Bethenny Frankel Prepares To Close The Chapter of Her Marriage & Reconnects With Her Mother?

RHONY Bethennys Hamptons house


This weekend, Bethenny Frankel is relaxing in her fab house in the Hamptons, but the days up to her departure were quite difficult. Since Bethenny practically rivals Andy Cohen with the need to talk about herself in the media, she also has a radio show on Sirius.

As we know, Bethenny and Jason have been in a bitter divorce for almost four years. On her show, Bethenny talks about constantly crying to her driver, Kevin (of the bloody pillow) during all of the divorce proceedings and just wanting everything to be over. When she was doing her show she lived in a corporate apartment and for some reason it seems she didn’t take Brynn there. Instead she would pick her up at her apartment in Tribeca where Jason was squatting and grab some clothes and take Brynn to Barnes & Noble or America Girl. All Bethenny wanted was to be a home with her kid but that was not possible.


This past week, Jason finally moved out of the apartment indicating that everything has finally been agreed upon.  Bethenny went back to the apartment for the first time since Jason moved out with a stager to prepare it for sale. When she imagined finally getting the place back she said,”I thought it was going to be like the biggest party ever, I’d be roller skating through there with my top off, my tits hanging out.” But when she walked in emotions just washed over here and she sobbed for hours.

Part of the emotion may have been a very unlikely phone call that Bethenny made the day before. When  Bethenny and Brynn were hanging out Brynn randomly asked if her parents were still alive. She told her that he mother was alive and her father was not alive. Brynn said, “I want to meet her.”

Bethenny thought, “Oh God, I’ve got to reach out to her. My daughter is asking about her and she’s asked a couple of times.”  So Bethenny broke her 15 years of silence toward her mother and gave her a call.  Bethenny has a lot of anger toward her mother especially when she started selling negative stories about her to the tabloids. She feels like her mom is angry because of some of the parts of her childhood that she shared in her books. She said the conversation was “not totally unpleasant.” She told her mom,” This is my truth and I’ve only told about 10% of my truth, and your life is your truth and what got you here and the mistakes that you made. You had me at 20, and I’m not angry. I’m just telling you that my daughter has asked for you. She’s six years old. It was actually not an excruciating conversation. I just feel like I’ve grown up a little in the way that I handled it.”

Bethenny makes it sound like she will be taking Brynn to see her mother wherever she lives and she might fly her step father there as well. I believe he lives in Florida. She says it makes her feel like a grown up to reach out to her mother and to pay for everyone to get together.

You can listen to the first seven minutes of her show below.



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71 responses to “Bethenny Frankel Prepares To Close The Chapter of Her Marriage & Reconnects With Her Mother?

  1. wv2120

    He moved out since the judge took away the 12k support as he could not afford the upkeep. No settlement yet! Apt will be sold and funds will go into escrow acct and since these 2 are so stubborn they will have a trial.

    • tamaratattles

      Actually no, It sounds like it is all done and they are just waiting for the judge to sign.

      • Dee

        Finally! Maybe she can move on now.

      • From what I under stood is she was paying all the bills, plus child and spousal support.
        She must be relieved to have at least this step complete. Well, now she needs to sell but I understand the emotions she had with entering the apartment.

  2. Minky

    Good heavens! You’re going through with the implant? I wish you an easy procedure and a speedy recovery. Take care TT. You’re in my thoughts. 😊

    • tamaratattles

      I haven’t made any decisions about the implant. It’s actually not bothering me that there is no tooth there. It’s towards the back, and I never interact with humans anyway..

      • Matzah60

        Tamara, I lost a tooth because of a bad dentist and a ton of money to boot. One day, I bit into something relatively soft and boom, the tooth splintered into pieces and I was minus a tooth. I went to the dental school at UPenn in Philly because I wouldn’t be able to afford it otherwise. Since you are cared for by dental students with a great deal of oversight by their professors, I had no fears. Still, My tooth had to be extracted from the root even though there was hardly anything left. Wait three months for gums to heal. Then, they had to do a bone graft, wait three months to heal. Very painful. Then, I quit. It already cost me more than I was willing to spend and since you can’t see the tooth, I opted to forgot the implant. I had a total knee replacement two years ago and there is good chance of an infection when the post for the implant is placed in the gum. I couldn’t bring myself to spend more money.

        Nothing will happen if you leave it alone. Even the dentists told me that, so I said that was good news because I was done. Saved $2 grand and a lot of trips into Philly.

        Happy 4th!!

