Landon Takes Kathryn’s Slot on Romantic Getaway With Thomas

Southern Charm Katherine
Tonight is the Southern Charm reunion and Kathryn drops that major bomb that she has been holding back. As we know, Kathryn and Thomas have a very volatile relationship that was very off and on. She calls Landon out on something that made me say,” Holy Shit! I thought that sort of thing only happened to me!” Who is ready for a Tamara Tattles overshare?

Okay, I was in a kind of sort of relationship for several years. It was one of those really bad relationships that you know will not end in a happily ever after but the um.. let’s just see we were quite compatible in one area. Most of the time though we literally wanted to kill each other in the Leanne Locken psychotic murderous way.

But there were these intermittent good stretches that were really, really good and everything was perfect for weeks or months  at a time.  We went on a few trips together that generally went very well. Then things would implode and we would each see other people. At one point, we planned to go on a trip to NYC for Christmas. I picked the hotel and the plays and our basic lists of things to do. And then he was suddenly a dick. A few weeks later he asked me to dinner to meet someone else that he was in a relationship with. And yes, this was odd. There were a lot of nontraditional component of out relationship. The level of ridiculousness that each of up put up was extreme. Like, let’s all get some therapy extreme. So I’m down with dinner and this other woman that he was involved with.

EDITED: The video did not autostart! YAY!

It was totally like a dinner party with Thomas Ravenel, where I played the part of Thomas and this reunion where I played the part of Kathryn. At this dinner, the other woman was extremely under informed about the nature of our relationship, while I knew all the intimate details of her life. During dinner, at the asshole’s prodding she begins to tell me about the fabulous Christmas present the asshole had planned for her and begins to describe our holiday itinerary to me.

Much like Thomas’ dinner, I never made it to desert and suddenly became Cameran and made a less than graceful departure. That was the year that the NYC subways all went on strike and the whole trip was a disaster.

I overshare this scandalous story to introduce the clip below where Kathryn asks Landon why she went on a Valentine’s Day trip with Thomas that the two of them planned together.

I’m going to guess a couple of things. I don’t think Landon knew that it was a trip planned for Kathryn. I think Thomas bullshitted her as well. And I also think that is when they first slept together. And I think Landon is an idiot.

But, now that I have shared my story, I’ve probably lost all creditability in the calling women idiots for their dating choices.

In other news, the Bravo site seems to have suddenly softened up on Kathryn a bit.


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135 responses to “Landon Takes Kathryn’s Slot on Romantic Getaway With Thomas

  1. SLM

    No, TT, you haven’t lost credibility with me. Haven’t we women all been fools for love at some point? Or several points?? Myself included, even though I am happily married now.

    I though Kathryn’s assessment of Landon being a crazy “monkey b***h” swinging from man to man in a desperate bid to hook one again was apt. I think she cares nothing for Thomas or Shep or Whitney…she just wants someone with money and maybe some celebrity. I have always suspected she was trying to claw into Thomas. Uck

    • loriru

      Must be all of us at one time or another…must be. We all seem to be hell bent on learning the hard way. 🙄

    • Nancy

      Don’t forget what her friend Laura said to Shep at the party. Landon probably cheated on her husband. I would love to sew those divorce papers.

  2. MARC

    We have all been there T.T. I feel your pain in the most sincere & profound way ; thanks for sharing with all of us all day / every day this blog provides me with a huge amount of solace & gravitas & I for one feel deep gratitude for this space you provide for all of us…

    • Matzah60

      Ditto, MARC! I second all the emotions expressed towards Tamara by MARC. So eloquently stated!!

      • MARC

        Thanks Matzha right back at ya ! T.Ts blog is a huge labor of love & I hope & pray it is as lucrative to her ( professionally financially & most important PERSONALLY ) as it is to all of us.

  3. Ktwallis

    Just when I thought it wasn’t possible to dislike Landon any more than I already do…

    • Chloe

      Totally agree. Thomas was wrong in asking Landon to go. I wouldn’t put it past Landon that she invited herself though, or showed up where he was.

      • Bee

        What girl of sound mind would go away on a ❤ weekend w an imbalanced skirt-chaser, who had just been involved with someone significant to them and think that invite was filled with etiquette and innocence? LANDON IS EITHER REALLY AN IDIOT OR SHE’S PLAYING ONE ON TV. And TR is as guilty, dirty, lame, shameful and disgusting as they come.

    • Terri

      The way Thomas stumbled over his words and the expression on his face says it all.

      • Espi

        Yes! Guilty! Speechless because he was caught off guard on the share. Scumbag. And Landon; not so innocent but definitely trying to portray herself as such on TV. Fake.

        This mess of a show is a stunner. I thought that bomb was the best part of the reunion. I was stunned at the reaction Thomas had and the smirk on Landon’s face.

        Popcorn, I need more popcorn!

    • True_Joy

      Landon is a twit!

    • JenE

      I am a long time (daily) reader but never commented. I am recently divorced from a man who shares many of the same qualities as Thomas. I strongly feel Kathryn’s side of the story will be enlightening once it is told.

      • Katherine 2.0

        You have my sympathy, JenE! And I agree about Kathryn’s story. I think it’s a story better suited for the horror genre.

  4. NeverBeenJaxed


    I’m doing one of those moves where my hand is covering my eyes but I’m peeking through my fingers.

    Kathryn looks tired here. Tired like she hasn’t slept in a few days. Those are some dark circles under the poor girl’s eyes.

    And FTR, you’ve lost no credibility with me at all TT. I’ve done some EFFED UP stuff in my time as well. Stuff that when I look back and think about now, I physically cringe and just shake my head. I totally get it.

