Bethenny Frankel’s Blog This Week Seems Hypocritical

Bethenny Frankel’s blog about last night’s episode has a very interesting take on what we saw on the show. Let’s get out the purple pen for  Bethenny’s Bravo Blog because I have a few things to share.

Wow, did I enjoy the comedy in that dance scene. Ramonja does have its highlights. Those blondies were very cute. I love how they just owned it, and how Ramona is embracing her age versus trying to dance like the young kids do. They both looked great and when you’re having fun it is contagious.

Is it just me, or would it have been kinder to just not acknowledge this scene at all? Notice she never mention’s Sonja’s name in her entire blog.  Was bringing up Ramona’s age subtle shade?

Yeah, so now I have to listen to a conversation about Jules’ vagina, aka “pistachio.” I knew she was nuts. Now I know what kind.

Of all the people in the world to complain about Jules vagina scenes, Bethenny Frankel is going to call her crazy and have zero compassion for her? Jules has a serious injury to her “coochchicoo” and Bethenny can’t endure a short scene? Bethenny, the one woman who has talked incessantly about her own female health issues for the past several episodes?

RHONY Bethenny

I really do care about Carole. She is a good friend, she is not competitive nor jealous, and I am grateful for her. I invite her to everything because she doesn’t make a jackass out of herself, she can talk to anyone and she is very observant.

She doesn’t make a jackass out of herself? The two of you and your Bobbsey twins routine at every event makes you both the mean girl jackasses!  How do you not see the hypocrisy of saying that you only invited Carole because everyone else acts like jackasses? Carole actually can’t talk to anyone. You may not have noticed but she has nothing to say to anyone but you in most of her scenes.

She can also be critical, so if something was off she might notice it. As fun as getting dressed up and wearing a wig is, that is just the window dressing. I am a detail person, obsessive, a perfectionist and a lot of work goes into those events. If any of my events or trips were a sh– show, heads would roll. That Skinnygirl Candy is delicious because it has my heart, soul, blood sweat and tears in it.

Gentle suggestion, when you have spent the last few episodes discussing your vaginal bleeding, it’s probably not wise to refer to blood, sweat and tears winding up in your candy. It makes me throw up a little bit in my mouth.

Ramona on Bethenny

I’m gonna need that dress back.

Enough with Carole and Luann. I know you’re all bored. Luann gives zero f—s about Carole. Carole has no interest in Luann’s friendship. Asked and answered. Zzzzzz.

It seems that production has finally forced the all cast scenes to occur. So that is progress.

Wow. I can say many things but one I am certain about is that no one is jealous of Luann’s relationship with Tom. At this point, we are really hoping it is real and that Luann is happy, but no one is jealous. Fact.

It seems that every time someone doesn’t like someone the go to response is “she’s just jealous.”  I have to say that Bethenny, Sonja and especially Ramona really do appear to be jealous. I’m not sure that is exactly what it is though. Those three are far from happy about Luann’s announcement. In fact they each bring up “rumors” about the relationship at every turn. Those three may not be jealous of Luann’s relationship, but the sure are trying to demean and sabotage it. They did the same thing to Dorinda’s relationship with John.  They seem intentional in their attempts to destroy those two relationships for some reason.

So three people at this table have been with Tom? I mean the Upper East Side is small, but Manhattan is huge. Something smells fishy. Why the rush? What is it with this guy swimming in one tiny fishbowl? I’m feeling my usual skeptical self.

I’m skeptical myself. There have been some shady characters hanging around this franchise since season one. Tom is one of them. However a simple look at just the last month of Instagram posts by Luann shows them going to Nashville, Laguna Beach, out on Tom’s yacht in the harbor and visiting with Luann’s mother. It looks real to me. And aren’t you sleeping with your friend’s soon to be ex? Same thing. That relationship also seems to have gotten quite serious in short order.

Let’s talk about Jules’ vagina again. How about you pull your pants down and put everyone deeper into their misery.

These two sentences seem nonsensical to me. What is she trying to say here? And WHY? It’s like she gets done with her blog and says, “Maybe I should take one more swipe at Jules for good measure.”

I’m glad about one thing: I am not verbally assaulting anyone this week, so I’m feeling good. Next week I have not watched, but I’m not sure I can say the same thing!

Well not assaulting to their faces anyway. There was plenty of behind the back mean girling. Guess that doesn’t count. You certainly didn’t come of as kind this episode.


