Blind Item Revealed: Harbouring Resentment

Blind item psst


This housewife who enjoys traveling to Miami quite often has been trying to throw her weight around.  On her last visit to the Bal Harbor Shops, an upscale shopping spot including stores like, Harry Winston, Gucci, and Jimmy Choo, she caused quite the scene. The only time I have ever been to Miami, I stayed in a hotel across the highway. If I recall correctly there was some sort of skywalk to get you across the busy highway from the beach side. I remember thinking I couldn’t really afford anything there and if they charged for air, I couldn’t purchase a nose full.

This housewife is now persona non grata after she went into full on diva mode and asked for discounts while shopping!!!
Gay gasp


Sources say that she continued this behavior across several stores. Unfortunately for her,  even in really expensive shopping centers employees still chat with each other over their lunch and dinner breaks and at the bar after work.

I can envision the sort of conversation that was had, “Did she come to you store?”

“Sadly, yes.”

Apparently, she was actually asked to leave one store with her “Don’t you know who I am? People pay me to wear their clothes!”attitude.

Nene Leakes  (um allegedly!)


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28 responses to “Blind Item Revealed: Harbouring Resentment

  1. Rose

    Ugh. Guess she needed clothes for To Tell the Truth (maybe she could learn from that title) and for Celebrity Family Feud.

  2. Blondesense

    If I were a designer I would pay her NOT to wear my clothes – God forbid someone Thi is it’s from her shoulderless t shirt range.

  3. Minky

    Is anyone really surprised? Typical Nene. Pathetic.

  4. More Tea Please!

    What disgusting, entitled behavior! I’m glad her mooching efforts were repulsed.

    She should wear her own crap.

  5. Dee

    She is a legend in her own mind!

  6. SJ

    I Wish there was a Finishing School for housewives where Nene, Ramona, Tamra Judge, and all the others could learn the social graces they so obviously lack.

    • JoJoFLL

      I don’t see Tamra shopping there. She has said that she is notoriously cheap and that is the most expensive mall in the US. This isn’t a mall with a Coach store.

      • SJ

        You are right about Tamra being too cheap to shop in upscale places, I was just hoping a finishing school would help make them less cringe worthy in general. There are several ladies from each location that a finishing school could help them understand their “fame” . LVP could be the head mistress and lead them all in less embarrassing behavior.

  7. You can take people out of the ghetto, but you can’t take the ghetto out of the people.

    This is definitely for Lenechia Nene Leakes.

  8. When I was reading this I was thinking of Vicki. I know she goes to Florida a lot and her business must be suffering after the whole cancer scam. I was disappointed that it wasn’t her.

  9. Diane

    Oh Nene!!!

    I was really happy for her when she started to take off and make a living. She is truly funny and talented I think. But she sure let it all go to her hair … I mean head LOL

    She could use a big dose of humble pie !!! Nothing worse that someone making it and forgetting who they are and where they come from… hearing Luann singing “Money can’t buy you CLASS”. That song is so appropos lately >>>>> Crypt creeper and creepy closet boy son et al….

  10. RHofND

    “Don’t you know who I am?” is typical Nene. Take several seats.

  11. JoJoFLL

    I believe the retail people were there gossiping about her between stores.

    They see EVERYONE in the Shops At Bal Harbor. Superstars like Elton John, JLo, and Andrea Bocelli are in there on a regular basis and PAY.

    Those sales people work on commission and make nothing if they give it away and if they give it away, they don’t have it to sell. Plus, it isn’t theirs to give away.

    Nene is an asshole for sticking her hand in their pocket which is essentially what she is doing

    This is so uncool.

    • JustJenn

      I agree! If you have money and can afford to buy something that you want BUY it. I get so mad when I hear about any kind of famous asshole with their hand out because they are so famous and more important than the rest of the world…not.

  12. spunky2015

    This sounds like something Nene would do. Little does she know that she’s a laughingstock.

  13. Scatty

    Because of the spelling of “Harbouring” and the gif of an obvious brit, I thought that was a clue to maybe Lisa Vanderpump. Glad I was wrong. Until I noticed that, my first guess was NeNe. But doesn’t NeNe have her own clothing line? Maybe it’s not upscale enough for her, but good enough for her fans? If it’s bags she wants, after she defaced a perfectly good Hermes bag (or was it Coach?No I think it was a Birkin) others may not appreciate letting her carry around their products.

  14. Matzah60

    Nene, lots of class, mostly lower!!!

  15. Christine

    This is the exact same scenario as Taylor Armstrong in Vail, only she is drunk when trying to throw Her weight around in all of the stores, and yes all the employees talk,
    Texts spread through town like wildfire.

  16. D_Ram5640

    Funny…I was thinking it sounded like some shizz Nene would try. Not surprising at all.

  17. BaybeK8s

    As I was reading the Blind item Reveal, I suspected Nene, but after seeing the gif I KNEW it was Nene. Let the Rich B pay full price for all her purchases. Better yet, let her wear that HSN mess she hawks.

  18. I was hoping it was not her but the more I read, the more I believe it was. As if anyone is falling over themselves to get her to wear their clothes when she is so rude. Why can’t she be her old, fun self that she was on the first season of RHOA? A good attitude would have made this all much better for her…and not begging for “discounts.” Embarrassing!

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