Happy Canada Day! (Open Forum)



Those crazy Canookians are celebrating their Independence Day today. Well, their sort of independence.  More like the birth of Canada which is still weirdly connected to jolly old England in some way.  They also try to get the jump on celebrating Thanksgiving by doing it in October.

Even though I like to poke fun at my neighbors to the north, like the time I laughed about the Canookian Mafia and upset some mafia type guy,   Then of course there was an actual mafia hit a few years later, so I guess he was right.

Anyway, I usually do a Canada Day post  so here is the one for 2016.



Here in the good old U S of A, we are starting our 4th of July celebration early because it lands on a Monday and we get a three day weekend!

I don’t have any big plans other than probably eating hot dogs. I wish we had a  really good place to buy hot dogs but we don’t. I may or may not make it to the Organic Kroger. I’ve been in a weird headspace the past couple of days and just want to watch stuff on my DVR and chill.

I will be living vicariously through your grand plans. So be sure to let me know what is going on in your neck of the woods this weekend.


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  1. Woo hoo…thanks TT!! living in Canada is awesome!! our huge plans …buying a bed!

  2. WhyOWhy

    Happy 4th, Tamara! And Happy Canada Day to our friends in the great white north!

    Got some fun plans this weekend!

    Going to do a little shopping tomorrow and then tomorrow night, I’m going to see Independence Day with my two BFFs (one of which flew in from D.C. just to go to the movies). The reason is, in 1996, we all met and going to see the first movie was the first thing the three of us did together, so it’s kind of a nostalgia thing. We’ve all have a rough 20 years as friends, with a lot of ups and downs, so we’re taking a step back and doing something together that means a lot to our friendship.

    Sunday is cleaning day at my house, so nothing really going on there.

    Monday BFF that lives here is hosting a BBQ, so I’m headed over there for food and games and fireworks with her 8-year-old, who is my Godson.

    I’m looking forward to the 3-day weekend. It’s been a crazy week here at work and I need the break.

    I do want to head over to Home Depot or Lowe’s tomorrow and get some weed killer, as well as grass killer. I want to start tearing up the backyard. I’ve been in the house a year and JUST NOTICED that under some of the grass there is brick. I think at one time it was a patio. So I want to kill the grass there and see what it looks like. Of course, that means Merlin the dog is banned from that part of the backyard.

    Today is supposed to be the hottest day of the weekend, and the rest of the weekend is supposed to be in the low 90s. But we’ll see…

  3. Cat

    Happy holidays! :)

    I just got back from the grocery store. My first trip was this morning at 5am. I made a quick run to Walmart for a few cans of cat food, and something for myself (since I hadn’t eaten for 2 days…I don’t know how people like Yolanda and Bethenny do these fasts and cleanses for months at a time…maybe that’s why Bethenny is such a bitch– because a half day without food, and I’m ready to tear someone’s head off!)

    Anyway, I also didn’t want to do my main shopping while thinking about gnawing on my own arm. This way, I was able to stick to my budget, and refill my fridge and freezer.

    I have an extra $100 or so socked away…for emergencies…like the last week of the month, when I usually run out of food and money.

    So….for my weekend feast, I will chow down on Johnsonville Cheese dogs/sausages, watermelon (yum!), and 5 pounds of Bing cherries (double yum!!)

    My planned activities are to hide in my nice, cool apartment. Just myself and the cats. People here tend to use their guns as party favors…and I do not want to be the one to get the stray bullet this year.

    I WILL step outside to feed my birds and squirrels and chipmunks. Briefly. It’s supposed to rain all day Saturday and Sunday. So we will watch the rain.

    Be safe, everyone!

    • Cat

      Oh, and I bought the bulk of my cat supplies (food, etc) online. TT, if you would like the link, let me know, and I will email it to you. I ended up saving about $30 buying this way, instead of going to several stores for sales.

      You might be able to save a few bucks for Banjo’s supplies. Free 1-2 day shipping, too. No more lugging heavy bags!

      • Minky

        When I was younger, like college aged, I was bulimic. And I also dabbled with anorexia. Trust me, going several days without food is not easy. But after day 2 you start to actually feel good and euphoric. So I don’t excuse their behavior because of their eating disorders. I was NEVER a bitch to anyone while I was binging and purging. One of the reasons you do that is because you’re trying to take out your frustrations on your own body. It feels good to hurt yourself and have a physical outlet (literally) for your own emotions, and you feel like you’re in control. And because you feel that you can’t take it out on the world or the people around you.

        Do you coupon? I love it. I’m not extreme like those people on TV, but it’s so much fun to get stuff like shampoo and facial cleanser and laundry detergent for a lot less money. And I don’t have any pets, but when I see the deals you can get on pet food, if you have coupons and shop during the right, time it boggles my mind.

      • Cat

        The cat food I buy at the store usually has coupons inside. I use those. Otherwise, I don’t. I tried once. Clipped all the coupons. Then, I simply forgot to take them with me. I’m pretty unorganized.

