Blind Item Revealed: Who Has A Bun in the Oven?


This housewife is currently quite pregnant although she is not showing it on her Instagram. She was recently caught filming outside her place of business in an intense conversation with the baby’s father. It’s quite obvious what is going on down under that dress, the vertical stripes can’t camouflage it!

Y’all drive me bonkers with the blinds sometimes.  I admit this one was REALLY hard. And I knew there would be a lot of Kenya speculation, but she only very recently started IVF injections from what I am hearing.. but it’s NOT Kenya.

The other thing that freaked me out was all the comments about how the baby’s father could not be the pregnant woman’s husband. I just put that in there to open the field to those who are dating and those who are married. Last I checked, husbands can actually be the baby’s father!

So click through for the reveal…

RHOOP Ashley Darby 1


RHOP Ashley Darby 2


Check out these photos from ARLNOW and check out the tea there!  


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18 responses to “Blind Item Revealed: Who Has A Bun in the Oven?

  1. T D

    It’s not a real housewife of Kansas. There in or outside of Oz according to the glass storefront. I give up. Same oven with a new baker. Unholy cannoli?

  2. Realityjunkie

    It’s Ashley from Potomac

  3. Happygal

    Wow I never would have gotten this thanks TT for saying who it is 😀

  4. Their restaurant is in Clarendon? (That’s in Arlington, VA for you non-Washingtonians.) I’d thought it was in the District proper. Oh well.

    Ashley had said she’d been wanting a baby, so good for her.

    • T D

      Where did this recipe come from? The outer basin? Coming soon real housewives of outer Mongolia, the Boondocks, the Hills have eyes…

  5. Allison

    The pregnant person isnt the same person as Ashley-pregnant lady is walking a dog and wearing flats, Ashley has no dog and heels on. Dresses are similar but not the same. Am I seeing things? I’m not so sure she’s pregnant-that lady is BIG and Ashley’s stomach is FLAT, I dont know how she could hide that bump on IG. Maybe I’m losing it.

    • GildedLily

      I agree, it’s not the same person.

      • Allison

        Its def not. I’ve looked at the pictures over and over and its 100% not Ashley. Different dress, different shoes, no dog-I feel like a jerk for pointing it out, but unless there are others that show something different…

  6. Rose

    Good for her! I never would have guessed this one.

  7. Whyowhy

    I completely forgot Potomac was an option.

  8. Allison

    Also, pregnant lady is wearing something sleeveless, Ashley has long sleeves on.

    • tamaratattles

      Now that you point it out, that is not the same person. I was told she was pregnant so I just went with the story after seeing the photos.

      I am not sure if she is pregnant or not at this point. I should have paid closer attention to the photos. Good catch!

      • Allison

        No prob, TT! It was an easy enough mistake to make-I just happen to be inherently suspicious so I dissect things 😉

  9. Dee

    WOW! Right down the street from me. I’m going!

    • More Tea Please!

      I used to live within walking distance of Clarendon, across from the YMCA. I really liked my 8 years in Arlington . Loved walking to 13 Vietnamese restaurants, don’t think Oz would be at the top of my go-to list.

  10. RHofND

    Tamara…. the posters above have good points. Is it Ashley??

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