Kingsley Viciously Attacks Another of Kim Richards’ Friends At Kyle’s House!

Kim Richard's Twitter

Kim Richard’s Twitter

Update: E! is reporting that Kim’s son Chad Davis was also at Kyle’s house and let the dog out of the bathroom where he was being restrained deliberately and said something about someone getting bitten if everyone doesn’t leave. This makes no sense to me, and there are some inaccuracies in their story, so who knows. Why would Chad be there if Kim was getting ready to film? Why would Kim be getting dressed at Kyle’s in the first place? So much of this story doesn’t make sense.

Update 2: TMZ has the opposite info about the bathroom saying that the victim was afraid of the dog and hid in the bathroom and was coaxed out of the bathroom  after being reassured the dog is fine. This is an odd story.

On Thursday July 7th, a friend of Kim Richards, Paige Elizabeth Sanderson, filed suit against Kim Richards, Kyle Richards and Bruce London in Los Angeles Superior Court alleging intentional infliction of emotional distress, assault, battery, and gross negligence after being brutally attacked by Kingsley.  According to The Wrap,  Sanderson was invited by Kim to meet her at Kyle’s house last April to help her get ready to film a RHOBH segment of some sort. Kim brought Kingsley with her to Kyle’s home.

Already I have so many WTF type questions. Kim still has Kingsley? Wasn’t he supposed to be off with a trainer? Kyle agreed to let Kingsley back in her house after the dog bit here child? What was being filmed in April that involved Kim? Does this mean she was going to come back as a housewife?

“Kingsley lunged at Plaintiff and bit and held onto her lower abdomen and crotch, tearing off her leggings and underwear and ripped out portions of flesh between her legs and genitalia,” according to documents obtained by  The Wrap. Sanderson claims  “severe physical injuries, emotional distress and pain and suffering and was required to seek, did seek and continues to seek medical treatment and surgeries for her injuries.”

RHOBH Kim Kingsley

But here is the most egregious OMG! part of this story. Again, from The Wrap:

Worse yet, Sanderson claims, Richards and her attorney Bruce London “formulated a scheme” to get Kingsley off the hook for the alleged attack. Rather than calling 911, the suit alleges that the pair hatched a plan in which London would drive Sanderson to the hospital, Richards would pay her medical bills, and Sanderson would tell hospital staff that a stray dog, not Kingsley, bit her.

The suit further alleges that London “fraudulently filled out hospital papers to ensure the hospital staff knew that it was a stray dog attack, a statement Defendant London knew was not true, all to his personal financial gain.”

This is just UNBELIEVABLE! Can that attorney be disbarred for this deception if the allegation turns out to be true? This is not the first time Kim has refused to dial 911. Kay Rozario also made the same sort of claim.  Kay won around $8K in her judgment to cover her medical bills in a default judgment. Kim did not acknowledge the lawsuit in any way. She just ignored the whole thing. I read recently that Kay Rozario was appealing her settlement due to continued emotional distress and limited use of her hand. I imagine the new case spurred her to file the appeal.  I had forgotten about this dog bite which happened after Kay Rozario.  How has this dog not been put down? This is the fourth or fifth time it has attacked someone? Why would Kim continue to take him around people? Who tells a woman whose vagina was just bitten that she can’t call 911? Why didn’t the woman call 911 herself?


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  1. Oh no. I feel sick at this news. Compassion to all involved, canine and humans both. Kingsley did not have to be this way, poor creature. Om mani padme hung. Since he will likely be killed, here’s hoping Kingsley finds a more favorable life in his next incarnation. He could be any one of three cats and one beagle crowding me off my bed right now.

    • Bridgett

      Poor animal was dealt a horrible fate the day Kim took him home. Poor lady that was bit in vagina…Kim should go to jail for this

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      Poor Kingsley. Irresponsible pet owners are the absolute worst.

      • I don’t believe this story to be true. I think after the dog almost took off Kyle’s little girl’s hand it would have been put down. It’s out of Kyle’s hands even if she didn’t report the dog, the hospital has to. The story is very odd. I cannot imagine Kyle letting that dog into her house. Ever. She has lots of little dogs herself. Doesn’t sound right.

    • Dee

      Reading E News it sounds like the stylist went to Kyle’s to style Kyle. The stylist saw the dog and hid in the bathroom. She was coaxed out by someone who said the dog had been restrained. Someone released the dog and it attacked the stylist. It says Kyle, Kim, Chad and a lawyer are being sued for their part in this sad story.

  2. O.O

    She was probably in shock !! Lord an bite to the vagina ?!?!?! Geez! That family isn’t well poor kids .

    • Minky

      Good Lord!!! What is it with RH and injured lady parts? This is becoming a trend like illness story lines. I kid. But it is a bit weird.

      That poor lady. I got sympathy pains in my own lady parts region just from reading that. I have all the same questions as Tamara. I’d also like to add a question about Kathy Hilton. Did she throw her weight around to prevent the euthanizing of Kingsley?

      And Kyle! What an idiot! This unstable dog already bit her own daughter, causing so much pain for the girl, contributing to the rift between the sisters, and exposing Kim’s callousness and, dare I say it, psychopathic tendencies when it comes to the pain and suffering of others.

      Why in the blue fuck would anybody who knows that dog, and what it’s capable of, ever want to be anywhere near it again?!!! Doesn’t Kyle realize that she could also get bit herself?! And was little Portia there? I’m serious.

      • Now that you mention it, if Kyle had the dog in her home knowing its propensity for attacking, she is legally culpable, and grounds would exist to bring a suit against her as well. Her enabling of Kim could result in the significant lightening of Mauricio’s stacks of cash.

      • Janet

        I don’t feel sorry for Kyle, and I could believe this story, as she’s shown herself to passive and lacking a back bone with Kim. To the point of, not being protective enough as a mom herself. Insurance may not cover this, because of certain breeds not being eligable for coverage, and his known history. I’m no way can they claim to not be aware of his danger to others. I’m really apalled at the behaviour of witholding emergency medical care, to grow best the victim into lying. That should be a crime. All they have to do to see if Kyle was there that day, is to look at cell phone records. That attorney should be disbarred too. I refuse to watch Beverly Hills Housewives any longer. What creeps!

      • Onawin

        I’m sorry but I just do not believe that Kyle let that dog any where near her house. Her daughter was injured by that dog badly. Kyle and her husband
        Truly love their children. I’m with TT something wrong with this story.

      • Minky

        If I were Kyle in this situation I would try as hard as possible to wash my hands of the whole thing. Whether or not Kyle should be held liable, because this happened in her home, it is still Kim’s burden to bear.

        What I mean is, Kim is the one who brought the dog. Kyle can always argue that point and say that she was unaware of the dog’s presence until it was too late. In addition to that she needs to make a move that clearly demonstrates that she is totally serious in separating herself from Kim here. And that would mean suing Kim. There’s no other way for Kyle to prove that she’s not just whistling dixie anymore.

      • Wonky Tonk

        Some speculation: What if Kyle agreed to allow the dog at her house only because her sister implored her to let her bring the dog for filming? If that’s the case does the show get brought in legally for negligence?

