The Internet Is Wondering: Is Janelle Evans Pregnant AGAIN?

Teen Mom Janelle Tea

Okay, here’s the situation. Janelle does a lot of stupid things on the Internet. And I was sent a photo where people are speculating that she is pregnant. I didn’t want to post the photo or make the whole Pregnant or Fat question.  Because, fat shaming.  And she is certainly not fat in the photo I am about to show you, but she has gained a few pounds.

I recall the asshole that is the Donut’s daddy making comments about her weight on Teen Mom Reunion, and maybe this is nothing and I don’t want to add to that discussion for sure.

Then I went to her Instagram. And saw the above photo with this comment by Janelle:

SPOT THE DIFFERENCE: One is before my two weeks on the (stupid tea ripoff) cleanse, one is after. 2 cups of tea a day (one morning, one at night), some light exercise, a little dedication and ta-da, this is the result. Very happy.

I also noticed she hasn’t posted any body shots for a couple of months and most of those are for the sham product that all the reality folks tweet about because they get paid to do it. None of them use it. Kenya Moore does it too and it bugs me. She works hard for her abs.  Anyway, this post really got the Internet irritated and speculating she was hiding a pregnancy.  Also the photo on the left is clearly from a previous pregnancy.


teen mom janelle


Which brings us to this photo that Barbara put online about Jace’s  birthday party. Which if I am reading things right is very close to the donut’s birthday. And  THIS RIGHT HERE is why I have a ban on any family function I go to. Everyone knows I will leave when the cameras come out so they are usually very kind about indulging me even though they think my Instagram ban is completely crazy.

Here is the unfiltered photo of Jenelle from yesterday. It’s everywhere and if I were Janelle I would be furious with Barb,  mother or not. But that my just be my issue with photos. I’ve quit a job and abandoned some really great sex over photos.

But it is all the rage today on social media and everyone is asking if Jenelle is pregnant. I am leaning toward no.  But then again, her “mystery illness” was found partly  to be caused by her birth control pill so she was changing methods. And the new criminal really wants to spawn….so…what do you think?



Oh and the donut turned two this week. He got a drum set for his birthday so here is a gratuitous cute donut pic from his second birthday. Cutest baby ever?


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35 responses to “The Internet Is Wondering: Is Janelle Evans Pregnant AGAIN?

  1. SB

    I think she got caught not sucking in her gut. It happens!

  2. Jamie

    I’ve been reading for awhile that she’s pregnant, about 3-4 months along. She’s said she isn’t, but she isn’t always super truthful haha. She got busted recently posting a weight loss before and after on her Instagram (while promoting a product), and the after picture was not her. So it was quickly removed. And a random aside, she’s gotten an abortion in the past so maybe that’s always an option? Ugh who knows! Thank you for the post!!

  3. JustJenn

    I love donut..I just want to squeeze him!

    I have no words for Jenelle. None.

  4. zoemonster2

    Glad there’s a photo of the drums. As much as Jenelle complains when the donut breathes- that gift will go the same route as her dogs.

    And to encourage her child to be a clone of her latest paramour is sad.

  5. Wampascat

    I think the octopus tattoo is fairly recent.

    • tamaratattles

      OMG! The octopus tattoo is from March 4th of 2016!

      I am changing my vote to pregnant!

    • tamaratattles

      That is why she put up the other side of her body in comparison. She doesn’t have any old thin shots of the octopus tat!

      • RealE

        That may be the smoking gun that she is pregnant. I thought she was likely not and honestly doing the denying along with leaking photos for attention/ press. But if this tattoo is new, that left photo is definetely a pregnant belly so she really must be pregnant.
        Wow, so not good.

  6. Diane

    She should not be having any more children. She is a troubled person. Going to leave it that lest I break some rules.

    • tamaratattles

      Just take a gander at the commenting rules, Diane. They probably are not what you think. Basically it’s have a brain and you seem fine.

  7. alex1986

    I vote pregnant too. The fact she is turned the opposite way in each picture makes me think its suspicious. And her “bloated” belly looks a lot more to me like a pregnant one. This girl having more kids is just depressing. She’s such a mess.

  8. Twilly

    I can already hear Jenelle bitch in about the amount of noise the drum set will make. “OH MAH GOD DUUUUUDE”

  9. tamaratattles

    NO PARENT IN THE WORLD BUYS THEIR KID A DRUM SET! I think it is really for the criminal. It’s not a kid’s drum set, it’s a real one. He will never touch it again.

    • jen

      Oh I see…good point

    • Bren

      You are right. No way is that drum set for her kid. I wonder if she even realizes it is for the boyfriend or if the boyfriend totally tricked her into this.

    • 25

      I thought it was a real present. Kaiser has been in daycare since he was 1 hour old (despite having 2 unemployed parents…) so he’ll hardly get to touch it anyway. She gave Jace a motorbike for his 2nd bday. Eye roll on both counts.

    • Sachmo

      My dad always threatened to get my kids a drum set if he didn’t get to see them. He thought it was funny. He saw his grandchildren whenever he wanted.

  10. jen

    I hope she is not. I speculate she is just from all of the gossip but who knows.

    Omg baby donut is so adorable. I mean he is just a cute kid! A drum set? Lol. Wow. I personally would not give my two year old a drum set but Janelle is pretty dumb. Gosh I hope for Barbara and the world she is NOT pregnant with a third child!

  11. Chloe

    Donut looks just like his daddy!

  12. Kay

    I’ve recently packed on about 20 new pounds in the past few months. I’m also 5’1″ with a small waist and a huge ass, so extra weight doesnt sit very well on me. That being said, my fatter, bloated stomach looks nothing like that. It is still relatively flat but just softer and mushier, which drives me crazy. No way that look is from weight gain unless she’s pushing it out.

    • Twilly

      Whenever I gain a couple pounds it goes right to my stomach so if she’s like me, let’s hope she just had a couple big meals! These people have no business having another child. She can’t stand the 2 she has!

  13. rainidaze

    I’m (very sadly thinking about another innocent child being born into Janelle’s craziness) voting that she’s pregnant again.

    TT — Barbara has a 1 hour MTV special episode coming up on July 11 at 9pm. It’s running as a Teen Mom 2 episode called “Being Barb”. Yay for Barb! I hope they focus on Barb and not on the drama we’ve already seen enough of with her and her daughter. Set your dvr.

  14. I saw another photo of her with Jace standing in front of her, like he’s shielding her belly, and she looks pregnant. Her face looks pregnant swollen, not just gaining weight swollen.

  15. Dee

    I hate this!! She’s pregnant and posting old photos to deny it. No, just NOE!

    • Dee

      Um…sorry, I got carried away. I’m afraid for the child she has custody of. Thinking of her having another child scared me.

  16. Auntieaura

    She has a can of something in her hand… Can anyone make out if it’s alcohol? She surely wouldn’t be drinking If she was preggers… LOL

  17. BubbleGuppie

    Kaiser’s in for a beating if he EVER touches those drums or makes a noise Oh My God, Dude, this is the woman who dumps her screaming toddler in a crib in a dark room and leaves him screaming. She and all her boyfriends/baby daddies/husbands have DV allegations. Someone save the Roll.

  18. daisydo

    The photo on the left cannot be from a previous pregnancy. She got that awful octopus tattoo to cover up her nathan tattoo well after the birth of Kaiser. The old picture is the skinny one on the right.

    • tamaratattles

      You should try reading the comments sometimes. We often learn from each other and have conversations (and fights) about the subject.

  19. Dee

    Tamara, this is so funny! Fighting conversations! LOL I love the comments, its part of the charm of this site :)

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