Shahs of Sunset Recap: It’s Too Late to Apologize…

Golnesa enjoying the Mayan Ruins in Belize

Golnesa enjoying the Mayan Ruins in Belize

It’s time for another episode of Shahs of Sunset where constantly cheating on your wife is quickly accepted by the group and met with tons of comforting words and emotional support; however, a chronic debilitating disease by a group member is cause for ostracization and public ridicule.

We start the morning after Asa, Golnesa and Shervin went out clubbing until the wee hours of the morning. Instead of Reza thinking, “Wow, I am so glad my friend got to do this since her condition is only getting worse. It’s great that she enjoying every moment!”  he rants to us about how GG is faking her RA.  Then he goes and talks to Mike and gives him tons of comfort and love. Because it was last season that his storyline was to degrade and humiliate Mike. This year it is GG’s turn.

The gang goes horseback riding through the jungle to the Mayan ruins. MJ wore high heeled shoes for this. Because, MJ.  She rides the horse barefooted.  Once they get to the ruins, everyone leaves GG in the dust. Her knees are giving her a lot of trouble with the climbing. But she makes it to the top.

At the bottom of the ruin, they gather for water and Asa tries to get Golnesa to be a part of her latest art project on couples. It was a private conversation but of course Reza has to butt in and point out that GG is not in a relationship.  Because that is what friends do.

Shahs in Belize


Reza tries to say that GG politely responding to him that the conversation didn’t include him means that she is someone who turns on all of their friends. No one has done this more than Reza, He’s turned on every one else and now it’s GG’s turn!

I can’t even recap this abuse. Why doesn’t anyone stop Reza from attacking her? Shervin and Mike join Reza in trash talking GG on the walk out.  In the car on the ride home, GG tells MJ she has a video of Reza fucking some guy from her gym.  MJ says it’s bullshit.

It’s time for the final dinner. No one is into it they are exhausted and drunk. Especially Golnesa who is also taking medication. She decides to go after Mike. She more shitfaced than Mike Shouhed has ever been. Her cousin takes her to a smoke break so everyone can talk about GG. After some odd editing they are all in bed for the night. Then next morning,  GG over sleeps and wakes up still drunk and angry. Not the way to prepare for a puddle jumper ride. That trip home must have been brutal.

Back in LA

MJ has a cute conversation with her dogs. This is the MJ I love. She is going to be Mike’s marriage counselor. You know, MJ who refused to go to his wedding because she knew he was cheating. That makes sense, right?

Golnesa talks with her parents about the trip. She tells them how much her knees hurt. She says it is time to do the chemo. She can’t take the pain anymore. Golnesa’s mother suggests that she try a healthy diet for six months first.

Ironically, after the sad scene about Golnesa’s RA, we cut to Reza on a couch with two monogrammed pillows, one giant R for Reza, one giant A for Adam. It is here that Reza will spew his vitriol to Adam about GG.

Oh God. Reza is going to do stand up again. Only Asa, MJ and Adam are willing to endure this shit.  I just knew he would start with “What’s up bitches!”  But he goes straight to “motherfuckers.”  Which he says 48 times in sixty seconds. He sucks.

Asa goes to GG’s doctor to join her friend Anita and her daddy at her side as she gets her first chemo treatment. It looks brutal.  After it is over Asa asks the doctor about the treatment. It is chemo, it is not at a high enough dose to cause hair loss. She asks him if there I anything she can do, a special diet or anything that would help. He says stop smoking. Then the mother chimes in and wants the doctor to give the whole smoking kills lecture as if GG doesn’t know any of this and needs to be told right after her first chemo session. Can’t these people go five seconds without lecturing her?

GG tells Asa she doesn’t want to quit smoking. Asa doesn’t understand that smoking and drinking are Golnesa’s primary coping mechanism. This is THE LAST point in time she would want to go through all of that. Asa is back to doubting she is that sick because she won’t stop smoking? Really, Asa?

I was hoping next week was the finale. No such luck.


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38 responses to “Shahs of Sunset Recap: It’s Too Late to Apologize…

  1. Briannatozer16

    This is sad :(

  2. Minky

    This is officially the most dysfunctional cast in all of Bravo history. I have to say, GG is handling this with more grace and decorum than I ever could. I’d call Reza every bitch and fucker in the book. Even Asa is starting to turn to the dark side. Did she go to GG’s chemo treatment just to confirm it happened, and then report back to Don Reza? And, as if that weren’t enough, after witnessing GG receive a chemotherapy treatment, she still has the nerve to question the existence of the illness. WTF bitch?!

    • Aerin

      lol @ Don Reza

    • Matzah60

      Yes to Don Reza…lol….

      Tamara, only you could recap this shit show giving all the necessary facts and still make me laugh at loud! You are a terrific writer!!!