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60 responses to “Bethenny Frankel’s Blog This Week Seems Hypocritical

  1. MARC

    If Andy Cohen is daft enough to alienate the viewing public with the Bethanny Frankel show another season I am out ! Skinny girl infomercial the entire season.

    • Microop

      I’d like to se Bethenny back but Carole has to go. Bethenny is good tv but she needs a sidekick that brings out the best in her not the worst.

  2. JoJoFLL

    Ramona is equal parts endearing and exasperating.

    LuAnne seems happy, I think Sonja may be a little depressed with it, not jealous.

    I’m not sure where I am with Bethenny.

  3. Bethenny is a cunt and her skinny girl protein product will give you diarrhea.

  4. HazelHickory

    I always wondered where Bethenny’s heart and soul were – bc that is where a person’s treasure is – they are in her SkinnyGirl candy! Yes, she is hypocritical- and jealous of Lu, and threw shade at Ramona (but R deserves all the shade one can throw at her), and B and C act like they are in junior high and when their “friendship” implodes bc one of them gets narcissistically bent out of shape or Bethenny keeps throwing nasty remarks at C regarding Adam and the terrarium – it is going to get ugly. They are actually kind of hard to watch on the screen – just too old to be that skinny. It is scary and bordering on aboriginal.

    • tamaratattles

      Please try to muster the energy to type the actual NAME of the person you are discussing.

      • HazelHickory

        You are right TT! It IS a lack of energy thing. I think I need Bethenny’s SkinnyGirl protein product! -;)

    • margroc

      I’m confused, did you mean to type something else? What does bordering on aboriginal mean?

    • “Aboriginal?” As originally from Australia? Or indigenous? Or skinny? The indigenous Aboriginal people aren’t that thin. They’re very short. Maybe you’re thinking of the Watusi people in Africa, originally from Egypt (tall and thin).

      Okay, Anthropology class over (I just don’t like misperceptions. That’s why I watch the NY Housewives. No misperceptions there. Just mostly right out lies).

  5. Diane

    Honestly the season seems stale to me. The issues are the same ones week after week after to week. No resolution. Bethenny is still mad at Sonja. Sonja is still sorry. Luann and Carole zzzzzzzzz😪😪😪 Jules and her vagina going on 3 weeks 😪😪😪😪 Ramona kissing Bethennys ass and double taking about the others behind their backs. Dorinda …I love Dorinda. She tries to maintain relationships with all of them. Even when they have been so vile about John. Even when they ruin a weekend that she planned. They did it again last night at dinner. She tries to keep it real in my opinion. She tells them all the truth. She won’t keep a secret from any of them. Honesty. Some say pot stirrer. I say she just doesn’t want to be the keeper of all their complaints so she let’s them know how they each feel. Can you blame her? I wouldn’t want to carry all that around. Anyway. It needs to change some or I am out too. It’s boring and while I like them all and find them entertaining at times it has become the Bethenny show. Maybe we need Jill back . Gasp cannot believe I said that. But someone needs to have the balls to push back Bethenny. JMHO

  6. bella

    Completely bored with middle aged women issues. Nothing against menopause and fibroids and vaginas and blah blah, but I don’t enjoy watching them talk about these things every episode. Is the target audience late 40s-50s? Not trying to offend anyone, I just don’t get what this show has become..

  7. Margarett

    Good one,Tamara. I was needing a purple pen fix!

  8. Cat

    Blood, sweat, and tears (great group!), Mangled vaginas and fishy smells.


  9. Bethany actually seems ‘jealous’ that Jules is getting air time for her vagina issues. Now that to me is the definition of insanity. Bethany seems mad that HER vagina is being somehow downplayed because poor Jules had the misfortune of having a serious accident to her chochicoo at the same time that Bethany is bleeding to death, on deaths door, going to expire any moment – oh wait – I can postpone my surgery by taking a hormone pill – oh my I feel so much better after just ONE pill – (I realize she did go thru with the surgery a few months later)

    • Jim

      Do we have a clear explanation on how Jules injured herself? It all seems so strange. She was straddling a window ledge (why?!) and accidentally slammed down on it, right? Did she fall six feet to cause that kind of damage or just a few inches? It’s just so weird.

      • Bridgett

        With the amount of trauma alluded to, I am envisioning a broken window with glass shards sticking out of the pane! I cannot believe none of the harpies have asked, but that would require the focus to not be on them so…

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        Ugh the whole thing seems really contrived. I’m incredibly tired of her talking about her “pistachio” and sharing pictures. Barf.