      • Dee

        MATZA, thanks for sharing! I had a tooth pulled, supposed to go in September for implant. Not looking forward to more pain

      • Margarett

        It wasn’t a bad experience for me, Tamara. I’ve had four (all done with local anesthetic). I didn’t have any pain or down time to speak of. So, if the space starts bothering you, don’t be afraid.

      • Implants are 100% worth it! I have one, best decision ever. The loss of your teeth will eventually impact what and how, you will be able eat and it always starts with one tooth.

      • Jane

        I had an implant. Just novacaine, you could feel the pressure, but not painful. Used no pain meds after and I am a total wuss. Take music so you don’t listen to the noises. Unfortunately, mine failed after 3 years. My periodontist offered to replace it for free, but since he was stumped by the sudden failure, I declined.

    • tamaratattles

      Apologies for all the implant discussion. Someone made a comment that was apparently here that Minky replied to before I deleted it. I deleted the first one because is was super random and violated the commenting rules with random suggestions of things to Google.

      If you simply MUST share your implant stories, Daily Tea is the correct place for that. Let’s not torture the uninitiated.

  3. librarygirl

    I wish that I still cared even a bit about Beth. I always despised Jason and thought of him as a creeper opportunist. He knew just what buttons to push to make Beth crazy, and it was not fun to watch. Her behavior has been over the top aggressive and rude lately, and it just isn’t a good look. When she takes off on a tangent, I tune out. With as much static that she creates, I hear nothing.

    • Minky

      I have to start off by saying this: I am a paranoid crazy. Not clinically, but just self-diagnosed. Like Yolanda. There. Now you know.

      But, that being said, this whole thing sounds too convenient to me. Does she read TT’s? We’ve been gabbing away here lately about how she is with her own mother and how she never hesitates to use her upbringing as an excuse for everything, and then BAM, here comes this reconciliation story. Coincidence or something else?

      If any of that is true, congratulations TT! It looks like they read here. And it looks like they change their strategies based on what they see. Kapooya!

      • Minky, that is exactly what I was thinking. I actually said to myself “Am I being narcissistic that I think that Bethany Frankel could have seen my comment and acted on it?” All of our comments really. I posted how she was so very angry , way too angry to be horny, and how she doesn’t maintain any relationships in her life. I also said “she doesn’t even speak to the woman who birthed her!” The next day, Bethany was posting how “happy” she is and now she’s reconnecting with her Mother. Co-inky-dink? Maybe.

      • Minky

        LisaPat! Here goes some more of my paranoia: I was rereading the “Vagina” comments. Take a look at the comments made by the poster who seems to think that people who don’t like Bethenny’s behavior have some sort of “agenda” geared towards supporting Bethenny’s ex-husband. Let me know what you think. Just do a search for the word “agenda” after pressing control-F.

      • Ridiculous

        LisaPat and Minky, yes, you two are being pretty narcissistic. LOL You REALLY think Bethenny Frankel takes the time to read every comment on every (obscure) blog that posts an article about her? Come on, you two are way too smart to even consider that!

      • Minky

        Yes. I know that. But it’s fun to think about the possibility.

        And no, I don’t think “narcissistic” is the word. More like what I’ve already called myself: Paranoid. And maybe a little delusional.

        We were just having some fun. Chill out Bethenny. Um, I mean “Ridiculous”. 😉

    • I don’t remember Jason starting arguments, most arguments were because Bethenney didnt get to dictate what SHE wanted in all aspects of the pre marriage, marriage, and post marriage. Certainly post marriage

    • BubbleGuppie

      She does NOT like being called Beth.

  4. JoJoFLL

    She just makes it so difficult to feel for her sometimes.

    I’m still a Bethenny fan, I buy her products and think she’s funny but boy when that axe drops she can be evil.

    I hope she and her mother can heal.

    It would be the best way for her not to repeat her mother’s mistakes.

  5. SB

    Its very difficult for me to muster up any sympathy for her.

  6. Calipatti

    I see more in Bethenny than many of you, her daughter asked and Bethenny is trying to deliver.

    It would be difficult for me to forgive my Mom if she sold stories about me.
    That would be a biggie after the childhood.
    For me walking into the apartment I and my husband built, planned to be my daughters home so on, Ild break down also. Lost hopes and dreams.

    Bethenny is alone when it comes to support, she does not have anyone.
    As a only child of older parents with no cousins or extended family it’s different than those of you who have someone.
    Bethenny is truly on her own.

