Is Porsha Williams Headed to Jail?


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I’ve been getting this question a lot today. I have to tell you, if I were in a good place I would have probably explained this to you guys much earlier. It seems like all the headlines are triggering the crazy these days.  I have done the same process that Jami Zeigler has done against Porsha Williams.  So I have a very personal insight into the process.

I believe what has happened at this point is that Jami has made a request to the court for an arrest warrant against Porsha Williams. I’m going to explain this process by another overshare. It seems the easiest way to do it. But basically,  Jami is trying to hold Porsha accountable for an assault that happened under one of two circumstances.  The process she is following occurs under one of two circumstances.  First, if police are not called to the scene when someone is assaulted and they simply try to escape to safety, it is an avenue to attempt to have criminal charges filed. Or in another circumstance if someone is assaulted and the police do not arrest the attacker, the person can file as a citizen asking for an arrest warranted.  In either circumstance you go to the appropriate office within the Fulton County system and file a sworn statement that you were assaulted. Then a hearing happens and the judge decides whether or not to sign an arrest warrant, or if they show up for the hearing, the assailant could be arrested on the spot.

Many sites are saying there is some sort of mediation where Porsha and Jami would sit down for a mediation process. That it utter bullshit. I don’t understand why anyone would think that a criminal charge would hinge on the assailant and the victim sitting down and hugging it out. This is not civil court. THIS IS CRIMINAL COURT. There is no part of the process that involves the victim an the criminal sitting in mediation. It’s disturbing to me that so many sites think this is a thing. It is not


I was attacked by the props I am trying to rip from Kenya’s hands!


Now for the oversharing. When I was a recent college graduate looking for a job that my psychology major may have been useful for, I became a Food Stamps caseworker.  I was very young. I was driving to downtown Atlanta every day and did intakes and case working on tons of clients.  In my office there was a young man who was funny and flirtatious who was the receptionist. I had heard rumors that he was abusing the system in some way with young women seeking assistance. I never believed them.  He seemed like a nice enough guy. And I was, and remain an idiot when it comes to men. Sometimes we would have lunch at the same time and chat in the break room. It was not a romantic thing despite the flirtations. We were just coworkers who got along well. We had never had any activity outside of work and bitching in the break room.

This person needed a ride home on a Friday night. He normally took MARTA but for some reason he suggested we go out after work for drinks. I was down with it. I like drinks. So we went out for an hour or two and I offered to drive him home. I pulled into his apartment complex and he invited me in to see is apartment/have a drink/ I forget the reason. But I, idiot that I am agreed.  Once inside there was a very young woman with a child who seemed to live there. He had never mentioned her but as I said, we were not that close.  He began berating her about why dinner was not ready the moment we walked in. She seemed afraid of him. He invited me to stay for dinner. I immediately felt like I was in the middle of a domestic abuse situation. (FYI I HATE THAT TERM ABUSE IS ABUSE)

I just realized I have never told this story to anyone. And now I am telling it on the Internet. Not sure how I feel about that. I’m a ball of big fat feelings lately. I’d like to point out this post is not about me. I don’t need a bunch of “I’m sorry that happened to you” kind of crap. I am trying to explain the process.

In an attempt to wrap this up, I will say that his anger toward the young woman in the apartment escalated. He was abusing her physically.  For some reason there have been many times in my life where I feel like I can rush into violent situations with no fear. I literally felt like my violent coworker would never hit me. We just had fun talking about work and how much it sucked. We were coworkers who liked each other.  So I am SuperGIRL!  I am barely 20. I am invincible. I am going to have a stern conversation with my co-worker about how he is not being nice. I am dumb. I am young. I am stupid.

So I didn’t see the violent fist to the face coming.

Porsha Williams Mugshot

Y’all have no idea how hard it was to wrestle this very heavy weapon of mass destruction from Kenya!

