces, illegal and actionable). Producers inability/unwillingness to sanction this behavior further contributes to our cultural accommodation of misogyny. Frank’s claim of no intention to cause discomfort is so predictable ………harassment of this variety is expressly for the purpose of belittling, demeaning and minimizing women. Disingenuous to claim otherwise–

  9. Amelias912

    I am glad you brought up Michelle. Her eating habits worry me. When she was eating blueberries other day I don’t think she chewed less swallowed the food. For her being a nutritionist her eating habits scare me. She talks about how fat she is and other day she said she’s a size 2. Girl needs to be more secure and have some confidence. She seems to make lots of catty comments. I wonder if it’s because she is so insecure

  10. deco

    Great comment Portlandia ‼️
    Satin Bliss said ” I love that Davonne is making a huge issue out of it. She keeps the drama going and that’s great for us.” Bullshit. Day did not make a Huge issue out of it. At first she told him not to do that again. And he did. He made it an issue by continuing his behavior. Calling her a slut was out of line as well.
    Day did a good job controlling her anger and speaking out. she also said one day her young daughter will see this and doesn’t want her to think she condoned it. It was a major factor in the way she reacted. More women should speak up on these shows. by speaking out she let her daughter (and others )know you do not have to passively accept that behavior. Ass slaps and disparaging name calling are unacceptable.

  11. D

    Why are women so dumb on this show? Especially Bridgette and Nicole

  12. Guest Appearance

    The common pattern in most of these reality shows is women will sacrifice the money for a relationship or the prize of being the last female standing. The other common pattern is women will revert back to submissive traditional stereotypes like cooking and cleaning. However, noticing the males hesitant defense of the females Frank becomes alpha. In Frank’s mind, he can increase the intimidation of both sexes.

    The reason women don’t work well together is because they have to share more in common than men. Men tend to build relationships and trust around one common interest and women tend to have a long check list.

    These are my observations as a woman. Thanks for posting that video to show how vicious Frank is, but he really shows his ignorance and weakness. If he was playing a good game, the majority of the house would not be set out against him.

  13. Day gives great DR. It’s refreshing. She explains her moves and game play.

    I’m not going to go full in on Frank. He’s a dick but I think he will fell bad about his behavior and that he hurt others when he gets out.

  14. 25

    Frank plays the goofball role well, but it’s hard to forget that he aligned with/is friends with the biggest douche to ever play this game–Mike Boogie, who also had a lot of lovely things to say about women on his all stars season! Gross.

    So disheartening to see what weak women these newbies are. Brigette’s alliance must be so happy with the way that she leveraged her HOH power to help them! Oh that’s right, she leveraged nothing.

  15. dooleybugalicious

    I used to be a huge fan of Frank and at first becauseI didn’t have the feeds and I hadn’t had the chance to see his behavior I thought just maybe it might be his joking around being blown out of proportion but now I see I was so very wrong! He quickly became one of the most disgusting bb players in history to me. Today Frank told Michelle her nipples like lounge bologna and when she came him disgusting he turned around and said her bologna nipples were disgusting. His behavior is getting worse by the day. If they get him out next week will he have the chance to come back? I am confused on if the battle to come back is for the first 4 or first 5.

  16. Sherry

    I have been reading all the things Frank has said and done in the house. Its like he has a God complex. The way CBS showed Franks behavior was like he is just a funny guy, and that he only does that if he likes you and the girls are over emotional. UGH! He got off way easy on the edit.
    I like Nicole and I like Day…I do not know what happened between them. I thought they were solid. It is bumming me out!

    Cory…..I read that part about what he said about Natalie too (about not liking James) and I was so confused. When did that happen??? I never read that.

  17. Just as my viewing of all things Bravo is diminishing, I think this will be the last summer I will waste on BB. I am so over all of the production interference on all of these shows. Also, the shit production condones is nauseating. I don’t know if I’m just too old now, but am finding less & less entertainment value in it all. I find myself reverting back to scripted shows, and even READING BOOKS! Gasp!

  18. Paul is such a liar! Lol!

    He’s sitting outside with Day, Michelle, Paulie and Corey. They are Frank bashing.

    Michelle is talking about last week’s hinky vote and how Frank tried to blame her, then Paul.

    Pall is saying with such a straight face that if he did it, he would tell everybody. It goes on, but he sounds so convincing.

    Everybody hates Frank right now except Bridgette. She is completely clueless about it. She’s off with Frank in another area and she has Frank telling her stories. These two are completely oblivious.

  19. DeeM

    I challenge CBS to get d of that Misogynist FRank.. He’s disgusting, sexist, rude and if he weren;tr in big brother house, he could be charged with assault.

