It’s Press Time For #RHONJ And Teresa Giudice Is Already Emotional

RHONJ Teresa
Teresa Giudice was unable to keep her smile on during an interview with Mara Schiavocampo this morning. The RHONJ had to take a break just one minute into the interview.  Mara began by asking about the girls.

Teresa said, ” “You know, [they] miss their dad, of course, tremendously, just like I do. But you know they’re doing as well as could be expected.”

Then she was asked about Joe. And despite the fact that Teresa has a memorized list of answers for all of these questions that she has rehearse many times, she couldn’t get through her response about Joe being locked up. It was very odd and not like Teresa at all. She started by saying they talk every day and they see each other every week. (Which is the opposite of what was said in this post.)  Then she looks up at the ceiling of her living room like she heard a noise or something and then said she was becoming emotional and needed to take a break.



Finally, when she was asked about Joe’s uncertain future do to likely deportation, Teresa said,“No, I think our future is not uncertain. He’s gonna be home. We’re gonna be together. Our family’s gonna be reunited again, and that’s what I’m looking forward to.”

Really the only big news was that Joe is a plumber in jail and he works out a lot and takes lots of classes. He’s so busy he sometimes doesn’t have time to call home!

Oh and Melissa and Teresa are super close now. Imagine that!

You can check out the entire interview below.

Teresa’s book is now out in paperback with a new chapter about her homecoming. I read her retweets from her fans on Twitter. One fan said it was the best book she had ever read. I weep for our county. Seriously, as a teacher that was a gut punch of reality about the society we live in.

Is that new furniture? Because she doesn’t look bankrupt to me in those Louboutins.


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27 responses to “It’s Press Time For #RHONJ And Teresa Giudice Is Already Emotional

  1. francieface

    One word for this woman: vacuous.

    • Calipatti

      vauous, great word usage, lol.

    • Diane

      I woukd bet that Teresa wouldn’t know what that means hahahaaa 😂😂😂😂

      • Minky

        Seriously?!!! Can this woman even read? I’m asking in all seriousness. I spent all of those years in school because I wanted to make a contribution to my environment. To help people.

        I don’t expect to be rewarded for it. I would do it all for free if I could afford it. I love my job and I love that I dedicated myself to the this endeavor. But I can barely afford a Honda and a moderately priced handbag!

        Jesus…if you’re listening: Fix this shit!

  2. Bravocueen

    I hope I’m not the only on on this site who hopes this is a great season. I quit watching when Melissa and the rest of her family came on the show specifically to “take Teresa down” (so to speak). The whole family vs. family was too dark (and hit too close to home for me). I think Jacqueline and Kathy’s two-faced, backstabbing ways will be revealed.

    I think Teresa (regardless of what she says publicly) has paid her debt to society, and she is paying her debts to her creditors. The more she works, the more she pays. People get pissed that she has a show because she’s being rewarded, but then complain about her “victims.” Well, if she has a show, she has money, if she has money, her victims get repaid.

    • Nila

      I actually agree with you…many celebs that have been incarcerated, paid their debt to society and come out loved and encouraged to succeed by fans and such. I hope she is able to turn things around and keep them on the straight and narrow.

      • spunky2015

        Teresa still owes million of dollars for all the crap she bought cause she thinks she’s entitled. When she pays back everyone she stiffed, then we’ll call it “has done her time.” Geez

    • Larry

      I could get behind this if we applied it consistently. Not many criminals get to roll straight from prison back to a job- and to the stuff they bought with the proceeds from their crimes. Why should she? Heck, I’ve yet to read a statement from her where she takes any ownership. Even that would be a start, imho, towards redemption I could take seriously.

      I fully admit that I’m a jealous hater, though. If I had no conscience I would totally do what she did. The punishment is super light, the rewards are plentiful. I just can’t quite get there, though, in terms of designing and executing a scheme. So, I don’t respond to her objectively.

    • Sherry

      Preach!! So glad someone said this! It’s her job and source of income to pay back what she owes. Yes she has a tv show because that was her job b4 going inside and if that’s considered being rewarded….I just know I wouldn’t trade places with her for all the tea in china!