        I’m like you guys I find it bizarre that knowing the dog’s history Kyle would let it anywhere near her, or her family.

        Her homeowners insurance liability protection can probably cover any legal and medical cost unless it has a pitbull exclusion which I hear a lot do, but it’s not hers so I don’t know how that would work out.

        Before today I would have said the dog needs to be taken away from Kim, but at this point given the nature of the attack, and the damage done, I doubt the dog can be rehabilitated.

        Insurance policies pay out something like a billion a year for dog bites, and a lot of it is because of irresponsible dog owners like Kim.

      • Minky

        Wonky’s back! Yay! Good to see you again. 😜

      • Wonky Tonk

        hehe. Thanks Minky

      • Michelle


    • Dee

      Agree, probably in shock, bleeding profusely. This is horrific!

      • Matzah60

        Minky, brilliant again. That would be the only way for Kyle to to get out of this mess. She has to sue Kim.

        To DalaiMama, what you wrote makes perfect sense except there is no record, police report, or even a 911 call because Kyle didn’t want to put Kim in legal jeopardy or in jeopardy with Bravo with her contract. That may be the only thing saving Kyle. Maybe Kyle wasn’t home. It’s all confusing and so many contradictory comments from a variety of media outlets. I also believe that Kyle’s name was added simply because it happened in her house. The sister with the most gold is clearly Kyle. If they can’t get Kim to pay, possibly Kyle will be responsible for paying part of the medical bills.

        Minky brought up a good point as to why the hell the lawyer was present. Why was he at the hospital or the house? It’s a crazy story.

      • SaraSally

        Regardless of a 911 call or police report, all ER rooms are mandated to report vicious animal bites by state health agencies. If people are injured, to the extent a medical response was necessary, a paper trail is in place & reported to the state.

  3. Kiyoshigirl

    This smacks of all kinds of negligence. I’m a dog lover and I hate to think about a dog being put down, but if the dog cannot be trained and continues to be aggressive, decisive actions should be taken to control the dog. To my knowledge, in the county where I live, after a dog has bitten a human, or even another dog 3 times, the dog is considered a nuisance and is taken by animal control authorities. If the dog cannot be placed in an environment where he/she can be properly trained, the dog is euthanized. Maybe if the authorities allow Kim to be bitten repeatedly by an aggressive dog. she’ll learn her damned lesson.

    • Minky

      Here’s to wishful thinking Kiyoshi. Kim would still blame it on someone else. That’s kind of her thing.

    • 25

      It’s not a matter of negligence, but strict liability when a domestic animal has a known propensity for dangerous behavior and then acts on that behavior. I’d say Kingsley fits that pretty well.

      I can only assume that Kim brought the dog without asking Kyle first. I can’t fathom Kyle giving the okay for that. And now Kyle’s named in the lawsuit, poor Kyle. Kim must place such a strain on Kyle’s marriage. It’s really sick.

      • MeJo

        Kyle’s liability here is pretty solid in my opinion. She certainly has deeper pockets than Kim. I can’t believe she allowed that dog over to her house. I really thought she was smarter than that.

      • Others have written that perhaps Kyle owns the Kim’s apt/condo where the woman was bitten and would likely be named in the suit.

    • Lawstangel

      Yes…..RIP with the High Sparrow…..

  4. Joanplus2dogs

    Horrible situation for humans & dog! Besides her friend being seriously injured, the friend is now having to sue all involved. At this point the dog has to be put down. Too many bites & Kim cannot give dog away as she would still be legally responsible if dog bit someone else even in new home with his known prior bite history. Doctors in every state are required by law to contact AC with every animal bite with whatever info patient can give. Even being a groomer when I had to get medical care, doctors had to report my dog/cat bites to AC. Kim failed dog on every level so now it will likely & sadly should cost him his life. As for Vick case as someone will bring up are dog aggression cases not human aggression which are entirely different though dogs can have both.

  5. CoBe

    I would actually consider this to be CRIMINAL negligence as well, if true.

    Kyle doesn’t seem to have much common sense when it comes to her sister, but I’m surprised Mauricio would have the dog in the house, knowing that it is a menace.

    I guess their homeowner’s insurance will pay, but I’m really stunned at the gross negligence. Again, assuming the stylist’s story is true.

    • Joanplus2dogs

      Homeowner ins would cover only up whatever amount of coverage which for them could be a high dollar amount. Problem is one of the most common claim is for dog bites. It will be very tough & expensive for Kyle to get future coverage as most companies will turn them down. Or not want to cover future dog bites which they need for their own pets. Unless things change greatly for Kim, she won’t be able to afford all these expenses like high insurance or quality dog training or conforming to dangerous dog law requirements if she doesn’t have to put him down.

      • CoBe

        Kim has never been one to, shall we say, acknowledge the law.

        Kyle and Mauricio, however, have assets to protect.

        I’m just stunned that the dog was allowed anywhere near their home.

        I predict criminal charges of some sort.

        The mistake Kay Rozario made was in including the entertainment company in the lawsuit, which brought out the big guns. The stylist may make more headway as there is a clear violation of normal standards of conduct, there are allegations that the lawyer tried to cheat the system, and the stylist acted in a reasonable manner when she refused to be around the dog initially.

        Of course, the other side will have its own story, so I’m looking forward to seeing what it is.

        I just think the story that it is everyone else’s fault has worn thin and it will finally be time to pay the piper.

        When was Kim filming for the Mother/Daughter disaster? Could this have happened during that time. And, if so, would it explain the reason the show was hesitant to air everything?

      • CoBe

        Edit: The mother/daughter thing was AIRING in April. I have a gut feeling that there is a link between the delay in airing the finale and this incident.

        I wonder if this will affect the dogs in Kyle and Mauricio’s household. In other words, they may have to get rid of their own dogs if homeowner’s coverage refuses to cover any dogs on further policies for them.

        Kim is poisonous.

      • Minky

        “Kim has never been one to, shall we say, acknowledge the law.” THIS!!! Nobody has said it better than you CoBe.

        BTW, is it just me, or have you come back from a hiatus CoBe? In any case, glad to see you and your wonderful comments.

        At this point, with Kim’s track record, I would not be at all surprised if she managed to get away with actual murder. She’s like teflon! Has she ever really paid for her stupidity? In the Rosario case, it was production’s fault. I believe that this might have been one of the major reasons Bravo gave Kim her walking papers.

        Now, it’s someone else’s fault again. Kyle? Kim’s crooked lawyer? The stylist? Because she was taunting the dog with her crotch? Everybody and anybody but KIM.

      • CoBe

        I adore you Minky. That is all.

      • Twilly

        Well, like you said, it will be Kyle’s policy that will have to pay and therefore Kyle’s problem getting more coverage. So why should Kim care? Once again she will get away with being a terrible human being while someone else pats the price. Not to mention that poor woman with her horrific injuries!

