Real Housewives of Orange County: Just Two Whoop It Up Girls Who Lunch!

RHOOC Yacht Vicki Kelly

Time to take a look at last night’s Orange County. Let’s hope it is a little bit lighter than the mess we saw on Southern Charm last night. We left off with Vicki selecting Heather as the first stop on her apology tour.

Vicki didn’t really practice enough for this conversation. She needed to walk into this knowing what, if anything, she was willing to apologize for and stick to her story. She’s all over the place. She thought that “please forgive me” was going to be sufficient. Heather said she’d be happy to forgive Vicki if she knew what she was asking to be forgiven for.

Back on the interior, Jeana is encouraging the others to forgive Vicki.  It’s a war on two fronts. And she is not making  and forward motion. So she moves on to crying for our benefit to try to get us to forgive her.


Why is there a committee to vote on whether a fourth grader is too sick for school?

Kelly calls Vicki an invites her to lunch. Can someone take away Kelly’s black brow pencil that looks gray and give her a nice sable brown one? Thanks.

RHOOC Yacht Heather, Terry, Tamra


I don’t want to hear that a surgeon is out partying on a reality show until midnight and up and in surgery by four a.m.

The entire Dubrow family has worked in a Weekend By Bravo to the Turks and Caicos. That’s a long haul from L.A. for a weekend.  But not for me! I need to renew my passport and head that way. That Miami airport, though! Looks like they stay at Beaches.  These people live on the ocean. Why fly that far for a weekend with the kids?


Oh wait, her kid is not in jail yet?  Sarah and Ryan are in the callng the cops on each other phase of their relationship. Tamra is pissed that Sarah is living in the house she picked out with Ava and Ryan is in an apartment. Don’t worry Tamra, Ryan will be in the big house soon enough.

Tamra is training hard for a fitness competition.  Eddie is pissed that Ryan is never going to be able to pay the $8,000 back. Tamra is “friends” with Ava’s mom Sarah. This will probably not go well.


Shannon has the Titos promotional line this month. And then the lovely couple started discussing their bathroom issues and I was done.



Vicki is going to put all of her energy into her job.

Vicki and Kelly go to lunch. Vicki is just thrilled someone will film with her. It was probably a condition of Kelly’s contract. Still, I am glad we get to see Vicki. It wouldn’t be RHOOC without her. Besides she is paying me to write nice things about her along with Kristen from PumpRules, Kenya, Kathryn and well I forget who else. Basically, anyone who I am nice to here. Or so I am constantly told.

Vicki says that her last breakup (Brooks) was harder than both of her marriages. I think that is because she basically did the leaving in her marriages.  It’s always hard when you are the one who isn’t done with the relationship yet.

And we have our illness for the season. It’s Briana. And I don’t want to hear about it. I got to the part where Vicki was using her fingers to show the size of the lymph nodes and I’m out.

Kelly and Michael

Kelly and Michael


Everyone except Vicki and Heather arrive at Meghan’s to do a kitchen demo. They can’t really swing a hammer on their lettuce diet. So instead, they opt to drink and gossip. Guess who they talk about?

Kelly knocks back a few and then tells the girls that she had lunch with Vicki. Kelly tells everyone that they were mean and standoffish to Vicki.  So the women roll out a list of all the horrible things Vicki has done to them.  Kelly makes Tamra cry by asking about her daughter in high school who lives with Simon. They have not had contact for two years. She graduates from High School this year. I think I saw a picture of Tamara at the graduation on Instagram.

Kelly says that she an Michael went through a nasty divorce proceeding (where Kelly got engaged to someone else) and then they decided to stay  together for their daughter. Kelly is not really in love with her husband. Which was evident in this video. But now I can like her more because we know that she and Michael have worked out terms of their marriage that are not just like Ward and June Cleaver.  She says he has Narcissistic Personality Disorder, diagnosed after a 72 hour hold. There really is no treatment for that other than therapy. Of course, Shannon is the first one with the judgmental face about Meghan’s marriage.

After this enlightening discussion,  Kelly says, “Let’s go Whoop it Up!”  Well I’ve made my decision on Kelly! I like her! Which means she will be sending me the big check soon too! WHOOO HOO!

Next Week: Brianna apparently decides to driver from Oklahoma to Orange County right after surgery with Vicki and the kids. Why doesn’t her husband do that? Meghan does her IVF shots on camera.  Kelly has a beach party at her stunning house, and Vicki and Tamra get into it over Brooks.


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44 responses to “Real Housewives of Orange County: Just Two Whoop It Up Girls Who Lunch!