  20. BeetsWhy

    I forget what lame title CBS gave an Americas Choice challenge in previous seasons but the chosen had to do or say stupid crap to get like 5k or something. I want an Americas Choice where all the women have to grab/smack Frank’s behind or junk at least five times a day to get a much bigger prize, as long as they say just kiddin’ after the contact. Bombard him, humiliate him and then rub his nose in it.

  21. sandra

    I hope Tiffany stays and works with Da. I want to see Frank, Nicole, Cory and Bridgette blindsided. Final 3-Da, Tiffany and Natalie/James. Da for the win, please. LOL, I’m not asking for much, right?

    • Dang. It looks like its not going to work. Paulie refused to switch and they all crumbled.

      Now Michelle hates Paulie and thinks he’s arrogant.

      Nicole is very two faced and thanked Paulie afterward for showing her the light and now just told Corey Day is her target.

      She wants to keep Frank longer for her game. Thinks he’s secretly protecting them. She wants Frank to go after Day. (If I got this right)

      Hey, Corey! Listen to that fortune teller and don’t let that woman ruin your game!

    • Dang! Nicole is telling Frank she wants Day out!

    • Nicole wants to go to Frank and tell him that Day wanted him out and not Tiffany. Her and Corey want a secret alliance with him. She doesn’t trust Michelle any more.

      Coreys mind is completely filled with sand I believe.

  22. tamaratattles

    watching BBAD and Paul is telling one of his big long stories about going to a bar in Berlin, and just when it looks like he is going to get in the bar, they change the feed. Supposedly something gross happened. I want to know and I don’t want to know….

    • lori

      So, I hope things have stayed the same since last night’s after dark. Finally these dumb dumbs have decided to send bronte home. I can’t wait to see Frank’s) and even more so Bridgette’s) face! God I cannot stand her and her fake cutesy act. She is pathetic with the way she acts with Frank. It’s like she thinks she’s started dating the head honcho at the “cool” lunch table in high school. When she THANKED him after he told her that he’s the one who put her on the block… I mean Holy shit! Really??! I’m sure his girlfriend really appreciated her hanging all over him in bed too.

      Anyway, back to tonight. I hope it goes according to plan and that no one catches wind of it before then. Paulie may give it away accidentally, because he can’t help himself wanting everyone to know/think that he has his finger on the pulse in every situation. Last night him and Frank were quickly talking about the pictures for tonight’s hoh, and when Frank gave the wrong answer, Paulie actually told him and gave him the correct answer. I mean how dumb can you really be?!?!? He’s really getting on my nerves too, big Derrick wanna be. You wish!!! I like very few hg’s at this point. I really wanted to sew that 4 girl alliance to actually do it. Add fat as Nicole turning on Day, Day HAS been yapping to people about how she’s really uncomfortable with Nicole/Corey and Paulie/Z, and Nicole caught wind of it, so who can blame her for no longer trusting Day. Then there’s Michelle who isn’t bringing anything of use to the table besides being a number. She always seems confused and has zero strategy/knowledge of how the game works.

      I’m actually really excited for the show tonight. Who will the new HOH be????

      • lori

        Sorry for the typos “add fat” = “as far”

      • lori

        I also accidentally posted it in the wrong place. Sorry again! Lol I started out replying to you about Paul’s story being cut off, and then scrapped that, but forgot to change where I was posting my new comment.

      • I’m pissed that I have to pick someone up at the train station at 8 tonight.

        First night that the show will actually have the potential of being exciting. Dang!

      • To make matters worse, I just got a text saying the train is running 15 minutes late. I don’t even have a chance to catch the tail end of it.

      • lori

        Limebrain, BB isn’t on until 9:00 est on Thursdays. Maybe you won’t miss it?

      • OMG!

        I think I love you!


      • lori

        I forgot that James wasn’t in the final loop re keeping Tiff. I guess they decided for Paulie to vote Tiff out too to try and make it harder for Frank to figure out who flipped? I really wish that Tiffany didn’t give that speech and basically give Frank a hint of what was to come. It’s obvious that many of these people’s egos are more important than a good blindside.

  23. Right now in the backyard there is a big powwow going on about who to vote out.

  24. RosesandGin

    I am really not liking that Nicole is going against Day, they would be so much better working together against Frank and the boys. Very disappointed in her.

  25. lori

    I swear to God, if Tiffany goes home is all Paul’s fault. He’s the one who blabbed the plan to her and encouraged that stupid speech. Ahhhhhhh! Why did James vote Tiffany?!?

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