Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap: Jingle Bells & Prison Cells

THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY -- Season:7 -- Pictured: (l-r) Dolores Catania, Siggy Flicker, Teresa Giudice, Melissa Gorga, Jacqueline Laurita -- (Photo by: Tommy Garcia/Bravo)

Pictured: (l-r) Dolores Catania, Siggy Flicker, Teresa Giudice, Melissa Gorga, Jacqueline Laurita — (Photo by: Tommy Garcia/Bravo)

Well the time has finally come for the return of the recently released Felon by Bravo to make her joyous return to the ginormous house built from fraudulent funds.  To Teresa it all seems like a bad dream, something horrible that happened to her through no fault of her own. We begin with the car ride from the prison. She is driven home by her really interesting celebrity lawyer.  He’s been stuck to this family like glue since January of 2015 as if he has no other clients.  It looks like we will have to wait for the reuniting to be seen though because filming started and we first have to use the footage that was shot without her.


I am in the minority in that I like Melissa Gorga and Joe. They haven’t been convicted of anything yet, they are not being investigated by the Feds that I know of, and they don’t have any health related storylines. Frankly, that’s about all I can hope for at this point.  So I will tolerate the scenes of her opening “her” new boutique.  I believe she has invested in that about as much as she invested in that weird garbage truck business with the shady guy who went to jail. Her storyline this season is that Joe doesn’t want Teresa to work.

I liked the scene at the kid’s baseball game. Joe is worried that Teresa won’t want to come to their house for Christmas. He’s also worried that she won’t be able to because of her house arrest. Melissa is worried about Teresa coming because Teresa would not put her on her contact or visitation list. They haven’t had any contact since Teresa went to prison.

Sweet baby Jesus!  Joe got fully undressed, took a shower and put on new clothes with cameras on him the entire time.

Siggy Flicker

Siggy Flicker


How can you not love a woman who decides to get a full face lift days before starting to film a reality show. She’s awesome. Dolores sounds like a hot mess in  fun “eating a box of donuts on the stoop” sort of way.


I used to tolerate Jacqueline until her son was diagnosed with autism. Then it just wasn’t funny anymore. Now she suddenly thinks she has to be the face of autism. She does this by making it all about her. How his speech delays effect her. She and Chris even claim the reason for all of their financial drama is because of the high cost of his treatments. When she started forcing that adorable child to endure strangers in his house with bright light and cameras in his face, it was clear she had no idea how to raise an autistic child in the environment most comfortable FOR HIM.  The season she left that boy to fly to LA to get a huge plastic surgery so she could improve her self esteem and they disrupted the boys sleep routine so that he could film her coming home infuriated me. Not to mention the weeks of down time where she could not care for her child after surgery. But tonight I hate her for dragging the boy out to do tricks for the camera.  The boy should be on a gluten free/ casein free diet at best but since that would be very time consuming for Jacqueline and disrupt her life, I’d settle for a diet where the word “donut” wasn’t in his limited lexicon. It infuriates me.  And if this season is a billion comments about autism where idiots far and wide decide that the comment section here is where they should write their thesis on the autistic child…. to quote Andy Cohen, “Stop or I’m going to murder myself!”

Meanwhile, Ashley was called to move back home so that Jacqueline would have a storyline and someone to film with her. Chris gives a monologue about how broke the are. They did pay their five figure mortgaged for several  months but recently were told they could keep the house. Because apparently that is how things work in New Jersey. I also heard that in the list that New Jersey keeps about who owes the much in back taxes they are near if not right on the top!  Chris is sad they all had to sell their watches. The fuck?

Jacqueline gets a note from Teresa via the odd duck attorney. She make fun of Teresa while reading the short note to Chris. With that attitude it’s clear these two don’t even try to reconcile. Jacqueline did make a funny joke where she wonders if the note was written by her ghost writer.

Jaqueline has a holiday party. It’s an all cast event for all non-incarcerated cast. Melissa and Jac discuss their notes from prison and their nerves about seeing Teresa. They have no idea what to expect.  Siggy arrives without the bandages and she’s just funny no matter what she says.  I haven’t made up my mind about Dolores yet. Mostly because the lawyer got more air time than she did. It’s good to see Rosie and Kathy again.


Over at Chex Guidice, no expense is being spared on lavish Christmas decorations that rival the White House. Lots of heartwarming scenes of Joe and the kids “doing the decorating.”

The lawyer gets a scene with Joe telling him the entire process of her reentry into the house. Two hours after she arrives the ankle bracelet guy will show up to put the device on her. Is this really necessary? It seems like a waste of money, although she does have to pay for it, so I guess in that sense, it’s just another little punishment for her.

It’s clear that Gia has been running the show and is highly irritated with Joe for pretending like he is the adult in the house.

The paparazzi are everywhere for Teresa’s arrival. There are cops outside her house. She is being followed by paparazzi as well. It’s a zoo. Gia wakes up all the girls and tries to get them dressed and contain Milania.

Teresa hugs Joe and says, “I missed my house…and I missed you.”

The scene with the girls, especially Gia….um… made it difficult to type.

Gabriella and Gia both want to go to school.

Teresa says that she was “very naïve” and is not going to make the same mistake again.

And so it begins…


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161 responses to “Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap: Jingle Bells & Prison Cells

  1. MrM3

    All I have to say is…

    Teresa must be THAT B*TCH at Bravo for them to wait until she is released for the season to pop off!

  2. Ms.Minnie

    OMG bravo don’t ever make us wait this long for my jersey girls again, I’m so happy that they are back and the way my girls Siggy and Dolores just fit right in like they have been there for seasons, Jesus. This is what I’m talking about, perfect casting, storylines, full lives, and genuine interactions. Jersey, Orange County, Potomac, Dallas and Beverly Hills have all been great and if Bravo doesn’t switch the formats or recast the Atlanta and New York ladies then they won’t be needed in the franchise anymore.