    • Elizabeth


      • Omgomg

        DITTO!!! There was a super funny tweet someone did about her titled “Landon waiting for Shep” and it was an animated GIF from Fatal Attraction of Glen Close sitting by a lamp turning on & off!!!!

  5. Matzah60

    As soon as Kathryn declares that the trip for V-Day was meant for her and TRav, TRav does NOT deny that fact. He immediately goes into damage control, a rant about how LANDON demanded her own room on the trip. That wasn’t the question posed to Thomas by Andy. Andy wanted to know if it was true that Landon and Thomas went on the trip set for Kathryn and Thomas.

    OH PLEASE….what a load of BS!!! Why on earth would Landon accompany Thomas on a weekend getaway for Valentine’s Day and stay in separate bedrooms. Tamara, I don’t know if Landon knew, but I will take your word for it that she did not. This is an emotional subject for me and I can’t remain neutral. And let’s just say for hypothetical reasons that they did stay in two different rooms. Whether Landon hates Kathryn or what she believes are Kathryn’s underlying reasons for having babies with Thomas, it takes a whole lot of chutzpah to interject yourself into an ongoing family unit with two babies whether the unit is living together or not.

    For Cameron to interject her nasty dig that Kathryn is paranoid in reference to her belief that Thomas and Landon hooked up on this VDay getaway is nasty and condescending with the intent of humiliating Kathryn.

    I have got to say that Kathryn can hold her own. She doesn’t yell like a banshee and/or get up and move towards the turd calling her out. She uses her soft speaking voice and tells the truth. After all, there is only one truth.

    Thomas Ravenal and Landon, in my darkest hours, days, months, and years some 19 years ago, I had a social worker that told me that the “truth always resonates.” It’s not about karma, or the universe turning on you for your lies. It’s that as corny as it sounds, the truth always resonates and it will set Kathryn free. Kathryn will prevail. She is more mature than most of the cast members in this sham of a show.

    Thanks for all the info, Tamara! You are great!!

    • tamaratattles

      I wasn’t giving my word on it, Matz, I was just giving Landon the benefit of the doubt based on my experience. I don’t think most women would go on a romantic getaway if they knew the trip was planned for another woman and they were the B team.

      This is Landon we are talking about though, so maybe she did know.

      • Matzah60

        You are very intuitive, TT, and what you wrote above makes complete sense. Why would someone want to go on a trip if “they were on the B team.” Particularly after watching Part 1, it did seem as though she was surprised. I think that Thomas has a PhD in bullshitting.

      • MALISSA

        This is the era of the proud side chick, it’s like some women get a kick out of another woman misery. My exes ghoudimad was a Co worker of mine.

      • @MALISSA, ^^THIS!^^

        I have re-read this post & comments more than once. Each time, your comment guts me. This is SO TRUE! When and why did becoming a “side piece” become something to aspire to or be proud of?! I am old and just don’t get it! Baffles and saddens me simultaneously.

      • MALISSA

        This is the era of the proud side chick, it’s like some women get a kick out of another woman misery. My exes ghoudimad was a Co worker of mine.

      • I wonder if Thomas wooed her with talk of his contacts in NYC and getting her travel Web page going.

        That guy she met with to discuss her travel Web site was from nyc.

      • Annlynn Stonefish

        Her jaw fell open. Unless Editing. She flushed. Then stammered. She’s not that good an actress.

    • Dee

      They may have had separate rooms but I bet they were adjoining 😉 otherwise, why go? Did Thomas say he happened to bump into Landon in London?

  6. Theresa

    I am eager for tonight. I hope more information comes out. This explains a lot. And Landon, I don’t believe you went to NYC for valentine’s day and didn’t hook up. He just said Kathryn didn’t go because she wanted her own room. Unlikely he’d take someone else who wasn’t going to share his bed very aerobicly

    • Theresa

      I misunderstood. Landon wanted her own room. Well, it’s still a romantic valentine’s trip so I still think it’s bullshit. She’s no innocent

      • Bee

        It shows Landon’s level of desperation and pitiful social life by going w TRav…Kathryn or no Kathryn. Eew. Get a spine and a Life! Innocent or not…It’s GROSS and PATHETIC, Landon!!

  7. PopcornAndVodka

    We’ve all been there and maybe that’s why we feel justified calling other women idiots. You know it when you see it, but you can’t see it if you’re in it.

  8. GillianFirst

    I wish Katherine wouldn’t sink to their level. I root for her but then she spits out nasty stuff. She looks gorgeous. But slut shaming on both sides is too much. The pertinent info is the trip thing, very scandalous. Why don’t Thom and Lando just admit they hooked up and move on? Cameron’s condescending two cents is GROSS. I really hope she doesn’t come back in the show. I always fast forward through her little bits because it’s so contrived I can’t even watch her.

    • Vet

      I so agree with you. I detest Cameron and Landon so much.

    • Lou

      And unfortunately she looks high as a kite at that reunion show.

    • Carie

      I like Katherine! She may be high maintenance *but* she is not crazy or paranoid!

      Cameron was not that likable on “Real World: San Diego” so I had no great expectations for her on this show; the accent is cute but that’s all there is.

      Landon is looking for someone to take the reins and provide a life for her because she is not bright enough to do it on her own. Her conversation with her Dad *and* the guy from Curbed is proof of that.

