Happy Real Housewives of New Jersey Premiere Day!

Not really my store....allegedly...

Not really my store….allegedly…

So it looks like we won’t see the dramatic heart wrenching reunion of Teresa with the family union the third or so episode to give her time to decompress from federal prison.

It will be the Melissa and Joe Gorga show for a bit. And I don’t have a problem with that.  But what I do have a problem with is that Jac is shoving her autistic son in front of the cameras within the first ten minutes of episode one.

We all knew Teresa and Joe Giuidice were criminals when they were paying for things on their doorstep with wads of cash. They are paying their debt to society even though they are still flashing the benefits of their criminal activity.

I am the only person with an autistic kid, I must tell someone!

I am the only person with an autistic kid, I must tell someone!

But I can already tell, I am going to had Jac and Chris for their exploitations of their son’s illness to the point I may not be able to watch. I have a lot of experience with autistic kids and I think that putting kids on reality TV for anything more than sitting on Santa’s lap or going on an Easter egg hunt is abusive. I would not even do that with my kid.

I was once called into the principal’s office  for translating the photograph release form to my Hispanic parents and letting them know it was not a requirement for them to sign it. My principal was convinced I told them not to because I refused to have my imagine on the school website. People are wiseing up to that now. But at the time I was  “being ridiculous.”

If Jac’s storyline is going to be how she almost went bankrupt and lost her house because of her autism treatments and never mentions the charges they stole money from their business…

I am going to have a problem with this season.


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42 responses to “Happy Real Housewives of New Jersey Premiere Day!

  1. SB

    So Melissa doesn’t own Envy, allegedly? Do spill the tea on that!

    • Dukie

      @SB , No she doesn’t own it. It’s owned by another women who can’t remember name(think it starts w D like Diane ) Melissa’s name is just on it & is never there. I’ve shopped there many times & the sales people are great! It’s just another front by bravo.. I cannot wait to see edit of how she opened a boutique..ive been waiting for this part.. I never bought it because Melissa has no idea how much goes into a boutique.. Not a clue ! There is no way I can buy this story line.. Maybe it’s because I work in fashion..
      It kills me to say that I love her store! Trust me not a fan of hers but had too for work.. I had a blast in her store but would never admit it publicly ..

      • Chloe

        Great to have the inside scoop!

      • Sliceo'pie

        I live in Montclair -one mile away from the damn store and still haven’t made it there. The parking is terrible in that area and I’m surprised a boutique could survive a year in that spot but they have some pretty good reviews locally.

    • Toddy

      Do a search in TT’s search box. Maybe she didn’t blog about it, but it’s come up.

  2. Theresa

    Thanks for the reminder. The dvr has been set for ages and I wouldn’t have even reloaded it was on until I saw it on the list. I expect it to be better than last season.

    Why does jac look Asian in that photo? Did she get pulled and lifted to the point of her features shifting? She’s not even that old. 50 will be pretty funny looking on her

    • JustJenn

      I thought she looked Asian, too. It took me a minute to recognize her. Ugh I am not looking forward to her return.

    • Shar Woods

      Yes, Melissa Rivers has a similar Asian look, especially around the eyes, due to excessive and/or incompetent plastic surgery.

  3. Theresa

    Flipped on bravo for some wake up noise and who’s the first face I see? Lizzie Grubman. Bravo loves the excess. I forgot about this pretend job of her kid’s

  4. Briannatozer16

    Jac looks awful in that pic. Like really bad… It’s sad to witness someone obsessed w plastic surgery’s transformation .. We saw hers first hand … Why hasn’t her husband tried to stop it? Ughh

  5. Heidi

    Personally, I think all the “wives” with under aged kids shouldn’t allow them to film. It really irks me when a reality personality uses the excuse of “awareness” when exploiting themselves or a loved one. Jacquelyn just wants the money, in my opinion, even if it’s at the expense of her son.

  6. HazelHickory

    Jac’s son is such a handsome and sweet little boy, and he looks just like Chris. I saw a video last week of a little boy who has autism, interacting fully and expressing so much joy when meeting with Snow White at Disney World. God willing, we will find the cure for autism and so many other challenges – and very soon. Breakthroughs are happening every day.

  7. Spaghetti Kitten

    I so agreed with TT’s ranking of Jac as Worst Mom. Not just the exploitation of her baby son tho’, but her treatment of her then teen age daughter all on national tv.

    I haven’t been keeping up on the Laurita house of cards lifestyle and court cases. Their criminal deeds more sophisticated than the Giudices, I think, and hidden under shell of “corporation”. Would love to know where it all stands and for BRAVO to karma-air it out.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      She was horrific to Ashley. It still haunts me. So jealous of her own daughter.