    • Leelee

      Hahahahaha re: genuine interactions. Gasping for air.

      • Minky

        @Leelee: I know! Melissa is obviously very deeply concerned for Teresa’s well being. And it’s plain that they love each other like sisters! That’s why Teresa refused any visits from Melissa for a full calendar year.

        12 months, 52 weeks, 365 days of no Melissa. I guess that was pretty genuine, if you think about it.

        If there’s one thing that’s genuine about these people, it’s that they’re genuinely stupid.

      • Leelee

        @minky the only things genuine about this show are their accents and their prison sentences.

      • Leelee

        And their stupidity.

      • Ms.Minnie

        It’s a damn show, all this negativity is not called for. Nobody is forcing anyone to watch the stupid felons as you guys call it, smh.

      • tamaratattles

        NO ONE IS FORCING YOU TO READ HERE MS. MINNIE. Sit your bossy ass down and shut up.

      • Honey

        You took the words right out of my mouth! 💋

      • Minky

        Calm down Minnie. You’re right. It is just a show. And that’s what we do here. Comment on the show and all the various nonsense we see on it.

        If you want negativity, try some of those other RH blogs. You’ll get the thrashing of your life there. Here, we believe in being polite and courteous even when we disagree with each other. Anything less would be uncivilized.

      • Kiyoshigirl

        LOL! Especially with Tre’s attorney calling Melissa. Tre hasn’t spoken to her in a year and she’s having her attorney call Melissa. Sure…..

  3. Twilly


  4. CoolMama

    It was great to see those little girls so happy! This season is going to be a roller coaster of emotions. And it looks like Jacqueline is going to be her crazy self. Ugh.

    • I can’t stand that convicted felon. From the day she was charged she will always be a felon. Bravo/Comcast/NBC Universal should be ashamed of themselves. What are they telling young ladies. Commit a crime and you can still wear fur coats, drive a Lexus, wear gaudy jewelry etc;

      • Matzah60

        This isn’t a show for young ladies. The shows aren’t suppose to teach us anything. They are strictly entertainment. There are parental controls to block shows you don’t want your kids to see. If you raise your children properly, they aren’t going to commit felonious acts that will land them in jail.

  5. Minky

    “Chex Guidice” You done dropped the mic with that one TT. I like it. Can we add “La Maison du Crime”? Pretty please!

    @Twilly: Yes. “Nauseating” is the word. I would love to introduce most of this cast to my friend Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalph.

    That being said: I’m sure there’ll be plenty for all of us to snark at this season. It should be more fun than a barrel of monkeys. Pun intended.

    • Sabrina

      I just got back from a hospital procedure and can’t thank you enough- I am laughing out loud- and could barely talk a little bit ago!

      Chex Guidice!!!! La Maison du Crime!!

      You are hysterical in pointing out how much pure entertainment this show is good for- but I’m coming to think this blog is much better !!

      If we keep this up it will make the season MUCH better!!

      • Minky

        I’m glad you’re laughing. They say it’s the best medicine. Hope all is well. Take care of yourself. 🍰 That’s some cake for you too. 😊 All the nice people get cake today!

  6. J Stone

    Why does Dolores’ Mannerisms and speech remind me of Dina Manzo…

  7. Leelee

    Not sure if “Chex Guidice” was an accidental typo, sly joke or Freudian slip, but it was literally the best thing about the return of RHONJ 😂

  8. Anastasia_Beave

    Well, I’m with you regarding Joe and Melissa. I like them, always have. I have a real soft spot for Joe Gorga.

  9. J Stone

    Does Joe Gorga have a sex fetish or something. Almost every scene is about how horny he is…

  10. Tara

    The scene with the girls made me shed a tear, or fifty. No matter what they are innocent. Watching Gia get her mother’s clothes together, get her sisters ready and fixing Tre’s hair- omgoodness I love that kid. I know she does-did the girl singing group, I don’t care! I love her!
    Jac, she makes me sick and for some reason disliking her makes me like Tre. I am screwed up like that.
    I could not believe Joe got naked either. He cracks me up.
    I am glad it’s back

    • I love Gia too. She has most of the brains in the family. I think she will help Theresa survive without Joe.

      • Minky

        And ain’t that a damn shame? Gia’s the kid, not the parent. She needs to enjoy being a kid as much as she can for as long as she can. Not be Teresa’s damn personal assistant.

      • AynStonefish

        That ship has sailed… I just hope the producers etc around give Gia some care and direction. I think she seems stronger lately. I know Tre thinks therapy is for people who can’t solve their problems physically but I hope she can see through her selfishness to get Gia a safe place to talk to a counselor or the like.

      • Minky, I always lament a robbed childhood. All those girls have had their happiness compromised. Very much a shame.

  11. Spaghetti Kitten

    Im only 1/2 hour in so saving the recap for dessert…came here to post that there must be a Laurita in the Dolores woodpile, but so many noticed the resemblance to Dina too, lol!
    Noticed Ashley/Ashlee isn’t in the family tag line opening (??) :(
    So far hope Siggy and Dolores replace Jac and Melissa. The Gorga scenes already have me reaching for FF. Literally cannot stand either one of them.

    • You and me both, Spaghetti Kitten. When I was watching the 3 “Teresa Checks In” episodes from last October before the opening episode tonight with Melissa incessantly whining about not being on the visitor’s list, I kept thinking about how Joe and Melissa got on this show to begin with.

      Melissa and her sisters kept feeding Bravo (and the Manzos) negative information about Teresa and Joe…hoping to get on the show. Yet they deny being famewhores.

