Famously Single Recap: Trust Me!

Famously Single
We start this week with Calum bringing a lovely bouquet of flowers to Brandi because it is her birthday. He was a bit in the dog house with her because he got drunk and jealous at the mixer last week . It looks like a Brandicentric episode this week, and frankly that is the only reason I watch this show.

Speaking of Brandi, she has been losing her mind on her Instagram. It seems she was alone for the Fourth and that made her pissed at one of her fuckbuddies.  She doesn’t seem to understand how that whole thing works. Anyway she was singing and drinking her urine colored wine and posting half nekkid photos of herself. It was all  very tragic. It makes me feel better about my little sappy emails over the weekend. But we shan’t talk about that.

I don’t understand why people in LA are obsessed with wearing winter knit caps all year round.

Famously Single 2
I kind of like this TV therapist. Brandi likes bad boys and people who can’t commit. She thinks she can fix them. She’s prepared for their departure. I hate this show for making me realize I have a lot in common with Brandi. Right down the wine and being all in my feelings thing. I console myself by thinking that at least I’m not videoing myself in those moments. I do however tweet during them. Good God. I am becoming Brandi Glanville. Make it stop.

Anyway, Brandi tells Dr. Darcy that Calum got jealous at the mixer and was very drunk and said hurtful things. Brandi says that she has a special chemistry with Calum. The therapist thinks this is a terrible situation. She explains that exposing yourself to people who don’t check off your boxes  can lead to feelings. Once the feelings start everything suddenly becomes more negotiable and you get lost in the feelings and forget about all the red flags and unchecked boxes.

Next up is Somaya. She seems to be mostly gay with an occasional straight relationship. She was badly beaten by a man so she has learned to hate men. Yeah, I think she should stick with women.

The housemate threw Brandi a birthday party. Brandi continues to excuse Calum’s behavior. Calum asks Brandi out on a date.

This week’s exercise involves a blind date with one of the housemates coaching them through an earpiece. Brandi is paired with Josh from The Bachelorette.  The men coach the women and vice versa. They also pick out what their partner will wear.  Actually, Brandi begs to be Josh’s partner because she wants to fix him.  Josh is pretty much a dick.

Aubrey tells Willis that his giant penis is always noticeable in his pants. She suggests he tuck it or something.

Somaya’s date has a terrible voice. Brandi makes Josh ask his date if she likes threesomes. Brandi is not very helpful.  Aubrey’s blind date has “fuck fame” tattooed on his knuckles.  She says that he probably shouldn’t try to date celebrities (on a show that you just signs a waiver to be on) then. The dates were either very hot or so not. Jessica is batshit crazy.

I need to remember to add time to my E! recordings. I always have to watch Botched for a couple minutes at the beginning and the end gets cut off.

Is anyone watching this with me?


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10 responses to “Famously Single Recap: Trust Me!

  1. Tara

    I am!
    I have a lot in common with Brandi too. I was not a fan of hers in the past but she is growing on me.
    I think Eddie hurt Brandi so bad, that she sets herself up for failure. That way she knows the outcome. I have no excuse for my actions. I think my childhood was too perfect or something like that.
    I wish Brandi would stop with the outcry for attention. She is attracting the wrong type of man. She wants the fairytale but is terrified of letting down her walls.
    I read your Tweets TT, I understand them too well. Holidays, no matter how big or small can hurt. Any other day is fine though.

    • Janet

      I agree about Brandi. I think she looked very pretty in the selfies, she has a great figure. but it’s not a good idea to put your vulnerability on display. The world is too cruel for that. Its very easy to be a Brandi. Easy to drown your sorrow and lonliness ,in endless glasses of wine ,and ruminate about the past. And so many guys want just a booty call and a friends with benefits situation, one can fall into that trap so easily, if you’re wanting to feel loved for a moment, and are thinking and reacting impulsively because you’re in a weakened condition. I feel bad for her because I’ve been there myself, and it’s a place I never want to go back to. And having been there, I understand and don’t judge like I might have, if I hadnt.

  2. Shirley

    I had fun watching, it was funny! Jessica is crazy

  3. JKR

    How long do you think they’ve been in the house at this point? I know taping time obviously is different than they make it appear but… Aubrey/Pauly and Brandi/Calum developed to a serious level so quickly, it’s a disaster waiting to happen.
    And Aubrey.. oh jesus, that girl is crazy. Run, Pauly. Run. She was on marriage boot camp.. with her boyfriend.

    • lauraannb

      I’m watching with you Tamara! I was thinking the same thing JKR, run Pauly D, run!
      I was hoping that the “love therapists” would have gone in harder on Somaya for her talking shit about Pauly D’s date to Pauly D, on behalf of Aubrey. Aubrey’s a piece of work, & she’s so full of herself. Brandi, compared to most of the others, is actually coming off very well.
      Thank you Tamara for all your hard work.

  4. Billie_bee

    I haven’t been watching, but now I’m intrigued to tune in to see what Willis is packing in his pantalon…

  5. Blondesense

    I haven’t watched this episode, but wanted to say I am watching and enjoying your recaps. I am surprised how much I am liking this show. Brandi is growing on me again, but she sometimes drags me back to a very dark place in my life.

  6. I’m watching and enjoying it, but feel so bad for Brandi. She deserves better than the kind of men she chooses. We all do. I hope she gets the help and support she needs to find peace of mind and true happiness.

  7. Dee

    I like this Brandi. Her face looks so much better now that the fillers are gone. She should be proud of herself.

  8. JustJenn

    TT, I hope they pay you to recap this because you are the ONLY person who can convince me to watch a show with Brandi Glanville that I’m not already invested in. I’m not caught all of the way up, but I’m wishing that Aubrey and Josh would have hooked up instead…they deserve each other.

    Jessica is so crazy, but she’s beautiful. I remember reading that she suffers from a mental illness and had an abusive childhood.

    Brandi is super relatable on this show, maybe she’s being better for dreamy Calum? but I’ve seen enough of her everywhere else to know better.

    All in all it”s an interesting summer show worth watching.

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