Below Deck Mediterranean Recap: Fever Pitch

Below Deck Med Captain Mark


It’s time for another much needed float around the Greek Islands. I am so much happier to recap this than the nonsense of last night.  We begin with Danny once again not listing to Bryan, who advised him to stay out of the lovers quarrel between Hannah and Ben. He just can’t help but jump in and start hurling insults at Hannah, who not only out ranks him on the boat, but is a female. Ben and Jen are both thrilled by Danny’s behavior while Bryan and Bobby find it disturbing. Julia has fled after Hannah who is crying and begging to have the cameras leave her alone for a bit.

Back on the boat, Hannah asks to chat with Ben. Hannah wanted Ben to be her friend in the situation with Danny and he was not. So she continues their conversation from the restaurant to define their relationship. It is decided that they are merely work colleagues.  Hannah cries herself to sleep. She must not have watched Ben on Below Deck. The guy is an arrogant asshole.

The next morning, Hannah is still upset. She obviously believes in the philosophy that the best way to get over a man is to get under a new one. So she as a little romantic interlude with Bobby before getting dressed. Bobby tries to make Ben look better to Hannah.  Hannah is planning on telling the captain about Danny’s photos of charter guests being passed around to other guests. And she does. I wish she would have also ratted out the deck crew for shoving Danny into the galley so that he is out of their hair, because he is driving her crazy.

Below Deck 3

Captain Mark talks to Danny once again. How many strikes are we on with this kid? Captain Mark says that he will be taking his phone as soon as the guest arrive and returning it to him when they leave.

The charter guests for this leg are a bunch of wealthy older ladies. Let’s see if they are as lusty and inappropriate as the old bachelor guests.  They want a dinner on shore with a bonfire and s’mores. Hannah has never heard of s’mores. Captain Mark seems a bit irritated by her lack of knowledge of American junk food.

Bryan has been told to clean up the crew mess. So he tells Julia to do it. He appears to be drunk and the SAE assholish entitlement is coming out. He is actually not the supervisor of Julia, Hannah is. Hannah has to intervene because of his rude behavior. The girls literally have to run away and hide from him.

The day of the charter, Danny is very sick. No one really believes him but he has a thermometer somehow and is taking his own temperature under the blankets.

I love the charter guests. They dressed for their arrival and while their dresses are a bit more office wear than resort wear, I appreciate that there are still people who dress for travel and don’t wear pajamas on airplanes. They also compliment the boat instead of complaining. Then they ask for snacks and margaritas and just laugh and chat and enjoy the view.

Then they want to go jet skiing!  Jen dropped the line to the jet skis and had to go into the water to retrieve them. Of course this started a misogynistic rant from the SAE dude. He’s been riding Jen all season.

It’s time for dinner on the beach. Ben’s dinner looks fantastic. The ladies are thrilled and very appreciative.

Apparently, Ben is trying to make s’mores from peeps instead of marshmallows. He skeweres them but instead of holding them over the fire he puts them in a wok on the grill. There are many problems with this I hardly know where to start. Let’s start with, they asked for a bonfire where they would make s’mores.  S’mores are do it yourself  treats not something prepared by a chef that has never made one. It also looks like he is using Nutella instead of chocolate bars, and he also doesn’t seem to have graham crackers. Despite having none of the ingredients to make s’mores. the ladies at least pretend to like them.

Meanwhile, Danny is dying and  no one seems to be paying him any attention. When Captain Mark checks his temperature, it’s up to 103.  Captain Mark thinks he might need some medicine. Ben decides to take Danny a cold compress to try and bring his fever down. Danny looks green.

The ladies were in bed by midnight so Hannah and Bobby have time to makeout.

The next day, Danny’s temperature is 102.9. Bobby tells Julia that Hannah made out with him the night before as if he had no part in it. Danny’s temperature shoots to 103.6.  I am worried because he says he is having sharp stomach pains that his appendix may have burst. The captain decides they need to medevac him off the boat.

Next week: The new charters are the exact opposite of this weeks guests. And the crew fights flare up again as a result.


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42 responses to “Below Deck Mediterranean Recap: Fever Pitch

  1. Jennifer N

    Great recap! I can’t wait to watch it. Bryan is such a punk. He was way out of line and control.

    • Debbie D

      Captain Mark needs to watch the episodes and FIRE Bryan ASAP! Bryan is a PIG! The way he spoke about F-ing Tiffany, Tiffany sitting on his thumb, he attacked Julia and Hannah over cleaning the employee mess area. Bryan drinks like a fish, he is rude and crude, although Danny maybe inexperienced Bryan and Bobby both went after Danny from day one, period! Bryan has treated Jen horribly…… think about it with the exception of Bobby, Bryan has had issues with EVERYONE! If you watch the original Below Deck Eddie NEVER treated his co-workers like Bryan has. Bryan is a stuck-up, spoiled, disgusting, lying, drunken pig. He is sexist and a horrible human-being! I am beyond disappointed Captain Mark has believed in Bryans bullshit….. I thought Captain Mark was smarter then this??? FIRE BRYAN!!!! Another thing tonight’s episode Bryan was going to let Bobby bring the woman back to the yacht although Captain Mark said NO!!!!! If that would have been Danny or one of the girls Bryan would have had them fired….. Bryan and Bobby are pieces of crap!!!