      Then it hit me tonight – how many of Joe Guidice’s family are on the show? The Guidices were the ones quietly helping out while Teresa was away, behind the scenes…not jumping at every opportunity to be on camera and whine about how badly they’re being treated by Teresa. And then creating photo ops to take the girls to a spa that she probably got comped for filming at.

      I do not like the Gorgas one bit. Melissa’s 15 minutes are long over – and Joe’s enjoying it too, but involved because he wants his wife happy. Just my opinion…

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        Yeah, I don’t know if I believe that to be true.

      • Sabrina

        I watched S 3 #1, The Christening, Joe and Melissa’s intro to the show, yesterday and , having not seen it for years, it was compelling :1) the amount of jealousy Joe and Melissa have for Joe and Teresa is overarching, 2) His fascination with sex and need to talk bout his virility is like a 14 year old who just needs to talk about it endlessly, 3) Melissa’s ambition and jealousy controls virtually every aspect of his life , 4) His need for his father’s approval and love drives the rest of it, and he feels Joe Guidice has everything he wants. Very sad.

        Let’s see how long they can pretend to keep this new love act with Teresa and Melissa in place. It’s a shame- Seasons 1 and 2 highlighted the family love/friendships they shared(say what you will about them, it was a family who loved each other and stood together) , then the Gorgas arrived and it all became about family hate/jealousy. With Danielle in the middle, introducing dear little Melissa and her family love to Andy.

  12. Perfect recap, TT. You caught it all with such commonsense. I did tear up when the girls hugged Teresa. Those poor girls. Nice not seeing Rich Wakile tonight.

    • Matzah60

      Rich Wakile is also a horn dog. Those big teeth and his dirty mouth don’t do a thing for me. I do wonder if the Wakile’s home was ever completed and if the Jonas builders were ever paid in full. Kind of foolish to build that big house without a full time contrac in hand. The utilities, taxes, and home maintenance is going to eat them alive. I predict another foreclosure in NJ.

  13. bella

    Wow…the scene where they were reunited was difficult to watch. Those girls will need a lot of therapy. I feel for them.

  14. I think Teresa has/is paying her debt to society. Mean comments are just cheap shots and not necessary. It is SHE who wiill for the rest of her life be labeled and deal with being a felon. Give her a chance before bringing out the poison darts for GOD sake. I do think Bravo is already stirring the shit pot with her family issues snd that of so-called friend Jacqueline. I have NEVER liked her cousin Kathy as I think she’s a fake ass poser who is jealous of her cousin. Apparently so are a lot of others. I’ll reserve the harsh criticism until Ive seen more than ONE EPISODE.

    • tamaratattles

      You should probably stop commenting until you have more information than one episode. You clearly have no fucking idea what the fuck you are talking about. There are plenty of Trehugger sites you can go look for. In the mean time, you don’t get to decide what is necessary HERE.

      • Touche’ oh self proclaimed twat queen of the sarcastic…BUT I AM ENTITLED TO MY OPINION. Just as you are entitled to yours! So fuck yourself oh queen of the fucking bitter!!!!!

      • GillianFirst

        Insulting Tamara is NOT ok. This should be a safe place for all involved. She works hard on this site and such negativity as you offer is a waste.

        Tamara, hilarious recap today, loved the reaction to selling the watches, lol I was the same. I just drank Blk water recently! It was… Fine-ish. Tasted kind of heavy but not unpleasant. I didn’t mind Juaqalin in this episode. I’ve watched since the beginning so I’m used to her.

        Melisa is never satisfied. Wonder if that lawyer charges by the hour lol hence taking the kids to school…

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        People disagreeing with your opinion is not the same as people saying you can’t have an opinion, Diana. Not like how you came in here and told everyone they shouldn’t say bad things about Teresa because you personally like her.

    • Diana her cousin had another house built from scratch, put her two children through college, sells her Italian doughnuts in a upgraded store. Kathy hasn’t stole, or lied. She worked for her money and so did her husband. Kathy deserves what she has. Teresa is the one who is jealous of everybody.

      She was jealous of Melissa because she had two boys and she couldn’t give Joe one.

      • Capricornlady


      • Shae

        Which is so silly of her because it’s JOE that couldn’t give HER a boy lol, the mother doesn’t determine the sex of the child, the father does. I hate when women feel badly over something they have zero control over.

        I haven’t watched this series in a few seasons but I used to be a big fan. I was put off by Teresa, I just can’t stomach her. Maybe I’ll give it another shot, or I’ll at least read your recaps, TT :)

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        @mamaline I don’t think I’ve ever seen a woman so eaten up by jealousy as Teresa! And it’s exactly why she walks around accusing others of being jealous of her.

    • Anastasia_Beave

      KATHY jealous of TERESA made me laugh aloud. Good one.

  15. Madashell

    Never liked Melissa. Anyone who has a bad sister- in -law can relate. She came on the show to take over and destroy Teresa (see season 3 when she talks about Teresa’s financial issues and very first scene her brother calls her ‘garbage’ at his sons baptism). Now Melissa knows where her bread is buttered and has to play nice.
    Can’t stand her or her horny husband .

    • John Farmer

      I agree with your sentiment, in theory, but it’s kind of hard to forgive Teresa when she continues to deny and rationalize her behavior. The newest line is that their lawyer screwed them and she just signed papers she didn’t understand. Now I might actually believe that. But I still find it hard to believe that Teresa did not know, on some level, that they were breaking the law. This kind of play the system, it’s only wrong if you get caught mentality is very prevalent in southern Italian society. See Edward Canfield’s “The Moral Basis of a Backward Society.”

