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Normally on this site we do not post spoilers. The annual exception to the rule is Big Brother. Big Brother has live feeds airing 24/7 and for most of us, the live feeds are the best part of the experience. Frankly, I don’t ever really know where the actual show is in the chain of events, so if you want to watch Big Brother without any spoilers don’t read any posts here ever. Also, I update the live feeds in whatever the most recent post is, in the comments. I basically just get all set up with a snack and an adult beverage and literally talk to myself in comments for hours. Feel free to check in on me from time to time.

This week we are probably going to see one of the most arrogant, delusional players sent home. While for game purposes he needs to go, for view purposes it always sucks when the most mentally ill person goes out so soon. Granted, the eviction is not until Thursday, and production can try to save him, all signs now point to his departure. So let’s looks at some of the highlights from his insane pontifications.

As soon as the feeds came on there was an interaction between  James, a veteran both of the show and of the U.S. Military and Jozea the newbie idiot about the Fourth of July. Jozea didn’t seem to think out country’s Independence was anything worth celebrating.  James said, “A lot of Americans died for out freedom.”  Jozea, responded, “Ain’t nobody told them to do that!”  And from there, he just go more ridiculous.

JozeaHere is a random sampling from his delusional mind:

“This game is mental as fuck. There are people out there in the army right now going through the same thing. They have to come up with a strategy.”

“I could be the next Mario Lopez.”

“I hope America calls me ‘the glue’.”

“I run this house! ” (Did I mention he is nominated for eviction and a lock to go home if there ever was one?)

“None of you are going to get touched, I don’t play that shit.”

“I am THE MESSIAH and I am  leading his children in this game.” (This is a constant refrain, not a one off comment.)

” It’s so annoying being the leader, you know? But whatever. They gots to go.”

“I’m a glue. And that’s good. I like being a glue. That’s my gift. That’s what I am,”

“If there were still kings and queens, I think I’d be a king because I will rule with a nice…you know…give the kingdom what they want.”

“When it is down to just my group of 9. (He doesn’t have a group of nine) I will be HOH and let my group decide which two to put up. No one has ever done that before.”

” I think I have a great rule. People like me are rare. They are. They’re rare.”

Jozea 2 BB18” The only reason I am on the block is because she (Nicole, HOH) has an agenda with me. There is no other reason I should be up there.” (Well except for the fact that went around ranting to everyone that you were coming for all the vets.)

“Want to know how my meeting went? My meeting went well. Did we talk about you? Yes. Because you are going home.” (He doesn’t seem to realize Nicole is HOH and he is nominated for eviction. Not the other way around.)

“Did you like my speech? That was a bombass speech. What did you think?”


“For a person like you (Bronte, the last woman to drop in the first endurance challenge) a person like me is good to have on your side. (Josea first to be nominated for eviction)  Because, I’m just as strong (as the other guys) and I’m gay.”

“I’m not the normal kind of gay. I’m into the manly stuff.”
“I’m a whole different ball of gay. I’m not a normal gay.”
“Nobody wants to leave and go straight home. That’s wack.”  Yes. Yes it is, Jozea.

Almost all of those things were said last night. So far, Jozea has said that he thinks he will be invited to host the Grammy’s after his appearance on this show.  He also will be sifting through scripts for indie films. He is a huge fan of the brother who shall not be named. He claims the brother got a million followers on Instagram from being on the show. He expects to have at least as many when he leaves.

On Thursday.

It has the potential to be a live eviction meltdown for the history books.

I will update the live feeds when I can in the comments below. Please add anything you see of interest. For the previous updates see comments here.


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27 responses to “Stuff Jozea Flores Says #BB18

  1. Does he have any friends at all in the house?

    I also heard that he told one of the house guests that his real name is Josie but nobody, not even his friends know that.

  2. Patti

    I just love his delusional self. He will be greatly missed. He and frank had s long conversation in middle of the night and it was glorious. Frank did a good job of letting him run wild. Thanks for the posts.

  3. Just an hour ago he said that when BB is over a connection he has is gonna hook him up with a Grammy hosting gig. Then he added that he knows a indie movie producer that is doing movies for Sundance & he could be in 2 movies once his career sparks from BB. He said that is how Angelina Jolie got famous, after a Sundance film. Then after all this once his make-up line hits the market he will live the rest of his life like a vacation. A girl can dream right?

    LOL at this claims that he does manly things. He is a make-up artist. He also said that he watches The Pop Star’s Shadow aka The Brother’s videos on youtube all the time.

    Today Tiffany asked him his middle name and he said his name is regal like royalty.

    Side note: myself as well as most others on social media have noticed a strong resemblance between Jozea & crazy Devin from BB16. That is all for now.

  4. PlusOneForLuck

    Yay for BB posts!! Soooo excited we are back!! I never have time to watch the live feeds – only the actual show and after dark. And I end up having to mostly fast forward through after dark. So thanks everybody for keeping me up-to-date! :-) when I saw this guy sitting on that hammock and having that conversation with Daveon I literally looked over at my husband and said is this guy kidding or is he that stupid? After reading all of your posts I think I have my answer…

  5. Cat

    I am SO glad I skipped live feeds! You had to PAY to listen to this idiot?

