Big Brother Live Eviction! #BB18

Jozea Preaching like Obama, y'all

Jozea Preaching like Obama, y’all

I am not going to recap this because my Big Brother readers already know everything from my previous posts . I will IMPLORE YOU to watch this show though. It’s the best season ever.

Stupid shit Jozea says on the live show.

  1. My intuition is always right.
  2. I think it’s going to be a landslide against Paulie
  3. To Nicole : I really don’t have anything against you.
  4. Those who betrayed shall have their day in the house. (and you will have yours on the couch!)
  5. When people see someone so powerful [Him] and so vocal they take interest in that!
  6. I feel that people seeing that Messiah, that sanctuary that they can come to, (schizophrenia) would play best for my strategy in the game.


Skip on out, Jozea

In other news, Nicole and Hayden had a nearly two year long distance relationship that just ended.

The fatal five is already cracking up. People don’t like Tiffany.

I love that James put Mayo in Bronte’s lotion. I hate Bronte. She is a huge mean girl. She is also very savvy with the game and a huge threat!

This editing as if Bridgette is going home is hysterical. Oh Snap! Julie confirmed that someone who is evicted will come back. Please let it be Jozea, the Messiah and Obama all in one. He plays the worst game ever but he is feeds GOLD with his stupidity.

The editing on this show is so damn dramatic. I do love the anti Victor edit.


Fuck. I can tell from his speech he knows. DAMMIT!  Also, he ironed the pants above and a dress shirt and got all dolled up earlier because he has no idea how this game is played. BB tells them a couple of hours before if they need to wear athletic wear. Looks like I will be up for hours watching an endurance round. (You have to buy the feeds on CBS for around $6 a month and I HIGHLY recommend you do and sadly I have to pay just like everyone else so this is not a promo but I wish it was!) You can get a free week but I am not sure if you have to secure it with a credit card. Try it , Cat!

Fuck Jozea knew. DAMMIT I wanted a real blindside. Jozea didn’t say a single word after being evicted.

Also, there was a rumor that Julie would not reveal the votes this season. But she did.

Day does a dramatic hand kiss to Jozea’s dead, gray photo. Smart move girlfriend.  We got a long look at the houseguests reactions because Jozea manged to fuck up his mike on the six foot walk out the door. Also, his posse is so clueless about things work they didn’t even go to the door with him. And he didn’t know that the houseguests want to keep the door open. There was a mild smattering of applause for the Messiah. lolololol.

He is SUCH a dumbass he tells Julie that he most blames Natalie for his eviction. SHE VOTED FOR HIM TO STAY. He is so consistently wrong I want to bet against him in Vegas. There has never been anyone this wrong about everything EVER!

He is sofa king delusional. Even after bad good bye messages, he says that Paulie will not last long in the house. Dude, Paulie was a PAWN to get your schizophrenic ass out!

There is a twist called Battle Back. Jozea will battle Glenn. The loser goes home, then the winner battles next week’s evicted nominee. after the fifth eviction the winner comes back in the house.  I so want it to be Jozea at this point! Please, CBS no mental challenges! He is moron GOLD!

James is going to throw this HOH challenge. Natalie throws it first!  It’s a long one. Off to watch on Live Feeds.Update me on comments. I have some things to do..


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44 responses to “Big Brother Live Eviction! #BB18

  1. Theresa

    Omg I love every summer because of bb and this is the best ever! Was out to dinner and missed it. So glad I check this site everytime I sit down lol

  2. Paulie is the new HOH – I sooooo hope Jozea comes back – he is so entertaining!!!!

    Funny thing is I did not like Dea her first season but I love her this season!!! She is my favorite!!

  3. tamaratattles

    Jozea will never make it back unfortunately. He will have to beat Glenn (um okay)and then likely Paul and Vic. I hope they televise the comps!​

  4. timtoodles

    what chat room is yours on the BB18 live feed?

  5. Rose

    Oh Jozea. You can’t read a soul, everything you thought_was oh so wrong. See ya!

  6. RosesandGin

    Loved every minute of watching him walk out the door for the first live eviction. I was surprised he hugged everyone, didn’t seem like he was capable of such a classy exit. I feel better knowing, he knew it was coming, so that’s why he did it. I knew he wasn’t capable of that on his own. Not surprised in the least to hear that he said he’d curse everyone out including Julie.

