Nancy Grace is Leaving HLN! Internet Goes Crazy!

Nancy Grace

Just before the holiday weekend began, word began leaking out that Nancy Grace will not longer be employed by HLN. Nancy met with executives last week to discuss her contract and the meeting ended without one being signed. Her current contract runs through October but the Internet has gone insane with glee over here departure and It may turn out much like Michael Strayhan’s departure from Live!

I probably won’t miss Nancy much. She was must see TV back when HLN ran live trials all day and she ranted like a crazed lunatic about them all night. I even recapped a few of her shows.   The last time I paid any attention to her was when Making a Murderer was a thing.

So anyway, comedian Mary Cella totally celebrate the news as apparently she used to work for Nancy and it sounds a lot like teaching in Cobb County. Except it’s funny when someone tells it the way Mary does.





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25 responses to “Nancy Grace is Leaving HLN! Internet Goes Crazy!

  1. Bugsy

    If I never see her on television again, it will be too soon.

  2. True Joy

    Won’t miss her at all. One trick pony.

  3. Sandra

    As entertaining as it is, watching NG and her antics, I for one won’t miss her. Not because of her over-the-top reporting style, but because she just can’t keep her facts straight.

    I don’t know how many times I find myself yelling at the TV screen and pulling my hair out because she totally screws up the facts of a story and then twists them to her own way of thinking. She seems to decide, usually ahead of hearing all the evidence, whether or not a certain individual is guilty or innocent. Then she tries to fit her point of view as facts and woe betide anyone who dares to disagree with her. And she tends to leave out pertinent information if it doesn’t support her version of events.

    I have never understood why anyone would want to appear on her show, only to be ripped to shreds and called names on national TV.

    But, I must admit that watching NG go through a total meltdown, almost nightly, was a sight to behold.

    Besides which, and I may be wrong about this, but I don’t find her to be very sincere. It always seems to come off as an act for the audience.

    And am I the only one who is a little tired of hearing about the death of her fiancee, decades ago, and about her twins?

    Tabloid “journalism”. But she probably brings in the ratings.

    • Justice was her only calling, I think that might be a picture of her stripping at the Duke Lacrosse team party. The personal fury and victimization she spewed was inspiring….then a long vacation.

  4. Give Mary Cella Nancy Grace’s show. Her tweets are comedy.

  5. Happygal

    Nance Grace never let the facts of a case influence her opinion of the accused guilt. It is sort of like reading another sites blog posts about other reality shows stars ie Kenya , Katheryn are a few that pop into my mind

  6. Lindsay

    A girl from my hometown was murdered and the case ended up on NG. She had this “medical expert” who looked like he had sneaked into a hospital, stolen a random doctor’s white coat, and angrily spewed some “facts”. I was hoping for some hard hitting journalism…should have known better…
    That being said, where will we get news about #vodkamoms #hottotsincars and #murderoverpizza now?

  7. tamaratattles

    As long as we are talking about Nancy, I was reminded today of the time that she interviewed the mother of a missing child and practically said it was her fault. The mom killed herself the next day.

    And all through all the court cases I watched with her she would literally kill the mike on the attorneys she didn’t agree with. I was always amazed any of them agreed to be on her show at all.

    • Minky

      They’re building a new wing in hell for people like Nancy Grace. The worst part is that she’s NOT insane. If she were it would all make a lot more sense.

    • I hate-watched her show for a while when she first came on. That Melinda Duckett thing was disgusting.

      Once on a while I’ll run across a clip of Elizabeth Smart shutting Ms. Grace down. Now THAT was a thing of beauty.

    • I watched her occasionally during the TotMom, Casey Anthony trial. HeR shrieking was beyond off putting. The woman who followed her show (Jane Somthing ?) was even worse, always yelling.i never learned anything from her show that was relevant or unbiased.
      I have seen her as a talking head on CNN a couple times recently. I’ve also heard she was hired by CNN. I’m not certain if she will have hr own show or be a recurring talking head.
      If so she could replace Erin Burnett. As my most detested CNN personality. She screeches and talks so fast saliva flies and interrupts her guests When they are answering her questions.

      Even though this isn’t an earth shattering comment , but I will be a happy camper right if it shows up. Ever since the site changed I have had.a Horrible time trying to post.

      • tamaratattles

        You went to moderation! I have been wondering where you were! This should fix you. But if you have Internet Explorer like I do, you will continue to have issues with that crappy browswer.

    • Levi

      Most of those defense lawyers that she argues with, she is friends with them off the air. Her off air persona is very different than her on air. Every time I have met her she was always extremely personable and down to earth.

  8. KaraW

    Wow – those tweet are hilarious!!! I miss those live trials. Over time I came to not like NG for all the reasons stated by other posters, but I wish there was still a show like that that would follow some of the more interesting trials. If there’s still a show or channel out there that does that, where and what is it? Thx!

  9. Rose

    Mary Cellar needs her own show! Her tweets are hilarious

  10. T D

    The not so sweet smell of failure. Why bother to sniff check you’re pits for B.O.when everybody already knows you stinK?

  11. beth

    I know nothing about HLN (not even what that abbreviation means), so no opinion on Nancy Grace. Mary Cella now, she is a hoot! I’m heading over to twitter now so I can follow her (that sounds menacing, but is not)

  12. I hate to admit I ever sank that low, but when the Casey Anthony trial was first on, I watched Nancy Grace all the time – got really caught up in it, along with millions of others. Still, after that heartbreakingly horrendous verdict, she really turned me off. To ask if she sensationalizes is like asking if the Pope is Catholic. Damned right she does, and the cutting off of anyone who disagrees with her was amazing. I agree with other commenters – how did she get anyone to go on her show? I got the impression that most of them knew what they were there for and went along with her style of craziness. I won’t miss her, and kind of think shows like hers have passed their prime.

  13. Calipatti

    So damn rude, the lack of facts
    never seemed to bother her.

  14. Well, just when I was starting to think the HLN was the Nancy Grace network. I don’t remember exactly when I took notice of her, but I think it was during the Michael Jackson trial and I hated her. I definitely never watch her except randomly just recently and she hasn’t changed. Same as what everybody said above. I do love those tweets, they are hilarious. It’s been a long time since I’ve really looked at her and she does look as if she’s had a few pastas quattro fromaggi too many, lately.

  15. Allison

    I cannot stand her and her helmet hair-I wont be sad to see her go but that said, she’s sort of an institution on HLN, there must be people somewhere that will be bummed if she goes.

  16. Cat

    I used to like her, until one trial, where I discovered live feeds.

    The trial had concluded for the day, and hours later, Nancy Grace puts her hand to her ear, and pretends she’s getting shocking updates from the empty courtroom.

    “Bombshell tonight”…my ass.

  17. Bravocueen

    I never watch her show but I agreed with her all the times I saw her spewing about the “Tot Mom” (the name never took off, to her chagrin). HOwever, on GMA in the mornings she frequently debates with Dan Abrams and it’s disgusting. The lack of respect she has for others and the way she twists her “facts” just UGH!

  18. Spaghetti Kitten

    I was with NG fron OJ until she lost me during “Tot Mom”…Greta and Abrams lost me before that.

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