Nene Leakes Gets A Hair Cut!

Working Hard for the Money!

Working Hard for the Money!

Tonight, Nene Leakes will be on Family Feud with the Leakes clan at 8 p.m. I won’t be able to watch because I have to recap Shahs of Sunset and record Big Brother. Maybe I will catch it On Demand on day if ya’ll leave good reviews on the show in comments. I am going to need some of y’all to let me know how that goes.

Nene has been so busy with all these game shows and her upcoming “comedy tour” she barely has time to take care of herself! But, GLORY BE! Today she made it to a hair salon.

And she has posted a photo. Please click through to see her new look!

RHOA Nene Hair Cut


Went to see my girl @razorchicofatlanta for a hair cut! We been down for years. Funny how people think I have NO hair😂 walked in with a big brown fro. She cut & colored it. All me! All natural curls, no relaxer💁🏽 I’m just addicted to units & extention’s😩#badlighting #iloveweaves #wig #jazz

Nene Leakes. She’s just like us?


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20 responses to “Nene Leakes Gets A Hair Cut!

  1. Toni Lee Gildea

    Styled by Trump?

  2. Carie

    I’m watching Big Brother, catching Shahs of Sunset encore, and DVRing Family Feud.

    Nene’s hair… yellow is not her color.

  3. Cat

    Good for her for ditching the wigs. I never really cared for the brassy blonde on her, though. But, hey, it’s her hair. Go for it, Nene!

  4. Minky

    Oh my goodness. I don’t know what to say. Wouldn’t it be great is someone could do a side by side comparison of Nene Season 1 and Nene’s current incarnation. Would it even look like the same person? And hotel-carpeting-from-1977-yellow is just not her color.

  5. Blondesense

    Good god, surely there is still a toner to go on there…. She looks like big bird.

  6. Swizzle

    “We been down for years.” ??? One of the many reasons I dislike Nene. Learn some basic English. It’s embarrassing. And it’s not some typo on social media; it’s how she speaks half the damn time.

  7. Dee

    Is this her before picture?

  8. Rach

    Nenes best look was when she had that brown short do in season 3 of RHOA. The one when she was interning at that Atlanta breakfast show.

  9. Meri

    I saw pictures of Nene with her new nose and it didn’t look like her at all. She has lost her Neneness and I don’t even recognize her. This woman will never be content.

  10. That is not a look of love for herself,

  11. T D

    The way she’s poised over that stool it looks like she’s ready to cut that hair across her hind end. Was she styled by Owen Corning?

  12. Guccinara

    So what is she trying to say? Is homegirl trying to impress us and make us all believe she is normally a la Kenya Moore under the wigs? Girl bye. If I was that hairdresser I would say please keep my name out of your mouth and act like you don’t know me because if there is one person that knows a thing or 2 about monstrous do’s it’s nene leakes.

  13. More Tea Please!

    That is one very bad troll doll look.

  14. tamaratattles

    I thought this would get a billion comments I can only assume people didn’t click through o see the picture.

  15. O.O

    I don’t see a second photo

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