I still thought I could fix it. Because, inflated ego. I don’t know. But at some point I was out of the house and the beatings continued.  I could hear him beating her. It was brutal. This was all pre cell phones. I somehow called the police.  The police came I told them everything. I was clearly injured. They went in and interviewed the woman and the assailant. I was told I was making it up. The woman is fine and I had no business at their house. They may or may not have suggested that I needed to leave or be arrested. It was infuriating.

I had a black eye when I went I went to the county office to file my request for an arrest warrant for the coworker. I went to a hearing alone.  I was living with my parents and felt a lot of shame when my mother discovered my black eye. I actually had a male visitor from Austria staying in the guest room and my parents were irritated that I basically ignored him the whole time he was there. (That’s a whole nuther talk show).  I did all of the legal stuff on my own. Neither parent went with me even though my mother knew it was going to happen. The process of getting the hearing was very fast. Both the assault and the hearing happened when my guest was there.

The female judge didn’t care for him at all. Everything he said made me look better. But Fulton County is beyond flooded with assault cases. Fulton County criminal courts are beyond backlogged. The bottom line in the eyes of the court is I got a black eye from someone I will never see again. In the grand scope of things, he had no other charges and was basically just a dick.  I got some satisfaction from the judge because she read him for filth and told him if she saw him again in her courtroom she would not be kind. No warrant was signed.

I feel like I act like  a cunty  know it all here a lot. And maybe I am. But the reason I have been avoiding covering this is that I have very personal experience with how this system works. And if I didn’t share and people started shooting off at the mouth about how Porsha is going to be arrested, I’d be even more annoyed than I currently am. So now you know.

As for what this means for Porsha, I have little hope for Jami’s warrant. HOWEVER. Porsha has at least one if not two open cases.  So that makes this case for a warrant slightly more likely. That said, even if Jami wins, and I hope she does, it’s just a warrant. The charges could still be dropped or the case could just be perpetually open like Kenya’s case.

I doubt the violent little THOT will have any consequences. I have very little faith in humanity at the moment.


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74 responses to “Is Porsha Williams Headed to Jail?

  1. But….what did Porsha allegedly do?

    • Matzah60

      At the finale of RHOA, her stylist or assistant, Jamie Ziegler, came to a Xmas party hosted by Phaedra, but she apparently came with a man that Porscha disapproved of but I am not sure why. Perhaps it was a man that Porsche had dated or had a fight with at some time.

      Bottom line, Porsche got in a verbal argument with Ziegler and Ziegler and the man she brought left the party. Porscha was pissed and chased Ziegler in the Alley out the door that they left. Porscha jumped Ziegler and beat the shit out of her. Cameras were there and they filmed it, but it was never shown during the season, but a little snippet was shown at the reunion. Porscha of course denied doing anything wrong and just got obnoxious.

    • tamaratattles

      She beat down her stylist for showing up with a man she wanted to be with. It was a blind.

  2. beth

    “I have very little faith in humanity at the moment”. I feel the same way TT.

  3. SLM

    Wow. Here’s what I can say, TT – you sound a lot like I was in my 20s! I would walk into situations that would go arsewise…consistently. And it would often be because I was a sincere, chill sort of girl and assumed everyone else was, too. I also once tried to break up a physical fight between a friensly acquaintance and her boyfriend who started smacking her in front of me, only to get a backhanded split lip for my troubles. When I called police, she and her boyfriend swore nothing happened, so the cops left and did nothing, other than offer to call me an ambulance, which I declined. Sorry to go off on the tangent! ANYWAY, back on topic, Portia has a serious, SERIOUS anger peoblem. I know – that’s not news. I just think it’s crazy she kind of keeps getting away with it. Why IS she so angry and violent so often???

    • Minky

      Porsha keeps getting away with it because she has yet to get checked. The only one who’s come close is Cynthia and her cunt punt. Notice how Porsha hasn’t said a word about that.

      It’s very similar to Kim Richards and her dog. These things keep happening because her enablers refuse to let her suffer the natural consequences of her actions because of their own feelings of guilt, usually unwarranted.

