Big Brother 18 Update: I’m Like The Messiah!


BB18  Julie
Just a short Big Brother post to get you up to speed on tomorrow night’s eviction. As of this moment, Jozea still thinks he rules the house and tomorrow night will be a huge blindside. This almost never happens without the person getting evicted figuring things out, but the newbies are so stupid, we might have a shot at this.

Today, Victor, Jozea, Paul, Bronte and Natalie are all furious with James for a variety of stupid reason.  Victor got pissed at him first because James pranked Corey by putting crushed crackers in his bed. Corey just laughed and brushed them out. This caused them to land in Victor’s bed and sent Vic into an unnecessary rage. He exchanged words with James. Then later APPARENTLY  James told Natalie that Victor (who Natalie has a crush on) asked Nicole on a date. This info came from Bronte, who is an evil person playing a nasty game, so I’m not sure if this actually happened but she told Vic and Paul it did and started  a huge drama.

Jozea Preaching like Obama, y'all

Jozea Preaching like Obama, y’all

Bronte is also irritated by the guys in her alliance,  tentatively named  Revolution. Vic and Paul take issue with her weird feminism that in her mind makes it entirely appropriate to constantly tell them to go away because the girls are talking. She is irritated with them because the don’t acknowledge that she knows as much about soccer and other “guy stuff.” as they do.

There are way too many showmances. Despite Bronte and Paul butting heads a lot today, they have a little flirtmance going on. Natalie is way into Victor.  Nicole has a thing for Corey. Zak had a thing with Paulie and they even slept in the HOH bed with Nicole one night. The net morning, Day squashed that romance by telling Zak it would ruin her game and make her a shaky alliance member who could not be trusted to vote out Paulie if the 8 pack had to. We will see how long this breakup sticks. Meanwhile, Paulie is spending time with the other ladies.

Michelle and Bridgette are having a really hard time with the stupid pixel costumes. It’s been Bridgette’s time of the month so she is worried about spotting the costume.  Michelle, the dietician had a meltdown about her body today. She says she is the fattest girl in the house and is worried she weighs 115 pounds. Michelle has allegedly spent a lot of time on Reddit, fat shaming people. She clearly has an eating disorder.

BB18  jozea we own the houseBronte and Paul both made derogatory comments about Asians today when referencing James.

The footage of  Jozea on the show tonight was a FRACTION of Jozea’s stupidity. It’s been a glorious study in narcissism and delusions. I actually think Jozea may be on the cusp of developing schizophrenia. It’s about the time that it develops in young men. I’m  not kidding a Messiah complex is an actual symptom of a schizophrenia, he has also discussed his racing thoughts and exhibited delusions of grandeur. Just like Kanye West, who I have also diagnosed with it. :)

So at the veto meeting, Josea, leader of the newbies, Big Brother expert, genius extraordinaire  did not know he had to make a speech. Apparently, he fucked it up so badly, it was not even shown tonight and I was totally looking forward to that!



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21 responses to “Big Brother 18 Update: I’m Like The Messiah!

  1. Kim

    Having newbs in the house is better than I thought it would be! They don’t know the game well enough to strategize or pick up the obvious signals of other alliances. They’re really going to scramble after Jozea is evicted. His blindside will be a beautiful thing! So rare. Looking forward to his minions scattering in the aftermath, especially Paul’s rude awakening. That’ll knock them all down a peg!

    By the way, do you find Victor’s laugh as obnoxious as I do?? Bronte’s laugh is pretty grating as well, sounds like it’s fake half the time. Is it just me?

  2. Ms.Minnie

    Bronte is so damn evil and conniving it’s not funny, Victor is porsha dumb, Jozea is an extreme narcissist, Paul is an A******* but can probably break the headboard in bed with all that anger lol. Everybody else is cool.

  3. Karenn

    Thank you TT for the recap. As I have committed myself to a new J. O. B., I am missing Ev-ree-thang this summer. I hate having only the CBS version to watch! I may have to re-think this commitment.

  4. Aerin

    I don’t watch the feeds on the regular, but I’m disappointed to hear there is more racist chatter this year. How stupid are they?!

  5. Rosesandgin

    I love the feeds recaps SO much. Everyone please keep them coming!!! I don’t get a chance to see them, only the hour on CBS. And that’s where all the juicy details come from!!

    Please keep sharing the delusion that is Jozea. I actually was very interested in the idea that he has schizophrenia. Narcissism just doesn’t seem to cover it with him. He has delusions of grandeur and CLEARLY isn’t connected to reality. How he can’t see that he’s on the way out is fascinating. And calling his meeting tonight. I was shocked. Telling everyone what his plans are…It’s like he doesn’t know what big brother is. He doesn’t even realize he’s not in an alliance with EVERYONE but the veterans.

