Real Housewives of New York Recap: Vagina Monologues

RHONY Bethenny


It’s time for more Vagina Monologues by Bethenny Frankel, um Yay?

We start with a group scene (of all the girls that Bethenny and Carole will film with) and a discussion of Jules’ vagina then Bethenny comes in and actually announces that it is the Vagina Monologues.  At least we will hear about Jules’ vagina and not just Bethenny’s meanwhile, play along with me as we drink each time someone says ‘vagina.”  I hope Bravo realizes half of the gay men have changed channels in the first three minutes. OH MY GOD! Jules has photos on her phone of her bruised and bloody vagina that she is passing around. It’s like a contest! Bethenny forges ahead with her vagina story and says that Dorinda came with her to the doctor. Jules points out that must have been a comfort to have Dorinda with her. Bethenny says, “Imagine me bringing YOU!” and busts out laughing in Jules face. Jules very sweetly points out in her confessional that Bethenny’s humor is at other people’s expense.  Something I discussed at length here.  Bethenny then suddenly cries for herself. Wow.

The point of the gathering is to make their own pizzas. Jules wants to put lidocaine in her pizza. Which is ridiculous. But I would love to by her tube of 5% lidocaine from her.  Carole who loves to discuss eating drug laced gummy bears can’t seem to figure out why someone with a broken vagina would have a topical pain killer, so she mocks Jules in her talking head and then brings up her eating disorder. Carole even asks her how much she weighs on camera after she specifically said she doesn’t want to know how much she ways. God, Carole is an insufferable, hangry bitch. No wonder she and Bethenny get along so well.

WWHL Jules Wainstein

Ramona leaves with a pizza and a plate to go on a date. Bethenny mocks her on the way out the door. Jules and Dorinda step outside to smoke. Bethenny immediately says that Jules is smoking because the food is coming.  While they are outside Carole tells Bethenny that Jules says she weighs 115.  They don’t believe her. Carole, bitch that she is immediately shoves a piece of her pizza on to Jules plate. Because Carole doesn’t want to eat pizza either. More bitchy confessionals from Bethenny talking about the eating disorder.  Carole and Bethenny both have eating disorders. Bethenny said on GMA that she lost weight because of her surgery and “of course everyone on line had a comment about that.”  #Hypocrite If it bothers Bethenny that the Internet talks about her weight so much, why would she do that to someone else?  It seems so evil to put down other people for a disease that both of these women clearly exhibit signs of.  Why can’t they just have pleasant conversation?

Jules put a knife, fork and metal marinara cup in her calzone. She also lists off all the drugs that she has in her purse including Adderall.  Carole says “she read” that a side effect of Adderall is weight loss. BWAHAHAHAHAHHA!



Because Bethenny is indisposed, Carole needs someone to film with because she is such a cunt to the other women that no one wants to film with her one on one. So they called in Heather Thomson. It’s a double date with Carole and Adam & Heather and Jon.  Carole and Heather gossip about Jules and her eating disorder.


Dorinda and Jules talk about Carole and Bethenny being mean to her. Dorinda mistakenly believes that Bethenny likes her. She says to tell Bethenny that they hurt her feelings. Jules says, she’s stressed about he father, she broke her vagina, her husband isn’t supportive and then she pulls it together to go out with the girls and they mock her. I like Jules. I’m glad she is getting a divorce.  It’s terrible how ugly it is getting. Her kids are adorable. She asked for late check out from the hospital just to have a few more moments of rest.


Bethenny goes to a preop meeting for the fibroid issue. But not before handing her driver a bloody pillow and telling him to get that cleaned. I’m not rich but I’d throw that away and buy a new one an would be MORTIFIED to hand it to a man.

Bethenny has a breakdown about needing a Living Will for surgery.  She says God forbid that Brynn has to be with THEM always! That is her worst nightmare.  In case you didn’t watch Bethenny Ever After, her in-laws were the most loving down to earth people on the planet and she rejected them because she didn’t have any concept of family. Now she is crying because she doesn’t have anyone. Well, Bethenny, you had a husband and in-laws who would have been at your hospital bed or home loving on your kid every single day of your illness. It’s your fault you only have employees and not friends. I do feel sorry for her. She’s broken. And we all are. So I do feel compassion for her in this moment.



Poor Sonja, she got an apple, but still can’t film with the others. She instead gets her vagina zapped and has her hoarder issues aired on TV. This is really sad. I get why she wants to sue Bethenny now. On the other hand  who keeps multiple bottles of Wesson Oil (do they still make that?) and other pantry items in a dank basement?


FINALLY, Luann!  Luann and Jules and Michaeal and Sonja and Dorinda  and Ramona meet out at a club. Michael really does seem to have liked hanging with the ladies. Sonja is in denial about Luann and Tom getting married. It’s amazing that all of the housewives besides Bethenny and Carole can film together. Ramona is so obnoxious. She seems to think she needs to get Luann and Carole together as if that is something that needs to happen. Ramona wants camera time by bringing up that Bethenny and Carole won’t film with her. Luann tells Ramona she could care less. They didn’t even have the courtesy to RSVP.  Luann doesn’t care about Ramona’s rude intervention either. Luann is Teflon and Ramona is a blathering idiot. By the way, Luann’s beautiful daughter is there.

You know who else doesn’t care about Carole and Bethenny? Jules.

YAY! Luann is planning a trip to Palm Beach with no Carole or Bethenny.  I guess we will see Carole hanging out with Heather during that while Bethenny has a breakdown.


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140 responses to “Real Housewives of New York Recap: Vagina Monologues

  1. T D

    The best way to fix broken is to give another little piece of your heart. Unless no there are no remains.

  2. Magsmom

    It’s incredibly hard facing major surgery when you have a young child. Especially when you have no one in your corner to step in on your behalf if something were to happen to you.

    • Sammie

      It is difficult but hard to feel sorry for someone who is in that position by her own making. If you push way everyone who has ever tried making a connection to you and your child while making hateful comments about it, don’t climb on your cross because you have no support.

    • Shae

      To be fair, I think she was right to leave Jason. There was nothing wrong with his family, but he was a vindictive, nasty, asshole and I don’t think she should’ve stayed with him just to keep some semblance of a “family”. It’s not really a family if the other person is awful to you. They were not well suited.

      I think the “them” part is probably more about jason. I remember Bethenny feeling pressure to spend time with Jason’s fam but I don’t recall her actually having anything against his lovely mother or father. They were lovely people.

      • Matzah60

        I don’t think anyone really knows exactly what happened in their marriage. Nobody really knows what goes on behind closed doors. In my own marriage and divorce, I can say that my ex was vindictive and nasty and few who know him would disagree, but I know that there is almost always dual culpability when a marriage ends. I had to take ownership of my role in the demise of my marriage.

        Beyond that, Bethenny has not just one, but two estranged parents (I know her father has passed away). She even crapped on her only friend that n the show, Carole, in her last blog. As Jule’s said last night, “Bethenny’s jokes come at the expense of others.”

        As Jennifer Aniston once said about her ex’s can’t comments in a magazine article, I think that Bethenny is missing a sensitivity chip.

      • Gabriella

        Except that we never saw her visiting Jason’s parents. As TT said, they were so lovely and welcoming and down to earth, she didn’t deserve them, and oh how their hearts must have fallen when they realised who he was dating

      • Shae

        Agreed. None of us really knows exactly what goes on behind closed doors with these reality personalities lol

        She did visit Jason’s parents, though, and they stayed with them several times on Bethenny Ever After. I don’t think they were upset to find out who he was dating, they seemed to love her and were very welcoming. That makes the failed marriage even worse. I don’t think it was one of their faults, I just think they were really not compatible in the end. Her issues/temperament and his temperament/personality clashed.

        I think Bethenny is harsh on others, harsh on herself, and life has been harsh to her for many years…but I think she is a doting mother and adores her daughter, so she can’t be completely without a “sensitivity chip” lol.

      • Allison

        @Shae I agree with you a million percent-shes a devoted mother and fiercely protective of her daughter. I also dont think she would be as successful as she is today if she wasnt so driven and strong, and well-bitchy. I think she’s so used to having to be that way it become a way of life. What you see is what you get, she doesnt pretend to be something she isnt. You know you arent going to get big softies from her.

