BB18 Update: The Eight Pack Is No More; Frank Is Disgusting

BB18 alliances

Photo Credit Twitter: @89razorskate20 This is the current alliance list.

It’s time for some Big Brother live feed spoiler updates. There was the usual drama after last night’s HOH comp that Bridgette won. Bridgette may think she is HOH but she is not. Frank is. She does whatever he says. I hoped that SOMEONE would tell her that he had the first Road Kill win and put her up, but it doesn’t seem like that happened.

Part of the reason that it did not was because Frank slept in the HOH bed with her and barely left her side from the time she won until nominations this morning. And yes, Bridgette caused all sorts of dram with the sleeping situation for weeks because she claims she can’t sleep in a bed with a man because she has a relationship.

Bridgette did exactly what Frank wanted and put up Tiffany and Paul.



They finally finished Road Kill which is a timed challenge we never see.  We don’t even see it on TV. The other players don’t see each other compete. Production just announces a winner. Since Grodner has an inexplicable hard on for Frank, he won again. He’s won two of the three RK challenges. #eyeroll.

He was apparently forced by production to apologize to Day for constantly smacking her ass and calling her a slut and making inappropriate comments about how her breasts look. They had him do that OFF the feeds so his misogynist behavior will likely never be addressed on the actual show.

It is assumed that Frank will put up Bronte.  I still think Tiffany will unfortunately go home. I’d like to send home Paul.

Thoughts? Was that a loud slap or what?


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26 responses to “BB18 Update: The Eight Pack Is No More; Frank Is Disgusting

  1. Cat

    Bridgette is useless in this game. Even I would play better than she does…and I admit I would be terrible.

    • lori

      I agree with both! Lol I sit here watching some of these seasons (like this one) just knowing that I would lose my shit in that house! Bridgette has the unknown gift of “float”. That’s it.

  2. Dang! I was just watching the feeds and Bridgette, Nat and Bronte were talking. Nat seemed to want to spill the beans about Frank but is afraid Bridgette will repeat it to Frank.

    They were all swearing their allegiance to each other and then Bridg said she wants to put up Corey if someone comes down on veto.

    Just as it was getting good, we get Jeff loops.


  3. Dang, again!

    I just wrote a post about the Day/Frank situation and I lost it.

    So, I will say good for Allison making him apologize. I just hope it doesn’t put a target on Day. That’s the problem with the house. If shit like this happens, you can’t say anything because of fear of being nominated so it just escalates.

    On another note, when this happened last night, Paulie talked to Frank about it and why it was wrong and Frank was going to apologize to her today. I wonder what happened with that, that Allison still had to be called in.

  4. I hope they get this mysoginistic hillbilly. He commented that if his girlfriend gains weight, he’s gone. Hello? Frank’s GF?….Here are 20 cheeseburgers…eat like hell and run!

  5. lori

    I can’t stomach Frank! Besides them (BB) so easily being able to say whoever they wanted to won the roadkill, that stupid name bag for the veto has always driven me mad. More so early in the game when they can very easily leave out a few chips.

    Now I like Tiffany. I don’t want her to go yet. Natalie drives me crazy. Everytime someone is trying to tell her something she constantly cuts in with “Noooooo” or “Did he really?!?” or whatever other words of disbelief or WHATEVER, so you can’t even get to hear what the other person is trying to say, especially if the person is whispering when they speak (which is when you get the good dirt of course). It’s driving me nuts. Like her cutting off James when he was telling her how Frank brought up him and Day having kids, and how he shouldn’t have done that, and she’s too busy cutting him off by saying “I will give you my jury spot before I take it myself because you have a child”, which is THE OPPOSITE of what James was trying to convey, so I never got to hear everything he was GOING to say about it because of little Miss Interupter.

    I pray that this isn’t going to be one of those seasons where it is just blatantly obvious that BB is calling all the shots. Day said outloud on the feeds one day about diary telling her what was going on, and then they made her go out and tell the three she was talking to that “she has to let them know, blah blah blah blah blah, that production didn’t tell her about anything that’s going on in the house”. I instantly just hoped that Day doesn’t end up being quickly “voted out” because of it. We’ll see.

    On another note, I need for Bronte to stay in a little longer, just for a few more Wil videos. So funny! (especially on a day like today)

  6. Happygal

    Sexual harassment is alive and well in the BB house . Why is that you can be tossed for physical violance get repeated smacking of woman on their ass is not considered such ? DaVon clearly does not think it is harmless flirting and it clearly is unwanted. It clearly is harassment. So why is frank allowed to remain?

  7. timtoodles

    Frank is an ass. How could he think that behavior is okay. When he was told by production that he offended Day he should have been MORTIFIED! I am not without fault and when I find out I have offended someone I am truly repentant. I am not pissed about how I found out. I am glad I am given the opportunity to make it right.

