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I am intrigued with Kelly Dodd. I don’t think I have her exactly figured out yet. I do like that she opted to befriend Vicki. It would have been much easier to ride along with the pack of witches and she took the harder route. I was suspicious that this was set up by production, and I still believe it was, but she still hangs out a lot with Vicki now that filming is over.

So once again, I’ve chosen her blog to purple pen. Then I decided to go ahead and review a few bits of the others.

This week’s episode was a challenge for our family to watch. While I enjoyed getting to know Vicki over lunch and building my relationship with Tamra and Shannon at Meghan’s demolition, I’m sad that my deep respect and love for Michael didn’t come through.

In retrospect, I probably tried too hard to relate to Tamra’s struggles in the wake of her divorce to Simon and as a result I painted Michael in the wrong light. Michael is a brilliant man, a wonderful father and a loving, compassionate husband.

Kelly Meza- Dodd and her poor husband,

Kelly Meza- Dodd and her poor husband,

As you discover more about my relationship and family, you’ll learn that Michael and I were separated and going through a divorce for almost two years. This happened 4 ½ years ago. Unfortunately divorce brings out the worst in people and despite forgiving each other, deep-harbored resentments occasionally bubble up, which was evident in my discussion with Tamra. Since Michael and I reconciled, we do our best to wholeheartedly work on our marriage.

I’m going to guess that Michael was not thrilled to have his mental health spewed out on national TV. I imagine that there is a lot of damage control going on in her relationship. Not sure what she was thinking dropping such personal matters in the laps of  Shannon and the other harpies.  This may not be the last we hear of this. I have a feeling we will see plenty of scenes where Shannon and her poor emasculated husband giggling about this information later in the season.

Speaking of forgiveness, while I don’t share the ladies’ experience of dealing with Brooks’ cancer scam, I struggle to understand why they have such a difficult time accepting Vicki’s heartfelt plea for forgiveness. Shannon said, “I absolutely believe in forgiveness, BUT…” But what? Mercy doesn’t come with conditions.

Welcome to the OC. That said, I don’t think that it is unreasonable for the women to expect Vicki to take some ownership of something before begging for forgiveness. I mean what are they forgiving her for exactly?

On the subject of BUTTs…I laughed out loud when Shannon said she had a plastic stick stuck up her a**. I could have told you that!

The fact that she can’t stand Shannon kind of forces me to love her.

We're BFFs  now

We’re BFFs now

Don’t they teach logic at the University of Spoiled Children? If so, Shannon skipped class that day. Shannon supposedly forgave David for having an affair, an act that negatively impacted her much more than any act committed against her by Vicki. So why not bury that hatchet with Vicki and try to be friends again?

She didn’t really forgive. She just doles out constant punishment and shame. I expect her to do the same with Vicki.

At this point in the season, Tamra and I are finding a lot of common ground. We both love to laugh and we both love our families. As a mother, I understand Tamra’s perspective — there is no expiration date on love and caring. Some children take longer to leave the nest and stand completely on their own. Good moms try their best to be there for their children, regardless.

At this point. This lets me know that something is coming between these two. Is it wrong that I hope it happens much sooner than the ATV accident? It probably doesn’t though because Tamra, Vicki and Kelly were all in the ATV that crashed together. On the bright side, it seems that Tamra does come around with regard to Vicki fairly quickly.

"I can do crazy, but I can't do mean."

“I can do crazy, but I can’t do mean.”

On the other hand, Heather is going to take some time to come around.  She had this to say about Vicki in her blog:

Vicki took me aside to chat on the boat. I wasn’t expecting this — but basically, I want her to take accountability for her part of the scam of last year. I don’t blame her for Brooks’ actions — just her involvement. Clearly she’s not going to own any of it. She said last year at the reunion that she lied and then she took it back and said she had no involvement. It’s exhausting.

According to Shannon’s blog, she has forgiven Vicki.

It’s been an interesting week, especially on social media. People have been supporting my decisions and then others have been blasting me for “not moving on” with the Vicki situation. Newsflash. I am continually asked how I feel about Vicki. I answer the questions. I am not obsessed with Vicki. I have forgiven and don’t want to engage in a friendship anymore. It’s plain and simple.

I’m actually surprised she is getting social media heat for her lack of interactions with Vicki. I sort of presumed that this site is probably the only one that has at least a little bit of support for her.