      To add: I’ve made relationship mistakes that I’ll never relate to anyone *but* it’s what we do (men as well as women); just a part of life! :-)

  9. Thomas and Landon deserve each other. He’s an immature asshole with no thought as to how he hurts others, and Landon is an unintelligent, lazy, gold digger. Kathryn has to realize that Thomas doesn’t give a fuck about how he hurts her – he says he wants the family life, but does nothing to preserve it when they’re together. He could be a charming man – he shows glimpses of it here and there – but his overall douchy-ness always wins out in the end. What a miserable excuse for a 50+ man. Kathryn needs to get the ultimate vengeance – find a smoking hot man who’ll love her like she deserves to be loved and who puts Thomas to shame. Landon is pathetic and how Thomas can fall for her whispery, fake, needy self is beyond me. Wait, what am I saying? He needs to go full steam ahead with Landon and shut the hell up. I’m sick of him.

  10. spunky2015

    Thomas just loves women fighting over him. What an asshole and there are plenty around like him. Sorry for your experience TT, hope karma hits him hard.

    • tamaratattles

      Oh I was an adult when all of this was going down. I was well aware I was playing with a snake. I certainly didn’t have two of his children and promises of marriage. It was willful misbehavior on my part as well as his.

      That said it was a still kick in the gut. I can only imagine how Kathryn was hurt.

      • Vet

        It is so obvious why Katherine is so upset. I was in the same relationship with my daughter’s father. He would promise me the world, then tell me he decided he was going to see someone else. He would make big plans then never show up. I will just read your updates, I don’t want to see them beat up on Katherine anymore.

      • Fave4

        I agree. I will not watch them beat up on Kathryn.

      • exactly…it’s like having a terminally ill friend or relative. You know they are going to die soon, but it isn’t any less painful when they do die…that you were told in advance.

  11. Nothing to be ashamed of for sure. To love too much and have someone mistreat you as in Kathryn’s case is just beyond betrayal. It’s like an arrow to the heart. The sad thing is there is always a woman in waiting trying to snag your man no matter how vile the man is. Landon reeks of cattiness with her ugly smirks. You can see how hurt KD is in the preview. The fact that she has two young babies with this man and Landon has caused so many problems with this couple is just wrong. Pretty obvious what’s going on here. Thomas should be so ashamed of the fact that he’s been playing her and leading her on after the baby was born. I’m tired of hearing him say he’s trying to respect the mother of his children-what a joke. What happened in between his crazy dinner standing up for her then a few months later all this with one of the women he was talking about? Why is TR hanging out with soo younger people?? Oh because the ones his age are likely married and not out parying. I’m pretty much done with this show if Kathryn isn’t on next season but it would be the healthiest thing for her and her children to stay away from the likes of
    Pathetic Landon.

    • Sabrina

      It would be just terrific to see some sweet revenge here, wouldn’t it?

      I would just love to see Kathryn make a change immediately with the children and a nanny, – go to college or some environment where she meets a Shep-like guy ( with money, looks) , AND MATURITY, DEPTH, A LOVING REAL FAMILY AND AMBITION!!

      It would be terrific to see our heroine return next season with a man who loves HER, not just himself, and can afford to support her, her children, their attorney, and the lifestyle he can provide them. I’d be so thrilled to see her loved and in love, cared for, catered to, and able to live a real life with a balanced guy her own age- or ten years older- even better if he is from a family of impeccable pedigree to overwhelm Patti , since her own clearly is not big ENOUGH for Patti.

      It would absolutely blow Landon and Cameran out of the water- let alone Whitney, Patti and JD.

      And Thomas is so used to calling all the shots with the pathetic young southern belles who want to marry money that they would consider being manhandled by him-,he would not have a clue how to handle it. He’s looking more thin and dissolute to me each week- his playboy life has worn him out. With all the cutthroat , self-centered behavior he certainly is no one I want to see on TV again- Charlestonians must be so embarrassed.!
      Kathryn, you and the children deserve much better! Get as far away from him as you can!

  12. nancy83

    So disappointed in Cameron and the paranoid remark, I had some hope for her, I was deluding myself, I think they all just want Patty to love them, and to think of her as a role model is ridiculous. I just love Katherine and hope she does well in all this, I think her name should be Scarlett though, Stupid in love, but great when the times are tough!

  13. Deb in SF

    I’ve definitely stayed too long in a relationship in which the only glue was good sex. No need to be ashamed TT and thanks for sharing!

  14. therealdeb

    The level of shady that Thomas has reached is astonishing! Omg, we have all seen him trying to hit on the young chicks at bars and all, Landon just wants to hitch her wagon to some money.. She doesn’t love Shep, Jesus I love Shep more than she does I am sure. Kathryn has gotten the shaft the whole freakin time, she appears to be a great mother even with the crappy edit, and they all look like spiteful immature assholes. I so hope that Patricia does not make an appearance on the reunion, i would rather not throw crap at my tv.

    • Puddy

      “Throw up crap at my TV” — so funny, therealdeb! 😂😂😂

    • margroc

      Yeah, whatever happened to Landon’s love for Shep. She and Thomas both make me sick. To Kathryn, the best revenge is a happy life. Find yourself a nice guy, settle down with him and be very happy. One day you will look at Thomas and be all “Oh crap, how could I?” We’ve all been there.

  15. Ktwallis

    I can’t believe Kathryn didn’t say anything all season… Was it because she was protecting Thomas while they were trying to make things work? Or did Valentine’s day occur after filming? I wouldn’t have been able to keep my mouth shut while Landon whined about her persecution at Kathryn’s hand. That girl is just the worst.

    However terrible she is, Thomas is the real asshole here. Landon took advantage of a situation without kindness or care for Kathryn or her children, but Thomas is the one who is ultimately responsible.