      • Dee

        Cat, I hope you are okay, I see that your area is getting tons of rain and there is some flooding and evacuations. HUGS Dee

      • Cat

        I’m up on the hill. No flooding in my area. And I think they exaggerate. Flooding here is common, and nothing like what was experienced in places like Texas and W. Virginia.
        My heart goes out to those people.

      • Dee

        Glad to hear Cat!😉

    • Dee

      So funny Cat! I did the same thing yesterday morning. We were out of everything and my cat was driving me nuts. Later we did the bulk shopping. Like you I am looking at my budget. I am so tired of being broke that last week of the month.
      I hope you all have a great 4th
      Tamara, it looks like you are in for another scorcher. Be cool and chillax.
      Thanks for all you do for us. You are much loved!

      • Cat

        I think my problem is I keep using my debit card. It’s too easy. This month, I am taking out cash for groceries. That way, I should be OK.

        I am quickly turning into that little old lady with the cane and the cats and the mattress stuffed with cash. :)

      • Minky

        I love those little old cat ladies. They, and their cats, are adorable.

    • MARC

      To hear that you are on a budget yet still feed the birds squirrels & chipmunks outdoors really made me smile ; you dear Cat are one in a milion & hope you have a very nice holiday Warmest regards Marc

  4. Adèle

    i’m excited that there is going to be a new housewives franchise in canada – in toronto. i live on a farm but i am in toronto 3 times a week to sell my stuff at farmers markets. i’m fantasizing right now that i already know one of the new housewives – how cool would that be?
    i work straight from mid march to the end of december so its stuff lik this that keeps me motivated!! lame, right?
    hope you all have an awesome 4th of july!

  5. Adèle

    i’m excited that there is going to be a new housewives franchise in canada – in toronto. i live on a farm but i am in toronto 3 times a week to sell my stuff at farmers markets. i’m fantasizing right now that i already know one of the new housewives – how cool would that be?
    i work straight from mid march to the end of december so its stuff lik this that keeps me motivated!! lame, right?
    hope you all have an awesome 4th of july!

  6. The 4th used to always be a big deal around here. Friends would come from all over and camp out under the pines. They would come with tents and campers but there was also the occasional fish house and horse trailer used as sleeping quarters. There was always an abundance of food, beer and laughter. This year I’m going to be alone so I’m planning on spending some quality time with my animals and my garden and try to keep my spirits up.

    Happy 4th to one and all.

    • Matzah60

      justanothermary, I’ve been thinking about you and wondering how you were doing. The holidays can be tough, especially in the beginning. You will find a new normal in time. Working in the garden is great. It’s a really good outlet. Digging in the earth, planting, weeding and what not always helped me a lot. Physical activity helps relieve anxiety. I had never been a gym person, but I joined a small gym and went with earphones and my apple shuffle and listened to a lot of personal old favorites while exercising. I had to force myself in the beginning, but the music kept me going and and I became a real gym rat for a couple of years. It was the only way I could relieve my anxiety and physical discomfort from the depression.

      You’re on my mind and I am glad to see you here posting comments. Take care and enjoy whatever you do or don’t feeling like doing this holiday weekend. Enjoy!!

    • Dee

      Mary I too have been thinking of you. Any time I have had a really rough time, gardening, watching things grow has helped a lot. Being close to the animals is a great idea! This may be too personal however, can’t you invite a close friend or two over? Take Care HUGS Dee

      • The group of people who would normally be here for this weekend will be camping and my husband and kids will all be there. I need to adjust to this being my new normal. When you wrap yourself around someone else and their kids for 30+ years you can’t expect to have anything left if he leaves you. For some reason I’m finding myself spending a lot of time out in the pasture with the cows, goats and chickens. They have a calming effect on me and don’t seem to mind me being there.

        Thanks for the support. I don’t think I have any tears left and it’s nice to just come here and read. I appreciate you all.

    • Cat

      Hang in there, Mary!

      After my divorce, I was a nervous wreck being alone. I was 37, and it was the first time I had ever been on my own. But, I quickly got into the routine of it all. Now, I love being alone and on my own. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

      There’s a difference between being alone and being lonely. Not everyone who is alone feels lonely. Hopefully, you will find peace in your new life, and actually enjoy it. Remember, you are your own best friend.

      • Thanks Cat. I wish I were younger, I think this would be easier. I’m too old to do anything now except learn to be alone. I’m trying to avoid putting off any big decisions until I get into a better head space but I think next spring I will be selling the farm and moving into some town where I’ll be closer to things. Renting an apartment would be cheaper and maybe I wouldn’t feel so isolated. I just never thought I would wake up one day and realize that I’m old and alone and that the rest of my life was going to be pretty sad.

      • Cat

        I know it seems like it will be bad forever. Give yourself some time to heal. And don’t beat yourself up, or feel like being alone is a punishment. Think of it as your Independence Day!