      • Exactly! Tre loves to play that naive role. She’s not very bright but she could not be that stupid to not know what she signed. If she wants forgiveness then admit you did something wrong.

      • AynStonefish

        She’s still refusing to take responsibility for her behavior. She is really failing to teach her daughters what it means to be honest and accountable. I can see it in Gia’s eyes–the world has become an unnavigable mystery.

      • Brentjohn

        Amen J Farmer. Well said. No redemption with no admitted responsibility. She’s just sorry she got caught, she’s not sorry for the ongoing crimes.

    • Swizzle

      Completely agree. We’ve known for years that Melissa was feeding stuff to Danielle. I think Teresa is a saint to have forgiven that. And I’m so sick of Joe Gorga’s sex talk. Enough already. He should try reading a book or newspaper and learn to converse about something other than sex. I am, however, so glad that the Gorgas and Giudices are getting along, even if it’s fake. Fake it to make it.

      • Matzah60

        From a prior post TT put up during filming, it seems that Melissa and Teresa have a fallout with Jaqueline. The enemy and of your enemy will end the divide between Melissa and Teresa.

        The previews for next week show Joe Gorga talking to Theresa about how she must feel that juicy Joe is to blame. I wonder if that’s foreshadowing for a split/divorce between Tre and Joe.

        Since Jim Leonard transports their kids to school, hugs them when entering the home, picks up Theresa rom Jail and checks her out, it looks like Leonard may soon have a full-time role on the show. Their relationship is bizarre and who is paying this man for his legal services. Andy used to dislike Tre and often made fun of her, but it went right over her head. From the picture alone, it looks like Tre and Melissa are the head bitches in charge. On a WWHL, Andy said he cried when Tre came home (tears of concern). Is Bravo helping to defray her legal bills. Otherwise, how can they afford to pay any attorney and the mortgage and taxes on that monstrosity.

    • JMoon

      Yes those are my exact thoughts on melissa . She jet Gomes across as so fake on the show . From her singing career to the garbage truck business to her new store .., and sll the weird shenanigans with her moving back into their old house . Something about her really rubs me the wrong way !

    • Bravocueen

      COMPLETELY agree with this!!! My spinster in law is SUCH a cunt and has cock-blocked me from having any meaningful relationship with my mother in law for 25 years. I SO identified with Teresa when Melissa joined the show and did all that garbage.

      Strangely, though, my spinster in law ran away to Utah and became a sister wife leaving the door open for me to have a relationship with my mother in law. I was very cautious and tiptoed around for a while testing the waters, but have pleasantly surprisingly been able to forge a close bond with my mother in law. So Sunday night, I totally identified with Melissa.

      Funny how life works isn’t it?

      P.S. Still cant’ stand Melissa or the Wakiles and WTF was up with the nude shots of Jo?

  16. John Farmer

    It’s unsurprising that the bank would rather let people just keep their homes instead of foreclose on them. Those houses are probably so underwater, it’s a better business deal for the bank to just write the mortgages off rather then go through the process of foreclosing and then short selling. The real estate bubble caught all of these jokers. Best I could tell, they were mostly construction worker hacks who got in the flipping business when the market was hot and then got caught with their pants down, exposed to lots of bed debt, once the market crashed. Hence they immediately resorted to grifting and deadbeat status. True that the Grogas haven’t done anything to warrant criminal investigation, but they just stiffed their contractors all over town. It’s sadly quite common in the general construction industry for deals to go south and for people to immediately respond by stiffing all their vendors and subcontractors.

  17. ingrid

    I did get the feels when Theresa came home to her daughters. Poor kids, and Gia is my new hero. Had to watch the Joe shower thing twice., I am embarrassed to admit

  18. Miguel

    Can anyone tell me if that was Amber in the season preview? Much appreciated!!!

    • Minky

      LOL!!! The only thing I liked about Amber was the way Victoria Gotti pronounced her name.
      “Am-bah” Too cute.

  19. Lisa j

    OMG I cried when Teresa walked in and saw her kids, THAT felt real. Whomever mentioned her paying her debt bwahhhhh please! She’s guilty of being naive? No flip it, she’s hoping we are. Good for Melissa discovering feminism, I’ll bet 10$ it won’t be up and running 2 years from now. Liked Siggy but holding out on Dolores. I saw Greg Bennet’s tweet on the OG Dolores and spit my water out. Good call on Jac not owning the whole financial story, none of the cast can call her out though as they’re mostly in the same boat. I think if you’ve got enough money for plastic surgery you can probably find a way to pay your back taxes. It only took 6 years but my eyes are opened now to who Jacqueline really is.

  20. Nila

    I wasn’t expecting this but…I cried. A lot. When Audrianna said “mommy”. I just lost it. Those poor little girls. They are the real victims in this entire mess.

  21. Blahblahblogeh

    Just curious… I’m on the west coast and I don’t really know any school open on December 23rd… Is that standard in Jersey or is something not right?

  22. I had saved the “Teresa Checks In” series of 3 shows from last October and watched them before watching the opening season’s episode.

    Turns out that Gia’s contribution to the family while Teresa was “away” was doing her own laundry and “prettying” everyone up before parties or filming or whatever.

    The quiet one – Gabriela – was the one who quietly stepped up and cleaned the house “as her mother would have done” while Teresa was away.

    As for Melissa NOT being on the list (and whining every 5 seconds about it), the attorney gave an explanation about that. The people who want to go visit have to fill out an application and the jail reviews it and if approved, they add them to the list…and they check to make sure they stay on the list because something the convicts will remove them. Not Teresa’s doing at all.

    As a matter of fact they talked about a time where a visitor took their phone and tried to take a picture of Teresa on visitation and the phone was taken away and the person taken to County Jail for breaking the rules.