    • Katie

      The Valentine’s Day trip must have been 2015.
      It was before the reunion was filmed so Kathryn must have found out AFTER the reunion was filled because she was civil to Landon at the reunion and apologized for her outburst towards her at Thomas’s election day loser party.
      Kathryn was either very newly pregnant at the reunion or became pregnant within the next couple of weeks after filming the reunion because by the time the reunion aired, TRav and Kathryn were together and she was wearing that pink peplum shirt and the pregnancy rumors had just started to swirl.
      That was around the time that Kathryn starting posting some Landon hate on her twitter, which confused me bc they had been very civil on the reunion.

      It could not have been 2016 VDay because filming for Season 4 happened before that and this VDay TRav was with that Nadia real estate agent from DC. Kathryn went nuts over that and it was right before VDay. Poor Kathryn. 2 years in a row.

      I have also been in a crazy relationship like this (go me!) and I kindof have to give Cameron the benefit of the doubt. No one really understands it unless you have been through a similar relationship. So when people would hear tidbits of what I was going through they would either think I was exaggerating or try to offer some sort of excuse because they just could not understand just how awful the truth was. And I didn’t blame them bc had I not been in the relationship I wouldn’t have believed it, either.

  16. RealE

    TT, I think you will find that a lot of women can find themselves in your story so thanks for sharing a piece of yourself. Often, and particularly when younger, women under value themselves and find themselves accepting treatment that years later we are deplored by. But it’s okay because it all got you to where and who you are now. And because of it you are able to have better insight in life and share this story. It also sounds like it gave you a lot of empathy for what Kathryn is enduring. And anything in life that gives a person more empathy is worth experiencing in my opinion.

    And wow for the clip. I wish Kathryn had someone on “her side” so to speak. It would be nice when Thomas and Cameron both flipped it around on Kathryn for someone to bring it back to wait… Why was Landon ona V day trip with Thomas and why does this make a pregnant woman paranoid when her baby daddy is in said trip WITH ANOTHER WOMAN?

  17. RealE

    Side note, my hubby saw Patty at LAX Sunday morning standing in line. I would have loved to see her standing with commoners in LAX taking her shoes off for security just like everyone else haha.
    Bet she was on the way home for a viewing party with Whitney and the rest of the beasts.
    No relevance, sorry, I was just dying to share this with someone that I know that knows who Patty is and that’s pretty much you all here.

    • Was she wearing a kaftan?

    • tamaratattles

      That’s interesting because Andy says she refuses to come to NYC for WWHL. I thought it was because she was too old to fly. And yet, she can fly out to LA. Perhaps she is avoiding her previous home town of NYC for some reason. Run out of town perhaps?

      • RealE

        maybe she comes here to visit Whitney, you know as you say.. Where he really loves 😉
        “Run out of town” too funny TT.
        I bet she is also scared of being asked things “off script” by Andy even though he would likely handle her with kid gloves.

      • Conveidt

        Her refusal to come to New York for WWHL is probably just a way to get them to pay her more to come.

      • Vet

        I so believe that, why would someone who married well enough to become the toast of New York society leave….

  18. Friedpickles

    Seriously what scumbags Thomas and Landon are to drive this woman insane lying about not hooking up. She isn’t paranoid she isn’t crazy, she looks that way because no one wants to believe it or will tell the truth. Landon going on this trip was the final nail for me to have no doubt. Landon will claw her way back to the good life even if that means damaging a persons mind and family. Kathryn looks extremely exhausted and I feel so bad for her that she has to be on that couch with no one to have her back. Cameron is an asshole for even chiming in.

    • Matzah60

      Yes, they are trying to driving her insane, quite literally. It’s called gas lighting. If you’ve ever been the recipient of this behavior, you know how your life goes into a downward spiral.

      I actually think that while Thomas is a liar, womanizer, serial cheater, etc and so on, I think it is
      Whitney who is trying to drive Kathryn into a sense of isolation. He has also relegated these duties to his ‘friends’. Whitney, Cameron, and Landon are trying to minimize Kathryn, giving her cause to second-guess herself, and further alienating her from the cast. Cameron’s comment that she is”paranoid” is an example of gas lighting. So are other comments made on prior episodes that Kathryn is “mentally unhinged” and “sociopathic” are further derogatory remarks made to alienate Kathryn from the rest of the cast.

      • NeverBeenJaxed

        @Matzah60 I think you may be on to something here ! Their behavior is despicable and my heart aches for Kathryn. I’ve been in similar situations and when you’re going through it, you do begin to question your own sanity if it gets bad enough.

        I’m praying that Kathryn gets the support she needs. Being separated from her babies has got to be killing her inside. My heart goes out to her and I’m praying for a peaceful resolution so that those babies can be back with their mother.

      • Puddy

        Brilliant, Matzah60. Just like the famous movie “Gaslight” with Ingrid Bergman — where her husband constantly belittles her and tells her that she is crazy in order to “gaslight” her and drive her insane so that he can steal the jewels (of her famous actress aunt) that are hidden in her family brownstone. When he leaves the house every evening- to go search in the attic of the house, in secret, for the gems – via an outside catwalk- the gas lamps always go down- and he tells her she is paranoid, impossible and crazy for thinking that she sees the gas go down. She almost loses her mind until she is saved by Joseph Cotten, who truly loved her- That movie has terrified me since I first saw it when I was a child.

      • Sammie

        @matzah60 perfectly stated, a narcissist will tell half truths, one sided stories and blatant lies, then use your emotional reaction against you as proof of instability. It is horrible to experience and horrific to watch it being done on TV with such callous disregard for a young woman with 2 pregnancies and not much support.