      People like Porsha (and Kim) walk through life with an “I deserve better” or “giving me preferential treatment would only be fair” attitude. And they always have a way of justifying it. They’re so quick to remind other people of their shortcomings, while making it look like they’re actually the injured party and/or the victim. They behaved poorly, not unnecessarily, but because somebody cruelly provoked them. And the provocateur is the one who should really be punished. Etc., etc., etc…

      Turn the record over and crank up the volume. The song remains the same.

      • Yes, Porsha is a bully and bullies back down when defeated (Cynthia altercation). People forget, Cynthia lived in NYC in the days when it was a dangerous place. She knows how to take care of herself and knows a threat when she see’s one. Jami has Bravo footage in her favor, which might help her case.

      • Amanda

        “Cunt punt”….This had me laughing really loud in my quiet office. I needed that. Thanks Minky!

      • queenmarie

        I love the “cunt punt” too—-that’s hilarious !

      • Dee

        Minky this is perfect!!

  4. SLM

    Sorry for the above typos, TT, my fat fingers don’t seem to be working well with my touch screen keyboard tonight. 😕

  5. Ms.Minnie

    See my problem with this is, her fans think this Sh** is cute and it’s not, Porsha is a grown a** women thinking shaking her a** and calling herself a thot is cute. She dragged kenya for speaking truth on being a dumb H* but everybody else can call her a thot and live, I blame Andy, Carlos King, Nene and Phaedra for pumping her head up to attack Kenya and now 3rd attack later someone is trying to truly get justice so I hope jami wins. This has to stop but she’s been rewarded a return to season 9 with her new boyfriend so she’ll never suffer any consequences but all the best to jami, I wish you well.

    • tamaratattles

      If you can’t bring yourself to type the word shit or ho either chose other words or don’t comment. It’s ridiculous. Do you not think we know a** means ass? USE YOUR WORDS or chose others to use.

      • Ms.Minnie

        I wasn’t sure I can use them but thanks for letting me know.

      • Shit. Ho. Ass. Some of us have no problem using them lol. It reminds me of a scene from Sordid Lives where Latrelle the tight ass finally comes unglued and screams profanity over and over getting louder each time.

  6. Robin

    Weird world. I too was a social worker at 20ish in a big city (not Atlanta, but of similar size and judiciary backlog). I too experienced “the system” operating in a similar way. Yes, I too was a naive and overly generous noob once. Guess we all think we are indestructible and eternal as youngsters until life steps up and convinces us otherwise.

    Porsha needs help, the kind that comes from natural, inescapable, and serious consquences. Seems to me she has had very little of those visited upon her. Couple an utter lack of personal responsibility with being as dumb as a bag of hammers, and behold……Porsha Williams.

    Faith in humanity right now: Zero.

  7. Xmasbb

    Doing the right thing is sometimes the hardest thing a person can do. There have been times in my life I have let things pass because it was easier, much to my shame. If Porsha (or any bully) faces consequences of their behaviour there could be change. By doing nothing the bully wins.

  8. Joanplus2dogs

    It is always shocking to me the insane lengths some people will go over “disrespect”. Their behavior is far worse than whatever the supposedly disrespect is. At this point she seems to need mental help & to be held accountable for her outbursts. Maybe this happen but more likely it won’t until she seriously hurts someone.

  9. JKR

    Unfortunately, I believe you are right. The court system everywhere is so backlogged, by the time a case is really seen for trial it’s almost not worth the time you spend in fees/lawyers. Especially fighting against someone like Porsha who will definitely have one.
    Sounds to me like these news circuits are confusing criminal court and family court (i don’t have much experience other than that. I know that falls under civil.) Any time I’ve been to family probate court, they want you to go to mediation for everything. Even when you are afraid of your ex. Even when you don’t feel comfortable in the same room because he is high on heroin.
    Criminal court does a much better job of protecting the victim, and (where I live) letting the D.A. speak for the victim and the defendant speak to the judge. People are idiots.