      • Ktina

        How do you know he was a vindictive, nasty asshole? Was that after he found out he was being used to market her brand? That she needed his sperm? Because he wanted to spend time with his parents on holidays? Because he felt that his mother should be the one taking care of his newborn instead of some strange live-in nanny? That’s what normal people do and she doesn’t know how to be normal.

    • Ktina

      She’s the one responsible for not having anyone that would be there for her that’s not on the payroll. Tells you a lot about a person

      • Sabrina

        I agree with Shae- but also agree we have no way of knowing everything that went on behind the scenes in their marriage. That being said, it became clear to me that the Jason she married became quite different over time, and had a very hard time reconciling his view of himself in their marriage with her success, though he loved the benefits the success brought, and wanted to enjoy them/run part of the business. I suspect he could have added a great deal , had their personalities been different , but don’t believe it is fair or correct to say she is where she is due solely to her own doing. Ultimately, he took her for as big a ride as he could- it was disgraceful. And the ugliness he forced her to deal with as the marriage was unwinding was despicable. Then, his manipulation with games created by lawyers she ultimately paid for was the worst.

        But early on, his parents seemed absolutely lovely but were also anxious to connect to the new life their living son was building, given the loss of the other. Bethenny needed more time to absorb that, due to her own family history, and that made it tough on all of them, but I do believe she made a real effort with them. That wasn’t the issue- but I am sure over the course of the divorce his parents made their unhappiness with his divorce her problem, big time. So I understand why she would have that reaction- it would be natural under the circumstances.

        I continue to yearn for clues from TT to better understand the NY dynamics this season. That Bethenny is upset 1) about Sonya’s copycat issue, and must deal with it very strongly I understand. I also understand that 2) Lu and Sonya’s salary negotiations must have become very personal as they demanded that some of her salary be siphoned off to them. That she’d be angry makes sense. But Bravo won the negotiation- and it is clear that they are only getting paid as they are on screen- which has been very little for Sonja but almost as much as the others for Luann. So I am struggling to understand why the anger/undertone/open warfare on screen . What has been so bad as to make all of this this obvious, enough to become an active part of the story? ? There must be more we don’t know. It appears to me Carol is using her relationship with Bethenny to get her jabs in at Luanne, and Bethenny is wrong to let her do it. I am having real trouble understanding that dynamic now, for several reasons.

        The last two episodes I have found Bethenny to be more like herself, save these comments about Jules and the doc visit, as well as the anorexia digs- that was ugly and wrong. We’ll see what the remainder of the season shows us, but it appears she continues to try to settle into a life with her daughter and her firm roles, along with RHNY, as the divorce slowly is resolved. She was strident and too tough in the Berkshires but I could see where a lot of the Lu commentary was overdue for many of them- and they shrunk away to leave her responsible alone for the sentiments. That being said, I’m looking for the real and vulnerable Bethenny- not the sad and worried one, but the one who can balance it all and find a way to laugh- at herself and others- without the jabs, to share some love and joy/fun. I know I’ve had times in my life when I have felt I had to be tough/had a lot on my back/was being beset by people and situations – and perhaps her very visible leadership role ( salary wise and otherwise) has made her feel beset- I don’t know. Who knows what else is feeding this? These glib comments have gone too far- and I’d like to see more of the pre-divorce Bethenny, who shows some style, perspective , warmth and love , some wisdom, laughs, balance. We see that she has maintained it with Bryn-despite Jason’s efforts to the contrary .

      • Allison

        I really think that Bethenny was a damaged person before her divorce, but it did a number on her trust issues. I dont think she’s a bad person-I think shes a person that has been through a lot of bad things and didnt really adjust well.

      • Shae

        So she’s responsible for her father being absent her whole life then dying and her mother being mentally ill/abusive and being estranged from her daughter….and not having siblings? That’s interesting.

        I think the only “family” she bears any responsibility in no longer having is her ex-husband, and like many have expressed here, it takes two to tango.

      • Allison

        This ktina seems to have all sorts of inside Jason info. And an anti Bethenny agenda. It’s weird.

      • Shae

        Very well said , Sabrina. I don’t claim to “know” for sure anything, but I definitely saw a huge difference in Jason’s behavior over time and the way he has behaved post-divorce is not indicative of a healthy, sane man. It makes it very believable for me that he was as bad to her as she’s said.

  3. Puddy

    Great recap! I felt sorry for Bethenny as well – being so totally all alone is scary and heart breaking. That said, her unkind diss regarding Jason’s family was untrue – as they were warm and loving people who would have been there for Bethenny now, when she needs family support more than ever. It is sad that she blew it. Yeah, handing her driver the pillow smeared with her vaginal blood was shocking. You privately throw it out. Gross. I think B and C are so mean to Jules who seems like such a nice person and under terrible stress. I worry about Jules, bc she seems very fragile. I am so tired of Dorinda being afraid to side with anyone (like Jules/Luann/Sonia) when Bethenny hurts them. Dorinda seems, and is even starting to look like a human eel to me – very slippery. Also, Ramona is contantly kissing up to Bethenny – literally – and I expect Ramona to trip over her carpet-like hair extensions at any moment now. I love Luann’s “in your face” attitude about B and C – good for her. But all in all – the show now has a weird vibe and I nodded off before the end – it literally put me to sleep. There seems to be a kind of lifelessness to it that I can’t quite explain. Grown women getting together to make their own pizzas? Can’t take the excitement.

    • blaine

      Puddy, I really agree with many of your points. For Bethenny, who had been so outraged at how Luann treated her driver, to hand over a used makeshift maxipad leaves me speechless.

      And Carole again with the eating disorder talk! I though she was supposed to be smart? Jules has admitted to struggling with an eating disorder that she claims is in remission. The best way to get an E.D. to relapse is never-ending criticism during a stressful time! Fuck you, cunty Carole! Sorry for the outburst, I’m done.

      • Minky

        I find myself reassessing everything I used to think about Carole. I thought she was smart too. Should we reexamine Aviva too? Was Carole something other than the victim regarding her issues with Aviva? I guess we’ll never know.

      • Meredo

        @ Blaine, I feel how you do. I’m fed up with Bethenny & Carole being allowed to run roughshod over these women to the point where they could really push one of them over the edge they’re so effing cruel. It’s disgusting to watch and to know they really don’t give a shit. In fact, I’m pretty sure Bethenny and Carole consider themselves as women who empower other women…not! This is bullying at its ugliest even if Andy tries to say it isn’t (he never likes it if one HW accuses another of bullying and always downplays it) and treats the person being bullied like they’re overreacting, when they’re not! It’s getting to the point where I feel Bravo is encouraging a society of selfish, soulless women, where the meaner they are,the bigger the reward! I hate that I patronize these shows because then I too, am rewarding disgusting behavior. I don’t know if I’m just tired and kind of irritable so I’m overreacting, or has Andy, Bravo and his harem of mean girls just gone too far? Hard to say,

      • Anna

        What an ass Bethany is. I felt horrible for her driver ( Kevin). I think was his name. How embarrassing for her to hand over a bloody filthy pillow ON CAMERA no less, to a man who literally seemed sincere about her concerns about surgery. Who the f*ck does she think she is. Ughh she’s absolutely a disgusting person. So is Carole by the way. F*ck her & her ugly skelator face. I hoe to God that when Bethany sees how she mistreated & disrespected her driver, she rectified it. But iO dought it.

      • Dee

        I hope the driver is getting hazardous pay for handling her blood

      • TBD

        @Meredo, I’m completely agree with you. I’m sick of Bravo running a roughshod, absusive narrative that they reward with money. Countroversy and ambivalance provoking make for lively discussion. I get that. But this show has become revolting. Bethenny revolting. Carole is revolting. I can’t even watch it fully anymore.

    • Briannatozer16

      Another wonderful write up from the infamous Puddy! I agree with you on everything except Dorinda. She’s being a friend to Bethenny and a friend to others. She makes it very clear they need to talk directly to Bethenny about any of their woes. It would be “eel like” if she was cosigning their woes and then running back to Bethenny and telling her about all of them… That’s the typical housewife move. Dorinda is not like that.