  1. UGH. Vicki is not apologizing for anything because she doesn’t think she did anything wrong and she refuses to fess up to her part in the whole cancer scam. I liked that Heather didn’t just gloss over that fact. Vicki admitted to “fabricating” to get attention and sympathy. As my father always said: “If you’re looking for sympathy you’ll find it in the dictionary, somewhere between shit and syphilis.”

    • Matzah60

      Loving that phrase about finding “sympathy in the dictionary between shit and syphillis.” That says it all!!!

    • misery chick

      I’m jotting down what your father said about sympathy in my little journal that I carry around with me (for laughs, inspiration, clarity, etc.) Hope that’s ok!

      Also hope everything is going better for you, justanothermary 😍

      • tamaratattles

        WOW! Such celebration over a lack of sympathy and compassion for others. I bet Landon has that as a tattoo. Maybe y’all should get it too!

      • Bridgett

        I think there is a difference between someone that is looking for sympathy as attention, which is how I took the phrase above, versus actually needing sympathy.

      • misery chick

        Although at this point I feel little sympathy for Vicki, this phrase really struck a chord in ME. Wrote it down in my journal to remind myself to do what I CAN do about a situation before acting helpless and pulling out the sympathy card 😜

  2. Shirley

    I like kelly also!

  3. Cat

    Wow, that was really tame, compared to the Southern Charm reunion recap I just read.

    Oh, please, not another cancer storyline.

  4. MARC

    Where are Lizzie & Christian ?

  5. Ms.Minnie

    Kelly is everything, this season is gonna be good. This is how you cast a show and put together meaningful and fresh stories Carlos King. These women have real money, real jobs, real relationships and real drama. It’s not fake and forced like RHOA, also Shannon you have met your match in Kelly boo, don’t try it.

  6. ZenJen55

    OK, I bout had an anxiety attack when Kelly’s daughter chug a lugged cough medicine. Seriously?? That stuff needs to be measured not drank from the bottle.
    TT, as an educator, I’m sure you saw children who pretended to be sick. In your professional opinion what’s usually the reason why? Bullying maybe?? The divorce?? I guess it can be a multitude of reasons…I think I will pass on this season as Tamara’s blog is much more entertaining anyway!

    Yay for the return of Flipping Out! My favorite Bravo Show!

    • Lisa

      I am an educator and my feeling was that she either was sick – she had all the symptoms such as a headache (my kids always get those right before a fever), sore throat, and stomach ache OR she has claimed these things in the past and they let her stay home. Kids are savvy about that.

  7. GildedLily

    Tamara, I hope you review WWHL with Tamra. I would love to read your opinion of Tamra’s face. I didn’t recognize her.

  8. swizzle

    My theory is that Kelly is on this show to make her husband look like an idiot and/or make herself look undesirable to her husband so she can finally get the divorce she wants. I feel bad for their young daughter. So unfair to put so much personal shit on TV. I think she’s awful. I don’t find watching bad parenting entertaining. In fact, there’s not much left on these HW shows that is entertaining.

  9. Latina2014

    Last week n this week was sooo B O R I N G!! I ft all of Tamras parts n Shannon’s r just gross to watch. I baby beleive she drank her own kool-aid… She seemed real last year n now she comes across scripted, entitled n as if Vicky owes her anything!
    Oh Meghan’s part get ft too!!!! Only semi interesting part was Mbe last 10 min….
    Not sure I can stand this season!
    Then Brianna next week?!? Urgh

    • We use actual English on this thread…preferably the kind that belongs to a king.

      • Sliceo'pie

        Thank you! How hard is it to type out, “are”? Grrrrr.

      • Latina2014

        Some got “autocorrected” incorrectly. But for reals?! In an effort to save space r and n r used, who doesn’t know what they r short for? Geez, some of you’s got up on the wrong side of the bed. LLL
        Now, if TT has rules not to abbreviate then my apologies. Other than that come on…..petty

      • therealdeb

        Tamara does not appreciate creative spelling. Actual spelling errors are fine but to attempt to create your own words pisses her off and can get you sent to the WLS.

      • Latina2014

        R for are and n for and r considered creative spelling? lol okey! I will take my chances in the hopes TT doesn’t think that was so creative that no one else would b able to understand.
        Lighten up peeps :)

      • Jim

        Latina2014, there is a link to the commenting rules in the menu at the top of the page. Here is the part concerning ‘text speak’

        4. Illiteracy.

        My spam blocker does a great job of deleting spam. I have this feature to keep my comments limited to on topic, comprehensible conversation. I am not the grammar or spelling police. However, your comments should be comprehensible. If using punctuation is too difficult for you to do on your phone, don’t post in my comments. DO NOT POST IN TEXT SPEAK. TYPE FULL WORDS (example: The word is because, not bc) NAMES ( actual names not initials) SENTENCES ( that start with a capital letter and end with a period) OR DO NOT POST.

