The Mother Daughter Experiment Finale We Thought We Would Never See

Mother Daughter Kim


I completely believe that Kim Richard’s legal team managed to get this delayed until Kim could show some sort of progress on her probation conditions. She was in court around the time this was supposed to come out. Let’s see if they completely edit her out. I am not going to do a full recap because I’ve already forgotten these people’s names.

It’s the first therapy session and Kim appears to be stoned out of her fucking mind. When I pause on her eyes are either closed or circled with black eyeliner like a raccoon.

Dr Debbie gives everyone a partying gift. She gave Kim a tiny suitcase and said “You are strong enough to carry your own baggage.” Kim is slurring her words and laughing inappropriately. Kimberly is sitting next to her trying to pretend that everything is normal. The weird part is that they filmed a double confessional at some point after this and she seems totally normal. When did they film that? Kimberly was given a hall pass to not do every little thing for her mother.


Mother Daughter Kim Richards 2
After everyone opens their gifts, we cut to Kimberly who is stroking the back of Kim’s head as she nods all over the place. Why isn’t Kim just saying her mother is sick or something and locking her in her room? This is insanity! Kim literally cannot sit up.  Oh wait, she does tell her to go lay down. Kim tries to stand up and can’t. She can barely walk and it’s certainly not in a straight line. Kimberly finally gets up to walk with her as we see Kim trying and not succeeding in walking down some stairs.

Kim refuses to go to the hospital or they don’t think she needs to go. That part was kind of unclear. They basically tell her she needs to eat something. Which is what they say to drunk people.

Kimberly makes several kinds of food for Kim and brings it to her and hovers around. Natalie and Heidi make fun of the situation and talk about how Kim always wants Kimberly right there to take care of every little thing.

I am annoyed at how many times they talk about eight weeks of therapy. They were there for two weeks.

At the end, each pair apologized for to the other for something. Kim apologizes to Kimberly for being too protective of her and for always doing things she can do for herself. Um, that’s delusional. Kimberly  is the one spoon feeding you all the time, Kim! Kimberly apologizes for making Kim feel weak, and making her feel not strong enough and for not giving Kim enough credit. Kimberly really needs to be in some real therapy. Or if not, a lot of Al-NON meetings.

There was never any mention of why Kim needed paramedics and an ambulance. I fully expected her to say she mixed up her medication or something. But nothing.  I will head to Twitter to see if I can find Natalie or Heidi tweeting.


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22 responses to “The Mother Daughter Experiment Finale We Thought We Would Never See

  1. You have just made my WEEK! Were I not on the far side of menopause, I’d offer you my first-born son in gratitude for your service to humanity. I’m keeping my daughter, though. She’s a Trekkie, gives good foot-rubs, and she smells nice, which may or may not explain my obsession with this show.

  2. Shae

    That is horrifically sad.

  3. Minky

    What I don’t get is if Kim can muster up the energy and gumption to do whatever it took to delay the airing of this episode, then why can’t she devote the same amount of energy to keeping herself together? At least while the cameras are on.

    Her poor kid probably thinks she’s somehow to blame for this. It really is sad.

  4. Gapeachinsc

    When did this air? I can’t find it thru my provider. Instead, when I find the show in the listing, it only lists the some of the participants one no show times. Very interesting indeed. Perhaps it’s been pulled again?

  5. JoJoFLL

    Everyone keeps enabling her.

    Why should she change?

  6. JKR

    TT- Luckily I set my DVR to record this. When I came home and searched “mother daughter experiment” with my far too fancy remote, it showed no results. It looks like this afternoon’s was a one-time show and not available for on-demand like the previous episodes were.
    What a mess. Do you think they pulled/edit some of the footage (from the originial episode?) I haven’t quite finished watching but I couldn’t resist reading your recap before I was done.
    On another note, what a sweet woman Shar is. Also, poor Courtney. She’s currently pregnant, I hope she gets some REAL therapy before becoming a mom. Those issues have a way of resurfacing when you become a parent yourself.
    Thank you for recapping!