    I was VERY surprised to hear that Hayden and Nicole were together for so long. Im almost scared to ask, but what about Austin and the twin? Any dirt on that?

    And how do you not love James for the mayo. And the chips. He’s amazing, can’t wait to see all the boys who were talking about him walk right out the door behind the self proclaimed messiah.

    Yay Paulie won HOH!

  7. Deb in SF

    Waaay anticlimactic compared to what I was hoping for. I like the idea of Paulie being HOH as it will tell us who can sway him and how he feels about noms. Sounds like he wants Paul, Victor, and Bronte up; then maybe not Bronte. I think that would be a perfect trio.

  8. GirlMe

    I thought it was so funny how Julie kept saying Jozea name wrong until the first person cast their vote then she started pronouncing it right. She kept pronouncing the “a”.Funny.

  9. Cat

    I don’t want to get into a big thing here. I would love to watch the live feeds. But, I simply can’t afford it at the moment. I know $6 isn’t a lot to most, but it is to me.

    Maybe next season, when I get out of this Verizon contract, and get REAL WiFi, like the rest of the world. :)

  10. Meri

    I was a little disappointed in the silence at the end. I am trying to get into this season but my age is keeping me uninterested. I just can’t with these kids who act so ridiculous. I have so much real stuff to deal with that the trials and tribulations of a bunch of idiots seems like something I should ignore.
    Thanks for the recaps because they are much better than the actual show.
    I did really, really dislike Josea and hope that he doesn’t come back. I am rooting for James as I did before. I love that little guy.He’s bright and funny and the only entertaining BB houseguest, imo.

    • I heard (but don’t have the details) that Frank told him he was going the day before, or the day of.

      I’m hearing that Frankie is more devious then I thought. They are saying that he is playing a game similiar to Derricks. Gotta keep my eye on him.

    • Cat

      I like James, too.

      I know what you mean about the age thing getting in the way. I wouldn’t watch this at all, if TT wasn’t blogging about it. The updates and reader comments draw me in.

      I’m hoping Bridgette goes home soon. She flits around and skips from room to room like a little girl. And she always seems to have her mouth open, like everything surprises her. I’m not buying it. Very fake.

      I could never be on this show. I’m a lousy liar, and the idea of strangers watching me sleep is creepy.

  11. He reminds me of a young Dwight from #RHOA They even have the same voice #IMO

  12. The hgs have no clue that one of the evicted will be coming back in.

    I wonder how their good bye messages will affect their game if they leave a nasty one.

    Or will BB be nice to them and just show the new evictee nice messages?

    I think Day’so message was the most damaging. If he is the one to get back in, he knows she was lying to him the whole time and voted him out. He was on her team.

  13. sherry

    BEST EVER! Yes I agree TT, he is TV Gold! I don’t like him but I so need to see more and more of him. It is so crazy amazing, the things that come out of his mouth. When he is talking to DAY it is so funny, because she can’t take it. She does the…Ummmm, ahuh! You can see it in her face she can’t believe how he talks. LOVE IT! She is doing a great job so far. I face impressed with her kiss on his wall photo. She has her game on!

    I might have to do the feeds this year. I am glued to sights that do the constant updating, but if it is that cheap I may just go for it.

    Thanks for the super fun updates, love hearing your take on BB.

  14. MzKRB

    Paulie got HOH and Vic/Paul became his conjoined triplets. They literally would not leave his side.

  15. tamaratattles

    You were not very familiar with the game. Why were you so confident you were running the house and would outplay superfans and people who’ve played the game before?

    Jozea: Superfans and people who’ve played the game before are polluted with strategies and different ways to play the game, but their minds can’t be freed to be think [sic] of new strategies because they’ve been a part of this amazing game that is Big Brother. I came in knowing the gist of everything and putting two and two together, and figuring it out as I go… it was the best move I could make. And quite frankly, a question like that should be obvious, but thanks for asking.

    The answer is what should be obvious, Josea. And the answer is that you are a dumbfuck.

  16. Rosesandgin

    So I’ve been reading that frank ruined the blindside. What exactly happened? And why would he bother saying something? What was the purpose? If anyone who watches the live feeds could explain, I’d much appreciate it:)

    • tamaratattles

      The live feeds shut off two hours or so before the live show so they can run through a rehearsal and tell them where to sit, etc. At that point, Josea had no idea he was leaving. From what I have heard on the feeds, he realized he was gone after everyone returned from voting. I think it was a blind side. I’m not aware of Frank doing anything.