      • Puddy

        Thanks, Brinannatozer! Right back at ya! (“Infamous”? Yikes! -;)) I am so grateful to have found TT’s fabulous forum (which has become a kind of phenomenon) where there are always an abundance of wonderful posts by such insightful and caring people from whom we all learn a great deal. Thank goodness for TT and her amazing, valiant, super witty, scrupulously researched, and razor sharp recaps, and that she has provided us all with a place to come and share! We are like a family of sorts. Regarding Dorinda – I agree with you that she seems generally nice and generous (introduced Lu to Tom, took Bethenny to the doctor, invites people to her beautiful home) – but it does kind of bother me that she never seems to stand up to Bethenny – who appears to be in charge of who gets filming time. I still think that it was not nice to not invite Sonia to the Berkshires and then repeatedly keep telling Sonia that the reason she was excluded was that it was “for her own good” – when the real reson was that Bethenny did not want Sonia there. Sorry – but that is a kind of mind-F that infantilizes Sonia and is designed to make it look like D did not invite Sonia out of “kindness”. Disingenuous, imo – and a little “eely”. To be excluded from anything hurts like a “B”. And D left Luann totally undefended in the Berkshires while Lu was being ruthlessly bullied – by Bethenny and with the whole pack piling on Lu either by commission or by just standing by and doing nothing, which is what allows bullies to succeed. It just seems like pleasing Bethenny at the expense of others. I may not be recalling correctly – but the only person I can remember D ever sticking up for is John. Because… well. D says it is important to be “gracious and kind” – but I sort of prefer the advice of Cinderella’s mother from the last, beautiful “Cinderella” movie with Lily James — “Have COURAGE and be kind.” -;)

      • SLM

        I like Dorinda a lot, but I agree with you 100 percent, Puddy, that as hostess she should have stepped in and said, “You are all my guests, and whoever says another nasty word against one of you will be asked to leave…” It’s what I would have done. I also think it was kind of a d**k move to single Sonja out and not invite her…but on the other hand, as I commented below, I think Sonja has legit emotional and mental issues which I think makes her particularly vulnerable to this group’s unstable behavior. However, if Dorinda had been willing to be a firm hostess and not allow any of the attack behavior to go unchecked, then Sonja would not have been put at risk. It kind of makes me wonder in retrospect if Dorinda had an idea that B was going to go in hot and target people that weekend, and so she barred Sonja. If that is the case, though, that’s pretty awful.

      • Briannatozer16

        Both of you would have good points if in the next episode Sonja didn’t start crying because Bethenny didnt want to be in the same room with her. It was def too soon for Sonja and Bethenny to spend a night together. Sonja’s verbal sparring capabilities are that of a 3rd grader. I think Dorinda was in the right to not have her come… It would’ve been more tears. Luann can hold her own with the ladies. I believe Dorinda put her foot down and yelled at everyone to go home. I def think the scene was mandatory so no one could actually leave lol Dorinda was kind put in an awkward situation. She stood up for herself against Bethenny and Romona early on in the season and she always tells people to get their truth out in the open. I also think she respected the fact that Bethenny apologized to John at her own birthday party “for the sake of her friendship with Dorinda” “it was hurting her to see Dorinda suffer”. That’s a huge step for someone like Bethenny. If my friend said that then I would be just as loyal to them. Dorinda is def more of a “real friend” and Carole is just a for-show friend.. Just like Heather is Carole’s real friend. … If that makes sense?

      • Puddy

        Sonia held her own re Bethenny at Ramona’s Christmas party and refused to grovel to her. Sonia was very clear and strong. I think you invite people and let them handle themselves, and I think Sonia would have handled herself fine in the Berkshires. But as, once D excluded her, Sonia could then not get an episode paycheck for filming in the Berkshires – Sonia had to resort to getting paid for having her Vjj zapped on camera! A hard day’s work by comparison. I think that Sonia may be crying in later scenes bc she then knows for sure that she will have no Bravo paycheck if Bethenny refuses to be in the same room with her – and Sonia desperately needs those paychecks. Yes – when the situation in the Berkshires finally totally exploded (bc the hostess had let things get so far out of hand) – Dorinda did ask for them all to go home – but, imo, all of them were not the problem – Bethenny’s brutal and ruthless bullying of Luann was the problem – with Bethenny reducing Luann to tears and then giggling with Carole in bed that if anyone had ever said one of the things she said to Luann – she, Bethenny would never speak to them again. The point being – that Dorinda created a moral equivalency bt Bethenny and Luann where there was none – and that was a false cover for Bethenny who just happens to have all the power. Why Bethenny said she does not want D to suffer re B’s not caring for John is anybody’s guess. D only just met B – so why should D suffer? Again – Why should D create a relationship equivalency bt B and John? John was her boyfriend way before she met B – a reality show acquaintance? It just seems to me that if you are making decisions to constantly defer to the domination of one person (B) – bc they have all the power – then stand with that truth.

      • Puddy

        I 100% agree with your proposed handling of that kind of social situation SLM — saying “the next one who says something nasty will be asked to leave.” That would have nipped it in the bud – let the chips fall where they may- and would have been the proper thing to do.

      • SLM

        You said it, Puddy !

    • Matzah60

      Paddy, great post and actually there isn’t anything you wrote that I disagree with at all.
      It is disheartening to see that the entire “vibe” has changed, just as you noted on your comments. It almost feels like Bethenny has been given free reign to ice out anyone she hates. Carole’s refusal to accept any form of apology from LuAnn has become tiresome and sanctimonious. I think we have all said things in anger that we regret. We can’t undo the hurt it caused but we can make amends. Carole’s refusal to accept multiple apologies is simple juvenile.

      We all know fat shaming is wrong so why is it any different to shame someone for being too skinny. No one should be judged for their size and appearance. Almost every episode of NY has included Carole publicly interrogating Jule’s on her weight and eating habits and/or Bethenny questioning Jule’s eating issues in talking heads. Bethenny is always make what she believes are clever jokes questioning Jule’s intelligence. I say enough.

      It is interesting that when Bethenny rejoined the cast last year, she said she was not interesting in having a friendship with Ramona because of problems they during their prior years on the show. Why has Bethenny now becoming so accepting of Ramona. As TT stated, Ramona is a “blathering idiot.” Ramona has no loyalty to any of her friends. Her motives are and have always been self-serving and in this case, I believe it is about preserving her apple on the show. With all those ridiculous extensions in her hair, I would dub her the carpetbagger, “a person perceived as an unscrupulous opportunist.”

    • Long time lurker here. LOVE THIS SITE!! I agree about the pizza party; lame idea. Do you think that the producers suggested it to provide a background for all the Jules eating disorder shaming? Just to put that piece of pizza on her plate and watch her reaction to it? I hate the producers of these HW shows and feel like a traitor to my gender for continuing to watch this dreck. Only hanging in to follow Luann; she seems to be the only one who can take down Bethenny. If the producers will allow it.

    • Ktina

      That was disgusting! Who does that?

    • margroc

      Bah! I don’t feel sorry for Beth at all. I think Jason is angry. I believe (no 100% facts or anything, but I believe he had a lot to do with Skinny Girl’s big payoff and he’s angry because he now knows she used him. For a baby, then to do the work and she left him out after the big winfall. She didn’t like going to visit Jason’s family because, imo, she thought they were beneath her. I remember her talking about his buddies, etc. when they were visiting. As for her dysfunctional family – gtfovi.We all have to move on from our pasts and she should too. At what point does she become responsible for her own behaviour. I wish Carol would stay away from her. It’s obvious she likes having strong friends – look at Heather. The difference is Heather was nice. This new Carol is a whiny ass and I can’t stand her. Good for Luann, I’d tell them to gft I don’t think she needs the money so I really hope she continues the way she is. More class in her pinky toe than Beth and Carole put together. I also cannot stand the Beth ass kissing going on. I hope Sonja sues her and takes her down. I tweeted AC (which I never do) I asked when is RHONY coming back on. I was tired of watching an hour SG infomercial each week. When RHONY comes back, I will start watching again.