      • Sliceo'pie

        I guess I missed some things- I tend to watch this particular Housewife show and play on the computer at the same time. I thought Ashley came across as a spoiled brat. I can think of many occasions when she was incredibly rude and hateful to her mother and I thought if anything, Jac wasn’t strict enough with her. They bought her a car although she had years of skipping school and bad grades because she had one good semester – she appreciated it for about 5 minutes. She didn’t get her mother a Christmas present one year. I know a lot of it was typical teenage stuff -I grew up around Franklin Lakes-Ashley’s behavior isn’t unusual for that area but I just didn’t see her mom treating her in a, “Horrific manner”-to me that’s beating your kid etc.. but again, it’s possible I missed something big.

      • I was watching some of the reruns they have been airing over the last couple of weeks. There was one where Ashlee was trying to pull herself together. She walked the dog, cleaned her room and the kitchen. We she got home she was confronted by Jaq and Chris and neither of them said thank you. In the midst of all the crap they were throwing at her, not one thank you.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        @Slice, I see Ashley’s behavior as a result of terrible parenting. I’m recalling all the lectures where Jaqueline demanded that Ashley be thankful constantly that she didn’t have to live the hard life her mother did, being a single parent in Vegas (presumably broke). It was an absolutely disgusting thing to put on the shoulders of a teenage girl. Your kids do not have to “appreciate” that they haven’t had to live your awful life. Jaqueline even engaged her own parents in once scene, trying to make herself out to be a martyr. I recall that Ashley’s dad had a lot more sympathy for Ashley than her mom did, but Jaqueline still managed to engage him in the guilting of Ashley. Would you buy this woman a Christmas present? I sure wouldn’t. She’s an emotional vampire.

      • Lawstangel

        Oh please!! Ashley got away with bloody murder and treated all of them like crap, sneaking out, doing drugs, etc.Chris loved her and gave her multiple chances to come around, bought her that Jeep, against Jaq.’s better judgment etc. but Ashley intended on doing what she wanted, when she wanted and refused to follow any house rules. I do not find anything wrong with kids being grateful, most of them are not. I get you don’t like Jaq. but she did not treat Ashley near as bad as Ashley treated her.

    • I actually thought her daughter was an entitled, spoiled, ungrateful, little bitch – but then Jacquelyn gave her far too much and didn’t make her answer to consequences. Glad she seems to have turned out OK – at least, according to Bravo. I don’t think drawing attention to the extreme challenges of autism is a bad thing, so long as they don’t overdo using him for a story line Knowing these shows though, we can’t assume they’ll do the right thing. I’ll have to watch and see what I think then.

  8. Ruthie

    Bravo is running old episodes of the show from 2011. I miss those days! I have mixed feelings about watching this season. Like the rest of you, I think it is so wrong to exploit Jac’s son for a storyline. She’ll spin it as educating the viewers and bringing awareness, but that’s smoke and mirrors. I got extremely tired of everyone on the show feeling sorry for the felons last season. Poor Joe and Theresa. How ’bout the poor people they scammed!

    • Spaghetti Kitten

      Yes, the daughter was (is?) all those things and more…all of which Jac used as a story line is my point. Kinda like the failed Black Water angle on autism…unconscionable.

  9. JoJoFLL

    My godson is autistic and until he was 7 or so we didn’t know if he’d ever even speak.

    I think with Jaqu that it is celebrating every little goal, every little bit of trying to be a kid without autism.

    My problem with this will come with the Guidices spending money that they owe to other people.

    Is Fabellini still a thing?

  10. Lisa j

    I’ll take the bashing but I like Jac and her family. They ALL exploit their children, Teresa with Gia singing that heartbreaking song about how she wakes up crying up til now where she’s shaking her butt dancing. Exciting day for me!

  11. Shar Woods

    My local newspaper ran a huge article today on the RHONJ premiere (I live near Melissa’s alleged boutique). The funniest part of the story was that Jacq stated that she and the two new housewives Siggy and Dolores exchange tips on various plastic surgery procedures. Therefore, she must believe that her results are fantastic. In the first episode Siggy just had a facelift. If they mention any surgeons by name, I will be sure to avoid going there in the future if I feel the need to nip/tuck.

  12. Misha11

    I find the NJ housewives the most nauseating of all. I can’t even watch! If l feel any interest I’ll stick with your updates Tamara. Honestly I don’t know how you can watch all these shows

  13. bridgett

    TT…I am 100% on your side about this entire post! It is completely deplorable to use your child as:
    1.) a storyline
    2.) proof that you are a devoted mother
    3.) to garner sympathy

    Autistic children are dealing with enough without the addition of a crew of strangers, manufactured scenes, and additional stress.

