Is It Just Me Or Is Phaedra Completely Unrecognizable?

RHOA Phaedra Porsha


I had no idea this was Phaedra.

She is unrecognizable to me. I’m not good with guessing at what she has had done but she looks a lot younger. As in she looks 12. Obviously some lip injections and is there a way to make your eyes bigger?  Looks like she might have left the nose the same?  She also had some body work done or else she ate lettuce and wore a wait cincher for the entire off season. She had a full body lift after one season where she was unhappy with her beach look. It didn’t really last for long. Looks like she tried again?

RHOA Phaedra Deposition


Is it possible this is all make-up? Maybe. Here is an older pic for comparison.

That top lip has to be injected though. It has lost its cupid’s bow and looks like a sausage.


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46 responses to “Is It Just Me Or Is Phaedra Completely Unrecognizable?

  1. Viks

    She might have had work done, but I think that this is more the case of a filter/extreme soft lighting. Even Porscha’s face lacks texture.

    Where is photo obtained from? It looks like they just amped up the *beautify* feature on a phone.

  2. Johnny

    I think it’s mostly to do with the FaceTune app/tons of Instagram filters, and some aggressive contouring. I don’t think Phaedra’s a stranger to the surgeon’s knife, but it’s hard to tell if she’s had anything new done when they filter the picture so much.

  3. Dee2

    Makeup and Instagram filters. You can tell on Phaedra’s insta her lips are still the same.

    It’s funny this is a post because I was just talking to friends about how crazy it is how different these ladies look from their first season and when they start negotiating stylist and hair and makeup.

    • Dee

      She sure looks different to me! Her nose looks different as well. Her eyes look larger, I wonder if she had the surgery that lifts the eye lids to open up the eye?

      • Minky

        She does look different. As in, a different person. Unrecognizable. If she doesn’t stop now she’ll end up looking like Lil’ Kim.

      • crampina

        Or it could just be make up. also you can get filler above the eyebrow to lift the skin below it up and makes the eyes appear bigger. Think Danielle from RHONJ.

      • Gabriella

        Yes, I think that’s what she’s had done – minimum

  4. Tulsateacher

    I thought she must have had an eyelid lift. I’m downloading the FaceTune app now…

  5. Char

    Her face has an entirely different shape now. Why do these women do this to themselves? What’s wrong with just being yourself? Kim Zolciak is a prime example of face overkill. She looks like a used up, overstretched peice of leather.

  6. MEL

    She has had fillers to smooth out the bags under her eyes and raise her cheek bones. It also appears that she did the same thing to her lips. There is a way to do fillers that look natural and then there is this……

  7. Briannatozer16

    Woah.. Looks like the used the FaceTune app!

  8. Kels

    I just saw there’s a repeat Atlanta episode on from Claudia Jordan season… No Cupid’s bow!

  9. Diane

    Well heck! I want the Face AND Body app if I can look this good 🍷😊😂😎 damn Skippy what is going on here? She looks different but so does Porsha. But it’s extreme with Phaedra. Looks like a face lift and maybe some cheek filler? She does look much younger. Hey now Apollo you messed up LOL 😀😀😎😋😋🙄🤗

  10. JoJoFLL

    Well, I’ve never seen Phaedra where she wasn’t rolling her eyes or some other sarcastic stink eye so she looks unrecongnizable to me..

    • You hit that one the nose, JoJo! I would never have guessed that was Phaedra. She looks completely unrecognizable, and not even in a good way. She’s just a plastic chick now – at least her face was real before whatever she had done. I wonder if she’ll still make all the condescending and ugly faces she did in the past – should be entertaining! At least her laugh should be the same – that low-class shriek that doesn’t fit in with her Southern Lady schtick.

  11. Marie

    This is the same woman that laughed at Kenya and insinuated that her body is a result of plastic surgery? I don’t understand how this woman is taken seriously. There is something wrong with the world. She still looks cheap despite all the work.

    • Minky

      The Kenya jealousy has a lot to do with Kenya’s stellar looks. From both Porsha and Phaedra and, of course, Nene. Nene’s face also has the same vacant look as Phaedra’s now.

      Do they really think people won’t notice? Are they gonna try to pass this off as exercise and diet changes, or being more “rested”? I wouldn’t be surprised.

      • Gabriella

        A bit like Bethenny Frankel who says she’s only had Botox in her jaw to relax it, whereas if you look at previous old episodes her jaw is a huge triangle and there is no way she hasn’t had it shaved!

  12. I wouldn’t recognize Phaedra either.

    I am 52, so I saved up and had fillers. My face is jacked. I have lumps under my eyes that are supposed to mimic higher cheek bones, um nooooo. Live and learn. In another year I should be back to normal. Sigh.

    Aging gracefully is the way to go. Phaedra and Porsha are so damn young, anyway.

