#SouthernCharm Reunion Part Two Airs Tonight at 10 p.m.

Southern Charm Kathryn
The Southern Charm reunion comes on tonight at ten at the same time as Famously Single and To Tell The Truth both of which I am oddly addicted to. I will be recapping live, but first I needed to share the back story on a fight Kathryn has with Landon about why Kathryn left Jekyll Island and “the night that must not be mentioned ever.”

Tonight on the Southern Charm Reunion Part 2, we learn that Cameran “accidentally” hosted an episode of Girls Gone Wild. She was in her 20s though and didn’t know what she was doing.  Also, we discover that Landon didn’t get a big role on The Hills because she didn’t want one. Because it was all bunch of people in their early twenties and she didn’t want production getting involved in her private life. Really? That’s not at all what I heard.

Landon also insists that Kathryn had to leave Jekyll Island because her hair stylist was suing Thomas. Kathryn flips out about that because she doesn’t want anything brought up about that night because I believe that was the night that Kensington was allegedly dropped in the pool by Thomas.

I thought I reported on that story by I can’t find the post so here is what allegedly went down. Kathryn had invited her friend and stylist Lauren Moser over to the home on Charlotte Street where she was living with Thomas. Apparently, there was some bad blood between Thomas and Lauren. Lauren says she was apprehensive about being around Thomas when he is drunk.


Thomas was apparently irritated that Kathryn was spending a Friday night at home with her best friend and he was stuck taking care of the baby.  He stormed around the house and out to the pool where the two women were and fell into the pool with the baby according to Moser’s police report. He handed the baby to Kathryn and stormed into the house. Lauren was behind him on the stairs and he slammed the door on her, hitting her and causing her to tumble down the stairs into some bushes.

When Lauren went to gather her things, and say goodbye to Kathryn and the baby, Thomas went upstairs and got undressed and before she could leave he came back down the stairs yelling at her to get out while completely naked.

On the reunion tonight Landon, brilliant political mind that she is will claim that this was the reason that Thomas did not win his bid for senate and it is all Kathryn’s fault.  The is apparently the reason that he lost the election with less than 4% of the total vote.  Thomas himself said to the press after his miserable showing that Kathryn was supposed to support him in his defense of the assault case file by Moser. He also said he should have started his campaign earlier. I suppose that was Kathryn’s fault as well.

Kathryn did leave Jekyll to go and try to get Lauren to drop the assault charges against Thomas. Lauren was not willing to do that.

This alleged drunken incident with Kensington is probably going to be brought up again in the custody battle. That would explain Kathryn screaming to Landon not to bring that night up EVER.

Oh and at one point Andy threatens to murder himself if Landon doesn’t shut up. That will probably be my favorite part.


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30 responses to “#SouthernCharm Reunion Part Two Airs Tonight at 10 p.m.

  1. J Stone

    Ok. I see now that ALL of these Loonies are indeed Loonie. Landon claiming that she turned down a role on The Hills is ridiculous. Just like Cameron claiming she had NO idea that a bunch of drunken college girls flashing their boobs with Joe Francis around was not what she thought it was. I know long run-on sentence. “I need a verb”

  2. Rarely do I feel bad for a reality person. They choose to appear on tv, etc but I am sick of them all attacking Kathryn and acting like Thomas is some prize. If he didn’t have money or a family name, no one would want him around. I feel she fell in love and believed his well practiced lies. She is young and hopefully has learned a lot from this.
    Also, hoping that if Andy is getting sick of hearing Landon’s voice , we won’t have to see her if/when there is another season.

    • Jackson

      But he DOES have $ and a family name. That’s why a Kathryn was interested.

      • Matzah60

        Kathryn has her own family name, heritage, and money. That isn’t why she was interested in him. She’s a descendant of VP John Calhoun. Her parents are also descendants of very wealthy families that once governed South Carolina. Do you watch the show?

  3. Lindsay

    My channel guide on my cable box is not working so I had trouble figuring when this would be airing…I knew I could find out here

  4. Twilly

    Was the night on Jekyl the night Kathryn got into it with Whitney too? Why is Landon going so hard for Thomas? Does she really want THAT or is she just hell bent on continuing her streak of homewrecker?

  5. Thanks for letting us know it’s on tonight and the back story. I would have missed it otherwise.

    Thomas and Landon really do deserve each other.

  6. Tracy

    I’ve been awake since 4:30 a.m. I don’t know if I can make it until 10:00 p.m. TT I’m relying on you for a full account in the morning. You never disappoint…

  7. Good gracious, TT! I thought I’d missed the show since = Monday. And today is damned Tuesday! BRAVO should pay you for keeping viewers abreast of when their shows are airing – I would have missed SC Reunion Part II without you. Thank you – may your tomatoes be bountiful and flavorful.

  8. DejaBlue53

    What did you hear was the real reason Landon didn’t want to be on The Hills?

    • Amy Lou

      She was on The Hills but only had a small part. My guess is they never offered her a bigger role because she’s boring and annoying.

      • Chloe

        I was a faithful viewer of the Hills and don’t remember Landon at all. She must have had a very very small part. I bet she was never offered anything on the show.

  9. Sammie

    I don’t know if it’s good for my Karma to hope Andy makes good on his threat to murder himself, but I have no problem with praying that he takes a permanent vow of silence (along with Landon).

  10. Theresa

    You did the most epic post about that night and I thought you had video or a link to the video of naked Thomas at the pool. It was so insane. I am eager for tonight. Stupidly eager lol. This is such a blur between scripted and actual reality. Who pops out kids on a reality show? Kathryn is a wild card for production and doesn’t tow the party line which makes me love her.

    • Joanplus2dogs

      If you click on underlined comment about Kathryn/Jekyll, it will take you to older post with link to video from news article.

      • Matzah60

        Ah, thank you, Joanplus. I too remember that awesome post that Tamara put up here with the video. I remember Thomas coming down naked and screaming. Gotta go look now!

  11. Nothing is more funnier; and I mean NOTHING than Andy said he would murder himself if Landon continue to speak! LOL!

  12. Why didn’t Landon Toast with everyone else at the end?

  13. Southern Charm Fan

    Did anyone notice Landon didn’t toast at the end? Why is she not drinking?

  14. Terri

    Sheap’s toast at the end I noticed something odd. Landon was the only one not drinking, does that mean she is preggers or recovering alcoholic? She didn’t even have a glass in her hand to pretend.

  15. True Joy

    So Landon didn’t have a cocktail at the end of Reunion 2. Pregnant?

  16. Billie_bee

    My God, what is wrong with Landon’t face. Has it always been that….bloated?

  17. Frosty

    Wow. The ugly floweth. Cameran has really lost the pretty hasn’t she. (Landon’s never had it.)

  18. Because_racecar

    Why does Cameran blink so much??? I noticed it on other episodes too.

  19. Kim

    Landon should really shut her pie hole. When did she become Thomas’ lawyer?! Yes, I’m sure that incident with Kathryn’s friend cost him the election. How else could he have lost with that brilliant commercial Whitney directed showing Thomas raising the roof instead of taxes?! 😂

  20. Jane

    Only family members would have voted for TRav and maybe not all of them. Only his crazy ego would make him think he had a chance.

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