    • Minky

      I can see what you’re saying Calipatti. But if she’s so alone, then why does she go the extra mile to alienate people so? Why not tone it down a little?

      And I don’t believe she’s that much alone. She does have a child. A child who is obviously interested in knowing her mother’s history and relatives. That’s a beautiful thing.

      • StubbyG

        Even though I am nothing like Bethenny in the attitude department, I am much like her. I only really have my husband, one girlfriend (I rarely see), and my dogs. It’s easier being alone than risk being hurt by people. I don’t condone her going off on people, but it appears to me that she attacks first so she doesn’t get attacked herself. Self preservation?

      • spunky2015

        That’s how I always viewed Brandi Glanville.

        With Bethenny, she is realizing that she has to consider her daughters feelings too when it comes to extended family. I hope Bethenny and her Mom can make ammends for Brynn’s sake.

      • Calipatti

        Ok, a child does help, so does being financially secure. The business and the security it has guven her is immense, she no longer fears needing to ask for help.
        That is huge when you don’t have family.
        Im trying to explain from my personal expierences. Being alone does not equal loneliness. It’s a knowledge she has always had, she stands alone, it’s just the way it is. No self pity or even desire for more, you learn to accept.
        It’s tough when there is no shared life expierences that go way back to who you first were.
        It’s difficult to explain.

        I know it from a friend who passed a few days ago. My friend and I go back before we had kids, went thru relationships, kids, drugs, crazy vacations, jobs, homes, that was my connection to who I have been. Guessing it is what family feels like.
        Bethenny does not have that.

    • Microop

      While I see what you are saying, she sold stories about her mother first, in the form of a reality show and books.

      • Calipatti

        You see it as selling stories, I see it as a job she was offered. She was damn broke but working when Bravo came calling.
        I remember her not getting mean about her Mom. I know mean, she probably held a lot back.
        It’s a matter of perspective. I don’t like her new attack mode either. She is being mean.

    • Librarygirl

      I am an only child with both parents gone. You reach out to other family members and build relationships when and where you can. You maintain a solid group of friends that you love and who are there for you as you are for them. It is just a fact of life. Beth is younger than i, has a daughter and a future ahead of her. None of what she has gone through gives her the right to treat others poorly. And that includes her making an ass of herself for her daughter to eventually see.

      • Minky

        This!!! I’m also an only child. And my extended family, (aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.) aren’t worth a damn as people. It’s sad, but it’s true. I also have no husband or children. And I don’t feel any fear. Life is life. You treat others the way you want to be treated. With courtesy, civility and fairness.

        Besides, family can be some of the deadliest poison ever. Having good friends is better. The golden rule applies most all of the time. Especially if you’re a person who’s seen firsthand how awful life can be. Don’t spread the pain. Make yourself its last stop. Rise above it and show it who’s boss.

      • Calipatti

        If there are no aunts or uncles, equal no cousins.
        I see Bethenny as the same.

        I’ve a group of great friends, 25+ yr’s and my neighbors have become very supportive, it’s not quantity or quality.
        I know they would absolutely be here for me. Yet …

        If a life event left you completely without, could you be financially dependent, live with and off a friend for a decent length of time?
        What about family?
        That difference is how I see my life, it motivates me. That is what I saw in Bethenny, maybe I was wrong.

        I’m making excuses for Bethenny’s behavior this season, she was horrid.
        I’m hoping she returns to who she was, giving her time. She has had a rough few years.
        I think the backstory with Jason was nastier than Bethenny shared.
        She is the last HW I still like.

    • Cat

      I am not an only child, but the youngest of 5.

      And I have a brother who I have not seen or spoken to since 1980.

      When you are a kid, you are stuck with the family you are given. BUT, as an adult, you can choose who is in your life, and who isn’t.

      I decided I would rather be alone, and happy, than have family members who tried to control my life or put me down to boost their own overinflated egos.

      And YES! There is a HUGE difference between being alone, and being lonely.

  7. Happygal

    I got about half way through the tapped piece . It is so hard to feel sorry for her . She had plenty of money to rent another apartment and make an nice home while things were sorted out w the apartment she and Jason shared.

    I hope she is sincere in wanting to let Brynn get her know her mom without all of her baggage .

    I however suspect she is attempting to do some damage control for herself as so many now see her a a bitch she may also b trying to establish a story line for herself for next season if she thinks her Apple is in any jeapordy .

    • Auntie Velvet

      She explained why she couldn’t rent — at least in broad terms. Legally, she was in limbo in terms of residences and stuff like that, even renting.