    • Margarett

      I loved your comment, happy gal! It truly is the “definition of insanity”.

      Thanks for the laughs.

    • Flo

      I agree with you! Bethanney is jealous of Jules

  10. GirlMe

    I keep missing it. How did Jules hurt her vagina. (loved how she said she cploukdnt get out of sex because their are other hole).

    • She said it happened while she was climbing through a window. She never embellished from there so we have no idea why she would be window climbing.

      • Matzah60

        Being a smoker/non-smoker/smoker and so on, I would guess that climbs out the window to some outside living area where she steals a smoke. She and Dorinda always run outside for a smoke.

  11. Lynn

    Damn! When did this become a bash Bethenny blog?????
    I am so bummed!!!

    • Bridgett

      I was a huge Bethenney fan until her talk show when she would talk over her guests and be a know it all. That behavior has only gotten worse on RHONY as she also now acts self-righteous. If she would take a breath and come down a notch to the B we knew before, she’d be great again. Hoping she is just shell shocked from her never-ending divorce and will be back to normal once it finally ends.

      I think TT is just commenting on what Bethenney is putting out there…if behavior is crappy, the commentary will just point that out.

    • Kiyoshigirl

      From what I can tell, currently there aren’t many blogs that aren’t “bash Bethenny blogs”. She’s exposed herself as a mean, angry, self-absorbed, tyrant in just about every episode this season. If you know of her redeeming qualities, please share because most of us would not spend 5 minutes with a woman like her.

      • Minky

        So, being critical of poor behavior is bashing??? Oh golly. I guess Bethenny’s really the ONLY nice person in this cast and all us haters are just jelly.

        I agree with you Kiyoshigirl. Bethenny’s true colors are shining through. She’s been this person all along but we all fell for the tears in Seasons 1 & 2. Now she can’t hide it anymore.

      • Flo

        My teeth crench when Bethanney explodes like she’s a druggy

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      I’m tired of Bethenny being the focus of the season and think the fibroid “storyline” is way over the top. But she’s not wrong about EVERYTHING, I’m as sick of Jules’ pistachio as she is.

    • GirlFromKY

      Completely agree with you Lynn. Though the excessive crying drama about fibroids is over the top, it’s my perception that Bethany remains spot-on. I can totally see Luann being completely annoying and sucking up all of the air in a room to obnoxiously gush about her and this guy rather than behaving in a reasonable happy manner about it. I’m fully certain there is absolutely no jealousy going on, but instead a low tolerance of the me-me-me reputation Luann has developed for herself.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        I’m a big believer in if 5 people are saying the same thing about a person, it’s most likely that one person that’s the problem than the 5 people being “crazy” or “jealous”. I think Luann’s relationship is made for Bravo, the rest of the ladies know so, and are a little weary of Luann declaring how madly in love she is when they all know it’s for the cameras.

  12. Matzah60

    An excellent post as always, Tamara! I often find it hard to tell if Bethenny is being witty or throwing shade because she has such a sharp tongue and always finds something critical to say about everyone, including her one and only friend on the show, Carole. The ladies were all speaking over each other so I couldn’t hear what Bethenny was arguing with Carole about, but clearly Carole didn’t like it. Someone above said that some day their friendship will implode and I do believe that day will come soon. I think Carole’s only real friend, Heather, is gone.

    I think it is true that the girls are a bit jealous of Lu, but I think it’s because her friendships have taken a back seat since she got involved with this guy, Tom. On the show, she’s only known him for six weeks and in my opinion, regardless of what Lu says about finding her soul mate, I find that to bullshit. How much can you possibly know about anybody after six weeks. They’re still in lust, not love. Like you said Tamara, the same speed of Bethenny’s relationship sounds equally crazy.

    Speaking of crazy, I find it deeply disturbing when a woman calls another woman crazy and paranoid. So offensive and demeaning. It would just as easy to call Bethenny crazy after watching the several episodes. Bethenny is unable to be introspective and simply can’t see herself the way the rest of the viewers see her. She has ruined the dynamics of the girls which leaves Bethenny present in every scene alone with her chalkboard voice, ranting at 90 mph.

    • Minky

      You are so right Matzah. Bethenny is such a malcontent. Her witticisms are all a part of her very poorly concealed insecurities. I miss Heather. She really was very nice. Especially compared to Bethenny. I have an awful feeling that Bethenny had something to do with Heather’s departure. Carole’s turn will soon come.