    I take it from that the facility’s Admin wants to minimize drama – which is Melissa’s middle name. IMO, Melissa can’t help herself and the facility didn’t want any part of her.

    • 25

      TT has addressed this before I believe and said that the atty is lying about how the visit list works. Also, Melissa wasn’t even on Teresa’s email list, let alone her visit list. The email list is unlimited and Teresa was in control of it.

    • Microop

      I don’t think that’s exactly how it works but if I were Teresa I would also only have my immediate family on the list. Even though she deserved to be in jail, it still is a vulnerable position to be seen in and I wouldn’t even want my parents to see it.

      • say, is Jail Bird T preggers??? I saw somewhere that she was pregnant, is this true? From the way T talked about their sex life, getting through this past year must have been awful and now that Joe is “away”, they had 3 months to “get busy”. So, can someone clear this up the public (or just me) wants to know.

  23. New kid

    I thought I heard that, beyond the criminal background & warrent status checks, the prisoners themselves say whether they want someone on their visitor list or not. And Teresa did not want Melissa visiting her.

    I really feel badly for Teresa & Joe’s girls. They are the ones who are suffering through all of this. Their parents are both in total denial about taking responsibility for their crimes. They are un-phased by the whole thing other than how inconvenient their jail sentences are!

    My sister, who teaches pre-school, would call poor Gia & Gabriela parentified.

    • tamaratattles

      You are correct New Kid. Teresa has control of her list. Neither Melissa nor Jac were placed on her list. Observer2 seems to believe in the new weirdo atty.

  24. AKA Riley

    I don’t know who pisses me off
    more…Joe and Teresa for the hell they put their children through. Or Bravo who continue to reward criminal behavior. I can’t understand the madness of it all. I do know that I’m fed up with it and will not watch. But of course will read TT ‘s post.

  25. 25

    So..I just watched Joe Guidice sit on a stool for an entire day and night while Gia appears to have packed Teresa’s bag, put the girls to bed, woke the girls up, etc. He barely even got his ass off the stool when Teresa walked in. Gia’s coldness toward him did not look unwarranted.

    • 25

      I really hope there was some legal reason that Joe Guidice wasn’t there with the atty to pick his WIFE up from prison because instead he sat at home doing NOTHING.

      • Cgal38

        He didn’t even get up when she walked in the door!!

      • My guess: He can’t drive and the girls can’t be left at home alone. Why he didn’t get up, I don’t know. Scripted I imagine to not block Tre’s dramatic moment. It was a weird scene for sure.

  26. Spaghetti Kitten

    Now that UnReal is back on, I’m watching everything as if I’m in that room with all the TV’s with Quinn lol. This opening ep was very well done from that stand point I think. Introduced all the players with just the right amount of flashbacks and really liked the shortness of the the Giudice banner making, the Laurita fam picture taking by tree, the Gorga gift wrap & football game were all telling but BRIEF. Even the required Melissa-Jac party talk was mercifully kept short. The only scenes that dragged for me were Jac and Chris in the kitchen but guess they needed to get their story out there?
    Wonder how the ratings are?

  27. Amy V

    Joe’s nudity was by design for Andy Boy. He is fully aware that Andy will get much enjoyment at seeing his sausage. It will definitely be a topic of conversation on WWHL and the reunion.

  28. Cgal38

    I don’t expect my housewives to be morally superior but the way jac and Theresa exploit their kids take my hate to a new level. I’m nauseous watching poor Nicholas being trotted out like a storyline, and the Theresa’s poor girls – a close up of milania crying in bed?? Really?? I watched Theresa checks in and felt sick when the poor kids were crying on the phone. Seriously, at what point do you say no to the money for the kids’ sake? Say what you will about Melissa and I go back and forth on her for sure, but her kids are sweet and well adjusted, and she doesn’t parade them around the cameras.

  29. Cgal38

    I should clarify milania crying in bed seems to be a preview!

  30. JoJoFLL


    OMG the Rolex pinky ring on the attorney is my life!!!

    This season is going to be so Rolex pinky ring!!!

  31. Diane

    I am glad to see the show back!

    I don’t care if the accents are fake and the hair is extensions yadda yadda. I ma just glad we have some Jersey back. They are always fun.

    I think I like Siggy myself. Good to to see Rosie and Kathy. Jacqueline is going to have to really work to make me tolerate her again. I am 100% behind you TT regarding the autism angle. Ugh.

    I will admit I lost it when the girls ran to Teresa. No matter what their parents have done these girls are young and need their Mom. It was a sob fest at my house. I mean part of you wants to bang a skillet over Teresa’s head and the other part of your wants to hug her. She can’t help herself 😉 The upcoming scenes seem to show her more in control than ever before and Jacqueline seems to be totally out of control. This should be fun. Who will flip on Team Jacqueline and become Teresa’s BFF? Time will tell.

  32. I strongly dislike jac but I just wanted to say nick is on a gluten free diet as that is all she talks about on twitter. Possibly the donuts were gluten free.

    • Minky

      Yeah, I would be surprised if Jac didn’t put her son on the special diet. Not because I believe in her fitness as a mother, but because it’s all the rage. Just about all the stores I go to have a gluten free section prominently displayed. Everybody and their whole family is doing gluten free. Whether or not they need to for celiac, autism or any other illness. Or maybe it just seems that way to me because I’m in Southern California.

      I know that a ketogenic diet is supposed to help people who have epilepsy.