Vicki’s blog has a lot of playing the victim happening. Plus this little nugget.

I’ve been dating a special man for the past two months and yes, we are taking it very slow but it’s nice to feel cared for and appreciated. These past 10 months being alone have been really good for me, because I have been able to focus on my career, my children and my grandchildren with no distractions and to focus on what I do want and what I don’t want for the remainder of my life.

Vicki spent ten whole months not being in a relationship, y’all! Though she did date a lot. Oh, Vicki. Even though this guy is Briana approved, I am not so sure about him.


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17 responses to “Kelly Dodd is Vicki’s Ride or Die Chick #RHOC Blog Roundup

  1. Shannon here is a hint for you – if you have to make a public statement that you are not obsessed with someone – you are probably obsessed with them.

  2. Matzah60

    I have mixed feelings about Kelly. I like her spirit. She seems like a lot of fun and I do think she has a very compassionate side to her. I applaud her for taking care of her single mother and brother. While I realize it is part of her ethnic tradition, but in 2016, not many women would take on that responsibility. With an only child, I am sure that her brother and mother provide her with a very eclectic outlook on life.

    I do find her a bit coarse. While I did laugh at her over the top comment on the yacht, I think I’d be a bit taken aback if some new acquaintance asked me if “her tit fit in my mouth.” Still makes me chuckle, but it came out of nowhere.

    Vicki is always a victim. Her mother’s death was worse than anyone else’s loss. She is incapable and unwilling to live alone. She ends one marriage, one relationship and proceeds to the next. I am skeptical as to why Vicki wants to take this new relationship slowly. Even more surprised he hasn’t moved in with her. I have no proof, but the slow clip of this new relationship makes me believe that Vicki is working on getting back with Brooks. She travels extensively for work and without anyone at home to care for, she could meet Brooks often without anyone knowing.

    Thanks for the wonderful purple pe n and all the great tea!!!

  3. PaganChick

    I am of two minds when it comes to Vicki. I get that she needs to take responsibility for whatever way she was complicit in Brooks’ scam. But, at the same time, I am kind of surprised that the women are being so unforgiving of her because of the vulnerable situation she was in last year.

    Her daughter had moved across the country with her rage filled husband and two young children. The man that she was so desperate to hold on to was telling her that he had cancer. Her mother died unexpectedly. Then, she had all of these women poking and prodding her, not Brooks, about his cancer claims and indiscrepencies. That’s a lot to have happen to you in the span of a few months while filming a reality show that is pulled apart and analyzed over social media and regular media.

    Yes, the other women have every right to be angry with her for being duped. Heather has a right to be angry that Terry’s name was being brought into something this unseemly. But, the women keep claiming that Vicki needs to own up to what she put them through. And, she didn’t actually put them through anything. They volunteered their input into the situation for the sake of being relevant. Shannon volunteered her contacts. Meghan jumped in from the beginning to prove Brooks was lying in order to discredit Vicki. Tamra pulled her patented “play all sides against each other and see who comes out standing” technique by pretending to be supportive of Vicki while bringing Brooks up to a psychic.

    With the exception of Shannon, these women were looking for a reason to put Vicki on blast and Brooks was the perfect way to do it. Shannon only put Vicki on blast because Billy’s girlfriend made an astute observation at the finale party and Shannon accused Vicki of betraying her.

    In normal real life, if a loved one tells you they have cancer, you believe them until you have a reason not to. The women were dead set on telling Vicki that she shouldn’t believe him. And they made that their mission. How many times did Vicki tell them to talk to Brooks directly if they had questions about his cancer claims? Even after Vicki’s mother died and she was obviously begging for anyone to just be supportive of her (send her a card or a casserole), they didn’t even pause in their goal of outing Brooks.

    This sounds like a defense of Vicki, and it really isn’t. I get that she was probably in denial for a long time and lied most likely just to end the conversations. But, she also needs to own up to that. I just think by the time the season wrapped, the women had already decided they wanted to oust her and it wouldn’t matter how much accountability she actually took for her part. She was always going to be persona non grata. If she had said last season at the reunion, “I was in denial for a long time, I was also lonely and in love with Brooks, my mother had just died when all of the really deep questioning started happening, and I lied sometimes just to end the conversation because I didn’t have any answers, and I am so sorry for that.” they still would have kept coming after her.

