Mike Shouhed on WWHL

Shahs Mike and Jessica

So Mike, why did you lie?
I wasn’t lying. I was having marital problems between me and my wife (that is usually where marital problems occur) an I was trying to keep it under wraps but being on reality TV you don’t really have that freedom. You weren’t having marital problems just falling from the sky. You were  cheating on a woman who had changed her religion and immersed herself in two foreign cultures to be exactly the wife you wanted. You wanted to keep it under wraps because you were embarrassed that you got caught and embarrassed to families. My DVR has stopped on Mike’s face and the look he is giving Andy is terrifying.

Mike tries to justify himself further saying that he didn’t believe the rumors that he heard but Jessica did. He heard Jessica wanted to leave earlier than she did. OF COURSE SHE DID. He has heard rumors that he is gay!  Sandra Bernhard says, “well you do have a gay brow.”

So was it one affair with one person? Or multiple affairs?  Clearly, Andy knows the answer to this, but Mike continues to deny and lie. He says it was one affair that started before he was engaged ( I wonder which one he is claiming? The one that wrote the book?) and she found out about it after she got married. My sources say that Jessica found out about many of the girls he cheated with throughout their relationship and she naively thought once they were married he would stop. He did not. Mike gives off every singly body language signal of lying in the world. He should be used in CIA training.  Trainees, today we are going to look at the basic body language signals that someone is lying using this film from WWHL that encapsulates them all I a very blatant fashion… He eyes are also really messed up.

Sandra is disgusted by the entire show. It’s hysterical.

Shahs Mike

How do your parents feel about your slutty, slutty ways?  They are very upset about it. Jessica was like a daughter to them. I screwed up. Interesting choice of words. They’re upset with me too. Mostly with me, because they know what I did was wrong.

Do you regret lying?  I initially didn’t even type this question because it is a stupid question. I mean what is he going to say? I wish I had lied more? No, I just regret getting caught? But this is Mike we are dealing with.  He says, I regret what I did. The aftermath (which sane people call lying) was me trying to protect my relationship with Jessica so that people don’t pass judgment on either one of us. (Yes, this is why people lie. So that they will not be held accountable their actions. And it is interesting how he includes Jessica as someone his parents and the rest of the world would judge as if she had any blame in this other than picking really terrible men to get into relationships with.) .

Do you think Reza meddling in your relationship helped or hurt your marriage? Reza’s meddling  caused problems because anytime an outsider gets involved in a relationship it.. mumblesfishmarblemouth

Why is everyone attacking GG? Shouldn’t friends be more supportive?  Absolutely, you’re right. I do believe she is sick, maybe not to the degree that she is claiming, I don’t know. But when you are smoking and drinking and doing things like you are not sick people pass judgment. I didn’t because I was dealing with my own problems and I wanted to be by her side because she needs it.

Does Jessica still practice Judaism since the breakup? She does. She still goes to temple and does Shabbat.

Mike did not seem shitfaced. He seemed altered by something though.


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20 responses to “Mike Shouhed on WWHL

  1. Erica

    I love it when Sandy is on – she can give shady judgment with one look and one showing of the bottom of a shoe!!!

    (And it is great when Wendy McClendon Covey is on her show – as she mentioned last night)

  2. Mike’s expressions are chilling. Just look at the one in the photo with Jessica – he looks like he could murder you without giving it another thought. OK, I know it’s stupid to make comments like that, but if I saw him coming down the street when he’s angry, I’d cross the road and get the hell away from him. Jessica is a beautiful woman – for her to go to the lengths she did by converting to his religion, shows that she had deep love for him. He repaid that by screwing around with other women. He’s an insecure man, not at all attractive in my books, who can’t give up the thrill of the chase. His parents are probably very ashamed of him for his actions, and Jessica’s parents must be royally pissed that they spent a small fortune on a wedding that was a sham.

    • Chris

      Your commen is hardly stupid. Why are Americans blind to these celebrities? Mike comes from a country that teaches its people to inflict the greatest torture before murdering people. Saddam Hussein territory. He’s got that murderous look and may go off like a bomb one day. Someone to watch like Asa and the rest of them. Asa toted machine guns and made the FBI list.

      • You are a fucking idiot. #STFU

      • Chris

        The truth hurts for real.

      • Lisafromoz

        Agree ^^^^

      • Lisafromoz

        Agree ^^^^ to urethra franklins comment

      • What is the truth? Does your ignorance cause you xenophobia or does your xenophobia cause your ignorance?

        Are so neck deep in gravy & beer that you can’t see the beauty & humanity in other cultures to that you generalize & disparage them for what their government does? After you someone’s wipes the drool off your chin do you even bother to read the paper or watch the news? Do you know what the American government does when it’s in bed with NRA & murderers by putting guns in the hands of WHITE AMERICANS who go around shooting up schools, churches, & theaters? FYI Americans kill their own too. #Dumbass

        I feel sorry for you being ignorant racist trash. Same to you Lisafromoz. Go fuck yourself.

      • Sorry LisaFroOZ. I did not see your 2nd comment elaborating. I apologize. I redirect the go fuck yourself comment to CHRIS.

      • Allison

        That isnt truth-its the ranting of an ignorant racist. Dumbest shit I’ve seen all day. Oh wait, Trump is on tv. Second dumbest now.

      • Skeeter


        You are a fucking idiot

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        Uh-oh, moron alert!
        (Chris, that is. Obvs)

  3. He has really changed over the years. I don’t think fame did Mike any good.

  4. Cat

    Easy to blame reality tv. Harder to take personal responsibility for being an asshole.

  5. Twilly

    Jessica went through so much to be the wife Mike wanted her to be, so he assumed she would just put up with his shit because she had already committed so fully. He’s a disgusting asshole. I feel sorry for her, though her tastes don’t seem to have improved with the next guy. I think she just wanted someone asap to get back at Mike.

  6. Janet

    I do think Mike is good looking, and he fancies himself a player. Women certainly seen to like him. He was a poor marriage risk at best, and so used to lying, as players allways are. Lying and being sneaky is a habit and a charecther trait. Alot of women hope to meet the challenge of getting someone like this to settle down, but it’s a case of careful what you wish for. Unless, you can handle being cheated on constantly, there’s little chance a marriage could survive being married to someone like this. Jessica is probably best off ending it now, and not bothering with counciling, since there’s no children and it was so short. Mike may have sex addiction in top of a host of issues, that is not going to be easy to feel with, even if he agreed to be honest and get help.

  7. Allison

    I’m so glad you mentioned his obvious tells-he’s the worst liar ever.. I didnt have much sympathy for Jessica before the season aired, I do now though. Love really is blind.

  8. Blondesense

    I am currently making GIFs of Mike’s lying faces. Maybe we can use them to educate dumb people. The tea on Jessica knowing is 100% correct – no way she missed those crazy eyes, the blinking, closing them for whole sentences and the way they go 4 shades darker black.

  9. Teresa

    The author didn’t mention how he backtracked on the wedding book, saying that the book he bought was the engagement book, even though he made it seem that he had bought the wedding book during one of his talking head scenes on the showm Andy’s look of confusion was priceless! And then as he does often when he is lying, Mike just kind of mumbled something that made no sense. His true personality of a lying insecure loser really came out on this WWHL episode!

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