Blind Item: Hermes Me, Hermes Me Not…

It has been less than two years since the sparkly new Hermés store came to this Housewives town. One housewife was literally there for the ribbon cutting and the other is there every chance she gets. Both are in a race for the much coveted Birkin bag.

Oh sure, you see them with Birkins. But those bags are usually fakes and they are only able to purchase real ones through resellers.  Hermes goes to a great deal of trouble to only sell directly to A listers or very rich bitches that drop thousands of dollars on other merchandise regularly. In the olden days, those deemed unworthy were perpetually waitlisted.  These days, the average Jane is simply told they don’t have any in stock. But when an A lister wanders in, miracles occur and a bag or two is suddenly available.


mama elsa pocketbook


These two housewives have been frenemies forever and they are desperately trying to get the royal treatment from Hermes before the other. Sadly, neither one will be making the cut. Hermes sees them both as damaging to their brand. At least one of them who haunts every Hermes she passes in whatever town she is in has practically been BANNED from at least one store for her constant begging. The other is on thin ice at her local store.

It will be interesting to see if this drama makes it on camera on the next season.


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43 responses to “Blind Item: Hermes Me, Hermes Me Not…

  1. Siamukha

    Hermes in Atlanta (Buckhead) is almost two years old. If I had to guess the two frenemies I would say Nene and maybe Phaedra. Or Kenya.

  2. Shellbelle

    The Hermes store in Buckhead (Atlanta) opened about 2 years ago.. So I’m going to guess its 2 RHOA.
    Nene and Phaedra.

  3. CanadaCat

    No idea, but this Birkin BS is brilliant marketing!

  4. Frosty

    I think it’s Hermes D.C.

  5. SaraSally

    I remember a Hermes Miami storyline with Lea Black & the he married to the Russian plastic surgeon.

  6. JoJoFLL

    Atlanta. All the other franchises (Potomac=DC) has been there longer than two years.

    Nene wouldn’t trash a new Birkin in her race for a real one.

    Hermes will forgive Kanye his genius but not Nene her ego.

  7. SB

    This sounds like Nene and Kim Z to me….side note, even if I could afford a birkin and could buy one, I wouldn’t! If it can’t go on my shoulder, it’s not coming home with me.

    • Minky

      Yeah. If the picture TT included is what it looks like, I would totally pass on that. I’d rather have something cute (and practical) from Burberry or Coach. What’s the big deal? It looks like an old mail man’s bag, or something meant to transport a bowling ball. Not attractive.

    • Mesocrazy

      The only thing about a Birkin bag is that it holds its value.. It’s a great investment according to the latest on what to invest in.. I am actually waiting to get one, of course after I get an extra 10$ grand. There is a site who resells authentic Hermes that I stalk. The thing is some people love property while others invest in fashion. We all have our vices. I would get a Birkin bag because it will never lost its value & easy to resell ! I cannot wait to hear who this one is!!

  8. ZenJen55

    Could the Nene/Kim Z spin off about to come to fruition? Cameras involved doesn’t mean it’s shot for the Housewives.

    • Minky

      Oh boy! Nene fiddina choke a bitch. Over a handbag. I’d be very careful if I were Kim. That Hermes bag looks like it’s custom made to fit her head in it. Watch your ass Wig!!!

  9. bria

    Very funny blind item. My quess settle for Nene & Phaedra.

  10. Minky

    Oh my goodness! I’m so sorry Calipatti. I’d be pissed too.

    It took me a minute to figure out that DIL meant daughter-in-law. I thought DIL was a handbag brand I’d never heard of and I actually googled it. Because I’m stupid. 😩

    So I googled “turquoise Emily bag” and I think I’ve now seen it. It’s darling! Like, really, really darling.

  11. GillianFirst

    There was a ceremony when the Bev Hills Hermes re-opened after a remodel a couple years ago. I could see Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle trying to be top dog with the best bag

    • Dee

      I love hearing how women fight over such an expensive bag. Rich people’s problems lol
      I think Coach are expensive, can’t believe people pay this much for a bag!