      • Boom…and THERE IT IS. The seed planting those three continuously do to ensure the Crazy Kathryn narrative publicly takes root has always been transparent to me, and likely anyone with an iota of discernment. Gas lighting is one of those common practices I’ve always detested on these Bravo shows and can usually be spotted quickly, but this cast brings things to an entirely new low when you consider the age and immaturity of their target, and the fact that there are small children involved. Cameran I almost feel may be more of a follower who just wants to sit at the cool kids’ table and parrots their behaviors (I could be wrong). However, Whitney and Landon strike me as being completely devoid of any moral compass whatsoever insofar as it serves their own dastardly purposes. Landon’s good girl act falls apart every time she stands in Kathryn’s face, smiling like a jackal baring teeth against its’ prey. This group is really a rather treacherous bunch, and let’s not get started on Patricia. K Cooper Ray already pulled her cards episodes ago and there’s little if anything to add to THAT.

  19. I think you are awesome. We, as women, we do what we do. No judgment here or should there be anywhere.

    Do you remember, everyone, on the last episode at the Founders Ball, Cameron, in her voice overlay, said Kathryn doesn’t hate Landon. This is Thomas’s doing, it’s all Thomas. So she does know, yet she continually goes in at Kathryn for a paycheck. Landon , honestly, if you go on a VALENTINE DAY TRIP with anyone…it means something. Even if it’s sex, it’s VALENTINES DAY. There are expectations. Seriously, these two…..their families must be mortified.

    • DivineComedy

      It was actually Jennifer (not Cameron as you say) who voiced that Kathryn didn’t hate Landen but attributed it to Thomas at the Founders Ball in a voice overlay. Just wanted to make that distinction. I agree with everything else though.

  20. Conveidt

    The look on Thomas’ face was priceless – deer in the headlights. He was caught and knew he couldn’t get away with denying the trip with Landon. Cameron looked like a fool jumping into the middle of this. She wasn’t on the trip and has no first hand knowledge of what happened there or whether Landon and Thomas have ever hooked up. I’ve lost all respect for Cameron. She needs to fix her own life before she messes in Kathryn’s. I am completely mystified about what Thomas sees in Landon. She must have some very hidden talents or maybe he wants to do business with her father. I’ve read they are both big time real estate developers.

  21. Cgal38

    There was a blind on crazy days and nights about one of the southern charm ladies sleeping with men for money – it was never revealed but this whole season it’s seemed kind of obvious to be Landon (she really can’t have been serious about any of those careers, she’s admitted to having no money – how else is she earning a living?). That, combined with your blind assumed to be jd, makes me think these people are all fake monsters except for Kathryn – who maybe made some mistakes but – 25!!! At least she owning her brand of crazy (which really I think was hormonal and stress related). It feels like they’re all just making her look bad. So sad, I hope she gets out of there with her kids and starts over.

  22. Happygal

    Landon may have wanted her own room just in case this all came out so she could say she got her own room . That does not mean she slept in it

  23. Cat

    I think we’ve all had our share of disastrous relationships. I know I have. That’s why I gave up in 1992. Enough is enough.

  24. Thanks for the clip, TT. All three guys – total douches. Thomas is lying his ass off; Shep and Whitney are sitting there happily grinning like mules eating briars. Yes, please continue to call women out for idiot behaviors. You and I, and many bright members of the TT fan club, speak with the authority of experience. We know an idiot when we see one because…ummm…we’ve been idiots.

  25. MEL

    I am so thankful that all my relationship “stunts” were done prior to the social media age. All we had to deal with was *69 and using your friends car to do a drive-by of whatever house or bar you thought your boyfriend was at.

    • tamaratattles

      HA! Agreeed. I would have made Lindsey Lohan look like a choir girl. Oh wait. I was a choir girl at one time too! LOL.

      I can’t imagine a bunch of idiots like us sitting around online discussing my ever bad decision. My life has been FILLED with bad decisions. I wish I could let Kathryn know that this… as VPR starlet Kristen would call it “stupid time in her life” …will be a blip on the radar years from now. It may be replaced by new “stupid times in her life” but that is life. Then when you are old you can sit back and laugh about it.

      • Cgal38

        I think of that all the time too – you didn’t live unless you dated some real winners though – makes for fun stories. But I’m thankful all the time that my stupidity was pre social media.

      • Cat

        Double amen, TT.

      • Linda miller

        I’m 67 and still make relationship mistakes! I do have a wise statement to follow in all relationships…….”Never make someone a priority in your life if that person only makes you an option”.

      • Margarett

        I love that priority/option advice, Linda Miller! Had I learned that about 50 years ago when I was 18, perhaps I would have made at least a few less bad choices.

        The difference in my way of viewing the situation is that (unlike me) she is making choices for three. It wasn’t as easy then; however, birth control was an option I chose. For that I am grateful.

    • NeverBeenJaxed

      Amen to that.

    • librarygirl

      Been there, amateur stalking. Plenty of tears, and stories to share with the GFs. Now that, my friend is Girl Code.

    • Heidi

      Mel, you just described my 20’s. Lol!

    • Theresa

      Ah the memories. One time I got stuck in a ditch trying to turn around at the end of my crushes street…. psycho! Lol

  26. Auntie Velvet

    Even if Landon and Thomas didn’t hook up (which of course they did), just the fact that he took another woman on a trip he and Katherine had planned together is such a dick move.

  27. Twilly

    I think Landon would be desperate enough to.

  28. Twilly

    Demanding your own room doesn’t say anything to me other than you are aware of appearances and know it looks better if you have your own room. It says nothing of where she slept or whether or not they had sex.