      Now in my 60s, I have smoked for 18 years, quit for sixteen, and started smoking again when my mom passed. It is a coping mechanism. It is also highly addictive and a medical journal once did a clinical study on smoking cessation and said it was as hard to quit as heroine. She is clearly in terrible pain.

      I don’t feel sorry for Mike. He made his own choices and the consequences suck. Even worse, he lied about his cheating.

      I too can’t wait til the finale!

      Thanks for the great recap!!!

      • Minky

        I hear you Matzah. Without my Parliaments or my Slims and my coffee I’d be cussing out everybody and their mama.

        As awful as Mike has been, and he’s been pretty bad, he’s still somehow managed to come across as more likable than Reza. I think that says less about Mike than it does about Reza.

        I hope TT doesn’t reprimand me too badly for this, but: Is there a possibility that Mike’s relationship with Jessica was just so he could have a story line? Their whole engagement/marriage just seems so bizarre to me. So many people have been accused of that on the other shows, so why not here too?

  3. A Little Birdie

    Reza is an ass. He turned on every single one of them except Asa at some point. When do they all turn on him? What would that season be like? He is a terrible friend and God Bless GG for her restraint.

  4. CancerP8NT

    I went through chemo therapy in 2003 and I never stopped living my “non sick life”
    I would hang out with friends and go drinking and dancing between treatments. A person will do what they want to do whether their friend group or family likes it or not.
    Reza and his bunch of idiot friends need to take a long look at themselves and actually acknowledge their own fault a before they make Golnesa their topic of conversation.
    I have been Cancer Free for 13 years…but will always be a Cancer Patient

    • Matzah60

      Congratulations on being cancer free!!! That is terrific!!!

      • Patricia McNeil

        Thank You so Much Matzah60 – I still get my annual scans but have been so blessed to not have a recurrence and I plan on keeping it that way :)

  5. A boring episode and a ridiculous season. I just don’t like SHAHS anymore, but I watch anyway. I am happy MJ has Tommy and GG has her dad. Sometimes a person just needs someone to love and accept them just the way they are.
    Great recap. Thanks, TT.

    • Miami

      I think it is dumb also; but believe it or not GG struggles has helped me with my RA. I was diagnosed 3 years ago and people do not understand why I walk slow, etc. I do not drink or smoke but has helped me

      • I’m glad you are finding some relief from Shas, Miami. I have two friends with RA, and from them I know movement is an issue. I feel for them and you. Hugs.

  6. Minky

    I just looked at TT’s tags for this post. No wonder they’re being beastly to GG! She knows too much. Sick fucks.

  7. Aerin

    I cannot understand how anyone thinks they are going to come across well questioning another person’s illness on tv. I think it all started with the cancer questioning on the OC, and of course it seemed like he was faking, but I just feel like any reasonable person would tone it down and try to at least be neutral on it if they couldn’t be supportive. Especially with GG’s RA. A quick google search would confirm a treatment course.

  8. HazelHickory

    I just don’t understand why all these people are so mean to GG who is obviously struggling and in pain. Where is their compassion? How can they be so heartless?

  9. It’s like GG is paying the price for Yolanda and Vicki on these reality shows. Terrible no one helped GG up/down those ruins. So disappointed with Sherwin.

    • HazelHickory

      Sorry, but I am starting to think that this crowd is all about sex, bling, money, travel, and hedonism in general, along with some mass marketed, commercial higher consciousness (Asa). However, as for having real compassion for someone who is in a weakened condition – no. They gather around Mike – with caring – but he is not perceived as “weak.” Just a horndog with an overactive “dool”? So still strong (at least in one department for sure). But if you are actually a sensitive person who might require KINDNESS – watch out.

      • Briannatozer16

        This might be a stretch (since I know there are contracts involved) but there must be something these women can do about sexual harassment in the workplace? Luann, Kathryn, and GG (to name a few) have all been mercilously slut shamed to tears but the rest of the fast has embraced the males for identical and even worse acts that they commit. This has to violate some kind of EEO Clause somewhere…. Stretch I know but collectively as a group … That’s such unfair treatment.

      • HazelHickory

        Briannatozer – I think you make an excellent point!

      • tamaratattles

        BWHHAHAHAHAHAHAH Brianna you’ve clearly never read any of my posts about reality contracts. The literally sign away all their rights to sue anyone and willfully agree to be defamed, slandered, edited to say things they never said. It’s insane.

        A girl on an MTV Challenge tried to sue for being … sexually assaulted… and I don’t remember what happened but the response by production was that it is basically in the contract that sexual assault COULD possibly occur.

      • Cgal38

        I believe she did win with that one – it was Tanya and the 2 men were banned from mtv and I’m pretty sure she got a settlement, as she should have, she argued the cameramen were involved since they did nothing to stop it.