      And Bethenny should have never called Kelly “koo-koo for cocoa puffs.” She’s one rant away from being perceived in the exact same way. The only difference is that Bethenny is the “boss” and Kelly wasn’t. And don’t forget that Bethenny’s getting the good edit from Bravo. Just think how it would be if she got Sonja or Luanne’s edit.

      My take on Luanne’s whirlwind romance is that, while it is a bit much, it’s between her and Tom. Just like Carole’s relationship with Adam, itself very suspicious, is two grown folks doing whatever they want. Bethenny really needs to stop criticizing everybody’s love life. Sonja and Ramona feel slighted by Tom because, if he’s serious about Luanne, they realize they fall into the category of women you date/shag but you don’t marry. Party girls are fun, but if they want to settle down they need to reel in the “let the good times roll” attitude. The same goes for men who want to viewed as “players”.

      • Matzah60

        Minky, I think you nailed it about what’s really bothering Sonja and Ramona. Ramona thinks she’s a catch and one never knows if Sonja was his regular friends with benefits or she is embellishing the story. When you hang with a group of women who are all single at this particular stage in life, I think that when one person looks like they are splintering off from the group, it brings on some feelings of envy and maybe asking oneself, “When is it my turn.”

        Great point about Bethenny and her comment cuckoo for cocoa puffs. Once you put a statement out there, whether it’s true or not, it sticks. When anyone brings up Kelly, one conjures up an image of a mentally unhinged woman. Whether true or not, I don’t think it’s right to call people out of their name on national TV. It’s like the last several seasons of Phaedra calling Kenya, “Kenya whore Moore.” Mean, actually hateful, and the phrase has stuck with many of the women.


      I can see Carole being a “friend of” next season. She and Adam are boring. Carole is no longer fun to watch like she was her first 2 seasons.

      In my opinion Adam is using her.
      I think Carole tries to come off like she is in control and quite possibly even using Adam but in reality she’s madly in love with him and he is in love with “other” benefits of the relationship. If true and this story somehow unfolded on the series Carole’s place as a housewife would probably be secure for the next couple of years.

      I think a lot of us have experienced this type of situation on some level and I think it is a painful thing to have to go through.

      • Matzah60

        I totally agree with you, LINUS. I remember when Adam was out of the country and she tried to FaceTime with him and instead of showing signs of excitement to hear from her, he brushed her off and said he’d call later or maybe she asked if she could FaceTime with him later. She talks about him constantly; not in a gloating way, but in a doting way. She seems so very attached to him and very much in love.

        She has no story at all and I have my doubts as to whether she and Adam are actually writing a book together. It seems quite odd to me that she ditched her other book to do this. If in fact she did, it demonstrates how she would put her world on hold to do something just for Adam.

  13. ChrisT

    Best recap i have read on bethenny’s blog this week! My prediction for the season is that Luann will forgive the mean girls and Bethenny is banking that the audience with follow suit. l, for one, am so over bethenny’s nasty attitude, which she reiterates, confirms, and often makes worse in these blogs.

  14. Johnny

    It’s kind of shocking to me that Bethenny didn’t acknowledge Ramona’s kind gesture in her blog. I thought it was clumsy but so very sweet when she said, “I know you don’t have anyone so I brought a book, and I’m just going to sit in the other room”.

    When you’re sick, it’s plain as day which friends show up and which pull a disappearing act. Ramona showed up. Maybe Bethenny thanked her at the time, but it seems odd not to mention it in her blog.

    • Nila

      I agree! To me that would be a sure point to mention. That scene reminded me of when Alex showed up at her apartment when she was on bed rest with some goodies and maternity jeans, you could tell she truly cared for Bethenny in that moment. Unfortunately Bethenny doesn’t know how or doesn’t care to know how to care for someone else.

      I was such a huge Bethenny fan from way back when she was on Martha Stewart, but I do remember her alienating people back then too. She had a hard time finding cast mates to come back and work the final task with her. Part of me wonders if she has a bit of “only child syndrome”, sorry if I’m hurting anyone who is an only child’s feelings, it seems like it is almost impossible for her to consider someone else’s feelings or vagina.