    • Toddy

      Jason’s parents could still be involved with Brenn, and therefore help Bethenney in that capacity, if she would have them. I have no insider knowledge as to what they do😉

  4. Sara

    I’m over the eating disorder talk. I don’t know about anyone else but I’m tired of the illness storylines in general. Thank goodness for Luann and Sonja this season (I never thought I’d say that).

    • Drankge

      Same here: Luann is giving me Liiife! I think she’s just fabulous and uptill this season I really didn’t think she had it in her. Although hearing her say to Alex in a scene from probably season one: “Don’t you come for me in your Herman Munster shoes!” last week in the before-special shows she’s probably always had a little fire in her personality. That remark, followed by Alex saying the shoes were Louis Vuitton and then Luann’s reply: “Even Louis Vuitton makes mistakes!” had me ROTFLOL!

  5. Miguel

    Right on, Puddy!!! My wife thinks Bethenny’s return is what ruined it!

    • Your wife is right! There’s no doubt in my mind that Bethenny is a very sick lady, but she needs a new therapist and she shouldn’t be allowed to be so visisous to others.

      • Minky

        Bethenny couldn’t be helped by a battalion of mounted psychiatrists, all armed to the teeth with riot gear. Some people are beyond help simply because their incapable of self-reflection or self-criticism. Bethenny is one of those people. Why would anyone who’s always right need help? Especially someone who’s right-ness has been confirmed by substantial monetary rewards and fame? Like, duh!

  6. Sali

    Great recap! I love Jules, too! I just can’t with Bethenny and Carole.

  7. JoJoFLL

    All the stress Jules is under is manifesting itself in her eating disorder. Destroying your food is a huge red flag. I’m with Carole on this one.

    I was yelling at Ramona through the tv telling her to shut up when she was talking to LuAnne. I cheered on LuAnne when she finally got up and walked away.

    • Agree, JoJo. Jules stating she took Adderall too was concerning.

      Also, nice to not see John the last two episodes.

    • At 19 I was anorexic and weighed 65 pounds so I can say with experience that Jules is displaying classic anorexic behavior. And if she is going to talk about it, she can’t expect everyone else to tiptoe around it.

      • Briannatozer16

        Thanks for sharing your story! I agree.. After re-watching the show Jules specifically told Bethenny that she wanted to tell everyone so they could call her out in her behavior and not get away with it. I just think Bethenny and Carole are using the right methods lol.

      • Allison

        @Jane See, I agree with you as well. She is open about it and loves to say how open she is about it, and putting non food items in her calzone wasnt just weird, it was as you said, classic ED behavior. If she;s going to talk openly about it, she cant expect others not to. And if shes going to publicly tamper with her food and play it off as a joke, again, cant expect people not to comment.

  8. Tori

    I’m so tired of Bethenny & her sob storyline every single season.

    However, Bernadette Pirk’s recent interview on Bethenny’s fibroid issue & not wanting anything to do with her only grandchild Brynn was just inhuman. I understand Bethenny had a dark upbringing, but she had a roof over her head, an education & friends, which is a hell of a lot more than other people had. She needs to be grateful for Brynn to have family in this world besides herself.

    Romana kissing bethennys presence makes me sick. A clear pattern with Romana, who wants to stay neutral but really Team B
    She is downright CRUEL to anyone she views as economicly or socially below her nowadays on the show. Fortunately this season, Jules is the new girl who comes from a long line of old money. If she were like Kristen or Heather, Ramona would be tearing her apart instead of rehashing Carole & Luann, who never liked each other to begin with.

    • Blondesense

      I saw the utter evil garbage that woman spewed also. She is scum. I am younger than Bethenny but as a mother my heart broke for her. I would dance on that woman’s grave.

      • Ktina

        So if your daughter tells the world that you are an abusive, alcoholic that got beaten on a regular basis to see margarita’s and it’s not entirely true, how would you feel?

      • Allison

        Soooo you’re saying Bethenny is lying about her childhood? I feel like you have an agenda with Jason written all over it.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        @Ktina I might feel some kinda way about it, but I would absolutely never speak about her like Bethenny’s mother does. Not in a million years.

      • Erica

        Ktina – her stepfather confirmed Bethenny’s impressions of her childhood on the show last season- and he was the one who did some of the physical violence towards B’s mother.

    • What long line of money does Jules come from? I know she made that stupid “old money” comment, but is there anything else I missed? As I understand it, her soon-to-be ex had some money beforehand, but she was just a broke, Jewasian chick who filed for bankruptcy before he came along.

  9. GillianFirst

    Right on Tamara! Thanks for calling out Carole (and Bethany of course) because I was sinking into my seat when Carole was drilling Jules about her weight! Carol was beyond tacky, like she was potentially damaging. I like Jules, she is fun and just herself. I think she’s strong in her own way. I really liked this episode. The pizza scene was great. There was drama but not too much drama. Bethany is like Mr. Scrooge. Her poor driver; she treats her employees so unprofessionally, it’s gross. I’d like to see Luann at home at some point… Like where is she even living??

    • Bushwick

      I agree with you GillianFirst. I was so uncomfortable during the Carole & Jules scene. It seemed like she was reprimanding Jules and giving her unsolicited advice.

      I hope the rumors of Jules not coming back aren’t true. She reminds me of why I watch in the first place. She’s beautiful, wealthy, has adorable children & lives in a loft in a desirable part of town. She’s real, not a bitch and she let’s us into her life, warts & all.

      I’m so over Ramona. Her role of rude, condescending, wild card is so tired. I feel sad when I see her. She’s trying so hard to be relevant in the show’s new, mean girl dynamic. When she kisses Bethenny, she may as well be kissing her ring.

      I hope the Bravo producers read TT because they need to know that Bethenny & Carole ruined the show.

      • Minky

        I’d bet that the Bravo people do read here…and do the exact opposite of everything that TT and her commenters say! The more we seem to be disgusted and appalled by things, the more they push those same things one the show.

        Nene, Phaedra, Porsha, Brandi, Yolanda, etc… Physical altercations that could go wrong in a second. Innocent people being beaten. Felonious buffoons all over the place. Fake illness story lines galore! Mean, malcontented, braying, crunched up, donkey women who find pleasure only in belittling and hurting others.

        If we were to say that Bethenny was a saint and a sweetie pie, or if we didn’t find her behavior abhorrent, they’d 86 her in a heart beat.

  10. Tara

    I just can’t with Bethany and Carole… They r such bitches!!

  11. Cocoa

    I’m sick of Carol’s self-righteous attitude! She’s one puke from being anorexic and she continues to harass Jules about her weight. Carol should focus on the episode where Adam took FOREVER to answer her Skype call followed by the ever so obvious fan around the room to show he’s having lunch with a friend, just be hung up in her face!

  12. Would You Like Some Tea??

    I can’t even imagine having an eating disorder and being grilled on TV about how much I weigh. Inviting Jules to a restaurant where you build your own pizza and eat it in front of everyone just seemed cruel.

    • Great recap, TT. I also noticed all the cooking oil in Sonja’s basement. I’m lucky to use one bottle that size before it expires.

      I like Jules. She seems real vulnerable right now. She never did explain why she was climbing through a window and none of the others even asked.

      • Briannatozer16

        Right! I’ve been wondering why she was climbing through a window also…!!? The whole story seemed off… I would think you could only hit your vag that hard if your moving quickly (running away from something) … If youre slowly trying to get through a window I think balance would play apart on how much force you could slam your V on a window sill! (Her legs are so long i don’t think it would be too difficult)? I could be wrong though.. *shrug*

      • Smoking out on the fire escape is one of the pleasures of NYC living. I just assumed it was that.

      • Minky

        I hope Jules wasn’t running from her husband. That’s all I’m gonna say.

  13. Blondesense

    I climb through my window all the time as I am notorious for locking myself out – I did it 4 times this week and I have no idea how you do that to yourself. I even paused whilst I was doing it this week, sat down straddling the window and tried to work it out – and no one is clumsier than me. Is there some sexual thing the kids are doing these days that could have caused this?

  14. Last season I felt sorry for Bethenny – it was obvious she was having emotional issues.

    But this season, Bethenny still clearly has her own issues and is berating everyone else? Analyzing them – telling them what is wrong with them – and how to fix it…she can’t even fix herself, and should just shut the hell up.