    • Matzah60

      JKR, yes to all you said about family court. Mediation was not only a giant waste of time, but my ex had yet another chance to verbally abuse me. The mediator lacked the skills needed to stop his verbal tirade. Her attempts ended up with her being on the receiving end of his verbal abuse. Every session in court, I’d wait for him to leave first, but he sat there waiting for me to leave first. If he wouldn’t leave, I’d have to get a family court officer to escort me to my car.

      • JKR

        @Matzah60 It is the worst. Quite frankly, if we could communicate- we probably wouldn’t be in court to begin with, would we?

  10. Mindymctx

    I’m so surprised by how she seems to hang on to RHOA. The divorce should have been enough to end her time on the show–not being ugly, just realistic. Why she still makes the cut in any way, shape or form is beyond me. Given her history of crossing the line in conflicts just makes me wonder more…

  11. I just like to reserve my opinion on anything legal until the outcome. It is hard to put the bad mouth on any situation that I haven’t witnessed with my own eyes. Guess I am optimistic and wish the best to everybody and want people to do well and live well. Thanks for the tea though. It was interesting. I’ll still reserve my opinion and wish them both well.

    • tamaratattles

      You are a moronic cunt. Please let me escort you to the WLS where I am sure you will make many friends. Because REALLY? A chick gets beat down in the alley and you wish everyone well? You annoy the fucking piss out of me and I am grateful you are not here because I would beat the fucking shit out or your Pollyana ass at the moment. Of course I’d have to grab you by the hair and pull your head out of the sand first. But at this moment I’d LOVE beating the fuck out of your face.

      You know. Just to be sure you get what I am feeling

      • O.O

        I’m sorry but bwhahahahahaha hahahahaha!!!oh man ! I can’t . Boy do you have a way with words.

      • Erica

        And if you did do that, TT, I would reserve judgment.


      • Let’s see: Porsha admitted it, Bravo showed a clip of it, and it was discussed at length at the reunion. No one wants to film with Porsha due to fear, but Bravo doesn’t care. I just love “I’ll take the high road” type of chicken shit people.

      • Minky

        @TT: A+++ And a WHOLE CAKE!!! All for you! 🎂

      • I just read a bunch of comments and then saw tt attack someone verbally, and the applause from others!!! This is a sampling of society, they are fucking reality shows!
        That behavior is hateful and those backing tt up and praising her, while you are degrading porcha for her violent actions. Nice job people. And you can block me also, afterall its your world.

      • tamaratattles

        That was probably a little harsh though. Even for me. But we all saw the incident. Did she need me to reenact if for her?

      • Allison

        I get your frustration, it was ON TAPE. There was no doubt as to what happened. But a reenactment might be kinda cool 😉

  12. MARC

    Cunty know it all ; you kill me ! Another laugh out loud moment while reading your blog ! I love your sense of humor & ability to lighten the worst of the worst regarding your horrific encounter while trying to do the right thing for another human being. Love your take on things ! You are so beloved by all of us.

  13. DejaBlue53

    This situation with Porsha reminds me of the situation with Kim Richard’s dog Kingsley. They are both out of control and if something isn’t done to stop them, someone could end up …

  14. Margarett

    Okay, I can’t remember who Jami is. I would be surprised if you hadn’t jumped in, Tamara. I can’t imagine you not trying to render aid wherever it is needed. I think your experience is more common than most of us would like to believe. Abusers get off way too often in our system, and too often the victim aids in that. They “love them” is an excuse heard a lot. I’m inclined to believe that more often than not they’re just too afraid of their abusers.

  15. Allison

    One thing about you, Tamara, there’s never mistaking how you feel about a post. Love it. Seeing as we all SAW her attack on film how many times now? I ain’t reservin’ shit.

  16. Allison

    One major pet peeve I have is Karma taking her sweet ass time catching up with those overdue for her visit. Porsha is one of those way overdue. She must be stroking someone’s something to still be where she is. Allegedly.