      • Dee

        Mary I think you have a good idea, they say after a big shock you shouldn’t make big decisions for at least 6 months. Being close to 60 I thought I was done. Then my Aunt who is 70 moved far away to start over. I realized then, I still have lots of living. You do too! Be easy on yourself. This could be your best chapter.

  7. “Oh Canada!” Happy Canada Day! My grandmother was born in Sunnydale Corners, Ontario in 1875 so we still have some ties to some cousins who still live up there.

  8. JoJoFLL

    I love a holiday weekend! It’s the first job I’ve ever had that people actually don’t work on holiday weekends! I love real estate but normally it is almost a 24/7 job.

    That said, our sun sets earlier that everyone else (right after 8PM) so fireworks are earlier.

    We’ll spend all day Monday on Fort Lauderdale Beach with friends and margaritas (I’ve figured out how to make them under 100 calories that aren’t a quarter cup of cocktail nor are they made with aspertane) and stay to watch the fireworks.

    I’ve got floor duty in the office all day Sunday but I don’t care. The hubs works.

    BTW, Bobby from Below Deck Med was in my husband’s restaurant and the hubs said he is VERY nice in person, very tall, and ripped.

    • Cat

      Ooh…I’d love to have your recipe.

      • JoJoFLL

        Cat, fill a tall glass with ice, packed full, add one ounce of tequila, eight ounces lime (lemon lime) flavored soda water, and 1/4 to 1/2 cup of Tropicana 50/50 (half calories, less sugar) orange juice. Under 100 calories and we love them! I can no longer order a regular margarita in a restaurant, too sweet.

      • JoJoFLL

        Also, in a pinch, I also like Margaritaville Lime Flavored Tequila and orange flavored soda water work well too. Once you get used to removing the sugar, it is fun to play around with the recipes. Lime and orange flavors with the tequila are what makes it work. I don’t use Agave because it is too sweet but Chi Chi’s makes a great bottled skinny margarita.

  9. MARC

    Working the entire weekend but will check in here frequency & see what everyone else is up to. Safe & Happy 4 th to all.

  10. Today is also the 100th birthday of Hollywood legend Olivia deHavilland! Not only was she Melanie Wilkes in “Gone With the Wind”, but she is the star of many movies that I adore, which include in no particular order:

    To Each His Own
    The Snake Pit
    Light in the Piazza
    The Heiress
    Hush…Hush Sweet Charlotte
    Lady in a Cage
    and of course, Gone With the Wind

    I’m sure I’m forgetting a few. Who else here is a fan of Miss deHavilland? Which is your favorite film?

    • Minky

      Love the “Hush…Hush” movie. She played the villain so well, along with Joseph Cotton(?), that I wanted to reach through the screen and strangle her. When Charlotte dropped that huge planter on them it made me so happy. I’m also a huge Bette Davis fan.

    • Matzah60

      I am! I couldn’t believe it when I read in the paper that she just turned 100 and she looks damn good. She is obviously in good health and doesn’t look her age though I don’t know what the hell someone would or should look like after a century of living.

      I don’t think I could afford to live that long, but kudos to Olivia!

    • Margarett

      Hi and Happy 4th everyone.

      I just watched “Anthony Adverse”. (Not positive about title..missed the first few minutes.) Olivia de Haviland is so sweet. I had forgotten every thing about “Snake Pit” except the chills with the shots of shadows. Maybe it will be on this month.

    • fivecatsownme

      I loved her with Error Flynn in all the Swashbucklers and Westerns.

  11. GirlMe

    Tamara did you see American Greed last night? It was about that crooked guy you mentioned in regards to luxury car arrangements and RHONJ. Did get thru show but I remember you writing about it.

    Also are you going to be sharing your big news about your biz. You posted about yiur excitment a month ago. Thx

  12. I need to go get some Molson and celebrate my homeland- Happy Canada Day!

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      That swill! How about some Fin du Monde? I suppose it’s not as traditionally Canadian as Molson or Kokanee or Labatt, but damn it is good :)

  13. Rach

    Happy Holidays all. My sister has come down to visit from Leeds which has been so nice. We went to see Brandy perform on Tuesday night which was amazing. I have the Beyonce
    Concert tomorrow. This has been a great week for me which is so good as I’ve been severely down for the past few months.

  14. Minky

    I, for one, welcome this long weekend. I need a damn break. Some nasty shit’s being going on in Minky-land lately. I have been exhorbitantly short-changed, and I’m mad as hell.

    Is the “Twilight-Zone” marathon this weekend? I could totally go for some of that shit.

    Yesterday was literally one of the worst days in my life. I was so mad, sad, exasperated, scared, etc., all at the same time that I almost threw up on the spot and I was shaking like a leaf. The terrible stabbing pain in my stomach lasted for about 2 hours afterward.