      • Nila

        Actually, she said she could not buy anything durin a divorce, which is bullshit because she bought the apartment she is in now before the divorce was final. There was nothing against her renting an apartment. She said she had a cooperate apartment but didn’t want to hang out with Bryn there, why? If you feel bad that your daughter doesn’t have her stuff, then go get her some stuff, your a damn millionaire! Buy duplicates of her stuff and bam, problem solved. She didn’t do that tho, instead she went on a “feel sorry for me tour”.

    • JustJenn

      I agree she’s trying to do some damage control and remind everyone of her issues with her Mom to garner sympathy. Bethenny was the golden girl for so long who really could do no wrong. Being on Twitter for a few years I think this is the fastest I’ve seen people turn on such a popular housewife. I’m not sure if she’s having a bad year, or if she’s finally in a place where she feels comfortable being her true self, but whatever it is it’s not enjoyable to watch.

  8. cammierari

    I think Jason was a gold digger who preyed on Bethenny’s longing for a family and her fear of marriage. I hope the money he gets makes him happy and I hope he makes a life for himself apart from his PARENTS. Good riddance, but I’m so glad Bethenny cried when she finally got back inside. She needed a good cry. Next time she’ll run thru with her tits out celebrating, hey maybe with Sonja. We know she loves to let her girls loose on camera.

    • Calipatti

      ⬆️ This, nice to read a u derstsb ding comnent. I understand the others point of view though. I’ve a tender spot for her, she did have it rough, maybe she will come back around.

    • lawstangel

      When she met Jason she was working but had no money to speak of. Jason had a very good six figure job (she would not have dated anyone who did not) when they got married. Once she started becoming more successful, up until she sold the company, she was the one dictating EVERYTHING in their marriage. She also convinced Jason to quit his job to work for her. The she proceeded to emasculate him. She did not like his parents because he was close to them and they wanted to be normal grandparents to Brynn. B was not about to let that happen. B does not have any “normal relationships” in her life so she shit all over his family and made all their lives a living hell until they finally split up. yeah, he dug in, she only cares about the money, so he hurt her where he could. She is a mean vindictive human being who will never be happy.

      • tamaratattles

        This is why you need to drop by more regularly. :)

      • tamaratattles

        I forgot to say she was FURIOUS about “the editing” of her spinoff because she felt Bravo was making Jason out to be a saint. Maybe he is the worst person in the world at home. But he never showed his ass on TV. Kind of the reverse of Bethenny, maybe she is really nice off camera. And just shows her ass on TV because it pays well.

  9. Jane

    Sorry, I can’t muster sympathy for her. She’s grown into a self absorbed bully. If I was at a party with her, I’d make sure I was on the other side of the room. I’d pull a Cameran and Decline coffee with her. Has she ever said anything nice about someone?

  10. Ellie

    It was 9 months by the time I left my husband till our divorce. It took me a year to get back to myself. Moving, getting a new job and buying my first house at the same time didn’t help. The only thing I wanted out of my marriage was me. I couldn’t imagine going through divorce proceedings for four years. Maybe now things will calm down in her life where she can truly finds happiness.

  11. captivagrl

    I think Bethenny is setting up a show with Kevin as a side kick/character. She’s probably signed on as his manager.
    The grandmother issue is weird. But Bethenny still has a problem with boundaries. I’m not super surprised, but protecting your kid is more important than ratings.

  12. SaraSally

    Perhaps, both Bethany’s parents felt she had sold ‘their’ stories when Bravo came a knocking. Just another example of rivalry family members seeking equity in access to ths media to tell their side. Its all bizarre to me.

  13. Sali

    I can have compassion to her feeling alone, though like many here have said, her behavior is hateful to others. For someone who calls out others’ behavior as much as she does, she sure lacks self awareness and compassion of others. That’s difficult to watch. I cringe every time she’s plowing someone down then calling it “truth”. She’s hateful and incapable of being compassionate or respectful of boundaries if she feels someone isn’t being honest. Like she said, everyone has their own truth. Let THEM work it out on their own. I’ve only heard one story about her relationship with Jason. Hers. I can’t judge him until I hear his side. And one final thing, if she’s so sad about being alone, she seems to be putting her child in the same situation when saying she couldn’t stand the idea of her being with them. That’s so sad.

  14. Eve

    I hate my ex too. But I have one daughter with him and I love her. I never speak ill of her father or his family and maintain a relationship for my daughter who is now a grown woman and is emotionally healthy and happy.