    I used to like Carole until I saw that she’s one of those people who likes to stir the pot and then sit back and laughs while it boils over…

    The other ladies would be smart to keep their distance from both of these toxic women.

  15. Erica

    I totally understand Bethenny’s comment – with everything that we do know (even leaving out all the nasty rumors about Jason and at least his father in that apartment) do you HONESTLY think that if Bethenny had passed away during surgery that Jason would make sure Brynn would continue to have a positive relationship with ANY of Bethenny’s friends (the one she called crying, and probably others who didnt’ want to be recorded on camera), or that he would tell positive, loving stories about Brynn’s mother????

    In Bethenny Ever After I liked Bethenny’s in laws to a point, but I thought Jason was a passive aggressive douchebag who wouldn’t back the fuck off even when B was basically saying “Look, you know I have some baggage I’m working on – and this is a trigger for me”.

    I really get where she is coming from – not that I am a mother, but I am a proud adopted auntie of several kids through some very good friends. In most situations, I have such a good relationship with the “other” parent that I know that even if they got divorced and my friend were to pass – I would get access to the kids to help them deal with the loss of their parent and perhaps share important stories at specific milestones. But while one friend’s husband is nice enough to me – if they were to ever get a divorce and she were to unfortunately pass away – I doubt I would get access and I HIGHLY doubt that his side of the family would give a rats ass about making sure that her daughter got positive images or stories about her dead mother.

    • Well, Bethenny’s daughter will always have access to ALL the shows her mother has been on as a reminder of what her mother is like. Oh wait, that’s not a good thing, is it?

      • Ara

        Lol. Well said! Yeah, Bethenny will leave behind a pretty good legacy of nastiness and b*tchery through her shows. Brynn doesn’t need her dad’s family to do the damage! Mother of the year that she is…

    • C.Austin

      Yep nailed it – passive aggressive douche bag. By the end of that show his true colors were shining bright. He was so jelous and insecure once all of HER hard work paid off. Not strong enough to be with someone like her.

      • If I recall correctly, it was Bethenny who started by demanding that Jason go to the manufacturing plant, etc (because no one could talk to them like he could) – even though he didn’t have the time. So to keep her happy – Jason went. Then later after he had done all this work, when he talked like it was a joint venture she snapped that it was all her…

    • Nila

      Um, I would say Bethenny was/is queen of using her “baggage” to treat people like crap, including her husband and inlaws. She wants to treat everyone else hard as nails but because she had a difficult relationship with her mother, she would like a pass on all her behavior, well suck it up buttercup. It’s great that she would like her assistant (who she was crying to on the phone) and her driver to get visitation with her daughter if she should pass…I’m think about that. She does not have close friends or family, so who would she want Bryn to be spending time with other then her father and his family? She only has paid employees.

    • Shae

      I agree Erica, that’s how I took it as well. I have the utmost compassion for Bethenny, let’s see how many people grow up in a home with a mentally ill mother who tries to commit suicide, has a raging eating disorder and is a battered woman…and a father who wants nothing to do with her, and see how they turn out. The best one can do when you come from that, through NO fault of your own, is try to work through your shit and better yourself. I don’t fault Bethenny for trying with Jason, I thought she really thought it would work, and she tried to be honest with him about her faults and struggles…going to therapy to try to handle them. He knew what she was dealing with. How can I fault someone who is trying to fix what they feel to be their issues? And all the while she’s carrying this baggage she works like a horse and builds a multi-million dollar international brand? I respect that immensely, she could be sitting at home feeling sorry for herself thinking she’s owed something for her troubled childhood.

      She is not perfect, she can be bitchy, she can be harsh…but harsh people are usually far more harsh on themselves than on others. I can respect imperfect people who struggle to improve. So I feel for her, going through major health issues alone, without family support, but she has her friend Teri and her chosen friends who are family and that’s the best you can hope for in that situation.

      Just as Jules was saying, sometimes you just want to be taken care of. These multi tasking mothers who take care of everyone else and everything else, need to be looked after sometimes. I was appalled when Jules said her husband was so awful to her when she got out of the hospital What a dirtbag. Your wife is injured, she needs to rest, and you’re bitching about not knowing how to bathe your children? good lord.

      • Nila

        I HAD a lot of sympathy for Bethenny, she was one of my favorites however I don’t think you can use your childhood as an excuse to be down right hostile and hateful to others. She does not give a pass to anyone else. I remember heather trying to be nice to her at Dorindas and get her a plate of food and Bethenny lost it on her first r “calling attention to her” then she started crying and blah blah. Bethenny has plenty of money, she came back to the housewives because she NEEDS the attention.

      • Shae

        No, of course not, it’s not an excuse to behave badly- which she does, sometimes. I can just relate to having certain issues that manifest in ways others don’t really understand. But when you screw up and behave badly, you have to cop to it and apologize. She definitely should be more careful about her humor and remarks to some people, they can be hurtful whether she means it or not.

      • Minky

        Oh Shae. I hear you. I really do. Sometimes I wish the police department and the courts were as compassionate as you are. The people who get in trouble with the law for things like threatening or harassing others don’t get to use their upbringing as an excuse, even though it might very well be something that has influenced their behavior.

        Real life and serious situations where people’s livelihoods are at stake don’t work like that. If somebody’s an asshole to me, or overreacts in an obnoxious way to a perceived threat or slight, then I couldn’t give a flying shit about their childhood. There are people who have survived genocide and have witnessed and suffered all sorts of atrocities. And they still don’t use it as a way to excuse any fuckery. I think Betheny’s finally overplayed her sympathy card.

      • Ktina

        She’s a nasty bitch – her “troubled” childhood goes out the window for me. I know many really good people that have had it worse than Bethenney claims she had. They don’t resort to cutting people down for fun.

    • Ktina

      You couldn’t be more wrong and access to Bethenney’s friends? Really? I doubt they see her much anyway. There is no way that Jason and his family would hurt Brynn by telling nasty stories about Bethenney. You’re not a parent so I see why you might think that way, but that would damage Brynn and Jason is a good father regardless if he couldn’t deal with crazy Bethenney.

      • Allison

        How do you have all of this inside information on Jason Hoppy? Are you his PR person? Are you him? You seem to know an awful lot about his parenting philosophy and what he would and wouldnt do. Let him know he’s a greedy weasel and should be ashamed of himself, yeah?

  16. Minky

    Bethenny is slowly but surely trudging along the path to alienating all of her fans. Her fibroids, while surely a difficult situation for her physically and emotionally, are just a continuation of the “unwell” story lines for which Bravo shows have become famous.

    I don’t want to discount her suffering. But judging by her past behavior I can’t help but have the sinking feeling that she’s milking this situation for all of the viewer sympathy she can.

    She thinks she’s Lisa Lampanelli. She’s not. Lampanelli is smart and funny and cute when she does her insult comedy. Bethenny is just revolting. I’m convinced that she targets people who she views as a threat. Luanne and Jules have something that Bethenny wishes she could have or could have had. What that is I can’t quite put my finger on.

    Maybe it’s simple jealousy. Jules is obviously tall, thin and pretty. Luanne has an interesting personality and a certain joie de vivre. And they both have easy money. I guess that just steams Bethenny’s broccoli.

  17. Bridgett

    The way they are treating Jules is deplorable. Let’s pick and pick at someone battling everyday with trying to overcome an eating disorder and push her to relapse. Their behavior is so heinous it almost triggers my old disordered eating demons.

    • spunky2015

      I blame Bravo too. They didn’t have to air that segment. Carole was so intentionally clueless last night on WWHL.

  18. SLM

    When she started talking about her lady business issues with her DRIVER I CRINGED…when she handed him her bloodied pillow I ALMOST LOST MY MIND. Boundaries, Bethenny, BOUNDARIES.

    • I had flashbacks of Kim Richards dragging her shitty pillow through the airport and thinking which is worse?

      At least Kim has the excuse of not being all there mentally at the time.

      • Minky

        @SLM ITA!!!

        That mess (literally) could even be construed as a form of harassment by the employee. If your boss handed you a blood, shit or urine stained pillow (a.k.a. a biohazard) and then started talking in detail about their private parts, how creepy, uncomfortable and gross would that be? EEEEEEEEEWWWWWWW!!!!!!!