    After I had a little while to calm the fuck down, I went to the supermarket and got some Dreyer’s custard-style ice cream. Butter Toffee Brickle flavor, I believe. For me this is significant because I broke my ketogenic diet. I’ve been so strict with it and such a good girl about not eating carbs. Since April. I know it might sound stupid, but the fact that this event gave me a reason to say “fuck it!” and fall off the wagon is pretty serious. I’ll get back on the wagon tomorrow.

    BTW: The frozen custard style ice cream was exquisite. It tasted like the best day you ever had ice cream in the summer time as a kid. I highly recommend it.

    • WhyOWhy

      I hope today has been better, Minky!

      I’m going to have to try that ice cream.

    • Dee

      I love butter brickle, my favourite. I’m going to get some ASAP. Thanks for sharing! I hope things are looking better for you this weekend.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      Oh no Minky, I hope things are ok with you :(

      • Minky

        Thank you guys so much. I’m fine now. Yesterday was a dilly though. For the curious, here’s what happened:

        I was supposed to do a job interview at 3pm yesterday. That’s the time I was told. The people in the office doing the scheduling first told me to chose a time, so I chose 2pm. They said I can’t have that time and then gave me three appointment time choices, so I chose 10:50am and confirmed that time. Then a couple days later they changed it AGAIN and said I’d have to do it at 3pm. Mind you, this was after I told my boss at my other job that I’d have to call in sick for the 10:50 time. And then I had to tell my boss that I wouldn’t have to call in sick because the appointment time changed to 3pm.

        I have a work email for this job because I worked there for a couple of months last year temporarily as an emergency hire, but I haven’t worked there since December 2015, and have no reason to check that email.

        This exchange about the job interview appointment times all happened a couple of weeks ago via my email. All through my PERSONAL email address that I specifically put on the application as my contact info for the job interview. The office people at this job simply wouldn’t answer the phone or return my calls, even though I left a bunch of voice mails.

        So June 30th finally arrived yesterday. I was excited and happy because I really wanted this job. I got to the interview about 45 minute early, because I’m a fucking responsible person. I walk into the office to check in and let them know that I’m there. As I walk in the dean says “Well where have you been? We’ve all been waiting for you.” “What,” I asked, “my appointment is at 3 o’clock.”

        “No,” she says. “You were scheduled to interview at 1:55 pm.”

        “That can’t be,” I said. “You specifically sent me confirmation for the 3:00 time. I have the emails for it on my phone!”

        “Well, no. We sent you two more emails because we changed the time to 1:55.” she said.

        So I ask: “Which email address did you use? Was it my personal gmail, that we used for all of the other emails? 4 of them in total.”

        She says: “I don’t know which email address we used, but we sent you an email and we were wondering why you didn’t reply to confirm.”

        SO I said: “I don’t reply because I didn’t see it. Since I didn’t reply via email, why didn’t you just call me on the phone? My home phone or my cell.”

        She says: “Well, I’m sorry, but we DID send an email.”

        So I say, very clearly: “WHAT. EMAIL. ADDRESS. DID. YOU. USE?”

        She says: “The one we have on file.”

        I say: “And which one is that?”

        They simply refused to answer that question. I asked them a total of 5 times which email address they used. The first 4 times they simply didn’t answer, and the fifth time they finally said they used the one they have “on file”.

        I said: “This isn’t my fault. Can I speak to the hiring committee now? Why didn’t you call me on the phone if you didn’t get an email reply? Can we reschedule?”

        They said that basically the interview ship had sailed and that I was fresh out of fucking luck. I’m paraphrasing. During this whole exchange I was shaking like a leaf with my stomach turning with stabbing pains and nausea.

        They made it sound like it was my fault for not checking an email address that I shouldn’t even be concerned about, since I don’t work there, and haven’t since December. The secretary who handled this communications for the whole thing was being a real bee. She fucked up majorly and didn’t want to shoulder any f the responsibility for it.

        I barely made it home driving on the freeway with my nausea and stabbing pains and being in shock. I called my mother to tell her what had happened, and my momma, quick thinker that she is, said: “What email did you put on your job application? That’s the one they should have used. Especially if they already sent you 4 consecutive emails to your personal address. Why so abruptly change to the old work email for the most important part of the communication? This smells like a set-up to me.”

        I believe my momma is right. And I’m livid. They tried to make me believe that this “snafu” was my fault, when they were basically obligated to communicate with me via the email address that I put on my application. I called them on the phone to say this. Now, instead of placing the blame on me, like they originally did, their blaming HR. Which is ridiculous because I wasn’t communicating with HR, but with them directly. Specifically with the dean’s secretary. I’m supposed to hear back from them on Tuesday (because of the July 4th long weekend), but I’m not very hopeful. I have good friends who already teach there. BTW: Those friends ARE the hiring committee. The only way to make this shit right would be to give me a new appointment time so I can have a chance to interview and do my presentation like I was supposed to do.

