Blind Item: Miss Direction

Blind Item
This perennial contract holdout has planted all sorts of benevolent reasons and ridiculous excuses about why she is unsure if she wants to do another season.  She acts as though her other enterprises are not bleeding money and the show is not her biggest Band-Aid.

The real reason she was holding out  had nothing to do with what was reported. She was in heavy negotiations for the right to choose a new cast mate to be her BFF and shield her from the other ladies who tend to come at her from all sides. My sources say her demands were granted.



When it comes to negotiating her contract she always asks for something. Then there is always a big leak about what she got out of the contract. But it’s never what you think. Funny how that happens.

Let’s hope this new pawn is up to the task. This group is coming back packed with formidable personalities.


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71 responses to “Blind Item: Miss Direction

  1. MARC

    Lisa Vanderpump.

  2. I don’t blame her. Selfishly I am haaaapy she is back. Spicy. Rorarrrrr

  3. Whyowhy

    Lisa V. for sure

  4. RescueMom

    Definitely Vanderpump. I read that she “almost didn’t come back because she is soooo busy with her 3 restaurants & Pump Rules, but agreed to come back if they focus on her LGBT& AIDS charity work and her dog festival protests. It makes much more sense that she was holding out for the cast mate of her choice. Is this the year we finally get Shiva? The little we have seen of Shiva in the past I don’t see her as the aggressive type

    • Mary

      I saw Shiva sitting in front of a green screen in one of her Instagram posts.
      In another post she mentioned filming with her baby godson and how great he was.
      Yolanda out, Shiva In, Muhammed still gets lights camera action

  5. sherry

    Lis V! I do enjoy her on the show.

  6. Roposhu

    Nene Leakes

  7. Briannatozer16

    Lisa and shiva? I think that’s her name ..

  8. HazelHickory

    Sounds like Lisa Vanderpump. I wonder who will take on Pufferfish, Lisa Rinna, on LVP’s behalf. Hope this is someone LVP can “depend” on.

  9. Travis

    Tamara..I cannot remember your posting rules so a apologize..

    • Swizzle

      Of course she does. If she loses the show, her restaurant biz drops dramatically, and I don’t believe for a second that she’s as wealth as she pretends to be. And, what exactly does she do for the LGBTQ population? Be friends with Lance Bass? Accept awards? Is she feeding homeless LGBTQ teens or something else of real value?

    • tamaratattles

      How about I just drop you into moderation until you take some time to study them. It’s an ongoing problem with you.

  10. McNasty

    Lisa is old. I’d like to see some younger gals. I can’t relate to an almost 60 something. Don’t get me wrong, she’s great and feisty but I believe she’s ran her course.

    • Sliceo'pie

      Lisa is 55!! Hardly ready to be put out to pasture! Go sit in the corner with Jules.

      • Exactly, Slice. Had enough of the trainwreck “youngin” Kathryn Calhoun Dennis. At least Lisa has a productive life. Most of the younger housewives through the years have been boring.

      • Briannatozer16

        You do realize that’s s different show right? Lol Kathryn isn’t a housewife and far from a “trainwreck” .,, Bethenny Frankle, that’s a trainwreck.. A very (funny) tragic trainwreck.

      • spunky2015

        Yes they both have screwed up their children’s lives by their selfish agendas. IMO

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      Gasp! “Old”?! There’s nothing I hate more than a young housewife – Meghan, Jules etc. I’m only 37 but for some reason women my age are very boring and annoying (as housewives, not in general). Personally I find LVP fascinating.

      • McNasty

        I agree, however the Dallas gals…. I like Brandi and Stephanie! They are around my age and I don’t think they are boring. I thought they were fun and genuine.

      • Minky

        Gotta agree with you there Yoya. Young housewives don’t know what the hell they’re doing. And they always seem to make complete donkey’s asses out of themselves. It’s like watching a pee-wee hockey player trying to block shots coming from Wayne Gretsky.

  11. Miguel

    I’m surprised she feels she needs back up, especially when Eileen & Yo are no more… poor LVP – though, I do enjoy her!!!

    • Microop

      So Eileen is officially not coming back? That makes me sad. They should have the same cast minus Yo. If they want to add Shiva or better yet Joyce Id be fine with that too.

      • Sliceo'pie

        I think she is coming back as a “friend” (forget official title) and not a full time cast member. Yolanda isn’t coming back.

  12. Allison

    I love me some LVP. Hopefully its Shiva.

  13. Sali

    Definitely LVP!

  14. Matzah60

    I remember at a reunion past that Kyle told LVP that she was like Bobby Fischer making very calculated and manipulative moves.

    I wonder who the new housewife will be. If it is someone we already know, it would seem likely to be Muhammed’s finance. I can’t recall her name off hand. Perhaps it is somebody brand new to us, but I am anxious to see who will be joining the cast!!

    Thanks for the Blind, Tamara! Always a favorite of mine!!

  15. MJS

    I’d guess that Dorit Kemsley is the BFF.

  16. Minky

    I can’t wait to see how Erika does this season. I think LVP will have finally met her match.

  17. Sliceo'pie

    I guess I’m in the minority-I thought it was NeNe-she always leaks perks about her contract -most wildly inaccurate and there was the deliberate use of the word, “Leaks”

    • Minky

      Nene is totally a possibility, but it seems like she’s probably learned her lesson by now. After basically skipping a season because of her own bullshit Nene’s probably more docile and not so quick to be a diva anymore.