  29. DejaBlue53

    I don’t understand why Landon would go on a trip with TR in the first place. Then everyone acting like Kathryn shouldn’t be upset about it?? On what planet would ANYONE NOT be upset about it? It’s just maddening.

    • Matzah60

      Yes to all of the above!!! Why oh why would Landon agree to go on a trip with a man who has been in an on/off relationship with a woman who happened to give birth to two children of his?

    • Omgomg

      This. This is why there is something so “dark” and off about this show now. It IS gas lighting. Y’all should go read the insightful comments in the custody dispute thread too! (Did I say it correctly? I’m a Yankee ;)) I blew up Twitter defending KD & my theory about Talent producing shows will be Bravo’s downfall– Cooper retweeted!
      Thank you TT for your smart blog. We’ve all been there and u had very similar experience as Kathryn but not as extreme but heartbreaking. I came out of it & married a wonderful man and been together 25 years! Funny thing is, when u move on strong — they come back and then you’re like “ah nope don’t think so.”
      I cannot believe how AWFUL Landon is and how much I despise her and she is despised. I said in previous thread but who does this???? What planet are these people on? It’s li the audience is being gas lighted too!!! None of it matches “reality” so it’s like there has to be behind the scenes machinations. Maybe Kathryn, as the fan favorite underdog, can launch a business & become $$$ I totally am rooting for her!!

  30. A-hole Andy could have at least invited K Cooper to sit on couch with Kathryn. Poor girl. The rest of them ALL are pieces of shit. Seems this isn’t Landon’s first rodeo at homewrecking. Smh

    • Thomas and Kathryn are:

      Not married.

      Not engaged to be married.

      Do not live together.

      Are not in a relationship of any stability whatsoever.

      Precisely what “home” is Landon wrecking?

      • Kathryn, a very young mother of two very small children has made a home for them. She has also tried to co-parent with their douchebag father. Landon has inserted herself into both KD & TRav’s relationship while they are still trying to figure out how to co-parent a very young family. She has disrespected the mother of his children. She is lucky that they aren’t married (although, I doubt that would stop lazy Landon); or she could be facing an alienation of affection lawsuit. She has no moral compass, care or compassion for anyone but her own narcissistic wants/needs. As I stated, they ALL are pieces of shit trying to gaslight & destroy a very young struggling single mother who was led to believe he was going to put a ring on it & she clearly wanted the family unit with him. They are all MUCH older than KD & imo it is cruel. She did play a part in tearing those babies’ parents away from a civilized family-married or not. Homes/Families come in all shapes & forms in this day and age. Landon is a lazy, selfish, conniving cunt. This is my opinion. You are entitled to yours. But, I’m going to take a wild guess that you aren’t a single parent and don’t have personal life experience in this area.😉

      • 25

        I don’t have personal experience as a single mother, but anyone with a lick of sense and human compassion knows you don’t meddle in a family unit that has a chance. Kathryn & Thomas were clearly trying to ground their relationship to give their nuclear family a chance all season. It takes a very evil person to insert herself in that for….??? What exactly? Landon gets no benefit from that unless she wants Thomas. Landon wanting Thomas is the KINDEST interpretation of her actions because she would otherwise have to be a full sociopath who likes to experiment on humans (Andy…) to encourage the destruction of that relationship where two very young children are involved.

      • @25, thank you! I am having a visceral reaction to this situation and clearly projecting my own issues onto it. So, I am not completely objective. Thank you for validating my feelings. I just feel so badly for Kathryn. She is so young and seemingly alone it just breaks my heart!

      • 25

        @I.Just.Cant You were only projecting common sense. It’s a shame when people can’t be compassionate. Kathryn is the youngest on those couches and the only mother/arguably the only real parent. No one in that cast should be voicing opinions about ANY children, but especially Kenzie & Julien while their parents are in the room.

      • Alienation of affection suits went out with the automat and the rotary phone. Its coup de grâce was the no-fault divorce. But whatever. Since as you said, Thomas and Kathryn aren’t spouses, common-law or otherwise, it’s moot.

        My point is that to call a woman who dates a single man who happens to have children, a “homewrecker”, is completely insane. By that logic, any woman who dates a single dad is a “homewrecker”.

        I also know that all parties are willing, adult participants in a very heavily contrived TV show. OF COURSE everyone inserts themselves into each other’s business and talks about it. That’s what they’re getting paid to do. Otherwise, there would be no conflict and therefore no reason to watch, conflate carefully crafted illusion with absolute reality, then make sweeping judgements in internet comment sections.

        Good work guessing about my “life experience”. I hadn’t been patronized yet today, and now I can claim that particular life experience for the day! 😉 😉

      • @ericzku, sorry didn’t mean to be patronizing. As I stated above I’m obviously doing a bit of projecting here.

        As for the homewrecker comment, regarding Landon, I was referring to this being a PATTERN for her. Allegedly.

      • 25

        Landon giggles at mention of Kathryn looking bad in her case concerning her custody of her very young children. A person doesn’t smugly giggle at something being destroyed unless s/he wanted it destroyed. Landon doesn’t even have to go after Thomas to be wrecking the home that Kathryn has with herself & her two children. Sure the show is highly contrived, but you can’t edit what doesn’t exist–and Landon & Kathryn didn’t shoot a scene together the entire season until the last two episodes, yet Landon talks about her in every scene. Landon didn’t have to deal with her at all! Yet she slammed Kathryn, her pregnancy, her motherhood NON.STOP.

