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WWHL Tamra Judge
Tamra looks like she is keeping up with her workouts and possibly even the severe diet as she is very small and she has lost weight in her face.

Andy plays the clip of Vicki sobbing on the ride home from the yacht party and Tamra says it is heart breaking, but that Vicki didn’t do the right thing. And she never apologized to anyone even though after the reunion she was tweeting everyone that she did. There was a lack of audio for a  good bit and I am not sure if she was cussing or if my DVR screwed up again.

Andy says the last time he saw her was at his AC2 tour in Orange County and Alexis was seated right in front of her. Alexis had sent in a long letter about Tamra’s sudden storyline conversion to Christianity.  He asks how that went for her. She said that it actually  went well and Alexis said she didn’t intend to come across as mean and she is really happy for her.

RHOOC Tamra fitness comp
Someone asks where Tamra’s relationship stands with Vicki.  She responds, “with who?”  She says it got good before it got bad. It got bad sometime after the ATV accident where Tamra almost killed her.   At that time Tamra was really struggling with the guilt of being the driver.

Do you think Brooks and Vicki are still talking and they might get back together?  Tamra said she can only speculate but she does think they still talk and that they will get back together. Vicki admitted on WWHL last week that she still talks to him. Tamra says that she has met the new guy and contrary to what Vicki said last week, she never touched his crotch. He seems like a really nice guy but Vicki doesn’t like nice guys she likes the bad boys. Well, Tamra if you look into the new guy’s background he seems like a bit of a bad guy. He’s a politician!

A caller asks how her relationship is with Sarah now. She says they are good and get along well. Andy asks about Ryan and Sarah and she said that’s not so good. If by not so good you mean they call the cops on each other and get arrested then yes.  She says they were at Disneyland yesterday having a grand old time and the day before they were going to go to court and kill each other.

Tamra is asked about her belly button and she tells a horrific story about having a hernia and emergency surgery and I can’t type about this because I have a hernia I have not gotten treated in the same place. I didn’t know about it rupturing and now I am a bit freaked out.

Tamra is asked if Shannon and David really are getting along. She says that she and Eddie are very close with Shannon and David and she thinks “they are taking a bad situation and trying to make the best of it.”  So that’s a no. But she ends by saying she thinks they are happy and David is a good husband. Still not buying it.

The poll question was: “Do you think Landon slept with Thomas?” 76% said yes and the other 24% probably don’t watch the show.  Andy was a bit shocked. He says he will give his opinion on Radio Andy. So if you listen to that, let me know.


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30 responses to “Watch What Happens Live With Tamra Judge

  1. NeverBeenJaxed

    Tamara looks fabulous ! She is cut and I applaud her dedication to her workout routine.

    Landon tweeted in during #WWHL and told Andy she doesn’t think his face looked fat on the Southern Charm Reunion because AC was bitching how his face looked fat. Meh.@SuckUp

    Jill Kargman is underrated I think. She is on Odd Mom Out, which I didn’t think I would like, but it kinda grew on me. She’s Drew Barrymore’s sister-in-law and a writer of the OMO show. I think it’s missing canned laughter or something, but it’s oddly quirky and scripted so it’s a nice change from the normal back-stabbing shady stuff that goes on with the housewives franchises.

    • misery chick

      I LOVE this show! It did take me awhile to get used to it, but I like its quirkiness and sweetness. You’re so right, JK is underrated! She’s smart, funny and has a different take on life. Love her tv hubby too, he was Michael’s boss on ‘The Office’.

  2. Tamra does look good, but she needs to follow Eddie’s advice and let Ryan handle his own life.

    Yes, Landon and Thomas screwed. The WWHL pool was dead on.

  3. J Stone

    Overtime I see Tamra’s face I think of “Bride Of Chucky”

  4. Did Tamra always have such a square jaw? Maybe Eddie likes it. Thanks, TT. Double dating with the Judges and the Beadors. Extreme boredom with the occasional drunken screeching.

  5. Coco

    I seem to remember something about Tamra taking testerone when she and Ryan visited the doctor together a couple years ago. Did I hear incorrectly? Does anyone remember that scene? She looks mannish to me.

    • Joanplus2dogs

      If I remember correctly, her son was taking steroids at the time. Tamara took him to doctor to check his health & for doctor to describe risks in taking steroids.

    • Kiyoshigirl

      LOL! Tamra uses bio-identical hormone therapy. The regimen typically includes estrodial, progesterone and a VERY low dose of testosterone. I’m on the same therapy. Some women like to use the low dose testosterone everyday because it really can amp up your energy levels. I only use it every other day because it’s very expensive and insurance won’t pay for testosterone, at least not for women. All females carry low levels of testosterone in their system. It’s a required hormone which can also decline during the menopause cycle of life.The amount prescribed to women is so low it barely makes up for the natural testosterone formally produced by our younger bodies. I sincerely doubt the shape of her face has changed due to hormone therapy. She’s lost a ton of weight and gets cosmetic face lifts regularly.

      • Sliceo'pie

        If you don’t mind my asking-are you in peri-menopause or menopause? I’ve considered the bio-identical hormone therapy for peri-menopause but I don’t know too much about it – I’m just learning. I haven’t met anyone on it.
        Are you happy with the results? I’m prone to depression and I’m concerned about what may lay ahead-no one ever shares, “happy” menopause stories-lol. Thanks. Slice.

