WWHL With Shiri Appleby and That Elderly Mean Girl From #RHONY


Sorry for the delay. I was up very late, slept through my dental appointment (by several hours) and it hot as hell again so I really am not thinking straight. But several asked about this recap, so I am going to try to muddle through it. I really think I have narcolepsy.

OMG it’s Shiri Appleby! AKA Rachel from Unreal! NOW I am excited!  Andy says Unreal is dark even for him but he loves it. I am sure he is getting ideas.

We start with the Calzone scene. Carole says Jules screwed up the Calzone so she didn’t have to eat it. I really don’t care what Carole thinks.

We see the scene where Luann says she doesn’t want to have a cup of tea with Carole and she doesn’t care what she thinks.  Carole says that she thought they had it all worked out at Bethenny’s fall party in the Hamptons that they were not ever going to be friends and it just keeps on coming up.  Well Carole, I thought the understanding was that you and Luann were not going to be friends and that you would keep a civil distance. Instead, you became a mean girl demanding that she not film with you. Something you picked up from Bethenny’s treatment of Sonja.

This is how Shiri looked at Carole...

This is how Shiri looked at Carole…

We get a clip of Dorinda and Jules talking about how rude Carole was about her eating disorder. Carole says she just met Jules and she was open about her eating disorder so I was just trying to get to know her and having a normal conversation. I have never asked ANYONE that I know well or don’t know at all how much they weigh. Let alone doing it on camera and laughing about it with my friend the moment she steps away. Andy asks her if she thinks she was judgmental. She says no. She thinks Dorinda and Jules were rude for talking about her being “judgey.” Oh this one is from another planet. All she and Bethenny do is sit around and judge people.

Shiri says that her understanding is that as soon as The Bachelor/Bachelorette wraps the crew already has dibs on who they can sleep with. They are not allowed to sleep with the cast until filming ends. Wait. I misunderstood she says that right after they get kicked off or sometimes when they are still on the show crew guys hook up with the girls. Why does this not surprise me?  Chris Harrelson hate Unreal, but I’m sure he watches every episode.

Shiri accuses the RHONY of being overly produced. Carole and Andy stammer around trying to defend it. I love Shiri.

We show a sneak peek of Luann storming out of a dinner because Ramona and Sonja are talking about their relationships with Tom.  As Shiri mentioned, it is overly produced.

Carole is asked about mean girling Jules with Bethenny. Carole says “mean girls” is very 8th grade language so she doesn’t think of it that way. The words are specifically used because your behavior is very 8th grade, you dolt!  Again with the whole, “Jules is open about her eating disorder” crap as if that is license to ask her how much she weighs and kiki about it while laughing with Bethenny. Carole says Jules has a lot of food issues and the show has a lot of dinners and it’s a very complicated thing for Carole to navigate. No, no it is not. It’s quite simple to be respectful and not make mean comments and gossip about her behind her back.

Shiri is asked what the craziest thing she has heard that goes on while filming The Bachelor.  For those of you who don’t know, Unreal is a fictional show about a show like The Bachelor. The producers are all former crew and producers from The Bachelor.  Shiri says they lock them in closets and pound them with alcohol and don’t let them have contact with anyone back home.  She says they starve them from any connection to the outside world and make it so that you are solely focused on falling in love with the bachelor.

Carole tries to pretend she is not Bethenny’s puppet

Andy actually gave them men’s mazel briefs. The game was about guessing Shiri’s age. She was a bit dumbfounded by the entire experience. I don’t blame her. This sees normal to us because we are brainwashed by Andy.  Don’t miss that oldie but goodie from 2012 I the link!

Almost all of the questions were for Shiri. She made the whole show. Carole was a snooze fest.

P.S. Sorry I am slacking today. My mind, or what is left of it is on other things. xo ~tt


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21 responses to “WWHL With Shiri Appleby and That Elderly Mean Girl From #RHONY

  1. pete'sgirl

    Only reading your blog this week. Don’t think I can watch rhony until Carole is gone.

  2. BlaseBlase

    Hahaha!!! Why are Bethanny💇🏻 and Carole 🙍 running the show?! Let it be said they are now Kiki 1 and Kiki 2 Ha!!

  3. T D

    Carole doesn’t play well with others. So much quality time in her exclusive sandbox explains her mummified complection. On the other and she allows Bethenny to eat any crayon she wants.

  4. Navymommy

    Jules eating reminded me of Patsy Stone from AbFab who hasn’t eaten since 1972.