      I think LVP is the one because TT gave the hint that this individual’s other businesses are hemorrhaging money. And that probably means LVP’s restaurants. Lisa does a good job of looking fabulously wealthy, but apparently it’s all a huge song and dance show with fireworks and Slash from Guns N’ Roses playing guitar.

    • JoJoFLL

      The big scoop in the blind is that this person is broke and we all know Nene is broke. LVP on the other hand gives the impression that they are worth 8-9 figures.

  18. Calipatti

    I enjoy LVP, I see her being a great housewife. She can get others to implode as she sits back drinking her sangria. Lisa lives a wonderful life.

    I don’t see her needing money, her other ventures seem to be ok. She’s been in business so long that they know how to stop a loss.

    Maybe NeNe.

  19. Bridgett

    Great blind, TT! LVP and hopefully Shiva. Shiva would be a great add

  20. Blondesense

    I would rather watch Lisa Rinna have her ass crack waxed for an entire episode than watch Shiva mince around like a Stepford Wife for 5 minutes. She has the personality of a box of hair. Even if she did want to do something interesting, Mohammed (can’t recall which spelling he goes by) wouldn’t let her. I foresee a lot of scenes where LVP cracks jokes and Shiva is the Greek chorus laughing and blushing at LVP’s pubic hair jokes.

  21. Amy V

    I can recall you said that part of the reason LVP and Yo aren’t buds is because Lisa and Shiva are tight. Natural conclusion is LVP and Shiva.

  22. The Shadiest Grove

    This is definitely Linnethia Monique “NeNe” Leakes. I don’t see Lisa’s businesses bleeding and she was rich before Housewives, the same cannot be said for Mrs. Leakes. Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards basically run RHOBH, it was clear from last season and all that was revealed by Lisa Rinna that she has a vested interest in the show doing well and having some sort of storyline throughout the season. Lisa is Queen on that chessboard. Thank you TT, I don’t know what I would have done had I not come upon your website. You’re simply the best ala the other TT, Miss Tina Turner. Xxx

  23. Theresa

    LVP has been all over that show with a 3 letter name and them running a very positive “she accepted the contract” story. Guess she’s feeding Harvey and crew again.

    She may be a snake, but she fascinates me endlessly

  24. LVP needs a new TV friend/human shield . I don’t think anyone can stop Rinna from “owning her truth” and that likely means LVP’s demands may prove fruitless.

  25. Keya

    Nene Leaked is my vote.

  26. JustJenn

    LVP! With Yolanda gone I am soo looking forward to the new season of RHOBH

  27. JoJoFLL

    DAMN!!!! LVP is broke?

    I can believe it. Even the best run restaurants make about $0.05 on the dollar. The margins for a restaurant are minuscule which is why almost 100% of all restaurants fail.

    That’s why I laugh when these fools all want to open restaurants.

    My husband says everyone wants to be a rock star and when they can’t, they want to open a restaurant.

    • Calipatti

      JoJo, They have liquor license at both places, that alone is huge.

      I assume Sur and Pump follow a business plan developed years ago by LVP and Ken, of course they make a profit on their food, most well run places do.

      I would bet their investment portfolio is where the money is.

      • All three of their restaurants serve alcohol. At least in this neck of the woods, food is draw and booze is your money. If the food is good, they will drink your booze. I know there are a couple of law suits against LVP, but that’s not all that uncommon in the restaurant business. Do we really think they are bleeding money?

  28. GillianFirst

    I knew the reason of holding out her contract for dog charities wasn’t true! Thanks Tamara. Lisa V is smart but she acts like we’re all stupid : /

  29. Kenya! The hint is in the title-right? “Miss”-direction/Miss USA. I ♥ blinds!

  30. fatboystruggle

    “then there is always a big leak about what she got out of the contract”

    “this group is coming back packed with formidable personalities”

    i don’t know guys. while i immediately thought of LVP, the more i think about it, this may be Nene. are there always big leaks about Lisa’s salary? not that i can recall, but we’re always hearing about how Nene is the highest paid housewives making millions of dollars per season. weren’t we hearing 2 mil last time around? BS. she has a lot of business ventures but are any of them particularly profitable? Lisa’s places may not be doing that well, but i don’t see the show being a great source of income or “band aid” compared to outside income. finally, while most of the ladies from BH aren’t punks or pushovers (minus Kyle), the use of the word “formidable” makes me think more of the ATL ladies.

    then again, perennial contract holdout? that’s Vanderpump. heck, i don’t know.

    this could actually be either…or BOTH of them.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      Excellent points, fatboy. Nene though has re-ingratiated herself with Cynthia and Kenya though so what need of a bff does she have?

      • fatboystruggle

        i thought that the reconciliation with Kenya was short lived? at any rate, that is a good point. i guess it really is LVP.

  31. Jane

    Well, she is the show and I love how she stealthily uses a velvet glove to manipulate others.

  32. Sweet T

    If it is lvp, doesn’t she have Kyle on her side. Or maybe the betrayal at the dinner table on the yacht makes lvp wary. Or maybe there was too much backlash at Kyle for staying in an abusive or leveraged relationship. They do need a new person though. I personally am not into shiva. She rarely says anything. But then again maybe now she will. She looks like an entertaining bimbo to watch. I look forward to watching more if Erika too.

  33. Name*

    I’m going with Nene….the hint of the main consistent source of income being a reality show screams Nene. Nene is no match for Kenya’s wittiness and is not clever enough to toss the ball back to Kenya so she needs a smart and clever smartass friend that can toss it back without fists and other Porsha type moves. Also, Nene is always posing like she has other enterprises lined up during negotiations. LVP is actually rich and consistent…Nene, not so much.

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