      • Rosesandgin

        Ah, thank you TT! I was very confused to hear that Frank had done something to ruin the blindside. But I was also shocked by his “quiet” departure. Seemed as if it would only be to Frank’s detriment to do something like that. I appreciate the info. I keep checking back here periodically to catch any and all updates. Love BB, so I’ll be here all summer, as I am every day normally:)

  17. tamaratattles


    Paulie is HOH
    He nominated Bronte and Paul with the plan to backdoor Victor

    Victor won RoadKill
    He nominated Tiffany.

    Tiffany must either throw POV (because Victor would name her replacement if she comes off) or win and take of Bronte so that Paulie can nominate Victor.

    Tiffany had a meltdown about being nominated. Frank and his side piece Paulie are controlling the house for now. Frank and Paulie told Victor to nominate Tiffany. Frank lied to Tiffany’s face but Paulie didn’t know that he did He told Tiffany.

    Tiffany and Frank hate each other. Day and her sidepiece Zak and Nicole are over Tiffany. This veto comp is very important.

    By the time it started, the tide was turning against Frank. Day is starting to realize he is building relationships with all the newbies so he can break up the eight pack.

    The POV started just after 7 EST I think. I’ll update again when it is over.

  18. tamaratattles

    Paulie spelled a 14 letter word.

    Everyone spelled their word right.

    LOL – Paulie got his word “sustainability” from a bottle of wine they got.

  19. Ms.Minnie

    Poor Corey suppressing those feelings he has for men, it’s clear to see he has a man crush on Victor. He can’t keep his eye’s off of him.

  20. Im having a hard time getting into bb this year. These people are so boring!

    I tried watching the feeds last night. There was Paul in the kitchen telling Bridgette a long ass story about some ghost story, but he was prefacing it with how christian this couple was that you have to believe them. After what seemed like 15 minutes he was still repeating the first 3 sentences of the story.

    On the other feeds I had Paulie, Frank and maybe it was Corey in the hoh room dronng on about themselves.

    The only thing I found interesting was Day, Zak and Nicole in the bathroom discussing everybody else, esp. Frank and Paulie.

    Day is good at pegging everybody and their motives. I like these 3 as a trio and I hope Day can control her temper as the game goes on.

    They were also discussing how Tiffiny came to Day and proposed an all girl alliance and they are considering it after how the eviction goes this week.

    Otherwise, everything else is boring.

    I miss the twins. Lol!

    • SB

      I agree. It seems like most of them don’t want to be on big brother per se, but just want to be on tv. The feeds aren’t holding my attention very well.

  21. tamaratattles

    I am annoyed that ONCE AGAIN the guys are deciding what order the girls need to leave in. Frank seems to just be telling everyone what to do and they guys all just agree with him. If Bronte or Day or someone started talking about picking off all the guys the girls would run tell the guys and think whoever was calling the shots was a bitch that needs to go.

  22. Everytime I see Michele on my screen, she is wearing that creepy olive green jacket, while everyone else is wearing shorts and tees.

    It reminds me of Yolanda’s bathrobe and I want to burn it.

    I can’t tell if the get Tiffany out instead of Victor talk is true or just bullshitting/ feeling people out talk.

    Though it does seem that Day really does want her out.

  23. Paulie is taking a shower and the camera was zoomed in on his naked ass through the frosted glass.

    Corey (I believe) was sitting there and staring at it also.

    Paulie said he better stop staring at him when he gets to washing his ass and puts his finger up it.

    We then got fish.

  24. Dang. I can’t find a to double check who was showering wawas watching. I hope I got the guys right

  25. My bad. It was Corey taking the shower. He’s wrapped in a towel right now. It was either Paulie or Frank staring at him.

    All these white guys look alike to me.

  26. I was watching the feeds last night and Tiffany and Day were swapping info.

    Day realized that Z can’t be trusted and she is running and telling Paulie everything.

    Day wants to work with Tiffany and possibly pull in Michelle.

    I was wondering what you guys think of Michelle and do you think she can be trusted?

    Personslly, Michelle gives me the creeps.

    And why does she hate Bridgette so much?

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