Exclusive #RHOA Filming Tea: Sounds Like Sheree Has a Peach?

It's Story Time With Sheree Whitfield

Tamara Tattles can exclusively report that Sheree Whitfield is filming for RHOA.  Even more interesting is that she was filming a scene with her family and no actual housewives where present. For me this indicates that she is highly likely to be holding a peach in the upcoming season. There were a couple of former RHOA cast members in attendance though!

A Tamara Tattles spy  spotted Sheree, Bob, Tierra, Kaleigh and Kairo at Andretti’s Racing in Roswell on Saturday celebrating Kairo’s 20th birthday. It was an outing for family and close friends. According to my spy, Sheree and Bob “appeared to be a couple.”  I am sure Iyanla never saw THAT coming. Sheree, Bob and Kairo all raced the go karts together. Bob does love to be on TV though.

And while no housewives were in attendance, Brielle and Ariana Biermann were invite to the party! They showed up with a gift for Kairo. It was a huge professionally shot photo of Kairo with no shirt on! Kairo is trying to break into modeling.

It seems that Sheree may have been test shooting with a new potential housewife!  She was only described as a black woman with black hair that the spy had never seen before. She was mic’ed by production and they did a rather lengthy one on one scene. Wonder who that was? Could it have been the now unrecognizable Phaedra? lol Just kidding. She was in New Orleans with the majority of the RHOA.  My theory is that the woman is either just a family friend,  or a RHOA hopeful. If it is the latter option that would mean that Sheree has a peach.  They don’t usually test shoot potential cast members with part timers. However, it was Fourth of July weekend and everyone had plans.  But if I am right that might mean that Maryam will come on as a “Friend of Phaedra” which makes sense because she needs a filming friend.

And that is your Fourth of July #RHOA filming tea!


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19 responses to “Exclusive #RHOA Filming Tea: Sounds Like Sheree Has a Peach?

  1. Minky

    Wow. If they’re bringing back Sheree, does that mean they’re preparing to give someone else the ax? Or at least a very diminished role of participation (Porsha/Phaedra/Nene)?

    While Sheree has definitely displayed awful behavior in the past, I always liked Bob. He’s a goof ball, but he’s witty and seems good natured. Unless there are things I don’t know about him.

  2. QueenB

    Im not surprised. Sheree did a great job stirring the pot last season. Bob was funny (although not so easy on the eyes) and Sheree’s son is eye candy. Chateau Sheree vs Moore Manor is also an interesting storyline for viewers who dont follow the blogs and know the outcome already.

  3. SJ

    TT I am always amazed at your spies. Please keep on keeping on!

  4. Brittany

    Kairo is gorgeous.

  5. This sounds like typical Bravo/Andy behavior throughout the rh …RHOBH n and RHOC did this at the beginning of their season as well…brought everyone back to the trough …no issues with Sheree..kinda disappointed she went back to that deadbeat dad/spouse..hopefully she dumped him.

    thanks Tamra!

  6. Well I am delighted to hear that Sheree might be in the fold and might have a peach too. Yes indeed I wish the woman with black hair was Marlo. It would be nice to see Marlo on as a friend of the housewives. She knows everybody and keep it moving when she’s around too. I like the taste of this tea. Happy 4th indeed.

  7. Margarett

    Well, I’m not thrilled that Sheree will probably be back. I liked her for about 30 seconds, “Who’s gonna’ check me, Boo?”

    That’s okay. I can always use an extra hour in my week. I love quality time with my Kindle and Little Boy Dog!

  8. Edward

    Great news, I hope she uses this opportunity and platform right this time. I passed by chateau on Saturday at 8pm she had contractors on-site installing the fences on the top of the house.

  9. Cat

    I can’t stand her voice. Like fingernails on a blackboard.

  10. lo

    Sheree is highly entertaining so I would love for her to be back full time. She is one of the funnier housewives in my opinion.

  11. Patterson

    I am glad they are bringing the original house wife’s back. The originals house wife’s knew each other socially and professional. ATL were real and not fake. I am happy Sheree is back!

  12. Ms.Minnie

    I love Sheree so I’m cool with her being back along with Kenya, Cynthia, Kandi and Nene popping up when she isn’t busy. I’ve already said that this is gonna be a boring, highly scripted, bad editing season because Carlos isn’t a great producer. He only likes drama and doesn’t want to show these women in a positive business like light, that’s why his best friend porsha is on the show with another new man this season after sleeping with everyone else’s on the show (Allegedly). They’ve kept the same cast since season 5, only adding 1 housewife Claudia and Kim F. a season and firing Demetria and Tammy mid season. There’s nothing fresh or new coming season 9 but who care’s RHOC is everything this season with Kelly and Teresa and the rest of RHONJ is about to slay with season 7.

  13. BKSweetheart

    Sheree didn’t really bother me on this past season of RHOA. I thought she was entertaining. “Fruity or gay” – lol as if those are two different things. She can stay.

  14. Spaghetti Kitten

    Sheree got a great edit last Season and like Lu RHONYC, made the most of it. Curious to see what next edit will be.

    • tamaratattles

      I agree. She seemed so NORMAL. Not like the lying cunt I know her to be. Let’s hope her true personality returns next season so I can rekindle my hatred.

  15. LC

    I guess she played her cards right last season. But what is her story line? She’s as broke as ever.

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