      • Sherry

        Also Im no where near rich or a celebrity but I l own several pair of authentic Louboutin’s that I got all at one time or another for around $299 or less…it’s called Saks off 5th, Gilt, luxury resellers, having a friend who’s a buyer with access to sample sales, etc. I dont think bargain shopping is beneath reality stars either (Bethanny!?) and I’m sure Teresa’s got a “shoe connect”! Knowing about these places & the cheaper prices I wouldn’t pay full price even if I had it! Lol that said her wearing Louboutin’s doesn’t mean she’s still got $$$ or rich…

      • Sherry – Wearing Louboutin’s may not mean you’re rich but it is a slap in the face to everyone they scammed who can’t even afford $299 for a pair of shoes. Also – I highly doubt that Tre bargain shops for anything. I remember Joe pointing out a discount shoe store while they were driving and Tre just turned her nose up. Louboutin’s and a brand new Lexus – If she owed me money I’d want to throat punch her.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      Oh god, please. This woman doesn’t think she did anything wrong and thinks this happened TO her. She’s done her best to hide assets so that she doesn’t have to pay back the people she ripped off and I don’t doubt she’s still at it. Paid her debt to society? Delusional.

  3. Spacey Lacy

    I work hard everyday. Single mommy to 3 boys, do it all on my own and guess how many Louboutins I have or how many times I can buy new furniture? I’ve never been to jail or prison and I can’t afford a damn manicure and this chick lives in luxury. W.T.F.

  4. Sigh, disgusting. I will only read your recaps TT, I can’t watch this shit show no longer. She really is garbage like her brother called her.

  5. bridgett

    I was watching the first episode of the new season of the Great British Bake-off this morning and was thinking, “I really need to quit the Bravo garbage and stick to good programming like this”…I’d still read your recaps, though, TT!

  6. Tulsateacher

    I saw Teresa’s book at Goodwill this weekend. After I thumbed through it a few minutes I decided against spending $2.50 to buy it. I really did like Teresa and if she, like someone mentioned upthread, would take ownership of what she did then I’d be willing to give her another chance.

  7. I’m going to watch, at least for the first few episodes.

    I want to see how Theresa has changed since jail. She claims that she doesn’t let the small things bother her and she’s into all the zen and yoga stuff. I want to see if its true and how long it will last.

    But, I have no idea how long I can last watching it. The past few seasons have been horrid and I really don’t care to see Jacalyn again.

  8. ninjapanda1

    I look forward to her being back behind bars.

  9. T D

    Must be nice to have a ceiling to gaze upon after taking the roofs over so many heads. Not to mention the bread from mouths.

  10. T D

    Oh, woe is Tre.

  11. Cat

    I do not envy people who have money. No matter how they obtained their wealth.

    I was given the choice between money, and happiness. I chose happiness.

    No regrets.

  12. Spaghetti Kitten

    Teresa keeps putting it out there. .. I cannot look away.

  13. worldgirl

    The best book they ever read? Tamaratattles says she weeps for this country. lol I have never figured out why this woman has fans. Never.

  14. tamaratattles

    I would be praying that they were all accounts created by her agent. But I know people HERE who paid for the book I actually LIKE. Is she paying for people to stand in line to get their books signed?? IDGI Was this the first book they ever read. Did no one read them Curious George Goes To the Zoo as a child? It’s mind boggling.

    • Minky

      My favorite as a child: Roald Dahl. I think he wrote a book about some people very similar to Teresa and Joe. The Twits.

      • tamaratattles

        My kids used to love that book. I got to say horrible things lol. My principal would have probably banned that book.

  15. Layla

    We are all looking for redemption…. I am rooting for Teresa and Juicy Joe, please don’t hate me! I usually agree with TT on most of the housewives. For whatever reason, I want this family to pull through and come out ahead.

    P.S. I did say from Day 1 when purchasing furniture with suspect amounts of cash that it would not end well…. Hope lessons have been learned.

    P.S.S. I know it’s shallow, but her forehead and hairline really bother me. What can be done for this? I have never seen such a forehead. Sorry.

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