    I am so glad you translated the form for that family. I always choose decline on those forms, as I do not trust others to protect the privacy of my children…especially on social media.

  14. T D

    Unforgiven airs at the same time! What a coinkydink.

  15. Sabrina

    TT, I also agree with your entire post and am having a very hard time- I’m hoping we see Bravo treat Teresa more honestly for the first time, and am event more concerned that they treat Melissa, JO, as well as |Jaq and Chris , honestly about the whole story for the VERY first time.

    I have been taping, and watched a series of older shows form S 1,2 & 3 . and was fascinated by all the differences/changes I was aware of, but had forgotten how they happened. The plastic work was far less important , compared to the changes in the personalities and families since those first seasons. I can actually see why Andy thought Caroline was the strongest leader and had some integrity as S1 and 2 began. The evolution of Danielle’s story , and other changes, fueled so much- JAc is simply a different person than she was back then, and it’s not about Nicholas- the changes began WELL before his issues evolved. . ON the plastics side, Jac did need help with her chin, but has had FAR too much work done since then, for sure- their initial reliance was more fun, less desperate- now the efforts appear to be far too much tied to self-worth evaluation on a needy level. As could be said of most of them, of course.

    But in the end, the tone of family and importance of family and friends may have had multiple meanings but the tone was positive and loving in S 1 & 2. The arrival of Joe and Melissa just changed the course and tone of the entire show, not for the better. In my mind, And it focused solely on the problems the Guidices had, without mentioning the others- however it happened. it was wrong. Bravo has a chance this seaosn to more honestly tell the stories of The Gorgas and Lauritas, let alone Kathy, Caroline et al.

    I sincerely hope they handle it correctly but bring the show back to family -lessons to be learned from past errors be what they should be on all sides, not just one party.

  16. alex1986

    I’ve never understood in the past seasons Jac’s concern over Teresa and whether or not she was going to jail, or for her to think it was Teresa’s job to tell Jac what was going on, especially on camera. So I’d love to see Teresa ask Jac on camera if she’s worried her or her husband Chris are going to jail for embezzling from their company. I have a feeling Jay has strict concessions that none of that can be mentioned.

  17. Sara

    Since Jaq is back does that mean Ashley is too? I could do without both of them.

  18. Margarett

    I’m looking forward to this show…sort of anyway. The only ones that I really like, now that Caroline isn’t there, are Kathy and Rosie.

    As much as they’d like to see themselves as the poor man’s “Sopranos” ,allegedly, they remind me more of “Married to the Mob”. The women in both are played strictly for laughs.

    Anyway, Teresa is free to wait as long as she likes to make her return. I hate to admit it, but I will be watching.

  19. Kim

    As with many of the Housewives shows now, I’ll be recording it & keeping my remote handy to fast forward through cast I cannot bear to watch anymore. On RHONJ, it is (& was the last season she was on) Jac. She has no shame. Sounds like she’s been on the outs with most of the cast, hoping her role is minimal. As seasons go on, I fast forward more show than I watch it seems!

    I miss the first couple seasons of these..ahem.. “reality” shows before they were mostly scripted & production masterminded the direction of the show. They’re beyond dramatic now & became so heavy. Fun isn’t in the equation anymore apparently.

  20. Jana

    I also wonder if Bravo will make Jac speak about her finances, court case, and bankruptcy with flashing headlines. Jac was very interested in the Giudices’ troubles and should be made to speak about her own. I’m not a Teresa fan (I fully believe she and her husband should rightfully serve time), but Melissa, Kathy, and Rosie should be grateful for their relation to Teresa. They wouldn’t have any of the “fame” they have nor would this show still be on air. They should be careful about biting the hand that feeds them. I’m just saying.

    • Ahhhh, hadn’t thought about that. Maybe Jac had asked Teresa about going to jail to see if Jac and Chris had anything to worry about in their future??? And/or to get the light focused on Teresa and Joe so it wouldn’t shine on Jac and Chris.

  21. Soul Sista

    We got to see the reunion, TT! And it brought me to tears. Very sweet reunion.

  22. Skeeter

    I have a 15 year old autistic grandson. He’s an honor roll student and very bright. He also has his “meltdowns”. One trigger for the meltdowns is his routine being messed up. I can’t imagine what is going on in little Nicholas’ head when he sees the cameras and crew in his house. I don’t think Jac should exploit this little boy the way she does. It infuriates me to no end.

  23. Bella in Florida

    Jac really looks a bit over nipped and tucked in that picture. That is really unfortunate since she was so natural looking and pretty when the show first aired.

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