        Am I being overly sensitive about this? I know all kinds of shit happens in these situations. I know all kinds of politics and shit happens where they basically already know who they want to hire and just do interviews as a formality because they’re legally bound to do them. I was so beside myself when I spoke to these people tester day that I actually, out loud, accused them of doing all of this deliberately so they could conveniently eliminate me from the candidate pool. Of course they said “No, we would never do that.”

        So that’s that. That’s what happened yesterday. Really sorry for the length of this post, but I had to vent. Stay tuned for the next episode of “As Minky’s Stomach Turns”.


    • Matzah60

      Sorry to hear about your shitty day, Minky! Don’t feel bad about breaking your no carb diet. That is amazing you have been eating like this since April. I don’t think I could go a day without bread, let alone all the other carbs I crave. Fuck all those people who made your life miserable. I for one want to tell you that I too experience physical discomfort when I get depressed and low. It is very bothersome to me and sometimes I find it hard to concentrate. I literally have to get on my bike until I pedal away all the anxiety and I don’t love biking all that much, but it seems to relieve the mental and physical agita.

      I think indulging in the ice cream was a good idea. It may be considered a bad reason to indulge, but if it works and tastes good, what’s the harms in indulging for one day!!

      I hope you’re feeling better today!! Happy 4th!

      • Matzah60

        Minky, as I read through the post above, I was thinking they were screwing you over. Who changes the time for the interview so many times? Why sent four emails to your personal email and then send two two change the time to the email that WAS NOT on your application/resume. Why didn’t they answer your phone calls or respond to your voice mails? Your mom is right! You are not being overly sensitive or paranoid. They were wondering where you were and wondered why you hadn’t confirmed the time change once again to an email that they hadn’t used for the first four emails!!! Please, none of it sounds kosher.

        You may not feel this way right now, but you’re lucky not to have interviewed or be working for these sick f*****ks!! It wasn’t meant to be. These people are shady, dishonest, and if this is a prelude for what it would have been to work for them, consider yourself lucky enough not to have left another job to go work there!

        Enjoy your 4th! I’m glad you’re feeling better today!!!

      • Minky

        Thank you so much Matzah. I am feeling better, and my father basically told me what you said about this being a blessing in disguise.

        Like Sophia Petrillo says on “The Golden Girls”: “Why do blessings wear disguises? If I was a blessing I’d walk around naked.”

        And you’re totally right about this not being kosher. The whole thing has “PIG” written all over it.

      • Cat

        I agree. They clearly screwed up, and blamed you. If they do that to people applying for a job, just imagine how they treat the people who actually work there.

      • I’m really sorry to hear about this Minky. While reading the post I kept thinking “is this a place she should even want to work at?” Something better is coming your way – that’s how it works!

      • Dee

        Minky I agree with Matzah, who keeps changing appointments? It is almost as if you were set up to fail. Why didn’t they call you? Something stinks. I try to think everything happens for a reason. This may be a blessing in disguise, if this is how they treat prospective employees, how do they treat employees? Thanks again for telling us about the Breyers! Love that flavor! Have a good one!

    • JustJenn

      I’m sorry to hear that you had a bad day, Minky. I hope everything all works out with the new job!

      Here in the Midwest we have a chain called Culvers that serves frozen custard in cones, sundaes, and blizzards. I miss them since I’ve turned mostly vegan :(

  15. Theresa

    Holidays mean extra work, double the hours but double the money. We usually celebrate thanksgiving the 1st week of December and Christmas on whatever day off I have. I don’t mind. I knew the drill when I signed on. I’m just had my lovely beach vacation 2 weeks ago and will be doing it again at the end of the month.

    Have fun everyone!

  16. Blondesense

    Today is the Australian Federal Election. Neither of the major parties support marriage equality so I voted Green (3rd largest party and left wing) but it feels rather redundant. Oh well, all I can do is raise my own rainbow kid and send him out into the world. It is freezing here 50 degrees which I know is nothing for my yank friends but I am in a snow jacket in the house.

  17. JKR

    I’m sorry about your headspace, Tamara. I hope you feel better.
    I have my little one every day, other than my pesky full-time job that keeps us afloat. Fortunately/Unfortunately my mother asked to take her on vacation for a few days. My anxiety said “NO!” but my conscience said “You have to.” Hence, my reading and commenting here so late. I am a nervous wreck. I planned on a night out with friends (for once) but bowed out early and came home to sit and worry. Anxiety is a bitch.
    On topic? Canada is not so far of a drive from me. In high school, once you turned 18-you took the drive and drank legally. Before passport issues. Times have changed. I don’t do emojis much, or I’d envision a firework here.