      • hush

        Landon is clearly wrecking the home of Thomas Ravenel and his children. Landon has posted multiple times on her Instagram this week that she feels Kathryn Calhoun Dennis is not a “real Calhoun.” Crazy talk. (I know, I know, we have already long since established here that Landon is hyper competitive and sees red when it comes to Kathryn.) In doing so, Landon has also directly attacked the Calhoun family lineage of little Kensie and St. Julien. Given the importance of aristocratic family names in the South, it is therefore bizarre to me that Thomas sits back and does nothing while Landon publicly besmirches his children’s good family name. The man really has no fatherly protective instincts at all. Periwinkle paint color choices for Kensie’s room my arse, dear — hello, Landon and Thomas are friends with benefits who have sex and keep lying about it.

        Look, Landon’s entire issue with Kathryn stems from the fact that Kathryn saw right through Landon’s bullshit from the get go. Kathryn never believed Landon’s lies last season when Landon kept going on and on about “I just want to see you and Thomas be happy together, Kathryn, I got married young once so I know how tough it is….” Nope. Kathryn could sense Landon’s desperation to be with a rich man like Thomas, and Kathryn was understandably mateguarding.

        Kathryn’s youthful mistake, however, was bringing her conflict with Landon out into the open by flipping her off at the campaign party, for which Kathryn apologized to Landon… but it’s naive to think a hyper competitive, rejected, aging woman like Landon would ever actually forgive and forget. Kathryn irrevocably bruised Landon’s ego and so Landon sleeping with Thomas, and Landon lying to Shep about not inviting Kathryn to Shep’s party, and Landon loudly mentioning each and every time she thinks Kathryn did something wrong? It is all about trying to punish Kathryn. It’s a shame Andy Cohen takes the side of Landon/Whitney/Pat/Cameran all the time.

      • DivineComedy

        Landen is not a homewrecker per se but it was certainly incredibly selfish of her to get involved with Thomas. She knew Thomas and Kathryn had been on and off, had one young child together and were expecting a second. There was a strong possibility they could get back together and she knew it. The ethical thing to do would be to avoid getting sexually or romantically involved with Thomas given there were two young children involved, married or not. Which, by the way, she seems to know because she has chosen to lie about not sleeping with Thomas when it’s obvious that she did. She obviously knows it will make her look bad, so she lies and then slanders “crazy” Kathryn. Really even after all that, she could have just stayed humble and said, “You know, I shouldn’t have gotten involved. It wasn’t my place and I’m sorry.” Viewers would have more respect for someone who admits when they are wrong and takes responsibility. The fact that she doesn’t further speaks to her lack of integrity. And don’t even get me started on Thomas, whose behavior has been appalling. What a piece of…work.

  31. bella

    What’s even more disturbing than Landon and Thomas’s behavior in that clip is that sadist Whitney grinning like it’s Christmas morning. What sick f*** gets off on a young mother’s distress??

    • Dee

      He is a sick one, some of his facial expressions are really creepy, not attractive at all. Oh well like his Mom I guess. Patty is obsessed with Kathryn.

    • Frosty

      Yep, noticed that too – sitting there grinning like a square headed jack o lantern. I think he’s dipping into mommy’s botox too.

  32. Bridgett

    I think Cameran’s issue with Kathryn is one of jealousy. Cameran’s husband wants children and as her storyline went, she does not. Then you have Kathryn who has 2 children and wants to be a wife and mother.

    • Conveidt

      I’ve been thinking along the same lines. I think Cameran is subconsciously jealous of the fact that Kathryn fell in love with Thomas and had his children while Cameran is just “in like” with her doctor husband and not committed enough to the relationship to want to have a child with him. I don’t see Cameran’s marriage lasting more than a few years more.

      • DivineComedy

        I disagree. I don’t think Cameron ever particularly liked Kathryn because Cameron viewed Kathryn as an opportunist. The irony, however, is that Cameron has become the greatest opportunist on the show. (Well, maybe only second to Landon.) Cameron has demonstrated her true motive of sucking up to Patricia by bullying Kathryn. When Kathryn called her Cameron refused to see her, but Kathryn had attended Cameron’s wedding. When Craig talked to Cameron about Kathryn at the roller rink, Cameron abruptly ended the conversation when Whitney came up. Then when Craig confronted Whitney about Kathryn, Cameron got overly defensive of Whitney when she didn’t seem to care before. Also, prior in the season, Cameron remarked on a voice overlay that she “never thought she’d be friends with someone like Patricia Altschul,” e.g., rich and powerful. It’s obvious that Cameron’s a sycophant and throws Kathryn under the bus to stay in Patricia’s good graces. I hate when people bully others to get ahead. It speaks to the worst qualities of human nature.

      • Shae

        Ugh, it bothers me so much when people equate love for a partner with wanting to have a child. The two have nothing to do with one another. You can love someone immensely and be fully committed to them as a spouse and just not have any desire to have a family.

        The decision about whether or not to have kids is based on whether or not you want to have kids, not based on how much you love your spouse or how committed you are to the union.

  33. Holy holy, thank you TT for your blog and posts, you are a ray of sun in alot of clouds. And, what woman hasn’t made passionate errors, even nuns I bet. Haven’t watched the Reunion yet, but I am so hoping Kathryn stands strong and has teflon to let it all bounce off her. She’s got a lot of good energy from many of us who coulda, woulda, shoulda with someone when we were starry eyed, and lived to tell. She’s so young, and I can only imagine when she found out, it’s like being punched in the gut. I have a feeling Bravo has been getting alot of strong feedback about their treatment of this young woman and the hideousness of certain cast members who have been working overtime to freeze her out. Looking forward to watching, and probably with my hands covering my eyes off and on too. I plan to e-mail Bravo after tonight’s show and let ’em know just how I feel. I hope more people do, because it’s time they were made accountable for the negativity and damage they have allowed, unnecessarily I might add.

