Blind Item Revealed: Dinner is Free If You Work For TMZ!


My Blinds tend to come out after a few drinks and with all this bad weather, I have taken a vacay from my liver’s vacay.  There is a reason some things are blinds. So don’t laugh at me if you think this one is way too easy. So I need y’all to keep this one between just us, okay?

I’m a southern girl. Down here when we are eating some scattered, smothered and covered at our Waffle House, we are used to seeing a police officer or who is either on duty or just coming off. It’s comforting.  And they never have to pay, Everyone is just happy they are there.

RHOBH Ken and Lisa

Apparently in other more upscale cities this does not happen. But what does is  the owner make sure that any tabloid employees get their tabs picked up.  That is if they are on a reality TV show.

And more especially if they have some negative legal cases going on. That doesn’t really stop the site though. They still send the info out to the local news sites and a select few blogs who are then blocked from the viewing the offender’s  social media.  But the opposing view then becomes all the more ready to share info…

I guess comping all the checks for media does help a bit.  And I believe my source who told me this… but I personally think there is also much more financial interaction involved. But that is jus my opinion.  You know, allegedly in this blind item about no one in particular.

Lisa Vanderpump/ Ken Todd

There was recently a story on TMZ about some guy suing one of LVP’s restaurants over glass in the calamari. It was SUCH a non-story I didn’t run it and neither did most other sites.

HOWEVER, my first thought was that the relationship between LVP/Ken and TMZ must have run it’s course. It wasn’t really the sort of thing they would normally run. And they did such a cover up on the Bustillos case.   I may have been THE ONLY site that covered that. And that was a HUGE financial loss as well as a huge hit to their reputations.

It make me think that we might see some real TMZ stories on LVP/Todd in the future if they don’t come to some sort of financial agreement with TMZ. ALLEGEDLY. IN MY OPINION.


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19 responses to “Blind Item Revealed: Dinner is Free If You Work For TMZ!

  1. DejaBlue53

    So what’s the question again? lol

  2. Jaded

    Some truth would be nice but I’ll believe it when I see it. So far they remain immune.

  3. Minky

    Is there any chance that Erika might have something to do with the cooling of the affections between Lisa V and TMZ? Her husband is a very well known lawyer, after all.

  4. Joanplus2dogs

    Wow as a recent reader this is surprising! Going back & reading the older posts was certainly an eye opening view on their business. Ken has seemed to me thru the years to be more & more grouchy/cranky. Maybe it is old age or painful health issues in addition to now being in the spotlight or maybe he has always been this way.

  5. Swizzle

    Didn’t she insist at one reunion that she never sold stories? I bet she sells stories and has other arrangements to keep her image untarnished. What else would explain the fact that their whole court case was mostly ignored and then when reported was spun to be a win for them? I’d love to see LVP taken down a few notches.

    • Matzah60

      @Swizzle, yes, she denied ever selling any stories. I also recall when she accused Adrienne Maloof of selling stories, but I don’t think that was in connection with TMZ, perhaps another tabloid magazine.

      It does make me wonder about that season, I think around two years ago when the tabloids were running stories about Mauricio cheating in Vegas, LVP ‘joking’ about it to Kyle, and also the big story when they went on a trip to Puerto Rico where Brandi accused Lisa of egging her on to bring the tabloids that ran stories about Mauricio’s indiscretions. Could it have been Lisa who sold those stories??

      • Producers like to call these sites and give information on what’s happening during filming so viewers will tune in. I believe they have a lot to do with these stories about reality TV people.

      • Matzah60

        @Nate Dogg. Thank you. I don’t really know much about the TV industry and the inner workings of reality shows, save the things I have learned on Tamara’s site. It’s amazing how much the producers drive the stories that surface on the shows and just how twisted it is that they, the producers, seem to have no problem causing the conflict between the women.

    • Erica

      Technically speaking, if someone is paying the media (with food or cash) then they aren’t SELLING the stories! LOL.

  6. MARC

    Lisa Vanderpump is the Faye Resnick of RHOBH ! How else could she & the Vanderpump rules cast be exempt from malicious gossip without TMZ shielding them from infamy? Jax alone could crash the TMZ newfeed.

  7. I’ve always thought that with TMZ, that they were being paid to run certain stores, ie. The K family, stories about them everyday, all day. So I wouldn’t be surprised if LVP/Ken paid to stay out of TMZ headlines, especially if the story wasn’t positive story.

  8. JustJenn

    In the scope of all things housewives this one is pretty tame and smart. I’d say that even if it wasn’t about LVP. 😉

  9. TinaLaFlambe

    I read on some blog that Kris J was paying $500K a year to TMZ to keep their name front and center.

  10. Stephan Colbert has a Waffle House song now, TT do you remember Herbies in Athens? We were talking about customer service (how difficult it can be at times) and the fact that being cussed at by Herbie was part of the appeal, Damn I need to go to bed. Happy 4th TT, Banjo and company.

    I wonder if teecee had a party and what she cooked.

  11. Calipatti

    My distinction would be selling a story is tacky. A discreet phone call to a “friend” sharing a little of what’s going on is ok.
    LVP never sold a story.

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