  18. BeckyMay

    As Blondesence pointed out its Election Day here in Oz. I’m also Team Greens. Today is quite boring. All I’m doing is catching up on all my washing because my washing machine broke a few days ago and just got a new yesterday. Tomorrow I’m taking my Son to a Play School concert and then after that my little family and I will be taking a 10 hour road trip to visit family for a week. I’ll be avoiding my in-laws like the plague lol

  19. Matzah60

    I will be home chilling, noshing, and watching TV along with you, TT. I like to sit on the front porch and listen to all the fireworks going off not too far from where I live, but as much as I’d like to see them up close and personal, it’s become too much of a hassle getting out of all the traffic from the beach.

    I have a cousin who built a second home down near me very close to the beach. I used to go to the beach near her with my sister, brother in law and kids for many years, but alas, the kids are grown and out of town and my sister and I had a huge fallout with her so no more.

    I am content and just want the weekend to relax and stay away from the horrible heat we’re having here in NJ. The humidity is a killer. I have been working in the yard all week and frankly, I am pooped and just want a couple of days off from the outside work that has to be done, along with all the inside cleaning.

    Tamara, thanks for this post to vent and talk about the holidays. I hope you have a relaxing holiday weekend and enjoy catching up on shows, movies, and the like. Happy 4th to everyone on this site. Stay safe and have fun!!

  20. MARC

    I went to work this evening & tripped over a cord sprawled in the middle of the dining room dropping a huge rack of drinks in the process but was able to catch myself from falling flat on my face into a pile of shattered glass…was then told by my supervisor that it was my fault & should watch where I am going…Ok twatwaffle next time I am walking thru a public space refered to as a dining room I will be on the lookout for stray extension cords…anyone else would have taken the fall promptly went to the e.r. & claimed egregious injury followed by paid unemployment due to work related injury for months…Its hard being a nice guy in a world full of ignorant assholes…Thanks for letting me vent…

    • caroline

      Sounds like your boss is definitely a name i can’t repeat in polite company. When i come across ppl like that i tell myself that i can’t control how they act but if i can hold my head up high im doing well. It sucks sometimes but in the long run im sure you will be happier than him 😊

    • Cat

      I won’t be polite. Your boss sounds like an asshole.

      Hope you are OK.

      • Minky

        Ditto. I fuckin’ love bosses like that. Don’t worry. Whatever force it is that controls the world is totally impartial and just. They all get what’s coming to them sooner or later.

  21. caroline

    Happy 4th july & happy Canada day all. Im far away in a cold & wet australia awaiting the results of a vote we had today on who will be our new prime minister. Our government is so messed up that we have had 5 in the past 6 years & this vote only happened because all the policies proposed by the leading party were so shockingly biased towards big business & the rich that none were approved so its been alot lick watching toddlers fight. Wondering if it really is as sad as it seems that i am so interested as i am?
    Anyway hope everyone’s having a great weekend, a couple of drinks and enjoying the nice summer weather 😊

  22. JustJenn

    I’m not sure what I’m doing this weekend. I actually have date offers from two men who I’ve known for over 10 years, but I’m still not trying to date. I’m in an awkward space and I’d just ruin a relationship right now.

    The neighbor has been MIA since he received his order, so thank God for that.

    I put my two weeks in at my old job and already have two job offers and an interview this week for the job I really really want.

  23. Cat

    It’s raining here in Kansas City, and is supposed to continue until Monday.

    I love rain!

    • JustJenn

      That’s lucky, Cat! I wish it would rain until Monday here so the idiots would lay off on the fireworks. I have to keep the TV blasting so the dogs don’t know what’s going on outside. I hope you have a great weekend!

      • Cat

        I agree. Too bad it won’t continue through Monday. But, we are supposed to get up to 6 inches of rain in the next 2days. Maybe it will be too wet for fireworks?

  24. Sammie

    I live in Florida and it’s too hot to breathe outside, if my dog didn’t need walking I wouldn’t leave my dark air conditioner on high house.
    The July 4th fireworks have already started in my lil redneck part of town. UGH dog is a nervous wreck already and it’s gonna be a long weekend of fireworks and gunshots!
    Hope everyone has a safe and fun time doing whatever makes you happy. And will someone please drink a couple fun adult beverages for me 😃

  25. Jujue

    I don’t post much, but read here all of the time, and one person I notice has been missing for a long while is Maisy.. I miss her witty comments!

  26. Heidi

    We thought we were going to have to put our cat down this morning, but thankfully didn’t have to. So now I’m going to love on him all day.

    My hubby and nine year old are at Gander Mtn buying stuff for our upcoming camping trip. Will probably grill out tonight. Love hearing what you all are doing, well, except for the bullshitty stuff going on with some of you. That all stinks.

  27. Pitypat

    I am recovering from a front tooth root canal. On Monday, it was mild tooth pain, Wed. morning I woke up with my nostril swollen closed and top lip like Lisa Rinna. When the dentist relieved the pressure, he and his assistant both said Whoa and stepped back. They gave me Vicodin and I slept for 3 days. We had a huge thunderstorm and rescue puppy did fine so I am hoping fireworks won’t be too bad. She is a very cute beagle baby.
    Love Canada!