  2. Jennifer N

    Great recap! I can’t wait to watch it. Bryan is such a punk. He was way out of line and control when he drinks.

  3. Theresa

    I totally thought Danny was faking. Now I feel bad….sort of

  4. MzKRB

    I kept yelling at the tv, his appendix burst get him off the boat!! *non qualified opinion

    • Matzah60

      I was just thinking that he might have MRSA. Easy to get a staf infection with his job description, close quarters, strange people each week… Just a guess.

  5. Rhoda

    Any adult with over a 102 degree temperature needs immediate medical attention. Captain waited too long to have him medi-vac’ed to a hospital. It was deplorable. The rest if the Mediterranean series stinks. Caribbean Beliw Deck far superior in my opinion.

    • tamaratattles

      LOL We are going to need more medical personnel! Even the newest dramatic guidelines say go to the doctor with 103. That is when the captain took action.

      What makes you think the rest of the season stinks? Are you Danny’s mommy?

      • Zorn Dpark

        Actually, it hit the 103 mark the day before, you even mention it in your own recap.

      • ingrid

        I just need more passenger drama, there is not enough on the ship

      • Matzah60

        Lol….giggling at the comment, “Are you his mommy.”

        When I was 14, I was a “waitress” at a Y camp. It was a miserable job waiting on, serving, and cleaning up after a bunch of wild youngsters, but I still loved the camp and experience.

        The camp had an infirmary wherein a doctor volunteered for one of the two months of this overnight camp. I woke up in the middle of the night with horrible cramps. They would not subside and I started vomiting intermittently. The doctor said I was ovulating and didn’t want to call my mom. When I didn’t make it to a nearby trash can to vomit, he called my mom. The camp was a 1 1/2 drive from my home. By the time I got to the hospital (my mother was a nurse and had a feeling it could be my appendix), my appendix burst and I was in the hospital for two weeks. Of course, that was in 1968. Yes, I am old as dirt. 62 and counting.

      • kika

        He was actually 103.6 which is well on his way to being in a state of hallucinations!

  6. Erica

    If I had tits as perky as Hannah’s… I’d use them too. LOL.

    Also, much kudos to her for standing up to Bryan to protect the people under her. Bryan was being VERY intimidating – hovering over her like that and then aggressively following them? Made my skin crawl.

    Also vastly disappointed in Ben for supporting Daniel’s inappropriate behaviors.

  7. so what did Danny end up being sick from or is that coming up?

    • PopcornAndVodka

      Well Hannah was ill a week or two ago, but she kept working. She probably passed it to Danny and he just got the worst of it. Unless it is his appendix, then that’s just the way it goes.

  8. Kath

    Bryan is a drunk bully.Do these people not care who is. Watching?..pretty sure a temp over 102 degrees for that many hours is going to leave you somewhat less responsive than this shrimp is exhibiting….A train crash I can not stop watching

  9. Joanplus2dogs

    It was odd when the guests were group of chill middle aged ladies that Danny is sick. If they were young hotties or group of fun older guys(where Danny is top pick) somehow I think he would manage miraculous recovery with easy work schedule. Just saying …

  10. Skeeter

    Ok TT. I’ve looked up “SAE” in the urban dictionary and internet slang. All I’m coming up with is Self Addressed Envelope. (Oh, and something about motor oil which I don’t want to know about LOL!). What does “SAE” dude mean in regards to Ben and Bryan? They are envelopes filled with bullshit? (You know, the kind where you get about 100 pieces of paper and a SAE for your order form, but instead of using it for that you send back all the pieces of paper that came in the envelope. LOL). It’s 3:20 a.m. my time. I may know the slang meaning of SAE, but if I do it’s not at this hour. I cannot think!!!

    • Laura

      SAE (Sigma Alpha Epsilon) is the fraternity Bryan belongs to. It is one of the larger one (with quite a few douchebags). Goggle them a chapter got in trouble for a very racist chant about a year ago.

      • PickyLongstocking

        Sigma Alpha Epsilon = Sex Above Everything

        They are a fraternity famous for getting kicked off of almost every campus.

  11. What was wrong with Danny???? I hope it wasn’t Spinal Menengitis? Def some sort of infection. Probably infection from the toxic people around him, not all just a few. Sad at the end of the day they are all human beings and if that yacht was sinking Danny would save them all then himself, but you can tell with the ones that are toxic they would save theirselves and not worry about anyone else. Hope Danny is ok!

  12. ingrid

    As soon as it reached 103 they should have taken him to the Dr, that is very high for an adult, he is in a foreign country, and he could have a huge infection, esp when he is not used to the bugs in Greece. Shame on them.

    • pokerplayer

      It was so sweet that Ben kept going in to check on Danny and take his temp. and stuff, very sweet.