      • swizzle

        Insurance coverage will not kick in here. First, breeds considered vicious like pit bulls are excluded from most policies. If for some reason Mauricio and Kyle had a rider covering the dog (and I don’t know why they would, since it’s not their dog), it still wouldn’t kick in because the dog has bitten before and is considered a known risk. Insurance doesn’t cover that. If it were the first bite, yes…but no subsequent bites would be covered.

      • Janet

        I believe you’re correct. There was an attorney that said that on a site, that it’s only the first bite that could possibly be covered, after that you’re on your own, because it is KNOWN that the dog is a biter. Now, the responsability, is assumed by the owner. Kyle had her own daughter bitten, and she didn’t report it either.

      • AuntieAura

        Generally homeowners insurance excludes viscous dogs including pit bulls.

    • Matzah60

      I agree with you CoBe, but there are some holes in the story. Why was the stylist willing to go along with this plan by Kim and her attorney. Did she anticipate a big payout from Kim on the spot. Tamara questioned why the stylist didn’t call 911. Why didn’t she? I am sure she had a cell phone. I realize she must have been badly hurt, but I am bewildered if she was in that much pain why she agreed to have Kim or whomever drive her to the hospital and agree to go along with Kim and her lawyer’s story. It sounds like she is collusion with these two nitwits.

      I don’t think there’s enough money under homeowner’s to pay for the medical bills, pain and suffering, etc. One would need an umbrella policy, often purchased by those who own swimmings pools, boats, have a dock in the back of their house. It is also used to cover legal proceedings for negligence.

      As for the lawyer, he is cooked, if all this is true. Falsifying documents, conspiring to cover up a potentially criminal act, fraud and probably a multitude of other charges. He has a higher bar to live up to and I do think he will be disbarred, but it’s just my feelings on the matter and a lot of conjecture. Obviously, if all facts made by the parties are true, the lawyer and the stylist were most likely expecting a big pay day without going to court. I don’t think it bodes well for either of them.

      I have always had a soft spot for Kim and I had a family member who suffered from mental illness. She was never a drinker, but started drinking to self-medicate. After moving away from the area, she somehow ended up in a homeless shelter. It was a big low. Then, she had a stroke. She finally came around and the story ended much happier than this one, but she (my mom) never shoplifted, got drunk in a public place, didn’t make scenes in public places. As much as she was able, she tried to move on, even when moving on for her meant leaving the area as she didn’t want to engage with her children for some time.

      Kim doesn’t give a shit about anyone. Obviously she and her sisters are co-dependent and while I think that Kyle and Mauricio have a good marriage, it is clear that Kim has placed undo anxiety for both of them, never knowing when the other shoe is going to drop again. Kathy enables her by paying her legal fees and seems to always forgive her despite her transgression. This is criminal and while I have no idea how this civil suit will fare, it is likely to spur a criminal investigation. How many times are the Judges going to excuse her behavior.

      One last thing. I wonder if Kyle was even home when all this occurred, It seems doubtful she’d allow Kingsley at the house. Something is off about the story and it seems there are many other parts of the story yet unheard.

      • Minky

        That part of the story is the most bewildering. Why didn’t they get an ambulance?! The stylist very easily could have bled out and died.

        The collusion thing is a good point for a possibility, but imagine yourself in the same situation as the stylist. A pit bull has just taken a bite out of your vagina/thigh or general crotch area. You’re bleeding profusely. Time is of the essence. I would imagine that any promise of money would be the farthest thing from your mind at that point. All you want is to get to a hospital and make sure you’re gonna be okay. There shouldn’t be any time in that situation to bribe people.

        My suspicions are even worse than yours Matzah. There’s the chance that they (Kim and/or her lawyer) didn’t call 911 AND they didn’t LET the stylist call either. By that I mean they maybe blocked her access to a phone, whether the house phone or the stylist’s own cell phone, which was probably out of her reach and compounded by the fact that she was bleeding and possibly unable to move.

        In that way they probably didn’t give the stylist the option of an ambulance and emergency medical treatment. Instead they drove her to the hospital. Just imagine the possible conversations in the car on the way there!

        And BTW: What the hell was the lawyer doing there anyway? Does he just chaperone Kim everywhere she goes, just in case of shit? Or how did the lawyer get there so damn fast?

      • CoBe

        I’m guessing that the stylist agreed to say whatever needed to be said in order to get to the hospital. Clearly, she later corrected the record.

        I’m interested to see what happens. We’ve only heard the allegation, not any defense.

        If Kyle let that dog in her home, I have no sympathy for her. I just can’t imagine that she would.

        But she’s done some pretty stupid things.

        I guess we can only wait and see what happens. I really think some criminal charges need to be brought, particularly if the stylist was not allowed to use her phone to call 911.

      • Matzah60

        Minky, that is brilliant. It is quite possible that they wouldn’t allow this woman to call 911 and it isn’t out of the realm that they barricaded the door. Kim is a very sick woman. The fact that this dog is still in her care is disturbing. After her complete disregard for Kyle’s daughter getting bit and the fact she completely disregarded Kay Rozario’s lawsuit (I’m sure she hasn’t paid a cent to that woman) and there was a default judgement made against her for not responding to the suit totally indicates to me that Kim has total disregard for anyone but herself. Kim even comes before her own children. She ruined her daughter’s wedding, slung names at Brook’s in-laws and got completely blitzed causing incredible embarrassment to her daughter.

        And what a great point, Minky. What the hell was the lawyer doing at her house. Greatest line: “Does he just chaperone Kim everywhere she goes, just in case of shit?” Maybe he does…Lol!!!

        CoBe, you and Minky both pointed out something I never thought of. If all allegations are true, this woman was probably in terrible pain, gushing blood, and scared as hell. It makes sense that she’d agree to anything to get some medical care.

        I too believe there should be criminal charges. This is just outrageous behavior. Kim can’t even take care of herself and let alone a dog. When Kyle didn’t call the police to report the dog bite, she pretty much set the scene for this to happen again. I’m sure she was trying to protect Kim and what’s amazing is that Kim wasn’t even grateful. That is why her sisters need to stop helping her out and let her face the consequences like every other citizen.

      • Frosty

        The stylist could very easily have been separated from her phone during the chaos of a dog attack. I’d bet she went into at least mild shock afterward too. Kim is such a liar it wouldn’t surprise me if she or someone else called the lawyer instead of 911, but told the stylist an ambulance would delayed b/c traffic or something–it would be faster to drive her themselves to the nearest hospital, no? And then start pleading with her to cover for Kim, on the ride over.

      • Onawin

        I have never heard of a dog attacking someone crouch, their leg or arms even the neck or face something in the trash is smelling very very bad, I will be happy to find out the ending.Teecee where are you, when I need you

      • Matzah60

        Frosty, what you wrote actually makes the most sense and would explain how the lawyer ended up in the story. I was wondering what he was doing in the house or how he showed up at the hospital. Kim is a liar and we all know she has obviously been in multiple situations like this one concerning Kingsley, not to mention shoplifting, getting drunk at BH Hotel, locking herself in the bathroom from the cops…..I think you hit the nail on the head. Kim calls her lawyer instead of 911; the lawyer shows up and drives Kim and stylist to the hospital. Kim pretends to show concern for stylist and stays with her while she’s being treated to make sure she doesn’t blow the whistle on the ‘story’ while the lawyer fills out the paperwork with false information.