        If you cannot conjugate simple verbs, don’t post in my comments. We all use a dialect from time to time for effect, but if your comments are full of “I seen” instead of “I saw” I lose faith in your abilities to offer any intelligent discourse to the group. I’d rather piss you off and have you leave. We are a reasonably intelligent group here and I’d like to keep it that way.

  10. Nila

    Terry is an asshole and a conceited dick, but I guess so is Heather. He doesn’t feel guilty about missing his kids? Then why have them?

    If you’re child is missing so much school then there is a problem, maybe she should find t what that is. I feel for the kid especially after Kelly dished all those details about the problems in the marriage. I wish they would keep the children off the show.

  11. HappyGal

    Good Lord last season was all about Brooks and his cancer/non cancer issue PLEASE for the LOVE OF GOD I don’t want this season to be about Vickie having to discuss, apologize, apologize in the format the others approve of – RE: Brookes cancer/non cancer.

    Put a period in it and move the hell on. I want to see something – ANYTHING else. Well almost anything. I do not want to see/ hear about Shannon’s husbands affair or her anal issues nor do I want to hear about Brianna’s illness.

    I do like Kelly – the fact that she was open with what had gone on in her marriage to me was a smart move – she told it up front to keep them from gossiping behind her back later. She seems to accepted her ‘arrangement’ and plenty of woman could be very happy with the same arrangement and do have this or a similar one and are fine with it.

    Shannon acts like it is some big ass secret that not ever woman is ‘in love’ with her husband yet chooses to remain married. It does not mean that you cannot be happy in such a marriage.

  12. I like Kelly, too. She seems too honest for reality TV, thus she has won my affection.

    I just can’t with Shannon. I wish she’d put some of her energy into forgiving the one person who was totally on her side: Vicki.

    I think dr. Dubow has more in common with Kelly’s husband than Heather would like. Narcissism, table for two.

  13. Auntie Velvet

    One of my kids had a lot of anxiety, and a lot of absences. I do NOT miss having to make those decisions — when this time he does seem kind of sick, but he has missed so much school that maybe he should suck it up? But then if I send him in and can’t get him will the nurse have an attitude? Ugh.

    • Swizzle

      I went through that too and had a mini PTSD episode just reading your mention of it. Those mornings and those pleasing texts during the day from my child asking to come home. Thankful that we have moved passed that.

  14. “…Sarah and Ryan are in the calling the cops on each other phase of their relationship…”


  15. Kiyoshigirl

    Sorry, but I’m sick of immature assholes calling the cops to referee their domestic issues. Public tax dollars are wasted babysitting immature idiots who don’t know how to play/fight fair. Undoubtedly Ryan learned from Tamra that calling the cops is a socially acceptable way to end an argument. If the two of them are pulling guns and knives on each other, they both belong in jail.

  16. I don’t “like” Kelly (I find her kind of annoying) but I’m quite pleased rhoc cast her. Watching her piss off Shannon is pure bliss. She has obviously done her homework & knows what she’s doing with all her “innocent” comments. Slay the bitches, Kelly.

    • Jessica White

      I agree! i’m reserving judgement on her for now. But she does seem like she is going to be an interesting case study to unravel.

    • Bridgett

      I agree with you. I said it onTT’s post about if we like Kelly…I think she has studied the show and knows what to do.

  17. Travis

    Tamara..I know I am not your favorite reader yet when you tell me to chill I do. So I just cannot handle another season of Brook convo. I actually think Meghan and Kelly are the only two I can stand. I already stopped watching New York and NJ is a step lower than the OC. Am I getting old or just bored? And why can’t bravo show Melbourne?
    And anyone who says you equal opportunity for great shows and not. Even when we disagree..take care. I am though getting bored with the franchise..

  18. Shae

    Kelly, or whatever her name is, is completely stupid. If Meghan has filled you in on the entire Brooks and Vicki debacle from the previous season, and she knows Shannon was one of Vicki’s closest friends and feels the most betrayed, why on earth is she playing dumb about Shannon “being standoffish” at the party?

    Gee, I wonder why she might be “standoffish”? Her “friend” was complicit in a huge fake cancer plot the prior year. It’s just not believable, her acting like poor Vicki’s being ganged up on. She’s reaping what she’s sown, that’s all. You can’t lie to people like that and abuse their compassion and then get all pissy when they keep their distance from you.