      • SLM

        Yes, I think any employee would have a right to feel offended or harassed in that situation unless they are your paid nurse or Healthcare provider! For the love of all things, I would be offended if a FRIEND handed me her blood soaked anything and told me to do something about it!!

      • Allison

        So funny-my husband was mortified with the bloody pillow. It’s like-we believe you, we dont need to see your bloody pillow or bloody pads-WE BELIEVE YOU

  19. Sammie

    Food and eating disorders are something that a lot of women struggle with at times in their lives or their while lives. I have lots of issues health wise that makes eating difficult (but nobody hounds me about not eating cuz ummm FAT) but I assure you that in an anxious or stressful situation my stomach will clamp shut, I can’t eat or I get sick. These woman who live in glass houses need to stop throwing boulders at Jules. Besides it being just decent human behavior, they don’t know what is really going on in her life and if they were genuinely concerned (they arent!) kindness and a private conversation of support would be beneficial all around!

  20. Cat

    I want pizza. 🍕🍕🍕🍕

  21. Allison

    Jules on Adderall? That might explain why she’s so hyper and talks a million miles a second. She had mentioned that if you “need” it it doesnt have the speed effect, but she seems….speedy. I like Carole, I feel like she’s getting a weird edit though.

    • Shae

      I’m sure she actually does have ADD, and in that case, adderall wouldn’t make her speedy, it would regulate her, but for someone who does appear very underweight, weight loss would be a concern, I would think. As someone who has struggled with eating disorders her whole life, you definitely don’t want to badger the person about it at a meal, or in public. It’s rude. If you have concerns, voice them privately to the person. Delicately. Just because Jules is open about her issues doesn’t mean she should have to endure 100 questions about her health and eating habits at every meal. it was very odd that she spoiled her food that way, cooking cutlery inside it lol, but it was wrong of carole to rake her over the coals like that- even if she felt it was well intentioned.

      • Allison

        I agree that the worst thing the ladies could do is grill Jules about her weight, bringing attention like that is probably someone with an ED’s worst nightmare (or one of them). You dont find Jules “speedy”? I do-at first I thought the mile-a-minute talking and being all over the place was nerves, but I think we’re past that point. She always seems like she’s on 10. Thats what Adderall does. People with true ADHD dont react to Adderall like that.

      • Shae

        I do think she’s speedy, for sure, but I kinda get the feeling that’s just her, not meds, talking. You know? I could be wrong though. If she doesn’t have ADD and is abusing adderrall she would definitely be a gabber guts lol

  22. DejaBlue53

    Carole sitting there staring while Jules takes a deep breath, looks long and hard at the pizza, then courageously takes a bite…it reminded me of holding off a panic attack at the grocery store so many times. Carole is one sick bitch.

  23. SLM

    I also think Sonja is legitimately suffering from mental illness. I’m not even saying that to be funny, I mean I think she needs to be under the care of doctors and medicated. Like I’m just a viewer and I am concerned for her. Her in that hoarder basement with Dorinda and the interns talking about how she keeps a box of moldy toys for newborns in case she has to give someone a baby present….🤔😲 And her talking again about her ex…she actually needs legit help. And it just isn’t going to happen.

  24. SLM

    Oh, and B talking about Jules eating issues just reminded me again about how she’s become this narcissistic, myopic self-centered individual. How many times on the last two seasons have we seen her shut someone down about sensitive issues in her life and then bay about how no one should bring them up if she asked them not to?? Yet, here she is gleefully taking jabs at Jules and her body and eating issues…so, people’s seslnsitive personal issues are fair American as long as they aren’t yours, is that right, B????!!!

  25. SLM

    I meant “fair game…” stupid autocorrect!

  26. Meri

    I have to admit that I can’t relate to any of these women. I come from a different generation and a different background , I don’t get these people at all. Carol obviously has some kind of eating disorder because she appears to weigh about 90 pounds (if that much). Jules is obviously suffering and I worry that something terrible will happen to her. She seems so miserable and I truly feel for her. She is a very likable person and I can’t say that about anyone else on this show.
    Dorinda is the most confusing because she is a butt kisser in many ways while appearing to be the “mediator” and self-proclaimed “mom” figure. I think that she has a vicious streak that comes out when she’s drinking too much and that she could really do damage. I want to like her but something holds me back.
    This is the Bethenny show and I am betting that the famous Carol Radziwill is really upset that she is not the star because of her past connections to the Kennedy’s, et al. I think that she hangs with Bethenny to be filmed a lot and to get the attention that she obviously needs.
    Bethenny…a sad, lonely, messed up human being who will never feel a part of any group..She is always on the outside looking in with her one liners that cover up her misery.
    This blog was spot on and the whole episode made me feel sad and confused. Do people like this really exist in the real world?
    Ramona is an absolute mess and extremely stupid, imo. Who does she have dirt on to remain on this show?
    Sonja is also sad and pathetic in many ways even though I think that she’s a good person when you get past all of the B.S. about her pretend life.
    LuAnn……I can’t stand her and never could. She is no one’s friend and doesn’t even know how to be one. LuAnn is ruthless.
    They all are in some way.

  27. lo

    I think Bethenny and Carol pick at Jules for her eating disorder because Jules is the skinniest and that bothers them. They are obsessed with skinny, it is their identity and they don’t like that Jules #winning the skinny wars.

    • Jaana

      I think that is exactly it. Jules is skinny and beautiful, something that could never be used when talking about Bethenny or Carole .

  28. GillianFirst

    Does anyone remember on that Bethany solo show where she and Jason were in that boat in a storm? I think she asked this girl working for her to take Bryn if anything ever happened to her and Jason. It was awkward because this girl was trying to leave skinnygirl. What it seemed like: Bethany was trying to give her child to an employee who was trying to quit, basically. I wonder what happened with that setup. Anyone else remember that?

  29. PaganChick

    Sonja is suing Bethenny? What’s the tea on that TT?

    • Minky

      Oh girl! Go back couple of pages at the beginning of the blog and read about Kitty, Bubbles, Fran and I forget the name of Character #4. It’s all there! And it’s juicier than Bethenny’s vajeen.

  30. Yes, Carole so hangry TT! LMAO! I always did think Aviva owned Carole in that argument on the staircase. Aviva’s downfall for me was the preplanned or staged things like throwing her leg….but the girl could hold her own/think on her feet/foot in any exchange. (VS those that have to do it later in their talking heads) Kinda miss that. Love that Lu has picked up where Aviva left off on that score. Between her standing tall in the face of the Mean Girl tag team, her hilarious (intentional or not lol) interactions with Sonja and the “Before They Were HW” special, I’m really loving The Countess.

    I also don’t mind the contrived settings like Make Your Pizza etc. I enjoy the glimpses of NYC and the hustle bustle of say Ramona leaving to meet other friends. I’ve also enjoyed John or hardly any of the men being in any of the scenes. The editing is doing a good job of small doses of that.

    Speaking of editing, I’m looking at ever thing through my “UnReal” glasses lol…omgosh I LOVE that show! I think the diting last Season for the “Return of Bethenney” had a soft edit, but in retrospect the signs of what we’re being shown this Season were there then…like the strange all about me scene at Dorinda’s Berkshires dinner party. For whatever reason, the producers are letting us see the true Bethenney-Carole dynamic.

    It’s ugly.

  31. Lisa j

    Over Bethany. Over Carol. It’s painful watching them be so cruel. This is a depressing season.

  32. Carol is using #educate on her twitter as her excuse. Her and Beth are reaching today to try and win a few fans back

  33. Auntie Velvet

    There is no way of knowing what is made up in divorce testimony, but if Bethenny was being truthful in court, her former in-laws got vicious with her after she filed. As in psychological torture — particularly Jason’s father. There was a time period in which no one would leave that apartment, so it was like War of the Roses. (Again, if true.)

    • Shae

      really??? wow, I would be very surprised and upset at that. They seemed like such solid, kind people. I don’t care what’s going down between your son and his estranged wife, that’s the mother of your grandchild and she is a good and decent person, however flawed, you shouldn’t participate in the mud-slinging.