        You’re a GREAT detective, Frosty. It’s all come together now!!!

      • tamaratattles

        Regarding the “lawyer” I believe he is technically a lawyer but he is also Kim’s business manager/PR person.

    • Lawstangel

      We don’t have the whole TRUE story yet. There have been at least 3 different accounts as to what happened. Before people start flying off the handle why don’t we give it a couple days and see what else comes out. I’m with TT on this one…. A lot of this makes no sense.

      • Matzah60

        Oh, that’s very interesting, Tamara. I wonder if he was wearing the ‘hat’ of manager/PR person on Kim’s behalf if he will be under the same scrutiny as he would be as her personal attorney. I don’t know much about the legal ramifications that he placed himself in when signing out falsified documentation about the incident.

        I am also curious if this incident occurred after the last filming season/reunion. It’s been about a year since we’ve heard about any crazy or arrests about Kim.

        @Lawstangel, I wholeheartedly agree that we don’t have the whole/true story yet. I think people are so baffled at the variety of stories from various media outlets and are just trying to being sleuths with the facts that have been presented.

        Tamara mentioned many times that none of this makes sense i.e. why is Kim getting styled at Kim’s and why would Kim allow the dog there after her child was badly injured by the dog; why would Chad be there if indeed he was there at all as one outlet mentioned.

        I think everyone on this site likes to connect here on Tamara Tattles, and everyone is just trying to conjecture as to what might have happened. I love logging on and reading about all the different scenarios that could have taken place. This site is a lifeline for me!!!

      • Sabrina

        TT, very interesting. Whatever title he says he was using that day, manager, PR director, or attorney, if he is licensed to practice as an attorney in California, he is subject to censur/, fine/disbarment .

        I agree with the above -it’s a joy to watch all the minds work together here to formulate a theory about events- thansk so much, all for the fun-

  6. Margarett

    Ouch, ouch,Ouchie!!

    I have all the same questions as you do, Tamara. I’ll be watching for the answers that I know you’ll find,

  7. Allison

    I’m shocked that Kyle and Mauricio would let that dog in their home after he bit their daughter-and even more that Kim even still OWNS him. She clearly cannot handle him, and he obviously has a biting problem. What a shame, mostly for the dog who could be euthanized because he has a shitty owner.

  8. Vanessa

    Why would Kyle even let the dog around her home again? Kim is a nut bag so it does not surprise me on her end but shit how many times can a dog bit people bad enough they need surgeries or lose some sort of mobility of their hand without the being put down the F is wrong with these people?

  9. Erica

    How do we even know that Kyle and Mauricio knew Kingsley was there? They would have been named in the suit because of their homeowners insurance.

    • CoBe

      This is a very good point. I’m sure we’ll see some more information coming out as the other side responds.

      It just boggles my mind to think that Kyle or Mauricio would allow such a thing. I think it’s as likely that they didn’t know as that they did.

      • Minky

        Kyle, maybe. Mauricio, never. And it would be very stupid of either of them to give the key to their house to someone like Kim. Though, I thought Kyle was staying away from Kim. I guess not.

        Maybe they knew Kim would be there, but not the dog?

      • Toddy

        I like the theory that Kyle wasn’t there, that maybe it’s a house/condo in Kyle’s name. Not that I want Kyle to be sued. I just think Kingsley would be a sore subject between the sisters. I’d not want his name spoken, much less see him, if he’d harmed my child.

    • kendrawm

      Here is how my brain envisions it going down, Kim shows up with Kingsley, walks right in, Kyle is getting ready in her bedroom has no idea that Kim has shown up with the dog. Kyle tells Kim the dog needs to go and then Kim in true Kim fashion would turn master manipulator and launch into her whole he is all I have my children are grown and moved out, Monty is dying/has died (not sure of timing to lazy to look up) how can you ask me to take him out. You are so mean you only think of yourself, you stole my house you owe me. While they are busy arguing Kingsley is ripping off vaginas.

      • therealdeb

        THIS!!!!!! This is exactly how it probably happened.

      • Jules

        I got the impression Kyle and her family were not home at the time of the attack. She may have agreed to allow Kim to film in her home because Kim’s living situation is not exactly grand. Kim and her son figured they’d bring Kingsley and no one would know. Can you imagine how Kyle felt when she found out not only what happened, but that she was being sued also?!

      • Onawin

        Jules I bet Kyle husband pissed in his pants, why didn’t Kim film at Kathy house. Kim is a waste of oxygen, because this if it did happen could affect Kyle and her husband business. They should send Kim down here to Atlanta and we will straighten her out. We will be her rehab.

    • Matzah60

      Yes concerning the homeowner’s insurance, but more importantly, there is more to be gained by suing Kyle than Kim. You can’t get blood from a stone.

  10. Meredo

    This just angers me to no end. Why in the hell has that dog not been put down yet? Are they waiting until he kills someone? I hope this story is not true because if it is, it seems that Kim will once again assume little to no responsibility and that she will continue to have Kingsley while everyone covers up for her.

  11. Oh nooooo. Kim is a fucktard. She’s gonna have to live with this because it’s really all her doing. I hope she gets into a recovery program cuz the guilt she’s gonna deal with is gonna be huge. I feel sad for all involved.. But Kim needs to grow the fuck up. Maybe this will be her wake up call.

  12. ninjapanda1

    Kyles gotta be pissed! Adding insult to her kids injury, now she’s being sued. Good. God.

  13. Karen

    Is it possible Kyle didn’t know Kim was bringing Kingsley? Kyle has at least one dog of her own and I’d think Kingsley would be aggressive toward her dog as well.


    In California Pit bull Homeowners must carry a policy to cover any injuries the breed may inflict. At least in my HOA, also my first apartment here we had a no pit bull on premises as the apartment had previously been sued by a tenant who was bit onsite.
    I still can’t phathom why he’d bite the Coo Coo or why was he even that close being he’d bitten others. Kim should just put him down.

  15. KatCall

    The wraps story reads that the stylist was invited to Richards daughter’s, Kyle, home. Could the wrap have screwed up and used Kyles name as opposed to Kim’s daughter? If so, perhaps they weren’t at Kyles home at all? How the hell does Kim keep getting away with with all of this?

  16. This is insane. I thought they took the dog away from Kim. How could Kyle allow this?? Forget the dog. The humans need to go to jail.

    • Kika

      Kyle and Kims’ relationship is just as co-dependent as Kims’ is with the dog.

      • Minky

        There’s a theory that dogs act out the hidden anger and aggressions that are suppressed by their owners. Like, dogs can telepathically pick up when their owners really, really hate someone, or feel threatened. If that’s true, then what might Kingsley’s behavior say about Kim?

      • tamaratattles

        I live next door to the gaybor from hell. He was always an odd one, and very crude and exasperating, but he lived with his mother who lived in that house back before I was born and our families grew up together. So we basically got along despite his bizarre pathological lying. Until the drugs got worse. He would ask my yard workers for meth and god knows what else. His elderly mother became a huge bitch. The two were inseparable and very mean. He would tell guests to my house random lies about me. It’s creepy. The mother died at some point recently. I only figured that out because the men and dealers would show up at the house.

