Below Deck Mediterranean Recap: Charter From Hell

Below Deck Med 2
It’s time to figure out what the hell is wrong with Danny. He’s tweeting so we know he didn’t die. It occurs to me that Captain Mark can’t really fire people as easily as Captain Lee because of all the issues with working visas in Europe.  It would be very difficult to replace a member on this crew quickly.

It’s time to get Danny on the shore and a crew member has to go with him. Bryan suggests sending Jen instead of a stew and Captain Mark agrees.  At least the nice ladies are still onboard. They have been perfect the entire charter. They asked Captain Mark to join them for their last dessert. The primary is extremely drunk. The ladies are all in bed by ten.

Danny has returned much too quickly and the Greek doctor has allegedly diagnosed him with gastroenteritis (aka stomach flu).  You generally run to the bathroom often for a multitude of reasons with that. I’m back to thinking he is faking the hole thing. It was weird he seemed to have his own thermometer.

Ben convinces Danny to forfeit his tip because he didn’t work the charter at all. So he does. They got $1,800 US each.

Below Deck Med


The next charter is four couples with snotty attitudes. Ben and Hannah are still at odds. Ben finally agrees to write down the menu an hour before service. It’s not like he doesn’t write down or give the chief stew a menu when he does Caribbean charters. Why is he being a prick about this?

As soon as Danny returns to work, he is a total ass again. I hope the snotty charters bless Danny out for his chirpiness.

The charters are awful. So awful it has to be scripted. they sit on the bar instead of on the furniture and drink like fish.

The nauseating product placement for Titos is ridiculous.

The guys passed out and missed lunch for the most part. At dinner all they seem to want is vodka.

Bryan continues to be a dick to Jenn. All of these deck hands should probably be swapped out next season.

The guests didn’t even get of to go to Paros. That is the island I chose to visit when I was planning my Greek Isles vacation that never materialized. Greece can be a bit dicey, but it’s been SOOOO cheap lately.

The asshole charters who hate everything decide to extend their stay. They also want to go to Santorini. It’s a full day’s ferry ride between the two. Also they hate Hannah and want to see less of her. In order to do all of this they will stay two more nights with a 1 a.m. departure.

So we have to endure them for another full episode.

Next week: Julia make Ben cry!  And we finally get some crew time on the island that is not in a bar!


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38 responses to “Below Deck Mediterranean Recap: Charter From Hell

  1. SLM

    It’s so funny you brought up the Bravo obligatory Tito’s mention….my husband was watching this with me and he suddenly yelled, “Something is UP…. what the hell is Tito’s and why do all the Bravo people order it?!?!” I laughed so hard I cried! 😂😂😂😂

    • Vet

      It’s Tito’s Homemade Vodka, its good.

    • Sebass

      Good looking out! Now that you mention it, it struck me as weird the other night that Vicki from RHOOC ordered a “Tito’s and soda” instead of a vodka soda. Bravo is slick! I don’t trust Andy Cohen one bit.

  2. Jennifer N

    I cant believe Danny asked to use the jet ski to explore the caves!! 😳 #clueless 😂😂

  3. therealdeb

    I noticed the Tito’s mention right away also, what the hell. My husband works swing shift and is usually at work and he is on vacation this week and he was watching this with me and he was all pissed off at how rude the guests were. He couldn’t believe that they treated the crew like that and were so drunk and obnoxious. I couldn’t believe they would extend when they were full of complaints, who the hell does that. Capt. Mark should have told them they didn’t have the room or had another booking or something, these people treated the crew like shit. Danny is a moron, i cannot stand him at all, he ois a little baby.

    • Matzah60

      Okay, what is Titos? I assume it is some branding as I have heard someone from the real housewive’s show order it.

      Bryan is an arrest giant prick and mean. I wanted to strangle him with that rope; perhaps learn to tie the knot around his neck.

      Hannah is a bitch, but this charter group was beyond the pale. The only time they didn’t drink is when they were passed out in bed.

      Tamara, I totally agree Danny was faking it. A stomach flu would have caused him to run to the bathroom multiple times and he wouldn’t have had a fever of 103. I’m glad he didn’t get a tip. I also think that this story about sending money home is also bullshit.

      @realdeb, yes, Danny is a moron. Everyone hates him and because I think Ben hates everyone else on the boat except Jen, he decided to take Danny’s side.

      Someone mentioned last week how Bobby looks like Gomer Pyla and today, that’s exactly who he seemed to be. He is also a bit of a douchebag. He and Bryan seem to think they are the best exterior group ever.

      Still, it was great TV. GREAT recap, Tamara. Thanks!!!!!

      • Jen

        Tito’s is a corn based vodka that I believe is gluten free and made in Texas

      • Matzah60

        @Jen Thanks. Why is it such a popular brand? Except for Skinnygirl, I have noticed the brand Tito mentioned on several of Bravo shows!!

      • Vet

        It is a good vodka, I like it. We have it here in the West. I am thinking that it is starting to get popular across the states. It’s just the “new thing”.

      • Estel

        Great vodka actually. From Texas… And its gluten free and handmade. I ll rather this product placement rather than the skinnygirl infomercial !