      I know it was widely known Jason wouldn’t leave he apartment and was trying to get Bethenny to go (which he did by harassing her), I think I remember hearing he brought his parents in to help mind Bryn, but jesus, if the participated in the bs that’s just wrong.

  34. SLM

    I’ll be honest, during the Bethenny Ever After show, I liked Jason and his parents and I even like Bethenny WITH Jason and I think things COULD have worked out with more therapy if both of them had been committed to it. BUT, Jason looked hacked off at it and Bethenny was stubborn about it and in the end they just weren’t two people who COULD stay together. That being said, divorces get UGLY even if the individuals involved weren’t prone to that behavior before, and I have read some (alleged) nasty behavior from Jason and his parents, which could all be false or true, so who knows? But the fact of the matter is, Jason has been offered extensive settlements and always rejects them in favor of asking for more, which seems a bit d*cky at this point, since he’s been doing this for more than twice as long as they were even married before separating. I would say that even if the roles were reversed. I’ve also read in all the stories written about this that he hasn’t been employed ANYWHERE since they separated, which, if true, is also incredibly….well, just plain yucky. Again, I would say that about either of them – you know they both have nannies and Bryn goes to school during the day, so they EACH have opportunity to hold down a J-O-B, but Jason chooses not to (from what I read, which I admit could be inaccurate reporting). I reiterate, I’m not saying Jason is a bad person, I’m just saying divorce can turn people’s behavior quite ugly, and in this case it seems to have, even though I remain not a current fan of Bethenny.

  35. fash1984

    I am really growing to like Jules, she has a lot going on but just comes across as a genuinely nice person. Dare I say it, but too nice for this bunch, it’s like throwing nemo into a tank full of sharks. I think ths was a good Dorinda episode too.

  36. Shae

    I should also add, I cannot wait for all the vagina talk to stop so I can enjoy this show again lol Once again, I had to mute vast swaths of conversation so I didn’t lose my dinner watching this. I cannot handle the gruesomeness of these ladies’ vaginal ailments lol

  37. Petunia

    feeling sorry for her re-enacted, added for audience sympathy scenes is a hard no! She’s lonely b/c of how she treats others- plain, simple.
    I’ve noticed a pattern across the Bravo reality world…..#meangirl!!! We all know that Bravo follows the same formula blatantly across the board for the HW shows…, dinner, fight, vacation, health scare, wedding, divorce, fake therapy…,, makes it easier on the vapid writers having to create. So now it’s bled to Southern Charm- the one show those jerks didn’t get that we liked because it wasn’t a display of ratchet mess like the HW’s. They were unable to let us enjoy a fun show. They went from a fake cancer storyline straight into ruining a young mother and her children’s life for our viewing pleasure. This is why we can’t have nice things. So back to “mean girls”.., this has been used with frequency describing the desperate females on SC as well as the so obviously out of line a holes on Ny. Notice that not only are these beasts non apologetic when faced with their abhorrent to almost anyone behavior, they double down on social media and interviews. They embrace the “mean girls” title. Even hashtag hung it in their tweets mocking viewers opinions. Also, the dialogue that Landon the waste of life and Cameron the useless used with Andy was something about being “too old” for caring about being called mean girls. Last night Carol the worst actress on Bravo, was asked by a caller if she felt her and b were too hard on Jules. (Screened caller obviously messed up the question she was told to ask). Andy, quickly jumped in and said, are you being, you guessed it, “mean girls” ? ( not what the caller said). to which Carole answered that that term was so eighth grade and she’s above it basically. See a pattern. I know I’m ranting but it’s something I’ve noticed. My point being… I believe that they know that we’ve all discussed how absolutely predictable and transparent their little “reality” series are. I believe that they’ve realized that after seeing disgusting and inexcusable behavior for years, we’re desensitized so they’ve gone all in and reached lower depths of depravity- which we’ve noticed and are shocked- the outrage and social media uproar about what they did to Kathryn is history making in Bravo and their once failing formula has been resurrected. I feel like they’ve assigned a handful of willing and disgusting foot soldiers ( Landon, Beth, Carole) to and paid them to double down and be the worst villains reality tv has seen- to not be apologetic, to be even more obnoxious- to screw w/ viewers and see just how far they can go with the ugly and if they keep telling us their in the right- at what point will we begin to follow along. There’s no way anyone who’s not trolling us believes the behavior on these shows is okay. Carole herself could barely articulately defend herself regarding Jules . Please Carole absolutely knows you don’t ask a person suffering with an eating disorder how much she ways out of the blue on camera!!! Then she defends herself on WWHL….. Andy and Co are trolling us … While destroying lives they’ll continue to hide behind the “this is what these consenting adults signed up for- not our fault” with, ” people with sleltons in their closets shouldn’t put themselves out there”..,,,,,, okay all done.

  38. Jane

    You write this so I don’t have to watch it. Plus, you’re more entertaining.

    Disgusting pillow stuff. I thought it was low, even for bethenny, but then. I. Recalled the pee bucket at her wedding. She really likes to humiliate people.

  39. Greenwood

    I had sworn off all housewives shows until I caught a brief clip of Jules. She seemed like a fragile bird, so I started watching this show. I was hoping to see her get rid of that slimey husband of hers. Her behavior at the pizza place was so loopy I thought she almost needed a medical hold. Putting two metal utensils and a metal cup in her calzone was beyond wierd. She knew she was doing it. I’ve never seen anything like that. She needs serious medical help. Bravo has located another gold mine of crazy.

  40. A blathering idiot?!! LOL, LOL, LOL. The PERFECT description of Ramona. She’s unbelievable lately. She seems to think she’s God’s messenger for repairing broken relationships, but in reality she’s just an annoying phony who sticks her sculpted nose in where in doesn’t belong. MHYOB, Ramona! I’m so sick of her eye rolling, arm waving and spluttering comments. Considering how many of the housewives she’s pissed off during her time on the show, it’s hysterical to see her put herself in the position of counselor. Bethenny is a twisted bitch. For God’s sake, woman, you’re having fibroids removed, not having quadruple bypass surgery plus a lung transplant. Not fun, I know, but usually eminently survivable. She’s so screwed up it’s hard to imagine her ever getting better, and giving that bloody pillow to someone and telling them to have it dry cleaned is as rude and clueless as anyone could be. Carole is totally out of line commenting on Jules’ weigh – she’s barely more than skin and bones herself; however, Jules is obviously in bad shape psychologically – I mean, who puts utensil in a calzone? Hope she gets he help she needs. Sonja is still my favorite – she has her quirks but doesn’t have a mean bone in her body. Sometimes, when people are picking on her, I just want to take her over by remote control and give those bitches the responses they deserve. Also love Dorinda – she’s a breath of fresh air. LuAnn was great when she got right in Ramona’s face and told her she didn’t give a flying fuck about being friends with Carole, that she was happy with Tom and could care less about all the petty bickering. Ramona couldn’t stand the idea of Ramona marrying Tom and had to ask what that had to do with anything. Ramona, you silly bitch – she’s telling you she has a life and she’s sick of all the same old stuff being dredged up. As much as I hate the direction Bravo and Andy are taking these shows, with the constant arguing and setting up of fake scenarios which are designed to cause trouble, I still love this show. By the way how does anyone break their vagina? Am I missing out on something here. Seems to me, the average vagina gives many years of good service without breaking. Anyone know what she did to it. Was it just some kind of incontinence? If so, Jules needs to know that it’s not actually your vagina that pees. OK, I’m done.

  41. missypoo

    Great commentary, enjoying everyone’s shares. I am in my late thirties, my father left when I was young and I have no idea where he is or if he’s sister died when she was young. My mom and I had a difficult relationship, but she’s all I really had. She passed away last year. Having never been married or had children myself, I can only say no one understands the solitude in life if they haven’t experienced it. I might need surgery on my ovaries myself and it is so terrifying and a lonely feeling. I have and continue to work very hard on trusting people and “letting them in.” I have a lot of respect and empathy for Bethenny. I agree that Jason’s family seemed incredibly loving towards Bethenny and constantly tries to embrace her. I am a different woman today (especially in my current relationship with a guy with a huge tight knit family,) but in my past I had trouble understanding the role my partners families played in our lives. They were wonderful people, but I felt suffocated at times or felt they were overly intrusive. Bethenny is certainly flawed, very sharp tongued, tightly wound, mean spirited at times and hard all around, but she is so strong and I have massive amounts of respect for her. I dream about becoming a mother and my significant other has shared fears that I would box him out of my relationship with our child. I appreciate his honesty and take what he says to heart. Anyway, sorry for the rant…I guess I just really admire the success and life Bethenny has built all on her own and I am very happy for her to have the joy of motherhood.