  28. Cat

    Grrrrr….I am SO tired of self proclaimed “experts” on antisocial media who feel the need to “educate” me about MY life experience. My experiences as a child were NOT fantasy, they really happened.

    I was there…the “experts” were not!

    The definition of an “expert”:

    An “ex” is a “has been”.
    A ” spurt” is a drip under pressure.

    That is all.

    • Minky

      Guuuuuurl. You know what they say? Opinions are like assholes and everybody’s got at least one.

      • Cat

        I feel like I’m married to this guy, because I adopted his dead mother’s cats.

        I don’t want to be married. Been there, done that.

        I don’t have to put up with his macho crap, and I told him so.

      • tamaratattles


      • Minky

        Honey, I’m sure you’re sick to death of advice, but… Do you. Be yourself and enjoy your life as you see fit. I don’t know how deeply involved you are with this dude, but maybe try to take a break from communicating with him for a little while. Radio silence on your end will send a stronger message than any words ever could.

      • Cat

        I can’t quit facebook. I have some really good friends there.

        Just like I can’t quit here, even though I don’t watch the shows anymore. I have friends here that I would miss too much.

        I am only connected to this guy via his mom’s cats. We talked it out, and I set boundaries. He is not my husband, and he is not my father. He has no control over me, or my life. I made that very clear.

      • Margarett

        Good for you,Cat! It can be hard to set boundaries.

        I’m glad to hear you’re in a nice safe place without flood danger. We’re near Houston but, like you, are as safe from flooding as is possible here. My heart breaks for those who aren’t as lucky.

        Take care and enjoy the long weekend.

  29. CanadaCat

    Thanks for the shout-out, TT!
    My kid and I spent the day at home. We had all kinds of fun plans but she woke up puking…so, no.
    Happy July 4th!

  30. Katherine 2.0

    Life is pretty fucking sweet at the moment. I cannot complain one iota.

  31. Billie_bee

    Canadian, now American. Doing a hybrid celebration, and having a big Lebanese feast tonight with friends. I’ve been cooking since yesterday morning.

    • Dee

      Cat, Tamara was so funny when she told you to get off FB! Minky is right, the silence will speak volumes.
      I just had my first home grown tomato! It was the size of a ping pong ball but deelicious!!

    • Heidi

      Oooohh!! What kinds of foods does one make for a Lebanese feast? I’d love to know.

      • Billie_bee

        Meat pies, spinach & cheese pies, hummus, babba ghanoush, fatoush (kind of salad with pita chips), shawarma (beef), shish tawouk (chicken kabobs), grape leaves. Desert was namoura (semolina cake with sugar syrup), and I made some mini cheesecakes with red, white and blue to get a little Americana in :) I always worry there won’t be enough food, so I made double of what I needed and sent everyone home with a tupperware :)

      • tamaratattles

        I remember when we moved back to the US it was a few years before Gyro places would pop up, and I was thrilled to have shawarma (sort of) again.

      • Hey Billie_bee what about the knafeh? It’s so delicious.

      • Billie_bee

        Uretha, you’re right, knafeh is the shiz. My friend is having a big party this weekend for Eid and I’m in charge of dessert. I’m making either knafeh or atayif. My mom used to cater Lebanese food back in the day, and that was my weekend job. At the time I hated it, but I realize now how fortunate I am to have learned how to make all the authentic food and will be able to teach my kids.

  32. MARC

    Minky Cat & Caroline Thanks for the positive feedback it really lifted my spirits Happy & Safe 4th

  33. Minky

    TT, you need to do an advice column. I say call it “Ask a Southerner”. I’m researching pimento cheese, because it’s low carb, and I have no clue what to do with it. This is serious.

    • Cat

      Yum. I love pimiento cheese. On crackers.

    • Minky, pimento cheese is the BEST. If you’re doing low carb, steam or microwave cauliflower, and while it’s very hot, top it with pimento cheese. Easiest, most delicious cheese sauce ever. Top a burger with pimento cheese…run it under the broiler for a minute or two (or not)…pimento burger. Southern classic – celery sticks stuffed with pimento cheese. If you’re not doing low carb, grilled pimento cheese sandwiches with or without a slice of fresh tomato; pimento cheese on crackers; pimento cheese on sliced bread, crusts cut off, nicely packed for a picnic. Are you making your own? Shred 8 – 16 oz. of good sharp cheddar cheese; add 1 jar of pimentos with the juice – little jar if you’re using 8 oz. cheese, bigger jar if you’re using 16 oz; mix in Duke’s mayonnaise with a fork – start with 1/8 -1/4 cup of mayonnaise, depending on how much cheese you have. Add freshly ground black pepper (I like lots) and a little sprinkle of red pepper flakes. Mix it all up; cover and refrigerate. Pimento cheese is best if you let it set out for a little while to soften if you’re going to spread it. It keeps for days in the refrigerator.