  7. spunky2015

    I hope Kim never comes back to Beverly Hills. We’ve all been tortured enough.

    • JoJoFLL

      I would imagine with her issues that she is uninsurable for the production company so she can’t come back.

  8. Diane

    Very unstable. Totally dependent on her daughter. Family continues to enable her. Especially Kathy Hilton. I do think that Kyle and Mauricio have tried many times. The problème is when they back off the Hilton et al come in gums blazing causing more strife and damage. Not sure why Kathy feels the need to do this as she doesn’t want Kim at her doorstep. Odd.

    Addiction is a hard thing to manage. Kim never works a program and that is the real problem. Rehab is step one but then it’s a day by day program of work. She doesn’t want to do that. She has not hit rock bottom yet.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      My guess is Kathy likes Kim to see her as the “good sister” and Kyle as the “bad sister”.

  9. Sherry

    This woman annoys the hell out of me. Talk about not taking accountability!! I feel sorry for her daughter but the other poster was right they enable her (Hiltons). Yes I get it, you defend your family against outsiders ALWAYS but this woman is falling down on tv, slurring words, get her off TV and into rehab for more than 2 weeks so she can get real help. I don’t agree with Kyles actions on outing her sister on national tv but it does seem like she used it as a last resort for Kim to maybe see how bad things are and get real help!

  10. Sue

    The funniest part was how Kim passed out and paramedics were called right after the session where the therapist told Kimberly that she needed to stop taking care of her mother. And then what did she do? She immediately started taking care of her mother….bringing her food item after item, catering to her, etc… They didn’t learn anything.

  11. Cat

    I wish my therapist had offered unlimited alcohol. I probably would have stayed longer.

  12. Lou

    I said from the get-go it was Kim’s legal issues that kept this from airing.I didn’t believe it was about Krista at all. Sad sad. But I believe with the other poster said… Keep this woman off our television… It’s not fun to watch… She is a train wreck ready to go off to derail. It is so sad what she’s doing to her daughter… They have absolutely learned nothin.

  13. Lou

    I just saw the end… Did Kim just say that she sorry for jumping in and trying to take care of little Kimberly?Wow talk about delusional… It’s the other way around you .

  14. Spaghetti Kitten

    Kim is very damaged, and like my most favorite A&E Intervention-ee ever》KRISTY (the fried chicken flinging while naked methhead/alcoholic,) the truth is that she msy just be unlikeable and mentally ill even if sobriety is achieved. I project my own 2 older sisters when i think of Kathy-Kim dynamic…they have a different dynamic due to different years of the Big Kathy household. I believe like me, Kyle was younger, and things were better in her childhood.
    I’m sad for the whole family. You’re so right about daughter Kimberly benefiting from Al Anon.

  15. Lisa j

    Still praying for Kim. I’ve so many addicts in my family so I will send her love from afar. Lol not that she and I have any other relationship other than me yelling at her on tv but still, they are all in pain.

  16. Sabrina

    I am very sorry I missed this- but so grateful for the recap, TT- do we know what happened when she went to court- or did she ever get a court date that she or her attorney attended?
    I don’t know how I missed this- my DVR would have caught it if it was listed properly so it is clear someone- probably driven by Hilton money- both got the airing date changed and succeeded in ensuring it was not going to be taped on VCR’s all over America .

    I know this was filmed a long time ago, but suspect not that much is different, since Kim had not done any of the prescribed service events or AA meetings as of a month ago.
    It is very sad but it seems not one of the family who love her learn their lessons or are willing to love her enough to be tough on her and force her to reach bottom, and get into the 60 day, no-running-from-it– therapy she refuses to commit to. .

    Kim has had far too many chances and so many more luxuries and opportunities than so many others afflicted with her disease- yet she will not face the truth and forces others to run behind her, fixing her problems in her wake. It is a year after the wedding and nothing has changed after she pretty much destroyed that.

    I am sorry for her but think, frankly, as we face our hard truths and deal with what life throws us, so should she, rather than burdening those who love her with it.

    To me, she is wasting precious time and needs to stop feeling sorry for herself.

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