    • Minky

      Karma can be a real bee, but I figure she knows what she’s doing. Look at Porsha’s life. Everything she’s “achieved” has been due to her polishing somebody’s shillelagh or shaking her fix-a-flat bootie all over the place. What kind of fucking life is that? Not a good one. That’s for sure.

      • Allison

        Aww, minky-youre one of my favorites. 😁 That comment is one reason why.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        But Minky, she’s too stupid to even know that her life is not a good one. It’s so unfair :(

  17. Michie

    Really people….Is calling commentors out of their name really necessary?!?! I understand this is not my blog, but having a bad day is no reason to talk down to someone. Especially about some reality TV stars. If we were calling Kenya a bunch of hoes, cunts, & saying she’s a moron for expressing her opinions in the comments, we’d be blocked. Don’t forget…karma cones back around to EVERYONE sooner or later.

    • tamaratattles

      And you think YOU get to decide what is a bad reason to do anything? GO FUCK YOURSELF. Oh and you ARE Blocked.

      I’m interested in intelligent comments. Quality not quantity. Carry on.

  18. Lisa j

    Oh wow, flashback trigger alert. I was in a very abusive relationship where I got the shit beat out of me daily for 2 months when an angel in the form of an elderly German man brought the police to my door and brought me to safety. The person who beat me got off because of who he was. After tons of therapy I thought I had moved on enough but this triggered me so badly after the last week of crazy. Porscha, I hope the cops show up to your door and throw you in jail, I hope Bravo and whomever else is idiotic enough to pay you cuts you off, IMO you’re a bigger liability than Kim Richards. I hope you sit in jail and try this shit on someone that gives you instant karma.
    My dvr is getting smaller, bye bye RHOA.

  19. Auntie Velvet

    I know you don’t want sympathy, but that sounds horrible. Violence out of literally nowhere is its own special kind of trauma.

    As for Porsha, I am not sure how anyone can justify keeping her employed.

  20. Ann

    She knows who to try. There is no way in the world she would ever try her violent foolishness with sheree

  21. Kristina

    Portia definitely needs consequences for her violent behavior, but I doubt she’ll get them. I just don’t get why Bravo keeps bringing her back. In addition to the safety of other cast members being at risk, she’s so boring. What was her story line last season I hate Kenya because she made me hit her and I proudly insult myself because I’m not bright enough to know Thot isn’t a good thing?

  22. Kristina

    *Porsha. Up too late can’t even get her name right.

  23. Sierra

    I fucking love you T! If you need any other contributors let me know, I have a lot to say and to be able to put in bluntly would be so liberating for me. Ugh this sounds lame, but I know a lot about all bravo shows… If you ever need a vacay, tap me in girl.

  24. MeJo

    I have conducted such hearings, and in some places the Judge does ask the parties to see if they can’t “resolve their differences”prior to a hearing. For example, if you are pursuing theft charges, you might agree to voluntarily dismiss the warrant application if the accused pays you back the contested sum. It is not always a formal thing, but some Judges push it as an option in an effort to sift through their heavy dockets. Still, as you said, there are clearly situations where pre-hearing resolution ain’t gonna happen. Fulton County has a formal mediation program that is frequently utilized in a variety of courts.

  25. Ms.Minnie

    So someone from Porsha’s team said she never put her hands on Jami and all they did was exchange word’s, unless I’m in the damn twilight zone and was dreaming when I saw that video at the reunion, somebody’s lying.

  26. Happygal

    I have to think Porsha going to anger management classes has nothing to do with her actually wanting to more in control of herself or actually admitting she has a big ass problem and everything to do with trying to avoid the possibility of jail.

    This way she can say she realized she had an issue and went to counseling and is ever so sorry should she ever be charged with anything.

    However that would only work if she does not batter anyone else after taking the classes and having therapy.