  12. Rich bitch = Nene.

    What kind of bag did she have that she graffitied?

  13. Cat

    It astounds me that women covet these bags.

  14. RescueMom

    I’m going to guess Lisa Vanderpump & Kyle Richards with Kyle being the practically banned beggar

  15. JustJenn

    Luckily for my budget, I love a Michael Kors or Betsey Johnson purse and I always check T.J.Maxx first.

    It sounds like Nene based on the clues..I wonder if she asked for a discount this time? 😂

  16. Keya

    I see that ugly bag everywhere. Definitely nothing I’d want.

  17. JoJoFLL

    If anyone wants to understand the Birkin, I suggest the book “Bringing Home The Birkin” by Michael Tonello.

    He at one time was buying more Birkins than anyone in the world. Supposedly, all of Victoria Beckham’s Birkins came through him.

    He was spending millions a year with Hermes and flying all over the world just to be able to buy new Birkins. He is also considered the worlds foremost authority on the bag and Hermes.

    • JoJoFLL

      Keep in mind, Hermes is a 200 year old French saddle maker. They’ve been at the leather game for a while and have perfected it. If you buy a Hermes bag, you’ll never have to buy another bag for the rest of your life.

      • Bryn

        But what’s the fun in that ? :)

      • Dis4

        I’m going to look up the book and thanks! A golden star read for me was Salvatore Ferragamo’s, Shoemaker Of Dreams. 😀 An autobiography, it’s rich with passion and drama. It was really a fantastic read! I bet Hermes has some tales to tell too! 😀 😀

      • Kay

        I like purses for the sheer joy of changing them out with my mood or style.I refuse to buy Michael Kors, Coach, D&B, LV, anything with any sort of shallowness. Most of my pocketbooks are from Target & i get complimented a lot on them. I also live in asheville where you’re basically sneered at for being pretentious in any way.

    • Adriana

      That’s a great book and a quick read!

    • Joanplus2dogs

      Thanks for book referral. I got it today from library & have already read a good portion. Nice read about Hermes & marketing.

  18. T D

    My thirty year old leather briefcase is far more attractive. Money can’t buy you class and that’s one ugly pocketbook.

  19. I also covet an authentic Birkin since the beginning I first laid eyes on it in Paris many years ago. Alas, Michael Kors was as close as I got 😒

    • Terri457

      It is so funny watching Nene act as if she knows so much about designer handbags, when in season one everything she wore came from Walmart and Family Dollar.

  20. Kay

    A flagship was opened in Miami over the fall, so that’s what I’m gonna go with, plus the picture of Mama Elsa. Second guess is DEFINITELY Nene and Phaedra. They would be my first guess, but I’m trying to read the blind like a riddle.

  21. Kay

    A flagship was opened in Miami over the fall, so that’s what I’m gonna go with, plus the picture of Mama Elsa. Second guess is DEFINITELY Nene and Phaedra. They would be my first guess, but I’m trying to read the blind like a riddle.

  22. DrAmy

    Other than the fact that it seems obvious considering Buckhead’s Hermes opened almost two years ago, isn’t it a give away that the “related” stories are about Phaedra and Nene?

  23. The coolest thing about a Birkin bag is the fact that Jane Birkin says they are heavy and she’s just not that into them. She did get them to change the alligator farming methods, I am not a PETA person but good for her. Am I officially old …a nude Jane Birkin is interesting …a nude Kardashian is annoying.

  24. Shae

    I’m guessing Nene and Phaedra. To my knowledge, Kyle and LVP have these bags already, no need to fight for them. I personally don’t find the birkin attractive but I understand the appeal of superior quality and resale value. It’s an investment for the person who it appeals to.

    I do not change bags frequently and prefer to buy excellent quality and keep it for a long time rather than buy many different, lower quality bags. I buy my designer bags second-hand for a steal . I would never pay the retail prices.

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