      • tamaratattles

        Yes, I have been told that a BIllion times. I am just sick of hearing every person on Bravo that doesn’t have their own booze line ordering if six times per episode of Bravo.

      • Matzah60

        Thanks, Oopsi. I didn’t mean to sound cavalier. I just made an assumption based on his character which wasn’t fair.

      • I have a first hand experience with 103-104 fever and no other symptoms (bathroom runs, runny nose, ear ache). It’s one of a charms of my younger one, she is 22 now. The temperatures would spike very high for 2, 3 days and goes away and all goes back to normal.

  4. rebecca

    This charter is a textbook example of “Money can’t buy you class”. Wow.

    It also seems that Bobby and Bryan are in competition to determine who can be the crew’s biggest douche. The jury on that is still out.

  5. DJFL

    Gastroenteritis is an inflammation of the stomach and intestines that can be caused by infection, bacteria, parasites, or food poisoning, and it CAN cause a high fever. Antibiotics are only prescribed if bacteria or parasites are the cause. Antibiotics do NOT work on viruses. Just because we didn’t see Danny running to the bathroom doesn’t mean that he didn’t.

  6. tamaratattles

    As much as I am excited about seeing you here, FFS it’s a stomach bug that require MANY bathroom trips. We would have seen that. Your WebMD nonsense is stupid. I am now leaning toward he faked the whole thing.

  7. Frank pfahler

    Guess what?? ALL vodka is gluten free!! Unless maybe flavored vodkas FFS

    • auroracooper

      Not all vodka is gluten free. Some are grain based while others are potato, corn or grape based.

      • auroracooper

        Making the grain based not gluten free.

      • rebecca

        Even if it’s grain based, how would gluten make it through the distillation process? That doesn’t seem possible to me. I’m a fan of Tito’s but gluten-free vodka sounds like more gimmick than science.

  8. Barbara A Stetter

    While Bryan is heavy handed at times, Jen is so passive aggressive, it would make me nuts to supervise her. Danny is only around to be “discovered”. So I give Bryan a little break today for having to make it work with those two. Having said that, he should not drink, he has alcohol issues.

  9. Tiffany

    Thanks for stealing my photo/not giving me credit.

    • tamaratattles

      If this is Tiffany from BD and that is your photo I’d be glad to give you credit. Or remove it either way. I’m not looking at the site now. Which photo is yours?

  10. Danny was sure peppy enough to want to take the jet ski out to explore caves. He recovered pretty fast. Why he even thought for a second that he was entitled to a tip was ridiculous and very telling.

    I remember one episode when he was talking to his mother and he was complaining about the job and mom asked him if wanted her to come over to Greece? If you are low on money, you don’t offer to fly to Greece to baby your grown ass son. This guy is a con man and is sending money home to put in his account not the family’s IMO.

  11. JoJoFLL

    I love Titos and it is everywhere here in South Florida. FWIW, most good vodka is gluten free, there are no wheat proteins. It is made from corn.

    Ben is such a prick. He was a prick to me personally on a couple of occasions. I’m glad he’s finally getting a true edit.

  12. Danny is the most clueless, entitled kid ever! Right after he had his “near-death” experience with the stomach flu, he has the balls to ask if he can take a jet ski and explore the nearby caves?!! He’s acted like he’s more of a guest than a deckhand this whole season – unbelievable! Ben was masterful when he talked to Danny about forfeiting his tip for that charter – he didn’t care that Danny could “regain respect” (as though he ever had any) by not taking his share – Ben knew Danny hadn’t done anything and didn’t want him benefiting from laying in his bunk for two days. Ben’s a Grade-A manipulator, have to give him that. Also, what is Danny’s ethnicity? At first. I though he was Hispanic, but his last name (Zeurikat) sounds Middle Eastern. Whatever he is, he’s annoying as hell. If he’d been anywhere but where they are, he’d have been fired long ago.

    • spunky2015

      Danny said his family is originally from Jordan. He needs to accept that sales job that guest offered him. Show biz and yachting is not his forte’.

  13. The other night I dreamt that I was back working at my old job & Bryan was the new boss. He was totally clueless & walked around the office without his shirt on. Douche.

  14. RENOB

    Danny is such a man-child. Spoiled entitled ego-driven brat-boy! Brian need a reality check, he is super sexist and an aggressive drunk. If Bobby wasn’t tall, fit and tattooed he wouldn’t be sexy at all. His face is whack. Love this site and the comments!

  15. fash84

    Working visas wouldn’t be a problem if they hired an EU citizen, I think Captain Mark is just a bit slack, Captain Lee would’ve fired Danny first charter. There’s a lot about this cast/crew that needs to change, I’d probably keep Julia and Tiff, oh and Ben, because it wouldn’t be below deck without Ben in the kitchen (chef Leon anyone…?) but the rest could go. Does anyone know when the next season of original Below Deck is back?

  16. Natbug

    I wonder if the charter from hell guests realized how they actually acted or I suppose didn’t care. .I hope their families tell them how idiotic they treated everyone on the charter, because it seemed that every one was “below” them..and sorry, but there are richer people with more respect than this group.. how do the guests get picked to be on TV ?

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