    • Shae

      Thank you for that post, missypoo. I think that’s incredibly insightful and you’re a very strong person:)

      • missypoo

        Wow thank you @shae what a kind thing to say:) love reading your own insightful posts. Keep it comin;))

  42. Causing-A-Casino

    When Bethenny said “imagine if I brought you” to Jules- I took it as her making a joke about one woman with a vagina issue bringing another woman with a vagina issue to help.Kinda like the blind leading the blind. That comment was made right after Jules showed her special picture.

    I think the biggest issue with Bethenny this season is Carole. I see carole’s funky attitude rubbing off on her. In scenes with Ramona or Dorinda she’s more like the old Bethenny. Carole is a buzz kill and her relationship is depressing. It’s like watching paint dry. I’ve seen more passion between 2 pieces of wet cardboard stuck together.

    As for the eating issue comments. Jules is a stick figure and purposely ruined her food so as not to eat it. She also came on and presented her ED as her platform and said she wants to be open so people call her out…then they do and she gets upset.
    Meanwhile- I think Luann is poised to take over this season and I am looking forward to it

  43. T D

    Bravo only miissed it by a hole. More of an assholes diatribe.

  44. T D

    Very skinny churlish.

  45. The only happy women on this show are LuAnn and Dorinda, they do what they want, who they want, when they want, and don’t give two shits about whether anyone likes it or not.

  46. laram

    This Season has become too much Woody Allen for me, and I stopped recording. Snooze.

  47. Omgomg

    I’m over all the illness storylines too! I really like Jules, she seems so sweet. However the calzone thing freaked the bejeezus out of me. But Bethenny is just so rude. Also giving that pillow to her driver was, as she would say, “insane.” Even more insane? Commenting on it and examining the level of “mess.” Yuck. It’s like she’s one sandwich short of a full picnic! There is something really boring about this season and I can’t place my finger on it — oh wait, I can. B. All of them scared of B. I think that’s it. I fast forwarded parts of this episode and didn’t really pay attention. I lost interest over the whole scary Berkshires ep. I used to love Carole but pot-kettle! She is unnaturally skinny! Leave Jules alone! (If it’s not out of true concern). I wonder if Bravo makes you like someone and then makes you not like them! It’s too exhausting to have my impressions switch around like this! LOL.

  48. What alarms me the most is not the amount of Wesson oil Sonja has in her basement, but by the nagging fear that somewhere behind one of those boxes she’s got Florence Henderson down there too, clutching a dusty poultry limb and singing “the chicken’s got that certain Wessonality” when the moon is full.

  49. D_Ram5640

    Maybe TT can comment on this as she usually has insider info. One of the reasons Bethenny behaves the way she does is because she pretty much “was raised by wolves” (her statement). Her mother gave her a front row seat to a string of unhealthy/abusive relationships on top of her eating disorder and all the baggage that goes with it. She further gave interviews when Bethenny was getting married about the likelihood of the marriage failing. Mother of the year this woman does not make. Her biological father was no better as he wanted nothing to do with her even on his death bed. The only man she considered her dad was a guy who hit her mother in her presence. Now, moving on to the marriage to Jason. While they both looked happy at the beginning, Bethenny seemed standoffish to accept this “loving happy couple” as her new in laws. During the marriage, Jason had asked to change the ownership of the apartment she had bought prior to the marriage and place it in a trust for the sake of “privacy”. Apparently this is when people’s true colors show up. While the apartment was in Bethenny’s name, it was not considered marital property so Jason could not expect monetary gain from it in the event of a split. His attempt at placing the apartment under a trust was his reason for claiming he had a right to the apartment as it was now marital property. I believe I saw on Page Six that the judge threw out the trust claims as the notary was not licensed in New York State but in Pennsylvania and the notary was Jason’s mother! Hence the trust was considered invalid in NYS. While the viewing public will never know the whole truth, it seems to me, that the people Bethenny should’ve been able to trust have consistently betrayed her. The dissolution of the marriage really couldn’t have ended any other way after being raised by those wolves. Sorry to the actual wolves as they probably raise their kids better. While it doesn’t excuse her behavior, it can’t really be a surprise to longtime viewers.

    I’d love to hear TT’s insight.

    • tamaratattles

      I mean you’ve just laid out her family history. I’m certainly not familiar with anything I haven’t seen on the show..

      • D_Ram5640

        I live in NYC, so the RHONY antics usually end up in the news (unfortunately). The divorce is constantly making Page Six. I don’t know about anyone else, but if I would have been ordered to pay my ex’s attorney $2 million in his legal fees, I don’t think I would have been on RHONY, I’d probably would’ve been on “Snapped.” 😭 God, I’m so glad I don’t have these kind of problems!

        Thanks for your blog. It’s the only sane one out there.

      • tamaratattles

        Thanks DRam! I don’t think anyone has ever accused me of being sane before. You must be new, stick around!

  50. Dandy Lion

    Great recap as always, TT! Also, so many insightful comments. Love this site! Carole is SUCH a biddy! When she was grilling Jules she even looked older. Jules is actually growing on me, she is very sweet and too naive for this bunch of women. Bethenny handing over the pillow was gross and she wasn’t even embarrassed; she was just rudely annoyed. Right on, Luann!

  51. Rose

    Great recap but OMG, Bethanny for all her brash, bold, know it all attitude is beyond hysterical over her surgery. Didn’t she ask her doctor questions? How could she not know what it all involves? She is not being singled out for having a living will. Its standard protocol called Advance Directives in the event something should go wrong so their medical intentions are carried out everyone is asked whether they have a medical power of attorney or a living will. Her shade at Jason’s family over Brynn was uncalled for….they’re good people who got trapped in her twisted psycho hurricane. Bravo has sunk to a new low showing the bloody pillow. Poor Kevin! Go LuAnn! I used to like Carol.

    • SLM

      I thought the same things, Rose. I have a LOT of kids and have therefore given birth many times and each time I’ve had to sign a bunch of papers about what will happen in the absolute worst case scenario (like accepting blood transfusions, if I have a next of kin other than my husband who has power to make legal and medical decisions, do I have a living will, etc, etc etc) it’s all really standard stuff. More than likely they asked her the same exact staff when she had Bryn. I know this may make me sound like a TOTAL jerk, but I don’t understand her hysterics. She said to Dorinda that she had this exact same medical issue when she was pregnant with Bryn, which means being diagnosed DOESN’T COME AS A SHOCK TO HER NOW. Also, since she had this before, her doctor would have had her in for regular fibroid checks – to monitor size and if any new ones developed (I have many friends with fibroids who go and have ultrasound check them sometimes as often as every 3 to 6 months). So, it is more than likely she knew they were expanding and her doctor would have already talked to her about ALL the treatment options and what it would involve. Now, I’m not saying she didn’t do what most of us do – put off dealing with things we just don’t want to face – but what I am saying is this condition didn’t just drop out of the sky on her in real time as they were filming. I think she really does have a serious fibroid issue, which is no small thing, but I think she orchestrated revealing it in filming to garner sympathy and interest and support and made sure it looked as scary and dramatic as possible (A race to the doctor after feeling faint in a store with Dorinda! Bloody Pillows!! Sobbing to her employees about a living will!) Puh-lease.

      • TBD

        Right on Rose and SLM! So sick of Bethenny’s hamster wheel of acting out: anger, absuse, remorse, self pity, resolution, rinse and repeat. Replete with repeated pings of primal level marketing: red, blood, death, mommy, abondoment etc. and cemented with heaping levels of cognitive dissonance.

        She’s been in therapy for years. These cycles do get broken and hers have too. She’s too smart to have not disengaged from it. We don’t know the extent because it’s so (bloody) contrived.

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