        Anyway the point is he was tolerable for awhile. He was very weird when I got Banjo telling me I would need a five gallon bucket of water for him when he was out in the yard and other bizarre things. MY POINT, and I do have one, is that Banjo used to tolerate him as well and now every time Banjo sees him, he goes ballistic. The idiot stands at the end of the driveway trying to sweet talk him. Banjo is not having it. He HATES him now.

        So I agree with that theory. Except I love the UPS guy he brings presents. And Banjo hates him. :)

      • Minky

        There you go! It’s not at all odd that Banjo hates the UPS guy. UPS is just another version of the mailman, and canine hatred of mail carriers is just classic. My little theory on that is it’s because the mailman is probably swimming in all kinds of scents from all the different envelopes/packages that are delivered and some of those scents are probably pretty offensive to dogs.

      • SaraSally

        Maybe its the uniform that gets the dog all tied up to be fit. Banjo just doesn’t want you to fall for a man in uniform. He watches enough TV with you, that he knows the pitfalls of that storyline…

  17. Sallah

    The part of the story I have a hard time with is it being at Kyles house. Kyle has said many times she was afraid of that dog. Her daughter was bitten by the dog. Her small child resides in that house. She has dogs of her own that could have been injured.

    • Lawstangel

      If Kyle was home, her dogs would have been there…..

    • Kim could hardly keep from bursting into tears when she was asked at the reunion where Kingsley was. She said he was at a farm, but I think the truth is that Kyle agreed not to get Kim in trouble if she put the dog down. I do not think Kingsley is among the living, and that this story is bogus.

      • Allison

        Wait, what? You think Kingsley is dead and this is all made up? Thats a stretch, esp since I *think there are fairly recent pics of him out there? Not sure-even if not, I doubt there’d be a plant story about a dead dog.

  18. I had to read this twice because its so unbelievable.

    The thing that gets me, is that instead of calling 911, she called her lawyer first. Then they waited til he got there to drive her to the hospital. I wonder how long it took for him to get there.

    KatCall, Kyle is part of the suit, so it must have been at her house. I can’t believe she would go along with this.

    I really have no sympathy for anyone in this case.

    • Minky

      Shit! I missed the part about waiting for the lawyer. Who does that?!!! While somebody is possibly bleeding to death?!!! These people are absolute scum.

  19. Jane

    Wth? I am a total dog lover, but humans first.

  20. Twilly

    JFC! The irresponsible behavior of Kim doesn’t surprise me, but I’m disappointed in Kyle for putting herself and her family in that situation! Please someone put poor Kingsley down gentle and quickly and put him and everyone around him out of their misery.

  21. HazelHickory

    Agree that at this point the dog should probably be put down. Going for the crotch and her guts? Very Bad. Also, the actions of Kim and her attorney toward the injured victim – are reprehensible, and they should be held to account and in a serious way. Just another story of self-entitled, selfish people treating those they have hurt as “less than” themselves – and expendable. Nauseating. I have also ovserved that a lot of people with mean dogs have been very possessive of their dogs – in a very weird way – as Kim is with Kingsley. They make the dog into a “one person dog” who treats others as “the outsider”. It is creepy.

    • Janet

      I was also reminded of a similar scenario in my neighborhood, that reminds me of the part, where it was said that Chad let the dog out, saying it’s going to bite, if everyone doesn’t leave now. I had a dysfunctional neighbor with two young adult dysfunctional sons. They had gotton a pit bull that kept getting out of their yard and scaring everyone. One neighbor who walked her little dog reported thecpi bull, as several people had. One of her some purposely let the pit bull out when he saw her walking by one day with her little dog, and she had to scoop him up in her arms to protect him until the neighbor last came out. I saw it happen and the kid yelled at the woman Fuck You keep in walking bitch! That son had used that dog as a weapon, and I think Kim’s son may have been doing that as well. I hate to think that but it sounds very much like what happened on my street and the kid thought he was so cool.

  22. Kika

    Kim probably unknowingly “reinforced” all the bad behaviors that the dog exhibited throughout his existence with her. The wrong owner with the wrong dog.

    I am terrified of pit bulls and when I am walking my greyhound I stay way clear of them. A “red zone” dog is a “red zone” dog. There is NO changing that.

  23. There’s something I’m missing here.

    For whatever reason, Kyle went along with this. Maybe she wasn’t home at the time, and Kim already had the ball rolling with fake story or whatever.

    Why is this person now suing? These people have money and I assume they would like to keep it out of the papers. If I were them, I’d give her whatever she wanted and tell Mauricio to sell another house or two to pay for it.

    Are they refusing to pay for everything and extra for pain and suffering?

    I would think they have more to lose now with the insurance fraud part of it.

    I don’t get it.

    • Yes, Lime, I agree. Maybe this happened at a home that Kyle owns and Kim is living there. Can’t believe Kyle is stupid enough to have this dog in her private home with kids and her dogs around. Swizzle is right about homeowners insurance not covering this. How long does this have to go on before someone is killed! IMO Kim is a despicable person no matter what substance abuse problems she has. Hate that photo of her with the bony foot sticking out – yuck.

  24. I hope the victim gets rich. Money talks and maybe Kyle and Kim will finally do the right thing if severely monetarily penalized.

    • TBD

      I agree. The Richards sisters have a very skewed idea of what’s acceptable. This scenario is horrific. Kyle isn’t exempt from this if it did happen as it’s being presented. The Kingsley situation is sad, very sad. I’m nuts about animals and pets (too). But he’s a lethal weapon this point. The law and insurance companies don’t equivocate much here.

      • I rescued and raised two pit bull brothers. We lost them after ten and eleven years of solid love and joy. They were a constant reminder of how wonderful dogs can be. But we had to stay on top of their behavior from day one. Both were prone to snap if threatened or frightened. Pit bulls are a lot to handle. Kim is clearly not up to the job, and now that this dog is aggressive, I fear for his future. Dumb Kim.

  25. Kika

    I remember the episode where the experienced dog trainer came over to her house and even he was terrified at the way Kim handled the dog. The dog almost took his private parts off in the one scene!

  26. Amy Gardner

    Correct me if I’m wrong but was Kim arrested in April 2015 after the whole Beverly Hills Hotel Incident? Just trying to get my timeline correct.

    • Amy Gardner

      Nevermind – I guess by “last April” it means April 2016 – time froze for me in February.

      • tamaratattles

        I did the same thing, Amy. My first thought was “What took so long to file?” I don’t know what month/year I thought it was. It took me a minute to realize April was just a couple months ago and she was probably handling the stiches in her VAGINA (can you imagine?) first.

      • Bridgett

        The injury sounds like the dog was going for the entrails…yikes. I hope she wins all her lawsuits.

      • PaganChick

        Wasn’t Kyle travelling this past April? I could have sworn that she spent time in New York and then some time in Mexico. I wonder how those dates relate to the date of the attack?

