Shep and Craig Interviewed While Wasted in Atlantic City

Southern Charm Beast of Bourbon Shep Craig


Well this is interesting. Shep and Craig were interviewed last month by Whitney Ullman while hosting an event in Atlantic City.  They were wasted and spilling some tea.  Shep plays  Shag, Marry, Kill with Cameran, Landon and Kathryn and his answer surprised me.

Craig and Shep both think the show is silly and a lot of fun.  Shep gives us some insight into Whitney who he calls “an odd duck.”  Craig has  an over zealous fan who sends him long letters. He’s football coach from California,. Shep wants us to know that the bachelor auction was rigged.

Shep tells us that his hook up with Kathryn may have just been one night but there were multiple counts.  They talk about Cameran being touchy feely when they met for the first time.

Craig says about the show, “It’s a pretty fun life, without saying what we are not allowed to say. We’re not doing this for free”

It’s all rather informative. Click through for the video



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28 responses to “Shep and Craig Interviewed While Wasted in Atlantic City

  1. I couldn’t make it through the whole thing, but I’m calling BS on one thing…Shep’s “multiple counts”. No man who drinks as much as he does and is 35 or over is getting down more than once a night…

  2. Margarett

    OMGoodness, that was too much fun. Thanks, Tamara!

    They’re so damn cute. Craig is such a boy. Who could not like him. I will admit to a little ole’ lady crush on Shep.

    Thanks again!

    • I totally agree. At least these guys know they’re a little Sckveey. I will make no excuses for T-Rav. He’s a sloppy stoning mess. I give zero shits about his family name. Seriously he’s proven himself , in every series by being doesn’t get yet deuce bigalow… He’s gross. I hope every girl who meets him on the streets suggests a condom for just being in the vicinity.

  3. Joan

    Whitney and Patricia could be characters from a Truman Cape novel.

  4. JoJoFLL

    That was hilarious!

    I do hate the SMK game.

  5. Deb in SF

    I never expected those answers to shag, marry, kill. I was hoping he would say he’d marry Kathryn. Disappointing.

  6. Lou

    Craig was talking is he still dating… He didn’t say much about Naomi. But that was cute and funny

  7. jen

    Wow they are annoying coked…I mean drunk up. Shep has GOT to get someone to dress him. His shirts are awful!! Love them though. Two cuties. Glad to see they really do like each other when coked up…I mean gambling. ♡

  8. Kate Gates

    I thought I watched that clip last year?

  9. What a bunch of twaddle! Maybe it’s an age thing since I’m a lot older than they are, but two drunk guys just aren’t entertaining to me – typical wasted men – madly in love with their bros, full of their own charm and importance, and saying things they’ll probably regret the next day. Shep is such a man-child for being 36 years old – the whole Peter Pan complex – and Craig is floundering, trying to stay above water professionally. I guess they really think they’re super-cute and consider themselves God’s gift to the world of humor. Shep (in a very ungentlemanly move for a Southern man) spilled his guts about the Kathryn hook-up, wonder how that makes Whitney and Thomas feel? To me, their interview was “silly” and a complete waste of time. Still, I love the show, but all the immature little guys masquerading as grown men loses its charm, Southern or not, after a while. How did Bravo find Thomas, Craig and Shep? I’m sure not all the wealthy men in Charleston society are this lame, but then all the mature, responsible ones wouldn’t be nearly as entertaining.

  10. I thought gentlemen never tell.

    I guess Shep is no gentleman. :(

    Thanks for the clip. :)

  11. Happygal

    Actually i was laughing most of time and while i found Shep ungentlemanly in revealing details of his and Katherine’s hook up I still had to wonder how much that will bother Landon knowing that indeed she does posess talent “on her back” as Shep pretty much said it was fantastic sex. Something I’m quite sure has not been said about Dolphin giggle before

  12. That was cute. Maybe I’m a sucker for bros, but Shep and Craig were funny and honest and truth be told, if you don’t want your antics on front street don’t share them with people you aren’t going to connect with long term. And even though Shep talked about Kathryn he has always been supportive of including her in things and not talking trash about her. ‘Shag, Marry, Kill’ is a losing game. I’d have thought that would have gone K -C-L rather than the other way around…

  13. Theresa

    The only powder shep wants is tbomas’ powder. Hahahaha I died.

  14. Matzah60

    Wow, if I had known they were going to be at Caesar’s, I would have taken a drive into AC. I am less than 25 min by car from Caesar’s. I just read in our local paper that Nene’s comedy act is coming to AC. I couldn’t bring myself to spend money to see her, but I am anxious to read the review of the show.

    Thanks for the video Tamara. Eye opening!!!

  15. Auntie Velvet

    Craig helping on the sex with Katherine story: “He made her wash her face off! You made her wash her face off!” Thanks, Craig.

  16. cal

    shep is such a pig

  17. HazelHickory

    Uggghh … just watched the video, and Shep and Craig had a serious case of the cutes, in the midst of which Shep basically brain farted “all over the place” about his one night with Kathryn. “So nasty and so rude”. As for playing “Marry-Shag-Kill” – that is such a not-nice game. Just don’t play it, and politely demure. But instead, Shep said that he would have to “Marry Cameran”? I guess Shep does not want his mother to have any more grandkids.. although .. if it was Shep (based on how we have seen Cameran behave around Shep) maybe Cameran would change her mind about not wanting children? Also, even when under considerable inebriation, Shep and Craig both managed to kiss Whitney’s signet ring and Andy’s ass – with separate proclamations wherein they positively gushed with their adoration and awe for those two older gentlemen. As for Craig’s personal, public health annoucement that he does not wear underwear, because he thinks that it is “not good for men to wear underwear”? Icckkkk. . I think he is on the skids.

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