      I feel like Sonja is jealous but not of Tom more like, hey I thought it was you and me against the world Lu but then you go and throw a guy in the mix! I think she liked bein single with Lu, I know I enjoyed watching them being single together. As far as everyone else, miserable people are only happy when everyone else is miserable too. Carole’s issues with Lu still confuse me, why she want Lu to take her out and apologize to mend a friendship that on episode one she told Luann they were never going to be friends but they could be civil toward one another..but then Carole goes on a tour of “I’m not going if she goes” nonsense. Luann inviting her to anything is her being civil and not wanting to be a mean girl and not include someone.

      I feel like Jules is nervous on camera and especially in front of Bethenny. The only time she seems relaxed is with Dorinda. She stutters when talking to Bethenny. I can’t wait for next week!

  15. Spaghetti Kitten

    As usual, loving The Purple Pen of Truth! Do you think Bethenney uses the same under eye brown shadow as Yolanda in that sick bed-Ramona scene? :)

    I admit to not being that put off by “product placement” on these shows. I find them entertaining in a smdh/eye roll kinda way. Pinot Grigio…Linn’s Cuffs…Teresa Cookbooks…Coto Real Estate etc etc etc all bring a smile, mostly of disdain, lol.

    BUT, even as someone firmly OFF the Mean Girl train, I have to say the Skinny Girl Candy Launch was my favorite part of the last eppie. Very well orchestrated and produced. Loved the vibe.

  16. Good and accurate take on this season

  17. I know this is going to sound strange, but what is up with Bethenny’s calf in that picture of her and Ramona? Is she wearing some sort of stocking or something?

  18. Barbara

    I can’t pretend to diagnose Bethenny’s issues, but even if we are to believe that jealousy is not at work, does that make it any better? It is still spiteful, derogatory and just plain insensitive not to wish Luann happiness in her engagement. Whether they ever marry or not, she is clearly in love. Celebrate love. Only miserable people, jealous or not, say the kinds of things that she does. Frankly who cares to define her sentiments with only one word, when so many others apply. I think Bethenny’s defensive reaction to the word jealousy speaks volumes, it must be her kryptonite. Clearly the fact that she can’t muster one decent expression of good will shows she is coming from a negative place. I wish Bethenny’s had not returned. Egomaniacal witch.

  19. Madashell

    Bethenny is so ridiculous…claiming Luann is a narcissist and Jules talks too much about her coochicoo. I’m so sick of Bethenny talking about her bleeding and her skinny girl is in every scene….pot meet kettle. Take her out and this show would be so much better. I only enjoy the scenes that she is not in!

  20. T D

    Hypocrisy is her true brand. Betheny’s favorite flavor profile, bitterness, served family style on huge platters. She needs to eat a heaping helping of the swill she puts out. Bullshit is the main ingredient.

  21. OmgOmg

    I’m not a professional but it seems like it’s possible Bethenny has Narcissistic Personality Disorder — if one believes in such labels. She’s definitely abusive. I quit watching 2 episodes ago and will probably catch up I don’t know. RHONY was my fave & it’s super boring this year to me. I do love Dorinda though even if she’s playing to the camera. Tha ka for the power of the purple pen!

  22. Yamoah Asiedu

    Call me naive and idealistic but if I (and my family) had Bethenny’s money, I would be the happiest woman on the planet! I would have a serene grin on my face 24/7. Of course all of my siblings and close friends would get a generous cut. No point in having THAT much wealth if you can’t share it. Hubby and I would spend every day dating, relaxing, eating out and enjoying life. We’ve discussed this so many times. The kids could have whatever they want (at first) then, we’d calm down! I just know that we would be extremely happy and extremely grateful. I know this because with a reasonable income, we’re already extremely happy and extremely grateful. I don’t get how, now that Ms Frankel has ‘everything she’s ever dreamed of’ and then some, yet she’s still a miserable shrew (with fabulous clothes.) She is not whole inside.

    I’m sure Ramona misses Mario despite not mentioning him at all.

    Kudos to Luann. She’s found a man to love and marry her, in a relatively short time. Not sure if this was her goal or she just ‘fell in love with another wealthy man.’ Good for her, I say. Yes, I agree, Bethenny, Ramona, Sonja and even sanctimonious Carol are a tad jealous. Whether they accept it or not.

  23. Bethenny’s blog is hypocritical. But just this week? Bethenny has mastered the art of hypocrisy. But Bethenny’s masks are falling off, in leaps and bounds this season.

  24. T D

    Fifty one chances to grasp the possibility that it takes one to know one. All will be overlooked if you cannot acknowledge the shade of grey. Must be a horrible way to go through life, on a black and white checkered board, stained with the blood of pawns that where vunerable. Skinny girl red.

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