  8. DeeM

    If I were Day I would have punched him in the nuts

  9. Suziezee

    What are people’s thoughts on the theory that Day isn’t as upset about the Frank behaviors and is using this as strategy to get rid of a production/fan fave and a comp beast? People are thinking she is using this as her chance to gain unwavering sympathy ( I mean, who’s putting her up now?) and make Frank the target. Im not giving my opinion, just throwing it out there to see if others are reading what I’m reading. If I were to comment, I’d say she’s making the best out of a very crappy situation. No hands on women. EVER. I don’t even think any of us needs to say his language and attitude are reprehensible. Among some of the worst I’ve seen on bb. Why didn’t bb tell Frank to “stop that” when he slapped her? Guess they didn’t want to show us that they think it’s wrong. But God forbid anyone quote a movie or eat a popcorn kernel as a have not.

    • I think that everybody already wants Frank gone and she’s not using it as strategy, consciously.

      I’ve always seen whenever people are going to have to say goodbye to someone, they start to disassociate with them and start nitpicking things about them. To make the parting easier. Day was already prepared to say goodbye to him, finding faults about him, etc, so as not to find a reason, or be convinced by someone else, to keep him.

      When Bridgette won hoh, Frank was automatically allowed to stay another week which is frustrating to Day who wanted him gone now, not next week, if at all. She lets her emotions get the better of her at times, and Frank slapping her was the wrong thing at the wrong time. He’s completely clueless that she wants him gone.

      If circumstances were different and she knew that he would be nominated this week, she would feel in more control of her situation and could possibly have been able to ignore it. But she’s not and she lost it. And she knows that complaining to BB puts a big mark on her back and she did it anyway.

      When she lost it last season and got into a fight with Clay, she was voted out very quickly after that because of it.

      So, no, I don’t think she did it for strategy.

  10. Jane Grey

    There are people surmising that Frank is not only sexist,but racist also. He has called Day slut and Zakiyah hussy, no other girls have been called such names that I know of. I mean, to say “titties sitting right” to Day is very offensive, but the fact that he doesn’t say things that offensive to the other girls is even more offensive! Oh Frank, I thought you were different…

  11. For the record Frank is a disgusting gross piece of shit & I’ve despised him since BB14 when he was BFF with trash Mike Boogie.

    Frank did not call DaVonne a slut just out of the blue. They were having a random benign conversation about something that led to:

    Frank: “……..don’t call me a douche bag.”

    DaVonne: “Franks a douche bag.”

    Frank: “Days a slut.”

    DaVonne: “Only on Tuesdays”

    ….and then DaVonne starting cracking up laughing & so did he.

    Then later on when Day was getting paranoid about Frank’s game play and after hearing about all the other offensive things he said/did towards the women she is saying he called her a slut WITHOUT explaining the proper context.

    DaVonne is taking a page out of Vanessa’s playbook about “I NEED TO FIND A REASON TO GET YOU OUT!”…. Yes Frank is a misogynistic shit stain, but Day is playing up the dramatics to get the other HG to get Frank out of the house. This is Big Brother y’all.

  12. tamaratattles

    Frank is a piece of shit. It is difficult to hear these people’s voices on the feeds at times. That slap was loud and off the feeds.

    James laughs off Frank’s racist comments as well, that does not mean they are not hurtful.

    As for this being some sort of plan by Day to get Frank out? Please. The moment she complained to production in the DR and Frank was told about it, it reaction was “Day has to go.” Every woman knows that the woman who reports the harassment is the one who suffers consequences.

    • Deb Lubin

      Frank is a major piece of shit! In addition to Day, he has slapped the asses of Zakiyah and Natalie, who were both afraid to complain. I hate that pig. He needs to go, and it should be by Production!

  13. tamaratattles

    In other potential female manipulation news, Bridget slept next to James in the bed with Natalie and Bronte. You remember Bridgette,”I can’t share a bed with a guy because I have a boyfriend.”

    When Spy Girls told their secrets Bronte went first and say she is really a “mathematician” who did NOT throw the math RK and lost and is basically a student majoring in math, Natalie said she was an NFL cheerleader. then Bridgette said that her boyfriend is really a doctor. I felt like Bridgette made that up on the fly so she had something to share in the sharing circle.

    • Jane Grey

      Funny! Bronte was saying she threw the math comp. and that she plans to work for the NSA with her intense math skills.

  14. tamaratattles

    I’m gonna have to let y’all discuss how Day should just ignore having her ass slapped or that she is somehow plotting against Frank as a result of his assault… here wihout me. The comments here make me physically ill.

  15. Well, Bridgette won the veto and she sprang her ankle.

    The HGS keep saying that Frank really feels bad about it. I think he hurt her when congratulating her.

  16. R

    Also, after being told by CBS and other house guests not to touch the women inappropriately, Frank physically choked Nicole as she tried to walk past him last night. 11:57pm 7/9/16

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