Famously Single Recap: Will They or Won’t They?

Famously Single group

I can’t believe I am actually watching this show, let alone recapping it, but I am intrigued by the Brandi Glanville we see on this show. We start with Jessica reading cards for Aubrey. It’s not a traditional reading though. Basically, she is just looking for confirmation that her ex is miserable. I’m going to assume he is thrilled to bits to be away from this bitch.

The group is about sex this week. I don’t believe anything the guys said. Brandi says she has friends with benefits. She doesn’t really get attached to them.  Paulie has never been in love or made love. He really wants a real relationship. Sadly, he ends up hooking up with Aubrey. Paulie does say he feels used having sex with all his groupies.

The exercise this week is to throw a house party. They are supposed to invite single friends that their cast mates might like. Aubrey has no friends.  Aubrey is already making her moves on Paulie. Calum has eyes on Brandi. Josh is super picky. He wants to approve the female friends before they are invited. Somaya’s friends are the same way.

This week it’s Calum’s turn to meet with Dr. Darcy.  His father was a very  famous pro soccer player who was an alcoholic. His dad had cirrhosis of the liver and got a liver transplant. He continued to drink on the new liver and died of organ failure. Calum gets very emotional telling the story. After his father died when he was 24 he spent three years drinking hard and sleeping with women. Calum realized in his session that the drinking and womanizing was subconsciously him trying to connect to his father.

Famously Single Paulie and Aubrey

The night before the house party the cast goes out to a bar/restaurant.  Brandi meets her friend Adrienne there. Aubrey puts the moves on Paulie.  Brandi tells Calum that he is a bad boy and not what she needs which is why she is attracted to him. Calum is very unhappy with the bad boy label.  They have a mini makeout sesh at the table.

Party Time!

Calum drinks at the party. Brandi was concerned because when he drinks he is a dick. On the other hand, Brandi is also drinking like a fish and when she drinks, she turns into a slutty dancer first and then passes out standing up. This should be interesting. The slutty dancing with tons of guys including a couple who live in the house has Calum irate. Aubrey grabs Paulie and starts making out with him. In confessional she says that she hopes Paulie kisses her like that at their wedding. She is such a rebounder.

Paulie and Brandi do some chatting together with the guests who are leaving. Paulie tells them how cool Brandi is and this makes Aubrey jealous. Calum is watching the two of them as well It’s all very drunken emotional mess with these two. Yet Calum is also jealous. Paulie says he feels like he wants to marry Brandi! Brandi says she feels the same way! Somaya literally goes to drag Paulie away delivers him to Aubrey’s bedroom where she is going to check for whisky dick, which he probably has. Paulie tells Aubrey she is still hung up on her ex and she denies it

Meanwhile, Calum has a huge fight with Brandi because he was jealous that she was hanging out with lots of other guys. You know, at the “singles mixer.”  He made Brandi cry.

Next Week: Brandi talks to Dr. Darcy about her feelings for Calum.


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11 responses to “Famously Single Recap: Will They or Won’t They?

  1. Jess

    You know, I really like Brandi!!
    I always had a feeling that the bitchy RHOBH attitude really wasn’t her, it was the way she could bare being with those other women. C’mon, we know how fake all of them were/are. (I don’t know how she can tolerate Yolanda then, but Yo has control over certain people tho). I didn’t agree with what brandy said or did on that show, but she gained her popularity that way.
    I’ll probably get the heat now hahah, but I do like her.
    Does anyone know is she and Calum together now? Probably not, but one can hope
    Ps. sorry for the bad English, not my native language

    • Jess

      Oh and when watching RHOBH I had a love hate relationship with Lisa V too. So I can relate to Brandi with that one, lol

    • d

      Jess – Just my opinion, but Brandi and Calum were both on WWHL not too long ago, and it seemed like they were only friends with benefits, BUT I also got the impression Brandi would like to have more of a relationship. I didn’t get that impression from Calum, but he could just be really good at keeping a “straight face.”

      • Jess

        I think you could be right.
        Brandi doesn’t look that young without make-up and Calum is probably looking for someone younger. Let’s be honest.

  2. Thx for recap, TT. I actually tuned into this show because of your recap. I, too, am fascinated by this side of Brandi (and I was one of her biggest haters on RHWBH!)

    Also, I remember Aubrey from a couple of episodes on Dance Moms where she was helping one of the girls when Abbey was off the rails (think it may have been Kendall & Jill, can’t remember) But, she was very sweet & encouraging, helpful on that show. However, I now totally get the “I hate Aubrey” thing! She is a piece of work!

    The shrink on this show is actually pretty good for a tv Dr. But, seems Aubrey might need some inpatient time/eval. What is wrong with that girl?!

  3. d

    I’ve been watching, but had only planned to tune in to the first episode. I, too, became intrigued by “this” Brandi, and decided to continue watching the series. I could very well be wrong, but I think this is more of Brandi’s true self. I liked how she tried to talk to Somaya after their big blow up, even though Somaya wanted nothing to do with resolving the issue. It seemed like a genuine effort on Brandi’s part, and it seemed like Brandi was really trying to work on some of the issues she knows she has.

  4. Bravocueen

    I’m so glad Brandi is doing better in viewers’ eyes. I’ve always been a fan, but I quit watching RHBH because I just couldn’t connect “that” Brandi with the Brandi I see elsewhere (from afar, of course, I”m not a stalker lol).

  5. Dee

    Brandi looks great! I hope she leaves her face alone. I like this version of Brandi!!

  6. Jen

    So I am a closeted Pauly D groupie. I am way too old to find him the least bit appealing…but…. So I cannot deal with him and Aubrey still being together now. Maybe they are perfect for each other ??
    I am curious of the whole Brandi Collum dynamic.
    What is the actual purpose of this show? 🤔😜

  7. I watch this show, but fast forward a lot because I don’t have a lot of free tv time because of Big Brother.

  8. KatieAlex

    You’re making this very intriguing to me.. I might be dvr’ing this

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