    • Suzanne D

      Actually, it’s not. He’s young and healthy and has no chronic illnesses or immunodeficiency. SO Unless he temp got to 104-105 and was sustained, he’ll be all right. Because of the situation, it would be prudent to have him checked out. But so far, as an ER and Critical Care RN, he hasn’t shown me any thing to be concerned about. They didn’t even start giving him Tylenol until just before the Capt decided to have him seen. They should have been alternating Tylenol and Motrin to get the fever down. Encourage fluids. And remove the heavy blankets so it doesn’t help to increase his body temperature. I don’t like Danny at all. I think he’s a selfish jerk, but I don’t like to see anyone sick….except maybe rapists and child molesters, so I do hope it didn’t turn into something serious.

      They were still on charter and had work to do. Ben had the most free time which is why the Capt asked him to keep checking on him. Bobby did his share as well.

      I know these are smaller charters, but it does surprise me that they don’t have at least one crew member cross-trained as a paramedic. They should all know CPR and basic first aid. Even should have a defibrillator on board.

      • Terry

        bs. It was viciouslying inconsiderate. He is a human being. only Energy was decent enough to bring him fluids and a cool cloth. These people are horrible. Hannah, and The mean drunknown, and the freaky fireman are terrible people.

  13. Happygal

    All I could think of is no way I would sleep in the same tiny room w poor sick Danny . I would have slept at the table . I hope Danny is ok and nobody else gets sick.

    I’m sure the captain was checking on him and perhaps thought it was a flu bug – he only complained of stomach pains that I heard of the second day. It is so hard to say what should have been done when we don’t see all of what transpired as far as information on the boat.

    Don’t forget there is an entire production crew there too so I sort of blame them too for not pulling Danny if he was gravely ill

    • PopcornAndVodka

      I wanted to spray my television with Lysol every time they opened the door to his germ-infested closet. There’s NO WAY I would have slept in there with him.

      • SLM

        Oh my gosh, PopcornAndVodka, I kept thinking the same thing!! I was screaming at the TV, “DARNIT, GET HIM OFF THE BOAT AND INTO A CLINIC BEFORE HE STARTS AN EPIDEMIC!” I felt bad for him, but I used to hate it when coworkers would come in obviously sick, and Danny couldn’t CHOOSE to leave. I would have slept outside on a deck chair sitting up rather than share a bunk with him!😥😮😲

  14. MySharona

    Bobby reminds me of Gomer Pyle.

  15. Matzah60

    Great recap! I have to say I was always a Big Ben fan, but the last two episodes show a man who is condescending, arrogant, and takes great pleasure in demeaning other people regardless of the emotional consequences for the person on the receiving end.

    • Suzanne D

      Ben was always had a little bitch side to him, but he is coming across as kinda twatty this season. I really am not a Hannah fan. I hated Kate. Hannah has this huge chip on her shoulder that she has to prove that she is better than everyone. She was way out of line about messing up the dinner courses and worse for trying to cover her ass instead of admitting she screwed up. But for Ben to run to the Captain about it was a little bitch move. I never expected him to do something like that. And constantly taking Danny’s side, in a professional setting, in front of Danny was so wrong. I wonder what’s up Ben’s ass this season?

      • Matzah60

        Lol, Suzanne D……Love what you said about Hannah. I agree. I don’t like Hannah so I tried to dismiss Ben’s nastiness towards her. She is kind of a younger version of Carole. She thinks she is better than everyone and she did screw up the dinner. I got a kick of the entree/appetizer confusion. I didn’t like that Ben went to the Captain and neither did the Captain. He seemed irked and I think he said in his talking head something to the effect that Ben and Hannah needed to figure it out themselves. Hannah and Ben both have such big egos that I guess they were bound to clash.

        Danny is amusing as a viewer of the show, but he is so annoying and I think it was wrong of Ben to side with Danny. I get that Ben is standing up for the underdog on the ship, but let’s face it, Danny is a pain in the ass and has too much to say, most of which is inappropriate. I too wonderful what’s up with Ben this season? He definitely seemed more comfortable on the Caribbean ship.

      • How could you hate Kate!?!?!? She was the best!! Hannah is ok. I like her, but sometimes she seems to forget that the guests aren’t there to please her. She is there to please them. Yes, they are collasal jerks. But, they are gone quickly and leave cash in their wake. Anyone in the service industry should understand that service is the key word. Judge all you want when they leave, just be gracious on board. She said that she was disappointed in herself because she should have not let them see how revolted by them she was.

  16. I kind of prefer Med to the Caribbean version. I hope it gets renewed. I enjoy hating Hannah much more than hating Kate. And I love Julia & Bobby (sorry not sorry). Daniel-san is super annoying but Bryan is the absolute worst! Obnoxious overgrown frat boy. Ugh.

    • Matzah60

      Me too, Lady C!! I love this version of Below Deck. I know the Captain doesn’t play as large a role as the Caribbean version, but I sort of like that. He sort of removes himself from the crew, but he isn’t aloof. He lets them solve their quarrels internally and seems fair to everyone. He definitely doesn’t take sides; much more neutral than the other Captain.

  17. T D

    Oh Danny boy the pipes, the pipes are callin’…

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