  5. T D

    Instead of skinny girl radiator fluid these two need a pair of milk of human kindness babas. Suck on that.

  6. Carol P.

    your description was perfect! I love Shiri and was proud she wasn’t afraid to tell Andy how she felt! I was laughing seeing him squirm to respond. I also found it odd that Carole and Bethenny are so obsessed with Jules eating disorder, they are very thin themselves, jealous maybe?

    • I honestly believe they see themselves in Jules, especially when it come to her food rituals. Carole mentions those quite often. I think they see Jules and wonder if they also suffer from an eating disorder and if they will someday have to face that fact.

      • Carole sure does seem to know exactly how someone with an eating disorder behaves as does Bethenny. What they don’t know how to do is show compassion for someone who is suffering. Jules pain and even her fear when she took a bite of pizza to shut up Carole & Bethenny was so raw it haunted me.I felt so bad for her. She’s done nothing to those 2 bitches except exist. And since it’s not to their standards or likings they feel it’s their right to judge, mock, shame and bully her and Andy won’t even question it. Those 2 are evil personified and I hope they enjoy the backlash coming their way from angry fans. I know I will.

      • Sosueme

        Hmmm, Bethenny runs an empire built on being a “skinny” girl, while Carole is working on a book with a boy, which is all about food/eating. They both have calipers for eyes when it comes to measuring their bodies +Jules’ body & food.

        I agree, IMO B & C are trying to distance themselves from someone who openly acknowledges her ED (obsession w/food & thiness) while being in denial about their own.

  7. Jackie C.

    Funny recap! Shiri was great. I don’t care what Carole has to say either, what a bore. Although it was funny when Carole admitted that her and Bethenny have all of the same opinions. That should be grounds to lose one of the mean girls from this ensemble cast? I’m not sure what value the “echo-ing” housewife really adds to the show.

  8. Happygal

    I also could not believe when Carole asked Jules how much she weighed and then defended that question as normal wanting to get to know you chit chat !!!

    What next ? How old are you ? What is your net worth? Have you had any plastic surgery?

    Carole is classless

    • Minky

      You know…. I wonder how someone would react if she was asked about the blatantly obvious social climbing and ass kissing she’s engaged in to get ahead. Or how someone else might react if it was mentioned that her relative through marriage presented the painstakingly and meticulously crafted public image of being the perfect, sophisticated, dignified wife and mother while being a coked up party girl behind the scenes. The mind wanders…

  9. LA_in_KY

    Carol’s face just werids me out. Her face just looks strange to me on the show

  10. Omgomg

    spot on, TT. I couldn’t put my finger on it but that’s it — RHONY is overproduced so it’s a snoozefest. It’s like it used to be the Golden Globes and now it’s the Oscars. It also annoyed me when Andy asked Carole (viewer comment or call in) does she ever have her own opinions and why is she so under Bethenny’s thumb and always agreeing with her? And Carole responds that she always agrees with Bethenny. Hey, lady, that was the point! You always agree with her. To which she says, yes I always agree with her so it’s not a problem. Carole gives off the vibe of being sorta cowardly and hiding in closets and standing behind Bethenny who rages at everyone and she’s too chicken- sh1t to have her own confrontations. She talks about herself on Twitter while calling other cast members narcissists. Which is funny. I used to like Carole. Where is the old Carole? I also don’t get a good vibe from her bf. He always has like a wary expression. Loved Shiri. Seems smart.

  11. Sammie

    “Elderly mean girl” classic southern phrasing my grandma would have used. She could cut deep but so sweetly it took a minute to figure out if you had been insulted.

    • Katherine 2.0

      Had a nana like that, too. Recalling dinners with her sisters, who were also masters at it, and wishing I could be at that table again as an adult to fully appreciate the sweet smiles and deadly barbs flying around.

  12. Bravocueen

    This show is disappointing to me. I really liked Carole last season but she disgusts me now with her “I wont film with xxx” and “how much do you weigh” bullshit. WTF happens to these women that makes them think we need to watch them so badly that their horrifying behavior doesn’t matter? I didn’t care much for Lu last season but I’d watch her every day and Sunday over Carole and Bethenny. Bethenny and her vagina need to have ten seats.

  13. Bushwick

    Carole talked around in circles and took no accountability for her actions. I thought it was funny that she answered the “mean girls” question by being judgemental & chastising the viewer for their 8th grade label.
    Carole & her Queen Bethenny need to go!

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