    Shaping up to be a good season thus far! And I’m actually liking how many showmances there are. Just to see how hopefully they all implode. Little jealousy makes for interesting tv.

    Finally, Vanessa’s sister, can’t remember her name, isn’t getting very much air time. Which is fine by me. I did not enjoy Vanessa’s hissy fits and emotional break downs when she didn’t get her way, which luckily we seem to be spared with the sister. But she’s probably stealth like her. So they all better keep one eye on her. Especially Paulie, he got to see how manipulative Vanessa was first hand, and then talk about it with his brother. So he should use her as a vote for as long as it’s beneficial and then get her out ASAP (clearly I have a crush on Paulie). Paulie. Not to be confused with Paul, ugh. I can only hope he’s out next week.

    Apologies for the long post. I have a cockroach in my apartment. I have all the lights on and I’m sitting in bed with raid sprayed all around the perimeter of the bed. They really scare me. So I have a little extra time on my hands since I’m not sleeping. Relieved to be able to go here and get my mind off of it for a bit.

    • pokerplayer

      Yes the Schizophrenia topic concerning Jozea is very disturbing because he’s at the age when symptoms begin to show…there are times when the camera is close-up on him and to me his eyes seem vacant.

      • Minminhugs

        Oh my goodness, I said the SAME THING to my husband, about his eyes! They do seem empty, and on autopilot. It’s VERY weird, and creepy if you ask me!

      • lori

        Oh, the best is that last night Jozea, Pete and Vic were going on about how weird and creepy James is. I had to laugh.

  6. RealE

    Love these updates. I agree, a blindside would be amazing.
    I wonder what production is “feeding” to Jozea. Narcissism & stupidity aside, from past seasons it’s clear how they intervene behind the scenes on BB and I can see them loving the idea of a huge blindside, especially for those on the feeds that really are tapped into this. A little diary room feeding Joszea’s ego & asking questions that make him feel safe could go a long, long way.

  7. Theresa

    I just might have to sign up for the feeds this year. Not sure where I will find the time to watch, oh yeah, skip sleep 😉

    Thank you for keeping us in the loop

  8. Theresa

    I just might have to sign up for the feeds this year. Not sure where I will find the time to watch, oh yeah, skip sleep 😉

    Thank you for keeping us in the loop

  9. Bravocueen

    Thanks for these recaps SO MUCH!! As much as I can’t stand Joszea, I kind of hope he stays for two reasons. 1) I can’t say why, but Bridget bugs me. 2) An evil narcissistic bully in the house is generally fun for a couple weeks at least. Those peeps better leave my James alone. I love him. Can’t stand Bronte, her mouth or what comes out of it!

  10. Kim

    I follow the live feeds through social media & sounds like someone mentioned getting evicted to Jozea?! (I couldn’t find the incident so not sure who or how.) He said he’s going to cuss everyone out, including Julie (yeah right) if he gets evicted. People just can’t keep their mouths shut! The fact that this now crossed his mind, takes away from the blindside. Hopefully he’ll just dismiss this idea & continue his game as a master strategist. :)

  11. lori

    So I haven’t commented on BB yet, but I’m certainly watching. For the first time since it left showtime, I have BB After Dark. I’m glad, but now I’m spending all of my free time and DVR space on it. I think it’s funny how Tiffany has started down the emotional crazy train like her sister before her, even though she said that she wouldn’t do that. All the crazy and none of the game. All I know is that I cannot STAND her chewing on her fingers for another second!

    I think this may be the most unintelligent cast of newbies ever. It’s so annoying that these people can’t keep their big mouths shut, and I am really worried that by the time eviction comes, Jozea is going to have caught wind of it for real. I’m so ready to see Paul, Vic and Bronte go. Tiffany too. I love Nicole, and her and Frank making the final 2 deal in the pantry was adorable. I don’t know if he really meant it, but it was adorable.

    I also had a thought today…. with 3 nominees, what if the people on the block are allowed to vote? I doubt it, but you never know with BB.

  12. Pip

    I’ve watched the episodes half-heartedly, with little interest.
    But last night (full disclosure) I smoked some bud and while I was watching I really noticed Bronte and was convinced that she is special needs. She’s strange and annoying. She should talk about math some more. 😳

  13. sherry

    YAY! So excited BIG BROTHER is back! Thank you so much for watching and blogging about it. I read about the feeds online so I can try and keep up. Watching the show alone does not give you whats really going on.

    I love Nicole and her group and love to hate the other side. You are right, he is so freaky. I can’t believe the words that come out of his mouth. It still shocks me how people act and talk…..and they are being FILMED!

    Anyways, can’t wait for tonight!

  14. 45 minutes til the showeekend starts. I haven’t had a chance to read up on or watch any feeds for the past 2 days.

    Is Jozea still going home?

  15. lori

    Woot woot! T-minus 10 minutes!!!

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