  33. When did “good ratings” equal showcasing a felon, children raised with absolutely no boundaries a.k.a. Miliana, and a woman who changes careers like most of us change our underwear (Melissa). The only cast member with a story line that has remained as straight as an arrow is Jacqueline. Yea, I get it, having a child with Autism does not compare to squaring off with a person who has a low sense of self esteem manifesting in true Sociopath tendencies (Teresa). Teresa, the woman who STILL HAS NOT TAKEN ACCOUNTABILITY FOR HER BEHAVIOR NOR WILL SHE EVER TAKE ACCOUNTABILITY FOR HER BEHAVIOR. Teresa talks about being a better person “(whatever that means) WHAT??? I would love to watch Teresa actually take accountability for what she did, for example: knowingly signing documents with incorrect information regarding her income and hiding assets from the bankruptcy court thinking she was and is “smarter than the average bear”. Teresa is actually able to convince herself that if she believes her behavior is OK then it has to be OK. Bringing Teresa back to this show, making her return to freedom the focus of an episode like Cesar coming back to Rome to her adoring public, those people who leave messages about how much they have missed her, how happy they are that she is back, how good she looks all comments that for someone like Teresa is like crack to an addict. Teresa is never going to change and as long as her ratings make money for BRAVO she will be a part of the Housewife franchise BUT once the scales tip and more people wake up from the kool-aid and realize that her behavior is a detriment only then will she leave the air waves. I hope others will take note of the sponsors for the RHWONJ franchise and boycott them until Teresa is gone. Bring back Kathy and Caroline and lets add Rosie for some real fun. BRAVO, turn the tables, put out a positive, cast, not a dark and twisted group of women. BRAVO has demonstrated how trash is the new hit maker for TV programs. The definition now of good television is the glorious welcome back for Teresa, the one person who should have taken a pass for this season of RHWONJ so she could reconnect with children in need of stability not cameras pointed at them. BRING BACK KATHY, BRING BACK CAROLINE, BRING ON ROSIE AND GIVE TERESA THE BOOT.

    • Matzah60

      I think Jacqueline and Rosie are sociopaths. Did Rosie finish high school? She and Joe Guidice are amongst the stupidest characters on the show, and of course Tre. If you want too just how crazy Jac and Rosie are, go to their Twitter pages or google Twitter posts archived from these two nuts. They are serious wackidoodles.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        I’m not the biggest fan of either of them. Nor Kathy. But they could find new ladies, Siggy and Dolores look like they’re going to work out. They could have kept Amber (maybe kept Jim off the show altogether). Those twins were an absolute trash disaster.

      • I am interested in reading your definition of Sociopath, NOT FROM WIKIPEDIA but your own personal or better yet, professional definition of the classic signs of a Sociopath. I believe this term is thrown around like old gum with no thought as to the definition. I believe both Jacqueline and Rosie not only finished High School, both of them went on to various secondary schools. Some of the banter between Rosie and Joe Guidice were filmed when they were both inebriated (a big word that means drunk just in case you did not finish High School). I believe BRAVO put several of the conversations between Rosie and Joe on U tube. Regardless of their pedigree, their Curriculum Vitae (that means resume but I am sure you know that cuz you are so smart right), they both bring a lightness a real sense of family and the bonds within a family to the small screen. Neither of these ladies are professional actresses, the entire idea of this program and all the reality programs is to showcase people behind the green curtain as they really are not as they would be if the show was scripted, which is what makes Teresa’s behavior so scary. The behavior of Rosie and Jacqueline is, as they say “already in the can”, nothing can be changed now but from past episodes and seasons of this franchise, I think Rosie and Jacqueline are two of the most honest people on the show, warts and all. GO ROSIE GO JACQUELINE.

      • Matzah60

        @fairhousingmilwaukee, anti-social personality disorder. You should be familiar with the definition based on the rant you posted.

      • Minky

        Game, set, Matzah! May I award you with some stuff I can’t have. A delicious slice of cake. 🍰 You’ve don very well!

        What the hell is going on with this thread? All the Belligerent Bessie’s are coming out of the woodwork. Can’t we all just get along?!!!

      • Matzah60

        Minky, you are the best! I love your spirit! I really wanted to ignore the comment, but alas, I was unable to do so, so I figured I’d go for the jugular in as few words as possible.

        This thread is nuts today. I guess it’s a divide between those who love Tre and the others, not so much!

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      I could so do NJ without Teresa. I don’t understand why Bravo felt it necessary to delay everything until she was out of prison. I admit I’m mildly curious to see her and her family, but I would certainly watch the show without her, and I’m certain it would still be great.

    • Brentjohn

      Bravo! (not a pun btw)

  34. mary

    I’m actually excited to watch the new season. I’m already bored with OC & NYC.
    I find Teresa interesting watch because if I would dine a crime that sent me to prison I’d be hiding with shame. But not her she is front & center selling herself & her family & determined to rebuild her brand & maintain her celebrity status. Not that I think that is in anyway morally right but it is the way of the world. Paris & Kim K built their empires on sex tapes & promoting a shallow greedy selish lifestyle.
    Joe Gorga is fun to watch.
    Ugh Jacqueline & her daughter. I agree with you TT & it’s disturbing the using of their young son with AU. I wonder how many meltdowns that were edited out. I thought you could see the love & heartache on Chris ‘ s face in the scene of “I love donut/I love daddy” I bet Jacqueline won’t be back next season.
    Will Dina make an appearance?
    The new girls are going to add some spice this season.

  35. Did you SEE Melissa’s face when she got the news that Teresa would be allowed to attend her Christmas Eve party? She was pissed. Just like Jacqueline was pissed at her party when the convo turned to Teresa and not in a catty, negative way. Gabriella does NOT want to be on tv. The preview scene with Melania trying to hold it together and not cry after Joe leaves was heart wrenching. I did laugh when Gia called Melania a fatass though. Adrianna is everything sweet and nice. Give her a couple of years I guess. Gia is the adult — whether Teresa is there or not — and has been for several years. She has a chance to be a good person.