    • Ugh that sucks, I’m sorry you had a negative experience. You may know this but depending on the filler you may be able to have it dissolved with hyaluronic acid injections. It sounds worse than it is, just like getting more filler except it will help it to break down faster. For more money of course :(

      • Thank you, mrsmuffins. I did go back and she injected something that sort of dissolved the worst of it, but it’s still a lumpy mess. I’m feeling like a doofus for even doing it.

    • Dee

      I’m sorry Marie, thank you for sharing. I started looking up the cost. I’ve never heard of using fillers to raise an eyebrow, open eyes etc.

  13. Dixie Sugabaker

    She and Porsha have the same lips ( and same lipstick color). Weird.

  14. SB

    She definitely got lip injections, look at the sides of her top lip, puffy and out of proportion. I’m pretty sure Porsha has them too.

  15. She looks like she let Porscha do her makeup- it is identical. “Everybody knows” they both had BBLs before last season, but I think this is all makeup: smoke and mirrors.

  16. Bryn

    I think it’s some aggressive filtering and she looks a lot thinner. Her lips have always been huge to me.

  17. Frosty

    I thought she’s had a nose job but more likely due to lost weight and botox. She looks pretty vacuous there.

  18. I find the shadows under Phaedra’s and Porscha’so chins to be very odd.

    The picture kind of looks like their faces were cut and pasted onto their bodies and the shadows were drawn on.

  19. Joanplus2dogs

    Guessing makeup for good portion which looks like pro job. Also her chin seems more defined – could be implant or fillers changing proportions on rest of her face.

  20. I’m not sure if anyone read Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace. It takes place in the future & one of the storylines is about video phones (like Skype or FaceTime). They create amazing filters that make you look so good that no one wants to leave the house anymore because they don’t want people to know that they aren’t as good looking as the filters make them. I always think of this when I see highly filtered photos like this…

    • crampina

      Lady Cocotte, that’s a good one! It’s funny but so very sad at the same time. I may have to read the book. Is it a good book? Are you recommending it?

      • It’s an amazing book but it’s quite a trek. Over 1,000 pages plus 100’s of pages of footnotes (that you have to read because they’re made up & part of the story). Things don’t even start making sense until a couple of 100 pages in. But DFW was a genius. Only a crazy mind could create something like this. I tried to read it a 2nd time but didn’t have it in me. Maybe I’ll try again.

  21. tamaratattles

    If I were a housewife I would of course have to have some sort of business to hawk. I’m not into handbags (though through a weird course of events I am currently carrying a Louie sort of against my will) or clothing labels or high heeled shoes (I’m a Merrell girl) but one thing I do like is chapstick, and lipstick. So I would start a line of lipstick without all the bugs and weird shit in it. Because women eat A LOT of lipstick and there is some sick shit in there.

    And while I prefer a muted dark red, my first color would be…. very similar to what Phaedra and Porsha are wearing. And because it would be a southern line, I’d call it Vienna Sausage Number One. And then have many more sausagey flavors for all the housewives with giant fleshy lip injections.

    That is all.

  22. Twilly

    Make up and filters. Her top lip has always been a sausage.

    • Minky

      You’re just too much TT. Maybe Urban Decay was thinking about a similar thing when they named their lipstick colors. They’ve got “shame”, “venom”, “fiend”, and “cat fight”. Sounds a lot like our beloved Wives. Years ago I think they had colors like “asphalt” and “asphyxia”.

      My word. Next thing you know they’ll be naming make-up colors after STDs.

  23. bendy

    She looks like a Bratz doll.

  24. FarFromPerfekt

    Definitely not just you! Looks like some thinning of the nose, jawline shaving (not sure if that’s what it’s called) and/or chin work, lip injections, eyelids raised and eyebrows arched more. Or, that’s one he’ll of a filter??? 😨

  25. Keya

    Attention whores always do something to seek out more attention. All of this slicing and dicing, nipping, tucking and suction. It gets boring, repetitive and predictable. Claiming to be so what…..confident? Lies they tell. True confidence doesn’t change it’s entire face to resemble anothers.

  26. BKSweetheart

    Yikes. Looks like she possibly may have had a chin implant and fillers. Also heavy makeup contouring and extreme eyelash extensions. Also probably a little photoshop thrown in for good measure..

  27. d

    I think it’s a combo of filter, fillers, and possibly laser or ultrasound treatments. I remember when people were talking about Madonna (a few years back) when she had the “baby doll” look — rounder, fuller face with wide eyes. I keep reading about lasers and ultra sounds being the latest thing to help create more volume in the face.

  28. Pat

    Fillers, lip injection, eyelid lift, and something else that I can’t put my finger on. She looks better, but I wonder if tampering with nature and refusing to grow old gracefully makes for a better life.

  29. Toonskie

    If you had not said that was Phaedra I would not have known who it was. She does not look bad, she just doesn’t look like herself. Hope she quits while she still looks human. The Brandi Glanville look is not appealing at all.

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