    BF claims she loves her daughter so much……..she needs to put her daughter first and be graceful with her ex and his family. All of these nasty comments she makes will eventually get to her daughter and will hurt. She makes those comments because it makes her feel good and she wants people on her side…..she ignores the needs of her child. I think she is not a very good mother because of how she can’t help but put him and his family down….and on national tv. Shameful.

    I have also found that the more people that love your children the better off your children will be….

    • Erica

      The only time I’ve really heard her say anything bad about Jason or his family directly (on the show) is when she was sobbing in the car. I’ll give her a pass – those weren’t fake tears. she was scared shitless.

  15. Calipatti

    TT thank you for setting up the environment where opposing ideas can be expressed and explained.
    Most people in here have strong opinions yet are able to respectfully have an exchange of ideas.
    I often see the other side more clearly and have changed my opinion, occasionally.
    I enjoy opposing opinions and a different way to see a topic.

    WTG room! 👀😀

  16. MARC

    I absolutely refuse to give Bethany Frankel a pass on her aberrant behaviour regardless of her four year long divorce abandonment issues regarding her family etc She has destroyed people with her vicious mouth ( John Sonja Luanne Jason ad infinitum ) & is now looking for our sympathy after she has shown her true colors all season long. Meanest mean girl I have ever seen. Andy might think its endearing yet I find it incomprehensibly ugly & her conduct is unbecoming to anyone who believes in treating people humanely & compassionately. Give a little, get a little Frankel !

  17. MARC

    Also her joking about another woman’s eating disorders with the Joker alias Carole Radziwill nauseates me to my very core. She is atrociously unkind.

  18. Marc I could not agree with someone more. I have never understood the passive aggressive behavior on the part of this woman, no whoops I mean girl. Whatever happened to the fake therapist? Clearly staged for the camera as she has shown no signs of personal or emotional growth despite all the success/attention. I suspect that is the latter vs the former that is what satiates her more than any man/child/money could provide

  19. It is the 4th of July and i am a bit hammered. I founf Bethany Gets Married and Tamara at the same time. My foot was broken, I have an excuse. I loved her and felt so bad,,,,she was always crying and I felt so bad ..until I saw the way she treated Jason’s friends and family. I think she is a cunt, Very sharp but a nasty bitch, the only redeeming quality is she treats her dog Cookie well.

    I don’t understand the “he wanted to take credit for her business”. he argued with her that it was a bad idea, berated him and accused him of not helping. My husband saw it and was just WTF…at that point I was she had a horrible life, she needs him to quit his job and help her. I thought that she truly wanted a family, Iwas wrong.

  20. Shae

    I hope to god this charade is finally over, Jason has zero pride to drag this on this way. Shameful.

    Now some people have had truly damaging, abusive childhoods and I don’t blame them for choosing to keep their parents out of their lives, and I wouldn’t blame Bethenny one bit if she chose to continue to keep her mother at bay. I don’t see her writing HER story as “selling her mother’s stories”, they are HER stories, her life, her experiences. You can’t tell your life story without including those around you, and I have very little sympathy for a woman who abused and tortured her child that way.

    I’m sure it was a difficult decision for Bethenny to put her shit aside and call her mom on behalf of Brynn. She is in charge of her kid’s safety and it’s awfully big of her to even attempt to mend things to a degree so Brynn can meet her grandmother. I would be cautious, though, because with people like that you never really know what you’re dealing with. I would be afraid she’d let my kid down as she let me down.

    I hope it all turns out for the better.

    • Nila

      Wow…so after all this time she decides to reconnect with her mother because her 5 year old asked her to..because children know best AND she decided to blog/tweet/expose the decision. Nothing about Bethanny is private, nothing. I don’t doubt that connecting with her mother is another angle for her circus of a show, which is her life, sadly. Remember when she reconnected with her step father , on the show, then his daughter, on the show. I doubt Bethenny’s mother had any say in how she has been portrayed over the years on this show and I could careless what she has said about Bethenny to the press. Not everything can always be one sided, all the time.

      I remember Jason fighting with her about NOT wanting to be a part of her business as well. She was horrible to him and his parents and after all that if their retaliation was not flushing a toilet l, good for them. Maybe they were leaving their stools for her driver to look at and discuss!