    Not sure I can take a whole season of jacqu. I have an irrational hatred for her. She is such a turd. Her parenting is just the worst. And her attempt at “cute” and “funny” fall flat. Really flat. Like as flat as her chest would be without implants.

    • Matzah60

      Adrianna is a gem. She is kind and loving. She may not be the adult like Gia, but I remember the three part series with Tre in jail. She was cleaning the house, setting the table, and making breakfast for Gabriella. When she turns 18, I hope she runs as far away from those two people masquerading as her parents and finds some well-deserved peace and success away from her parents.

    • Sara

      It’s gross to see a grown woman trying to be cute.

    • Auntie Velvet

      Jaq’s toast was pretty funny. She seemed to freak out when the conversation about Tre went on to long, and literally jumped to her feet in order to make it all about herself.

  36. Rach

    Loved the recap. I’m gonna wait a few weeks so I can binge watch the episodes as I have to watch online. Sorry to be off topic TT but do you have any info regarding the Gorgas and the termites? Was that the house they live in now or was it a rental home? Would love an update. (Sorry to sound cheeky)

  37. That shower scene is going right in Mr. Cohens’ spank bank… LOL

  38. Erica

    I know a lot of this is fake, scripted shit – but I’ve always felt that Teresa DID fuck with Joe & and especially Melissa’s relationship with Joe’s parents. I thought it was lovely to see Melissa and the dad planning out the Christmas Eve dinner AND that the dad came to the game – and that it is “their” dinner for everyone (Melissa and the dad, not Melissa and Joe).

    I think T is in for a rude awakening a little with her father – after that comment of if people refuse to come, so be it, less food to worry about (or however he said it). Hell, I think that is the most I’ve heard the old goat speak – and perhaps the most negative he has spoken about his daughter (not that it was all that negative).

    • swizzle

      Well we all know that Melissa was giving information to Danielle behind Teresa’s back, so maybe the SILs were playing tit for tat…Mel gives info to Danielle, Teresa disses Mel to her parents. Whatever the case may be, I’m just glad they’ve moved on. Fake or not, it’s much better. Watching the siblings/ILs fight was sad and boring.

      • Sabrina

        And I hate to raise it, but most- especially, Teresa and Joe also believe Melissa and Joe gave documents and info to Monica Chacon, the attorney ( I think that’s her name) who gave it to the FBI/bankruptcy court, who used it to prove them guilty. And that is why Melissa and Joe were not on the approved visitor list, I believe. (rumored, supposedly, maybe, conjecturally)

      • Erica

        I actually think you may be right, but with some of the events reversed. I think that T was dismissive of Melissa pretty much from the get go after all, the bitch brought SPRINKLE COOKIES. ::SNARK:: Melissa probably found a very sympathetic ear and shoulder with Danielle.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        @Erica I think you’re right – there’s a long history going back way before Danielle.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      Oh I’ve taken it for granted that this definitely happened. Teresa is absolutely eaten up with jealousy in regards to Melissa and I think probably always has been. Not sure exactly why – younger, prettier, took her brother’s focus away?

      • Microop

        I don’t think Melissa is prettier. Neither woman is Gigi Hadid, but they are both attractive women physically speaking.

      • tamaratattles

        I think it’s mostly the last one, Yoya. My siblings are 10-16 years older than me. The one closest in age to me is my brother. He could have married the Queen of Sheba and I would have still hated her. He was on most of the international trips and home for the summers in Libya (he went to boarding school) and the only one that was around by the time I was six. When he did the perfectly normal thing of getting up, getting married and having his own family I felt very left behind. I see a lot of that in Teresa. It is not a normal or healthy response, but it is common when someone feels like they are looking their protective brother. In married couples in my family the holidays and visits are usually more often with the wife’s family. Melissa doesn’t seem to have a family so she would have been at a lot of the family functions getting more attention than Teresa. Like I said, I am not excusing her feelings, just trying to explain them from my oversharey viewpoint.

      • Spaghetti Kitten

        I hadnt looked at it this way TT…11 thru 18 years older birth order here…but as usual…spot on analyis! I felt many of those emotions for my “closest” sib, my Bro who was 8 years older. It didnt help that his intended and future wife was a retarded raving bitch…but as in all things, time was a healer.

      • Erica

        Plus she probably didn’t want any of her father’s attention or affection given to Melissa – or Melissa’s kids, IMHO.

      • Minky

        I am so glad I’m an only child. Like, over the moon happy!

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        @TT I’m not close with any of my siblings and never really have been. Joys of coming from a dysfunctional family :) Tre’s relationship with her brother always struck me as a bit odd but for all I know it’s me that doesn’t know what a healthy sibling relationship looks like. My frame of reference is way off.

        Someone else pointed out Melissa has two sons and Teresa has none. I know that’s very important to some people. I think there are many reasons Teresa resents Melissa.

  39. lo

    The scenes with Teresa and her kids reuniting were traumatizing for me so I can’t imagine how the whole experience has been for those children. Teresa and Joe should be so ashamed of themselves.

  40. HazelHickory

    Finally broke down and watched it. I thought that Jacqueline was the one being narcissistic about Teresa’s note which was a friendly “hi” from jail that could only be photo snapped and I saw nothing wrong with Teresa’s note. Melissa DID have an unhappy expression when when she heard that Teresa would be able to make her Christmas Eve party, and it was not a good look. I liked Dolores and her saying that the measure of a person’s power is losing it all and building it all back again. Could not stop crying when Teresa’s daughters ran to their mommy.