    This has now turned into a thesis and I feel a bit dirty because it does come across as pro-Vicki. So, I will just end by saying:

    I honestly think that even prior to the fake cancer, if the women had just backed off and let Vicki be with Brooks, she would have dumped him on her terms. But, because everyone kept coming after her about him being shady, she was determined to hold on to him. These women don’t want an apology from Vicki. They don’t want her to be accountable for any part she had in the cancer lie. They want her off the show. It’s something that Tamra in particular has been scheming for since her first season and has always had to back down from by going back to being friends with Vicki.

    • Mary

      Wow. Well said.

    • Jim

      In my opinion, Vicki is never going to take responsibility for her part in the scam. To do so, she will have to expose Brooks even more. And I’m quite sure they have an agreement not to further air their dirty laundry. If they do, they could potentially destroy each other’s lives. There are some very dark secrets they are both hiding.

    • Microop

      I hear what you are saying, and I agree that Shannon is being over the top, but I don’t think this has to just do with Vicki and Brooks lying. These women are coworkers, and their lives are their storylines. So when the best paid coworker profits for doing the same job by lying, it naturally would leave the rest of the cast salty and perhaps wondering why they should play along with what they all know isn’t true. I’m not saying that Vicki did anything to them (other than Terry) but I could see why they would be miffed and want an apology.

    • Dis4

      Such a great post PaganChick!!! We have watched Vicki for a long time and we know how she is. We even know how she sees things, the prism of her perspective. She is who she is and I’ll tell you what… she likes a bad boy… She likes being with a man and Brooks is her favorite Love tank brand! loool Makes me wonder about Don sometimes. He seemed a patient persevering man but you never know what you’re not seeing lmaoo. Her view of the World contains all of her concerns and this is how she presents. That’s not going to change and every once in a while Vicki is going to make a not so wonderful choice. She is the OG RHOriginal She always gives us her all. She is committed to the programming! Lmaoooooo #Werk 😀 😀 😀

  4. Hoping to catch up with watching the show on this three day weekend. In the mean time, grateful for TT’s purple pen!

  5. Swizzle

    I don’t like Kelly and call BS on her blog. She’s sorry her love for her husband didn’t come through? Kind of hard for that to happen when you call him Hitler, narcisstic, don’t say you’re in love with him and imply you stayed married to him because it’s easier than getting divorced. And then to blame her marital ramblings on Tamra’s divorce? Not buying that either.

    • Janet

      I thought the same. I know it’s easy to over share, but Kelly went way too far and talked very disrespectfully. Not classey and pretty cold blooded. Ive seen women talk like that, and its a sign they are not invested in making the marriage work. She wouldn’t even say she loves her husband when Shannon asked her. That was very telling to me. She probably never loved him and thought she could get a fat check on easy street. Who works on a marriage and says her husband has a personality disorder?

  6. DejaBlue53

    He can’t be that bad if he consents to living with his mother-in-law.

  7. Microop

    I’m 100% for Heathers approach. I don’t think the women should ice Vicki out or be cruel, but until she takes responsibility for her role there is no need to pull her in close.

  8. T D

    She navigated up Shit’s Brook, ad nauseum, with a paddle in each hand. There she was happy to waller. Even swine won’t lie in waste,given an option, despite their love of cooling mud. Reckon’ hogs have more discretion.

  9. I can’t say that I like Kelly’s personality but I understand she’s going to be the one causing the fireworks. Vicki never made a heartfelt apology and that’s one issue I have with Kelly. However, the main issue I have with her is the fact that in a very short conversation she needlessly spoke ill of someone’s children & gestured to “fit” her breast into Tamra’s mouth. Even Tamra was shocked and she is no prude.

    I cannot imagine how her hubby feels about her oversharing of tough realities of their relationship. I hope she just tones the needless stuff down. Of course, I’d totally be with her if she “goes off” on someone who intentionally insults or strikes first. I just can’t understand or be okay with needlessly offending or insulting people when they did nothing to you.

  10. Dis4

    I imagine this Kelly came in to support and film with Vicki as essentially, the ladies are icing Vicki out. I don’t believe for a millisecond that she has no idea of the storyline she’s picking at from last year. You are now a RHW of OC and you have never watched the show?? And you live there? And you have never watched a marathon from any one of the 10 seasons…? Mmmhmmmmm… watching to see how it shakes out lmaoooo… 😀

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