  34. Billie_bee

    My goodness Landon looked like a piece of old leather in that clip.

  35. laram

    Too funny, Tamara. The stories we all have ….can not wait to see reunion tonight, Pacific time. Also, can’t wait for the Pepi Lepews….you should do a book deal….things that I have learned while blogging Bravo and other shows from people.

  36. Judilu

    Is it me or was Landon trying de-dolphin-phy her voice? I swear that is not her regular sparking voice!… I absolulutely loathe her!

  37. sobermomma

    You know what I think I just saw?
    I saw someone who didn’t lie but a while bunch of others who did. He’ll even Thomas backed her story with Whitney.

    I felt truly sorry for Kathryn. She was telling the truth when she said she loved Thomas and wanted to have a family. I hate to say it but I honestly don’t think they are over. I think they will be back together before the end of the summer. He really does only have eyes for her. And I think it pisses Landon off to NO END! That’s the reason for the hate.

    Kathryn needs a good mentor. Someone who has been in her shoes and figured out how to get past it all. Either that or a mood stabilizer.

    I hate Whitney and Landon.
    I love Craig.
    I think Shep somewhere feels sorry for her.
    I think Cameron is an ass kisser.

    I missed Cooper – the TRUTH he could tell!

    • Bridgett

      K Cooper Ray’s twitter is amazing tonight. TT do you follow him?

    • hush

      Amen, I ADORE Mr. K. Cooper Ray; love him on Twitter: Cordially, Cooper @KCooperRayCHS. I’ll be getting Snapchat just to get Cooper’s delicious commentary during part 2 of the Reunion show. I agree Cooper should have been given a seat on Kathryn’s side. Too many people with far more power and influence than Kathryn were ganging up on her.

  38. Sliceo'pie

    A greater part of my youth was spent in tumultuous relationships-I actually took a three year break when I got sober because I realized I kept dating the same man over and over, he just had a different face. I’m not sure if you’ve truly lived until you’ve had your heart shattered in a million pieces…

    I’m in Japan on holiday and the first thing I do (as when I’m home) after breakfast, is to turn to TT-super bummed I can’t see the video for some reason. I should be at a museum of something (it’s raining) but I gotta get my gossip in!

  39. LandonsDolphinVoice

    Was it just me or was Landon trying really hard tonight to not sound like a dolphin?! 😂

  40. Jane

    I am generally not team Kathryn, but I thought she was telling the truth about being in love and about the Valentine’s trip. Her mistake was being too young to know the difference between actions and words or to think she was the one who could change him. We tell ourselves silly stories when young and TRav would bring the crazy out in anyone. What a dog.

  41. Pitypat

    It must have been so very hurtful when Katherine saw the pictures Landon posted of their London trip. Landon was so gloating. I still like Shep and wish he would have taken Katherine’s hand or hugged her, but I think he is afraid what Cameran would say.
    Whitney was beyond disgusting.

  42. I’m either mercenary or heartless but after I became an adult (mid 20’s) I wasn’t dating anyone who played games or wouldn’t be a good provider. I figured I could fall in love with someone who met those compatibility factors just as easily as not. None of my friends had that sense of self preservation and boy, did I get a front seat on similar K/Trav drama. What I learned from those years is that you can listen to people cry and give them advice forever but some couples are just programmed for the endless tussle until they break apart or finally blend….

  43. laram

    I love this pic of KD, as she looks pike a young Ann Margaret.

  44. Honey, the streets of Charleston are treacherous, indeed! The level of backstabbing that goes on with this cast recalls nothing less than the heyday of 1980s soap operas. My only question is, with REAL lives involved, will we also get a window seat to the comeuppance of the villains? I believe the old adage that every dog has it’s day, and if the actions of some of these folks are any indication, when they get back what’s coming to them “it’ll be a GOOD’un!” as my grandmother used to say…

  45. Sarahrhit

    I think the way Bravo has portrayed and treated KD is horrendous. The latest video of the “Charmers” discussing dating in Charleston is very shady. Shep talking of how easily it is to spot the poor country girls looking to trap rich men then cutting to Thomas stumbling over words and producer joking with him to pull out next time. Disgusting.

  46. Omgomg

    Ericzu — Landon IS a homewrecker for several reasons. You don’t insert yourself into a relationship when a woman is pregnant and man has a young baby AND THEY ARE TRYING TO WORK IT OUT. It’s called EMOTIONAL involvement!! They are involved!!! Then if you *do* something as douchey as that you don’t try to throw the other woman and baby momma under the bus unless you’re a scumbag — which she is. This is not a model for behavior. Just because they’re not married doesn’t give you license to be a liar C u next Tuesday. But Landon is a dumbass. She brought printouts to a txt VC meeting! She also had a nasty creepy vibe and pretends to be pathetic. She can’t get a man. She plays the ingenue and she’s a it’s 40! She has a stalkerish vibe (aka Shep) and clueless about her own behavior.

  47. Omgomg

    The point is Landon is lying and is a liar. She’s saying they never hooked up while inserting herself between the two at every opportunity so it’s a double-whammy.

  48. Kimoe

    TT I think you’re right. Landon didn’t know the trip was pre planned with Katherine in mind. When Landon stated she hadn’t known did you see the look of hurt thrown Thomas’ way before edit quickly cut away? Gotta be quick to see it.

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