  27. mary

    I bet Maurico is pissed that Kyle allowed that dog into their home AND now injuried another person & they are now involved in the lawsuit.
    Kim is beyond irresponsible when it comes to this dog. I’m surprised the dog hasn’t turned on her already.
    I love animals, dogs especially but I would never keep a vicious dog alive. No way no how.
    I wonder if Kim’s pregnant daughter has the sense to stay away from that dog. And if God forbid it did bite her would Kim ask her own daughter to cover for that dog?

  28. PaganChick

    Here is the thing I don’t understand. Was Kyle even there when this happened? The story doesn’t specify that. It only says that Kim invited the woman over. If it happened at Kyle’s house, I am sure she would be liable, but I am completely unclear as to where she actually was when this happened. I find it hard to believe that Kyle would welcome Kingsley into her house and eve more difficult to believe that Mauricio would allow him anywhere near his family.

    • Minky

      Oh my God! Fuck her then. Fuck Kyle. I was right the first time. She’s an evil imbecile, just like her mentally deranged sister.

      I checked out Kyle’s IG today. I had plenty of sitting-around time at my other job, so there’s that.

      Anyhoo, Kyle and her family are on some sort of vacation to a tropical, beachey place. They’re all on yachts and dancing and having a perfectly marvelous time. The commenters are not being kind though. Her IG followers have been letting her have it full throttle. Can you blame them?

  29. Barbara R

    What ever happened to Kim’s court appearance for failure to live up to her requirements for community labor and AA meetings?

  30. cheychey

    Sadly because of its poor training this dog will definitely be put down. The idiot owner however gets to live to see another day so I hope its behind bars. This is clearly criminal negligence. She was completely aware of the dogs aggressive behavior yet still had it out amongst people without being properly restrained. Dominance and pecking order are very important roles to dogs. When the owner is to drunk and drugged up to train and establish that they are the master, the dog becomes the dominant role and aggressive. I really hope that she gets the full benefit of our justice system this time. Not only financially but criminally. I hazard to guess that if it was the average Joe with a pit bull with this many incidents they would throw the book at them. Let’s hope Kim is just as lucky.

  31. susan

    No way should Kingsley be around anyone but Kim. And her days might be numbered. Cannot believe Kyle would permit Kingsley to be in her home around other people. This does not make sense.

    • Allison

      Why Chad there? It sounds like he was using the dog as a weapon to get people out of the house if I’m reading this correctly? That right there is criminal, and why is he “kicking” people out of Kyles home? This thing gets weirder and weirder. From what I recall Chad has some issues himself, but letting the dog loose and using him as a threat is problematic. And disturbing. On like, seven levels.

      • Like Spunky mentioned above, maybe its another house that Kyle owns but is letting Kim stay there.

      • Allison

        Of all dog breeds on the planet, Kim had to get a pit bull??? And any attorney that’s knowingly and intentionally misleading facts like this douche apparently did should be disbarred. Chad should face charges too if he’s using the animal as a weapon.

      • Minky

        I just hope that this Chad thing isn’t yet another instance of Kim using someone as a scapegoat for her own negligence. This time, her own son.

      • Janet

        Unfortunatly that’s what it sounds like happened. Why on earth would she throw that out there, if not true? I believe the stylist said that, not Kim. They’re all at fault, but Chad is the most culpable, if he used the dog as a weapon. The kids (especially sons), have major issues raised by a mother like Kim. No excuse but you see it. Then other innocent people pay the price.

  32. JustJenn

    Kim should not be in charge of anything living – not even a plant. If they would have removed poor Kingsley after the first attack he would have still had a chance. How many other people has he attacked that have been covered up? This is solely Kim’s fault and she’s the one who should be held accountable, sadly it doesn’t work out that way ever with her.

  33. TinaLaFlambe

    So the lowyah got to the hospital and reported a stray dog pounced on this poor victim? Chad opens the door and dog is not contained and here we go again? The dog is a liability and all involved knew it. Only good thing is the stylist is “ok”. Kim get a turtle to love!

  34. Cat

    Dogs scare the Hell out of me. Even little dogs.

  35. Diane

    That dog needs to be put down. He obviously isn’t trainable. It’s sad but some dogs just cannot be rehabbed.

    So Kim is back ? Interesting.

    Lying to the authorities? Shockers. Ongoing lies. No wonder she drinks so much. How does one live with oneself when they know their dog is vicious? Not minimizing the abuse. It’s a double edge sword but booze does help one cope. Kim really has some issues that are beyond rehab.

    Oh Kyle… no words.

    However I want to say that while I feel terrible for the poor gal who was bites (but lied anyway… $$$$$$ 👀👀👀👀👀) it is good to have a REAL vagina story. As we are all sick of the NY Vagina Monologues 😋😎

  36. tamaratattles

    FYI I added a second update to this post just now. It actually just makes the whole thing more confusing.

    • Miele

      WOW. This is just beyond nuts at this point. And just when we thought we were over Bravo’s “coochicoo” issues fascination. Andy is probably salivating thinking of how to incorporate this into an episode of WWHL.

      I hope Ms. Sanderson gets everything she sues for. And it sadly seems that Kingsley must be put down. I doubt there’s even a sanctuary that could help him now.

  37. Joanplus2dogs

    I am wondering if Kim was at Kyle to prepare for some sort event because stylist wouldn’t go to Kim home &/or she likely cannot afford stylist/makeup team. Kyle may have volunteer to loan clothes or pay for Kim as a way to repair relationship. Kim probably brought dog & son along w/o asking. Maybe she was to go with Kyle to event & son take dog home in her car then got tired of waiting around. That is my theory.

    • Joanplus2dogs

      Add to earlier post – Bravo aired beverly hills reunion on 3rd/4th week of April this year. They probably were attending promo by bravo or parties given for reunion. Why dog & son were involved, who knows with Kim.

  38. Calipatti

    I can’t read all the comments today, my eyes are not working well. ??
    If the printed story in articles are true to the statement then I still have problems with claim.
    Why would Kims attorney Landon be near by to drive to hospitable?

    Most attorneys are not going to fill out papers where they write a lie unless the attorney thought it was the truth.
    Kim will blame anyone before she ever takes responsibility?
    IDK, story sounds like Kim but parts of it don’t make sense.

    • Minky

      Very good observation. Since Kim loves to play the “who am I going to blame this time” game, there’s a good possibility that the lawyer is one of her blame candidates, who are so far as follows:

      the victim
      her son
      the lawyer

      Did I miss anybody?

  39. Lolajanegyrl

    As a dog person and a pit bull lover this makes me furious. Pits have a hard enough time without horrible examples like Kingsley and Kim taking up media time.

    There is absolutely no excuse for this. After a dog has bitten once (and most of the time, before then), preventing that from ever happening again is the owner’s responsibility. A key part of that is not putting the animal in situations where it is likely to offend again. Exposing the dog to a person that is scared of it is a recipe for disaster. I hope this lady sues them for everything they’re worth. And poor Kingsely. He never had a chance. I doubt that he’ll live through this.