      • RealE

        Tanya did get a settlement but it was pittance for the atrocity that occurred. If memory serves, they waited till she was black out drunk and stuck items inside her all while cameras filmed it. These 2 disgusting vermin, Kenny & Tyler were Not banned. Kenny was on MTV hosting etc after this.
        Like Tamara said, production and MTV basically had a stance that it was her fault. she got drunk and had put herself there so it was her own doing. They took the men’s side all the way.

      • Cgal38

        You’re right it was disgusting, I forgot the rules and linked to an article about it this morning (sorry tt!!!) – mtv did everything they could to not admit fault but eventually she did settle by arguing fault on the camera crew’s side by not stopping a clear rape and filming away. Fuck mtv I thought those douchebag cunt excuses for humans were at least banned. Maybe they were only banned from challenges. Gross.


    The first time an actual sick person is going through trials with their health it’s made to be a joke. Do you think TT, that because of the previous Bravolebrities questionable illnesses that GG suffering is not taken seriously or are these people that cold they just don’t give a damn about their Sister?

  11. Normalg

    I was looking at pictures of ass from before and Tamara your guess is absolutely right. She’s def had some work done. To me it looks like lipo all around the waist. She just didn’t have that shape before, her waist was much larger. And that’s for sure plastic surgery, not natural.

    • Briannatozer16

      Lmao I think both are appropriate! Yea she’s def had work done. Except … She missed her arms lol.. They are about the same size as her waist .. Dead giveaway!

  12. Normalg

    I meant Asa not ass lol

    • Sware84

      Judging from last nights episode I think you named her correctly the first time. Usually I like her but her practically pushin ggs family aside to ensure that this was in fact chemo and that she was sick was utterly (and I use utter because they are all cows for doing this) deplorable.
      I’m glad the viewers are team gg
      Not smoking and drinking would help her feel better but wouldn’t rid her of all the pain. Plus it appears she’s so far gone for not having this treated properly that she knows it and wants chemo as a quick resolution and knows she lacks the will power to go on a special diet and stop drinking and smoking which would make her more miserable anyways.
      I’d say cut back a little but if she wants to live her life on her own terms the.ln so be it.

  13. CaliSteve

    Reza has always been and still is a cunt.

  14. Sware84

    Am I the only one that noticed they showed gg and her cousin partying AFTER that failed ambush of him admitting he was “enabling” her by partying with her instead of encouraging her to cut back.
    What a crock of crap?
    Reza has turned on so many but he’s the patriarch

    Also I fell out when he claimed that he might look like a thug but…
    Bish where?
    Mike and gg are the only ones with redeeming qualities.
    Shervin IS FOOLING NO ONE and that’s all in going to say about that.

    I kinda miss Lilly she was the bougie basketball wives Jennifer of the show but she was at least taking the high road all the time. Still needs a burger and a milkshake but I’m not the one to judge.

    • Minky

      I doubt that Reza has ever seen a real “thug”. If he did his speedo would transform into an overstuffed diaper in a second flat. I caught a little bit of the show last night and saw Reza’s horrible stand-up routine. I marvel at how someone can be so self-absorbed but have absolutely no self-awareness both at the same time. It was even worse than the “Persian Pop Priestess”. How does that even happen?

  15. Spaghetti Kitten

    I’m with those that aren’t really sure why I keep watching this show, lol. I skipped one of the Seasons without any problem, but got back into it this time – for the life of me – cannot figure out why! Thinking its the great recaps? This one is so spot on TT!

  16. Meri

    Bravo…the network that humiliates and harms. What a great reputation to have. Shame on all of them. I can’t watch this crap anymore. I read your blogs and that’s enough for me. Thank you for sparing me the indignity of watching these people (Reza) destroy one another.

  17. spunky2015

    Asa was a big disappointment last night.

  18. Blondesense

    Is it just me or did GG’s cousin share Shervin’s villa? Why would someone as fancy pants as Shervin share his bed with Nima after upgrading his accomodation – except for the obvious? Mind you, I only have 14% of my vision right now and may not have seen what I thought I saw.

  19. Shae

    I get that’s her mother, and I can only imagine what she’s going through watching her daughter be so ill and suffer, but she really chose the wrong moment to lecture about smoking. I remember being very upset about my mother smoking after my dad passed away suddenly, I was terrified she would get sick and die young, too. But then I realized I had no right to ask my mom to tackle quitting cigarettes right after she just lost her husband.

    It is a bit different when the action is directly affecting the health issue you’re trying to beat, but her mother could’ve waited. I think she was hoping the doctor would stay and back her up.

    That slurring GG was xanax and alcohol, IMO. That is not simple drunkenness. I hope to god she doesn’t get hooked on those pills too badly because that will create another health problem she doesn’t need.

    Reza was a complete dick, I am finding him so hard to stomach it’s insane, right there along with philandering, lying, Mike.

  20. T D

    Too bad no friends were around to help tote a friend that’s as heavy as a sack of taters. Never leave a man behind.

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