  19. Kimoe

    I find Vicki very needy. One episode she literally harassed her mother saying ‘Do you love me Mom? Tell me you love me! Tell me you love me best!’ I think that sums up who she is in a it shell. She needs people around because she doesn’t like herself and isn’t comfortable alone. She will even put up with antics of friends, family, and boyfriends to not be alone. Sad really. She’s got so much going for her to have such a huge part of her broken.

    Unfortunately Tamara is reaping what she sowed in her life when Ryan was growing up. It’s going to be really hard to deal with that guilt and stand by and let him be an adult and make his own mistakes. I think Eddie is spot on….’stay out of it their adults’. She needs to just do for Ryan what she’s doing for Sydney….listen, love, repeat.

    Megan..UGH! In tears and shaking over an IV but the next week giving herself an injection. Drama much? Bye Felcia!

    Shannon is crazy…..great TV though! LOL!

    Kelly I’m not warming to but she may take a while to grow on me. Will be interesting. Hopefully she’s as smart as her first parlay seems to be.

  20. Omgomg

    Great recap TT. I don’t know why but I found this ep super super super boring. I can’t take more Vicki and Brianna and Jeanna!? Really!? Heather scene with husb & kids was gross & I used to get a kick out of Shannon but I agree with TT I fast-forwarded the dinner table convo – tmi. Kelly??? Hmmmmm. I am not so sure I like her. She seems wackadoo wackadoo but I don’t know. I have zero in common with Tamra but find myself liking her more. Meghan is just yuck. Heather and Terry’s getaway was total product placement and seemed really really fake. I still don’t mind Vicki but for the love of god if they keep talking about that scumbag last season (who shall not be named) I’m not tuning in.

  21. Miguel

    Excellent recap, TT – hi-larious!!! Still team Vicki… Meghan, Shannon & Heather can eat s#*t, as ever!!! NEVER liked Meghan; so hope her pile is extra steaming!!!

    Hope Tamra comes around & happy Kelly’s filming with Vicki, whom I’ll always enjoy. Can I share in your Vicki stipend, TT?

    • Lawstangel

      Maybe you should go back and watch that “Secrets of OC” show that aired just prior to this season. The producers discuss, among other things, just how nasty (my words) Vicki treats them.

  22. Hmmm, Terry Dubrow is a major dumba**, if his kids don’t see that episode – they’ll hear about him saying he doesn’t feel guilty about not spending time with them. Well, I hope they’ll play that back for him when they are older and he asks why they don’t spend much time with him.

    And Kelly – wow – she must watch a lot of Bravo, pulling out “Deb” when Tamra says that about Shannon looking like a lesbian. And then knowing the hot buttons of each of the wives. Stalk much?

    This could be an interesting season if Brooks is left out of it and Shannon doesn’t whine. We’ll see.

  23. So far so good on this cast and the dynamic. (I’m one of the few? that actually wanted Meghan back – just for her verbal skills – plus the strange dynamic with “jimmy” – that candle/lotion scene was everything to this St. Louis gal, lol). Kelly seems to have skills too and like others commenting, I think it’s going to be good to see her and Shannon go at it. Plus I’ve made my daughters go to school when I smelled bs AND take a chug of cough syrup w/o measuring.

    They’re both fine.

    I had totally forgot that Kelly made a “racist” comment and was originally supposed to be Heathers’ friend! Tx for the reminder link TT.

    I so agree that the show wouldn’t be the same without Vicki. Like Teresa Giudice, she puts it ALL out there. Kelly seems like she is going to too, lol. That’s why I “like” Vicki, despite believing that she was totally in on cancer-scam from Day 1, I also believe that came from a pathetic place not an evil place, if that makes sense? In other words, I think she really laid in the driveway or street when he left kind of pathetic/stand by your man place. my Big Sis and a couple of girlfriends I’ve had over the years suffered from this “disorder.” It’s painful to watch.

    Except on tv.

  24. PS: The pic in the blog of Vicki is stunning!

    PPS: I may be projecting my Dad and/or my own working self onto Terry’s comment about not feeling guilty/feeling guilty only about not feeling guilty? I feel the exact same way. I’ve worked my ass off to provide a good lifestyle, just like my Dad. I don;t think he ever had a moment of guilt from the time away from us 5 kids. I’ve struggled a bit more with emotion as a Mom, but Terry put it in better words than I ever have – I really am only guilty that I am not feeling that guilty, lol.

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