  41. RHofND

    As a former educator I too am sickened by Jacqueline trotting out her son to perform like a trained seal. Gia seems to be the most responsible one of their family. Teresa still is in denial mode. Watching the girls hug their mother was heartbreaking. I couldn’t believe how Joe just sat in his chair playing on his phone after she walked in!

  42. Matzah60

    Tamara, since the crash of 2008, it takes one full year and f not paying your real estate taxes before the municipality will consider putting it up for Sheriff’s sale. Every municipality accepts partial payments, although interest and penalties due accrue back to the due date.

    Caroline Manzo’s husband is pretty well connected politically in northern Jersey. Their family also seems to have the most financial stability. I am guessing that they probably helped Chris with five month mortgage payment. Still, if you are over three months behind in mortgage payments, the bank will start foreclosure proceedings. There is an overload of foreclosures in the state, so one can get a lawyer to put a stay on the foreclosure until it is scheduled for court.

  43. Auntie Velvet

    I guess I will be the first jerk to say this, but it seemed to me that the kids have probably been stress eating this year — or certainly not eating balanced, home-cooked meals.

    • Nila

      I really wish you wouldn’t have said that..I think the least of their problems are what is in their dinner plates. Please don’t make remarks about the children’s appearance, they did not sign up for this show. Let them be kids, let them go through their awkward phases without us making remarks.

    • Auntie Velvet

      They look fine, just different.

    • Kimoe

      Kids the average age of Tre’s do get to that awkward stage and do look a bit plump. We’ve all been through it. Also can’t imagine what those kids have had to put up with at school.

      Poor Gia. When she saw her mom I bet she just felt relief that the girls werent HER first responsibility anymore. Joe is useless. I just hope Gia turns out ok and doesn’t rebel too much in the next five years.

      Gabrielle seems guietly lovely. It’s always the quiet ones you have to worry about. As someone already stated I hope she runs far away once she’s got the chance.

      I feel sorry for Milania. She’s a pill but obviously acting out SO much it’s heartbreaking. I wish they’d quit just putting it down to her personality and get that kid some help, attention and reassurance.

  44. Microop

    I don’t like Melissa and Joe. I think they are creepy, delusional, and desperate. The show also suffered from their entrance. That said, they aren’t nearly as terrible as many housewives and house husbands. I’m glad that they are going to get along this season.

  45. lauraannb

    And now it starts….

  46. CC

    Ok can someone indulge me??
    HOW was Theresa’s hair fixed that perfect when she “allegedly” came straight from jail? Did Bravo have a whole glam squad in her garage before she entered the house because you know that looked a hot mess after 11.5 months in the big house?
    And it didn’t look like a wig..
    I’m dying to know!

    • Leelee

      I was thinking the same thing! I immediate thought wig. Then again, they often let prisoners go in the middle of the night, so it’s feasible that she stopped somewhere and had the full glam done before showing up early in the morning. Notice they didn’t show her actually exiting the facility.

      • CC

        That’s the only reasonable explanation right??? I can’t imagine waiting one more second than I HAD to to get into my house and to my kiddos but TV I guess…
        Maybe the “walking in the kitchen scene” was shot a different day?
        I wish she’d explain it, it’s like a magic trick, ha!

    • Remember when Joe’s mother was telling Joe that Teresa saved some of her money (on the books at jail) to pay someone to curl her hair for her before one of his visits?

      She probably did the same before leaving. Her makeup wasn’t the best, but her hair looked great.

      • Blondesense

        Me too! I have PTSD just typing this after voicing my fondness for the Gorga’s in other forums. Ouch.

      • Blondesense

        Sorry that was a reply to Anastasia above saying she liked the Gorgas

      • CC

        Her hair had to have been dyed and straightened professionally.
        It looked FLAWLESS. And from that photo I think I saw from in jail, her hair was dark black and looked like a perm.
        Damn I wish I had that glam squad!!

  47. Blondesense

    Thanks for the recap Ms T. I am going to see how long I can stand watching a felon in her illegally obtained McMansion and the mistreatment of a child with very special needs then will probably just read updates here

    • Yamoah Asiedu

      I’m inclined to agree with you Blondesense. If nothing else, I want to see that epic fallout between former besties Jac and Tre. The previews look good.

      • The upcoming fallout between Jaq and our resident jail bird kind a reminds me of the table flipping ending to series one when we all thought jail bird T was just a ditzy gal when really she was busy scribbling her name on false mortgage applications, (hell, she made all of Danielle Staubs personas look like child’s play). EVERY SEASON up till the one before she finally went to the “clink” Jail bird T was busy creating false applications to mortague banks so she could keep up with her cast mates in the hair/makeup/wardrobe/mansion/vehicle/RIDICULOUS matching outfits for her “4 beautiful daughters” department. Hell, who wouldn’t want to live in a mausoleum complete with marble and granite EVERYWHERE??? What I want to know is how you put a nail into those walls without putting a HUGE crack in the marble? Nothing like a marble living room to warm up a home I always say. I wonder if a part of the Jaq/jail bird T fall out has anything to do with our latest Jail Bird taking any responsibility for what she did OR is she just going to go on as if nothing ever happened, schlepping some tea crap for weight loss and yoga to create harmony like the public is not going to equate her with felon one who by the way gets to live in the home she stole from the banks by the way. JAIL BIRD TERESA, COME CLEAN AND YOU WILL GET SO MUCH SUPPORT HONESTLY.

  48. Lu

    I used to like Jac but seeing her last night I was disappointed. Its as if she is overdoing everything! Am not holding my breath to see any improvement either.

  49. Cathyrid

    Watching the reruns last week I saw Teresa’s atty. He was Joe’s atty that brought the music producers to the house to meet Mel. He looked smarmy then too.

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