  27. ShyGuy

    How in the world do any of you continue to post on her site and as she says pay her bills by visiting this site? She is doing the same thing porsha doe’s by threatening you guys and cursing you out, the replies to the post above are extremely harsh and no one should be talked to liked that and all you guys continue to defend a person whom you have never seen in your life. No amount of tea or post she doe’s should make anyone visiting this site overlook that, be blessed everyone ✌

    • Minky

      Oh ShyGuy! I don’t know if you get what we’ve got going on here. There’s a lot of good people who comment here. And TT’s good people. You must be new.

      I look at it like maybe visiting a bar. I don’t own the bar, but I’m welcome to be a patron as long as I don’t get raucous or start mouthing off to people. In cases where someone starts to get belligerent or starts telling the bar’s regular customer’s what to do or, even worse, what to THINK about the stories they read, then that person needs to get checked.

      The stories that we follow here, as reported by TT, have a lengthy history. Like Phaedra’s shenanigans or Teresa’s legal issues and incarceration or Porsha’s arrest record and fight history. And folks who are just started patronizing this bar, or who just stopped by for an odd drink, don’t know a lot of that history and get really presumptuous.

      TT has so many hats to wear at her bar, that I like to think of as “TT’s Place”. She’s the owner, the supplier, the bartender, the short order cook, the bus boy, the cleaning crew, books the entertainment, AND THE SHE’S THE BOUNCER!

      The thing about TT’s Place is that it’s not some lousy, stinking place frequented by fishermen and teamsters. It’s a classy bar where we have martini’s and cute little mini burgers and pretty cookies. We’re all at a certain level emotionally and mentally.

      I don’t agree with everybody here. For example, Bethenny fans. But they are certainly entitled to their opinions. And maybe if I don’t like someone’s opinion of Bethenny, I still might very strongly agree with their opinion of Kenya or Lisa Vanderpump. We keep it civil and try to come from a place of kindness here. But we all know we’re guests who should mind our manners.

      Does that explain anything?

      • SLM

        Wow, Minky! That’s a PERFECT explanation!!! Well put!!!

      • Margarett

        Well done, Minky. You always know just what to say. Sometimes I get a good laugh, and sometimes I look like one of those bobbing head Dog’s.

      • Perfect, Minky! I love “TT’s Place.” I love TT and her patrons – bright, funny, outrageous, wise. Asinine, pretentious and cunty not welcome. Love, love

      • MaggieG

        Since the moderator can exercise her option not to allow comments of which she disapproves to be posted it’s reasonable to consider her response (“But at this moment I’d LOVE beating the fuck out of your face.”) to a dissenting opinion as an example of the civil and place of kindness being fostered here. I hope I have been sufficiently mindful of my manners with my observation.

      • Margarett

        Oh, lord love a duck!

      • Minky

        @MaggieG. Do you not understand sarcasm? Not mine, because I was being sincere about why I like this blog. I mean in general?

    • “…No amount of tea or post she doe’s…”

      Is that like:

      Doe. A deer. A female deer.
      Re. A pocketful of sun.
      Mi. A name I call myself.
      Fa. A long, long way to run…

  28. T D

    Not a yacht for Thot. Three hot and a cot? Good thing she thinks she’s tough ’cause it may come in handy if she find herself a collegian. Somebody may even teach her a lesson.

  29. Oh, I remember the days when I thought I was super girl! And dumb luck should have been in front of my name! We keep seeing more and more violence in these shows because the producers or power likes it!

  30. Ann

    Whatever happened to the charges filed against her regarding the incident with kenya?

  31. Cat

    Between this and the Frank post and comments defending abuse toward women, I am ready to go on my own rampage.

    So, I will post a quick opinion, then log off.

    I have just 2 words for men who think it’s OK to manhandle women: Burning Bed.

    That is all.

  32. Jen

    Porsha is a Lil not all there. Yes, she needs jail. It’s the only thing that would sink in, I’m afraid. She doesn’t seem to have a way to calm herself down when she gets upset. No self control. Smh.

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