  40. PaganChick

    Just to add even more to the confusion, why is Kyle named in the suit but not Mauricio? I would assume that they both own their home, unless this was a property that Kyle owns and not the family home.

  41. PiaPill

    Well, I agree with everyone that this is disturbing on so many levels; especially with the “lawyer” involvement! In addition to all that was said above, Kim is willing to further victimize the poor stylist by stating a unknown dog bit her. This would then force the “rabies protocol” to kick in which I hear is not a fun process.

    I truly hope all people involved get criminally prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law (slim chance THIS WILL HAPPEN) if what has been reported is accurate. The lawyer absolutely needs to be disbarred if he knowingly covered up for his client. I agree with the person who said that they probably wouldn’t let the Stylist have access to her phone and if these knuckleheads DID wait for the lawyer and refused to call 911, I would think it very easy for additional criminal charges to kick in (not sure of kidnapping but something equivalent where they prevented her leaving/calling 911 …. conspiracy, etc).

    Unfortunately, I think someone will have to die before anything is done to both the dog and the irresponsible humans involved. Like I said, I absolutely agree with everything everybody has said. (Please be kind to me, I am really terrified to comment because this is a tough crowd here 😊 and I don’t want to be thrown over to the WLS.)

    • Kika

      Unfortunately the rules do not apply to celebrities and the “elite”.

    • Allison

      They didnt think the cover story thru very well-some random stray dog wandered into Kyle’s house, shredded this lady’s crotch, then left. All the while, Kingsley (who has a bite history) was there, but not involved. MMkay.

  42. WatchingATrainwreak

    I’m totally confused by the story and the updates…most of the odd points in the stories as released have already been commented on but going off on a tangent…what happened at this “photo-shoot” that caused Chad to release Kingsley from a restricted part of the house, saying someone could get bitten? Isn’t he the one who has had prior struggles with mental health issues? Is it possible that there was more than one crisis going on for the family to deal with in the moment? My heart goes out to all involved. I just hope that the facts of this incidence, as they are revealed, do not show a blatant and callous disregard for the safety and care of the victim.

  43. Cal

    I have to say I find the story of the attack odd. Pit bulls like all other dogs go for extremities when they attack not for the main body. Never heard of or seen that happen unless they were trained to do that…as in that case in NY years back when the woman got mauled. I’ve been an animal rescuer for 16 years for our local Animal Sanctuary and we do take in Pit bulls. If we take in one that we don’t know the full history of and wasn’t raised in the family giving him up or if he was found abandoned we have a trainer that checks him out and test his temperament. So very odd cause Pits normally aren’t any more protective or territorial than Shepards, Dobermans or most other dogs.
    I wonder if Kim in her craziness –and her ‘trainer’ perhaps gave the dog ‘security’ training?
    I hope maybe someone more qualified to own a dog than Kim will take the dog over instead of having him put down. There is hardly any dog that cant be re trained. We once took in a Ridgeback with brain damage that made him act out but our trainer worked with him and he even got adopted.
    Very sad the whole thing.

    • Janet

      I wonder if she was on her period? Im no dog expert, but I’ve have had dogs act really weird then too, especially if having a very heavy flow. Fortunatly, for me the dogs were friendly in the home, but it was so embarassing because the two dogs kept sticking their noses in my crotch and the owners thought it was funny .

      • Allison

        Speaking of dog attacks and periods-do any of you remember the Diane Whipple case? San Francisco? She was killed by 2 Presa Canarios (Bane and Hera) that were raised by white supremacists and these 2 batshit lawyers had them? Anyway, one of the excuses they used was that Diane Whipple must have had her period and thats why she was torn to pieces in her hallway.

      • Margarett

        I watched that on Court TV. I remember that she crawled toward her door trying to get away. That was an incredibly sad case!

        The dogs’ owners were scary crazy.

      • Allison

        It was wicked disturbing (ha-wicked-I just gave my New England-ness away) especially the woman owner and the pictures of her and the dogs. Lovely.

      • Allison

        I have a little dog (half chihuahua, half black lab-no clue how THAT happened) and a big dog attack on him is my worst fear, (as I type he’s sleeping on my lap despite the fact I am roasting to death even in the AC because this heat sucks, but doesnt seem to bother him in the least) and I cant imagine owning a dog like Kingsley.

    • Frosty

      Maybe the stylist fell, trying to get away, and Kingsley bit down, not reaching up.

    • margroc

      That trainer that Kim had was an idiot imo. I remember him booting the dog,, geez wonder why he attacks.

  44. SweetM

    This story makes ZERO sense…you are so right.
    On a separate note, Tamara, you are a traveler..have you been to St. Barts and landed there in a plane? It’s challenging .. I’ve never been but you speak of your travels.

  45. marywanna

    Those Richards women never seem to learn their lesson.

  46. Babs0909

    I’m so sick of Kim Richards and withering Kyle’s need to keep her gainfully employed (by Bravo). Kyle & Mauricio had been supporting her for decades. Klye made Bravo sign up Kim so she would have work. Kim has done nothing with her life except move into different rentals a dozen times, since the beginning of this stupid show.

    What will it take for Kyle to sever all ties with this dark cloud? Kyle sides w/ poor behaving rotten sisters (Kathy too), rather than her own family. If my sisters excluded half my children from a wedding, No One would go, including the flower girl.

    It is Unbelievable how she & Mauricio disregard their own kids for Kim & Kathy, time and time again. Cut off the cancer and move on, foolish WEAK people.

    Go to Al-Anon, watch Intervention, see a therapist, do something! Learn to set boundaries. Adult siblings are not more important than your own husband and children.

    • Janet

      Well said. The stylist from what I read, states that Kyle was there, and was fully aware and going along with this. Some one is not telling the truth, and I’m unclined to believe the stylist. We have seen Kyle feel guilty to not go along with Kim and Kathy before. She did not report the dog bite either, to her own daughter, so she contributed to this happening. I wouldn’t think the stylist,would jepordize her case by making up that Kyle was there that day, as if Kyle was not there, she may have an air right alabie. However, Kyle has a big incentive to have her attorney say she wasn’t there and to again appease her terrible sisters. Now Kyle is just as bad, if it’s true she was there and allowed this.

      • tamaratattles

        Janet, I have not read the entire legal document. I have only seen excerpts. Those excerpts say nothing about Kyle being present, just that it was her house. Every site reporting this seems to make up details to add to the facts One such site said Kim and Chad and Kingsley were living with Kyle. I don’t see that happening at all. But it did make me think that maybe Kyle/Mo own the property where KIM is living now. To me that makes the most since and would explain things a bit better.

        But again, WE DO NOT HAVE ALL THE FACTS OF THIS CASE. You make a lot of assumptions about Kyle in your comment that have no basis in fact. And Kyle most certainly reported the dog bite on Alexia, that is why Kim freaked out and refused to speak to her for months and ranted on Kyle all over social media. You have no idea what you are talking about.

      • Janet

        I guess I jumped the gun on Kyle being there. Another site reported it like that. I also had assumed Kyle didn’t report the dog bite, because Kim got so pissed off about the pictures posted of Alexia in the hospital, like she expected it to be hidden and secret, and Kyle has blown the cover off. And Kyle kept saying but I didn’t say it was YOUR dog that bit her. That dog just freaks me out period.