      • Minky

        Thank you so much! I’m gonna do this. It sounds so good I’ll probably end up eating it with a spoon. 😊

  34. tamaratattles

    So I am sitting on my couch, quite content watching TV and apparently having a panic attack. It’s scary when it is for not fucking possible reason. I am wondering if I need to put Banjo in the crate and unlock the front door in case I have to call 911…

    It’s just a panic attack but every time there is that thing in the back of your head that says it COULD be a heart problem. UGH.

    • tamaratattles

      And it’s stopping now.

      So annoying

    • Tamra you are an amazing human..when things go right..anxiety rises..weird huh..but that is how our brains are wired..this happens to me too..when everything that is important to me is..going right..complaints have stopped flowing…things stopped breaking…etc…at some point you start thinking uh ..oh..

      to change this to a good feeling..I do my check list of what is being awesome..it changes the physical ..out of control feeling..

      you are an amazing human..remain awesome

  35. Cat

    Yay! I can comment again. Stupid tablet!

    Glad you are OK. I hate when those attacks come with no reason for them.

  36. Cat

    Happy, happy day! I now have a new ringtone for my phone….that MEOWS!

    Ain’t technology grand?

  37. Natalie

    Hello! Is it possible to have the “hoodwinked by a twink” blind item revealed? Seems like it would be really good tea for the 4th.

  38. JKR

    TT, did you see they are finally airing the final episode of the mother daughter experiment? Oddly enough my DVR says tuesday at 3:58 pm. Do they just want no one to see it, you think?

    • tamaratattles

      WOW! They really don’t want anyone to see it! I’m kind of afraid to publiciz it!

      • JKR

        I just meant with the buzz around Kim/legal issues, airing it in the middle of the afternoon and no advertisement seemed a little strange.
        I may be the only one who cares about this show any more. Lol. Including the network, apparently.

      • tamaratattles

        Oh I get what you mean. I am thrilled we will see it and I will be recapping it. I just meant I am afraid to draw attn. to it because I think Kim’s lawyers are trying to keep it from ever being seen.

        I am on PINS AND NEEDLES for this show!

      • JKR

        They even listed it as a repeat episode, so if you had it tuned to record new- you’d never know. Very interesting. If I hadn’t been checking on demand here and there for it, I would never have seen it either.
        I’ll be impatiently waiting for that recap!

  39. JustJenn

    TT have you seen Making a Murderer? I’ve been Netflixing it all weekend and it’s so fucking tragic. I know you love court cases and this one is a doozy.

  40. tamaratattles

    so I am in contact with my ex again. and it is really hard,

    • MARC

      T.T I read something online so coarse but I must share with you ” Considering going back to an ex is like taking a piece of shit & putting it back in your asshole ” please don’t be offended but I am in a similar situation regarding previous relationship & it helped me laugh during a very dark part of our semi reunion

      • Katherine 2.0

        Sorry, Marc, but that is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard.
        That said, I am sorry you had a painful reunion.

  41. MARC

    Its ok I have no problem with having a quote I read on the internet being called stupid just trying to protect T.T from heartbreak. If her ex didn’t realise how unique special & truly genuine she is I would hate to see her give him another chance to hurt her when if he was smart & loving he would have honored her the first time around. T.T rocks & if he didn’t see it the first time I doubt he would the second ; T.T. deserves nothing but the best

    • Margarett

      You didn’t ask for my opinion, Marc. But, I think this is a mighty sweet comment.

      • MARC

        Thanks dear I think of T.T as a friend & a spirit animal ( we share the same birthday ) & hate to think of anyone treating her less than stellar. I’ve read her blog for years & her intellect compassion & sense of humor resonates with me & I really hate the thoughts of her considering going backwards & not forwards. She has accomplished so much this year & I hope she revels in that fact. Thanks for your nice comment.

    • Dee

      Love the comment Marc and I agree, Tamara is very special.

      • Minky

        You’re a total sweetie Marc. Love is complicated. I wish TT all the happiness in the world.

    • Katherine 2.0

      Aw, Marc. Tender soul. I was referring to the shit and return of shit to the asshole quote, not the sentiment. Buck up little pony.

  42. Whyowhy

    It sounds like a frickin war zone here. Dang people with illegal fireworks. My poor dog hid in the bathroom and bumped the door closed for the second time. I’m currently sitting on the couch and he’s laying on the floor right next to me shaking. Every time there’s a big boom, he jumps up and tries to climb up on the couch. I guess that means he’s sleeping on the bed tonight. Poor baby.

  43. tamaratattles

    really need ro get me an banjo out or here.

  44. tamaratattles

    I am going to die all alone. but I am not going to do it HERE.

    • Katherine 2.0

      TT, FFS, what the hell is going on? I hope you are making plans to vamoose. You sound quite miserable and frightened in that neighborhood. You deserve better.

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