New Photo of A Pregnant Jenelle Evans?

Teen Mom Janelle pregnant


Someone sent me this photo claiming it was from today. I have no idea where it came from. That said the whole family was together for the Fourth this weekend.  And those four wall hangings in the back ground are a quite recent addition.

In case you missed the first post about this, go here.

I’m surprised Barbara is taking the news so well.


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20 responses to “New Photo of A Pregnant Jenelle Evans?

  1. newjerzeyboy

    And when she runs out of Teen Mom money, guess who will be supporting those kids!

  2. Ruthie

    Poor Donut is neglected now. What will it be like when a new baby comes into the picture? And when this baby daddy disappears, that baby will be just another neglected child.

  3. Bridgett

    I really hope that is just a really bad fashion choice and not a pregnant Jenelle. No child deserves the trauma caused by having her for a mother.

  4. Allison

    If she is, angels are weeping, and child services’ ears are perking up. Either way, the tablecloth is extremely unflattering and hiding nothing. She’s usually one to flaunt every poor decision she makes, so I’m surprised she’d keep mum about a pregnancy.

    • Dee

      She’s been denying her pregnancy since a candid photo of her in a Target surfaced in May. This is so sad. Poor Kaiser will really be neglected now. 😥

  5. AKA Riley

    GOD NO!! Say it isn’t so.

  6. Miele

    Perhaps, if Jenelle is pregnant, she’s acting as a surrogate for someone??

  7. Friedpickles

    If this is really from today and her skinny tea crap she’s hawking sees this… Checks will be disappearing pregnant or chunky. Such a fraud

  8. RealE

    The way a woman carries extra weight and carries pregnancy usually looks different, just in the places that she gains and way she gains. The photo above of Jennelle definitely looks like pregnancy photo but it’s hard to say.
    Maybe another possibility is her ending her drug use and cleaning up? She has admitted to hard drug use in last and using some drugs as recently as December. wouldnt that be a lovely, positive outcome of the weight? I hope that’s what it is at least. 😁

  9. Twilly

    Just awful.

  10. Jen

    She’s probably trying to make it look like she is pregnant so she can score some magazine covers and guarantee herself a place on the next season, sounds familiar.

  11. Opela88

    But she works out everyday and is on a low carb diet !! Lmao 😂😂

  12. Wampascat

    She’s out to snatch that MTV baby bonus $$$.

  13. jen

    Sure hope she can get into her super important surgery program she wouldn’t shut up anout as if it was a program through Harward. Then she can support the new baby and criminal. Donut and Jace will stay with Bsrb.

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