      As far as that whole “I am homeless” she is full of shit. Nothing was stopping her from getting a sublease or whatever. She chose to go from hotel to hotel. I remember at the reunion she was trying to say, see Andy on a day like today I would have had to change in the car because check is at noon and…um wtf are you talking about? Even if checkout is at noon you would still need some place to stay that night so…oh and your a millionaire! Ridiculous.

      • TBD

        Nila is right. (Poor) Bethenny has created the dumbest narrative. She keeps repeating that narravite over and over in various forms. People have attached themselves to it and now repeat her rot as if it made sense. Either that or her five year old really is calling the shots. Gawd.

      • Shae

        I don’t see it as “children knowing best”, I can only imagine her daughter outright telling her she wanted to meet her grandmother caused her to re-think her choice to elminate her mother from her life completely. I don’t find that far-fetched at all. I am not a mother, I cannot say, but I can imagine a child coming into the picture might change something like that- if even in a very limited sense.

        Legally, when you are disputing a piece of real estate in a divorce, you should not rent or lease another property because it concedes that the other person is residing there and you are not. That is the reason why she couldn’t lease or rent a property immediately after leaving the apt she shared with Jason- it would’ve affected her case and claim. That was the case for over two years. It had nothing to do with how much money she had or a choice not to establish a home, it’s legal advice re: the divorce. It’s a common issue.

      • Nila

        She had a cooperate apartment, nothing was stopping her from making that a home for Bryn, with “stuff” and what not. She chose not to because where is the sympathy in that? I doubt any attorney would tell her dragging her child from hotel to hotel for three years made her look like a stable parent verses staying in a company apartment/sublease/rental. Also, she bought her current apartment almost two years ago, while this divorce was still going on AND had it all out on tv, bags stated she was paying for her apartment, work head quarters and her old apartment. There were things she could have done to make this all smoother, but smooth isn’t her style.

        A far as her mom goes, it’s all more drama for her show, either housewives or another spin off she’s pushing. Family relationships are difficult, I don’t blame anyone for needing to cut out a family member but welcoming them back on at a later date when things are healthier…however the fact that she has to announce this to the world is what leaves me skeptical. Bethenny airs everything, her therapy sessions, her menstrual issues, her marriages, hiving birth, she has never asked her mother for approval and she has thrown her under the bus and used her as her reasoning for her own nasty behavior. She has discussed her mothers mental health, eating disorder and so on and then wants sympathy because her mother told a story or two of her own? Ridiculous.

      • Nila

        Okay, I just listened to that whole thing and she contradicts herself about the apartment. She said the press photographed her leaving the apartment and they then knew it must be over because she hasn’t been in that apartment or even out front of it for years…yet, she says her attorney told her she couldn’t take up another residence..makes no sense. Her estremes are insane, she went from her talk show to pick up her daughter and take her to Barnes and Noble or American Girl store so that meant she had to stay in her heels ALL DAY BECAUSE..she couldn’t change at the studio or bring flats/sneaks along? She keeps a bloody dirty pillow in her car but couldn’t keep a pair of flip flops? That’s the bullshit comments she makes that makes it very hard for me to muster any sympathy for her at all, period.

  21. Shae

    She’s saying the press was photographing her at the apartment now, as it they realized the battle must be over because she hasn’t been there in years. Jason has moved out, she has permission to be there, she is staging the apartment for sale.

    I’m talking about years ago, when they first parted ways and she left the apartment, she was told NOT to lease, rent, or purchase another residence by her attorney because it would affect her claim to the apartment she lived in with Jason. To do so would be to acknowledge she took up residence officially, elsewhere, and he was the only one residing there. That jeopardizes your claim, it’s not a smart move- hence why she was bouncing between hotels and corporate apartments for that time. Only when things started to take shape in the divorce proceedings, two plus years in, was she given the ok to officially purchase property- and she got herself an apartment and hamptons house and made “home” there.

    I did not see the corporate apartment, but for whatever reason, she chose not to spend her time with her daughter there. I don’t expect everyone to care or have sympathy, we all have our own perspectives, but those are the facts of the situation and I find that they make sense. For all the things she is, I think she is a great mom and I don’t think she would keep her daughter from having a nice place to live if she could help it. It’s no fun to shuttle a kid from hotels and various apartments that aren’t your own, but are lent to you for short periods of time while your hostile ex husband squats in the apartment he has no business being in. Finally that’s been settled.

  22. Shae

    and I hear you, she’s brash and she does put everything out there- I fully get why some people do not care for her, she just doesn’t rub me the wrong way, personally. I like her. To each his own, but I see the opposite side of this.

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