    He sounds like a clone of “the brother”, sans glitter. A legend in his own mind.

  6. tamaratattles

    OMG this may be my favorite episode of BB EVER! I know Josea has to go, but can there be a twist where he has to live in a fish bowl for the rest of the season and we can just watch him cry and assume he has some sort of special power and he will actually be named the winner in the end.

  7. GirlMe

    Sorry I only get dragged into this show after your killer recaps.

    What happened to the old guy? His pic is grayed out.

  8. Well, I just tried to leave a comment here but my slow-assed computer decided to take a short vacation and kicked me out. Since I’m the Queen of Non-Cool, they’ll probably both show up now and I’ll look even dorkier than usual. I had decided not to watch BB this year because I get so caught up in all the drama and have a nervous breakdown if I miss a show. Now that I read Tamara’s recap I realize it’s not going to make much difference if I watch it. It’s not like I have a busy social calendar or anything, unless you count taking my husband (who has early/mid-stage Alzheimer’s) to Walmart or Goodwill – his favorite places on the planet. Thanks for waking up my brain, Tamara – I’m going to get all the fun and laughs out of life that I can, and you’re a really good place to start!

  9. tamaratattles

    “Day and Zakiyah are more connected to me, because of the simple fact that we are of color … They’re seeing it at another perspective.” -Jozea

  10. He just explained, “A motivational speaker is a person who motivates, that’s me I motivate people.” #SMH

  11. LA_in_KY

    I really dislike him. I really liked him at first. After watching the live feeds, I like all the people I I didn’t like at first but I love all the people that I thought I hated. I now dislike Paul.

  12. tamaratattles

    “I can tell you one thing. America is going to love my honesty. They are going to say everything I said was right and that I was so honest. I’ll probably win America’s Player.” ~ Jozea

  13. tamaratattles

    Jose thinks he is only going to get one or maybe two votes on Thursday. He is guaranteed to get at least 7 of the 11 possible votes.

    • Maybe Paul will do something really, really horrible by Thursday and they will vote him out instead.

      I’m enjoying everyone’s “Jozea-isms” posts. Thanks for the laughs.

  14. BeetsWhy

    Yo Jozea, Ducky called, he wants his hat back!

  15. Kim

    What day do they play POV? (Real time on feeds, not when it’s aired.)

    Jozea has such a false sense of confidence. What a narcissist! I hope he stays that way until eviction. His reaction will be priceless! Fingers crossed.

    • kim and limebrain, POV comp Is held onSaturday and Paul won. At the veto meeting, Paul took himself. Off the block and was replaced anonymously with Bridgette. This ws done by Frank the winner of Roadkill comp.

  16. CoBe

    I’ve never seen Big Brother before, but am watching it on your recommendation.

    Thus far, this Jozea character seems to be the Sonja without the quirky endearments.

    I thought I was going to adore Paul (beard/tattoo guy), but he really let me down.

    I’ve got my seatbelt on for the ride! I think it’s going to be fun!

  17. Rose

    Went to watch last night at 9 pm and missed it. Watched Last Ship instead. Have to catch BB on demand.

  18. Jane Grey

    Loving the feeds more than I ever have! Nicole is the star. Frank is the male lead. Such entertainment and wonderment. Sakiya is a star also. Her Imitations of BRONTE last night were priceless.

  19. Palatable

    Girls, get rid of James.

  20. tamaratattles

    The idiot newbies are imploding AND THEY STILL DON’T KNOW THAT JOSEA IS GOING HOME.

    They are furious with James to the point the #BB15 type bigoted statements are flying. Bronte, who may be the most evil person ever on BB says she will send James back to Hong Kong. One of the guys, Paul?

  21. tamaratattles

    Joz about Bronte, ” She’s a girl, she has a period, she doesn’t have a dick between her legs.” This has absolutely nothing to do with the conversation.

  22. tamaratattles

    6/29 11:08 am Camera 3

    Bronte tells Natalie she “wants to kick his Asian ass back to Hong Kong”

    The idiots are ALL mad at James. Vic got mad first over James pranking Corey by putting crackers in his bed. Corey swept them off his bed and they landed in Victors. Victor had a fit and went on a rampage about ants. And got into it with James.

    later, James supposedly told Natalie (who has a thing for Victor) that Vic asked Nicole out on a date. This enraged Victor, Paul is also furious at James for God knows what, So is Bronte.

    Also, they think the eviction could be tonight because the people on the block were apparently told to pack and put their suitcase in storage. Josea didn’t pack because why should he, he runs the house, he has the majority! He is the Messiah! The Messiah can’t be sent home.

    Evictions are almost NEVER true blindsides. If they can keep this under wraps until tomorrow, it will be the best episode EVER.

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