      • Beignet

        I would be interested, too, to hear more… Maybe you would be willing to comment more/discuss on T’s Weekend Tea?

      • d

        I don’t believe Tamra has ever had a face lift. She’s mentioned botox and fillers, but I really doubt she’s had a face lift. She’s always had beautiful bone structure in her face, and it’s just more noticeable with some weight loss. She also may get the laser treatments a lot of people are getting now to help with firmness and to help with collagen production. I’ve seen a lot of before and after images of laser treatments, and the results are pretty amazing!

    • Kimoe

      At her age she could depending on if she’s going through ‘the change’ or has been through it. Women produce testosterone but the average is like a woman needs the amount in a year a guy needs in a day. Older women need to supplement if they’re going not loose muscle, be able to build muscle and look younger. I take it. Have for years but a small small amount compared to what a man would need.

  6. T D

    HGH? Equipoise? Winstrol? Lasix? Brontosausus rib smoothies? Tamra’s a natural, Nene’s a blonde and Bethenny is a card carring member of the human race. I’m six and a half foot tall with a rack that would shame a twelve point buck.

  7. I think Tamra’s face is awful. It looks to me like she has overdone the procedures to the point of no return. I always think it’s a little sad when these women, who were pretty to begin with, start drastically altering their faces.

  8. Meri

    One of my granddaughters went into body building and competing a couple of years ago and she looked almost as horrible as Tamra does (she was in her early 20’s). She lost her period and had all kinds of female problems for a long time and became totally self-absorbed about her appearance.
    Tamra scares me and I think that she would do anything to fight natural aging. STamra is endangering her life, imo and looks awful. She also looks mannish. Maybe that’s what Eddie prefers?
    And yes, I agree with the poll about T-Rav and flat face.

    • Janet

      Yeah, I don’t care for the professional body builder look on women. It’s aging to the face, and makes them look iike a guy wearing a wig and a bra. Toned and curvy with a nice muscle tone, looks best on women, to me. People can get carried away and addictive about stuff like this. You wonder what’s the point, what are they trying to prove?

  9. JRob

    I have to admit that I applaud Tamara’s dedication and she does look amazing, for a 22 year old man! She’s way too tan and thin. Her facial features and bone structure (not to mention, multiple cosmetic procedures) have produced a caricature like appearance. It’s not good, not good at all.

  10. Kimoe

    Tamara seems to have the Sheena thing going on……..incredibly thin and a huge head.

  11. SLM

    I had the sound off for this for the first 10 minutes because I was doing something else and didn’t even realize it was Tamra Judge until I turned the volume on. She was practically unrecognizable! I find Vicki’s situation both sad and infuriating. I had a friend very much like her once- a basically good person and fun to be around, but who basically LOST HER MIND over every terrible man she would get involved with and then punish her friends when they didn’t like the guy or questioned obviously egregious behavior by him. And I don’t mean a reasonable, “back off, I’m in love and handling it,” I mean going completely nut balls like Vicki and reigning down hell fire on every one. I really do believe it stems from a deep seated loneliness and lack of self esteem, just like it did with my friend, but when you are on the receiving end of over the top lash-outs and personal attacks, it can become difficult to get past. I mean, Brooks wasn’t just kind of a loudmouth rough-around the edges John of John and Dorinda on RHONY, Brooks was actively SCAMMING people about his (non existant) cancer and on a gut level I think Vicki KNEW it was all complete hogwash. She WILLFULLY refused to look at the situation too deeply and instead thought it might drum up sympathy and acceptance for him amongst her friends and family. I think Vicki deserves to finally meet a good person that can bring out the best in her, but I also very much think she needs to get brutally honest with herself and those around her and admit her part in the Brooks situation.

    • therealdeb

      YES!!!!! to all of this!!

    • Janet

      Well said about Vickie. With Tamra, I do think she’s still very pretty with a great body. But, I was disturbed about the scene where her and Shannon were getting ultherapy done. The reaso is, there are alot of horror stories about women that have gotton their faces messed up, by that machine. Its veey expensive,risky as hell, and doesnt last very long eveb if you’re one of the few who get good results. Some have had to do eye surgey, a face lift and day transfer after getting ultherapy. Losing facial volumne and your jaw shrinking , and eyes smaller and sunken in, is a common complaint from those who say they were damaged. I really hope Tamras thinner face is from weight loss, and not that treatment. I wouldnt get ultherapy done on my face even if I were paid to do it.

      • Janet

        I meant fat transfer. Anyway, I would warn anyone, to not get ultherapy. It is expensive snake oil, and there’s NO way to tell ahead of time, who would get a good result. Read the reviews on realself. For menopause I like ambrean. Exercise vitamins help too.

  12. laram

    Agree, @d. Plus, she has to ween herself back after a major competition, and will have some natural atrophy, with increasing her intake and lessening a rigorous training, while still working out and owning a gym. Happens to actors for many parts; such as, super heroes, boxers, etc….point is she owns a gym. Living a healthier lifestyle that she once did. I like transformations, if its combined spiritually and mentally, we shall see.

  13. As someone who got an “F” in menopause, hats off to Tamra for the dedication. I thought she looked fantastic in that scene at the gym, and again in the scene with Ryan in her kitchen. I missed this ep of WWHL, but in this pic she looks totally different from then and very strange/unhealthy.

  14. KO

    Does anyone know what Andy said on his radio show about Landon & Thomas sleeping together?

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