      • tamaratattles

        See that box with the big letters asking you to PLEASE READ THE COMMENTING RULES? Perhaps you should do that.

  47. SweetM

    Girl.. I have to say this blog has some of the most heartfelt, deep, weird comments I’ve ever seen. I think many think of you as a Therapist of some sort and likewise. It’s a great venue.

  48. Housewivedout

    I am shocked that Kim still has Kingsley. I recall seeing her interviewed (wwhl?) and she said he had given the dog away. More of her lies I see. That attack sounds absolutely horrific. He needs to be put down and Kim needs to face serious charges. Kyle will never cut Kim off completely because she made a promise to her mother on her deathbed to look after her. Mauricio can’t be happy about this. Kim has caused so much strain in her marriage, it wouldn’t surprise me if she loses him over this. Please keep us updated Tamara. Great post.

  49. ninjapanda1

    I would bet my left tit Kim not only told this poor woman she would pay all her medical bills but to keep it quiet. Maybe Kathy and I send you more clients, maybe we don’t.

  50. WatchingATrainwreak

    If Kyle wasn’t there at the time of the attack, I’m starting to wonder if Kyle even knew that an incident happened on her property. I wouldn’t put it past Kim to keep that information from her sister. Being named in a lawsuit might come as quite a shock to her.

  51. Yamoah Asiedu

    Kim and Kyle are both completely irresponsible here. Knowing what Kingsley did to Alexia’s hand last year should have been a PERMANENT reason to ban him from Kyle’s home. The dog is dangerous and needs to be put down. Yesterday.
    If Kim could serve time for criminal negligence too, it would be a great thing. As for the victim, their friend, I hope she gets a good lawyer and sues Kim Richards for the maximum sum available. Kim makes such stupid decisions. No sympathy for her (or Kyle) whatsoever. Silly women.

  52. iloveearlgrey

    She had flesh torn out of her abdomen near her vagina? Geez. I hope she gets every single penny she asks for and then some.

    • Sabrina

      I agree- but the truth is she also falsified records, and while she is clearly the victim, she has a lot of questions to answer the judge about. Every one of them lied.

      No one would believe this story if it was told to them.. The last several years, most people Kim loves have been hurt by her unwillingness to seek serious treatment, be admitted and stay for 60 + days in a well- qualified DUAL treatment facility and face her issues.

      I am still asking, what doctors are providing her with these meds? They should lose their medical licenses, just as the attorney his legal one.

      • PaganChick

        What did the stylist lie about? It reads like she was extorted to keep quiet if she wanted medical attention, and then the lawyer took control from the moment he drove her to the hospital.

  53. Sali

    Poor stylist. I hope she recovers quickly. Poor Kingsley. I’d love him to be put in a rehab home like Best Friends to rehabilitate him. And finally, poor Kyle for staying stuck in Kim’s dynamic.

  54. annie moore

    So many questions. Wasn’t Chad living w/Kyle for awhile? I seriously doubt Kyle was home at the time. In April she was in NY & Cabo. If Chad was living there, I can easily see Kim using Kyle’s home, but what I doubt is that Kyle even knew Kingsley was still alive and I doubt she even knew about the incident – well until she got slapped with the lawsuit. If Kim didn’t want anybody to know it was Kingsley, she sure as hell didn’t want Kyle to know. Knowing Kyle wasn’t home, it wouldn’t be a stretch to think Kim just brought the dog with her – Chad objecting, but Kim getting defensive about her beloved dog. “Oh he’s fine, no worries” “Kyle doesn’t need to know he was here”, etc. Besides the court documents, what I want is recordings of the phone calls between Kim & Kyle after the suit was filed – now that would be interesting.

  55. tamaratattles

    After reading all of y’alls theories here. This is how I think it all went down.

    Kyle was out of town a lot in April. She was in NYC the first week doing WWHL and shopping. Then she went to Mexico, and then she went to Coachella and then Palm Springs. So she really wasn’t home for the entire month.

    My guess is she hired Chad to housesit, feed the dogs, water the plants, take in the mail. Kim invited herself to the big house to get read for a promo. There was nothing to promote for RHOBH since it was all over and the reunion aired in April. That was why Kyle was gone all month it was the first month of freedom. I think Kim was supposed to be filming for the Mother Daughter Experiment and she came over to raid Kyles closet with her “stylist” while she was out of town. And she brought Kingsley.

    I am not sure that Kyle had any idea Kim still had Kingsley. Chad was pissed that his mother was showing up raiding the closet and bringing the damn dog. He shut the dog in the bathroom to protect the other dogs from him and dealt with his mother. They argued. He told them they all needed to get the fuck out of the house or they would get bitten. He unleashes the dog. The dog attacks the stylist. All hell breaks loose. Chad is screaming at his mother the stylist is bleeding the dog is aggressive, she calls her manager. He comes over and cooks up the scheme. The stylist is taken right in to treatment. The lawyer fills out all the paperwork. As soon as she literally gets herself together, she sees all the paperwork and files the lawsuit.

    Kyle and the whole family are currently in Italy. So no idea if she is even aware of the lawsuit yet. And I doubt she had any idea that the dog bite even happened because Chad would not want to be in trouble for letting his mother (and the damn dog) in the house.

    • Nanaintn

      I’m late commenting as I’ve been checked out for a few days, but reading another bizzare report re. Kim,Kingsley, etc. reminded me of being bitten by a dog as a child. This may be the reason that the stylist told the truth instead of going along with the lies with Kim and her Atty. The dog that bit me was a stray that had come into our yard and whioenwe were petting it, it took a chunk out of my arm and hand. At the hospital when my parents reported that it was a stray that bit me, they were informed that I would need to have a series of rabies shots unless the dog could be found and it be determined if it had received rabies vaccinations. At the time, the shots were a series of 14 injections (one per day) in the area of my belly button. At 6 years old, I remember them being painful! I received the entire 14,shots because the dog was never located. If the stylist was told this, she may have decided to tell the truth about the dog that bit her rather than face the added trauma of the shots for rabies.

  56. Do you all remember the episode when the dog trainer was at Kim’s house and warns her that she needs to stay on top of the training or else the dog would be a problem. Then when the trainer was gone Kim just blew it off saying that the dog was her protector – or something like that.

    Well, I would think that scene is going to result in Sanderson getting a large judgment (or settlement) after the dust settles. Because #1 it proves that she was warned by a trainer who had worked with that particular dog, and she totally discounted the warning, #2 She kept the dog after it bit a family member – so it has proven itself to be vicious, #3 bitten someone else too? and now #4 severely attacked Sanderson and then the whole incident was attempted to be covered up by Kim’s attorney.

    Wow, THIS would make for a good reality side show of RHOBH “Kim’s Further Bad Judgments”.

    • Susie

      I remember that she was warned about the importance of training the dog. Clearly she does not care how many people her dog hurts. Why is he allowed to do it over and over again? She should go to prison! This is criminal.

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